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 Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"


§ China's Dream of World Domination


'Well Folks, it's Cat-amoung-pigeons time'

by Peter Lemesurier ( available online, this version posted at 11:00 am local time, 23 June 2000. accessed 08 March 2010), available from (; Internet.


Well folks, it's cat-among-pigeons time!

What it all seems to boil down to is this:

A. The book of Daniel isn't going to tell you what's going to happen
in the future, because most reputable scholars conclude on fairly good
evidence that it is obviously an opportunistic fake cobbled together
to encourage Jews suffering from the Greek oppression of 160-odd BC
(though parts of it turned out to be more successful than they had any
right to be, given that they helped provoke the immensely successful
Maccabean revolt).

B. St John's Revelation isn't going to tell you what's going to happen
in the future, because it is merely one of a number of contemporary
apocalypses cobbled together to encourage Messianists such as Jews and
Christians suffering under the Roman oppression of the late 1st
century AD (though parts of it turned out to be more successful than
they had any right to be, given the eventual fall of Rome).

C. Nostradamus isn't going to tell you what's going to happen in the
future, because his Propheties are to a large extent a kind of
apocalypse cobbled together for the benefit of people suffering under
what they perceived to be the onset of the Last Times in mid-16th
century France (War, Plague, Famine, Death -- and the Antichrist, in
the form of John Calvin, sitting in Geneva), and also because his
measurable success-rate during his own lifetime was in any case only
some 5.73%.

D Astrology isn't going to tell you what's going to happen in the
future, because (as Nostradamus's professional astrological
contemporaries were always trying to tell him) astrology deals only
with influences and potentialities, not with actual events.

E. Paul isn't going to tell you what's going to happen in the future,
because he claimed (wrongly) that the end would come in the lifetime
of people then living (Thessalonians 4: 15-18, and again at I
Corinthians 15:51 -- "We shall not all die...") -- which means that he
meant it for then, not now.

F. Jesus isn't going to tell you what's going to happen in the future,
because (if the texts are to be believed) he wrongly claimed much the
same (Matthew 24/Mark 13/Luke21, and especially verses 34/30/32
respectively: "I tell you this: the present generation will live to
see it all" [NEB translation]) -- which means that he meant it for
then, not now.

Not, at least, in any kind of definitive way -- and not unless we
become so mesmerised by their magic as to put them into effect
ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously (which of course is
always possible if we don't watch out!).

Which isn't too encouraging for the present exercise, is it?

Ah well, I wonder what horrors the Third Secret of Fatima will reveal
to us on Monday (yawn)? ;)

Peter [Lemesurier]



These views espoused above carry weight in the academic world. These views persist in academia mainly by atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views. Each generation in history and certainly in all cultures have had their share of some ‘End of Time’ populous discourse—even paganistic groups have had their share of discourse into the future.

In the Book of Daniel, the period relates to after Alexander the Conqueror ( often called ‘the great’) displaced the Persian Empire and Jews had migrated out of Palestine, many into Anatolia where over generations many Hebrews forget their language and their heritage which caused some Hebrew traditionalists to seek explanations to change and loss of heritage. Often we wonder why the Old Testament (later the New Testament) was copied into the Greek language for Hebrew consumption. Well, many generations of migration of Jewish settlements into the Hellenistic landscape actually broadened their heritage. They began to adopt models of Greek writings, while keeping their own Biblical heroes applied to these models. Scholars believe in a Greek suppression as a fluid concept which took place for hundreds of years, which is not the case at all. The Book of Daniel speaks of a time far-off into the future, whereas if the hypotheses of the scholars are correct, Daniel should be writing for his own generation. However, the dispute remains – and the boundaries are as written above -- atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views – they see The Book of Daniel as nothing but a propaganda piece of literature (Usually while ignoring Atheist, and Anti-Religious’ views, that of Karl Marx’s professed religion – a religion Marx had professed in discourse as his version of communism needed to be taken with the conviction of ‘faith.’).

Each generation has had their views of the end of time pertaining to their generation. Floods, earthquakes, meteors, pestilence, conflict and unexplained natural phenomena sparked interest in foreboding the future. Certainly today, atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views intend today are just another one of those generations. Usually labels or markers are ascribed to such individuals as ‘cranks,’ ‘crackpots,’ ‘kooks,’ ‘mentally-ill,’ ‘delusional, ignorant,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘dumb,’ ‘fantasists,’ ‘opportunists’ ( toward financial bilking of the public, which in some cases these skeptics are correct!) and generally ‘delinquent,’ if not then just ‘religious fanatics!’ However, besides drawing conclusions based upon ignorant discourse of these skeptics, the facts relating to our time are quite different then each preceding generation.

First, our population numbers are radically different than 120 years ago. About 1870s there were perhaps only one-billion persons on planet Earth, a far cry to what is estimated to be the population of earth by the year of 2050 ( about 7-10 billion people!). If humans began developing over two-million years ago, and began civilization about 10,000 years ago, and from this long-period of time it took that long to achieve the numerical population number of one-billion, then Daniel’s correct assessment that when knowledge increases, or in other words as things began to speed up, the playing field of the End of Time changes from statist to potential. It took about two million years to reach one-billion persons, yet in as little as 140 years the population has about quadrupled twice.

Second, the theory that the earth can support such a population is far from a fantasy. The undeveloped nations which are now coming of age and their people do want what the developed nations have – infrastructure and a high-level of society – bears witness to the fact that limited resources cannot support such a lifestyle for this increased population of the earth. Thirdly, humans have discovered element 92, a particular substance which needs manufacturing for domestic and military applications, harnesses the potential for world annihilation or a major catastrophe. As I have pointed out to no avail by anyone carrying, save a few in the intelligence community, nuclear weapons are proliferating and this is done by economic programs by heads of states – rather than any conspiracies aforementioned by conspiricists. Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, perhaps Qatar, and other countries around the world are developing nuclear weapons as bargaining chips for the intended time when resources become scarce. In the fifteenth century, Wycliffe who when he first began to write commentary of The Bible turned first toward “the Book of the Apocalypse,” he himself writing that his day was to see the ‘End of Time’ ( See Wycliffe ‘s annotations on The Book of The Apocalypse, in his English Bible) in his near future, the population was well under a billion persons. The proliferation of nuclear weapons are not solely the information on how to build a nuclear weapon – these things are common and even at U.C. Berkeley, online the university has pages to show others’ (whomever that is?) how to build both Uranium bombs (including all specks, except weapon-charge –implosion numbers—still classified) and plutonium bombs – very explicit and with diagrams – yet that is Berkeley. The real threat is the duel-use rocket and aeronautic technologies, including advance radiation harden chip manufacturing technologies and high-altitude weather software – to guide intercontinental ballistic missiles to their correct trajectory and targets.

Fourthly, a one-world government will have a completely difficult time regulating and decisions which cultural adaptations to its world-province formulations to extend to groups and regions of the world. There has never been a period of more than twenty-years where ethnicities and cultures co-hebetating harmoniously throughout all of history. Despite revision in many history books, into which speculation offers the only accounts of history, in contemporary studies, continual conflict reveals the obvious disassociation between ethnic, political, the cultural phenomena. Humans are attracted to their own preconceived images and only a small portion exists to which multi-association is a desired product of living. With this notion of a lasting element in human possibilities, many atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views hope that an asteroid will strike the earth so they do not have to answer to why they did not do more to promote multiculturalism and non-proliferation of weapons of mass-destruction.

In regards to John of Patmos, and the book of the Apocalypse: Consensus of atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views intend that John wrote the book projecting antagonism toward the despotism of the Roman Empire. However, the phrase ‘sea of glass,’ cannot be explained by these atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views. There has never been a explanation to what this means? Was some sort of tempest in the past described as ;sea of glass,’ that would lets say had destroyed some ancient civilization, perhaps postdated as an act by some sort of spiritual deity or some groups of unseen deities? Yet, descriptions from New Mexico during the heyday of the United States of American nuclear weapons testing programs of the 1950s reveal that from a bed of sand of New Mexico, the aftermath of such explosions of nuclear bombs revealed the sand had turned to glass – they described it as a ‘sea of glass.’ The intense heat which is many more times hotter than the surface of the Sun literally melted the silicone particles of the sand and by chemistry of thermodynamics turned the particles into glass.

Yet, peer pressure in academia will always stay the same for the most part. Atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views have their Ivory Towers to upkeep and most of their charges (their students) are experimenting with unconventional ideas, and religion may constrict their charges, thus the exploratory involvement into optional realities. The religious fields and departments within academia are usually isolated and contained to the more normative and expansive humanities and social science departments. Peer pressure from charges and peer faculty result in an empirical observation that throughout history academic lay left-of-center in politics and world views. Most of the ground breaking academic work went on behind closed doors or outside the institution – and this does not remain a secret as it was openly and repeatedly expressed throughout the ancient to modern texts that are still promoted as near or complete masterpieces or revered writings. It is as if academia for hundreds if not thousands of years still explore these texts as ‘principled texts’ in their classroom, while ridiculing them but still in awe to why they remain the most coveted textual material of the human race.

For the argument on astrology, atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views, view this as a pseudo-science. Their number one argument is that if an astrologer could predict the future, they can win the lottery over and over again ( the same is said about psychics). Yet, ignorant of astronomy-astrology, if an individual horoscope excludes financial windfalls or financial gains – or wealth it would be impossible to make a prediction to win any lottery. However, these concepts for the atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views, are too difficult for them to comprehend. That is to say, their scientific regale is decimated to (n is the mystery) n=1, n=2, n=3 , whereas n is the answer for all linear solutions. Astrologers, special physics, such as Special relativity, have to contend with Z =, n1, n2, n3, y1, y2, y3, u1, u2, u3, which can be alternatives to reach the conclusion of the mystery of what is Z ? Recently, and thanks in part to Newton who believed in mysteries of numerical puzzles ( such is the case with his writings on religion) helped modern mathematicians understand irrational square – roots. We know that i2 = -1  and there is no contradiction. That’s to say, the square root of i2 = -1 . This of course has to do with non-linear calculation where motion around a circumference explains the answers and fractals are co-mingling of square – roots in the traditional irrational number complexes. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it has been concluded that irrational numbers cannot or never can exist. It is just that the concept is difficult to apply and understand – it takes thought, time and thinking.

In algebra, multiplying two negative numbers always reacts as a positive number. However, in complex numbers by using motion multiplying and by any whole number with ‘i’ will result in a rotation turn – lets say counterclockwise. 5 time i becomes 5i, which would be a 90 degree turn. 5 times –i would then be 5-i, a turn of lest say 270. If we multiple a positive number by lets say i2 that would equal -1 and this corresponds to a turn of 180 degrees or two 90 degree turns. In quarks and small particles these cycles of mirrors relate to the property of observing Quantum Mechanics (QM). Because of wave-particle duality, the uncertainty factor creates any difficult observation to point out the exact location of prediction of a motion of any object under observation.Just as prophecies elicit definition is to tell the future that’s to say, predict a said time and place of an action into the future from the past is exactly what rational scientists are working on when they study Quantum Mechanics!

However, we observe these irrational mirrors ( denoted by ‘spin’) by 1/ 2 turns, 1 1 /2 turns 2, 3 turns. etc... In classical mechanics, this spin vector does not exist ( except the complete forms of understanding Newton’s motion of gravity, in which many QMists do not or have studied. N-particle functions have at this time two assumed integer values, one as a whole number ( 0, 1,2 ...bosons) and two as semi-integers ( fermions 1 /2/ , 3/2 , 5/2 ). These perpetual cyclical occurrences are just microcosms of how Nostredame, lets say, understood the integers of planet alignment across wide-expanses of history.

Atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views, succumb only to the simplistic reason. The triumph of rationalization, in which irrational numbers do not exist, is a comfortable non-thinking mode of mathematical operations. They persist only in memorizing already formulaic observations. Thinking of complex set of empirical formulas such as multi-dimensional fractalization tires the rational mindset of these atheists, some agnostics, and certainly persons of strict anti-religious views.

For Nostradamus, his first two poems in his 1555 edition on Les Propheties ( These Prophecies!) he wrote of an ancient way of reading the future. A small light descends and illuminates him where he then can access the future or past by understanding, evoking this said light-source. Until recently, physics thought accessing time of different detentions was a fantasy. However, the mathematics to what Nostreadame describes actually exists in theories, formulas and hypotheses. A common lingual term is deemed ‘frame-dragging.’ This sub-section on Special Relativity subsist in that spinning light in a smaller circumference and in one direction can spark-off different dimensions of time-and-space. Secretly, one professor at a U.S. university is trying to harness this theory into an applied time-travel machine or at least gage its existence. The concept of a small thin-flame as describe by Nostredame, and many others such as mystics in South America and Nepal – all from different periods of history, speak of this small-thin flame. The idea of spinning light in a smaller space as compared to a large space is the key to these mathematical principles. The more condensed the revolution the more apt a breaking-off of these sub-dimensions can exist. [8 March 2010, MJM]




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