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Topic: Multiculturalism Fails

Merkel says German multicultural society has failed



16 October 2010 ( Last updated 16:51 ET), a poll recently claimed 30% of Germans believe the country is overrun by foreigners.

At U.C. Berkeley, the initial promoters of multiculturalism have La Rasa, a Latino Racist organization presently displayed at its historical lower Sproul. It is a part of the Ethnic Studies Department the only legacy of the 1960s Free Speech Movement. This department has crossed over to all American institutions, and is similar to what the Klu Klux Klan advocated on ethnic employment. In Los Angeles, all the public transit systems have videos for Latin News conducted in Spanish, running 24 hours a day. In southern California, there are 265 different ethnicities according to the 2000 U.S. Census, there appears dominance by Latinos, who now are the majority of the populace and have been for some time. The racial tension at U.C. Berkeley is incredibly intense, as constant fighting between ethnicities seems to be the norm. Since U.C. Berkeley needs to promote a boodyman as an arch enemy, it chooses Republicans. However, when there is a dominance such as the President, House and Congress as totally Democratic the left turns on its self as if by nature it is a cannibal. The protests over the Sacramento Budget Cuts are misplaced and violent. The rich students have staged massive disruptions and some fire bombings at U.C. Berkeley’s campus in retaliation to what they perceive is an evil U.C. President and Regents. U.C. Berkeley faculty, including professors produced the largest campaign donations to Barak Hussein Obama out of all universities. I cannot fathom that they would not understand the effect of this move because Obama made it clear he would destroy the economy when he confronted a out-of-work plumber telling this poor man that he will take his money and give it to someone else. In fact, Obama gave out the most money in U.S. history, but hardly anyone in the media or these U.S. universities are quite sure to whom or where this massive defrayment of American tax-dollars went too? So the protests result in the evil rich white people and so one stealing all the money, the same tiered story after another. There seems never to be a reconciliation to different ethnicities, all hate each other and are quite miserable. The Ottomans for a few centuries had leaders that understood this dilemma of multiculturalism so they isolated the communities according to ethnicities which seemed to work for two hundred years before racial politics reared its ugly head.

During the later 1960s when America was focusing on black and white relations, Latinos began an aggressive campaign to take back America. Operation Wetback was a success but the Federal Government no longer sought to organize its social structures. Since the late 1990s, most people in the know understand that it is time before Latinos take over the U.S. Military and throw out all others, keeping a few for public relations and make North America their own country – somewhat like the Macedonian takeover of Greece.

People today like to point out the melting pot of the celebration of diversity in the U.S.A. The balkanization was pointed out as a trend in the 2000 U.S. Census. This empiricism pointed out that if people are given their freedom to chose where they live they organizer around the same physical features  they see themselves in the mirror.

Tolerance is seen as weakness to La Rasa, and therefore the down fall of America’s Northern European dominance results as a cyclical occurrence. La Rasa is made up predominately of Spanish heritage groups. They have a history that they are proud of and the ability to throwing out Northern Europeans, Islam and Jews – to form racial pure Spanish society. The result of celebrating multiculturalism tends to ignore the modern problems ‘equality pairing.’ This term I just made up reveals that we see ourselves inclusively and not a world entity. Mexico, China, Islamic states, and many other countries do not have multicultural ideologies and their ethnicities come to America and continue their exclusiveness ethnic programs. America is taught in all the universities as the most racially intolerant nation on earth. Many will say this is not true, but I spent too much time study this and attending the institutions that perceive and teach this as a fact. So this proves that evil is real rather than a perception based on a perspective. But the reason the world never reaches peace is that evil dominates over good at every historical juncture.

A good example of the deep problems of multiculturalism were exemplified during the early news of changing of the admission for undergraduates at the University of California, Berkley, 2009. The idea was to promote accepting students upon two main criteria, their overall G.P.A. and community service, and the catch was to not look at standardized testing, such as the ACT Test. Since Asians score overall better on these tests do to focusing on Math and biology skills many blacks, Latinos and even whites score less which skews the fairness of the test. Well after this was promoted three faculty members who are Asian and represent the Asian community wrote an op-ed piece claiming this was a white man’s ploy to kick-out the Asians. There conclusion was America was the most racist nation on earth and did not allow Asians to take a role in Cal’s university. Quite the contrary, Asians make up the largest populations of Cal, and have so for a long time. Cal even had an Asian Chancellor. Asians are the majority by a large proportion.  So this angry piece was not challenged, and it proves that multiculturalism is not discusses or defended by the promoters which are U.C. Berkeley.  Since hatred and lies are allowed to exist there continues to be bad feelings – such as why would we want to include you when you call us over and over racists? Well this is one example, but this type of complaining is constant and not inclusive to the campus Asian community.

Since social scientist divide up the races and ethnicities in every study they publish it provides information to become knowledge even if it is not true, and it also pits the races and ethnicities against one another.  Therefore, a house devided cannot stand or survive, which appears to be a fact of the failure of ‘celebrating diversity.’

Within the very term ‘diversity,’ is the “concept” of divide. There is not a unity, but a divide promulgated. Still this appears to be a norm in history, and even reaches back to the Gnostic writings in the Christian Religion.

I do not see Islam as a threat in the U.S.A. at all. Muslims usually are fighting against the Christian Armenians in southern California, so they are preoccupied. They do not advocate the destruction of the American society as opposed to LA Rasa which openly admits its aim is to destroy northern European culture and kick-out the people or kill them. The whites and blacks just mainly ignore them and help them do their job.

Many U.S. manufacturing jobs are now based in Mexico. While Mexican complain of a poor country, they have silently exploiting the world markets with exports which brings in large amounts of wealth to Mexico. Mexico can proudly proclaim it has the most billionaires per capita than any other nation on earth. These Mexican billionaires do not horde all the money to themselves, they have been employing their population with work and contracts with American oil companies which stem from the 1950s, where a few American families receive royalties, these companies are now some of the most wealthiest of nationalistic Mexico.

Recently I have asked the historical question of why Germanic Tribes invaded the Roman Empire. What I have concluded is that Rome over time became more of a Spanish Empire and Italian families ruled the Roman sectors. When Macedonians kicked out the white Helens (Greeks) from their lands, the whites moved to two locations – one of them was Rome and to the Roman Republic. Eventually they formed an army and took Greece away from Macedonian control. Once Macedonians kicked out all the whites and become mainly a colored nation, the whites retaliated and took back control. This seems to be the case of these invading German tribes, and later the Franks in Western Europe. So what would be the question here of multiculturalisms? Islam does not come onto the scene for centuries after this event, so what are these causes?

So if the Asian community at Cal complains of their dominate population being suppressed by the white man, then this necessarily will be a possibility for the Latinos.  It is of recent since the U.S.A. elected a very dictatorial president Barak Hussein Obama who has repeatedly called for change from the white tradition to that of socialist Britain moving back to inspiring their country to rise above this petty scientific categorization of ethnic politics. Eventually the whites will have to move back to Europe, which then give Rome again a prominent position for world politics. The U.S.A. will survive as a country like Greece has for centuries but its world importance will not sustain itself as the unfortunate Macedonians witnessed. The Mexicans are taking over America with the same complaint they accuse the white Europeans of dominating  North America. So their own cultural backlash will be evident as they realize they used the same cultural conquest ‘evils’ as did the whites and they are merely no different.

So it will be interesting to see how China comes of age as they have become nearly the dominant economic engine of the world. Japan which became dominate in the world as the economic leader in the 1980s fizzled out and they did not open up the country to multiculturalism. China does not allow any other ethnicity to take part in major political offices. In the U.S.A. we have all the ethnicities as judges, local public officials and in the top representative positions in Washington D.C. Still the world sees the U.S.A. as the worst state in the world, based upon racism, intolerance and suppression of minorities. It is no wonder that war exists as promulgation of emotional lies constantly batters the world’ ears.




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