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33 degree Luciferians built the World Trade Towers to be demolished on 33 rd year. They did this with cruise missiles CGI on line and live at MIT baby raper labs. Confirmed Feb 2018 A.D. So the fake Masons did this and we found out they are child traffickers and child molesters and rapists and child sacrificers and all are on cocaine and booze. RothsChild made the call. Windsor signed off and Usama bin Laden had no role at all. Biggest mistake was a fakes jet nose appears out the back side after traveling through the World Trade Center, Tower That is physically impossible. That was a mistake.


30,000 detonations New York City 911 Truth ; produced July 2016 A.D.

911 Truth believes 30,000 plus detonations were used to 'demolish' buildings two, one and then later seven, turning them into dust. Professional building demolishers explain setting up detonations can be a long planning and implementing process, but if done correctly the buildings come down in unison or symmetrically a vertical – even collapse. updated 9:00 pm. North Hollywood , Burbank Boarder, California. Los Angeles Country . July 6 th 2017 A.D.

30,000 detonations New York City 911 Truth ; produced July 2016 A.D.

UK Queen Involved C.I.A. Top Levels, F.B.I. top levels and Judeans. 2017 A.D. Arc.

Bandar “Bush” Named as 9/11 Planner in 28 Pages™ George Herbert Walker Bush and His Son Geroge Walker Bush call this Sultan thier family member.

DNC Convention Opening: God was booed again, just like 2012.

New pages on Mongalis Tatars

Cracker on the Cross

Atlantis »Prison > kpfk traitors ⇑ whites line up awating black armies

Liberals do two (3) things very well; (1) Lie. (2) Divert attention away from the real issues. (3) Project their dysfunctions, issues, and failures on others.

RNC Convention Reflections

First time in my Life, this is awesome.  I am finally proud for the First Time of My Life. Someone stood up for me.

Donald Trump Pledge : “I Am with You, I will Fight for You and I will Win for You.”

America first

The Oklahoma City bombing was done by Bush and Clinton to cover up 400K lawsuits against the Army. #confirmed

The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist attack by Goerge H.W. Bush and William J Clinton #Confirmed. A truck bombing on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States on April 19, 1995 was carried out by CIA who assisted upset US citizen Timothy McVeigh. Tim was approached by CIA to bomb the building because the section that was destroyed had 400,070 Gulf War I lawsuits: Depleted Uranium, Radiation poisoning, picking up Bush defrayed nuclear materials to the Middle East and what not. .#03182018AD 2:39 PDT pm


Cruise Missle Vido footage leaked that hits the Pentagon as $2,400,000,0000 ( $ trillion) . Raw Video and not doctored. It looks like a Cruise Missile and today, on multiple videos.

9:38 Patonmic plane down ( del ray, south of the 14 bridge). It became the NAVY. and then Bob went further and then onto the Pentagon where the smoke originated.

Bob Pugh, who was at the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. He saw Islamists picking up peices of mechanical stuff but found no plane parts.


. Wasn't it an incredible coincidence that an alleged plane hit the very part of the pentagon that housed the offices of the auditors and accountants working on what happened to the $2.3 trillion that Donald Rumsfeld announced was unaccounted for in the military coffers just a day before? We never heard about that missing money again.


Dems are in a mess, #crookedhillary   is too crooked to be legitimate.

2012 Good US Spooks released the real image of the projectile that hit the US Pentagon. Photo in large below with AA on it.

#911 this is what hit the pentagon on 11 th September 2001 a.d and can be seen clearly now with high tech computer software of the graining field cam that caught the projectile, shown to the world on the first day.  #seaone has been opened for about 6 months now. #bookoflife #arcmichael 09112016ad #lga1230 #antichrist #beast #falseprophet George Walker #Bush , Jr. was born with a classic sign of the AntiChrist. whooops. this country is waaaaay out of control #saudiarabia paid for this missile and had people on the ground picking up the parts right after captured by Bob Pugh who was on scene that day taking the video of a 16 x 16 hole in the pentagon before wreaking balls came in and opened up the side of the building.

USArabian Racist Warmongering History Against White White DNA people

Establishment blamed Russia since 1958 when dumb democrats thought exploding supernovea were actually Russians testing nuclear weapons beyond our own Milkey Way.

That started the Cold War ≡ bigot racist jews were in edu power, now white white, they were deposed after wwii. This is an arab bigot land now.

#california murders are commonplace with our Latino community who vows never to be a Democrat and to  love different minorities. they hate all but brown arabite Latino blood lusters.  They say you cannot speak the truth and survive. The USA was forever a real freaking lie and joke. Led by Arabite Hitler and Arabite NAZI bushites = both are not white dna, but mixed arab white WASAs .like #whahhabiates . #criminallivesmatter  

Sunday Christian Day 24 th July 2016 A.D.

911 Terrorist Attacks Were An Inside Job

29 Pages  as Obama calls them of the declassified pages left out of the original 911 Commission Report; and was dumped on Friday at 2:00 p.m. just before the Congress takes a two month break, It highlights the Saudi Royals acting out of Ambassador Bandar’s Saudi Arabian U.S. Consulate organizing and funding the foreign hijackers and meeting with the AntiChrist George Walker Bush; who by no means was the only player in these terrorist attacks.  However, this is still today his family member.

Los Angeles AirPort 1999 A.D.

Sandy ‘Burglar’ Burger stole classified intelligence reports under his socks, constantly until he was caught ⇔ what were the contents? that under Clinton terrorists came through LA Airport. They had zero reason to be here and he was well aware because it was through the Washington D.C. Saudi Consulate headed by Bush, former president's favorite Sultan Bandar. In the summer of 2000, two of the Pentagon Hijackers flew in from the Middle East to Los Angeles International Airport. ; the FBI became aware too and advised Condensible Rice. The Bush Family calls this Saudi Family, the Bush Family. This is detailed in the 28 pages &‚ just released and general history.




Clint ⌉ ⌋ ton ≡ DEEP PIT ⁄etymology⁄


William J. Clinton «666» Covered up his role in allowing the Saudi Royals to bank role politicians in exchange for blood and death ‡ excitement for the arabite Jew fake Moslem Saudi Royal family. Nine months before the 11 th September 2001 attacks, the Cole bombers were linked to Bandar too and his ambassadorship in America allowing terrorists to run wiled all over the place and Bill Clinton was a sell out and could not do a damn thing. He was bought and sold like a cheap whore. So he got Sandy Burger to destroy this evidence.

Condoleezza Rice , Louis Freeh , Phil Belico [?] ; he had 1999 information the terrorists are coming through Los Angeles International Airport and being houses by Bandar Sultan’s team.  Rice shut up and hired Belico after 911.



#susan #sarandon #screenwriting #screenplay #arcmichael for you from #lord  

#Bush = #wasa #arab white. so does  #HillaryClinton. These are not white white people folks.

George Herbert Walker Bush & George Walker Bush, Jr. Conversation `1996 A.D.
George Walker Bush, Jr born with Sign of #AntiChrist . Daddy most evil sign w/ Mars horizon w/ al ghoul culminating in real visual astreology = #biblical astronomy. Astrologers go away.

GWB.jr Daddy, I want to rob a bank.
GHWB: “ That’s nice, son.”
GWB.jr “ But, Daddy!”
GHWB: “What son?”
GWB.jr “ It’s on another continent. ( Giggles )
GHWB: “well that means war son, and putting one of us into  the Presidency.”
GWB.jr “ Can we do it, yah, daddy , can we , oh can we?”
GHWB: “ Well, Son, OK, I will talk to our Jewish Saudi Friends, and we will set up a diversion once you become POTUS.
GHWB: Beast set up #Saudi Jew Fraudi ( not Israelis) massive bank and wall street robbery.  Since Bin #Laden family will be patsytized ( Usama bin Laden as patsy) they move their family members out of USA when during lockdown on 11 sept 2001.

On 10 Sept 2001, #Donald #Rumsfeld , who despises the Bush pussies now declared #trillions   are missing form the US #Pentagon .
News all over radio, internet, video:  Semi after Semi trucks are reported at Baghdad filling crates of cash, gold, precious metals and loot. These trucks were #NRO ed to the desert and headed toward Syria, but following them, they never made it that far and disappeared. This was a bank robbery.

laughing video of saudi jihadis picking up #cruisemissle fragments off the Pentagon Parking lot was hysterical#niggahops leaked #cruisemissile as #paintedjetplane and fired from a remote movable truck, as filmed by  Helicopter by #blackops

good actors these pussies and Beast wife, are , eh?

Mission Accomplished  was a real confusion. So here is the real secret.

GWB.jr  bank Robbery Completed so he tells daddy from USS Abraham Lincoln : Mission Accomplished
May 1, 2003

dick cheney the fatlard tubber fatso

#cheney got #93,000,000 for his efforts.

bank robbery completed . Cowboy #pussies = Bush = feminine beyotch to saudi Royal Phallace.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #11132016ad  

911: Folks the reason this was never until now declassified are both Bushes and Clintons are directly involved with Saudi Arabian Royals and were paid off handsomely. 11132016ad

The Saudi Royals have a habit of sending the Clinton $25,000,000 checks almost  now on every quarter.  Donald Trump is 100% correct this is the most Corrupt Administrators in all of American history.

funded and reported to Bush sr.

29 #Obama, 28 declassified pages says this Bush family member imported the terrorists and funded them . Clinton had Sandy Burger try to destroy documents code name operation megiddo vs. 2.0, revised from original plan. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07242016ad   He is employed by Saudi Arabia and Funds al nursa, Al queada, ISIS, DAESH, and perhaps offshots like Bokoharam. The enemy  was always inside of our white house, it knew all along. we call them the establishment they have 3,000 New york, WashDC, blood on their hands and 250,000 more with the wars to cover up this horrible reality. #christian 11th September 2001 attacks.


Osama bin Laden denied the 911 attacks from 11 th Sept. 2001 to December 31 st 2001, at least 139 times to major news print, radio and television. Only later did he go along with the theme he was the top bad dude on the Earth.

George H. W. Bush New WASA World Order run by Arabite Race and not the white race.

Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

911 cont…ksm

#osamabinladen wants his innocence back. 28 declassified pages of original 911 commission allegedly link #Clinton ( #beast)  and #Bush ( #AntiChrist )  with operational circumstances of the 11 th September 2001 terrorist attacks = DIRECTLY. this country is waaaay out of control . > Link is solid. This means Revolution. Go #donaldtrump Obama the false prophet covers this up too.  Congress forced this release of 29 pages as Obama calls them of the Sultan , Bush's family member as the operational chief. This info is coming form Khalid S. #Muhammad during water-boarding ( still at GITMO).

And get this  William J. Clinton ( 666 germantia, Hebrew and Chaldean) had full knowledge in 1999, as early as June that the terrorists were being flown in from the Middle East to my airport. the Los Angeles International Airport and why Sandy Burger was stealing all the classifieds related to this until he was caught.

The Saudi Royals hold half of their population as real slaves.  They are gay converted Jews from early last century and love boy and harem gay sex. Hillary loves the #lgbt and so do these Sultans but they also like goat sex too.

the link is directly to Bush's family member and now Bush sr. calls also Bill Clinton a new family member

#MEAMIC #losangeles  

Obama involved too circumstantially.

False prophet #Obama involved too.  he forced congress to pass legislation last month so no 911 Attack families of Americans can sue any Saudi Royal over their direct involvement to the 11 th September 2,001 Terrorist attacks. Then he said we will not publish this report and then the Congress pushed hard to release them. Bander allegedly told George Walker Bush in 2002, he could release these sections of the report but most spooks say, ' Bush was never going to do that,' and it took the people to force it out.

Donald Rumsfeld who had no knowlege of these attack plans told the media one day before the Septemner 11 th Attacks that the Pentagon was missing $2.4 trillion dollars. The 911 events knocked that news out of the loop permanently.

Syria Attacked

by whom? USA and Turkey attacked Syria, it was Obama Hillary regime change stuff. the estabby lies and are all warmongering profiteers.


#russia bombed two #islamicstate compounds last week so the Bushite Clinton MSNBC FOX ABC NPR CBS  media claimed it was a US base so as to START  World #War III for arab jew profits. 07 22 2016ad g+ post

What the Hell is Am e Rica ?

Violent immigrant lands: blacks have biggest muscles so they win ultimately in this land of EVERYONE came by immigration. ( even the natives from Siberia 10,000 years ago and called themselves by various tribes. ). Politics is no different. White gurls destroyed western civilization fantasizing about BBC. Science is observational and simplistic.


arcmichael post for   22 jul  2016


01 TTC

 Sandy Burgler Burger stole classified that under Clinton terrorists came through LA Airport

Cultural Relevance

Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Using the journal pages‚ add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


Equality & Justice or Die

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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