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by Michael Johnathan McDonald ( May 2010)

Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong) & China in Astrology

Mao Zedong [Mao Tse-tung] (December 26, 1893, Siangtan [Shaoshan?], Hunan a province of China ¨d. September 9, 1976)  was a Chinese revolutionary, a baneful political theorist and a communist leader that is often refered too as the founder of Modern China ( although he left it in the dark ages with the disaster known as the The Great Proletariat  Cultural Revolution Against The Capitalist Raoders (1965 - 1976). He was China's head leader since 1949 until his death; however sometimes taking the 'second front,' he remained the de facto spiritual leader of Modern China from its inception in 1949 ( founded on 1st October 1949) until his death in 1976. An avid reader of the Chinese past, his military strategies engaged the Mongolian tactic of first retreat, draw in enemy and then attack. He did this even as a cultural tool to purge his political enemies. As in the 100 Flowers Campaign. Mao asked the country to criticize the government. After many sent letters, created posters, and academic appeared in print with suggestions of change, Tse-tung attacked and purged the opposition. Under Mao Tse-tung China was actually a brand of Democratic - Dictatorship. Some scholars called it a totalitarian regime, which is basically calling it a small body of persons ( as was the case in Italy under Benito Mussolini) that make ideas and force the populace to comply. However, it was mainly Mao who forced everyone to follow his ideas and not to question his judgment. That's because during the later years of his life, Mao still controlled China but he retired to what is called the 'second front.' However, no-one challenged his rule as during the Red Guard Period, his Deity status as 'Father of China,' because Chinese do not believe in a moralistic and individual deity, followed his every orders no matter if they were right or wrong. He was profusely a dialectical materialist. But more inspirationally, he was bent toward an ideology -- an idea of his way of seeing the world. His idea was to force his vision of the world upon others, often to be carbon copies of his own ideas. This implied either one was patriotic or a traitor. This was the essense of what it meant to be a communist. One person made the community rules, and you followed or were purged, tortured as an example, exhiled or murdered. Sometimes persons were tortured then murdered. Often Mao's ideas had changed overnight. This made for a bumpy ride for an emerging China that was under foreign occupation for more than a century before civil war broke out in the early 20th Century. China was caught in a tough situation. Modernism meant reaching out to foreigners, but it came with a price that often Chinese saw as politically, as culturally and as economically intrusive. China wanted to keep itself ethnically and culturally Chinese? As the world expanded and built a global civilization, Mao Tse-tung struggled with the past and the fear that Karl Marx had communicated. If you reach out to others they can take a little part of your autonomy from you and you will feel violated. But that was the price of a global community. It was not until 1971 that secretly President Nixon had communicated to the Pakistanis to tell the Chinese foreign ministry that the U.S. was secretly wanting to resolve the One-China policy. That was to take away the U.N. seat from the Chinese Nationalists from the Isla Hermosa ( Taiwan) and give it to mainland Chinese a seat on the U.N. and further renounce The Capitalist Chinese who had their administration and recognition from Taiwan. In 1972, Nixon visited China and did what the Chinese wanted. He gave the Chinese $2,000,000,000 small interest loan. In comparison, in the early 1950s, U.S.S.R. only gave China a $300,000,000 loan. There was a 22 - year period when U.S.A. and China had not spoken or recognized each other. This had changed when Mao Tse-tung had aged and understood 'inward reflection' he had destroyed China by his hatred of intellectuals who ofter rebuked Marxism for its silly and incoherent ideas. Scholars do not speak about this but China had its 'little dark age' from 1965 - 1976 when Tse-tung finally passed away and Deng Xiaoping put back into place private ownership to which China emerged as a Superpower in 1999, and continuing under regulated capitalism to now be the economic strongest country on earth as of 2010.

One native Hong Kong person going to the University of California had stated that Nostradamus was incorrect on his identification of Anti-Christs ( note the plurality) because he did not name Mao Tse-tung. I did not have an answer to him. However, thinking about this dilemma, because Tse-tung was in fact a confused ideological tyrant, and with his wife perhaps totally insane -- as countless Chinese persons were tortured in the most inhumane ways -- I figured that he focused upon his own people and not other ethnicities or races. But it is hard to imagine that a single person in history has not led to more murders and suffering of people than the ideas and policies of Tse-tung. After the Chariman Mao's Death, China ended its modern dark age and a renaissance occured.

Mao Tse-Tung ( Zedong) Horoscope:

Natal.( see notes for data for horoscope at bottom of page.).

Lilith conjunct A.C. 12th House.

Sun conjunct A.C.

Part of Fortune conjunt Aldebaran ~ 3 degrees.

Jupiter conjunct Part of Fortune.

Mars opposition Algol M11th House Alg.5th House Algol.

Chiron 21 VIR [ Opposite my 21 ~ PIS!].

Stars Natal

Saturn 10th Spica. Total dominance w/ ease! exalted.

M.C. Diadem/ Vindemaitrix. Victory.

A.C. Spiculum/Polis/ Sham/ Sun w/ SAG rising as a constellation ( Fire ), so Mao is dominated by emotions rather than intellect and causion/reason.

I.C. Mirch/Anunitm/ Kaht, constellation Pisces.

Node 4th Deneb Alg.

Pluto Conj. Neptune : Spiritual rebirth as from Spiritual death.

Mao Progressed Horo: 1949: CCP Established

Sun 12th Conj. A.C.

Venus 12th Conj. A.C.

Part of Fortune Conj. D.C.

Moon Conj. D.C.

Neptune 4th Conj. I.C. & ~2d Aldebaran

Jupiter 4th Conj. Algol ~2d.

Saturn 8 th Conj. Spica ; Death house, Government Planet, rebirth and regeneration!

Uranus cusp 8-9th ( Change!)

Mars Conj. Lilith with mid-point on cusp of 10th-11th House.

Geometric? devils Horns/ half-square on botton with point downwards ( midnight) and devil horns pointed northeast and northwest.

Mao Progressed Horo: 1966:

Sun, Moon, Murcury at A.C.

Pluto/Neptune, 4th House.

1976 DEATH:

Part of Fortune 26 LEO47 5 th house over Regulus

Moon square Uranus [ moon square uranus in G. Bizet's Death!]

Progression of Jupiter during Rulership was transiting in progression over the star of Algol. Algol is disaster and Jupiter is success, so an interpretation of key-words inteds that this aspect pertained to overwealming success of a disaster.

Chiron at 18 VIR 01 in the sixth house and the D.C. was at 23 VIR23. Part of Fortune is 20 PIS and conjunct A.C. 23 PIS 23.


From the Gate of Heaven Mao Tse-tung ushers in the Communist Party of China CCP on the 1st of October 1949.

Promulgated ideology: Leftist believe that communism is not an ideology; this is a lie. All an ideology is is a study of a system of ideas, perhaps implemented into a rigid set of performances.

Ideologies of Maoism, communicated as Mao’s political theories.

Capitalist: To serve oneself
Communist: to serve the people.

In correct behavior:
Think for yourself.
To stand out from the crowd.
To have ambition.
To be a counter revolutionary. To not worship Mao as a god. as a god, everything Mao says is correct and cannot be contended.

Expel all foreigner influence including banning religion. After Mao died, a resurgence in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, a folk-lore groups resulted in relevance in people’s lives. Of the largest qigong ( breathing and other exercises) group, the Falungong, a Buddhist -Daiost meditation association reported in 1990s to have over two million practitioners. By the late 1990s, the C.C.P. began to persecute this group.

What one gets by conforming to Maoism?

It was difficult to become a party member. One had to have a spotless biography and also have some skill – otherwise you are forced into the general population and forced to work for the state.
Most of the Population: Government housing, meals and clothing. For example, 20 people will sleep on long wooden platforms made of wooden planks propped up by stools, with no mattresses. Food often consisted of pickled cucumbers and dry cornmeal, usually stale. Perhaps once a month some slivers of meat. Protein was scarce. Community was promulgated as the forced ideology of living: similarly to the ideology of a cooperative.
Party Members and Cadres: apartments or homes, access to other things not accessible to the population. Sedan cars, trips to foreign countries with nutritious meals, furniture and amenities.

Mao Encouraged conflict and struggle

The Three-anti Campaign (1951) and Five-anti Campaign (1952) : reform movements originally issued by Tse-tung a few years after the founding of the People's Republic of China in an effort to rid Chinese cities of corruption and enemies of left-wing radicals.

The 3 antis imposed were:
  1. corruption
  2. waste
  3. bureaucracy

The Five-anti campaign was ordered by Mao in January 1952. It was designed to purge the capitalist class. The definition varied. A capitalist could own a pot or a pan or a bookshelf. The Communist party set a very vague guideline of who could be charged, as it became an all out war against anyone owning personal belongings in China.

The 5 antis imposed were:

  1. bribery
  2. theft of state property
  3. tax evasion
  4. cheating on government contracts
  5. stealing state economic information

This created a Cardres class that was like a secret police to which spied for Mao to weed-out intellectuals and foreigners, but mainly to rid material wealth from the country and to commingle all common property which was a progression plan in the making. The idea was to unify China with a patriotic frame of mind to essentialize its heritage's identity with an Han heritage, in which of 90% of the people of China drew from their lineage line.

The Japanese were called the Devils by the Chinese. The Russians were not liked but became early on some suspitious buisness members with the Central Committee -- later to be kicked out by Mao over an insult by Khrushchev. Americans were also the devils because of the former influence of capitalism in China and for also backing the Kuomintang (KMT) who fled to Taiwan. All foreigners had to be purged from China or kept under survialance.

Mao Tse-tung: Maoism: A good communist must check himself from placing hismself above the common man [ in reality this applied to non-Communist Party Rulers!, as feudalism was exactly the same empirical expression!]. A good communist much check himself against individualist thinking and a lack of modesty.

1954: Year of 1954 was also not a good year for China as the U.S. signed a security pact with the Kuomintang, who the U.S. supported from Taiwan. Nakita Khrushchev became the first Soviet leader to visit China. Soviet successor to Stalin, Nakita Khrushchev had declared Joseph Stalin a murderous despot, desperate on maintaining a personality cult. Mao Tse-tung read this as an insult to himself. Mao had an even larger personality cult. Stalin had been the godfather of China’s communist party and had promised China help in financing its industrial revolution. With Mao Tse-tung insulted, he did not seek Khrushchev for help in modernizing China. By 1960 all the Soviet officials such as scientists and factory experts had either been exiled from China by Mao or had been recalled by the U.S.S.R. However, the soviets did manage to help China progresses toward its first detonation of an its first atomic weapon. With out the Soviet’s help, and China unwilling to engage the U.S., still mad over the insult of Dullus’s snub from shaking hands with Enli, the Great Leap Forward would be done by a non-industrial nation not seeking help from an industrial nation. This would be the first time in history this had been attempted.

Chou Ding told Ji’s father that “the party only wants me to recruit people who have no thoughts of their own."  Ding had a need for business people who could think on their own. But usually these were Chinese who had complicated biographies. Complicated biographies were if one had relatives who lived on Taiwan or had been schooled overseas, such as in America. They were suspicious because the there was constant fear by Mao that KMT spies were all over China – which there was not. The U.S. would never have allowed the K.M.T. to invade China, and the K.M.T. had need of an alliance as it could not invade China alone anyhow.

1955: arriving at Jakarata, and then onto Bangdung (Indonesia). The first international meeting of the color people. To bring together former colonized nations to seek peaceful aims of nation building. Most were no-idustrialized nations. Jo Enli gave a speeck which became known to the Chinese officials as the Bondoon Spirit. Twenty nine African and Asian countries begun a New World Order, and Zhou Enlai (pronounced Chou En|lai)

Seven Years after the founding of the CCP: Mao Tse-tung Played a mean trick on the People of China!

Retification Movement:

(February 1957 ) Hundred Flowers Campaign : Tse-tung called for a break from class struggle and to engage a new period of liberalism. He indicated his supposed willingness to consider different opinions about how China should be governed.

Program: To criticize the government


Signature Strategy of Mao Tse-tung as borrorwed from the ancients. : Retreat and Attack.

* Retreat First, and lull the enemy into thinking he is winning, then launch your attack when it is least suspected.


This was a classic theory test, where Mao used Mongolian war tactics of trick the enemy and switched it to a psychological tactic to attack his own people. He asked everyone to write letters to the government and put up posters for periodic review by officials and he would later answer them.

Similarly tactics are used at the University of California at Berkeley. Large white & blank paper is attached to the lobby hall and colored markers are provided for students to write complaints and suggestions on how to make the Moffitt Library a better study facility. For example there are 55 computers for about 5,000 to 7,500 undergraduates, the chairs are old and uncomfortable, and the study rooms are cramped and always noisy. However, decade after decade nothing changes. This is a plot-ploy to let students get out their frustrations when the faculty has no intension of upgrading and improving the increased population of students. There are no comfortable couches in Moffitt and there is no other undergraduate study facility on campus. There are many libraries but not solely dedicated to such a large population of the totality of the University. These places designated in China were perhaps the same thing – but with the twist. The signs put up were usually monitored to whom said what and how. So autonomous criticism was qualified.

A sense of purpose: People did speak out. The leader of a small coalition that modeled its political aspirations on the west ( the allowance of Air America had a little to do with this!) . Long stated that “Marxist-Leninists small intellectuals are trying to lead the petty big intellectuals – they are trying to lead the professionals.” Petty bourgeoisies are of small shop owners, career professionals such as professors, perhaps bankers and small business owners. These petty bourgeois are not C.E.O. or owners of large corporations and international business conglomerates, such as the mercantile class that became very rich with their fleets of intercontinental shipping companies and massive global trade deals. It must be remembered that Karl Marx died before he could define what was a proletariat? In fact Marx has no clue which is part of the reason no Communist professors of all history know what Marx was actually talking about?

A Democracy Wall opened up at Peking University.

Embolden professors wrote or advocated for ending Dictatorship of Democracy ( which in fact was only a dictatorship, never a democracy!). There was a class for a Hungarian insurrection ( anti-revolutionary movements in which the Soviets sent in military and tanks to suppress at Budapest) promulgated by the China’s People University at Beijing. Charges by professors and the people intend that Party members and those cadres who used to wear torn shoes are now riding in sedan cars. The people were mad at the bi-culture that arose around those that were in the party, which was exclusive and the rest of the massive population which churned out the engines of the society in order for it to work. In print a professor had written: “China belongs to its 600,000,000 people, including the counter-revolutionaries. It does not belong to the communist party; the masses will beat you down, kill you and overthrow you.” A week later Mao wrote an autonomous essay to the Chinese people in the People’s Daily (a newspaper) entitled “Why is this”. It was an attack on Haung one of the stanch critics of the communist dictatorship. Overnight, the 100 Flowers Campaign had ended and over the following weeks Mao wrote more ominous incoherent ramblings. Such as because of the Chinese population boon this had meant that China would remain behind the industrial nations of the world. Why no one really could understand this? Well, it was the Soviets who had continuously demanded the repayment of their loans. And in fact the Soviets took grain production (because of their need for grain) as currency in which China had plenty of agricultural land to use a collateral. However, the increased population also had mouths to feed. Tse-tung either had to not pay-off the loan and be threatened by the military of the Soviets or allow many of his people to starve to death. Mao never allowed the free market to take over in which selling food to Europe or the Soviets would bring in capital to the central party to which they could up-grade their agricultural production to offset the older hoe and shovel system used to harvest and plant their agriculture. This way they would have money and had fed all their people. However, Mao Tse-tung was too interested in his perverted sex life to give up control to the petty bourgeois Chinese citizens. Till this day, leftist academics cannot explain the disaster of Mao Tse-tung’s rule. This is because they refuse to see that ideology played the significant role under Mao’s prescription of Marxism.

In more rhetoric, Mao wrote that poison had seeped into the society. This was a part of his signature strategy so loved by the left. He fantasized that there were rightists in every town in China and they needed to be weeded out. He communicated to the people, “ Let poisonous weeds sprout and grow in profusion, so that the people now shocked to find these ugly things still in the world; take action to wipe them out.” Tse-tung is admitting he set up the criticizers so the people could see their ugliness. He would call them monsters, serpents and all forms of derogatory language. Demonizing was the standard protocol of Mao communist hegemony.

Part of Mao’s reaction was the students now falling for the trap and so gullible as with these students and even professors I witnessed at U.C. Berkeley, they revolted against the Communist Leadership and demanded democratic reforms. During the 100 Flowers Campaign, western dress, western music and occasional approved western movies, seeped into the consciousness and was exposed to the common Chinese citizen. They saw a completely different world than what Mao Tse-tung had proposed of constant conflict, struggle and poverty. In fact, during the communalization programs, Mao advocated that professors move from their apartments or homes and live in tin-shacks like the peasants or the veteran long Marchers. This was patriotic and non- negotiable. Mao point was to get the elite to live and experience the poverty and the struggle of the poor class, which perhaps was the point. However, the majority of students often come from a good set of parents and/or a good set of parents and often a privileged family. They have no intention of living their life in poverty, living on some farm. However, Mao sees them as ambitious which will threaten his rule or drive capitalistic sentiments in individualist thinking which turns to ambition and on to greed. Greed could take many forms such as overthrowing despotic leaders who have over one-million dollars when you have nothing but a shabby shack, one set of government issued clothes and pickles and stale corn-meal as the normative lifestyle. When the students were infected with the opulence and decadence of western prosperity that rose up against the Central Party – Mao had to use his personality cult to suppress this potential disastrous movement.

After a long while passed, many Chinese persons from peasants, cadres, and even scientists and professors asked for changed policies. Once these people were later identified, Mao had attacked and created a purge campaign which would be a signature throughout his rule. The concept of the Mongolian war tactic was to retreat first and lull the enemy out into the open and then attack from all sides possible. It worked so often that eventually people just either  committed suicide, fled China, fought back and were tortured and killed in the most horrific manner or learned not to ask questions of think but to follow what the Central Committee communicated.

Mao being the father figure, one could believe the father was there to listen to his children. This was not the case. Mao identified the complainers and purged them; either they were killed or tortured -- or both, what ever seemed fit. The Mongolian war tactic was actually an ancient Chinese tactic of saying one thing and doing another. This is a common concept in Chinese tradition. Usually what one says would actually mean the opposite. It is part of an etiquette genre of Chinese tradition as a part of a long ingrained social etiquette too 'saving face.' In the Mongolian/Hun war concept, it was a retreat first method and this would show yourself as week to your enemy. Once the enemy had let their guard down, then the military would about face and then attack -- leaving the enemy off-guard and easy prey. Mao perfected this by prolific reading of the Chinese past. In boxing there was this term for Muhammad Ali, called "Dope and the Rope." Muhammad Ali acted like he was tired, hanging on the ropes while getting pummeled by his opponent. But in fact he was saving his energy for the final knockout later. Mao Tse-tung remained in seclusion after gaining power, and it was the Premiere -- often criticized as a potential traitor that often showed up at disasters and in villiges to address problems -- he later became the loved one and only the sycophants and left-radicals ( often illiterate and over emotional) worshipped Mao. By remaining hidden Mao controlled the country by an iron-fist. By changing his mind often and pitting one group against the other this led to the general population being off-guard so as not to know where to firmly plant their feet in any such communiqué of change from Mao. This a smaller part of the more larger and broad movement of the The Anti-Rightist Movement!

More ominous writings of Mao followed. “We are closing in on those rightists in every city and they want to topple us. We are closing in on them, we have lured the snakes from their lair.” The significance entailed a massive and disrupted political purge which begun now all over China involving innocent people. There were no rich individuals, only Mao Tse-tung who had about $1,000,000 dollars in his possession.

The Anti-Rightist Campaigns of the People's Republic of China in the 1950s and early 1960s consisted of a series of campaigns to purge right-wing held beliefs, differing in definition according to who Mao dislike at which week from which week; perhaps its victims consisted 550,000 individuals.

May 7th Cadre Schools in the Peasant villages were places where cadres or others were sent to be taught lessens in anti-capitalism and anti-intellectualism. Going to a May 7th school and working in the 'paddies,' ( rice fields that were in knee -high swamps and full of leeches and other insects not conducive to former privileged Chinese) were often places cadres visited more than once over their lifetimes. These schools also contained meetings called struggles where persons were to recant their 'alleged' unpatriotic beliefs -- which intended cultural thinking that was anything to do with foreign belief, in which capitalism was one such major concern.

Humiliation was a big psychological method in which to indoctrinate a 'single-ideology' of patriotism based upon fealty toward the Father of China, Mao Tse-tung. Just once sentence uttered by Mao, the indoctrination proposed was to be believed greater than one-thousand sayings of the smartest persons in the world. Why Mao preached against ideology, his program was one Big-Ideology -- his ideas -- which often changed on a whim. The Anti-Rightist Campaigns proved successful. It created an atmosphere of fear and foreboding. No one knew if they were going to wake up to another day or would be moved far from their families or disappear and never be heard from again – perhaps witnessing the burring of people alive or tortured in the most inhumane fashion.


Chiron 7th, Squ. M.C. Moon (w/Rashalgethi) approch. M.C. opposition Pluto/Neptune, Square Sun 12th and Chiron | Capella I.C. | Pluto Preasepe ~ | Sun llambda (λ) aquarii, Ekkhysis --Aquri

"January 1958, Mao Zedong launched the second Five-Year Plan known as the Great Leap Forward, a plan intended as an alternative model for economic growth to the Soviet model focusing on heavy industry that was advocated by others in the party. Under this economic program, the relatively small agricultural collectives which had been formed to date were rapidly merged into far larger people's communes, and many of the peasants ordered to work on massive infrastructure projects and the small-scale production of iron and steel. Some private food production was banned; livestock and farm implements were brought under collective ownership."

A stand on two legs idea was launched by Mao. One leg to stand on was to engage a program of industrialization and the other was to modernize an agricultural production.

For agricultural production, Mao concluded the people had to kill the sparrows and insects.

For modernizing an industrial base, Mao proposed creating steel and iron out of peasant utensils and tin-roof tiles. The people madeshifted backyard furnaces. He sent most people from the city to the countryside to stand on two legs. What was the outcome?

The metal was worthless and deprived the peasants tools such as hoes and shovels to conduct their agriculture. The sparrows, once dead were not around to eat the worms which gorged on the grain. While the year of 1957 and somewhat of the year of 1959 were of good agricultural yields, about this time the U.S.S.R. demanded payment of their $300,000,000 loans. Mao had to ship grains to Austria and Russia which deprived the people of anything to eat. About 30,000,000 Chinese died from starvation and disease of malnutrition.

Because of the fear from the Right-Wing Campaign purges and horrific murders of innocent people this had scared the cadres. They did not want to report the disaster in the countryside to Mao Tse-tung. This led to the program continuing while Chinese people died for lack of a central committee concern. It was an epic disaster. Today, western communist scholars will excuse Mao Tse-tung and blame it on the mis-reporting by the cadres. However, Tse-tung created the fear by the Right-Wing Campaign.

 This technique allows these western schools to still worship Mao as a deity and a revolutionary person with the correct course of action for a civilization we should propose for a world governmet.


China's Dark Age  Holocaust  1966 -1976

Jan 1965 : Mao's Sun Conj. Moon trine Uranus, sextile Mars

$ see the sting theory astrology below.

1965: Mao Tse-tung promoted the “Four Clean ups Campaign.” This was a precursor for a more elaborate revolution to follow. Cadres were sent again to the 7 th May schools in the country side to clean up local government, and to ‘ensure clean politics.’ While there had been complaints of embezzlement of local government employees again and some corruption, little is known to what extent? It was in late 1965, as Mao was trying to learn Marxism that the term ‘class struggle’ entered the Chinese political lexicon.

Official Title: The Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution Against Capitalist Raoders. ( 1965(6) – 1976).

Significance: Destruction of the Chinese ancient artifacts, a holocaust similar to the NAZI holocaust in horrific proportion, and nearly the total destruction of China. Only with Mao’s death did China not achieve total ruin.

The NAZIs used an arm band to identify their police—suppressors, The Red Guard used red arm bands, in similar fashion. Mao Tse-tung had a young female student place a red arm band on him in the presence of the people at the Gate of Heaven symbolism and sending the message he approves of this. Lin Bao, who conducted the cult of Mao worship had collected his quotes and summarized him into a little Red Book and make 100,000,000 copies with shiny red covers and Mao forced everyone to carry this book. Tse-tung had stated, “we were now struggling against those who took the capitalist road.” Prosperity had returned somewhat and Mao Tse-tung did not like it one bit. Saturn would be returning to Pisces a significant position for Marxism and Maosim in late 1965.

26 December 1965: The Meeting at the 71st 'Banquette' Birthday of Chairman.

Mao Tse-tung, Ding Xioping, and Liu Shaoqi had a conversation at Tse-tung’s 71 st birthday party in which he directly and indirectly had blamed Shaoqi and Xioping for holding anti-Marxist views. Tse-tung had never really read Karl Marx’s works, he favored others interpretations. However, a new discourse would enter China that of class struggle. At this conversation Mao had warned of a coming revolution. This revolution would be for the rectifying of the power holders within the party for taking the ‘capitalist road.’ This was also another new phrase. It became a part of the official title of “The Great Proletarian Revolution Against the Capitalist Roaders.”

Lin Baio, the old soldier from the early days formed a cult around Tse-tung in order to gain power later on as his successor. Tse-tung had known a decade before he was to die that he would eventually die, but for fear of assassination did not propose a concrete successor so as not to attempt anyone. In May of the year of 1966, he put out A Party Circular, and this was to be issued to the public which had called for “A Great Revolution.” It claimed, falsely that is, the bourgeois had taken over China. No-one believed him but immature youth being indoctrinated at the Socialist Schools Mao had allowed to reopen after the Great Leap Disaster.

29 May 1966 and 2 June 1966 at Tsinghua University, a secondary school, a group of students had proposed to Zang Chengzhi, the head of the school and a later Muslim convert, of a concept of a “Red Guard.”

In July 1966 Mao Tse-tung took an hour-long swim in the Yangtze River. This was a staged photo-op in which the 72 year-old wanted Chinese and the world to know he was still vigorous at this age. However, not in the photo were security guards (apparently not well liked) and expert swimmers in case he could not float. “the affect on his status to the public was electrifying.”

3 September 1966 Lin Baio gave a speech promoting Nakita Khrushchev’s revolutionary ideas to the Chinese politburo . However, these were not interpreted correctly, they were more on a twisted version of Joseph Stalin. Lin Baio who spear headed the ‘cult of Mao’ also was editorialized in the Peoples Daily. He claimed “Mao is the Red Sun in our Hearts. Mao is thought of as the source of our life; whoever dares to oppose him shall be hunted down and obliterated.” Lin Baio was never really in Charge but with Jiīng Qīng backing him up during the revolution he became the successor to Mao Tse-tung. So what he states in the Peoples Daily is not what the general population felt about the Chairman. Despite what scholars intend is fact, just because someone says something of the likes of this does not mean it is universally true. The cult of Mao Tse-tung still persists in our universities around the world. Many of these cult-academics do not believe the horrific holocaust stories in which shelves line the libraries in China awaiting to be engaged. They see persons questioning Mao’s judgment as right-wingers. To this day, the Chinese people cannot explain how they were led to the events of this holocaust and allowed it to happen. Neither can these cultists who most of them claim the holocaust did not happen and that it is racist to claim otherwise.

It was August when Liu Shaoqi was down graded from second in command to eight in command, and Lin Baio was promoted to second in command. Enlai remained at third in command but this was precarious, in light of the emerging cult of Mao who had numerous seekers for the throne of China.

Mao capitalized on the student suggestion of Red Guard ( forgive the pun, but that is what he did, he capitalized against his own propositions.). Mao had made a character poster of the likes when just after the 1949 revolution these posters of character appeared all over China identifying Marxist-Leninist ideas of a proletariat society. However at first the farmers were deemed the moral high-ground. These were the peasants. Over the decades, the cadres and other officials were sent to the 7th May schools on the farms of China to be next to and live with the peasants. This was Tse-tung’s method of grounding them from their elitist positions in the government. However, with this new change of Tse-tung the peasants were down graded as a class to dirt-bags and rich elitist youth were elevated to wild bands similar to NAZI brown shirts and the SS. Mao Tse-tung had often switched his ideas or ideology astride overnight. This was one such time.

The poster read “Bombard the Headquarters.” This was in Tse-tung’s illusion mind to attack the bourgeois dictators, and it was signaled by the students as permission and / or blessing to kill at will anyone suspected of having belongings or affiliations in their biographies of a privileged class. But this was qualified, the only millionaire in China was again, Mao Tse-tung. The night after Mao Tse-tung released the poster he drew up and released the sixteen articles, that were like a dictum for the Revolution -- Holocaust.

On 16 August 1966  Mao attended the first national rally of which many took place announcing the Red Guard student troops. He came out of the Forbidden Gate at sunrise to cheering crowds of youth, about 1,000,000. Newly decorated Red Guard students. He went back through the gate. Lin Baio had first whipped the crowd into a frenzy and Mao re appeared on the on top of viewing place of the Gate of Heaven. There he accepted from a youthful girl a red arm band placed on his sleeve. It was the official insignia of the Red Guard Holocaust symbol. Promoted as a god, Mao Tse-tung was not a god, but a proficient mass murderer of his own people. He donned for the first time since 1950 his green military uniform and the crowd went wild. The acceptance of the red arm band of the Red Guard was a visual endorsement of the movement, and the photo was published all over China. As rallies continued into the days, there were marching, signings, dancing and people had to show face out in the public. Within days after this the holocaust begun.

Horoscope of the Chinese modern Holocaust from 1966 - 1976

Data: 1 August 1966 ( Beijing, China ; Method Fixt-Star, Placidus, date for string 8 March 1894, 13:28:49 UT, see Mao’s horoscope data for this page for complete calculational compilations) and mundane dates for Judicial Astrology compared to 1 August 1966, Beijing).

Personal Horoscope progressed Mao Tse-tung.
M.C. Conjunct the Galactic Center 26SAG44 of the Universe.
Mao’s Sun is at 17 PIS 59 and Chiron is at 17 PIS 55.
Mao’s A.C. is at 25PIS02.
The rising constellation is Pisces.
Betelgeuse is at the I.C.
Mao’s Sun in the 12 th house is conjunct Preasepe about thirteen degrees of Leo (in Chinese astrology this is the Ghost Chariot House).

Judicial Horoscope:
The Orion Crocked Cross: Pluto 17 VIR 00 and Uranus 17 VIR 43 conjunct in Virgo/Tropical, squared Jupiter in Gemini/tropical and Jupiter as handle of the T-square with Saturn and Chiron in Pisces forming the opposition ( begun in early 1966 when this Holocaust was being formulated). To issue a formulated connection, the Communist Manifesto was issued in 1948 and in 1950 the similar sky looks apparently by the same configurationally geometry with the x- variable evident as the position of Neptune and to the sky configuration of 1966. Uranus is conjunct Pluto in 1850 and Uranus is conjunct Pluto in 1966 ( both social revolutionary ages, albeit one in Europe and the other in China). The variable here is x. And x represents the position of accrue of Neptune. Neptune is behind the conjunction and progressing toward Pluto in the 1850 sky, whereas in it is already forward in the 1966 sky – both are in sextile.

If we place the Sun at the center of our imaginary Judicial Chart to form our geometric pattern of the sky of 1966 and by stringing place only the placidus and tropical locations of the planets around the sun, we have the belt stars represented by Jupiter, the Sun as the medium and Neptune as one of the side stars. Saturn / Chiron and Uranus and Pluto form with the Sun the axis of the constellation – from my point of view. In fact the swastika comes from this constellation from this viewpoint. It has been both considered fortunate and unfortunate differing on the recorder of ideas.

$:  Mao’s Sun is at 17 PIS 59 and Chiron is at 17 PIS 55 is in opposition to Pluto 17 VIR 00 and Uranus 17VIR43. So there is a linking of a theoretical string from his progressed birth horoscope to the mundane horoscope which is a Judicial Astrology (because in the medieval age, the only sanctioned astrology was Melathesia astrology, medical astrology – all others were forbidden by the Church, that is to say, if they came after you for practicing it!).

Betelgeuse represents, among other things, lasting fame and is on an angle. Karl Marx’s Mars at 20CAN46 is trined to Mao’s Natal Mars of 25SCO51 indicating a harmonious agreement of action ( traditional astrologers need to forget about the psychological meaning and concentrate on geometric balance of the equation!). On 1 at of October the conclusion of the revolution to establish modern China, Mao’s Venus was progressed over the Galactic Center. It had just rose using the 6:30 AM natal horoscope I have used. In August of 1966, this position in Mao’s progressed Chart had reached the I.C. and was squared by the Tse-tung progression of Chiron (change ) 25PIS38 and to some extent the Saturnine 29PIS09 – both in tropical coordinates squared the I.C. and trined and sextiles in harmony in string astrology to Karl Marx’s actionalry planet of Mars. Karl Marx has Saturn 15PIS48 and Chiron 24PIS15 and his natal Sun is at 13TAU55 in paran to Preasepe, in which Mao’s progressed August 1966 Sun is located nearly –or if we take the Moon and Sun midpoint it is right on top of Preasepe. Karl Marx’s Natal Pluto ( as with others born at this time) is in paran to the Galactic Center, now in 1966 on the midheaven of Tse-tung’s Chart. Tse-tung had tried his best, through international pressure to interpret and understand what Marx meant about what is a prolitariate. Even Marx had died not knowing what a prolitariate was in fact in specificity. Only the general ideas is that it is a class of people conformed to a working class. But most if not all humans work – thus leading to the scholastic fights and constant academic confusion. For those picky scholastic persons, Marx could not figure out if a proletariat had to walk 20 minuets to work or how many miles from work a proletariat had to live in order to be a proletariat. That’s how confused he was on a word he did not invent. Marx's Saturn at 15 PIS 48 is in a time to Tse-tung's Saturn 14SCO04.

Karl Marx’s progressed horoscope to 1 July 1848 the summer Engels and he collaborated on the Communist Manifesto has the 17 degree of Pisces of a Saturn at 17PIS42 which is in alignment to Tse-tung’s progressional axis to his Dictum on the Cultural Revolutional Holocaust. I am certain that speak of class struggle in Marx’s ideology was that of murder as Tse-tung concluded. Saturn represents the structure of the foundational hierarchy of processes and expressions and both are in harmony in this string-like-theory astrology – I call and use as Judicial Astrology, just a little part of what it is about in things of general.

Both Algol play significant roles in both Tse-tung and Marx’s chart. Here in the 1840s, The Mercury is traversing the PED of Algol. Marx had delineated into a group of Satanic worship – a spell he had while young. He had claimed later the good aspects were atheism as a paradigm view and constant dialectical materialism issues with our world. Tse-tung will have Jupiter traversing his own position for the PED of Algol for much of his adult life. This can be viewed as an amplification of the Star’s empirical- historical data. Marx’s Neptune makes a quintile to the PED of Algol while his Pluto sextiles the star in his horoscope. Since these are the outer planets and connected to more a universal societal meaning these implicated a broader person to society construction of transmission. Karl Marx’s Neptune is debilitated as it is squared Neptune’s home house of Pisces. Therefore ideas can be confused is we look to him as a spiritual leader. The same goes for Mao Tse-tung’s natal Neptune in Gemini as it squares Neptune’s natural ruler house – so China should not have looked to Mao as some idealist ruler or as some form of a person higher than a human. He had been worshipped as a deity who took his ideas from someone seen in the 20th and now 21st century as a deity of intellectual progress, Karl Marx.

Insanity of the Chinese Modern Holocaust of 1966 - 1976

The 1960s was a revolutionary decade. There were simultaneously student uprisings all over the world in 1968, two years after the holocaust revolution in China had been instigated by Tse-tung. From late 1964 and continuing through 1966, there were student uprising overthrowing parental authority on U.S campuses. Unlike in China where class struggle came out of Marxism, Civil Rights which had Marxism in its discourse was active on American campuses. The whole world during the middle of this global cold war had seemed to go insane and a topsy – turvy observance was recorded.

Millions of Chinese and some other ethnicities were murdered by the Mao Tse-tung Red Guard over a decade. But also countless others who did not die suffered unimaginable pain and suffering. The whole country was almost undone. Ancient artifacts from the millennia of culture were permanently destroyed blamed on capitalism and spear headed by Karl Marx’s writings and the misreading of Mao Tse-tung.

The first thing the Red Guards did was to isolate the Beijing Mayer. In order to symbolically overthrow parental authority, the government officials had to be commandeered to the side of the genocider wild students. Youth as young as thirteen years old were involved in state sanctioned wilding on an unprecedented scale against the entire population of China.

Humiliation: Innocent Chinese were taken to confusion temples and given a yin/ yang haircuts. These styles shaved one half of the scalp and left the other half with hair. Then black ink was smeared on these innocent Chinese faces to identify them as targets and was communicated as ‘black capitalists.” Then these innocent Chinese were made to wear signs to identify them to the youth bullies who who’d beat them to a pulp. No hospital would dare take these mélange-bloodied souls, and often if they were not killed in the mêlée, they committed suicide to stop the pain.

These youth of the Red Guard were baby boombers whom many were birthed during the end of the revolution. These were children of the revolution gone stark- raving mad with sadistic methods of genocide. The police were told by Mao Tse-tung’s officers to comply and allow the students to do whatever they wanted. So this was done. The Chief of the police told his force to help the students in the killing. Ji Chaozhu relates the Holocaust revolution to similarities of the “Lord of the Flies” novel. Even the foreign ministry had sympathizers. Chaozhu who had witnessed this first hand records, “ To ways people were tortured to death were only limited by the most sadistic of imaginations.”

Some of these methods included shooting of the innocent; Burring Chinese people alive; Chinese people made to sit on packs of dynamite and blow themselves up. Husbands and wives were forced to beat on eat other or kill each other. Being locked away in closets naked to receive daily beatings to one starved to death. Children riding teachers like pony’s before the daily thrashing and then locking them into a closet.

A casual remark was all it took for the Red Guard to attack the home of a suspected capitalist roader (in which there was none in China as most of the population was dirt poor, and the rest could barely afford a toilet of the western style). Things such as books, book shelves, sofas and chairs, even though those chairs apparently rickety, these were deemed capitalistic and must be destroyed. Ancient buildings made of stone were even dismantled and permanently destroyed.

The Red Guard was ordered to smash their belongings and then thrash the occupants. It did not matter if the suspect was an infant that could not speak or an old person who could not walk. There was absolutely no discrimination. Millions and millions were genocided and countless suffered. Till this day, no Chinese can tell of how or why this took place. It was insanity.

1969: The Cultural Revolution briefly abated but would pick up in early 1972s with the Fang of  Four. It does not end until Mao dies in 1976.

After Tse-tung died and the Gang of Four were arrested there seemed to be a slowing down and eventually over time back to normalcy. But the dead needed burring and China needed clean up and analyzing all that was lost to prosperity over the millennia. Like Stalin, Mao was charge with crimes, but over decades his image has re emerged as this great founder of ideas – still Chinese leadership adhering to Marxist- Leninism ( see 1 October 1999 the 50th Anniversary of Chinese Socialism / Communism National Speech that every person in China had to read at least once in their lifetime from Jiang Zemin) even as I write this now.

The NAZI had denied Christianity and so did Maoism. After Mao had passed slowing religion came back to China. There is this leftist false claim that religion caused all the wars and human suffering. This is not the case in the holocausts of Europe and Asia. They were caused by atheistic regimes bent of the cult of personality. Hilter had his cult of personality and so did Tse-tung – both issued holocausts of the 20th century.

11:40 pm

#CIA #NSA #DeepState #DonaldTrump ref. #08132017AD management #deep archives for #US-SINO Military Com purposes. #bookoflife 11: 51 pm PST today #06142017AD || #Tojo , #Mao, #Kim NKs updated discourse for global management 06172017ad 9: 45 pm NoHo started. posted update to new RACE collection 11:40 pm PST. #06172017AD

#military complex top level #Gamma #Classified #Secret. Management of NK Nuke grandfather test to be around the eclipse and more notably Aug 13 2017A.D.
Time 11:51 p.m.
Univ.Time 6:51 (15 June)
Sid. Time 16:32:28 | SUN L. 0° 0' 0" S dec,. 23°18'53" N
North Hollywood , California, Deep State . Deep Space sensitive data.

Roosevelt family ran Chinese Operations as Brits ran southern Deccan domains. $ToJo to build empire as he promised his Emperor had over extended the Japanese Military over near Burma and lost China, as a result.

first CIA NSA secret docs: compromised: Why? World War II . In order to cover his tracts, so-to-speak, Roosevelt had a young military officer revise the historical record. By revising the historical record, Joseph McCarthy could not figure out the real occurrences, and therefore had to admit he could not reveal his sources to the public.

to have major updates and NK leader details, ultra-ultra secret. for later Here are some general histories.

1900 The Boxer rebellion. Kick out western foreigners.
1915: The 21 Japanese Demands or face war.
1916 War lord Period.
1919 May Fourth Movement. Civil War
1923 Sun Yat-sen moved his base of operations to Guangzhou, and, with the help of the Comintern, undertook a reform of the Kuomintang and established a revolutionary government.
1926-7 Battle against the War Lords
1927 KMT crackdown
1934-5 The Long March
1937 War with Japan rape of Nanking
1945 Japan Surrenders to U.S. ( Chinese moved back into towns repopulate areas).
1946 Civil war resumes
1949 Peoples republic of China ( Mao takes over establishes Communism)
1950 Korean war
1951 Tibet
1957 Hundred Flowers Movement
1958 The Great Leap Forward
1966 The Cultural Revolution
1969 Soviet China boarder clash ( Mao gets scared of Russia, he back stabbed them in prior decades and calls up WashingtonDC, inside info).
1972 Nixon visits China ( result of Mao's fear! Last few years he is a bumbling idiot)
1976 Death of Mao and trial of the gang of Four
1978 Democracy Wall Movement
1979 Diplomatic normalization of China with U.S.
1989 Tiananmen Square
1993 The Beginning of nuclear Proliferation Period
1997 Hong Kong

#celestialcodes = #red as in red army or red Soviets = non white controls. Mao loved yellow and brown #Bolsheviks who slaughtered northern white Russians, historically sad. #Lenin was not happy with this arrangement but they were the dominant masses at Russia pre revolution 1917AD. Joseph #Stalin ( Fake name derived from Superman comics, Hollywood) was a #wasa ( white dna with semite dna, mixed race) and he understood the social racial conflict and had #Trotsky ( #white white dna, #Russian, assassinated at Mexico City) to appease the real #Bolshevik, #Ukrainian Semites in power under the communist fakers, because no Karl Marx Communism has ever been attempted . The Communist Manifesto was written by a #Copro goon, Frederick Engels . Karl only edited it and changed his mind later at London and wrote 20 vols ( Anthony James Gregor (b. April 2, 1929) interviews surviving members of the Italian Fascists exiled in China, when at Princeton as a graduate student., #UCB Class personal and unpublished notes) of work refuting this pamphlet. Our schools only teach this pamphlet as top level State Politics and was Mao Tse-tung's entire education = #epicfailure on all world #EUDs :

= Brown bigot against white Japanese
#mao = Zionist name Tse-tung ( Zedong) Mao is derived from al cyone near and prior to Turus zodic; and we understand it historically as our #ZION, a cluster of 200 bright stars or so and very historically called the seven sisters, although there are about nine bright stars with a very clear sky and more than 20/20 vision. Facts: #USMarine Manuals ( Source UC Berkeley with actually books as archives ) of pre World War two called all Japanese and Chinese Yellow vermin or non human, These are American propaganda Marine issued #Asian manuals. So #Tōjō , while a monster had a good reason for his #xenophobia.

#Mao Tse-tung was a brown semite Asian and non white Asian and he or his policies ( he is a dictator people, no one makes decisions but him so purely Reptile scripts on the #bozon matrix level) killed over 40,000,000 of his own people after performing peasant death court trials he was in charge of presiding over and became a blood luster. He claims after reading a Leninist Marxist book, Communist manifesto ( actually written mostly by Frederick Engels and not Karl Marx) he believed Politics was all violence and not negotiation. He was brown like the Judean Semites who run constant murder my Muslim people all over the Middle East.

I have correct time of birth and no one else I know has it. #DNA brown #semite Asian and not white white. Flag of Communist China is yellow and Red = no white representation. Even House of Sauud and Iran represent their heritages of white arab dna on their flags and so does ISIS, or DAESH, albeit these systems need some tweaking to represent more of #Islam than any forms of Shariah.

#mao birth Hunan Province and born to a middle class family, not a poor family ; but did live in a wider community of famer peasants ; a typical southern agri=region because of southern weather. & this becomes important as Kim Jon Il's father had to deal with a weather famine two years after the #KoreanWar and people died because our politics of Islolation. Why? At Cairo, Egypt, Franklin Delano #Roosevelt secretly gave J. Stalin Manchuria so they could get their fresh or clear ( part time ice free) navel port for world control. source Joseph Stilwell ( viniger joe, secret service forced him to keep quiet, wife pulled a mask job and pub his war journal quietly. He addresses this with witnesses KMT lead by white dna er Chang #Kai-Shek, at Cairo. OK? People that was very secret. . .

Revolutionary China. white rabbit vs. brown or black rabbit = ancient DNA hannic conflicts pre HAN origins; so very ancient idea on racism here for isolationists dynastic China. albeit they international trade over these centuries & non stop, regardless of ideology of central imperial controls. That is #deepstate Asian

#White Asian DNA = Chang Kai-Shek headed up the #Kuomintang (KMT) = republican and free market and education and civilization peace projects.

1887-1975, Chinese Nationalist leader. He was also called Chiang Chung-cheng. After completing military training with the Japanese Army, he returned to China in 1911 and took part in the revolution against the Manchus. He moved armies to battle the Russians in Manchuria.

#madman #Albright did a peace deal to say, we will give food for our sins. #Clinton years. Truth, Kim's nuclear weapons program was replacing opening of free trade and normal economics. China has no role as Korea has been a historical tribe of the far east and very, very prideful. China can only manage or help their own types of cultures and people and should not be punished for any protection of them.

#Tōjō #Hideki, (born December 30, 1884, Tokyo, Japan-died December 23, 1948, Tokyo). born to a military family. rise in the ranks and wins top Military commander on promises of a Japanese empire for #rubber and oil = #Pearl #Harbor deflection attack.

#Japanese are white white with small afro, for the white and then brown Semites like Tōjō by #DNA.

김정일 #NorthKorea under dude who was born outside of its boarders on a Russian Military base and was upper middle class and ate like John Podesta Lobster and expensive wine while laughing at the starving and dying peasants or in case of the USA, the poor and suffering masses. They faked austerity, so that is an old Koran dictator system abuse of the masses while they eat and live like Kings. 11:33 pm 17 th.

Unit 731 is not #Tōjō creation but prior during the in between of WWI and WWII. Meth is developed and NAZI get it and develop it and when Tōjō takes over he does do Anthrax and other frost bite experiments in a living hell envioroment Captured Chinese, POWs, and Russians are experimented upon and Russians pass on info to the their people and NAZI steal it and produce meth in public consumption two years before #adolf #hittler ( born as) gets voted into office. SO the public of Germany are already meth heads. This describes the #Blitzkrieg.

#CIA #NSA I gave a celestial signature to #DonaldTrump for his soul. There is no one on earth with a more powerful War winning signature. Napoleon only had it an Biblical procession, thus he lost only four battles; the ones you only talk about! But he was perfect while under this progressed Biblical celestial signature. Donald Trump was born with it as a natal form and thus is the most powerful warlord on planet earth at this time. It would be in your best interest to keep him if you want to manage planet earth.

If not, all bets are off. So here, I will be discussing weaponized information that no one on earth has, even Korea, China, Russia or USA or Europe or India or ME or Iran or Sauud. Period. This is the deepest of the deep state knowledge for human management. My teams are the best in the world and history of the world(s) by far and by no comparison. They can spot events decades and decades prior.

First west to east modern contact of Modern times . Portuguese ( Dutch only traded wears and goods) introduce the archquebus, a type of pre rifle to the Japanese and this later reinvents their destiny for the Tokugawan Dynastic periods. Harquebus, also spelled arquebus, also called hackbut, first gun fired from the shoulder. This helps the Japanese set up modernity which leads to pre world war I Japanese US raids on Chinese banks during the Chinese Republican revolution, pre Mao Tse-tung ( Zedong) .

Sometime in the 18 th century the U.S. sent a secret mission to Edo bay with 21 German cannons ( could shoot a mile projectile ) and took over the politics of Japan, by extraterritorial rites = imperialism by force. Why? To rape their natural resources: #Silver, bronze and rare materials. We went south of The Pacific below Japan for the rubber trees after finding only some sources in South America . this will drive our rubber need for tires for our autos and airplanes. So upset that Tokugawan authorities sent a trade mission ship to America to seek out Harvard , the educational system that they believed brought this war and political technologies. So they sent their best and landed in the Bay Area and asked how to get to Harvard on the east coast. It was too difficult so they said, can we set up an University on the West Coast to mirror or be better than Harvard and allow Asians to learn and become modern like America.

This would be U.C. Berkeley, deep archives and not spoken about on their public websites. UCB is tacitly known by many plugged in as the modern Alexandria of modern times. We complied and robbed the land form a Mexican farmer, forcing him to accept a cheap land payout and that is the birth of the land for U.C.B. Stanfurd was already there and they are setting up with settlers from San Diego the American west coast to east coast and rail system connections. This is our Asian connection and how ‘dear friends’ acquisition program run by Bill Clinton becomes involved at Arkansas, via the Rhoads scholarship program at Yale, run by them, to compromise globalist players for world politics.

Oxford pedagogical mentoring on east and west relations. So we started to modernize Japan with war technologies to have them be a proxy to the east which will be run by the Roosevelt family who controlled the “aerial opium global trade” for Churchill or better the British Empire #economy about 10% at its height of the global operation of trade tea for UK or new world and raw materials by seducing their populations to docile masses =so we could rob them clean & of a more ancient south China sea access trade to south Deccan and Bengal, an ancient trade world port.

The Birts using German cannon technologies went up the yellow river and blasted their way to imperial hegemony. For the Pentagon: the west opened up exclusionist China, The Emperors, foreign at that time , Manchurian overlords wanted no contact but we forced them and it changed the Asian Continent forever.

Joseph Stilwell a California and eventual 4-Star US General, & also UCB people, and WASHINGTONDC politicians will be embroiled at Asia for world control; and the Burmese hump and lend lease to arm the communist Mao forces to beat up the republicans for global management. Sources, deep archives UC Berkeley , very unknown to the world. The first NSA docs are understood by me over ten years prior to Edward Snowden’s compromise of James Clapper. I had no will to expose these hidden things and kept them to myself. For reasons you will become aware of as I compose this Sino-US Military Complex paper. I will find Joseph Stilwell’s private journal in deep archives at Doe Lib, UCB, underground and go get the Kaicheck, translated journal form Stanford and the deep NSA and ultra ultra classified Churchill and Roosevelt communique with the Republican and Burmese and Indian agents that transform our world pre-World War II.

A key aspect to understand is that while Roosevelt kept out of the western theater, allowed Brit, Allies and US generals and pre Pentagon, Navel Intel – this becomes NSA, 1947 A.D. - to completely manage that war over in Europe , he remained hands on for his family affairs in Asia and these are keys to understanding North Korea . Forget your Hollywood films and docs, this is real Deep state Asia – USA .

So the west with many European countries will build the Chinese or Asian infrastructures, rail roads, while they send their people to America to build ours and we give them land and respect, as much as possible in the lower bay area, at first and overtime a larger political inclusion. Still not the best but better than nothing. This leads to the 1900s boxer revolution where Asian nationalists’ kick out westerners and take controls of the economic engines of the Asian rail systems. This causes a conflict with the west and will lead to shutting off contact after Truman sends the 7 th fleet to bomb up and down the coast of China to send a message not to be a global power’; post the U.S. defeat at North Korea . Mao, even after kicking the U.S.A. Marines at North Korea, begs to open up dialoged and not be cut off and we, as the USA denied him this and this was a Jewish (1) pressure behind Roosevelt and leads to exclusion and the Nixon 1974 détente ( John F Kennedy idea of realpolitik) and the slow opening up of China. But the details are where we need to go to manage north Korea.

In the late 15 th centuries, where my paternal side of my family comes from Russia, or part of my stock, they began to expand into Siberia for raw materials, the Romanovs and others you may have heard of as corpo Muscovy. The Manchurians took Siberia north and cut off all ice free ocean ports and this will be a key role for the Asian Rus' wars of pre and post world war I and going on until world war II. why Russia is in north of koreas prior to wwii and after wwii.

May 5 th, 2008 A.D. I already knew of #NSA but never told anyone. This is a UC Berkeley class paper, inclass and published on my website but not many accessed this page. This is waaay before Edward Snowden’s revelations, even though NYtimes was arguing with FISA courts to revel its identity.

Odd Arne #Westad in his book “The Global Cold War” (2007) intends President Truman had “detested the inefficiency, corruption, and brutality that he saw in Jiang’s Goumindang regime. […].[1]These views simply are repeated in the early NSA/22 series of the NSC 34 government secret report of 1948. The early NSC reports were ongoing drafts and comprised selective views. [ link here] . Roosevelt's Actions, Which Helps Explain Joseph McCarthy's Actions .

next part is the secrets that #Westad gets wrong about China and the Cold War and McCarthy. Most have no idea. this will be updated.

University of California, Berkeley, History 124B, research paper, spring semester 2008 A.D. secret. Source deepest of all deep archives, at the top teir one university, one of a few: Princeton, Harvard, Stanfurd (3), Chicago and perhaps Brown. Why, all professors do musical chairs and teach at each university for the top level students. At Cal, the grad professors teach the undergrads and this is a very unique set up for our world.
By Michael J. McDonald, May 5, 2008. (undergraduate) paper received an A. My purpose was to flesh out the history and not make it public but to organize it for times like these, times of very real concerns. despite the deep state and U.S Congress jewish subterfuge run through TIME MAG. Chiang Kai-shek; Chiang Kai-shek was a real deal good person. I will get his translated personal field journal, link it to Roosevelt and Churchill’s super top secret communiques and to 4- Star general Stilwell and how we secretly armed Mao Zedong’s forces though these agents while keeping it very top secret. How did we get this info. Thank Stillwell’s wife for a fantasy biography on her husband to clear his name. Deep State US smeared him to keep this very hush , hush.

#China ::: Chiang #Kai-shek and Stillwell are at Cairo when Roosevelt secretly gives Stalin Manchuria for after the war, and why Russia fights for two months after the US Defeats Japan and they surrender “unconditionally.” (2)

(1) Jews are thrown out by Saxon NAZI at London in 1917 and house of Sauud set up for the later trilateral, and it is masked by a name Balflower. The jews flee to Germany ( thus the conflicts of pre world war II and the rise of Hitler) and to the U.S.A and they become ensconced in the pre US Military Complex and ass well as academia and government by the mid-1940s and put pressure to make the U.S.A a communist place to have it fall to Israel, a new agent by 1948 A.D. Hold on this is very complex for most who have no idea of what is going on . ‡ Roosevelt's family flew planes making billions from Opium sales to anyone in the Asian realm. This then supplied the Pre Military Complex with additional operational globalist funds. Very very deep state secrets.
(2) to force the Emperor of Japan to give us extraterritorial rites over their lands. Hegemony.
(3) Cal students goof on the spelling of Stanford, but we love them and are brothers, of the Axe. They often send video of a shooting of a California bear and then have sex on its dead body. Yes, very hard core and strange. Cal mascot is a California Bear, called Oski.

Bethlehem Star(s) a comet and a supernova was archived here by only Hannic Koreans
-5 BCE astron -6

#arcMichael v.1
This brings them extreme pride !




on Horoscope retification:

I use 6:30 a.m. LMT, Tuesday 26 December (112e54, 27n51), Siangtan (Biography by Dr Li Zhisui), Hunan Provence, China, Universal Time 22:58:24 the 25th of December; Sidereal Time 12:48:42, A.C. 29SAG01 as Tropical Geocentric Placidus.

Ruth Dewey has Shaoshan, Honan, China, 113 E.30, 25 N.00, from AFA 12/1952, quoting a biog published by the Communist Party. She included the original quote, "He was born on the 19th day of the 11th month of the 19th year Kwagshu at the dragon hour. The year Kuei-szu (black serpent), the month Chuastzu (green rat), the day Tingyu (red cock), the chuschen (green dragon) between 7:00 to 9:00 AM. AFA suggests an ASC of 1 Capricorn 23.

1949 : Mars transits his Sun's position in 1949, his Saturn over Spica needs to be placed in the 10th house instead of the 9 th house. He has Sun conjunct Venus progressed in 1949. Also, his Sun may be close to the ascendant at the founding of the C.C.P. Natally Venus had trined Saturn which demonstrated a strong attachments and strong sentiments toward the people’s overall feelings of a connection to their modern leader; it was in an air sign.


Adaption from the unabridged version of Ji Chaozhu, “The Man of Mao’s Right” (2008). Ji Chaozhu came from a landowner family, escape the Japanese bombing and family fled to New York and he attended school and was accepted into Harvard, where he spend under two years before being recruited by the Communist at Harvard to return and be a patriot and fight the Americans and help establish modern China. He studied Chemistry and wanted to work in the lab helping China build its nuclear bombs but was placed instead in the Foreign Ministry because of his grasp of the English language. He remains a communist sympathizer often viewing communism in the light of a later concept by Nixon of Real Politick, where moral relativity predominates and subjective ideologies subsist. However, he always struggled with his personal demons to rise above the common man and stand-out which he always recognized as opposed to Maoism. He remained an elitist although he did choose to leave the western life of the United States and suffer and struggle in helping China establish its modern pretensions. Although he recognized Mao Tse-tung’s shortcomings he also constrained himself to the cult of Mao proclaiming the insane leader as comparable to George Washington as the founder of the modern state of the people. However, I do not see any comparison. Mao early on secluded himself in a high-lifestyle (he was the only millionaire during his reign!) of insatiable sex and perversity and also governing and remained that way even when he was on the second front. George Washington did not seclude himself or have a perverse and insatiable sex addiction. Washington was rather a team player, where as Mao Tse-tung by his own admittance was a Dictator. There was and is and always will be a large difference in identification and definition of these two activities and personalities. The only commonalities were both were the first leaders of their state’s new eras. Yet, this seem qualified as China has had dynastic dictators for millennia, and in fact that all Mao Tse-tung ever was once time passes and people began to realize that under his administration little was accomplished in regards to modernization.



Zhou Enlai (pronounced Chou En|lai) who came from a wealthy family and was born in Jiangsu, China in 1898. He really held no aspirations to be any type of Chinese Chairman. Although at times he rose to a ranking of third in position and for a brief time as second in position he was happy in his position as compliment to Mao Tse-tung. He was politically savvy and kept his disagreements with Mao Tse-tung to himself. He did not always disagree with the Chairman. His role was a foreign correspondence ( as acting Premiere at times), while Tse-tung who in 1963 had formally disappeared from the public eye. As well Mao did not like to travel outside of his country, perhaps fear of being assassinated. Enlai’s role became the go-between of foreign nations communicating to Mao Tse-tung.  Ji Chaozhu. Enlai's English translator and who had also translated for Mao worked for Enlai most of his time as a part of the foreign administration. Retire age was at 40 years-old. However, Chaozhu kept working at various times as a translator, as well as many other posts.

Jiīng Qīng, Tse-tung’s forth wife and longest wife, was born 14 March 1914 in Zhucheng, Shandong Province. She was an actress and had overcome a bout of cancer. She became heavily involved in the Proletarian Cultural Revolution later being marked as part of the Gang of Four – the horrible genocide crew arrested and brought to trial after Tse-tung’s death. She was sentenced to death, but commuted and remained in jail until she committed suicide on 14 May, 1991. Jiīng Qīng, Tse-tung’s forth wife and longest wife, was born 14 March 1914 in Zhucheng, Shandong Province. She was an actress and had overcome a bout of cancer. She became heavily involved in the Proletarian Cultural Revolution later being marked as part of the Gang of Four – the horrible genocide crew arrested and brought to trial after Tse-tung’s death. She was sentenced to death, but commuted and remained in jail until she committed suicide on 14 May, 1991. She was generally not liked by the majority of the Chinese population. She conspired with Lin Baio and others forming a cult of Mao, but she also had aspirations of becoming the next leader of China once her husband had passed. Tse-tung had flirted with divorce but did not go through with it. She was more useful to him, she saying in court records that she was Mao’s dog and anyone that Mao wanted to have bitten she was the attack dog.