Qur’an (2:191-193) : […] let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun […]

Az-Zalimuntrans. Paganists and non believers of strict Islam.

America has no Muslims operating their religion. Almost 100% are secular and just follow Islam spiritually and not literally. Obama and Loretta Lynch confuse these two or infact they lie as these blacks have done for decades and are a major driving force benind this Radical Jihading baby raping movements, too.


The Qu'ran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule* ." that is why Democrats that support radical jihad at 100% just called a jihad on Americans and the world this weekend.

Religion is just a set of ideas and beliefs to which to conduct your personal to community to nation ways of life. It is no different than what you deem as ·atheist.· Atheism pertains to total freedom to do anything one’s personal desires wants to do in life.
These cultural clashes are then divided into Secular and Religous groups. Athiest Democrats have failed to encorporate Religious Islam, while siding with them against the Christian peacniks and Atheist ·CON or new con· War Mongers.
The Right wing has FOX News Atheists and faux Christians, but they love playing JI Joe in the sand, so they create wars to then play games with real human bodies.

The right wing Christians want peace and family and local work, maybe some fishing vacations and to live a peaceful life not threatened by ∞ social cultural class migrations ∞ This also applies to some secular right wingers too. The Left wing Muslims want what the Christians want, almost the same thing without the cultural court clashes of body supremacy.

The secular left wing loves living alternative lifestyles on the margins of most nation's laws. Extremist leftwingers like pedastry, rape, child abduction and drug empire building and onto lesser ideas of using false narratives to bilk nation states from its welfare doles while escaping their own national problems. Jesus did not run, he fought his own government. That is the difference between migrants running from places that did not kick them out ; the Puritans were kicked out of all of Europe. Secular Leftists and Religious Muslims vote for the Democratic Party. Both do not see eye to eye except on one issue, the destruction of the white Christian. The Cultures do not get along. White Liberal Atheists love kinky sex, bad hygiene, bizarre  phobias, and masses of quirks which disturb more sane people, the Religious left or right. The way the athiest Jew Arab Latino Media uses religous Muslims who they detest personally to attacking the right wing enemeies the Christians who they equally detest . The differece, the only one, is that most Muslims are light skinned arab bodies and all the way to dark skin, where as more Chiristans tend to be nordic whites in history, and a smaller fraction of brown and black who tend toward Catholicism or Batptice version of Christianity.

Each Jihadi ISIS confirmed Attack, like 60 milies today north of me ( 21 victims) Trump will go to top of the bill. Carson's lack of this immigration narrative will doom him. 14 dead‚ 17 shoot but alive‚ took place at a Christian Chrismas Party‚ Chief implies‚ this perhaps was an Islamic moderate terrorist attack. as I write this, Syed Farook still on the loose. His two other terrorists are dead, shot by troops. Barack Obama claimed it was not terrorism, the guns have legs and so the guns are the reason, not the humans that pulled the trigger. 12032015 A.D. DOJ

Loretta Lynch declares San Bernardino Shooting a good opportunity to address “inflammatory” speak. Newt Gingrich : “This San Bernardino Attack was AN ACT OF WAR! ” 12 04 2015 A.D.

11 people have been killed in attacks on abortion clinics in the United States since 1993, including the Colorado
attack and all happened under Obama, Clinton and no attacks occured under the Bush regimes. New York Jewish Bookstore Manager Beaten by Self-Declared Muslim Yelling ‘F*** You Jews’.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World.
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World.

update: 01 13 2018: Important.

Five separate unsecured emails revealed the location of Ambassador Stevens, so Hillary Clinton ordered a US Ambassador’s Assassination. source a chain of five emails. Valarie Jarret, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and then State Department chain of emails to set up Christian Ambassador from UC Berkeley my school for THE ASSASSINATION. #confirmed. #01132018AD
Note: this and more dire stuff is why Jeff Sessions and Mueller are hesitant to reveal because Illuminati controlling our weak Beast (Clinton’s teams)( AntiChrist ( Bush teams), and False Prophet ( Obama’s) are doing Satan’s work for various illuminati, from mixed white to full blown black African Nobility Luciferains.

See how the world treats the homeless and poor? that was Jesus' life and so since the world hates the poor‚ orphans and such‚ they must love the rich and powerful, golden guilded Muhammad of Islam. So please join the rich elite Muslims and be happy‚ there seems to be no happiness with Jesus. — January 13 th 2015 A.D.


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