Isil # ISIL

2009 Hillary Clinton ( US State), and Barack H. Obama ii ( POTUS) when they start there are ZERO ISIS MEMBERS

2016: Obama leaves office: 17,500 square miles of Land taken. And 35,000 ISIS outfits.

When Hildabeast and Obozo leave office there are 35,000 ISIS Fighters and baby rapers and cannibals ( ISIS banned quraan from day one, no one was allowed to read it).

2016 12/1 Donald Trump begins the eradication.

2017 12/28 there are only 1,000 ISIS fighters and only 1,900 square miles. — December 28 th 2017 A.D. from a tweet of Donald Trump and Pentagon Facts.

Syrian War was John McCain, George Soros, C.I.A., and Hillary Clinton and some south Sauud top people. Youtube

1st November 2017 A.D.

ISIS starts Feb 1 2013, I have the Moon night photo, it was a true Islamic Moon. Judicial Watch, a long time government watchdog group released a FOIA document this week explaining that ISIS ( Code name) will be formed to topple Bashir Assad, the Syrian Leader, dated 2012. CIA photos and US diplomat Admissions, in the US Congress, statements are linked to the source admitted the obvious. There was a Sunni movement angry of Baghdad's Iranian Control, something Bush jr. overlooked and the CIA took an opportunity to turn their anger into an asset of AntiChrist on Steroids.

World Became Aware in June of 2016 ( I knew prior by my means) due to the release of Hillary Clinton and her Campaign managers' Email accounts which Hillary handed over to Seth Rich, a new hired employee by her to clean up her emails, and he downloaded them and sent them to Julian Assange of Wikileaks who released them two weeks later because the breach was immediately recognized and certain agents in the Spook community flooded Wikileaks with duplicates but different headers to mask the true source by Seth Rich. He was a Bernie Sanders' supporter who was murdered almost immediately = Wikileaks does not publish what is sent for over two weeks after his assassination and after Julian sorted the duplicates which at first confused him.  In these massive emails, a subject on the Middle East and discussion of USA funding and creating ISIS is from a John Podesta Gmail account. So the  world knew this by a Twitter release ( where Wikileaks had its source page by an operative and dumped there first and then picked up by other social media).  So by June of 2016, much of the plugged in world knew that ISIS was not a spontaneous uprising movement but a well-financed and crafted Obama regime Change plan, and some GOP got heavily involved and were outed on CNN mentoring the leader of the ISIS Caliphate in person = meaning our top US Congress is meeting with  the head leader of ISIS that launched on Feb 1 2013 A.D.  My clue was from 2013 – 2016, all ISIS outfits around the world were prohibited from teaching or reciting or allowing its members to engaged in the Holy Quraan ( changed since my online complaining). ISIS was an Atheist , cannibal, murder for fun outfit that many Black Los Angeles Gangsters joined because they just loved to shoot guns and innocent unarmed people.  One got a pre-pubescent child, a boy or a girl, first week of joining ( often a white middle eastern Christian) for abuse and marriage, a gun, a block of a city to control or manage and a bi monthly paycheck.  So Obama stole nearly $10 trillion U.S. Dollars ( put in to common public debt) to run his vacations and party themes because he does not know how to read nor write and playing regime changer was an easy, “OK let’s do it.” Type of decision.  So millions had to be killed to playcate a mixed African POTUS party boy and his drunken State Department charity foundation queen, Hillary Clinton which ran/run international child sex rings for the illuminati and also partake in the banned Biblical and Banned Quraanic laws.  These revelations and others, even more serious led to the 2016 late common theme of #Fakenews and brought up the past Ronald Reagan comment of #DraintheSwamp . [ of government corruption]  This ISIS thing benefited no one but arms dealers and arms producers and a few party boys of the rich global classes such as George Soros and the Rothschild’s. They love death and kiddie rape and are trying to convince Egyptian authorities to allow raping of women, legally.  The Rulers that have  ruled U.S.A. for a long time now all have been low level college liberal arts majors and the world has suffered a huge loss of life and respect. USA is gone folks.  Everything Washington DC does now is totally illegal and not reported by the media and this means this is not or never was a democracy but some type of undisclosed Oligarchy of Liberal Arts failures.  Many a young boys became violently radicalized viewing ISIS propaganda videos, and even until today, as I write this misguided youth are killing innocent victims all over Europe, due to a false and fake Islamic Caliphate.

ISIS starts Feb 1 2013, I have the Moon night photo, it was a true Islamic Moon. Judicial Watch, a long time government watchdog group released a FOIA document this week explaining that ISIS ( Code name) will be formed to topple Bashir Assad, the Syrian Leader, dated 2012 Document Source

The DIA report, formerly classified “SECRET//NOFORN” and dated August 12, 2012, was circulated widely among various government agencies, including CENTCOM, the CIA, FBI, DHS, NGA, State Dept., and many others.

Arc— note, The Illuminati Baby Rapers and child sacrificers and human flesh eaters of our world see/saw the Syrian President as a direct threat to the global #TEAMBEAST

Arc— note, Assad, Bashir is the only leader in the Middle East that accepts Christians and all religions to live and prosper peacefully in his domain.  There was no opposition spoken about in the NONFORM classified 2012 text. It was created by the alliance of baby rapers, worldwide. ISIS gave each recruit a prepubescent captured Christian girl and or native boy if so chosen, because ISIS was never Islamic at all but Atheist youth with perverted pasts. — Arc 11012017AD. They were premitted by these BEAST demons in control to eat the children or do some sort of majic with their bodies as well.


Hillary Clinton in her own typing to John Podesta admits the #HolyGrail. #DNC and Saudi Arabia are funding #ISIS. —00:52 09012017AD . Something I revealed during the 2016 General run up to the Campagin, which is one reason I was targeted as #weaponizedinformation and now others are catching on to this. #bookoflife #arcmichael #treason #09012017AD

Tulsi Gabbard told Jake Tapper #CNNFakenews after spending a lot of Time on the Ground at Syria, all of them say that Obama was funding and creating ISIS. ( e.g. DeepState clown gurl). Tapper reminded the audience that Obama is  innocent and you are all crazy. #lolz. Tulsi Gabbard is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who has been the United States Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district since 2013. 09102017AD 00:05 PDT NoHo.

#Zombies are made not born . youtube

OK, what is happening with #SpiritCooking is that spongy brain disease of #cannibalism can be passed through fluids, of an infected Cannibal. so after 5 years to 50 years incubation goes disease and thus John or Marina or Tony can piss, poop, or semen into food and pass on the #KURU disease, which makes the Zombie Apok. why? they are nihilists. #billgates was doing this to all #Indians and they just kicked his Zombie vaccination schema out of their country. 3:33 loaded #arcmichael #bookoflife #09052017AD

updated 09052017AD 3:30 AM NoHo

'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

"The best slave is one who thinks they are free." – CNN triumphant quotes leaked CNN news room captures by American pulic recordings. Classified but leaked by wikileaks on google plus 02242017ad.

Court records show that the Connecticut-based email storage company Datto handed over a “device” consisting of five or six disks to the FBI in October 2015.

Brain Widner, former FBI cases says immunity deal with Hillary Clinton can be reopen. And Status of limitation has not come into effect yet.

Matters: Bahrain, home to the US Fifth Fleet, and source of considerable wealth for the US corporate and financial elite, should get favorable PR treatment in the United States’ newspaper of record. Bush did 911 and started ISIS confirmed.

Bahrain holds BlackWater Private Military Contractors that kill and threaten journalists. because Fifth Fleet is controlled by the N.S.A.

Sanitizing the Bahraini Crackdown
One of the many ways in which establishment media bias is evidenced is in the selection of the perspectives journalists adopt to relate the events they’re reporting on. This shouldn’t be surprising. As Canadian journalist and author Linda McQuaig points out, we would expect a newspaper owned by environmentalists to have an environmentalist point of view. We would expect a labor newspaper to report on the world from the perspective of labor. For the same reason, we should expect newspapers owned by US corporations with connections to the US foreign policy elite to present the world from perspectives congenial to corporate and US foreign policy interests.
In major US media, US foreign affairs are always presented from Washington’s perspective. This happens because the least expensive and most “patriotic” way to cover US foreign affairs is to assign reporters to the White House, State Department and Pentagon to record what US state officials say. In this way, what happens outside the United States is presented through the prism of official US state interests. Corporate-funded think-tanks make their “impartial experts” readily available to major media to hold forth on a variety of foreign policy topics. In this way, corporate perspectives — which almost always align with official US state perspectives-help define media coverage of foreign events.
In establishment media, the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians is overwhelmingly presented from the perspective of Israel (a US client and key apparatus of US foreign policy in Western Asia and North Africa.) Many people in the West sympathize with Israel’s point of view, because it’s the one they’re exposed to most often.
Coverage of the conflict in Libya between loyalist Tripoli (not a US client) and rebel Benghazi (on whose behalf the United States, [[France], Britain, Canada and Qatar have signed on as their air force) is presented from the rebel’s vantage point. Rarely are the motivations, thinking, and perceptions of the Libyan government explored in any kind of non-judgmental way, although government pronouncements, especially those of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, are presented if they serve the purpose of backing up Washington’s claim that he is insane, brutal and “a creature”. And depiction of Gaddafi in unfavorable terms, offers a popular justification for military intervention in the country.
On the other hand, Libyan rebels are presented in a favorable light. This is true too of Islamists who have fought against US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are now taking part in the rebellion against Tripoli. That Islamic fighters can be demonized in one instance, and lionized in another, shows that what counts in major media coverage is whether Islamists fight for, or against, the United States. When they’re fighting against the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan they’re insurgents, illegal combatants and terrorists. When they’re fighting on the US side in Afghanistan against the Soviets, in Bosnia against the Serbs, and now in Libya against Gaddafi, they’re freedom fighters, rebels, and pro-democracy activists.
With questions being raised about Bahrain’s brutal crackdown on its own pro-democracy movement, and Washington’s silence, the New York Times' Ethan Bronner has weighed in on Washington’s side with an article from the Kalifah regime’s perspective and headlined "Crackdown Was Only Option, Bahrain Sunnis Say" [1]
As far as I know neither the New York Times, nor any other Western newspaper, has run an article with a headline like “Crackdown Was Only Option, Libyan Government Says”.
Lest anyone get it into their head that Bahrain’s deadly Saudi and UAE-assisted suppression of the Gulf state’s pro-democracy movement is deplorable, Bronner — acting as de facto PR representative of the Khalifa monarchy — explains:
“To many around the world, the events of the past week — the arrival of 2,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and other neighbors, the declaration of martial law, the forceful clearing out of Pearl Square, the military takeover of the main hospital and then the spiteful tearing down of the Pearl monument itself — seem like the brutal work of a desperate autocracy. “But for Sunnis, who make up about a third of the country’s citizenry but hold the main levers of power, it was the only choice of a country facing a rising tide of chaos that imperiled its livelihood and future.”
Bronner personalizes the story through Atif Abdulmalik, a US-educated investment banker who was initially supportive of the pro-democracy movement, but changed his mind when
"the mainly Shiite demonstrators moved beyond Pearl Square, taking over areas leading to the financial and diplomatic districts of the capital.”
Abdulmalik said he sympathized
“with many of the demands of the demonstrators. But no country would allow the takeover of its financial district. The economic future of the country was at stake.”
Bronner allows Abdulmalik to conclude with the article’s apparent take-away message:
“What happened this week, as sad as it is, is good.”
To be sure, Bronner’s article isn’t a blatant pro-Bahraini puff piece. There’s a lot in it that is critical of the Bahraini government. But that it provides some evidence of balance is what makes it effective. A Bahraini supportive of his government’s position is allowed to tell his story in a way that treats his views as legitimate and rational. In Bronner’s hands, the views of Atif Abdulmalik — which are really the views of the Khalifa family – are easy to sympathize with.
A former TV journalist once told me that the way to present your own views under the guise of impartially reporting the facts is to find someone who agrees with you, and then build a story around that person’s point of view. That way you can craft a story to meet your own agenda, while maintaining the illusion that you don’t have one.
Bronner’s defenders will say the reporter is only presenting the facts. But there is always an infinitude of facts a reporter can present, and only a very limited space in which to present them. Distortion, which self-respecting journalists rarely do, isn’t half as important as selection, which self-respecting journalists always do. The facts that Bronner chooses to relate, and the ones he chooses to ignore, speak volumes about his political position and that of the newspaper he writes for. It is a bias the newspaper’s ownership structure, and its connections to the US foreign policy elite, mandate.
It is little wonder, then, that Bahrain, home to the US Fifth Fleet, and source of considerable wealth for the US corporate and financial elite, should get favorable PR treatment in the United States’ newspaper of record. Little wonder too that Libya, which is neither a site for the US military nor particularly accommodating to US bankers and corporate interests, should have its story told from the perspective of its enemies.

* source for this is a document found here. accessed 07 302017AD

ISLAMABAD: Yousaf al Salafi – allegedly the Pakistan commander of Islamic State (IS) or Daish – has confessed during investigations that he has been receiving funds through the United States. 02 17 2017 a.d. UPDATE PAKISTAN PRESS TRIBUNE

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.
By Jon Austin
PUBLISHED: 15:38, Mon, Nov 28, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:46, Mon, Nov 28, 2016 express

Diane Feinstein, John McCain, Israel , Lindsey graham , Barack Obama ran this out of US Chambers. #antichrist army spearheaded by two #antiChrists: GerogeWbush, born with classic #antichrist signatures like Adolf Hitler , and Barack H. Obama; a fantasists whose make believe was pushed on us all as #truth. the goal is #childabuse to #rape the orphan boys, a long time #altleft #liberal dream for our world; just abuse and keep abusing white little boys. #arcmichael now you know why Armageddon happens. #bookoflife #jamesclapper kept his #NRO wing on full alert to make sure we did not find out. He lost. he is a #swamperson = and a full blown #Antinordic #bigot yellow boy

#rapeculture is brown and German or cross mixed ashkaNAZI #whitearab traitor sissy desires. #babyrapeculture is more specified to the #brownraces on planet earth. #apok

#moffitt lib, on campus 2005 -06 I see her blogs or news articles use the term #rino = REPUBLICAN IN NAMEONLY. 2006 on a livejournal Berkeley post I scribbled RINO = DINO or democrats in name only are the same as the Republican Party. I wanted to link both parties to the same rigged ideology of careerist politicians; &  voted in and not voted in ( US mil agencies) . since that day I have made it a habit to post to others to realize that Republicans and Democrats are in bed together, the same party of pay–for –play and corpo brown –bag special –interests and useless military weapons profit wars to kill off the Nordic race. So I love #michellemalkin . Today she sped–off a meme that let us call Sanctuary Cities ( islamist and Latinarab jihad, first one is at Los Angeles in 1979, spear headed by Jerry Jihadi Brown) should be called Lawless Cities. And that is correct, they have run antifederal laws for over 40 years now and why my mother, a white, was never allowed to get welfare or foodstamps or her citizenship. At California, it had gone totally semitic: Italian, white arab german to French arabs, to UK arabs ( dwindling) to Iran, Bahrain, Sauud Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Morocco, Libya, Somalia, Chad, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Crimean brown semitics ( not the white), Indians of brown skintypes to South Asians which are yellow or red or brown and not the white white northern Chinese , restricted. Ireland, Scotland ( UK controlled) does not accept white Nordic migrations or immigrants, currently and has been so for over 20 years. Why? Latin, Semitic, Arab , Jew all the same dna are stopping these programs to usher in thier brown world babyrape cultreus; human sacrifice cultures, low IQ warlock and witches, usually nearly brain dead animals. Low level DNA humans have been shoved in since 1952, 1965 major brown type of forced quota and never white privilege, but use Political Correctness ( Sets of lies for social brown hegemony) and affirmative Action ( for Africans not able to have DNA proficiency) , and we have Malaysians, Islanders of brown and no whites here anylonger. The 1947 A.D. secret Nigger and Sand Nigger ( #semitic olive to yellow jews = arab dna) created the NSA and CIA which are illegal nigger supremacy armies. Now I understand why my mon tried since 1960s to get her citizenship and was rejected over 1,000 times. This is real #whitegenocide. #arcmichael Posted 02242017ad #biblestudy

How ISIS really happens is our US government went rogue for multiple decades and decades and we are just now returning to law and order. Lyndon B. Johnson was a crooked 1%er Islamic and Latino supremacists. All Potus since JFK have run tacitly , reluctantly or  greedily #whitegenocide for a semitic global new order.

who is donald trump? a white nordic dna person:

 Response to Claire S. on Google+ Trump re appropriating funds back to the correct agencies after 40 plus years.
what she means is Trump is returning the USA laws back to laws after Reagan to Clinton to Bush to Obama just ignored the US Constitution. it is illegal to be here and have a work over a citizen, and that has been happening since Ronald Reagan deunionized America and said Semitic Jew, all privilege , fbck #crackers

How ISIS really happens is our US government went #rogue and three white #potus tried to warn the world, last one was assassinated.
Why all the fuss over #donaldtrump 's EO and proposed legislation(s)? we are just now returning to law and order since dec. 1963, after the final shadow government opponent assassination #JFK was accomplished, L B. Johnson did the 1,000,000 a year Arab jihad on us all (1965 #killthewhitechristian legislation quota was 100,000, up to 150,000, at least, per year people of LatinArabsemitic only - NO White People.

so generations have not lived in an America of law and order, but have descended to liberal arts majors ruling our military and public offices. a #LIBERAL in this manner of expression means a #DNA fantasist. These Dragon ( Americas) people hail toward Semitic dominance dna and that creates the fantasies we hear in our mainstream media.

Last businessman was Franklin Delano Roosevelt ; the next is #donaldjtrump and he is being assaulted on all sides by #liberals from both #DINO #RINO parties. So we help as much as we can and pray.

rogue for multiple decades and decades and we are just now returning to law and order. Lyndon B. Johnson was a crooked 1%er Islamic and Latino supremacists. All Potus since JFK have run tacitly , reluctantly or greedily #whitegenocide for a semitic global new order.

who is donald trump? a white nordic dna person:

Response to Claire S. on Google+ Trump re appropriating funds back to the correct agencies after 40 plus years.
what she means is Trump is returning the USA laws back to laws after Reagan to Clinton to Bush to Obama just ignored the US Constitution. it is illegal to be here and have a work over a citizen, and that has been happening since Ronald Reagan deunionized America and said Semitic Jew, all privilege , fbck #crackers

4th Anniversary of Isil 02 01 2017 A.D.

#ISIS 4th anniversary today.
#draintheswamp   usa DID NOT vet ISIS leader al #baghdaddi aka American girl raper / Murderer . He was known to his fellow chums as a child rapist before given the job of controller of #is


dianne #feinstein   ( Congress intel committee) ; John McCain ( indept, GOP and an #alcoholic   { put Obama into power with joseph #Lieberman ) , Lindsey Graham ( closet sissy gurl) , #Bush group ( Sissy female name for #Military Complex Controllers,  post #WaterGate ). Did not vet al Baghdadi which led to #barackObama ‘s infamous statement of “ I am embarrassed.”   The Idea was a regime change outfit and anti Shi’I and anti Noordic Russian  group to take the northern Syrian oil fields and keep them away from these two #stateactors .

#Isis or  #Isil or DAESH or whatever faddy they call themselves turned out to be a total embarrassment.  They capture #children , orphans are auctioned off for rape by multiple parties  ( Marriage promised in firt week, if not ISIS members can #rape #orphan boys, awaiting a capture of a prepubescent Christian Arab for rape and then marriage.  The ISIS group forbids any discussion on the #quraan and do not run Islam at all. They run a twisted form of sharia, which is a paganized pre Muhammad version of tribal laws that are arab supremacy laws.  Videos of head chopping and mass murder and throwing homosexuals off the high buildings to make a message of fear are all embarrassments’ to Obama.


Caliphateornia controller of ISIS = Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein ; b. June 22, 1933 San Francisco , to the lake of fire, 1,000.

née Dianne Emiel Goldman, b. San Francisco to Betty (née Rosenburg), a former model, and Leon Goldman, a surgeon.

née Dianne Emiel Goldman, b. San Francisco   ( Semitic and antiwhite) funds this through proxy narratives in the US Congress and chambers of the courts. They fund under the  code name #syrianrebels .  So the $641 billion budget for 2015 A.D., a large part is therefore defrayed from US Congress to Qatar and Sauud, who then shift these funds to Switzerland, which then are re accessed by ISIS , al baghdaddi and his Black Flag Crews.
United Nations told Obama to his face in September of 2016 A.D. that he and bush and perhaps Clinton destroyed 65,000,000 lives all over planet earth with their games of slaughter.
Spook sources. Multiple, and unclassified. The reason this was happening was the elite of UK, USA, Sunni and Spanish wanted chaos to run fear into western civilization. Then the elite or the establishment will offer up solutions so they keep getting voted back into power ( no stop gap, on  termlimits).  It worked from the Korean war to Now, and we had enough and voted in Donald Trump whose focus is more on jobs and peace than endless wars for the 1%er greed. But the DINO RINO are both involved for 60+ years and this cleaning of the swamp will not be overnight.


#arcmichael #russia #china #iran #india #pakistan #bulgaria #USA #bookoflife #arcmichael #02012017ad  




updated 11 28 2016:

Julian Assange Missing since Oct. Wikileaks has been infiltrated. ISIS Created by USA, last meme by Julian Assange. posted 11282016ad (update Jan 2017 found and ok) he went quiet for a week before election, kerry may have influenced this. )

#wikileAK #wikileaks #comprimised issues #carter cables, and that is not what #julianassange was doing.  sounds like M-I  15 or 16 got involved. lolz. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11282016ad
this is also a Military Tracker page, so they know in all of the world to whom  then need to assassinate to keep up the #Pedophile #rapecultures .

how do we understand it was compromised and Julian perhaps is no longer 'in house.' ? He said to have released these same cables, two weeks before the #generalelection   #NSA = #niggahsuckingassholes are in charge or #orphan rape abuse clubs, all over America, run by #Obama and #Harvard .



#carter is white and #CIA funds or gets funds by #USCongress code word, Funds for #syrianrebels   = #USA Military WASA Bush Beyotches #is pediophile unit

CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA was responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.
By Jon Austin
PUBLISHED: 15:38, Mon, Nov 28, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:46, Mon, Nov 28, 2016


shocking video

and he paid from lowest $15 an hour to 1,0000s? lolz. He did not warn you traitor NON #Americans ? why you break small business of #Anyone in the #USA community  ? #34,000 #Somalis   or Boko #Haramanites this year under #obama #paulryan and traitors in company ? and why was #georgesoros pay for protesting all over the social media websites, for fishing for bodies? #bookoflife #arcmichael if Obama did not have a real low score of 102 ( his real IQ score) we would not have had this video, never! America: out of control under #AntiChrist Bush ; Beast Bill Clinton and crews and #obama #antichrist what a #trifecta of #demonology , eh ?

AP — ABDUL ARTAN, Somali refugee immigrant. African drives car through Ohio Students, and gets out and begins to stab them as ISIS called for months ago.

weird that since the jews took over 1950s, all seats of power and their puppet toys ( Bill, George, Barack, etc...) the place has gone to hell and hatred. 3:26 pst Burbank, C.A. 11 28 2016ad


#CNN caught lying in #Aleppo reports.  a nasty habit of false accusations.

Fake News CNN

#CNN calls #Trump a #fascist  while it lavished praise to a life long lying dictator #Fidel #Castro. &  Castro convinced Harvardites, at Harvard speech, he woulds choose #democracy. They jumped up and supported him. He then instantly became a fascist dictator of #Cuba . #CNN supports #misogyny


Obama on Fidel Castro ⊇

" I want to be dictator for life like Fidel Castro" = Barack Hussein Obama, ii. Nov 26 2016. A.D.  " At least that is how I tried to rule."

Democratic Party is now dominated by identity politics, which defines whites, particularly heterosexual males, as oppressors of every other population in the U.S city journal

Fake News: ABC — NPR, and all in between.

New York Times calling Fidel Castro a civil rights leader and a progressive. But they are #babyraperculturalites

Geert Wilders persecuted by Arabs at Europe.   

Cuba Dictator used Blacks and Women as civil rights to mask Dictatorship of the #whitearab #semitic #DNA . #cuba was a prison farm for Arab white semitic babyrapers.

#Privacy Hypocrisy at its hight 2016 A.D.

#cuba was a prison farm for Arab white #semitic #babyrapers. #fidel +#Raul = 11 Rape Islands, playgrounds, and cocain distribution airports for 1980s Influx of #cocaine to Florida, via. #Cowboycocainwars #castro used #black ( he suppressed them) and #women to mask his #dictatorship of the Baby raper cultures.  #NSAKeylogger run by #babyrapers = #nixon resigned for a few wiretaps but #NSA steals all privacy and Obama or #Bush or Clinton never  resigned  Why ? #teamantiGOD  


Aleppo Anatolia Run by Arab US traitors to humans

#CNN has #Aleppo #fakenews campaign to start war with #white people again.  we remember Kuwaiti ambassador daughter was a #newyorklawfirm plant by Military Complex bush, and faked the first #gulfwar There were no #Iraqis going into hospitals and killing babys out of their mother's arms. That was establishment  #CNN lies
#russian #satillite declassified has  #iraqboarder to #kuwait with no Iraqi troops near or over that boundary.  Just like #911 has cruise missile hitting the #pentagon
the #establishment are all puppet traitors to large #semitic #phallace

#Mainstream news is only #altleft = #antiAmerican or globalist #babyrapeculture


The Islamic State terrorist organization known as ISIS first outlined their strategy to attack the West in a 99-page manifesto issued in January of 2015 under the title of “Black Flags from Rome.” ISIS states that their strategy in the West is to align with the GOP and DNC liberal traitors to  displace whites who are smart enough to end ISIS.

Please help end the #GOP and the #DNC forever. ISIS is Sunni Arab and the U.S.Arabia is run by Semtic Arabs. They are not enemies, they just want the big corpo bucks. So they bear false witness, blame whitey and the Satan GOP tries to emotionalize the white Christians to go die fighting for their USArabian Jew Semitic Latio profits.

#assad‚ Bashir and white Russians attacking #islamicstate and not the USArabians who are backing the co–anti Assad fources. Arc Michael 03242016ad.

Reuters Syria Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:55pm EDT Syrian government forces enter Islamic State-held Palmyra BEIRUT Syrian government forces fought their way into Palmyra on Thursday as the army backed by Russian air cover sought to recapture the historic city from Islamic State (IS) insurgents, Syrian state TV and a monitoring group said.


29 Dec 2015 A.D.


US training helped mold ISIS top military commander... Sept 15 2015 A.D. updated this link.

Cold War was white Russia vs. Jew/ME/Arab?Latino/African Americans, a color war, a racial thing. Nothing to do with mutual destruction.

USA trains ISIS for years, the world is a lie screan capture 10022015 A.D.


Paris Multiple (6 places) attacks 11 13 th Friday, November 2015 A.D.



flashback 2014 A.D. Spring : ISIS has threatened to flood Europe with half a million migrants from Libya in a ‘psychological’ attack against the West, remember dat?

Aug 2013 Assad Used 73 Sarin Gas attacks on his own masses of people murdering 1,000s and more and then chlorine dropped by helicopters, barrel bombs. Obama did not give U.S.A. anti-Assad Forces did not give Free Syrian Army, no red line promise by Obama, he lied again.

50% of ISil's shariah laws are made up and not found in any Moslem text for scriptual support. this tells us they are barbarian.

ISil has announced its desire to Blow Up the Gizah Pyramids. No worries we beat them to it, we have the data downloaded, it is in fact an alter to God, as the Hebrew Bible alludes too.

Lawmakers take aim at secret CIA Syria effort; Slash funding...
June 2015 News.
Train and arm 'rebels'...

Legal rationale for war against ISIS secret and 'very thin'...

IS ( ISIS or ISil) this section of Arabites created as a reactionary Syrian opposition force of sunni, part Libyan and part defected Syrians, a plan to oust Assad just before the Arab Spring 2009 ( when Obama took office, started in Iran with their fraud elections in 2008) to destabilize the Middle East to give power to the UK and U.S.A. secret militaries as an excuse to re enter the Middle East land grabs. They bought these mercenaries fleets of mini trucks, C.I.A. stingers, new models, a host of small arms and tons of money for salaries for other mercenaries. The U.N. decision to depose Quaddaffi led to 10,000 Libyan deaths, this angered an al shariah a local Libyan group which attacked ben Ghazhī on 11 th September 2012, and Hillary and Susan Rice ( her daddy was a leader of the world bank) blamed a innocent Coptic Christian of Southern California. When Obama rose in U.S.A. politics in 2007-’08, the people who claimed he was promoslem were beaten up and their lives destroyed, the opposition calling them liars. But they were correct.

Turkey and U.S. sign deal to equip Syrian rebels 19th Feb 2015 -- it keeps happening!

After Obama's beloved barbarian Muslim Brother hood was kicked out by the Egyptian peoples, al Sisi was elected and even Coptic Christians supported them over the Murderous MB. So when 22 Coptic Christians were beheaded the second week of February of 2015, al Sisi unleashed a wave of devastating airstrikes. Obama was livid, he is a Moslem Brother.





The masses of U.S.A. people who voted for Obama were pro moslem, and all knew it. The media lied because they needed to trick the people, because the U.S.A. media is anti Christian.

12% Laos is the only percentage of Obama's African Heritage. The rest from his father's side are Moslem slave 'owners.' There is no history of Obama's family from his father's side as being owned by slaves. Obama had always promised a major speech on race and slavery but never gave it because the truth was his family was not owned by occupied by British colonialism.

Islam proper is a brown racial thing.


Below an IS chiefton is targeted by al Sisi.


Actually ISIS was created 1 st Feb 2013, and fully operated out of Qatar to Saudi funding , paid for by USA #641 Billion for 2015, budget. The entire USA was on big fat lie. This was an operation for chaos to create fear in the west so #establishment semitics, no whites in power, could hold on forever their temporal power. see my other pages for immutable details.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released from Iraqi prison custody in 2009,
shortly after President Obama came to power largely upon a political
promise to end U.S. military involvement in Iraq. Baghdadi was captured
in February 2004 by U.S. forces and had been involved in extensive
radical activities including kidnappings of many individuals and ransom
activities. Under Saddam he had been involved in radical Islamic sects,
earning him extra attention from the Baathist government before U.S.
forces arrived. Since the premature departure of American forces led by
President Obama, Baghdadi rose quickly to power among Islamic
supremacists. By 2010, he was acknowledged as the leader of Al Qaeda in
Iraq. By 2014, his genocidal fantasy with the new moniker of ISIS was
already killing 1,000 Iraqis a month in car bombings and various
supremacist terrorist acts designed to kill the innocent while attracting
more fanatical followers to the idealized task of re-creating the Islamic

ISIS spread across Iraq and Syria and seized U.S. military supplies as it
institutionalized savage genocidal policies across the region. Everything
from the sale of oil to human organs helped fund this genocidaire’s
radical nihilism that was designed to swallow up the entire world if
enough allegiance could be gained. Spectacular ‘deaths as text’ filled
the internet with videos of people being burned alive, drowned,
crucified, thrown off buildings, and an endless quest for more shocking
and vivid betrayals of human dignity. ISIS managed to kill 1,200 people
outside of its locus of control in Syria and Iraq. Though President Bush
predicted in his State of the Union message of 2007 that a premature exit
from Iraq would lead to precisely this scenario, the Obama administration
continually maintained that one of its most important successes was
withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq. More than 30,000 people were killed by
ISIS -- mostly Muslims but many Christians and Yazidis as well.
Christians and Yazidis were begrudgingly recognized as specific genocide
targets in 2016 by the U.S. State Department, but the Obama
administration did not prioritize their escape to places such as the
United States. The refusal to protect the Yazidis was in some sense
ideological payback for the fierce support Kurdish groups gave to the
U.S. invasion of Iraq since 2002 to the present. In fact, President Obama
mocked such religious preferences for the Christians and Yazidis as “Un-
American” in 2015:

“When I hear political leaders suggesting that there would
be a religious test for which a person who’s fleeing from a
war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks
themselves come from families who benefited from protection
when they were fleeing political persecution -- that’s
shameful, That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We
don’t have religious tests to our compassion.”

Of course, that is precisely the kind of standard that was necessary to
protect Jews from Nazi Germany and it was the standard of military action
in Bosnia for NATO to protect Muslims in the mid-1990s over the
objections of the United Nations. Moreover, Obama’s misinterpretation of
humanitarian asylum norms gives preference to perpetrators of genocide
who control public discourse. Obama’s words help prevent Christians, who
make up ten percent of Syria’s population, from escaping the genocidal
hell on earth created by ISIS. Samantha Power, who some say wrote the
book on America and genocide, did not undo that policy argued by
President Obama in her role as UN Ambassador. She did have time to
recently ask the Russian government if they had any “shame” in their
efforts to stop ISIS.

There were three times as many deaths in Syria since 2012 as there were
in Iraq from 2003 to 2009. Yet, there were no massive marches in the U.S.
and Europe against this violence as there were during the Iraq war. The
anti-war movement has never been against war. It is against the United
States military and the Israeli military. There have been nearly 70,000
deaths in Iraq since 2009 and the abrupt U.S. military withdrawal. These
death tolls were largely ignored by the media in an effort to bolster the
false perception that the Iraq withdrawal was a success. These deaths lay
squarely upon the Obama administration and an intellectual culture that
bolsters the idea that American assertiveness in the world is the root of
all evil. Terrorism is a rational response to the reality that America
hates Muslims. That pathology is believed among some in the U.S. and
among the supremacists in Iraq and Syria. The parsing of terrorism data
to create domestic ‘lightning is more likely to kill you than terrorism’
is direct jingoistic dehumanization of victims living outside the United
States and part of a larger intellectual pathology of suggesting that
America is an evil hegemon bent on harming innocent Muslims.

Baghdadi is a genocidaire who envisions killing every person on the
planet who disagrees with his Islamic supremacist vision. He never should
have been released from the Iraqi prison in 2009 so he could create ISIS.
His rhetoric and actions combined with the callous inaction and deception
of the Obama administration created conditions of genocide in Iraq and
Syria. Obama’s chief expert on genocide Samantha Power, who mocked the
U.S. government in her 2002 book, must now gaze upon hundreds of
thousands of lives lost in genocidal activities during her leadership.
The thesis that American military withdrawal from Iraq would defuse the
motives for terrorism has proven terribly false. The current effort to
demonize the new immigration orders for Syria that would reprioritize
entry and allow genocide victims to escape this age of genocide is
diabolical and we ought not be silent.


"In these emails we are seeing the most blatant abuse ever of a cabinet
office. Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into a global revenue
stream that enriched her private interests with millions of ill-gotten
dollars. The scope of this pay-for-play corruption is simply
staggering." (Judicial Watch)