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Michael Johnathan McDonald

Essay title:  None Final Exam

English 28: LA Valley College

Summer 2002: second session

Instructor: D. A. Hanvey

August 23, 2002

Essay Topic: Brave New World

(Written over time a period between hour and forty-five minuets) Grade A+ (Perfect Score)



This essay I scored a perfect score and “ outstanding” by my instructor. This essay was an in class Final Exam over a period of one hour and forty-five minuets, August 23, 2002.  [] Indicates what I should have included in the essay buy left out. () Indicates what I wrote in the essay to let the teacher (readers) know what I was implying. I redacted one section and wrote the essay how I wrote it in class. The grammar that has mistakes is left in. However, I did correct the spelling of about twenty words. The Final consisted of one passage chosen at beginning of the class that day, but we were aloud-open book. Although, to receive an A paper, we had to reference at least one ‘other’ essay and write at least a standard twelve paragraph, 101 College style, essay. This paper exceeded that and more.


If you are not acquainted with Aldous Leonard Huxley was born on July 26, 1894 in Surrey, England, book “Brave New World.” An online connection at the bottom of the page will link you to it. This amazing book is almost prophetic in nature and applies to many strange new avenues our world faces in the coming decades as we face new decisions on where we want our society to go.


Many mistakes in writing an essay in class compared to doing it at a slower methodical pace. There is a run on and some imperfect sentences. I decided to leave it in the format of how I wrote it in class as it was a struggle of time and relating what the passage had to convey and how I was able to get it out. I believe that covered it well and this is why I received the perfect score. Also, this class is one level at this community college below English 101. In addition, the toughness of this essay was the class did not know what passage we were going to writing the essay from and I nailed it and was probably the reason I scored so high. Letting the reader know that my mother only went to eight-grade in Canada and could write perfectly without grammar mistakes or misspellings. She also knew six languages and loved to write. My father graduated from UCLA, and was told in Fairfax high school to put down the dictionary because he was becoming more literate than the faculty. I on the other hand only started to write six years ago and struggle.


Notice that the beginning is satirical and used for dramatics of getting the readers interest. I personally do not believe in cutting off oxygen to babies.








No war sounds so appealing? “Happiness has got to be paid for,” says Mustapha Mond, one of the head world controllers [Of Brave New World], as he discussed with the Savage ( John ) about his civilization in the controllers office right after the riots in the hospital and Bernard Marx, and Helmholtz Watson were sent off to control-center island. This discussion takes place right before the savage who is disgusted with this society and leaves to live on the edge of this society – not being able to go with his friends. [ He was a Jesus Christ Figure and was feared by Brave New World controllers to constitute an uprising against the establishment if he went to the control island.] This discussion is about societies choices they had to make to ensure no war and [force] stability.” The greatest care taken from preventing from losing anyone too much,” Mond says. “And to keep peace, there is always Soma to give you a holiday.”


I love the idea of cutting off oxygen to newborn infants; I also love the idea of injecting brain stunting chemicals to embryos, just after gestation in the glass tube. To be racist like Deltas conditioned to hate Betas; this sounds like so much fun. There is also, fear conditioning, shock treatment and subliminal brain tweaking to impeachment of the free will. When do we get started?


This society of ever-happy humans who live life to the fullest by constant sex, gratification to the senses and constant supply of drugs- they seem happier in their work too. What else is there to life. This society has it all.


Love is an instability of the function of [this] society. So to fight against this, all castes are told to disregard passion and love for the quick piece of meat. There [Here instead of There] Mustapha Mond is mentioning to Savage on the ills of passion and nobility. “ The greatest care is taken from preventing you from loving too much,” he tells Savage. This [is] in stark contrast to Savage’s upbringing in the reservations where men had to prove nobility to a woman – to be wanted by her. Lenina, his love interest in the book, sees otherwise.


The language of the book also brings the point home. When John ( Savage ) first starts [to] read Shakespeare [pieces] he discovers that the words make his emotions “ more real;” They even make other people more real. This is in stark contrast to the Hypnopedia (Subliminal Brain Tweaking) conditioning of Beta drone Lenina. During the last attempt by Lenina to seduce savage, she takes off all her clothes and attempts to force herself on Savage. He wants her to want him like a real lover ( He knows this by equation [of the]  archetype girl, Juliet, From “ Romeo and Juliet.”) instead of a piece of daily meat. He starts to sound off Shakespeare phrases from “”Romeo and Juliet:” ”the strongest suggestion our worser genius can, shall melt mine honor into lust. Never, never.”” He resolved to her advances. Lenina retorts back, and attempts to show him her poetry “ Hug me to drug me, Honey,” her Hypnopedia responds, showing how banal her society pinnacles of love talk are.


I’m very put off by this societies bywords to what should be more artistic expressions of our daily routines. A mere phrase as “ lets have a booty call,” reflects this society, and is not my flavor as telling a women “ How sweet it would be to spend the afternoon of lovemaking with you.”


How Mond resolves in his society [of] how to quench passions and anger that could result in war is Soma. “ There always Soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and long suffering,” Mond says to Savage.


Many examples of how Soma is used to calm things down. [in this society.] In the hospital right after Savages mother passes away, he attacks a group of young Deltas who are there having a death conditioning. After he [picks up and ] throws [a box] Soma out the window  and starts to fight the police [as they] enter dowsing the rioters with Soma- spray, instantly calming them all down and some pass out into a sleep.


Soma in the book is a brain numbing drug that takes you away from reality. It is said to have no side effects, but that a persons brain is forced into  “Blissful ignorance,” the Brave New World society describes it. To me this would be a horrible side effect.


Along with drugs, there are other ways of keeping societies from being…”Thoroughly unstable before the occasion can arise,” Mond tells Savage. Just like Soma calming affects use to stabilize society, they also need once a month V.P.S. Violent Passion Surrogate.


Violent Passion Surrogate treatment is mandatory for all society. Later in the office, the controller discusses with the Savage the process. The whole system is flooded with adrenalin. “ It’s the complete physiological equivalent of fear and rage, all the tonic affects of murdering,” Mond says to Savage. Just like Stephen Kings essay “Why we crave Horror Movies,” we all need to get out of our systems these violent urges of fear and rage,” King says. “ People need on a regular basis to throw a basket of raw meat around to the hungry alligators in the subterranean river beneath.”  Mond sums it up as “ Men and women must have their adrenals stimulated from time-to-time.”


I agree in getting out frustrations in society. We all get fed up with one another and good scary slasher film or the “Exsocist,” the film that still scares me today is a good release.


[REDACTED PARAGRAPH –personal relevance {1}  ]


The heroes Mond talks about are individualist.  You need war to have heroes. Just after a scene of the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning is watching a game of Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy ( An advanced form of school ground poll ball – very elaborate) The director is speaking about [the] pre-Ford era ( pre-BNW society) and talking about erotic play between children had been regarded as abnormal. The controller shows up to give a history lesson. “ History is Bunk!” Mond says, citing histories [of past[are]] noble and sometimes called heroic individuals, such as Gutamma and Jesus, and also, pointing out historical civilizations that died-off because of individual who got greedy, such as kings and powerful leaders who started wars and destroyed civilizations.


“Stability ,” Mond says to the students, “ No civilizations without social stability. No social stability without individual stability,” Mond [who] had the “ Holy Bible,” and other history works at his disposal because he was one of the controllers. He knew about individual heroin’s who needed wars to exist and these individuals created instability in civilization. So to battle this problems of war and nobility the society aimed a instant gratification, forcing people never to be alone (Individual) and drugs to ease the pain. In the scene he asks the students “ Consider your own lives...Has any of you ever encountered an insurmountable obstacle?” The students remain silent. “ Has any of you been compelled to live through a long interval between the consciousness of desire and its fulfillment.” A reply came “ I once had to wait nearly four weeks before a girl I wanted let me have her.”


The society battles every physical urge to keep pace with peace. The individualist is cut off. “The symptoms of political inefficiency,” says the controller are all these things: History; Individuality; A sense of purpose; Your own thoughts; Even mothers and fathers are political bad words. This society is birth in a test tube.


When I go to a play, opera or a movie, I expect to see a villain. What purpose would there be to just see normality of expressions and senseless daily routine at the entertainment sites.


Measurement is instability to this society – the ultimate sin to the founder Henry Fords philosophy.


Soullessness is the objective; there is no point in life. Only instant gratification can run [this] the society, to which the feelings of love and happiness are inconceivable to most of the castes, (except the controllers) because there is neither to measure happiness against. Happiness to the society is there daily rations of Soma, and the only cure for the unpleasantness’ brought on by reality when the drug wears off. Soma is Christianity without miseries,” Says Mustapha Mond the record controller of western Europe.


Robotic instruments wake up and go to work induced by torturous hypnotism from conditioning right out of the test tube until minuet fifty-nine, just like a clock, alerts them there is one more year until it is time to go. Preprogrammed destinies dredge through existence without purpose, and they are conditioned to accept their mortal fate. Never to argue their fate unless authorities douse their senses with unreality spray. Soma, the pill of “ignorant bliss,” the instant calming effect; The drugged; the key stabilizer to this wicked world. You may believe that most characters like living in this brave new world, yet underneath the wordings that this society professes victories over, of no pain, no desires no sorrows; no unhappiness: robots know nothing else to measure these feelings against. Most of all, this society is under strict control – you have little if any choices. Just like the essay “ Why I have to have a family,” by Lisa Brown, “Women can choose to have babies or not. Women have choices to which career fields they want to work in. Women have the right to be called homemaker and mothers,” she states. In this new world hell, none of this will ever become a reality.


From the test tube to the incinerator your life is controlled, and the word control means no freedom. Freedom is the antithesis of profit. A word put in place of “God” in the society. “God” a word called Ford, their leader. To them, Henry Ford ( The automaker) was the founder of production and consumption. A word that comes-off the production line, that was full of controlled step-by-step procedures to which the outcomes ran the wheels of society. The model, [to] which they molded their society after was [in fact] this production line – A soulless Frankenstein factory, put together with inanimate objects, lifeless scones, glass tubes, freeze and heat, injection of chemicals and some time limited oxygen to the cranium. The only thing they could measure in their limited minds was profit, and surely this became their purpose-  a word in which they could not understand, because the controllers who were themselves controlled from birth, kept it [all] under control.


True happiness is a consequence of freedom, not slavery. No slave can experience happiness until he is free. The Savage knows this, and I believe society knows this. To some people this society may seem attractive. They would like the statement “ Yes, any slave can experience the contentment of a full belly and a full supply of instant gratification,” [Mond Says] but, this doesn’t lead to happiness.


The cultural significance is that the shallow people of this earth seem to have [omit have and replace it with want] society in their grips. We are headed toward this brave new world. Gene therapy; cloning; extensive rules, masked as safety laws which are increasing the limits of our freedoms. Plus, there is so much talk about centralized world government, with everybody’s role predestined as in the  Brave New World. This picture frightens me. “ Give me liberty or give me death – God save us from the drones!”





{1}  Redacted paragraph from personal relevance


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