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Rothschild with Queen Elizabeth II tried to put a Car Bomb next to me on St. Valentine 2018 Night. Lis. confirmed form [ codes] thank you. Took care of it before went looking for the codes. But the codes confirmed who was trying to kill me. Not our USA, but UK Rothchild Windsor #Confirmed #JesusChrist returned


#Judgement Queen of England, Princes of Windsor and all family to be publically put into a LAKE OF FIRE, one of the many sulfur pits on Earth and you can Televise this if I AM not around. #IAM.

11:31 A.M. P.S.T. Van Nuys. #02152018AD

non white, very tall Annunaki follow the U.K. and C.I.A. controllers of planet earth. USA is not in any control. Trump told Pentagon to drain the swamp and they refused. NSA people on our side tried to escape, one dead, one injured, other taken back to NSA prison. They have controls of nukes and believe they are GOD.

Confirmed by ‘[]’ UK  put Car Bomb next to me last night. I took care of this before learning of  the threat. The info was who was behind this.  Annunaki  Gray box, expensive Jeep, keeps feigning bank ATM, just when I get to my sleep spot and then about 10 cars.  So  Since I Have you all under Judgement, the Entire Lands of  the UK are now mine, only.  About $7 Quadrillion dollars.  GDP is always factored in the over all economy estimates. So you no longer have any land. Did you put Pressure of GHWB to do  #911 because that is my source. Eh, Illumintardi? This means you are dumbasses who will no longer be allowed to reincarnate or enjoy any aspect of life itself.

Queen of England put a hit on me and ‘Q’. #Confirmed. I tell her all of U.K. lands and property are now Mine. Period.

SO I AM finished with the Queen. Let us Take  Saudi Arabia.

B/ R pub hijack ( 1,2,3,4, ) Sky Beam is Cal. We started nuclear age. I go to Cal. The Rothschild did not and go to liberal art schools and  cannot read nor  write.  They have control of the  Nuclear rockets at NK, USA, Sauud, PAK ( not India, not China) and UK has control of Russian Nukes . #Confirmed #putin is a hostage to the Rothschild.

Rothschild purchased the Entire World with Lucifer, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton has joined them to take control of Planet Earth, depopulate and run to bunkers in the Earth to live as they kill all on the Planet. These people eat children alive. No one is helping me and I do not want Churches or religion or Memories. I want you all off my church, EVERYONE. No Georgia Guidestones. These are baby raping weirodos. Not #IAM.

Valentine's Day #JesusChrist Returned as Promised. Some of my reincarnations are Prophet Muhammad, Yahweh and many embodiments in the Holy Bible and accounts in Islamic Tradition.

Valentine's Day 2018

Blue Turban Queen Attempt Car Bomb on ME. So I take all of the U.K. Land and Resources.

source confidential . they too have B 1 & B 2 -13- 24∫ Hitters oked by RothTerrorists canibol Annunaki baby rapers. 11:12 p.m. PST.

[People of GOD my team] gave nearly all lisc. plate of female park by me tonight. there were many cares. I circled her car and ushered her away. in elaborate code. 7xvk205 . sleep spot. jeep blk. After I had ushered this car away, I went online and saw a new Feb 14 'q' post and the data said I And '[]' are on assassination approval 24/7. The car next too me was said to be a car attack, and '[]' gave me the country. So the Entire UK is now Mine. Period. remember the St. Valentine Massacre that these Annunaki non white of Chicago pulled off and so these Allister Crowley types were trying to do more 'babyrape majic' and we know the NSA are holding hostages and killing the people of GOD.  Illuminati called Rothschild Fed Reserve Wall Street, they bought off the world for centuries.


updated: 6:07 p.m.#02142018AD Had a wonderful time at Cornerstone this Valentine’s Day. The Above floor staff cooked us a I-Hop style breakfast, pancakes and waffles with wiped- cream, banana slices, syrup and or jam and a slice of a pie of knish. Then after noon we had Karaoke and a raffle, I did not win anything. Then we had a backed potatoes’ bar: source cream, melted cheese, chives, real bacon bits just made and orange juice. Everyone enjoyed this much, many long time patrons who are working or doing something out of the general weekly program came by to say hi and party. I said thank you many times during the events and I say thank you now. #02142018AD.


I took a break, after Pancake Brunch to go do some errands around North Hollywood near the western Burbank boarder and at Ralfs, a typical grocery store a homeless brown eyed and light brown hair and white skin began to stare me down.  The general typical ‘insane ‘ or Evil Eye.  As I walked by I keep glancing up and noticing it was starring with a purpose.  I then starred back and kept walking toward my destination.  He begins to scream that this  is not my State and I have to leave.  #lolz what I been training if you are white as Bush Jr. to Bill Clinton promote white people are criminals, unless they are approved by The Beast.  So this semi white dude is verbally assaulting me and the entire parking lot overhears this and this upsets me , so after leaving the store, I went toward my car but not directly in his direction with  the actions to kill him.  When I close to my car, he is not around,  I look around, get some flak for  that and then roam and look  for him, and he had scattered.  There was a Police Helicopter in the sky , police black and white type, circling over the Parking Lot. I was not concerned. He may have scattered when seeing the copter, came as I just opened up my phone ( [] ) and so it sent in the Mils. Army Cars were going my directions this day. Lols ( others follow me all day). Anyway, I had to go run more errands and get back to Cornerstone. But I AM changing. I Was going to pick up something and hurt or kill this person. I never replied or said anything. He probably picked on me misjudging me that I was weak and would not respond. At this point in my life ( this period of our universe) I AM livid. This dude I have seen before at the Park. NH Park and the public access brings in many homeless or thieves because of the railline underground station nearby. The ones I know are lifers or long time, like 20 – 30 years. Many come and go and hopefully this one. Years and Years ago I would have just ran from people like this being scared, but I AM reborn after those 14+ assassination attempts in 2017 and 5 so far ( all in less than a week, after Hillary Clinton gave the shout out on Youtube) in 2018. Those 'five' forced me to out the Rothschild illuminati controlling global child trafficking, banking, media, institution and academia and our own Military, throwing the entire Russian Investigation to a whole new level.

updated: 6:07 p.m – 6:25 p.m. .#02142018AD

Obama directed The F.B.I. to stop the Hillary Clinton Email Investigation. Remember when Comey re opened the investigation, that was to collect Hillary ‘s laptop, via A. Wiener’s from the Cops, due to a F.B.I.’s authority to open any investigation and confiscate some one else’s property and use it against them.  That was then managed, & later  discussed on   how to operate that ‘issue’ .  Hillary Clinton Blames Comey to mask that the FBI and her are on the same side.

6:48 p.m. PST SheO



reported a year ago on this. a Homosexual Black Prostitute: Dead, police photos and ties to Ed Buck's house, and close donor. Bondage cage a year ago with same people. So Ed and this prostitute knew each other. Place Los Angeles.

2010 Oct., IRS, DOJ, FBI and Lois Lerner and Robert Mueller worked to target conservatives [ white white dna people] , new evidence reveals. That means MEAMIC and very deep. Intel Committee and Inspector General released today.

Obama term (2010 Oct., IRS, DOJ, FBI  Illuminati teams then took 2.5 Billion Tax Records on Americans).

Obama term (2010 Oct., IRS, DOJ, FBI  illuminati teams then took 2.5 Billion Tax Records on Americans)  Targeted 13,000 plus U.S. citizen white white groups, like churches and neighborhoods to destroy the white race on planet Earth. That project was run under the #falseprophet



Even as FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was sitting in judgment over the Hillary Clinton email scandal, close allies of the Clintons contributed $1.2 million to McCabe’s wife, Jill, who was running for the state senate in Virginia. 5:00 p.m. P.S.T. #02142018AD SheO. Like native American women the females do the under handed buisness to mask the boy's direct involvement. Or the chicks are pedios. 3:1 I found was women, 10y and younger which makes me 'wonder.'

Will MS13NBC threaten to Nuke America? Bawahaha

FBI nor most CIA even know anything at all . I Lake one of you spooks in a black car outside, you will be losing your soul forever. And for the Last Judgement, I Just go through all your eyes, blind have others details. FBI CIA et al MEAMIC are funded by these Illuminati, mainly the Draco Rothschild.   

It is constant lately.

+Jason West Illuminati are outside and perhaps an FBI or more. Nope. still getting assassinations, 5 two weeks ago, all within a week, one was 3 in 24 hours. Hillary Clinton made the call, Lynn De Rothchild then texts John Podesta "to stop it" on twitter because I warned them not to do this and so I AM taking down the Illuminati for that call. So if Hillary goes to jail. then I do not attack illuminati but they are not even understanding Armageddon code, they are years and years early. they do not have nukes or chip set up yet. anyway, it is day to day for me and I do plan to go see my grave sites all over earth. Cal kicked me out because by the time for grad school, all the emeriti fled the swamp takeover. PB ≡ Podesta's groups took control of UC Berkeley in 2009 and it has too become a swamp. I AM constantly tracked, by multiple world parties, it is just my life. also others upstairs.

archive Hillary for DeathCamps in America to suck off the blood of the human sacrifice victims. LOLS, it does not stop with these Illuminutters.

remember Kenn Starr ha ha, media illuminati baby rapers hated him. Clinton asks. What is the definition of 'is' ?

IAM : it is a to –be verb you liberal arts failure. Bawahahahahahahahhahahhahahaha this interview proved William J. Clinton does not know 2nd grade English, at all. he is retarded.

There is no Swamp Drain. ha ha

2017 , I took 14 assassinations attempts by tall black Reptilians,  Comey, Hillary, Bushes, Illuminati Rothschild ( sinclaire), Hollywood and the VATICAN AND OTHERS. kORE AND BLACK BOX . PLUS 5 ASSASSIN attempts after the new year, so add those. And  over 300 days of harassment, snares or attempted renditions. UFO dropped matrix to survive. #JesusChrist returned.


Whore of Babylon speaks on Killing Seth Rich. She has death camps and eats babies alive.


Queen is of the House of Rothchild illuminati.

FBI nor most CIA even know anything at all . I Lake one of you spooks in a black car outside, you will be losing your soul forever. And for the Last Judgement, I Just go through all your eyes, blind have others details. FBI CIA et al MEAMIC are funded by these Illuminati, mainly the Draco Rothschild.   
Queen is of the House of Rothschild illuminati.  She ordered 911 and the theft with Bushes and Clintons involvement.  She paid off the Rothschild, some chunk.

like the Whore of Babylon eats Christian blood with Susy's lists. Already recorded 2,000 years ago. read it in revelations #JesusReturned but leaving this hater hole. The Rothschild are not the only illuminati and cannot force Putin to launch.  They do not have eradication weapons ready people. they are bluffing and dumbasses. They do not have the implant chip set up either. they will need to shut down all  the internet for that and go 'just mainstream.' that signals eradication under the earth for me. OK, I'll take care of that with Your Space Enemies. They hate the Rothschild and I have them ordered to eat them. These people are cabbages. They steal all of my stuff and do not pay me, tant pis. Sinclair gost got $600 trillion more richer since this last summer when These RothChild threw assassins at me with the Vatican and Hollyweirdo and the usual beast crews.


When to NH today, when coming back, Squad of browners following me and then stopped near cornerstone. there is a sheriffs off which is fine. but that was not why they were there. The Latin Southern hemisphere and Mexicans do not want white gone, they want them as slaves and through them crumbs. They are stupid and cannot build any civilization ( 500 years, Middle and South America are still under developed and shanty. ) and need whitey to guide them; historical precedence.


today's Second Death:

Richard Burr , Nov 30, 1955 , Charlottesville, VA, sD ( role in Chinagate) and opposed to intel special silence committee with Mark Warner. United States Senator NC (Since 2017) · Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee (Since 2015). Beast's personal buddy. #02132018AD 4:52 2018AD.

Bill Gates mouth piece for Illuminati, trying to get in calls for Social Media to return to Pedophilia Blacks and Browns jump for joy. #Godless people ha ha


Secret to Bill Gates, Yes silver spoon family but non Illuminati. To get in, he runs poison flue vacs and today called for Facebook to kick activists ( small people, cf. Comey’s  Tweet, little people and weasels ) Pedophilia ( bad Illuminati Houses demand this, not Sinclair, it is out lawed in my Bible and Quraan.  So win Beast Creds like  100 Million Draco Latin Illuminati fangurls Matt Drudge has link where Bill Gates says “ We need the children’s pictures to return to Facebook. “ this was an illuminati call for human rights abuses, globally. I have it covered, He is been #seconddeath ( see revelations) for over a year. We know all about this soulless demon. He is Mr. Pharma and called on more suspicious envelopes to be  sent to white people’s homes , masking or actually Anthrax.  Zuckerberg will see the second death too. He was outed years ago spreading child trafficking, running a cannibal military, called ISIS ( forbid members to read the quraan, 2013 – 2016, after they heard my complaints they changed policy.  Erica from MIT media lab has his pedio cross breeds itching at the crotch for more 2 year old white baby models on Google Plus. So I care less about the  U.S.A. so I AM out of here.  Not scared of Illuminati or Beasts or the Whore of Babylon following me, they will do so anyway. CIA land beast is all over the planet; funded 100% by the Rothschild Spanish side illuminati = indicates it is AntiWhite.  They pulled a white trick, married off Lynn Sinclaire to one of the puppet white cross Reps, David’s, and all the others are yellow bellied nonwhite liberal arts failures.  The Illuminati is so cabbage now they sent my own house, Sinclair through Rothchild to assassinate me, all through the 2017 Summer.  The Whore of Babylon is her buddy with LA old pedio witches. I forbid child play in Sinclare, not other houses. Lynn is a confirmed Susy List pedio player and that upsets me horribly.  It is like a shaming thing.

We know Darpa is all Google, Twitter and Facebook and Darpa are run by Reptilian Cannibal baby rapers. So they  use the Social media , like Clapper’s satellites to hunt 2-10 year old victims of Suzy’s list, and others for all various forms of human rights abuses.  The U.S. Government is too dumb to understand or  any government. So I cannot even fight back. People do not understand wickedness.

Richard Burr Second death, he is there in the 1990s with Beast.
Clinton Illuminati Rothchild Deaths.
$150 billion founded Fund ,  by ray daleo was a key Bridgewater and Bill Clinton donor. Comey worked for  three years at BW.  Compass Group, CEO was killed a sea plane in Sydney Library , he  built the  Clinton Library.  Steinburg and Cousins.  Both smalll plane crashes, that is Bush Sr. and Bush jr.

Carter Page worked for  FBI in 2013, he is not new. He was planted by the  FBI.


Operation Paper Clip was not the only result of World War II that doomed the U.S.A. But Austrian and European academics fled to the U.S.A. and opened the west to some really depraved fantasies, such as 'obey' authority and 'follow the leader' * a dna form result of migration and grouping! That is fine to live by for me, but that was Austrian think?  That came to American and forced F.D.R. to build and drop the first Atomic Weapon. That is not an American act; that was a VISA Foreigner  =  type of ideological turn nuclear deadly foreign immigration problem. Thanks to these fruitcakes nuclear rockets are aimed, about almost everywhere. Hope a sun glitch does not trigger one to your neck of the neighborhoods ?

Beast destroyed docs by Burger– socks that explained ‘Megiddo #2 ( which the  2 is the next , level but changed and secret. Perhaps renamed, this is 1999 A.D. Still European ideas ( which lead to war because they were weak and took illuminati money) would ‘shape’ our ideas, including the INTERNET, which is a European idea, in the first place. It is a part of the One World Connection.  But they also brought socialistic thought which pervades todays’ academic institutions. Austrian Think and general northerner Europe.  OK, put your collars on kids, the parents lead these institutions, and bring the paddle. That is a vertical feudal type of society.  That is a part of the general, non Pronoun, Beast of Revelations.  I AM happy with our Moslem Populations. ‘Megiddo #2 has LA Connections. Airport.


True: IAM : CIA sends attaché  with ‘ unmasks’ i.e. filled in [ ] spaces, the attaché goes to her and she reads it, does not  make a copy, but memorizes it. She gives back the document to the attaché, and they return to CIA headquarters to destroy the  unmask lists edits or hide it.  Date recorded. I and others begin to take assassinations. youtube. video data claims Susan Rice starts it all off and here is my comments above. Did not even watch the video. knew the story. #02122018AD C.I.A. ≡ F.B.I., 1997 EO Beast 2 by pressure from Beast 1, illum background.

Illumitardi outside, expensive cars. Just another fucking night in good ol’  USA.  Heavy Brown illuminati presence at 11 am, Sunday sleep spot.  I had an appointment so could not await for their snare. at tonight, the temps drop and it might rain, a cold rain.

7:27 p.m. PST. #02122018AD

Trump's family taking assassins #confirmed #illumindumbass our out there as always. so another creepo night. I have to leave USA, not for deep state reasons, but for the reasons I took Hillary Clinton out. #whitegenocide so all whites, according to Illuminati and #HillaryClinton must leave the USA, #racism is illegal, laws in the last 20 years approve. All her friends here at California eat babies too, Sickos. g/night

THAT includes you #darpa people. You have white skin, get the fxxk out. Orders by your Master Bill Clinton.

Putin did not order Millen's winter Moscow Airport dump. Period. George Walker Bush, POTUS 43 had no role in ordering 911 at all. There are 10,000s plus 10,000s all over Earth who were well aware of this operation " New Century," or tried to force Putin to collude with the DNC since Obama took office or these NON White illuminati will kill him.

'Q' Why? US War with Russia was being prompted by Democrats and established RINO ? Because Illuminati Launder Trillions over there and force Russians to take buy offs or be killed by black reptiles of the US Army special forces . The Illuminati want to destroy all the paperwork over there because it shows they own Russia, not Putin nor any Russian.

' Q' asks " Who has Power?" The illuminati , & hands down. They are UK, not USA. OK? damn these people are dumb.
If CIA, NSA, FBI, NASI, EDU, Entertainment, Media, Institution, Legal, courts and judges are all illuminati, who will arrest anyone? Jeff Sessions said to day, we need more white white on our police force; my interp: because Illuminati ≡ brown behind the scenes they do not arrest their own.

since no one cares, I have to leave the USA. it hates whites.

'Q' listening  Pool Parties. you know what that means. Studio 54

insert: Current events " Wet Works" ordered by 'Qs?'

Donald Jr.  anthrax assassination attempt by Portuguese nonwhite illuminati that work for Bill Clinton. Rothys made the call. Also, Vanessa Trump sent suspicious Anthrax Letter to her home. Must be the CIA Team Beast.  They make Anthrax, not K–Mart or Rite–Aid.

$610 Million Dollar Deal for Uranium One did not come from Putin or Russia but was funneled through Russia by the Draconian Illuminati Rothys are controlling it, the evidence appears overwhelming.

Clinton Foundation gets $157 Million from that chunk.

Why Putin give so much money to Clinton foundation. This was not his money. This was illuminati Money, laundered through Mosco. CIA Kazakhstan and Russia CIA nuclear spook, 5000 docs, Loretta Lynch made him sign a NDE but since then he has given his testimony to three separate house committees.

This is illumiati and pushed on two weak U.S. leaders, Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. They are pussies and bow to illuminait control. These people are non white and put up white bankers as fronts. They have been chasing me and 90% of the core are Spanish, Portugues, Italian, mixed race and Black African. The Trick to understanding all of this is Lynn de RothChild, who sends assassins my way, she is of the Sinclare : white white dna house, and she as a front women with older white David types, making the Rothchild illuminati look white which it is not and its spelling is the proof.

Hindi , Itali (y) and other adjectives used as nouns for Nation or Race Hood are not pure white white. Illuminati 'first' came from southern Italian and later southern Provence, Lyon and other central banking places that then moved up to Bavaria , Prussia during the Early Modern Age. These Rothschild sold that Barbarian place recently to cover their NON White tracks are non-white but use the same masking to fake whiteness.  For example, a mixed illuminati house marriage will help hide the non-whites to take Global Control and force Vladimir Putin to kill someone they do not want to testify at Washington D. C. and put Hillary and Bill Clinton to jail. So these are the reasons they are going to the Lake of Fire, and these cases the Second Death.

David M. Rothschild does much of the assassinating ordering, He has brown light eyes and yellow tan skin and non-blond hair. He is a NON White and runs whtie genocide for the dracos, his race. Pedios and weaklings will then be white traitors, such as Bill Clinton, his partner GHWB and most of the white U.S.A. Senators and life time politicians.


Evidence Now shows Rothschild have full control of Russia. Putin nor any Russian makes a move politically without bowing to the brown sknner Illuminati.


Russian Plane Crash was Sergei Millen, RU Agent to Putin Fake goldenshower dossier and also tied to The Uranium One deal, because the works in the closest to the eyes of the Czar. Code. 71 Moscow Assassination, explosion seen over Moscow by all, fire and just after take-off and this was tied to a Clinton Foundation and trying to influence the 2016 General Election with Libel.

There is said to be another Russian RU on there that also could have testified to U.S. Intelligence House Committees. The Uranium One deal was not illegal nor was Robert as head of the FBI division Mueller’s  role in test sample control. What is being looked at were Illuminati Funneling using Russia and then trying to start a war US vs. Russia to kill Russians for the Draconian Reptile Takeover & to hide the fact that Putin nor any Russian is in control of the State of Russia. That means UK owns Russia.

updated: Moscow Golden Shower Dump

71 die in a plan crash just after taking off at Moscow Airport. #Russian Dossier RU GSB was on board but it was not Putin's fault.

To “ Putin “ authorized the winter Moscow dump for Millen but he was not the person that  ordered  that call and he is a puppet to the Illuminati like all of western civilization. I Do  not  believe he wants to  be in this position.

To ‘ Q’ Putin is white and innocent. The Rothschild order for Sergei Millen are black people pressuring Hillary Clinton to kill whites and remove American First or white agency and usher in the black genocide.  Rothschild are  controlled by the Black Nobility Illuminati.   They own Western Civilization banking  systems and thus suppress us all because they are not educated and have $600  trillion to buy off every Black activist known to kill whitey.
The Sergei Millen ( Fake Dossier, Contact to Christopher Steel) indicates Russia is   not in control of their country, but the Rothschild ordered that hit, David M.jr. Rothschild.  Putin has to comply because U.S.A. has Hebrew Blacks who live war against whites  over their  role to eradicate whites off of the Earth, to steal  their civilization because Blacks do not know how to make anything such  as a civilization.  Putin’s world are filled with good people, mainly white and are no match for  U.S.A. Dragon. So Putin had to work with shadow Dragon ( Am e Rica ans)  Christopher Steel , Queen Elizabeth’s  ii M 6 goofball worked with F.B.I. for twenty years and not an  unknown.
Why? Uranium One. First Mueller is not guilty of anything. It is a top  position of any State’s  apparatus to have top government  people handle sensitive ‘test’ samples  of  yellowcake. Raw or enriched for  testing uranium. First the Republicans and Democrats put Sanctions on the white people  of Russia because they are white people. That is the only reason. The Hitler and Washington threat that blacks are  behind the scenes in USA driving global white genocide is 100% accurate.  Because sanctions hurt the people and not these so called 52 Billionaires in Russia who are targeted for Sanctions, it hurts the innocents and  so this does make Putin feel he needs to align to ‘someone’ at the Dragon, behind the scenes. This  is   fine by me.  They forced Trump , the DNC , to sign-off on Sanctions and the DNC also force  the Clintons when they were  in power.

Selling 20% of a US- Canada Uranium company to Russia   is fine by me because they are being hit by unfair sanctions forced by Reptilians who eat white babies at the Dragon. What is the problem was Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking to Russian firm speech over the ‘Uranium Deal.’  And The Clinton Foundation got $157 million U.S.A. dollars.  The deal itself is not prosecutable.  State Dept has the power to broker deals like this and surely Obama and all the Agencies were on board or told to shut  up because these are very complicated issues.

It is not policy to kill any Top Gov Official, even if a former plan goes awry .  Sergei Millen could testify in the Mueller Investigation and that makes Clintons  act in these manners and the Rothschild order that hit and Putin must comply.  That violates all of my Biblical governing programs.  Putin knew during Iraq War I ( Gulf War , under Lucifer) there was no Kuwaiti invasion. The Iraqi troops were milieus from the boarder and a New York Law firm put a fake Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter who lied and jinned up a short world war, because of so many countries involved.  Russia is in terror of these Reptilian Rothschild baby rapers.  So Putin is not  guilty. He is rather terrified.

9:19 a.m. Van Nuys, CA. #02122018AD



BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam

1260 days from #september23rd2017. Then this starts Tribulation. 1260 days. Then this starts Tribulation.

Clits/Bushes order No White Immigration Policy.

Immigration  Policy. I do not support a wall. I support 50 Million Blacks to take over all controls of the U.S. Government and Military ands put white in the back seat forever. This includes all Spanish to Italian to white arab dnaers. Get out of the Black lands.

Solutions Race

JSOC: you Crackers and whtiey traitors and masked reptilians have been trying to kill me over my white skin. So you need to exist your jobs and live in the streets with cardboard boxes and allow all black to take over JSoc by 2020AD OK? So you hate whitey me and then play hypocrite. No! You need to exist the U.S.A. like I do because no whites are allowed as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and George Bushes have stated as U.S.A. policy. Whites are racist and therefore must exist all land and jobs.


So it is Sunday, and a mid day snare was put up, I had an appointment, so they were late. They been helicoptering me and driving up outside, parking and watching. I Laked two just a few minuets ago. It wanted to stop and stare but the dumbasses demons got noticed. so they took off and fled. #02112018AD . Why? I outed Q-Anon as Bill Clinton and Bush Sr. and their crews at the C.I.A.. the  Trump followers were relaying and relaying messages to the world on their every false  word.  No one else can do  what I do and they slipped and put to messages only for me, not anyone else. I do not nor have I  ever used ‘Q’ A-non. When for months baby raping ‘Q’ stated we bombed the CIA drug labs there was no evidence and I knew for months as far back as November this was not a real GOD source


Bill Beast #2 and George Beast #1 in Revelations have been chasing me for outing their global canibolism plans for the innocent Children of GOD.


The J F K Secret Society that 'Q' baby raper speaks about is a hijacked club by Lucifer who actually shot at least seven times, but missed all of them at Kennedy's Car, The Stedman sign was immediately cut down, pot-holed by rifle marks.


HealthCare Illuminati

Darpa = Google, Darpa = Facebook, Darpa = Twitter ( trifecta) and so all of them will run Rothschild universal 'tax you tell hell and bad service ' healthcare . #healthcare future all run #whitegenocide fun times ahead for all for your health concerns + 1

Mexico ( e.g #California) and they careless about me or my stories. It increasingly gets worse year to year. They want to fight each and every day. It is gotten so bad, I AM leaving this entire Hemisphere . Bush and Clinton’s publically have cited whites break laws by racism, and therefore this is illegal in the U.S.A. now with recent laws in the last 20 years. So whites need to leave the U.S.A Nancy Pelosi just gave a 7 hour speech on this topic and all white citizens agree. #Getoutwhitey . Mexico since winning their independence do not allow whites into their country. French who ruled over them , just for a little while in their larger Iberian – Portuguese and Spanish histories had white and European looks and that freaked out the Latins. #immigration

I just got housing after a 52 year fight with this State. Now I have to leave. Bush and Clinton 's meme is whites are racist, and that is legislatively illegal now. That means whites must exist the U.S.A. as fast as they can get the money to do so.


X72 File. #02122018AD 4:37 p.m. SheO

Modern U.S. Shanghai political contacts to defray State Dept banned Duel use –tech for secret loads of cash. This technology makes nuclear weapons such as hardened radiation chips and MIRVs, which were defrayed to the PLA through the 'secret' Clinton Illuminati Beast #1 too places.

Shanghai is  set up with Dianne Feinstein’s hubby at San Fran in the 1980s. called  a very top secret’ dear friends’ program. Who was the CONTACT? Then mayor of Shanghai , later the Ruler of China, Jiang Zemin. Feinstein’s hubby  got a $10 Million Dollar deal, annual, and it must have increased. The ‘secret’ was in the 1998 — 99 real  impeachment docs. Not the public one on tv.





#CNNFake News colludes with North Korea’s chief of #Fakenews , they're called the Minister of Propaganda. Heard today on #MS13NBC ha ha #election what happened was CNN and including FOXNEWS, not all but most sections flooded #facebook #twitter and #google plus with Fakenews, and it embarrassed all of their audience. So they put their trust in Google and were burned by Google that supported all the #fakenews just an #epicfail If Comey did put in his resignation letter, that is good for all. He is a liberal arts failure, & the only thing that made him powerful was Illuminati cash.

so MS13NBC open about the NK CIA project to kill and eat whitey.


Clintons got $157 Million and Bill Clinton got $500 thousand speaking fee for the  Hillary Dept. Uranium One deal. Mueller is innocent because he only did his job. he made no decisions. The entire deal was $610 Million U.S. dollars.


1990s White House was Studio 54, nightly

Secret Service says in the 1990s the Clinton’s turned the White House into Studio 54 ( cocaine sex club and deviant lifestyles) almost every night. 

I knew for decades, no one believed me. Now a Secret Service eye – witness. Source, Clinton's brother in law.

FBI Official Bill Priestap Turns On Comey – “He’s A Traitor”

Assistance of counter–Intel devision. He is cooperating with Donald Trump's Justice Dept. #02122018AD

Bill Priestap " many FBI were condemning the memo when they did not even read it.

FBI Informant Testifies: Hillary Took Millions From Moscow As Part Of Uranium Deal



“ WE are not that smart, as people think we are.”

Willian J Clinton, video archived on website Youtube. 2016

On Rigging the 2012 election by murdering a Cal alum, Christopher Steven's over at Libya. 11 th Sept 2012. A.D. to give Barack Obama the U.S. election win.


Yo! George H W Bush and William J Blythe have you told Donald Trump that you have been attempting 14 + 5 assassination attempts, 303 days  2017 – 2018 of snares and or renditions and harassment, including Robert Di Nero eating child's blood in front of me to gross me out? You told the United Nations you are trying to Kill Jesus Christ ( Prophet Muhammad, one of my reincarnations, Yahweh, and many many Old Testament Biblical figures ( by reincarnation). ?  You Rothschild,  Bush and Clinton and Obama have told Donald Trump you have been trying to kill me, right? And you reasons is I AM JesusChrist returned as promised.

Back in you go #Beast #1 aka Lucifer , Beast #2 aka Beast to worship and False Prophet. The 3rd Secret of Fatima is that I will be fucking you all up. Me, not your nukes. :)

#4:02 p..m. Valley Vlg. #02112018AD

Google's only purpose to not kick me off is they steal data from me without paying. I AM charging $10 Billion a day, since 23rd Sept 2017 or the entire control of planet Earth, and no other choices. I have the skills to kill all on this planet, and inside of it or orbiting around it or on any of the planets or interdimensional planets. Interdimentional nibiru

I AM over $1 trillion U.S. Dollars so far and climbing by the day.

George Washington and Adolf Hitler both said blacks would destroy the world.

Two Codes from 'Q' were only known between me and shadow gov, only. That's why no one could figure them out and they started to do them at me again.


Two Codes from 'Q' were only known between me and shadow gov, not Donald J Trump or any white human. these are draconians, I laked a few this morning trailing me. Sunday 2:30. We have a park feeding for the Homeless, and I had to leave early to get away. Too many helicopters to cite me and this scares the innocent people. These are blood drinking demons. That outed them as Bill Clinton and GHWB because both rule all sectors of the U.S.A. Military and the military runs global satanism for the Illuminati.


First Beast gives power to the Second Beast. Mil Com ruler Beast #1 now allows co rulership with Beast #2.

1. Land Beast ARMY One & George Herbert Walker Bush,b. 12 June 1924 Milton , MA. 71w04, 42e15 removed form Second death 09282017AD sD ; Lucifer, my son who is he in human form and was Adam, the first man: George Herbert Walker Bush Needs love and healing —Arc Michael 9:00 am van nuys 09222017AD. updated 09272017AD

2. Ocean Beast William J. Clinton sD William Jefferson Blythe IV [ most often as III], Jr. Born at Hope Hospital, Arkansas, Monday 19 August 1946, 93w35, 33n40 [ disputed time] promulgated officially as 8:51 A.M. LMT ( UT 14:51) Sid. Time 6:26:04 [ or 666]sD. put in to the lake of fire 1,999 A.D.


False Prophet

Barack Hussein Obama ii, Kenya near Mombasa Hospital 1961, 39e40,04s03, Time 7:24 p.m. L.M.T.,Univ.Time 16:24, Sid. Time 15:54:38, Second Death , sD


All are funded by Rothschild and House of Sauud cannibal baby rapers in the $trillions of dollars. They rape children as a daily ritual. They are Beast #2 best buddies and are under contract with Lucifer at TX.

The color of the shadow people are Draco Latin tan to beige Cartel baby CIA rapers. The entire US military is infected by demons. I AM the Universe’s Demon Hunter.


I AM killing billions on the western hemisphere. You can personally thank Bill Clinton, George H W Bush, John Podesta ( a frog), and the whore of Babylon, Hillary Diane Rodham ( #Deeppit ) and the Rothschild and the Queen of England, OK? These are the people you need to personally thank you for me killing billions for the western hemisphere.  These people eat children  or rape and kill them, calling it a blood ritual or a blood sport.  All these idiotic form the Illuminati to the Vatican to Lucifer are sending assassins and snares to renditions.  It is just I, so I have no weapons’ but my Mind. I can kill  billions with it.  How do you like that John Podesta.  You are the reason for a massive extinction.  Go out and say hi to these walking dead, all around your coastal cities.  Tell them they should be happy that you are destroying them, Not I.  ‘Q’s pedio list did not have you or Hillary Clinton’s close  Hollywood buddies.  That means they are being protected and ‘Q’ is  also not for Donald Trump. ‘Q’ is a demonic reptile.  There were constant lies for over a year and Donald J Trump acknowledge these lies as true.


More paddy wagon and spook activity around 11: 00 ish at sleep spot. Did not like I outed Q as CIA illuminati, not American controlled. With $25 trillion to kill whistleblowers, I can only take the fight to my powers.

2:29 p.m.


72 years the USA people cried CIA or FBI treason. Donald Trump loves these cannibals.

Why is Donald Trump in my lake of fire. He goes after Obama only.
You could end the swamp reading a JPod Email, takes 10 minuets, but Donald Trump refuses because cannibals and AntiChrists are his dear friends. After nearly 11 months of Deep State assassination and snare and harassments, Donald J Trump could not swing one person over for $2.50 coffee to stay awake during these chases. So he is in the Lake of Fire, permanently.

Donald John Trump, b. Jun 14, 1946 · Queens, NY, sD ( traitor to GOD, no forgiveness) last time, permanent). #02102018AD 12:00 p.m. Los Angeles, CA.

DonaldTrump #seconddeath final . Stop praying and using my NAME and ID. Second Coming means no Second Chances.


#MSNBC has a message people if you are Spanish to Italian to EU white, you need to exit The United States of America. This is Bush Policy and well as Clinton Policy, and therefore this is Trey Goudy and Robert Mueller's policy.

#HillaryClinton and Jerry Brown and Pelosi and 100 other capitol hill pedios and illuminati fanpeople say #white is racist. USA does not tolerate racism, so all white must  exist now  That includes DARPA, Google, Washington DC white fuckers. all are white, but black reptilians.


DARPA new page


Second Death. What is it?

we all reincarnate. #Seconddeath means it is over for your soul. no more reincarnation. no more anything. soul gone. You will never see your family or friends again . #JesusChrist returned as promised. I noticed a lot of illuminati wives or second in line types follow me for deep cover surveillance. I AM #laking you bitches. I care less that #JamesClapper get the big $1 trillion dollar illuminati bucks, he does not want the institution of baby raping , cannibalism, illuminati streams to be cut off because he feels like #GOD. for freewill I keep your reincarnations secret.


This is not the Homer Simpson's Shriner Episode. There is no room for the both of us. You are all going off the earth and inside of it. or above.

Taylor Swift:  utterance of the white people for the ages. I  do not care about nobody, and Nobody cares about me. — Illuminati Fuck You Video
Therefore she  will bring the nightmare to you anti-white haters.

#Putin did not order Millen's winter Moscow Airport snow end . Period. George Walker Bush, POTUS 43 had no role in ordering 911 at all. There are 10,000s plus 10,000s all over Earth who were well aware of this operation " New Century," or tried to force Putin to collude with the DNC since Obama took office or these NON White illuminati will kill him. #IAM

222 p.m. #02122018AD

CBS " it is all about the political use of that unmasking" Trey Goudy, on CBS. unmasking is fine, but not when it is used for a bias or  bigoted reason ?

1:03 pm upload 02152018AD


Defcon 4 right now.

as of three days ago. the Pentagon told to drain the swamp. They said, we love baby raping and eating children. so they are tying to kill Americans and I. [-13-]

Carolyn Dare Wilford ( husband Harmon Wilford ): This is the New Zeeland Connection of 5—Eyes, Lucifer's Child Torturing centers to build mindless killers.  Hollyrout Kidman’s dad hit Kubrick, OK, he ran top Australian Pizza connections. #confirmed. 5:55 p.m. SheO #02152018AD #mason #level34

first my space teams lie to you

first my space teams lie to you. they have orders not to give you free energy. the world human race must grow up and do it themselves. How serious AM I ? I have this solar system now under a blockage for decades, henceforward. #NASA scientists being murdered by liberal arts #annunaki failures. they see these armadas, by the billions out there. #Lucifer or your illumindumasses will not be allowed to escape . #jesuschrist returned as promise. I AM above UFO level, universe wide. I AM taking Mexico Next for the USA. #02152018AD they have the most billionaires, so we just take that money. 'q' and me are on #defcon4 status. Illuminati dumbasses, been trying to car bomb me, so I took all of the UK this morning for the #USA. just go take it now.

#02152018AD #sheO 6:40 load pm pst




Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another


TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another

Shadow Government are all agencies paid for by the Rothschild cannibal baby rapers by the Trillions of U.S. equivalent dollars, 2018. They are Dracos and Reptilian Aliens and are poisoning and murdering you all so they can survive forever eating human flesh and creating chaos, so no love exists on planet Earth. ONLY COKED OUT PERVS AND CANIBOLS.

Rothschild’s own Area 51,51,59 ( with others) and other 130 secret underground bases I have to take my advanced space teams to flesh out the Beast and his frogs and illuminati fleeers from GOD.


6:07 #02112018AD Mason Level 34

Yo! George H W Bush and William J Blythe have you told Donald Trump that you have been attempting 14 + 5 assassination attempts, 303 days  2017 – 2018 of snares and or renditions and harassment, including Robert Di Nero eating child's blood in front of me to gross me out? You told the United Nations you are trying to Kill Jesus Christ ( Prophet Muhammad, one of my reincarnations, Yahweh, and many many Old Testament Biblical figures ( by reincarnation). ?  You Rothschild,  Bush and Clinton and Obama have told Donald Trump you have been trying to kill me, right? And you reasons is I AM JesusChrist returned as promised.
Rothschild’s own Area 51,51,59 ( with others) and other 130 secret underground bases I have to take my advanced space teams to flesh out the Beast and his frogs and illuminati fleeers from GOD.

Reptilians use race to make the earth black and enslave whites, like a black hole swallows all light.  Reptilians are black skin with some of my light in them, and they are a reflection of the control, for each of the Universe's galaxy. The purpose of the human race, homo sapien ( wise man) are not to ascend to wise wise men, but end black holes at the center of galaxies and make our Universe Light and  Love. No more black or empty heavens, from any perspective. The Beast, Bill Clinton has many reptile black dna, with Martian dna origin family elements. He ushers in African reptiles by the tens of Millions , each year over the course of his entire political career. And yes,  former Presidents still give opinions on current political stuff and many are headed because of their former status. Hitler, Mussolini, George Washington, Napoleon,  Spanish and Portuguese to most humans understand that blacks destroy planets and generally destroy things.

The main people behind the Team Beast #1 & #2 are black seven foot tall or more super black reptilians. They eat white babies alive for their meals.  I stared down two at the North Hollywood Park Library and made them both flinch. The seven plus tall one was formally on my roof ( Boehnke’s home)  with a rifle and  that night some of my Islam died to keep me alive.  The tall one, our eyes disengaged a stare down, three times each. My fourth glare and star made him do the forth flinch and then turn and get into his car , his buddy just up the sidewalk about 25 feet, he started to leave. Then I chased down  three of Jerry Brown’s Dracos, all had pistols , outside, on their belts; I chased them up the park to a driveway near the pool and then ran to their cars and jumped in and fled. I laked them all.  They will be losing their lives forever.

However, they can defeat you, most of you, without blinking an eye. Lucifer has these on his teams and has  he told  Donald  J  Trump who he signaled an open ‘assassination’ when Donald J Trump  won the General Election and they had , all the GOP, Republicans to support  the incoming President of the United States  of America. You drew a neck slice, as the cameras pointed to his demonic body. So you have told Donald J  Trump and all the truth to whom you are trying to murder.



Alberto Behar, killed at Van Nuys Airport, aka as Rothschild and Sinclair central Annunaki club of baby eaters. He worked on Mars NASA stuff, and Alphachump did not need him anylonger.

#3:01 pm #02152018AD

Rod Rosenstine's father was #NAZI Himmler's.

Operation Merlin is to have Illuminati CIA teams Baby rapers take over Iran and North Korea to hit China. And kill millions of Chinese


To Q-anon, Assange, Snowden, Putin ( you may be also in the dark) and China and to #DonaldJTrump
This controls planet earth. I Am Masonic #level34.
#JesusChrist returne as promised.

They then pay off or defray to MEAMIC. players called Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media, Institution all as a group think cannibal and pedio project of white genocide because whites are not cannibals.

To Q-anon, Assange, Snowden, Putin ( you may be also in the dark) and China and to #DonaldJTrump
This controls planet earth. I Am Masonic #level34. 
#JesusChrist returne as promised.






1999—2018AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. 321,000,000 nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say.

JESUS CHRIST RETURNED started 11th Feb — 2018 A.D. Valley Vlg. 3:32 p.m., . California; The Warrior l #JesusReturned Second Comining & Book of Life. Queen tried a Car Attack last night. My team alerted in code. lis. plate match. #confirmed take all of UK for ME . #02152018AD






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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