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??Who is Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him
من هو محمّد، صل الله عليه وسلّم؟
He is the one who defended the rights of all humanity 1400 years ago.
هو الذي دافع عن حقوق كل البشر منذ 1400 عام.
He defended men's, women's and children rights
حفظ حقوق الرجال وحقوق النساء وحقوق الصغار
He commanded and fostered the love between relatives and neighbors
أمر بالحب والود بين الأقارب والجيران
He established a coexistence relationship between Muslims and Non-Muslims
وأسس علاقة تعايش بين المسلمين وغير المسلمين
He organized the relationship between the members of the family putting duties on sons and daughters towards the parents
ونظم العلاقات الأسرية التي تضمن للأب وللأم حقوق كبيرة وعظيمة على أبنائهم
He fought injustice, called for justice, love, unity and cooperation for the good.
منع الظلم ودعا للعدل و المحبة والتكاتف والتعاون للخير
He called for helping the needy, visiting the patients, love and exchanging advises between people.
دعا لمساعدة المحتاج وزيارة المريض والمحبة والتناصح بين الناس
He prohibited (by orders from God) bad manners such as stealing, lying, torturing and murdering.
منع على المسلمين المعاملات السيئة مثل السرقة والغش والقتل والظلم
He is the one who changed our lives and manners to be better.
إنه من غير حياتنا وطباعنا السيئة إلى حسنة
A Muslim doesn't steal
المسلم .. لا يسرق
A Muslim doesn't lie
المسلم لا يكذب
A Muslim doesn't drink alcohol.
المسلم لا يشرب الخمر
A Muslim doesn't commit adultery
المسلم لا يزنى
A Muslim doesn't cheat
المسلم لا يغش
A Muslim doesn't kill innocent people
المسلم لا يقتل الأبرياء
A Muslim doesn't harm his neighbors
المسلم لا يؤذي جارة
A Muslim obeys his parents and helps them
المسلم يبر بوالديه و يخدمهما
A Muslim is kind to young and elderly people, to women and to weak people.
المسلم يعطف على الصغار وعلى النساء وعلى الضعفاء وكبار السن
A Muslim doesn't torture humans or even animals, and does not harm trees
المسلم لا يعذب البشر ولا الحيوانات ولا يؤذي الأشجار
A Muslim loves his wife and takes care of his children and show mercy towards them until the last day of his life.
المسلم يرحم ويحب زوجته ويهتم و يعطف عل أبناءه حتى آخر يوم من عمره
A Muslim's relationship towards his children never stops even when they become adults
المسلم لا تنتهي علاقته بأولاده بعد سن الرشد أبدا
He is Muhammad (PBUH)
إنه محمد رسول الله صل الله عليه وسلم
Did you know why all Muslims love Muhammad (PBUH)?
هل عرفتم لماذا يحب كل المسلمون محمد صل الله عليه وسلم؟
Did you know what does Muhammad mean for Muslims?
هل عرفتم ماذا يعنى محمد صل الله عليه وسلم للمسلمين؟
Every Muslim loves Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than himself and more than everything in his life.
كل مسلم يحب محمد صل الله عليه وسلم أكثر من كل شئ
Before judging a Muslim be fair and:
قبل أن تحكم علي أي مسلم كن محايد:
1-Listen to this person, and watch his doings.
1- أسمع منه هو شخصياً ، أستمع الي أفكاره ومعتقداته ولاحظ أفعله.
2-Compare his ideas and teachings with what is Islam and Prophet Mohammad PBUH ordered.
2-قم بمقارنة أفكاره ومعتقداته بما دعا له الإسلام.
3-If you think that his thoughts are typical to that of Islam and Prophet Mohammad PBUH, and then compare them with his doings; is he applying these teachings?
3- إذا تطابقت أفكاره ومعتقداته مع ما دعا له الإسلام فأنظر إلي أفعاله، هل هي متطابقة مع أفكاره
4-If he is applying these teachings and sayings, so for sure represents Islam, if not then he calls himself a Muslim but doesn't represent Islam.
4- إذا كانت أفعاله تطابق أفكاره ومعتقداته فهو يمثل الإسلام، إذا كانت تتناقض فهو يدعي أنه مسلم ولكن لا يمثل الإسلام
may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him


By Michael Johnathan McDonald


(s)  Spellings

(1s) Mahomet, known spelling today is Muhammad

(2s) Qu'ran ;Koran

(3s) Umar; Uthman; Omar; Othman

(4s) Mecca; Mekka



 Seventh Century Arabia , like Europe , was a brutal place in a cruel time; and so were the arabs, so were the people of Europe, and so was Muhammad ( Fregosi, Paul)


 Muhammad was loved by his people for the unity he brought about. He is despised in the westís eye, because he is not viewed as a peaceful prophet of the likes of Jesus. Jesus was ambitious as so Muhammad was too, yet Jesus just agitated and is not associated with assignations of leaders, murder of large groups of people, and mounting robbing raids from fellow Arabians. Muhammad cast the first stone at a prostitute (Ghamdiyad) emphasizing that this was the law of the land. Jesus preached against stoning of women who had committed adultery or were prostitutes.


Jesus was not known to mount genocide's: Muhammad was known to take long days and nights beheading more than 600 - 800 captive Jews ( Beni Qoreigna tribe in Medina) then taking the prettiest recent widowed Jew to his bed that night. (Reihana)


The slaughter of the Beni Qoreiga tribe was also a highly profitable business operation for Muhammad. In addition to the slave girls he took of the now widowers, he also took their flocks, belongings and land. To show how this new unity of arabs worked Muhammad divided into 3,072 parts all the jewelry, furniture, and money; also, camels, goats, sheep and horses; and of the lands the date trees, houses and all the properties of these now murdered people. The kicker was that Muhammad received 1/5 of it all making him a very rich man. The Muslims also took from them a large number of weapons to employ other arabs in an increasing realization that if they keep continuing this procedure they could take over other towns, then other regions, then eventually other countries and ultimately other world regions. Including 1,500 swords and scimitars, a similar number of shields, 1,000 spears, and 300 coats of mail that all went to furbish the prophet's recent created Army. The Koran ( sura 33, verse 25) praised God for the Killing and Muhammad became the foe to be feared. The Sixth pillar was born, the Jihad, and had its birth in  the deluge of blood.


Mohamet had established a religion of putting people to death. The Muslims have a tendency to attribute these deluges of blood to divine guidance. This is their riotousness. Others in the west have a opposite view:  This is deplorable and closer to the understanding of what is termed pure evil. Agreeing with this assessment are some understanding Islamic experts. "The love of loot rather than the love of God was their main pursuit,Ē claimed Fancisco Garieli and Italian professor of Islam.



When Jesus was mocked he didn't go about ordering their demise: Free speech was never tolerated for Muhammad. Muhammad killed poets, news disseminates, writers and musicians and anyone he found out was against him. He said that the  least in suspicion of disagreeing with  his torture and genocide's practices those people were to be killed immediately ( this included young women as well).


Muhammad used various torture techniques like gouging out eyes, tying people up and chopping off their limbs. He tie femals legs to two camels and have the camels pull in two directions serving the body in half. The politically correct Mohammad liked to hem garments and sow on patches of the poor people. The real Muhammad like to ďKill them where ever you find them" - Qu'ran. Enemies impaled. These events are a little unknown to the Arabs who have been cloistered from the real background of the so called prophet. History judges the man as one of the most famous leaders in history and a lawmaker.



Many despots and tyrants take hold and unify people in the world, except they usually do not call themselves chosen of God. Furthermore, they usually do not preach general genocide as it is alleged that Angel Gabriel told Muhammad to do: ďWhen you meet the unbelievers strike off their heads until you have massacred them. Fight in the cause of Allah... Kill them wherever you find them. Until they surrender. Then if they give over there shall be no enmity."


Mohammad and the connection to Monotheism


According to arab tradition, the territory around Yathrib ( as Medina was called before the flight of the so called prophet, was called ' the city'). The bible tells us that Samuel and Saul destroyed the Amalekites, and the Jewish people moved in. It was possibly emigration after the persecution of Nebuchadnezzar as a safe hiding. In addition the author of the ' Kiitab al Agani' mentions one about the time when Pompey reduced Judea to the condition of a Roman Province ( Osborn 40).  This is where Muhammad will come across Monotheism and learn about 'God.'


Yathrib became  residence of the noblest and wealthiest families among the Jews. There were castles and fortified houses, quadrangular in shape. Emigrants flowed into the opportunist city. trade was booming from all parts of the world, including China silk and fabrics from India. The three largest and most influential were the " Bani Koraizha, the Bani Nadhir, and the Bani Khayokha" ( Osborn 40). Also, other rich folk swooned into the region. (The Azdite families of Aus and Khazraj who were part of the great emigration from Yeman on the breaking up of the Dike of Mareb). The date of there appearance was about 360 A.D. As treaties were formed amicably between the Arabs and the Jews there were  no huge persecutions that will take place until Muhammad shows up on the scene. However, hostilities and two massacres by the arabs takes place as they invited the Jews on account of making peace in which they surprised them by slaughtering them. This happened a second time. The Arabs cried poverty, yet it was their own invention. (Osborn 41). Through ignorance bullishness and macabre stupidity, the arabs became formidable in Yathhrib. These events took place about 492-95 .


True to aggressive ignorance of this arab chapter in history no sooner than the arab families , Aus and Khazraj vanquished the Jews , they turned their own swords upon themselves. Blood feuds developed and rival families perused each other with 'unrelenting pertinacity' (Osborn 41) The Jews had to swing their weight to one side of the Arab feud and this weakened them in the time of Muhammadís appearance fro his flight from Mecca( 615 A.D). The turmoil reached such a point that the Jews were having their own internal familiesí problems and it came to agreement that the city needed a King. Well guess who just showed up at this luckily opportunist time - Muhammad. Muhammad will settle the dispute many years later by genociding the Jews and forcing the arabs to make peace if they have something else on their minds instead of infighting - like killing other non-Arabs.  This was all part  of the process that Muhammad figured out. Man of God or Warrior of hell? They were disposed to crown Abdallah, son of Obay, a leading man among them when Islam showed up. the Jews after many centuries inhabiting the city had rubbed off some of their religion on the Arabs who now were somewhat tolerant  in a civil manner, before Muhammad hints to them that they must die. These Arabs did not accept the faith, having their own, yet they were well aware of its history - some having the interest in knowing such things and who does not forgo the party-line. These people influenced Muhammad into the religion he was about to create. Muhammad learned about Abraham, Ishmael, Hagar, Sara, and Israel and Joseph and Noah, Moses, David to Solomon. His eyes glittered. Miracles, great conflicts and conflagrations: "If only I could somehow be like these men I could be remembered and have control." Muhammad was anything but the most ambitious person in the region of this time. His great mediation sociability garnered him an avenue for an assault at leadership. Yet, this opened world of super humanistic powers of the Hebrews drew his imaginations and strict biasness to the arab side. "Why not the Arabs have their own saviors or prophets," he would ask himself? The people across the street from him were the same skin color yet they had a different countenance. They could backup their claims they were the chosen ones. They had education and centuries of the greatest educations in history. The arabs were still in their infancy of evolvement. the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Anatolians, Turkians and Egyptians all believed the Arabs were half human half animal. They simply did not have the intellectual estate at this time in history. It will be curious enough to note that the dark age in Europe at the same time could claim the same conditions; their were fewer than a dozen schools in Europe at this time. Muhammad had already dealt with the ignorance Quraish tribe in Mecca. He knew how tough it was to influence to masses to become educated. Yet, In Medina he found that education with the Jews. They taught him all he knew about Arabs and Jews.


The doctrine he laid down to Mecca was that every tribe ( race) Had their own messenger.  Muhammad seized upon revelations and the miracles of Moses. He learned that the Angels interceded to command great alteration events. Once he had realized this it became a life and death struggle between him and them. " Either he had to confess that he was an imposter, or denounce the Jews as ' infidels.'  who had tampered with the sacred writings committed to their change, and, as such, deserving extermination in this world, and reserved for hell fire in the next ( Osborn 44). Their came a point that people saw Muhammad as a madman. this is time in Medina that he will begin to put to death anyone who does not submit to his fantasies. Facism became a way of life long before the popular world was applied to Hitler.


Muhammad had to live in working with a double task. A Politician and party leader and Hell fire preacher of damnation if one does not commit, if Arab, or submit is other. Fear of Muhammad and fear of his damnation exploitations on the book of revelations, turned personal toward his bent reveled a man who claimed he is the chosen man of God, but is seen as a father of death.  Poets who were the newspaper reports of the days of Arabia were silence now. Muhammad would take no dissenting. He had the power and the wealth  to do as he pleased. It is possible to himself at night in his own thoughts he laughed at it all. Yet, he was very serious in keeping his authority. In effecting control of the population of Medina, the crimes committed by this evil could be seen as some as the worst sin ever recorded, accounting the technology and population of this area and time. The  Arabs were given a code to live by  and a code to kill the opposition. There was no tolerance issue. Put up and shut up or show your cards and be dealt severely. This was a brutal place in a cruel time. Muhammad lived in opulence while about seventy naked men slept under the tent near the mosque he had built. Almsgiving was a way to appease Muhammadís mind so his guilt would not play tricks upon his authority. Keep them happy by keeping them barely alive with a hope of everlasting verginic pleasure and life. The preaching of the afterlife was as much as the appeasement as it was for control. To keep the feeble mind occupied while it toils the days away digging a ditch around Median. Muhammad seemed a God to the hypnotized minds of the Arab population of  Medina as much as the tyrants of insanity to the Jewish people entrapped because many generations of building and  infrastructure were at stake if they had to get up and leave.


The strictest opponents will say to you: 'The Qur'an permits fighting to defend the religion of Islam and the Muslims. This permission includes fighting in self defense and for the protection of family and property. " You reply back, Muhammad Killed children, young women, practice robbery on innocent people, tortured of innocent people, genociding innocent people and murdered people for disagreeing with him all for the power and the money while telling his readers in the Quran not to do this?

They reply with the strictest of sense, " well they were out to do him harm." You say, Yeah, Syria, Africa, Egypt, Iran, and Constantinople ( and other places)  who he wrote to in his late life telling them to convert or die facing his armies contradicting your claims? Is this because they threatened him personally or Medina or Mecca?  Is this because he says in the Qu'ran not to kill innocent people? Who do you take me for some king of idiot?



What a Muslim Extremists will Prophagate


"Fight in the cause of Allah against those who fight against you, but do not transgress limits. Lo! Allah loves not aggressors. ... And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah. But if they desist, then let there be no hostility except against transgressors." 2:190,193


What a learned human retorts:

Look at what he did and not what he said!


Before Muhammad died Muhammad planned on dictating (People claim he could not write) an addition of the Koran. Much of it was recorded before hand at the various friends during Muhammadís conquests, mainly his secretary who was a fifteen year old boy, named Zaid ibn Thabit, who wrote it all down (12,000 words in all) equivalent to a book of three hundred pages on bones and stones that lay around the living quarters of Muhammad and his wives and many concubines (slave whores). Muhammad had said prior to his death that he may have gotten some things wrong and that he would be back to correct them, he told his friends. What errors are these? This statement has long troubled some Muslims.


The final version of the Qu'ran came in four different versions. Unscrupulous scribes inserted their own verses into the suras. One of the most famous Koran falsifiers was named Abdullad ibn Saad, who later became an admiral and commanded the Muslim expedition to Cyprus in 649, when a young man wrote his own verse in the revelations that Muhammad was dictating to him, perhaps to enliven the  unwise enough to tell his friends in Medina the story of his misdeeds as if it were a great joke. This story of indiscretion was repeated to an enraged Muhammad and the Prophet, who was not man enough to forgive an offence lightly, particularly if it made him look ridiculous tried to have the man murdered. the young man ran as fast as he could to Mecca to escape the assassination. It would be Othman, Muhammad's son in law, who would manage to win him a pardon.


Still more variations will be delivered down the pike until three of the versions are destroyed on purpose the self controlled version kept by Uthman ( third rightly guided caliph)  who establishes the first published version of the Quíran (Koran). He decides that the other three versions were not to his liking. This is the one we have today. some scholars believe the Qu'ran was a news paper gathering of what Muhammad had said. More like his daily thoughts than special meeting with the Archangel Gabrial. Not all Muslims are convinced about the eternal, uncreated and nonchangable nature of the Qu'ran. As early as 757, less than a century after Muhammad's death, the Muthazilites, a group of theologians, denied that the Qu'ran was eternal and asserted that when its contents went against reason and common sense, it should be read symbolically only. This thesis was tolerated for less than a hundred years, but in 847 the caliph who from his palace in Baghdad ( 'Abbasid period) ruled over the vast Muslim empire declared this belief heretical and that the eternal existence of the Qu'ran was the law of the land. This is what the Saudi Royal family of the 70s-2000s period has decreed. Many in the west still do not believe that Muhammad received the content of the Qu'ran from a divine source. The Koran is sketchy on the life of Muhammad but the Hadiths, the second most revered book of Islam is a book that was the recordings of the deeds and or some say misdeeds of Muhammad.


At the time of Muhammads death (632)  their were no less than 600,000 stories of the brutal man. Al-Bukhari, the most famous of the researchers a little more than two hundred years after Muhammad had gone throughout some 593,000 of them. We can only imagine what the gruesome stories were about. Possibly Muhammad's gloating of the savagery of it all would be hard to imagine that the bulk thrown out were the 'good man stories' noting that after Muhammadís letters and commands of his army begin to conquer the world. One must think that stories that were too outrageous to be let known were destroyed. The surviving 7,275 anecdotes were gathered in a book which he called The Correct Book. This of course was him bias judgment. Still others were less scrupulous or demanding than al- Bukhari. Although they are discredited by others as frauds, and some rightly so, there are thousands of dubious stories promoted as entries that made there way into collectors' volumes and are now venerated as part of Islamic truth. For instance. Muhammad was a peaceful family man who likes to do embroidery and live happily with his eleven wives and write the Qu'ran. One gentleman called Ibn Abi al-Awja, who was put to death in Iraq in 772, confessed before his execution that he made up no fewer than four thousand Traditions. Muhammad like to go out and give to the poor because he had nothing better to do. Still for the last 1,300 years most accounts of Muhammadís life and deeds - and even his misdeeds as stated- have depended on the Hadiths.



Ibn Abbas: For the last five years of his life  Abdallah was blind. His example of governing  will be  imitated  by the Caliphs Abu Bekr, Umar and Uthman. Dispute over his death is attributed to A.H. 32; acording to others, A.H. 42. He left behind four sons - Abdallah, Fadl, Obaidallah, and Kathan. Abdallah better known in Muhammadan history as Ibn Abbas, was born three years before the flight from Mecca. Ibn Abbas reached the age of thirteen when Muhammad died.



632 Muhammad died in his lovers arms, Aisha - the child bride.   In the intervening years from conquering Medina and Mecca Muhammad lived to see his plans being executed. He had conquered half of the Arabian peninsula leaving detailed plans to his most intimate of followers to take over the world. Hejas provence in the west, Yemen provence to the south, Persian-ruled Oman to the southeast and borders along the Red sea were taken. Now the next four leaders will set out in the next thirty years and conquer many parts of the local world. Then will come Mu'awiya and blast off into the outer reaches of the known world conquering with the deluge of blood campaign some call the sixth pillar of Islam.


Few in numbers but rejuvenated by the mighty dollars and vision of brutality, Southern Byzantine, Persia were first to go. They had come off 25 years of tired battle between them and the getting was good for the Arabs. Not only did they conquer them, but they learned from the Byzantines the art of a disciplined army and begot the latest in technology of warfare. Next ernt Jerusalem, the Near east and middle east and North Africa: Antioch, Aleppo, Jerusalem, Caesarea, Gaza, Tripoli, Babylon, Alexandria and the islands of Rhoads and Cyprus; Plundered Sicily; Took then lost Kabul in Afghanistan; laid siege to Constantinople; and reached Sind and the Indus river valley in India. This was just the beginning of the peaceful prophets directives.


To understand the way that the under equipped and undermanned armies ravaged the other countries is that Muhammad laid groundwork for a belief system of Paradise. First, if a Muslim was killed in battle he would go to Paradise and receive 72 virgins, as much pleasure as thoughtfully possible of lust. Second, why not go to paradise right now by plundering the infidels ( those of non-muslim origin) and take what is rightly yours because it is all about money and sex. Paradise is reversed for Muslims. Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus and other non-Muslims do not go to paradise for this type of behavior. They go to hell. This another fundamental clue to who is their master. each Muslim has three hundred servants to bring him the most expensive wine and the grandest of rare foods. These thoughts fell over into the reality that why not try to subjugate the world as our slaves to serve us this food and drinks and we will merrily wait our arrival of Paradise this way. this in fact what happened. the conquered became slaves at first under the Umayyad dynasty ( it will change under the 'Abbasids) and each has in paradise slaves to hold their gold cups and serving wear. So explicit was this theme that the Arabs fought as crazy men with the idea that this would come about with each victory over another civilizations army. And it did! The Arabs lived in the exclusive caste and built walls around their newly conquered towns and cities in the vast regions. Once they conquered and plundered their world was theirs to buy off any protection and the valor of other Muslims took notice of the feign away from the desert nomadic life to having human slaves hold their gold cups while they partook of the pretty women of the men they killed. Paradise was now and it had a stimulating effect on Muslim warriors. The leaders used to shout before a battle scene that all these things were waiting for them. Whatever their reasoning was this was a prime operands monde for their success.




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Fregosi, Paul, Jihad, 1998.2004

Copyright © 2004 Michael Johnathan McDonald. All rights reserved.





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