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Saddām Abd al-Majid al-Cikriti Hussæyin

SH: Helped into power by U.S. MEAMIC, provided with Chemical weapons by both Russia and U.S.A. to use on Kurds and Iranians ( a part of the revenge for the 1979 Iranian Revolution that had been brewing for over a decade). This event turned out to be a first since WW I ( not including the NAZI gas chambers) and the crazy radical scientists that tested chemical weapons of real human soldiers in these World War I bunkers and mud barracks. MEAMIC told Saddam, "heay! you are our friend, here are some chemicals to use on your enemies," ( Kurds, and Iranians) and so Saddam was the first modern leader to use, explicitly, chemical weapons -- if not the C.I.A. did it for him and gave him the credit.

BC to SH: 31 Oct. 1998 A.D. Bill ( B E A S T ) Clinton signs Iraqi leader assassination and invasion Act. Clinton cites Saddam Hussein is harboring chemical and biological weapons, and this gives his successor, Bush jr., the legal go ahead to take this funding ( not permission, the permission was an (EO) Executive Order a nice way of saying a dictator decree.

Bill Clinton cultivated Usama bin Laden as a patsy, and after 9/11 ( bin Laden had NO involvement at all) Bush jr.,  said, "You know? Saddam cheered after 9/11 and I think we can go kill him and his country people and take his country for all the oil fields they lit after they fled after the 1991 attempted invasion or Imperialism of the west."  Proof has come out, because daddy Bush was directly involved in John F. Kennedy's assassination, and for keeping quite he was promoted to CDI, where he had immense power to play, 'I'm the center of the Universe,' and even making up that Saddam tried to assassinate him twice.

Iraq, under Saddam Hussein,  fielded the second strongest female Military personal,  inclusion military in modern times. Israel with all youth conscription, a state law, fields women soldiers and yes most are academically educated. Most Americans are backwards, racist, and run by MEAMIC who is Satan's Army, and it matters not what color nor what ethnicity.

"The only really motivated sectors along The Front were held by the Mujahadeen æl-Khalq – or the M.Æ.K. – the Iranian Liberation Army. Saddām Abd al-Majid al-Cikriti Hussæyin (b.1937—d.2006) harbored an all-female army with stunning combat records, the highest-educated army ever to hit the field in the history of Mankind. These women were all M.D.s, D.D.S.s, C.P.A.s, Ph.D.s, and Attorneys-at-Law whose practices had been declared illegal in Iran under the Ayatollahs on the basis of their gender alone. These women formed a host of young professionals determined to push the corrupt Mullahs out of Tehrān and into the Caspian Sea. Thanks to Saddām Hussæyin's vast oil-revenues, they were equipped with full armored units as well as several helicopter units. With their inordinately high level(s) ofeducation, skills, and  élan, these “Amazons in headscarves” had adapted quite readily to the technology of ultramodern mechanized combat. But herein lay the seed of Iraq’s ultimate destruction at the hands of Neo-Conservative America."


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