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History 101 Arabs -- Short List

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Arabs Short List


1) Arabs are basically sheepherders and small time traders immediatly before Muhammad's time.
2) Section Mohammed: He claimed to be the last Prophet. So he downloaded what the latest version of what God’s will was. Not a complicated system. But simple.
3) By 630 A.D. he wins out and Islam is established. Mecca becomes the sacred city.
4) All of Arabia is converted to Islam.
5) His death brought about a big crisis. He forgets to tell the Moslems that after he dies, who will be the heir. What was to happen? He left no male children that survived into adulthood. Ally closest heir to Mohammed should take the mantle, but the inner circle close to Muhammad after he dies has different ideas. By community decent Muhammad’s best friend become his successor.
6) The successor title will be called a Caliph. They are a time of about 500 years before things change for them. A Caliph was not a prophet, but a leader of Islam. He gives the communities examples on how to live. He is a secular leader in the community. Also leads Islam into war. To 1200’s you have Caliphs lead the Muslims in military wars.
7) Before Mohammed it was just pagan tribes of Muslims fighting each other. After Mohammed records the law that Muslims are forbidden to fight each other. What do the Muslims do for money? Pagan tribes would fight amongst each other . This new rule made it difficult to raid fellow Muslims to steal money. Now you cannot attack your fellow believers. [This will lead to attacking non-Arabs in search for money. Still going on today]
8) So they can only attack non-believers now. This was to the north about the Byzantine Empire region. They head out North in search of raiding villages and story of pushover and weighted camels full of much loot. That it becomes real and attribute it all to God!

Arab Conquests

1) 640 A.D. Muslims concur Egypt and take Jerusalem. They also concur Persia on their way further east.
2) They concur much of the world. [Note: Western Civilization has crashed to a non-civilization and has entered the dark ages. East takes over the literary and civilization progress. They will transfer their progress back to the Western Civilization sect about late 1200's.]
3) They will concur Spain and take Southern France until Charles Martlel in 732 will stop a large Muslim force invading from Spain. The Muslim large cavalry will go deep into Gaul an Charles’s will rally his troops and stop them cold n their tracks.
4) Muslims will take the East all the way to India. All this success is attributed to God of the Muslims. “ Look how God is blessing us,” Muslims said.
5) No policy to convert the conquered people to Islam. Because of one important law in Islam. “ You cannot tax a fellow Muslim.”
6) Rome was still more sophisticated than the Arabian Empire when they ruled over them.
7) “If you convert concurred people you cannot tax them,” Muslims said.
8) So they do not convert the people to Islam. Allot of non-Muslim now live under Muslim rule.
9) Nor do they know how to run the people- they just came out from the dessert only knowing tribal trade etiquette. This was all brand new to them. They could remember their shepherding days, but maintaining wide regional governments were a huge shock to them. [ Note: Egypt and Sumerians and Macedonia and The Huns and many others who concurred great civilizations because they became weak and they were more the aggressors all seem to fail at maintaining what they had concurred. Same goes for Greek and Rome and Egypt and Sumer. They mirrored the Arabs in this respect. The Arabs will learn how to manage great distances and become a operational system of governance that will hold together for a matter of many centuries, until they will fall into the same rut of bickering and slothfulness and leadership corruption that the western civilizations all could not escape. We have a repeat system of rise and fall as west goes threw. Just as the Sun rises - it soon will set. But in reality the Sun never sets it’s the Earth that makes a daily eclipse [phases] of the Sun.
10) So the Arabs at the start do not know how to run these great masses. They leave that up to the leaders who were in power already. They just taxed them and made the important decisions. The Muslims are the privileged elite. They get retirement and lots of money. The non-Muslims do al the work and for a long time this goes on till the concurred people think of ways to get around this. “Lets convert to Islam,” non-Muslim people said.
11) The Muslims see everyone converting and take a back-step. “ We need to make a new law,” Muslims said. The Muslims make up a new rule that if you are not a Muslim you have to pay taxes regardless if you convert or not. People see Muslims as hypocrites to their own religion.
12) At first they didn’t complain, but it turns into resentment that boils over into a revolt.
13) In 755 Abassid Revolt. Tax inequality started in Persia and makes it way to the West Empire. The Caliph was slaughtered along with his wife and family. New Caliph was set up.
14) New rule: No more discrimination - everyone was equal. Equal in tax base for all. (They stop living by the words of the Koran.) Plus equal opportunity for all stations of leadership and all races.
15) This improves the whole culture. [See: Greece culture] Improvements by the leaps and bounds. This also causes the Islamic Empire to grow.
16) Now they look at libraries and books of the ancient cultures and get started on become the for-front of the new progressions of literary accomplishments. They will dive into all aspects of science and improve a new way to make business a million times faster by creating adding and subtracting of numerals easy to put into columns unencumbered by the Roman system that was overwhelmingly confusing.
17) They learn to read, from all the lands they concurred. They learn all there languages and speak many tongs (?) . And the Muslims are curious to what’s in those Greek book’s.
18) Arise out of all this culture explosion come new Islamic scholars who devour the gold mines of knowledge. The often do further research on these areas of these books. Like medicine and investigations, Astronomy (Almagest was renamed by them of Ptolemy’s Astronomy Mathematics’ of the Solar System. Almagest means - -greatest [work].)
19) So they make allot of progress on these things. All the Stars names in the sky are Arabic. Are Numerals are Arabic. Because adding and subtracting Roman numerals was cumbersome. The Arabic was to use the decimal system. Only the value changes with position which relation to them. It was a tremendous achievement and like stated before business was pushed forward a million miles ahead because of it. Islam comes into contact with new civilizations and they found that these civilizations were using this decimal system. So they saw that it was good. {Note: Biblical phrase} and adapted it for their own. This system was invented in India about the time of Jesus. [Note: Thomas Jesus’ brother that he sold into slavery made a huge impact on India] Indian merchants used it because of its easy calculations. It was also introduced to Southern Asia. Muslim saw vegetable traders using these numbers and the adoption were complete. So it was all-tremendous because it has become the standard all of our world used today and is made calculations easy.
20) Muslims in India also notice the hammer being used on iron. “ Wow!” Muslims said. This will make the discovery of steel introduced to the world known as Indian-Steel. So steel making is introduced.
21) Plus sugarcane in India was there for a long time. Arabs saw people chewing on branches that looked like trees and asked, “ What is that?” So Arabs introduced it to the Empire as well. This will be important as the first soft drinks were made from sugarcane. How they made sugar. They dried it and carried it into the public. Actually the Muslims created the soft drink. [Should they get compensation/retributions from Pepsi and Coke?]
22) Candies are made out from this new brought over spice. It is added as a taste enhancer. Well you can figure out the rest. (More rotten teeth: laugh)
23) India loved to play a lot of games and Chess was passed onto the Muslims. Still today it is played all over the world and can be in competitions for prestige as well as prizes. Most who play it say “ vary enjoyable.” Muslims will pass it on to Egypt. They take it and spread it.
24) Then the Muslims see China. Writing “ Wow! That is expensive product to buy,” Muslims said. China first was printing on animal skins. And animal skins have always had good prices for whatever the user of it desires. The Chinese had been using wood block printing. But they discovered something else that they were unaware what it was. “ White pieces of paper with words on it.” Paper had been discovered and Chinese [Mongols] were galloping along at civilization progress. [While the west was in the Dark! {Ages}]
25) Result: Paper is being widely used in Europe now.
26) Muslims see windmills. “ What’s that?” Muslims said. So they pick it up from China and prance it back over to Europe to use it as the first water pushers to get water into the desert areas.
27) China is tinkering around with chemicals. Those Chinese always up to something. “Poof!” Gunpowder is born. This will change the west and eventually the whole world. Dictators can be absolutely safe with knights and Armies. But once you cannot see your assailants because he is hid behind bushes. There is no way for you to keep your slave from killing you because you are evil. It will help establish the greatest Democratic nation the world has ever seen. It will fuel massive slaughtering of humans in minuets instead of hours and days. Thus quickening the result of death. It will equal out the Noble who forces serfs to slave for them to be equal. It will destroy the elite and make them humble. It will make a weak man strong, as an elixir was search after in historic myths. No more forced slavery for those who could get their hands on one of these elixirs. It revolutionized the world.
28) The Chinese first used this new concoction at their celebrations and festivals. They made tiny rockets and bangers and smoke bombs. The biggest fire crackers were used for bombs intended for war. They blew up walls. Then bamboo guns come into play and first gun is invented.
29) First to discover magnetic rocks would go north and south- the compass. First was used in flat lands probably large areas of desert not on the seas. Later it will be used on ships made for navigation.
30) This is an example of cultural transference going on. [West is illiterate and nobles keep down most of the population as ignorant slaves- we call this Dark Ages]
31) Summery: Arabs had talent to see good things and adopt it and bring it into the Arab Empire. And then Europe sees it at the Arab Empire and it’s transferred over to the west.
32) So Arabs are advanced now the west is on darkness.
33) All this impressiveness last until 1256. Then come the dreaded Mongols! Who will concur most of the known world. From; Poland, East Germany all of Hungary, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Greece, Turkey, China, Northern India, North and South Korea, and the entire Middle Eastern Asia. “Put it this way! They Dominated!”


1) They Capture the Caliph who was reigning and do not sin against him. They thought he was a sinner, but a holy man. So they didn’t want to Chop his head off. “ How do we kill a Caliph without getting God mad at us,” Mongols said. They rolled him up in a carpets and each soldier took turns shaking the carpet till he dies. [A type of shake and bake.]
2) No more Caliph now, so the Arab Empire breaks up!
3) A new fad arises out of all of this! God is not creating any more victory for the Arabia now that Mongols are the new kids on the block. “How can I get a one-to-one relationship with God,” Arabs said. Well the new fad will be that they turn toward monastic life. The best Arabs put their focus into these things now instead of science and civil-progress. So this discontinuity broke up the Empire. And today most of the Muslims are living in the Dark ages [except for a few rich ones- that can mirror the noble-land owners who treaded the rest of the population like slaves. {Serfs}]
4) Arab final Summery: In a time lost they had achieved a great thing. They preserved and progressed on the knowledge of our [the whole world] world and recovered what the west lost during wars and stupidity. Through the Muslim world each and everyone must give them thanks because they would eventually pass it back to use and we would use it to get out of the hole we dug for ourselves.


additions: 10 0ct 2009


Maghreb (Moghreb), meaning “west” in Arabic, is identified by some to be the region of Africa that is north of the Sahara desert and west of the Nile – specifically, the modern countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and to a lesser extent Libya and Mauritania.


2007 The ‘Islamic Maghreb” ( Knights of the Islamic Maghreb) joined Al Qa’eada – and were formally the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, against Al Qa’eada. There activities have spread to Niger and Mauritania. In the 1990s they battled the Algeria authorities and cost 10,000 lives. In October of 2009, a French intelligence report citing a contractor analysis from CERN, Geneva, was arrested for ‘allegedly’ handing over information on potential nuclear factory sites in Europe. See Brice Hortefeux, French Interior Ministry.







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