#boycottPalistine products

Directive: Take Part in Forming Global Caliphate.
Funding: U.S.A., Saudi Arabia, Iran; by proxy charities and direct foreign influence.
Directive: Murder all Jews on Earth ( Charter claims Holocaust all Jews)

2006-2014 A.D.: 30,000 UN personal helped Hamas build 32 terrorist tunnels.

CORE = Many Jews Look White
CORE = Many Arabs Look Brown

Anti-Semitism, came out of Anti Ayranism, 3500 B.C.

Latins or Arabs Push Anti-Semitism as they  did anti Aryanism

Over Vast Reincarnational Periods.  

Hamasians are not Palestinians   

British and Americans Propped Up Puppet Dictators for 100 Years.   

Then 9 / 11 Happened

Ottomans Fell 100 + Years Ago.

REPLACEMENT The Muslim BrotherHood = Spirit of the Caliphate/Turkish Sultanate

Russia Fought the Taliban for Regional Control 1980 –‘89

United States of America Defended The Taliban

Usama bin Laden enters 1988 The Taliban
United States Wins For the Taliban 1989

Russia Says ‘We Do Not Want to Play AnyMore!’

U.S.A. Freaks Out! No More White Ass cover, the Cold War was a mask for Global White Rule.
Taliban Says Now Our Chance To Topple West
Al Qu’aeda is founded as White-Ass Resistance

Usama is brown, king Abdullah Saud is white

They Get Into a Fight

House of Saud is forced to Join al Qu’aeda in Secret.

M.B. / al Quada threatens to blow up Daddy’s work ( Mecca).

1994 World Trade Center Bombings Yeminese transplants from Iran Implicate Usama bin Laden, Clinton let them go.

House of Saud Calls Up Bill Clinton, “ Help Us!”

The BEAST (Clinton) “Cries, I have no Authority, sorry.!”

House of Saud says screw U, we will back al qu'aeda
They Hook up with Yeminese transplants from Iran, schooled in Ameirca and other western schools and plan and organize 9/ 11
The BEAST (Clinton) turns down 1998 Usama bin Laden hand over offer.
Bush wins U.S. Presidency by 543 votes after denying 35,000 southern Floridians their chance to vote. U.S. becomes increasingly devided. The Corrupt Supreme Court Gives Him a Pass! There is no revolution nor a revolt, over time a media and these masses accept a corrupt superpower.

The BEAST (Clinton) on 10 th September 2,001 A.D. gives speech and claims he could have killed Usama bin Laden in Kandahar in 1999 A.D. but would have killed 300 innocent civilians. Bill Clinton killed 11,994 Innocent Civilians in 1999 A.D. with Kosovo War.

The Beast is Mentally Ill.