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911 was MIT CGI and other Deep State players of bigotry Video of explosives and CGI

Skull&Bones acted like the secret Knights Templer and butt fucked *eachother too keep a sworn pack of silence* .  In 1974 at Watergate, the son of the Demon that built the NAZI machine   or one of the nine U.S. Corpos that represented investment in Germany pre World War II had taken over the United States Military Complex from Allen Dullas.  His vision worked for a while: Kill Peacepeople like the kennedys, take Vietnam for its  ‘then’ $2.4 trillion dollar trade access sea routs and accompanied small oil fields, Iran meddling by chemming up Saddam with Bush’s help to secure a Baathist hegemony  ( Saddam came from that village  tribe) and jinning up an Iraq- Iran war, and then arming the Taliban or Mujahideen, Tim Brown was a code name for Usama bin Innocent of all 911 charges , Laden and then did Iraq war I and II all on false narratives. Russian sat recon released two years ago shows no Iraqi troops in Kuwait nor near the border after the George H. W. Bush New York teaching of the Kuwaiti ambassadors daughter to lie and say Iraqis were taking  new borne  form mothers arms in hospitals and killing them on the spot. All were lies


Usama bin Muhammad bin ،Awad bin Ladin

a © Archangel Michael: 09 May 2011, U.C. Berkeley, California, U.S.A.


  1. UBL 2011 death 911 file [1] PAGEREF _Toc292742357 \h 1

  2. Usama bin Laden never admitted to a Crime He did Not Commit. PAGEREF _Toc292742358 \h 2

  3. Obama preempts Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trumps Reality Television Show to Announce to the World that Obama had Assassinated bin Laden. PAGEREF _Toc292742359 \h 5

  4. Conspiracy Theories 1 May in History PAGEREF _Toc292742360 \h 6

  5. DNA Results Confirm taken the day and affirmed during the Day PAGEREF _Toc292742361 \h 7

  6. Donald Trump and Its links to this episode of deception PAGEREF _Toc292742362 \h 8

  7. 3 may 2011 Obama White House changes many details of the killing of Osama story – giving rise to conspiracy stories because the White House is changing the story every hour. PAGEREF _Toc292742363 \h 10

  8. Usama bin Laden’s Astrological Chart ( i.e. birth data). The Analysis of Usama ( Osama) bin Laden’s Death Astrological Chart. PAGEREF _Toc292742364 \h 11

  9. Natal Tropical Positions Usama bin Laden PAGEREF _Toc292742365 \h 12

  10. Transits for 8 December 2001 Usama bin Laden PAGEREF _Toc292742366 \h 13

  11. Secondary Progressions for 8 December 2001 Usama bin Laden PAGEREF _Toc292742367 \h 14

  12. Solar Arc 8 December 2001. PAGEREF _Toc292742368 \h 15

  13. Natal and Lunar Return Chart for 8 Dec. 2001, time 1:21:12 PM. PAGEREF _Toc292742369 \h 15

  14. Death Prediction Potentials: PAGEREF _Toc292742370 \h 16

  15. Summery of Death Chart PAGEREF _Toc292742371 \h 16

  16. Combination integers: Natal, Secondary Progression, Solar Arc, Lunar Return, Transits. PAGEREF _Toc292742372 \h 16

  17. Method: Moon, Jupiter as Lord of Death, Node ( destiny), 2/8 th axis! PAGEREF _Toc292742373 \h 16

  18. Mundane Natural Cause of Death: Tora Bora mountains PAGEREF _Toc292742374 \h 17

  19. Secondary Progression and Natal Star Connections PAGEREF _Toc292742375 \h 17

  20. Uranus/ Zaniah / Saturn PAGEREF _Toc292742376 \h 18

  21. Solar Arc + Lord of Death = ASC + Sec. Prog. + Lord of Death Transit PAGEREF _Toc292742377 \h 18

  22. Aristotelian Astrology ( Hellenistic Era, post-Plato) PAGEREF _Toc292742378 \h 18



Claudius Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, II, 3., first progression method יִUsāma bin Lādin’ Mars.


יִUsāma bin Muhammad bin ،Awad bin Lādin’s Martian fardāyrīya calculated for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 10 March 1957, 10:36 a.m. L.M.T. 46e43,24n38; U.T. 7:36; Sidereal Time 21:53:44. Claudius Ptolemy (c. 150 B.C.E.), Tetrabiblos, II, 3., first progression method, and we will apply this method to Usama’s Mars. This direction system portends a prognostication that something of a career highlight will take place around 22 August 2001 A.C.E. Below is the formula from Ptolemy:


Usama bin Laden’s M.C. Natal position is at 26 AQU 11’32”.


Since Usama’s Mars is northern & oriental, Ptolemy would give a tasyīr toward the M.C. Usama’s natal Mars is tropically at 23TAU14’32”. So the distance is 30+30+27 = 87° 57’00”. First let’s move Ptolemy’s first direction system to which we found to be greater than 75 so we divide this value by 2. This comes to 43.5 (30’ + 57’ = 87 − 60 = [+1°] 27’, and we arrive at 44° 27’00”. This is converted to an age for our native (Usama bin Laden) at the year of 2,001 A.C.E., and 164.7 days. So from 10 March to (+164.7 days) will equal 21 days (March) + 30 days of April, + 31 days of May, + 30 days of June + 31 days of July, + 31(~143) + 21 days of August, and fourteen hours; from 10:36 a.m., which would be then about the commencement of the 22 nd day of August of 2,001 when his intihā’ (i.e. terminus, Ptolemy) has been reached by his directional Mars. When we speak about careers as they are linked to Mars or by the Aristotelian theme of destruction, we can see from a baby’s birth astrological chart in 1957 that around late August  of the year of 2,001 A.C.E.,  a high-light of one’s life will happen, perhaps to what will be remembered as a culmination of a long career.


Usama’s haylāğ is the Sun

Claudius Ptolemy also gave another progression system to which five tiered choice first must be analyzed and chosen. Usama’s haylāğ is the Sun. because it fulfils Ptolemy’s system of choice number one. It is diurnal and in the tenth house, fulfilling its haylāğian requirements. Now what to do?  Usama’s natal Sun is at 19PIS28’36” and the natal ascendant is at 10GEM43’51”. The Sun is also like Mars northern and oriental, so lets move it to the M.C. Lādin’s M.C. Natal position is at 26 AQU 11’32”.  Therefore the longitude distance for this tasyīr is 23° 17’ 04”.[1] Therefore in the summertime of his twenty-third year his Sun reaches the intihā’ (i.e. terminus, Ptolemy). However, what if we use a tasyīr toward the ascendant?  The ascendant natally is at 10GEM43’51”. So the longitudal distance from the Sun to the Ascendant  is  81° 15’ 15”. Since this value is larger than 75 we divide this found value by two. So we arrive after our division at 40.5 = 40° 45’. This would be to his  year of forty years old and three fourths of a year counting from his birth date of 10 March 1957 which is almost the year of 1998 (1997 +8 months, as exactly from 10 March).


We will now use a directional system produced over 1,000 years later by the Abassīd Astrologers. this formula follows as: 81.25 ∕ 90 = 0.902777 and plus one degree according to Abū  Ma‘šar and other Arabian astrologers. This comes to a longitudal fardār of 1° 54’ 09” 43’’’12’’’’. Therefore the natives’ age is 42.705103227 years old when the Sun reaches its intihā’. Thereby the birth year added to this fardār contains the correlated year of 1,999 and A.C.E..  the value to convert into months follows this example: 0.705103227 years converted to sexagesmial system to arrive at 42.3 rd of a single year or 153 days and .72 of a day. So counting from 10 March of 1,999 A.C.E. and adding 153 days we arrive at 10 August of 1999. If we add into our calculation the fraction of the day and take it from the birth time of Usama bin Laden the date resolves to 11 August 1,999 A.C.E. This was the date of the 1,999 summer eclipse across parts of Europe and astrologers were contemplating a massive grand trine that accompanied this eclipse.


Yet, the Arabian astrologers of the Abassīd era would also like Ptolemy have used the tasyīr toward the M.C. Again, this tasyīr is 23° 17’ 04”. This formula is similar we just divide this by a right-angle and we arrive at a fardār of 15’ 28” 48’’’ longitudal motion of our Sun for one year’s age.  to convert we have 4 times 23° = 92 years of age? Then we add one more year (i.e. haylāğian 15’ fardāyrīya ) to become 93 years of age, and some months.  We then divide by two because this value is more that 75 and we arrive at 46.5 years of age, to which converts to the winter of 2,003 A.C.E. If we multiply Claudius Ptolemy’s haylāğ for Ladīn’s Sun by two we also arrive at the year 2,003 A.C.E.




[1] If we multiply by 2, then this comes to the year 2003.





UBL 2011 death 911 file [1]


9 May 2011 ( this page was written during the Moon’s transit in its home-base of Praesepe, according the Moon’s natural home in cancri, location near the crab’s eyes. These were initial observations from the Neo-Babylonian star-catalogues in cuneiform – the most ancient of our collective writings on earth. One will note that the fall of Praesepe would be Mars, and its companion in the outer-planet sector is Pluto. The modern C.I.A., N.S.A., F.B.I. all have a creation time which is a beginning in astrological methodology, and here Pluto transited Praesepe. In Academia, I having first hand knowledge, the C.I.A., etc... the U.S.A. alphabet-agencies are communicated as evil, spearheaded by Republicans. However, when these alphabet-agencies are directed by Democratic Party members when they are in power, they are communicated as benevolent, prefect, infallible, following directions, and never lying. In other words, one can see the Plutonian influence in a purely political manner and deception in an historical observation.


יִUsāma bin Muhammad bin ،Awad bin Lādin ( b. March 10, 1957, Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, d. 8 December 2001, Tora Bora mountains, died of natural causes.


According to ancient to modern practices of astrology, a death chart method clearly indicates that Usama bin Laden died of natural causes in December of 2001. The Obama regime a week or so earlier played a litmus test on the U.S.A. people. The Obama Regime issued a certificate of Live birth for the second time to quell arguments that it had not done its Constitutional requirements to confirm the eligibility of citizenship. This second fraudulent birth certificate had a background gif which was created in 1995 webpage illustrators. This apparently was a test to see how stupid the American people could be before Obama and his regime issued a larger deception of a hero Obama killing the U.S. boogeyman. According to all the mainstream news media they believed that computer backgrounds were created when the computer was not even invented in its modern form. This forces us to consider if our natural leaders are abject imbeciles’. Any opposition these mainstreamers argued to this ‘authentic’ (they presume) second birth certificate, you either believe it or you are a product of child molestation, which makes you a mentally insane person.


Usama bin Laden never admitted to a Crime He did Not Commit.


Usama bin Laden after 11 September 2001 continuously told the media ( about 40 times)[1] he had nothing to do with the attacks upon New York and Washington DC, referring to the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. In July 2001 the C.I.A. sent an agent to an American hospital in Dubai to interview Usama bin Laden in regards to kidney illness. A prominent Taliban official announced to The Observer of Pakistan ( lead Newspaper), on confirmation from al Qu’aeda that he personally attended bin Laden’s funeral about 10 days prior to speaking to the newspaper ( which would be 16 th of December 2001. On 19 January 2002, from the Blades Wire Service an interview with Tommy Franks, commander of U.S. operations in Afghanistan stated he did not know for sure if Usama bin Laden was dead or not, but suggested that Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf claimed that Usama bin Laden may have died from kidney disease. Egypt ran a story on the funeral, where thirty al-Qu’aeda members attended a funeral in the Tora Bora mountains. Multiple sources claimed in December 2001, Usama bin Laden died of a prolonged illness. The last video before December of 2001 shows a very ill human being claiming they took no role in the planning or events of 2001 September eleventh terrorist attacks.


America had placed its military in Afghanistan to build and protect an oil pipeline – this was the reason for the 1980s Russo-Afghani war, but under former President Jimmy Carter, he helped create with Usama bin Laden the organization called the Mujahedeen, later became an off-shoot to the al- Qu’aeda ( meaning a base) to locate and recruit Muslims who wanted to fight to ride westerners and international organizations from their lands. Initially, Afghanistan has asked the American oil companies to subsidize the Afghani people in order to use their land for oil production. However, the international oil companies decided that American military can force an underdeveloped nation to submit to exploitation. In order for the U.S. to continue to dominate and exploit the middle east it concocted a story to claim that Pakistan had harbored Usama bin Laden and therefore violated some secret U.S. doctrine, which allows U.S. to take control of Pakistan’s military and manufacturing infrastructure for international exploitation.


On 16 September 2001, Usama bin Laden signed an affidavit and its recipient was Al Jazeera, and it claimed, “ I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation.”[2]


A video surfaced after bin Laden died and this video shows someone that does not look like bin Laden taking credit for the 11 th September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington D.C.


The 11 September 2001 Commission’s final report did not give Usama bin Laden the leading role in the attacks but KSM. A look-a-like appearance of a video found in Afghanistan had what appeared a person who looked like bin Laden explaining how he orchestrated the attacks. The water boarding torture methods approved by John Yoo (U.C. Berkeley, Constitutional Lawyer, paper of authority) was used upon many detainees at Guantanamo Bay, and specifically KSM. None of these torture sessions revealed that UBL was involved at all, but they did speak about possible hide-outs in Afghanistan and Pakistan, because the U.S.A. secret government made everyone believe a boogeyman Usama bin Laden was public enemy of U.S.A. #1.


It was Bill Clinton who made the declaration of public enemy #1 after he fired cruise missiles at several encampments in Afghanistan and one in Sudan during his presidency. Prior to this only in the trial of the First Sears Twin Tower bombings that occurred in 1993 was bin Laden’s name first mentioned as a spiritual head of a militant arm of Islam. However, it was Bill Clinton who in 1998 announced to the world that he placed Usama bin Laden on the F.B.I. list as public enemy number one. This was during a period when Bill Clinton was defraying nuclear weapons of mass destruction to China for market access and campaign contributions.


When Obama announced to the nation on live T.V. of Usama bin Laden’s death he lied so much that it took a week of the New York Times, L.A. Times and most other mainstream news to correct all the lies. Obama intended that a huge firefight took place, 22 people were killed, and many more injured, and that the U.S. has the body of Usama bin Laden. A week later we learned that a single shot was fired not from the main complex but from a guest house next to the complex and this person was quickly killed and that all in the complex were not armed. We were later told that bin Laden was asked to surrender, but there is no evidence that the Navy Seals spoke Arabic at all. We were told they found Usama on the upper floor in his pajamas with $750 dollars and no weapons on him. He was shot execution style and his body was dumped at sea within hours – Obama never mentioned this to the U.S. people. It appears this was a farce where the U.S. corporations under the tutelage of the Democratic Party of the United States of America still needs to posses a boogey man in the Middle East to secure oil and energy needs of the United States of America. Obama has stopped contracts for drilling around the United States of America and is comfortable spending $250,000,000,000 ($250 billion) a year to purchase foreign oil for U.S. consumption. Any legitimacy to Obama’s claim of a new hope and change foreign policy was smashed on 1 may 2011 by the manipulation lies and an illegal international assassination of someone who consistently proclaimed their innocence of the deeds enacted by others on 11 September 2011.


Obama preempts Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trumps Reality Television Show to Announce to the World that Obama had Assassinated bin Laden.



Contradictory statements emerged within hours after the announcement was made that ‘supposedly’ bin Laden was dead. First it happened over a week ago, but later that night Obama announced on Live TV, interrupting the Apprentice, that the operation took place this day. Then came an announcement that one helicopter went down due to maintenance, exploding into a fireball, no-one killed onboard. Then later the story was it flew too low and the propellers could not sustain lift over the high 12’lve and 7 foot compound walls. The Pakistan military do not have helicopter gun-ships so they could not have shot one down. Also, in fear of someone tipping-off the targets, the Pakistan Headquarters was not officially told that this ‘search and destroy’ action was taking place. Obama told the U.S.A. audience that he had known the whereabouts since September 2010. Usually on May of a preceding year to a general election will start the campaign season – so one wonders why Obama waited over a half-of-a-year.


David Patraeus ( U.S. high-ranking General) was put in command of the War in Afghanistan by President Obama, after showing how well his counter insurgency ( in which Obama as Congressman condemned as impossible achievement, to which he was later wrong) moved Patraeus out of command of Afghanistan to the Head of the CIA two weeks before this alleged operation took place. That does not make sense at all.

Conspiracy Theories 1 May in History


The Illuminati, a type of enlightened despotic ideology was fabley promulgated on 1 may 1776 by reformed Jesuits living in Bavarian and certain German Masonic lodges. Although this group was disbanded rather quickly in lieu of powerful European monarchies, it was later in history,  by the 1970s, another group took over this conspiracy and began the New World Shadow government. The 1 May date clicked and Hitler’s suicide was communicated to the world as taking place on 1 May. So there was this date-linkage. And Obama announced on national T.V. on 1 May 2011 of the assassination of bin Laden at his orders. Rational political commentators asses, and quite correctly, that all of the promises and politicking of Obama’s campaign hit a brick-wall when he finally entered the White House and was told how the world works. The world works by international corporations, and much of these international corporations have privilege, power, and massive amounts of collateral. This includes Oil Companies. It came out in the mainstream news that Federal Reserve Chief, Ben S. Bernanke had printed under Obama’s authority $14,000,000,000 ( fourteen trillion unbacked U.S. currency, devaluating its monetary worth by 40%), and that a new set of printings were going to take place, and a raising of the U.S. debt ceiling was to occur – about the same time as this Usama bin Laden assassination news came out. The only non-conspiracy here is the Barak Hussein Obama, II, destruction of the U.S. currency by manipulation to keep him in political office. When someone prints money like this its affects take place about a decade later, so Obama does not have too worry that he will be blamed for collapsing the U.S. Civilization. For those who have not read my astrological profile on Barak Hussein Obama should read it; it describes his Sidereal Sun as under the location for the cancri star Acubens. This star makes him a Cancer instead of a tropical Leo and suggests this is why he promotes his personal solutions to the world’s problems by what he describes as Barak Hussein Obama’s “Teachable Moments.” Caner is related astrologically to the Moon and to the Mother, of course. Out mothers are our protectors and first teachers, and this describes Solar Cancers’ too! Right or Wrong, the cancerian in Obama’s natal astrological chart intends he wants to force us to his ideas on the American people as a mentor and a mother figure. For example this episode of Assassinating foreign persons without due process is one leading example of the mother of Barak Hussein Obama, II. He set a precedence in U.S. history to ride-roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and to kill innocent people, execution style. The alleged victim was in their pajamas, unarmed, and with no visible threats of danger to the invaders –but on Executive Order, this victim was executed with two bullets to the head.  Because Obama did not get Congressional Approval, nor did he get permission to invade the sovereignty of another country, and assassination of persons is an international Crime, he taught Americans that disregarding human rights and international and domestic laws is permissible.


DNA Results Confirm taken the day and affirmed during the Day


DNA takes at least two weeks as all labs go through extensive testing and lab incubations. But Obama announced that after the kill Usama’s body was taken to Afghanistan, and tested and confirmed his DNA ( to family members) then flown to a ship and immediately dumped into the sea the body of Usama bin Laden. Also confirmed by the White House were the dressings, the cleaning of Usama bin Laden to get his body ready for burial. All this was supposedly accomplished within 1 ½ hours.


There was another lie that a protease test which can take hours but is highly suspect was done on a relative. I did a Recumbant DNA lab-class with U.C.L.A. over a two week period, and protease tests are highly unstable – so a multiple test of the same signatures are needed for confirmation – there was no time for this according to the short hours of the chronology, according to the Obama regime. However, to test this process correctly one would need a brother or sibling, not a relative. When Usama bin Laden’s brother died from an accidental plane crash, no DNA was taken from his body, because Usama was not a suspect then. The DNA sample promulgated by the mainstream media was taken from a relative not a sibling who lived in New York city.


The Arab world became furious, and the Atheist (a Moslem) Obama cited that Islamic tradition has a Muslim buried within 24 hours. The United States spent multi-trillions of dollars, over ten years where many U.S. soldiers died, and other countries personal died, including women and children of the Islamic nations that the allied bombed or drone-strike, and no-one was allowed to see the body of the public enemy number one. It is impossible to examine DNA within minuets or hours, so we know this is not a conspiracy, but a non-fact and promulgated as a fact.


The alleged news of the ambush and death of Usama bin Laden will bring another set of ‘periods’ of war against the west, notably the agent, the U.S.A. secret and government approved –funded military complex. It acts like a Union, it gets kickbacks, and acts autonomously with a the bulk of U.S. yearly-budget going toward a non-transparent ‘black-budget,’ implying a carte blanche activity to a secret wing of the U.S. Military.


Donald Trump and Its links to this episode of deception


Donald Trump a self-made real estate mogul who campaigned for Hillary Clinton, a long-time Democratic Party registrant came out in a barrage of media attacks claiming that Obama was not born in the U.S.A., and if so release an official Birth Certificate ( something Obama has yet to do) . This was about a week earlier and Obama released a faux-copy that computer experts described as a forgery, I have a page on these findings, and expert’s opinions. Then Trumped claimed that the War in Afghanistan costs billions of dollars a month and the U.S.A. under Obama’s austerity economics has food and gas prices the highest in recorded history, and many poor are dying and middle income families are struggling under this economy. So Trump attacked by saying if you cannot find bin Laden, then pull us out of Afghanistan. Obama made one of his over 100 campaign promises ( he broke all 100 so far, NYPost has the extensive multi-page list) that he would capture and bring to trial Usama bin Laden. On Sunday night the U.S. president had his White House Correspondence Association Dinner ( celebrities and media people attend a dinner at the White House, a celebratory and often comedy event). Donald Trump was the topic of the U.S. President in mean and vindictive jokes. the Next day, during Donald Trump’s TV Show the ‘Celebrity Apprentice,” Obama’s announcement of the U.S.’s killing and taking of Usama’s body cut into the program of Trumps which added to a conspiracy that this was all done and set up – because as the President released his findings, he knew Usama was at this large-custom –built complex since September of 2010 ( often said as August 2010).  This meant that Obama was privy to the attack, as the war-room photos of Obama, Hillary, Biden, and two people ( not Patrareus) were photo looking at some monitor that perhaps was a video aboard one of the Seals ( 6th division, officially called Naval Special Warfare Development Group) as they flew into and surrounded the complex and then conferring to invade. The Polls released on 26-28 April showed the slipping of Obama’s general job approval to an all time low. After the Obama ( apprentice) TV announcement, people came out of their house and started chanting ‘four-more-years,’ for Obama and not much celebration to the death of Usama.


From Ghazi Air Base in Pakistan, the modified MH-60 ( two of them) Helicopters made their way about three in the morning ( New Moon, so it was very dark in the night’s sky) to a suburb in Abbottabad, about thirty miles from the center of Islamabad, but up winding roads, and secluded. The attack by the Americans lasted 40 minuets and 22 people were killed  ( no Americans), Usama was allegedly pointed out by one of his wives (later redacted), other reports claimed he was captured alive but would not surrender ( when in fact this attack was a kill-all raid, practiced from April at the one-acre compound called Alpha, a segregated section of Bagram Air Base ( where Obama has a Guantanamo Base # 2 in operation to keep secret from the American people his continuance of water boarding and interrogation methods, the types he claimed were Bush’s evil methods). JSOC was the head of the operation, it costs more than one billion dollars annually, and the U.S.  and President continue to allow it to function with impunity since 9/11. It is an intelligence gathering sub-agency, and is responsible for waterboarding and rendition, practices.[3]



Waterboarding revealed a name of a currier, the assistant to Abu Faraj al-Libbi and protégé of Kalid Sheikh Mohammad ( KSM, master mind of 9/11, not Usama!). He was the only one allowed into the alleged bin Laden mansion, where he intends that no electronics, no computer or internets existed – although the White House reported the Navy Seals recovered numerous computers, files and electronics. “Four years ago, “ the White House press release states, “ we uncovered his identity, and for operational reasons, I can’t go into details about his name or how we identified him, about two years ago, after months of persistent effort, we identified areas in Pakistan where the courier and his brother operated. Still we were unable to pinpoint exactly where they lived, due to extensive operational security of their part. The fact that they were being so careful reinforced our belief that we were on the right track.”[4]


A 40 minuet ceremony aboard the USS Carl Vinson for Usama bin Laden’s North Arabian Sea burial ceremony. The White House said it has yet to release a video of this, and intends that it called all Islamic states in the world to ask if they wanted to take the body[5] which is impossible as most heads of state were sleeping and decisions like this are never satisfied in a moment of exasperation on the phone of an illegal international assassination. So we know the Obama regime is lying again because in the same breath (e.g. article) it proclaims a U.S. official anonymously cited as saying, “U.S. officials told ABC News that the last thing they wanted was to create a burial place which could become a terrorist shrine.”[6] So in the same article there is double speak (hypocrisy) or just lies as the normative operations of this bizarre Obama regime. The article says that a washing of the body, then wrapping it in white sheets and a military officer reading religious remarks that were translated by a native Arabic speaker took place before bin Laden was eased into the sea.[7]  This ceremony took place about 1:10 EST and lasted about 45 minuets, according to officials.[8]


3 may 2011 Obama White House changes many details of the killing of Osama story – giving rise to conspiracy stories because the White House is changing the story every hour.


First it was said that bin Laden used his wife as a shield, this was said by Obama’s White House press release. Then on 3 May he changed the story and said Osama did not use anyone as a shield, and he was unarmed. The mission was to kill, never take him into custody, which they could have done and had been preferable to get intelligence and to clear up all the stories. So Obama clearly was in the wrong. Said Obama was unarmed, now he was reaching for a firearm. Wife was not killed, only shot in the leg. Waterboarding had nothing to do with it, the first report both KSM and Hassan Gaul, a terrorist captured in Iraq in 2004. Hassan Gual was believed taken to Guantanamo East ( e.g. Bagram Air base ( Afghanistan) - Guantanamo Bay #2 facility).  Barak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden both are on record stating that Waterboarding did not have any effect on gaining intelligence to the attack upon bin Laden’s compound. Apparently Obama continues his legacy of lies and deception. The media continues to label anyone who disagrees with Obama as a terrorist, racist, stupid, inhuman animal. The Pakistani Parliament was outraged that U.S. Obama broke Pakistani sovereignty by not notifying them of the early morning kill-raid on a Pakistani home. Obama consistently identified the evils of Bush’s leadership to breaking sovereignty of other state’s rights, and this appears to break international laws – putting Obama in the hypocrisy-seat as well as a liar again.


Rumsfeld says waterboarding led to intel that contributed to bin Laden’s mansion. Terror expert Fred Burton: Waterboarding Led Us to Osama bin Laden. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused questions on the 3rd of May of  2011 to answer reporters questions on whether enhanced interrogation techniques gleaned information that led tot he attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound. However, Obama’s regime intends no waterboarding occurred on their watch so they did not act inhumanely.  But in reality, rendition, torture at Bagram, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are still going strong under the Obama regime.


Usama bin Laden’s Astrological Chart ( i.e. birth data). The Analysis of Usama ( Osama) bin Laden’s Death, Astrological Chart.


2001 December Pakistan Observer Announces Osama bin Laden passed away in the vicinity of Tora Bora Mountains due to untreatable lung conditions.[9]  His death had to occur prior to the 16th or the 17th of December 2001. Using traditional and modern approaches to astrological death chart analysis, Usama apparently died on 8th of December 2001.


Usama bin Laden’s suggested birth time: Jiddah, 10:36 a.m. L.M.T., 10 March 1957. This date was declared in an interview on 15 February 1997 in Arabic, however under further review he makes no mention of his birthdate. The source for Jiddah was promulgated by many astrologers who believed their source was INTERPOL. However, INTERPOL has no record of time or location of birthdate. However, astrologers have tested many different birthdates and this astrological chart appears to be the most rectified of all of them. So I will use it here.


The video of the cave interview shows Usama bin Laden with anatomical features of a long and prominent nose. His photos issued by the Obama regime have a person who does not look like Usama, and his nose had shrunk by at least 2 inches. Also, this character in these videos illustrates a poor person with outdated electronic equipment – supposedly he is the command center for international terrorism working with 1980s, outdated equipment – and he is supposed to be a multi millionaire and highly valued. So lets look at the real death facts that show that in 2001 a death astrological chart shows more prominent end-of-life aspects than in the May 2011 Obama ( 29 different stories so far from the Obama regime, everything now is being discoursed as ‘staged.’ Also the F.B.I. used Spanish Lawmaker, Gaspar Llamazares of the United Left party, in which this made news in January of 2010. The F.B.I. soon took down the webpage, but AP reported and ABC and other news groups – about mid-January 2010. This image looks like the Abbottabad, Pakistan, alleged Osama bin Laden videos of him watching himself on an old and outdated Television. This shows someone who was in abject poverty. The promulgation that this was some million dollar mansion was another lie, it probably cost no less then $25,000 in Pakistani currency.  It was reported that the who invasion and assassination was taped, but then this White House claim was again like much of what everything it claims under the Obama regime, reversed.


Natal Tropical Positions Usama bin Laden


Natal Sun: 19PIS28’36”

Moon 29GEM54’55”

Mercury: 10PIS07’55”

Venus: 10 PIS32’44”

Mars 25TAU14’32”


Saturn 14SAG09’04”

Uranus” 03LEO16’58”,r.


Pluto 28LEO43’05”r. [ declination 11°55’53”N of second. prog. 6 th house 28LEO41’26”]

Mean Node Moon:23SCO05’48”

ASC: 01GEM29’09”

M.C. 18AQU28’54”

2 nd House: 27GEM41’

3 rd House: 22 CAN08’

11 th House: 19PIS31’

12 th House:25ARI32’



tropical: 8/9 th house cusp is Cap.


Natal stars: Jupiter conjunct Zavijava at 1°32’,a.

Elliptical: Mean Node trines Markab with 0°13’,117°57’,a.

Algol rises as Neptune sets at 0°01’,a.

Aspects between Planets and Fixed Stars in angles in the house circle: Uranus sextiles Zaniah 0°09’,s.

Mean node squares Acubens at 0°03’,s.

True node squares Gienah Cygni at 0°03’,s.

Sun opposes Zosma at 0°03’,s.



Transits for 8 December 2001 Usama bin Laden


Sun: 15SAG19’


Mercury: 17SAG02’

Venus 06SAG20’

Mars 28AQU42’

Jupiter: 13CAN03’,r.

Saturn: 10GEM29’,r.

Uranus: 20AQU53’

Neptune: 06AQU04’

Pluto: 14SAG30’

Mean Node: 27GEM00’

Lilith 11PIS22’

Secondary Progressions for 8 December 2001 Usama bin Laden


Sun: 03TAU36’35”

Moon 26AQU36’53”

Mercury: 19TAU22’54” [ lord of death over Algol co-culmination point]

Venus: 06TAU04’50”

Jupiter: 22VIR46’30”r.

Saturn: 13SAG32’20”.r.

Uranus: 02LEO56’53”

Neptune: 01 SCO 10’11”r.

Pluto: 27LEO59’05”r.

Mean node Moon: 20SCO43’36”

Lilith: 26AQU19’30”

ASC: 13CAN23’00”

M.C. 05AIR28’13”

2 nd. House: 07LEO37’

3 rd House: 04 VIR 28’

11 th House: 09TAU23’

12 th House: 12GEM41’


Progressed Geometry of natural death causes: 24 April 1957 ( U.T. 1:32:26.  ( secondary progression for 8 December 2001)[ Important: to get this chart to UT 1:32, use L.M.T. Greg. Cal. 4:32 am., disregard the houses, but do not disregard the angles ( stars on the angles). Make sure the Moon is close or on 26AQU36’53”. this places a Saturn over Zaniah on the descendant is Zaniah for this chart. same local, Jiddah Saudi Arabia, 39e12,21,n30. Sidereal time: 18:16:05.


Sun square Uranus (~ 1 deg.)

Moon: Opposed Pluto

Moon: Squared Node

Moon trined Mars and Mars opposes Saturn ( Mars and Saturn are in the 6 -12 health axis section of the chart. Saturn the lord of death has no positive aspects, it opposes Mars and square Jupiter.

Moon in the 8 th house.

Moon conjunct to Lilith in 8 th house by about 27 minuets of arc.

Praesepe on the 2 nd house cusp, so it is opposed to the 8 th house cusp.


Mercury near the co-culmination of Algol, beta Pers., makes a square to the Moon and a Square to Pluto.


Parans: Algol rise, Sun rise at 0° 12’,a.




The rechart that flips for asc to I.C. with UT exactly on progressed Moon places Denebola on Dec. at 1° 19’,s., Places Zaniah at 0° 15’,a. Denebola is one of the main stars at New York for 9/11. Jupiter is conjunct to Zavijava at 3°53’,s. Mars is conjunct to Al Hecka at 3°35’,s and Conjunct to El Nath at 4°20’,s. and Mars squares Markab at 0°01’,s. The mean node trines Markab at 0°08’,s.


Elliptical: True Node trines Castor with 0°09’,119°38’,a.

Solar Arc 8 December 2001


Mars 11SAG29’

Pluto 15SAG16’

Moon 23VIR19’ [ 8th house]

Sun: 19PIS29’36”

Saturn:25TAU48’20”[ over natal Mars’ position]

Moon: 23VIG18’39”


Chiron: 28SAG16’35”

M.C. 28LIB42’39”

ASC: 15CAP56’42”

True Node: 13CAN10’23” [ASC: secondary prog. position!]

Pluto: 15SAG15’39”

Neptune: 07AQU46’30”

Uranus: 22AQU25’25”

Jupiter: 04GEM13’20”

Solar Return info: 10 March 2001, Time 2:58:59 am.


Natal and Lunar Return Chart for 8 Dec. 2001, time 1:21:12 PM


Lunar return 598 ( Method Liz Green/Placidus)

Moon: 29GEM54’

True Node: 27GEM08’ direct.

Mars 25 AQU17’[squares natal Mars]

Pluto 14SAG55’ [Conjuncts Natal Saturn]

Saturn:11GEM34’,r.[ squares natal Mercury and Venus ~ 1 deg.]

Jupiter: 14CAN14’,r.[ conjunct Secondary Progressed ASC]


Natal, Transits, Progressions for 8 December 1957, 1:32:26 U.T. ( Method Liz Green/Placidus)


Death Prediction Potentials:



Death potentials: Tropical.

8/9 th cusp house ( Capricorn) Saturn: Cause of Death

7/ 8 th house cusp ( Sagittarius) Jupiter: Lord of Death.


Death potentials: Sidereal

8th house is dominated by the constellation of Sagittarius, thus the lord of death is Jupiter.


Summery of Death Chart


Combination integers: Natal, Secondary Progression, Solar Arc, Lunar Return, Transits.


Solar Arc: Saturn 25TAU48’20” ( over Natal Mars 25TAU14’32”); transit 28AQU42’ ( Secondary progression: Lilith 25AQU19’30” ( Solar Arc: Uranus 22 AQU 25’25” ( Natal and Lunar Return Chart ; 8 th December 2001, time 1:21:12 p.m., Mars 25 AQU 17’.).


Transits: Jupiter over secondary progression ASC ( < 0°).

Method: Moon, Jupiter as Lord of Death, Node ( destiny), 2/8 th axis!


Solar Arc: Moon 23VIR19’ in 8 th house ( secondary progression, Jupiter the lord of death 22 VIR 46’30”); ( Natal and Lunar Return Chart for 8 December 2001, time 1:21:12 p.m., True Node 27GEM08, direct ( ~90° square); Natal Moon 29 GEM 54’55” ( Natal Tropical House 2 nd, 27GEM41’ = axis 180° to the 8 th house.); Transit for 8 December 2001, the mean node is 27GEM00’.


Best match: Secondary Progression, the lord of death Jupiter is at 22 VIR46’30”,r. = Solar Arc Moon at 23 VIR 19’, ~ 1°.


Mundane Natural Cause of Death: Tora Bora mountains


Secondary progression 24 April 1957, U.T., 1:32:26 ( for 8 December 2001): for U.T. 1:32, use Gregorian Cal., 4:23 a.m., to match exactly the secondary progressed Moon to 26AQU36’53”. Saturn is on descendant connected to star Zaniah, connected to Natal Jupiter’s sidereal position, the lord of death.



Aspects: Secondary. Prog.

Sun squares Uranus ~ 1°.

Moon opposes Pluto

Moon squares Node

Moon trines Mars.

Moon in the 8 th house

Moon conjunct to Lilith by 27 arc minuets.

Praesepe conjunct the 2 nd house cusp, 180° to 8 th house cusp.  Mesopotamian ancient astrology, Jupiter has exhalation in Praesepe.

Mars opposes Saturn ( 6- 12 th house axis, seclusion, sickness, long term illness, Saturn in the 6 th house of health.

Mercury near the co-culmination point of Algol, bete Pers., squares the Moon and the Moon is squared to Pluto

Parans:  Sun rises as Algol rises with 0°12’ of arc.


Cause of Illness: Saturn progression into the 6 th house of health, and the natal 8/9 cups ruler to the cause of death, and Saturn rules long-term things – so in the health house it could indicate a long-term illness.


Secondary Progression and Natal Star Connections


Secondary progression: Mars squares Markab at 0°01’.

Secondary progression: the Mean Node trines Markab at 0°08’.

Natal elliptical stars: Markab trines the mean node with 0°13’, 177°,57’.


Uranus/ Zaniah / Saturn


Natal aspects between Planets and Fixed Stars on the angles of the house circle: Uranus sextiles Zaniah at 0°09’.

Secondary progression: Saturn is conjunct to Zaniah ( true angle) and over the descendant for the secondary progression 24 April 1957, U.T. 1:32:26, Jiddah, SA, 39e12.21n30.


Solar Arc + Lord of Death = ASC + Sec. Prog. + Lord of Death Transit



Tropical natal ascendant: 01 GEM29’09”

Solar Arc: Lord of Death 04GEM13’20”


Secondary Progression: Ascendant 13 CAN 23’00”

Transit 8 December 2001: Jupiter 13 CAN 29’

( The Lord of Death is over the Ascendant).



Transiting Pluto over Natal Saturn!


Aristotelian Astrology ( Hellenistic Era, post-Plato)



Saturn = Beginnings, Jupiter = middle(s), Mars = Endings.

Natally Mars is in the 12 th house where we perhaps give an interpretation of the end of life, and also the 12 th house indicates a far-off-and-secluded area were the native will give up the ghost. This was apparently Tora Bora mountains, one of the most secluded areas on Earth. Alexander the Macedon ( type casted as “the Great” by westerners) had seen his troops fail to win any battles against the indigenous tribes around the area of the mountains of Tora Bora ( a region of Persia at the time). So he passed on by and shook the dust off from his feet, so-to-speak. The Russo-Afghani war of the 1980s, also saw the Russian lose consistently when there troops entered to fight in the areas of Tora Bora.



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