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the election means nothing. this is not over. They people Bush Hillary been in power 35 + years 1981 = 2013. time to throw out the bums

1981 to 1989 Vice President ( defacto POTUS)
1989 to 1993 POTUS 41
1993 to 2001 ( defacto POTUS = Hillary Clinton
2001 2009 George Walker Bush. Jr. (Hillary US Senator)
2009 - 2013 Hillary Clinton US State Dept. Foreign Policy.


Religious Origins

Religion stems in part from things that cannot be answered by modern scientists or ancient ruling ideologues. The establishment tells us how to think but we perceive a different reality. From this different reality we develop faith and hope and a system of belief.  The establishment tells us one of the goals of a civil society is relative peace. However, the god of Mars issues a verdict of conflict, death, destruction, and aggressing, in order to survive for an individual or a collective civilization. Each state had to deal with Martian realities regardless of their beliefs, thus empirically Mars was/is a god and immortal. Immortal: implying a never ending occurrence of life itself.  Those who fought against the natural order of Mars’ characteristics became martyrs or outcasts against the natural system of nature, humans being top of the animal kingdom. Each natural and human characteristic were compartmentalized and assigned a deity description and a name.

Overtime, this became paganism. Adopted 11 – 14 th centuries by westerners hearing or visiting Pa’gan. #certain type of militant Buddhism.


Alla[h], which mean cancri (Cancer) in Enūma Anu Enlil ( of the oldest texts on Earth, British Museum) became the name for the Islamic supreme and monotheistic God during the period of Muhammad the Prophet. He managed to change tradition and throw out all of the other deities of tradition and rally around a single goddess, the Moon as its home place among Praesepe (M44) in a relative center of the crab. The Mesopotamians gave Cancer’s ruler ship to the Moon with Jupiter as an exhalation both with weight if over Praesepe. Islams’ symbol, of course, is the crescent Moon.  Earlier in like manner AmenRa was the Sun god for much of Egyptian late tradition. Apollo, not a Greek invention but an Egyptian ( perhaps earlier in Meso-bronze, western black Sea) , became the ruler of many city-civilizations, one of such famed literary tradition as the supreme god of Troy.

After Christianity established society - roots and no birth date was found in the historical records, just a few petrine fathers agreed that celebrations for Jesus’ birth day should have coincided with he festival of Appollo which took place around the 25th of December of each year ( not Saturnalia, which often finished its celebration by the 17th to the 19th of December. Therefore, only a few petrine fathers linked Jesus’ celebration to the ancient Sun god festival. The first Christmas Tree was in


Moral and ethical dilemmas ensued which created a rich and long tradition of dramatic arts.


Religion or veneration of the Gods in paganism are just archetypal human characteristics to the human condition, with a divination between animal or natural conditions and human conditions. Gods developed as a categorization of the natural elements and corresponding human management. Vesta, the hearth fire goddess, Janus the god who protected the home’s doorway looking both forward and backward to protect against unknown or unwanted dangers; Thoth (Egypt), Hermes ( Greek), Mercury ( Roman) the God of speed ( e.g. the fastest revolutionary solar-system planet), a messenger of the gods,  and generally communication skills. Athena (Greek), Ishtar (Egyptian),   Venus ( Roman) the goddess warrior  of wealth and desire for the wealth. Aries (Greek), Mars (Roman), the god of war, aggression, and strength. Jupiter the supreme god who gets away with any deed either good or bad, never is punished, and or orders the heavens for his bidding. The Sin ( Moon, ancient adopted Mesopotamian name), The Moon was characteristic to the dark shadows of the human actions not easily explained. In the fourteenth century Europe astrological Christian esoteria linked the conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter to the anti-Christ. Many have had this signature conjunction (± 8-10°) and Adolf Hitler was born with this signature conjunction. These were empirical poetics observed and classified in esoteria  over time and seemed to set a relative pattern to signs of the times.    Saturn the father of the basic things, like agriculture and structures which have a lasting time, was called father time. It was the slowest naked eye planet in the nightly sky. In Greek mythology, it was the patriarch of the Titans, overthrown by the Olympians ( a theme directly from Egypt’s historical usurpation of the Osiris and Isis cult to the Horus, often confused with a dual-ruler ship to the Sun god AmenRa. These social conflicts were mirrored by Greek mythology between he cult of Titians and the usurpation of the Olympians. In order to legitimize it, Judicial portents such as a start ( Saturn), middle (Jupiter) and ending (Mars) showed the natural course of evolutionary processes, the dysfunctional family model where the father tries to hold on to power by eating his children helped rationalize the natural process of evolution.  That natural process was defined by ‘change.’ In astrology before the modern age, Aquarius ruler was Saturn ( duel ruler ship along with Capricorn). Today, Uranus holds supreme ruler ship and its characteristics are change be it peaceful with scientific discovery or natural disasters by earthquakes, and or natural disasters or revolutions, coups, and changes in systematics of old things.

When Uranus was discovered, many astronomers and astrophysics claimed that Newton’s laws of gravity were in fact wrong. Uranus has an unnatural wobbling which did not appear to act with tandem gravity forces by the Sun. Scientists prematurely overthrew Astrologer Newton’s cosmological gravitational theories. However, after pin-pointing the anomaly, an astronomer turned his telescope to the point in the heavens where this revealed the gravitational culprit, Neptune, and reconfirmed Newton’s laws of gravity were in fact consistent to the Uranium wobble-spin. Poseidon in Hellenist cosmology represented the deity of the vast oceans  and its destructive natural forces which caused shipwrecks and title waves. Pluto represented the lord of the underworld, a shadowy world with many levels where souls resided after death. His mirror to the heavens lay in Athena’s constellation, Taurus, and at the middle of the constellation resided Hyades which was popularized with Christian concepts of Hell. Athena, which ruled love, desire, wealth, and was also a female warrior, had her dark side linked to the concept of hell. She was Athens supreme ruler as compared to Sparta’s which was Hercules, the proto-Jesus Christ figure of his time. Most Hellenistic city-states had their own deity and a unique expression of their cities offerings.

Jupiter the supreme contemporary leader of the sky ruled over all other gods and dictated cosmological construction. For example, in many of the over twenty-six literary traditions of Chiron, this centurion offered himself to take the place of Prometheus’s immortal torture in hell, and for such an unselfish deed, Jupiter placed Chiron into what we today call the constellation of Sagittarius.  Sagittarius’ ruler is of course Jupiter, and the secret is that this is the place of the eternal hell represented in the heavens – although its ascription is reflected in the pure luck, spiritual manipulation, and artistry of pure evil and its correspondent immortal pain. Jupiter is a part of the cardine domicile, meaning that no wealth, prosperity can be achieved with planets in this location. In the paradoxic tradition, Sagittarius is the domicile of higher learning, advanced judicial and spiritual matters as well as discoveries of things unknown, an in mundane application, long journeys. Money and intelligence ( Spiritualism in this context) did not go hand-in-hand.  Since most Promethean legends intend that this proto-type human (compared to the instincts of the gods as purely animalistic) tricked Zeus out of his superior portions of the spoils, being a meat dinner in one case, it represented the commoner against the establishment. Zeus became angry at the commoner who tricked him and became to contemplate wiping out the human race in an act of vengeance. The gods were the elite and the humans were the commoners, and this role played out in Sumerian civilization constructions were deity-gods ruled over humans and originally these deity-gods came from the sky to either enslave humans ( such as a Marxist reflection of a proletariat class ( humans in this case)  against the bourgeois deity-gods( in this case the aristocracy and their corporate affiliations)). Zeus’ key attribute became expanding his realm, which implied he was the overlord of imperialism – the reality in which modern politics takes its peace-and-conflict studies from and forms a basis of the distribution of wealth and material based upon the reigning powers’ greed or benevolence.

When Einstein told us that everything in the universe was energy from which all material things derive, it was now solved that all energy competes for life – and thus everything was demarcated upon competition, the root idea in our modern understanding of life. Thus the winner competes for everything and the most material positions one will win, determines if your are the winner of the the game of life. This role happened upon Zeus who could not be defeated, no matter how many women he abducted, raped, held prisoner, no matter how many individuals be it gods or humans he killed, suppressed, imprisoned and ruled over, he could never be defeated in any competition. Thus, imperialism was the key to all success. When persons analyzing Charles Darwin’s evolutionary hypothesis, described a life process of the survival of the fittest ( which he does not say), this will explain that life continues to exist upon the creatures that  build to adapt and compete better than the other creatures, which died off and became extinct, he again proved Einstein and ancient ideas of Zeus  or Marduke ( either Zeus or Mars) as perfect models of competitive winners. These were the deities that ancients in many world cultures with their own description realized as empirical to human condition measured against the natural conditions of the human and animal kingdoms. The Classical Acropolis, found in most history books of the ancients, and telling a narrative of humans’ great city and building achievements fail to tells the whole story that Athens first became imperialist before than build the Acropolis. The money came from imperialism, enslavement, and cheap foreign labor. Egypt, Mesopotamia, ancient China, South Asian continent had no difference of a reality – the ruling class was involved in planning, implementing and festival and party celebrations while the poor and commoners fought their wars, died and made them money.

Zachariah Sitchen, [?] who spent much of his life constructing a Sumerian narrative that describes deities ( or gods) descending from the sky, genetically creating humans from monkeys in order to enslave them to work in gold mines for the Annunaki (alien) agenda  -- in fact described a ongoing narrative of life  -- to have the unfortunate work for the elite while these elites lived a life of leisure. Happiness came from one elemental idea – to control ones circumstances. One did not have to be rich or poor, but not having someone dictate your life in any way explained the root of happiness. The masons to which these principles were laid  at the hands of American citizens made their debut in the 2 nd U.S.A. Constitutions, the one we current accept.

 However, this implied power and wealth and to control these two elemental but important characteristic of life’s totality, meant a greater chance at happiness. Therefore, when Buddha reported his spiritual truths that all life is suffering due to desire, we see this truth from a perspective of the unfortunate. There is no proof that Buddha was born from wealth and privilege and threw this all away to seek depravity and suffering to find out his perspective of truth. In fact, reality tells a different story. People with wealth and power are mainly happy. To keep wealth and power the lie is a necessary tool and usually, not always, but most of the time the claim that wealth cannot bring one happiness is just a lie form the wealthy and powerful or from someone in complete ‘liberty’, even if poor ( but never in poverty). The Elite? In fact there lives are extremely happy and content because they have no moral qualms about suppressing destroying, killing other animals, planets and humans for their happiness. They use a lie to cope, such as it is always someone else’s fault. This story, perhaps our most ancient in matters of history ( e.g. the advent of written archival material)  mirrors all cultures and generations of class warfare – the elite against the workers. This mirrors physics to explain that all energy (everything) competes for life and there is no other way to see reality. Therefore the mysteries are complete. All is evil (bad) and good is only by a perspective of the observer. Astrologers just tried to map out the acceleration and deacceleration of flows of evil. A part of that equation was change, and usurpation or ruler ship or preferred overlord descried life itself.

Osiris and Isis, like Saturn, represented beginnings and a golden age of peace, prosperity, and building civilizations. This motif was passed over into Aristotelian cosmology, where judicial astrology began to be constructed. Judicial far from being a descriptive of legality, this was a scientific fatalism derived from empirical observation to main branches of human existence, polity, economics, and social conditions. Saturn, in this judicial Aristotelian cosmology, exhibited a time of relative prosperity and growth, and next was Jupiter that represented a statist quo or the medium between the increase in prosperity to the management of already gained prosperity and the next phase, Mars and all destruction thereof a civilization or a system of ideological governance. All of this means that there were periods in each civilization which had a beginning, which had a middle, and which had a fall period – now scientifically categorized and attempted to be observed by space and time.   This was by no means a western civilization phenomena, the eastern esoteric had concluded the same on their own account of observation. A new dynastic state begin with loosing up of restrictions upon human freedom and ingenuity, which led to progress, which represented an age of Saturn. Next a statist period where things were slowing down from the progression and showing signs of regression, and then a total collapse of civilization when the state became to bureaucratized, overburdened with heavy taxation and human regulation, all leading to an invasion by foreigners or an uprising from the southern – both leading to a new dynasty or state ideology where the process began all over again. Astrologers understood acceleration and de acceleration of reality long before modern day physicist contemplated that time-space are bent and this contributes to planetary motions in real observation. For example, when the Sun is at Perihelion it moves much faster than at aphelion ( further distance form the Sun, appx. 200,000 mi.) due to the space-time gravitational forces being space-time. All particles therefore seem to have these same properties, and humans are made up of stellar elements and therefore are just like all things, accelerating and deaccelerating. When humans change their minds upon world outlooks for example, changing their opinion, this is just an act of accelerating and deaccelerating – or the vacillation between a subject and an object, both realities and non-paradoxel, all particles. The secret to astrology is that everything is always in motion. At some milliseconds after one is born, your astrology chart begins to move from its creation time.  Modern physicists believe that all particles (million times smaller than an atom) are never stable but vibrating or moving – because this describes energy – and energy is everything.

All gods are more powerful than any human but all gods are subject only to one condition they cannot control --- destiny. This is the secrets of gravity. The humans worshiped immortalities characteristics reflected in esoteric astronomy, which formed our current astrology. Every person has all the gods in their birth astrological chart, and how they harmonize or de harmonize reflects the fateful conditions of the person. When reality cannot be coped with humans choose to see their lives as individual responsibility for their own actions – and this buttressed the conflict with science that determined external causes explained actions of the human which were fateful causes out of individual control. Humans not being ignorant worshiped all gods as immortal characteristics inherent in humans and their conditions. Aries, was never preferred but accepted as a reality in life necessities. When human populations became too large, they sought other living materials outside of their realms, often warring with he next large population --- and only one winner took control of the spoils.



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