Islamic Movement Uzbekistan IMU

Took Credit for Jinnah International Airport (PAK) Attack 2014

from Uzbekistan, Hikmatiy says:

Bu savolingizning javobini o’zingingiz ham bilasiz… bizga nafaqat O’zbekistondan, balki, O’rta Osiyoning va boshqa MDH davlatlarning ko’p joylaridan, hatto Evropa, Osiyo va Afrikadan ham musulmanlar muqaddas jihod uchun kelib qo’shilmoqdalar… Avvallari “hijrat qilamiz va jihodga boramiz” degan muqlis birodarlarimiz bizni orqali kuzatib kelgan bo’lsalar, xozirda ushbu sayti orqali topib kelmokdalar. Bizdan asosan qanday qilib jihodga borish yo’llarini so’raydilar. Agar bu “ozod” hukumatlar barcha yo’llarni zo’ravonlarcha yopib tashlamaganlarida safimizga juda ko’p musulmonlar hijrat qilib kelgan bo’lishi mumkin edi. Ularning aksariyati din erkinligi yo’qligi sababli kelmoqdalar.

You already know the answer that that question… Muslims come to us to join the sacred jihad from not only Uzbekistan, but from Central Asia and many other parts of the CIS, even from Europe, Asia, and Africa… In the past our brothers wrote to our site to say, “we want to leave our homelands and join the jihad,” and now they find us through our [new] site The primary reason they contact us is to learn how to join the jihad. If these “free” governments didn’t so cruelly prevent them, many more Muslims would have left their homelands and joined our ranks. The majority of those who are coming do so because of the complete lack of religious freedom.


The Conflict remains religious freedom. Many in human souls still complain of modern technological or modern civilization infringing upon their adopted homes.

Islamic Movement Uzbekistan IMU are Turks living as Moslems, because they identify with this movement of the 10 th -12 th centuries. However, during the Periodic Sultanate (1206-1526), most all of the rulers are initially Turks, but Afghans at the end.

Irredentism is always a factor in movement of people.

10-11 th cc. Ghaznavids developed prior to the Mongalis Empire, but became strong when the Mongalis killed the last leader of Baghdad, ending the Muslim Empire. The same problem existed, religious freedom. The Moslem Empire became suppressive and weak; it did not practice religious freedom, so the Mongalis had no problem ending it. It was severely divided.

Islamic Groups do not want Western Oil men to come and destroy their homes. But Wolf Blitzer believes this is permissible because of his white ass skin color.  The Radicals see no winning so they live in a cult of death. They know because of absent of power and of a military, the human body is the only tool to fight for their cause to have freedom from Bullized humans, including many rich Arabs.

1100:  The product, Perso-Islamic civilization, was in turn lavishly patronized by the several dynasties that arose in this area & notably the Tahirids, the Saffarids, the Samanids, and the Ghaznavids' at a time when Baghdad' s authority in its eastern domains was progressively weakening.


With no hope between competing radical groups and a suppressive state, the movement focuses on death, they know joining they will die for a cause to have government and other suppressive groups out of our their lives.

a simple campfire chorus that repeats over and over “we wage jihad, and we will be martyrs.”