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The only positive applications of these new techs for drone, unmanned aerial vehicles will be someday riding around in flying cars.

Omar Mateen details at link.

Largest US mass Shooting in history 50 dead, 53 seriously or lightly wounded at Pulse night club and alternative lifestyle theme was done by an AMERICAN born Pakistani: Here is his reason according to witnesses there on the scene: "Everybody who was in the bathroom who survived could hear him talking to 911, saying the reason why he's doing this is because he wanted America to stop bombing his country." Below is some of the data and the media and White House are suppressing these 911 operator telephone calls because our USA is run and controlled by DAESH ISIS members.

Suspended from high school 48 days and discipled in elementary school 68 times, acted aggressive toward students. School records CNN reported. 06172016ad.

black African American LYNCH: Transcript Of Orlando 911 Calls Will Have References To 'Islamic Terrorism' Removed...Heavily edited...06192016ad

Omar called the CBS news New York CBS station and spoke off air to a major news anchor person and said he did it for Islamic State but at end of article the FBI said they did the interview, because the local news station hosts said things than stopped midway, a sign of cover up of full texts.

The Orlando shooter posted the reason why and being held by White House but we got this true news today:

“Everybody who was in the bathroom who survived could hear him talking to 911, saying the reason why he's doing this is because he wanted America to stop bombing his country. ” He is an American born Pakistani and this is the place where Obama tested the new technology of drones on 5,000 + innocent people in a secret war from the spring of 2009, 2010 was the heaviest and onto 2011 – 2013 when he slowed the secret program up and but did not halt the murder from above new technologies. Kids drive these robot s from a secret bunker in Colorado, U.S.A. They go home disturbed being told what to shoot but not why or to care for whom.

US officials rarely mention civilian casualties by US drone strikes. When they do, they generally offer extremely low estimates in the single digits.[1] . Drones began U.S. Bully Operations in 2003 A.D. Afghanistan where one drone sighted  Usāmah bin Muhammad bin ‘Awad bin Lādin and Gorge W. Bush refused to allow the C.I.A. MEAMIC to order a Hell Fire Missile strike, because in reality, Usama ( Osama)  bin Laden had 100% nothing to do with Terrorism, these were fancy lies organized by MEAMIC under Bill Clinton.  Then Drones appeared in Yemin in 2007. Today,, they are over the U.S.A. and everywhere: Somalia, Yemin, Pakistan and Afghanistan Drones are used to intimidate, kill, maim, and place TERROR into the hearts of the poor people – all by Rich Hollywood supporting MEAMIC, White House fancy dinners, kill the browns, Asians and all other U.S. Washington D.C. Walt Disney Racist Corporation.
 Tyrannt Obama


Major media outlets in the US, Europe, and Pakistan that report on drone strikes tend to divide all those killed by drone strikes into just two categories: civilians or “militants.” This reflects and reinforces a widespread assumption and misunderstanding that all “militants” are legitimate targets for the use of lethal force, and that any strike against a militant is lawful. ( see more about livingunderdrones, accessed 5 th Feb. 2014).
Nobel AntiChrist MEAMIC also divides two categories of retardness: us & them, Democrats vs. Communists,, Freedom Fighters vs. Terrorists, and then uses this generalization to advocate or secretly practiced by covert wars, Racism. One will notice that Obama does not bomb Kenya and Bush did not bomb Texas. You see, Obama does not care about brown Pakistanis, he is a part of Satan’s Army.

Underreporting of Civilian Casualties by US Government Sources

While western media outlets are generally quick to report official US accounts of drone strikes and their attendant casualties, those government sources have proved to be unreliable. Civilian death toll figures cited by the Obama administration during the last few years have been so low[13] that even the most conservative nongovernmental civilian casualty estimates—including those released by think tanks such as the Foundation for Defense of Democracies[14] and the Jamestown Foundation[15]—contradict the administration’s claims.[16] .

Total Suspects Killed

Total Suspects Killed 58 which represents only 2% of all the deaths by Drone Strikes under Obama. There are un official Pakistan Drone Strike Reports that differe from MEAMIC.

Total Suspects Killed 58 which represents only 2% of all the deaths by Drone Strikes under Obama. There are un official Pakistan Drone Strike Reports that differed from MEAMIC. Pakistan officials have gone so far to call for the C.I.A. chief of Pakistan to be tried for treason for murdering countless innocent people and killing only people that U.S.A. sees with a towel on their head. This is the key to how the U.S. Military understands what a threat to America is. & If one had a towel wrapped around some or part of their heads.

Apokálypsis: MURDER INC.

U.S. Obama To Attack More Children, In Bible, To Make Future War on Earth for the U.S.A. to Rape the World's Resources.


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What Are Drones? It’s like our modern Violent Video Games but with Real Humans to Hunt – People who have driven drones claim, “it so fun, I wish you al’ could do it!,” and “ You should see those kids scatter when they hear one of our Drones flying over them, its great, I feel so in control, like God!”  

Nov 28, 2013 · In a letter to Pakistani police, Shireen Mazari, the information secretary of political party Tehreek-e-Insaf, called for the CIA station chief in Pakistan to be tried for treason?

Why is this? because the MEAMIC & Obama just are practicing with their new killing machine toy. K.M.S. was not radicalized in the Middle East but on an American University Campus, he contacted the funders of 9/11 from America, they are Saudi Arabia royals, and planed and implemented 9/11 from America and the 9/11 commission lied and said none of this was true, and they made an excuse for some patsy named Osama bin Laden ( Usama bin Laden). Obama claims because he has not stopped the program and has acknowledged he, according to some books on Obama’s bios, loves to kill children with drones. How can you dispute this when he knew, knows and continues this Drone Killer Machine video game with live missiles and real innocent deaths. Ever notice how we never know whom these people are that MEAMIC is droning. Imagine, you wake up in the morning to take your kids to school, a U.S. Hell-Fire Missile Drone, you hear but cannot see suddenly destroys your school, and you take cover, but you hear another and suddenly you are your children are dead.


Report Drone Strikes Here. Make your story known.

MEAMIC foreign policy change 2009 A.D., Jan – current. Just intimidate and murder to achieve advantageous extraterritorial contracts.

Where? Yemin‚ Somalia‚ and Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the U.S.A.




Only a Handful of People possess these and that is not or never a part of Democracy. I did not vote in MEAMIC members, therefore the U.S.A. has corrupted my mind, as others, & is this not a state or global offense? I was put to death by complaining of Athenian Political Corruption by the same charge.

Even though Obama does not run MEAMIC day-to-day operations or chooses Drone strikes on every hit, he does and had admitted to ordering some of them, he chooses not to end the program by his very special King-Privilege, executive orders.  


To achieve an accurate targeted drone strike, a man needs to be on the ground near the target with a lazar beam, otherwise these Hell - Fire Missiles only approximate each target, dependant upon mobile perspective views onboard of the Drone. Therefore, these Drone Strikes must have powerful explosive weapons which mean a larger collateral damage, which all in Washington D.C. have acknowledged.

Cultural Significance.: Mad Magazine takes risks

Loren Michaels, S.N.L., Television mogul understands and claims that blaming republicans in media is preferred because Democrats cannot take being made fun of, so truth cannot be demonstrated for pedagogical reasons --- you cannot teach anyone, even through entertainment because the evil side will not allow you to expose their methodologies and control systems. So we have secret wars going on daily while you take your child to soccer practice, and you probably never want to know what goes on with your government. He stated this in the media January 2014 as a comparative to why T.V. skits on his Show, S.N.L. are always leftwing, which is why no one has been watching, he is trying to correct this but political pressure remains solid for MEAMICs power global control.

School bombed in northern Pakistan and drone technology is not acurate at this time in history arc

A U.S. Drone Strike Demolished This School.

Up till 2010, increases in 2011 decreses in 2012

This only goes to 2010. By 2012 it was obvious this was another U.S. secret war program on a undefended people. Khalid Sheik Muhammad, his grandparents were Iranian, they passed through Pakistan only on their way to Yemen, where many of the Guantanamo, Cuba, Detainees originate from and this country in the Middle East is closer to the 9/11 members that were Saudi Arabian, where Obama’s extended family run charities and former Bush families have good Oil Buddies in royal houses that are dictatorships of the few. Afghanistan nor Pakistan have anything to do with Terrorism against the U.S.A.

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MEAMIC includes the mainstreamed media:

They do not report this stuff. They report terrible monsters are going to move to under our beds. In the mid 1980s Iranian school children were taught to chant America is the Great Satan, and ironically , no matter how upset Americans may have felt over this news, apparently this is true.

Publically Declared: as of Feb 5 2014. The facts that MEAMIC never tells the true numbers, about 10-60 years later, classified docs are leaked or released, shows us a disturbing pattern of abuse of power, hiding the facts, and lies at all levels of the U.S.A. Administration. The reason Bill Clinton chooses to genocide South-East European citizens and migrants were the pressures from the media over U.S. troop casualties. So to eliminate this problem one bombs from the sky, but that was outlawed because the U.S.A. tried to eradicate the Asians during World War II with incendiary bombs ( Phosphorus, outlawed since WWI, but the USA ignores international laws, and cares less about people).

So the solution was to use target bombing, and Bill Clinton would not ask the American people to foot guided, $1,000,000 a piece, missiles for the U.S. genocide program on Christians, began 24 March 1,999 A.D. but used planes to drop bombs from very high up that caused 11,994 innocent civilian Casualties, stopped nothing, Milosevic never did what Washington D.C. Claimed, it was all a lie like blaming Lee Harvey Oswald, when he was clearly and I mean clearly photographed standing outside of the Dallas Texas Book Depository during the bullets flying, and over $1,000,000 families had to move form their homes and go to other districts or regions to survive. So after too much outcry because the news could not suppress everyone, the N.S.A. sees its future in this role, outraged changes U.S. foreign policy.

Drones come out of nowhere and demolish your institutions.

Pakistan 2004–2014 ( source: B. thebureauinvestigates, accessed 5 Feb. 2014).
CIA Drone Strikes

Total strikes: 381
Obama strikes: 330
Total killed: 2,537-3,646
Civilians killed: 416-951
Children killed: 168-200
Injured: 1,128-1,557

Yemen 2002–2014
US Covert Action

Confirmed drone strikes: 59-69

Total killed: 287-423
Civilians killed: 24-71
Children killed: 6
Injured: 74-185

Possible extra drone strikes: 88-107

Total killed: 306-490
Civilians killed: 23-47
Children killed: 6-8
Injured: 79-112

Other covert operations: 12-77

Total killed: 144-377
Civilians killed: 59-88
Children killed: 24-26
Injured: 22-115

Somalia 2007–2014
US Covert Action

Drone strikes: 5-11

Total killed: 11-39
Civilians killed: 0-16
Children killed: 0
Injured: 2-24

Other covert operations: 8-15

Total killed: 48-150
Civilians killed: 7-42
Children killed: 1-3
Injured: 13-21

Obama 2013 Pakistan drone strikes.


Yemen: Reported US covert actions 2014 as of Jan 2014.

Yemen: Reported US covert actions 2013

Obama 2013 Pakistan drone strikes

Latest reported US strikes: Pakistan December 25, and Yemen February 3


Adam Schiff, a Democratic Party congressman, called on CIA director John Brennan, to support an annual report detailing the number of alleged militants and civilians killed each year. Brennan said, but we do not need to we love to kill the children. The U.S.A. Congress said, OK, we accept that, but can you kill a little less, we are trying to support democracy, you know, not Satan Inc.

U.S.A. says it will slow down the Drone Strikes in Pakistan, 5 th Feb 2014, Capital Hill, Wash. D.C.




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