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US - China Intel Wars

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China's Search Engine Market and Chinese Reaction


        "The first Opium War lasted from 1840 to 1842. The Second Opium War lasted from 1856 to 1860. While we were smoking opium unsuspectingly, the foreign ghouls brought their guns and cannons right to our front doors [ The British]. Today, we are still enjoying everything that the Internet is offering, but the foreign ghouls are beginning to infiltrate our minds. The Summer Palace was torched and our treasures are still being displayed in various luxurious palaces of Europe. This is not an issue of protecting Chinese products and boycotting foreign products. This is not an issue about search engines or YouTube. This is war. There is a conspiracy.” (“Google Search Results On Chinese Subjects,” in EastSouthWestNorth, a weblogue, translations into English, accessed 10 February 2010), available from ; Internet.



“If you enter the word “Chinese” into Google [ In China], the first ranked entry is “Chinese people” followed by “Chinese people eat babies.” Now this second entry is truly intriguing. This can be analyzed further.” Looking for the activity to the search queries, one finds the trend first began in 2004, but “the term [actually a phrase!] began to really gain popularity in 2009. The attention to’ Chinese people eat babies; came almost exclusively form the United States. [Furthermore, T]he attention in the United States came only exclusively from the state of California. Google is located in Mountainview, California. You can draw your own inference.” Ibid., ; Internet.


“Typing “Christianity is” or “Buddhism is” into the search engine’s home page [this action] generates a range of offensive suggestions for how the user might with to complete their query. These include “not a religion,” “a cult”, “fake” and “bull -----“. Few of the suggestions searches are positive or neutral. But attempting a similar search for Islam produces no suggested results whatsoever, indicating Google may be affording a protection to Muslims that it does not extend to people of other faiths. Google suggest, which is generally considered a useful timesaver, generates its recommendations by analyzing the phrases most frequently entered by other users, as well as the websites it indexes and adverts [‘adverts,’ an British abbreviation, whereas U.S.A. English abbreviates only as ‘ads,’ for the plural word advertisements] it has sold. It aims to filter out ‘pornographic terms, dirty words, and hate and violent terms”, and Google retains the power to censor particular suggestions if they receive complaints. Google has denied protecting Islam from criticism, claiming that the lack of ‘Islam is” suggested searches is the results of a software problem that will soon be corrected. ‘ This is a bug and we’re working to fix it as quickly as we can,’ a spokesman told Entering other search terms relating to Islam appears to support Google’s claim. “Islam must” generates the suggested searches “be destroyed”, “die”, “ be stopped”, “end” and “go.”






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