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Controlling Individuals by Government Fiat


Control & Government


By Michael Johnathan McDonald

Communism / Socialism is the Progressivsim and Destructionism of humanism

Communism is dangerous to justice as the empirical circumstances confirm a hypothesis.


A person (Private Citizen) goes to court; they are represented by a government attorney, subsequent to government laws, decrees, and regulations, appear before a government judge, are overseen by a government police force. If they sue a universal healthcare, they are suing the government entity which is protected by the said above. If the government owns all the auto industry, a private person has no recourse against the auto industry, because all the judicial and government systems are represented by the federal government. If the federal government controls all learning institutions, then one cannot oppose the opinion of the government’s opinion on what is the curriculum and how to think. If the government own all commerce apparatuses then private citizens have no recourse or choice – but that which is controlled. If the government owns all the land and all the building therein, then if a private citizen has a complaint they must go to a government agency to hear that complaint. Therefore, the only recourse of justice is the government. If that government is controlled by racists or ethicists or even biological determinists, they have no recourse if the judicial system is also controlled by the same individuals. Under communism, a body of individuals is the sole arbitrary on your life. If they as a body deem you as a complainer or non-conformist, you are subject to their disposal. The dangers of this nightmare have proceeded independent thought throughout time in endless social science literature. The United States of America’s Constitution, it is amended Bill of Rights is such a piece of legislation which protects the private citizen against the governmet.


Today, the Democratic Party has Communist Aspirations, to take over all controls of the private sector of society – thus to control your lives as a body of ‘advisors.’ The term Soviet, comes from Sovet, which means ‘an advisory.’ In connotation this means a privilege body of persons has control over every aspect of your existence. It is non-other than an Oligarchy, a body of privileged individuals who decide for you what you are to be and how you are to die. Communism is the antitheses to all ‘freedom,’ ‘self-expression,’ and ultimate individual ‘happiness.’ The traditional U.S. Republican Party works tirelessly to oppose legislation that will result in the U.S.A. going communism. Bill Clinton, to a lesser extent, and now Barack Hussein Obama, to a greater extent, are Communists, who use the language of ‘Globalists” to promote the autocracy of the American individual. (13 March 2010).

Is Socialism another Term for Capitalism?

Yes, socialism is a term used by the intelligencia to trick humans in thinking that this system of government is ethical and moral economies. Lets demonstrate an Obama Socialism method. He takes the poor’s money as federal income tax and creates slush fund for his political donors to his election campaign. He hides the truth behind catch-all terms, environmentalism, and pays-out money to ‘front-businesses’ ( not real businesses but created to accept government money) and pays back to these campaign contributors their contributions to these ‘front-businesses’ from his slush – fund. These campaign contributors on their end use bundling of common investors to get everyone in their community to vote for Obama. Obama, already a Chicago style back-room politician ( e.g. Hillary Clinton’s undergraduate thesis proclaiming this was evil style government, but consistently does not follow her morals or ethics decried in her thesis) then pays-out to these bundlers all and more of their money. They in turn take a part of these vast slush funds and reintroduce this money back into the Democratic Party Committee for reelection purposes – where the thievery continues to all of the poor American’s tax-money has been depleted. Then the Socialist either raises taxes or kills some of his population because it cannot support its social-economic standard. A great example was Chinese Communist moron and hater Mao Tse-tung, who murderer millions of his countrymen, most who were peasants because he had swindled so much money for his own pleasure, he decided that his ‘games’ were more important than human lives – thus by killing these millions of people he did not have to feed, house, or provide for them – and as a trick, he made the peasants produce massive amounts of capital in agriculture, then confiscated all of it so they would starve, and sold it to Europe and South Asia for a profit for his pleasure lifestyle. 

These solar-power companies that Obama provides billions of dollars to, most are ‘front-companies’ where Democratic Politicians have their family members as board and stake-holders. Nancy Pelosi’s family member sits on the board of a subsidiary solar power company that received hundreds of millions of dollars, filed for bankruptcy, was excused by Obama who then turned around and gave Pelosi’s brother another $500,000,000 (five-hundred million dollars) with strings attached. The left-wing academics never protest these fleecing moves by the Democratic Party because they also get the poor people’s money and form front-businesses or front-science projects. The Republicans make a mistake because the Democratic Party offers then 25%-01% of these same theivery funds – thus dirtying their hands, so-to-speak. They then have what is called a ‘skeleton in the closet’ and cannot call to the attention to the public that the aristocracy is fleecing the common and poor persons’ Federal Income Taxes. Bill Maher, a left-wing cheerleader for these criminals also agrees that the poor need to be suppressed so they work at low wages because the rich people need the poor to work so the rich like Maher himself can have free time to play and steal more money. His political speak is hidden under the genus of entertainer. But this term is a universal concept as everyone is an entertainer. He does not entertain me too much, I really have never watched a full show of his, and he is rather an emotional and dislogical person. This is why most of his guests are also the Democratic apologists and members – because all they do is take the focus off of their thievery, blaming all other parties, and what we get is a bunch of lies, revision, propaganda, and all of this passes off as entertainment. His show is basically crony capitalism, with spats of apologies for his living as a rich aristocrat and justifying his worth by a cornucopia of half-truths and absolute lies.

There is only one economic system that every existed. Barterism is the same as capitalism. Socialism is the same as capitalism. Communism is the same as capitalism. Capitalism is just a word for an idea that the top supports the bottom. The word comes from Greek architecture, where a capital sits onto of a building column – which intern has its purpose of holding up a roof of sorts. The roof represents the society as a whole and the capital displaces the effort of the columns supporting the perimeter ( in most cases) the capitals.  

Now the Democratic Party’s solutions to all their economic solutions are a progressive tax system. But in history, on all tax forms here have boxes for the rich to pay more of their faire share if they so choose. No Democrat I have ever witnessed in archives of tax records has ever contributed more than what was the base legal sum that they were asked to pay. Therefore the question remains that all Democrats are in fact liars about carrying about people. They care, call it compassion, but as long as someone else foots the bill and not them. Most of the time you will find filthy rich Democrat politicians escaping taxes. Most of Obama’s cabinet did not pay their taxes for years, sometimes decades, and no disciplinary action was ever taken. When Obama came to the Congress after his unethical election from Chicago’s political machine he did not report his book proceeds which was mandatory income to the Senate or House committees on finances – thus Obama escaped having his Congressional Salary exempted for one year. In other words, Obama is a raving capitalist – criminal – and no one in the media or the court system cares for laws or justice for the rich. They do not have laws, they can steal at will and go on Bill Maher’s entertainment program and point out how a poor person who is starving and steals a loaf of bread and is a registered non-Democratic Party member must go to prison for years. By not reporting his book proceeds Obama made $200,000 plus, and this appears to go against the ideology of the left – to pay their faire share of their taxes. What Obama did was a capitalist move and no other term can apply.

Redistribution of funds is also a capitalism. And, usually it is accompanied by crony capitalism. When Obama redistributed wealth, he took most of the Federal Tax Funds form overwhelmingly the poor and paid-off the rich who have the means and wears to keep him in luxury and power. This is capitalism. Rham Emmanuel who left Obama’s first cabinet to head up the Chicago political machine did not pay taxes for years, being employed by the government. When this was revealed, all the left wing pundits applauded this as a good for the society, and rich people or people in power do not have the same laws as the commoner who support their play-ground lifestyles. This is not an American thing or a western culture thing—it happens in all cultures and periods of time.

There are mooring taxes or licenses in  various states. So the Richest Congressman, John Kerry worth billions of dollars mores his multimillion dollar yacht in another state to escape instate licensing laws, something like $168,000 a year. So these are empirical things we understand to help us organize the filthy rich by whatever name they hide under as capitalists.

Al Gore has front companies dedicated to making his cronies and family the richest family on Earth. He hides under the ‘compassionate’ cause of global warming where he tried to patent tech-businesses and procedures such as shoring up control of all web .econ extensions so people have to come to him to get these and pay him a fee. He is also a billionaire and his mansion has an energy bill of $16,000 a year – because it is like a castle. This does not factor in his fleet of jet-planes and convoys of gas-gusling limos and SUVs. He is lauded as a socialistic and compassionate guy when in fact he was just a capitalist in sheep’s clothing. Ironically the poor people vote this capitalists into power hoping the crumbs drop form their heists and thievery plots. To keep the narrative going strong, academics write from a partisan viewpoint and violence determines that no-one can call them into a court of law and judge their ethics or morality. The Democratic in turn uses Freedom of Speech, and basic freedoms that Democracy allows them to have to fleece the system, revise the historical record and continent to murder and suppress the masses for the ‘entertainment.’

Democrats fleece the poor’s money and pay-off their rich unions, who force their employees to pay-off their campaign contributions to keep the criminals in power. All this is done in the name of the good life. The Republicans also fund unions, mainly private sector unions but also some of them allow entrepreneurship to guide the economy. Democrats on the other hand build or solve nothing, there only game plan is to hold on to power as long as possible to fleece the tax-base cookie jar. All private business was responsible for creating American prosperity during and after World War II. It is an absolute lie and revision by these Democratic Union professors who write histories that their Socialistic leader F. D. Roosevelt forced the government to spur on the industry that build ships, planes, tanks, armor, and munitions for World War II. The only government funded project tied to the Federal Tax Base during and after World War II was the creation and implementation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). F. D. Roosevelt spent most of his time during World War II either playing the Chinese black-market or diverting lend-lease to the Chinese Communist commander Mao Tse-tung. This was a business decision on F.D.R.’s  part because if he had lived he had another criminal leader to trust to fleece more money from the common and poor. Private industry, except making of the uranium and plutonium bombs, remained in the private sector.

So we can empirically see that Democrats are liars and make weapons of mass destruction for their entertainment and profit making them but another piece of the capitalist pie. Eleanor was the only person in the Roosevelt clan that really cared about the poor and struggling. She had to wait until her husband had died before revealing that the dictator president was in fact a racist and a criminal. The reason that the Democratic Professors love F.D.R. was he displayed a role model of duplicity and criminality, as well as racist. The professors are in the top 1% wage earners in history if we account for global statistics. There job ordered by the Democratic Criminal Party is to revise books and ideas to blame others. It is the hiding in the heard mentality that protects them.

Are there solutions to the economy’s troubles during evil capitalist that mask as communists or socialists? No there appears not to be a solution, except for Mother Nature to bring an asteroid or other natural disasters to wipe-out humankind.  In Feudalism, the Aristocracy allied with Knights to fleece and force the peasants to suffer and die for their pleasure. Today, in the U.S.A., the Politicians who vow to perform to the Aristocracy have the U.S.A. military as identical entities. The Politicians control the military by funding them, and only rarely are there in history what is called a military coup.

The Economy is not based upon a cycle of Uranus square to Pluto, it is an evil capitalist, Obama and his partisan tax-fleecers who manage the economy’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, when he leaves office and a different person occupies the head-office in the land or world, some say, the economy may turn around if an ethical and moral person occupies the office. Obama has no ethics or morals, and believes by his own admission he is the messiah ( what type of messiah, one can only guess, he does not like God or gods, but does believe he is superior to everyone else – a megalomaniac!).






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