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Change Moon Goddess + Jade Rabbit, her companion. Hannic History ( west calls them Chinese).


sin/Chang/Luna January 10 th. 2014

#msnbc Wedded #TELEMUNDO which runs #brownjihad into #USA. You people of the masses are being led to your deaths. #bookoflife #donaldtrump #arcmichael #television is run by the #jews ( a sect of Israelites ) and they hate #Americans and are a buch of globalist hoodlum gang members called Kikes. There are no white people in Israel, only yellow to brown #semitic jews who take $120 Billion, each year to fund their 8.5 bath, mansions. the slaves ( includes suppressed #Nordic) of the USA, in all forms of incremental to insurance forced pay for the fat jew to sit behind a desk and make $60 -400,000 a year and do a job you can train a person in one freaking day to do. That is the reason the world is going down in flames . #gordo #Latino are the same #DNA species and want to have these jobs too. So #whiterace is out of #luck. #bookoflife #03142017ad

#BEASTS #ANTICHRIST cut off #whitepeople 2010AD and forced #Germany #WHOREOFBABYLONE to do the same. That nearly starved ( #sanctions ) #Russia. #Rus receives most of its grain and foodstuff from other countries. Why? #ukrain ( #Russian lands by deed #800AD - #1245 when Islam stole it) was the bread basket of Russia as Moscow's lands stay frozen, sometimes well past March and into June. So they need someplace to feed themselves. #bookoflife #arcmichael #03142017ad

#Judean #sandniggers do sanctions ( #EU #UN) because they are #semitic filth and live in 8.5 baths and 10 rooms by themselves and employ cheap semitic labor and shun nationalists.

#UShistory #politics #CIA #NSA #FBI . The NSA ( #NAZI jew controlled) and #CIA, NAZI Bush controlled and #FBI currently under mixed race with #Nordic #DNA, James Comey. they careless they love those Maserati they can achieve by killing people and funding weapons manufactures and playing the gambling institution for state players the #stockmarket = #usury . So The +WHITEPAPER

#NAZI Bush jews and fat orgs want to target #China because they too have white white #dna there and must be suppressed for the #nigger dick up the NAZI kink butthole .#truedat #Biblestudy

#niggersatanagency controls behind the scenes.

#celebrate Suicide bomb culture #crookedhillary implies

Click for large photo of Blood Moon over Hollywood California, U.S.A.

Pesach (Passover) Total Lunar Eclipse

My Photos Blood Moon 1 of 4 YHWH

click for 2.1. mb raw large photo

very large raw click for photo Blook Moon 1 2014 A.D. North Hollywood Calif.

High Def. Wide Angle, click for very raw large photo. 2.1 mb. or click on link for many other photos of BM1!

Israel Central

The Harvest Blood Moon * SPICA, alpha virginis, and Mars up and to the right, and Saturn, out of the frame to the left, and a wider view included alpha scorpius.

western Idaho is shaking currently 4.5 s mags. Solomon Islands ( near New Zeeland just got a 7.4 13 th April).


Dresden Codex Last Page of Chapter 2

Last page of chapter 2, not of the book!;  the  reconstructed Dresden Codex, original document, with faded color

Winston Churchill’s terrorist campaigns against German civilians (he states in letters to important people, telling him he is using terrorist tactics to rile-up of the German people to oust these NAZIs) destroyed valuable pages of the proto-Maya codex. The top part of the last page has text missing and no one could read it with certainty. ( this document was partially destroyed in the historical terrorist campaign of World War II, called in literature, “the Bombing of Dresden.”).  



Members of The Cydonia Institute and the Society for Planetary SETI Research have authored a science paper featuring the famous Nefertiti Face on Mars that will be presented at The Space Technology & Applications International Form (STAIF) in April. Not to be outdone, there is an opposite profile of this image on the opposite side of Mars. For most on this and links, go here.

USA People to the World: Help US, Our Leaders are out of Control.



Click for UFO Story and Black Hole History.