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Churches read this page moved this morning to here. Orgy Island

soros assassination DNC murder agenda

BREAKING: CEO makes a direct threat to kill Donald Trump with a sniper rifle. 11132016ad.

everyday it is nigger accusing whitey ⇒ cracker falsely, each friggin' day.

#antichrist Obama to Pardon Hillary Clinton who has no crime? What? These are all liars, liars and liars again.

Team #beast


corpo charity begins by Betraying our own citizenry +1




White Genocide @local-levels

#library again kicking  out #whites who argue with blacks, long time patrons. So rich #whites succumbed again to  #niggers abuse of whites and  whites are blamed. why is this? #establishment Careerist politicians fell in love with #Wahhabi baby rape and #African Nigger white women rape culture.  The white race are a threat to these systems of Global government. UK Prince involved. Harvardites involved, Yalites and #Skullbones involved; they have baby rape islands and off shore bank accounts. The brown infusion are also Human sacrificers, #Aztecs being reincarnating into USA. Just like #Nobunaga early 16 th century enemy of Hanzo #Ninja   (  #Sengoku era ) and formally is #Hannic  #Shri Huand #hui reincarnation . They jump. #mason #level34
#bookoflife #arcmichael #11202016ad  

one of the world's most sought after missing girls. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11192916ad I guess I will be dodging #CIA #NSA assassination teams again this weekend.

#Madeleine Beth #McCann (born 12 May 2003) disappeared on the evening of 3 May 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region

Police, courts, and city councils. to put in jail the homeless these are leftwingers globalists.


#globalwarming is from our own #sun its effects are seen on #Saturn to many Solar system bodies. The gamma ejections are captured by our own magnetosphere and drops the charged particles to the poles, and thus deposits , charge nuclear gamma radiation that has deterioration elements that then warm up our polls and us, globally. 3:30 PST. 11 17 2016ad #bookoflife #arcmichael #11172016ad #climatechange in real time. Astronomy.

Estimation #30,000 #estabby me in da backs are out in World, connected to #AMeRICA #MEAMIC United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex
M E A M I C today they are one system, one party, one entity
. #masonic #level34 #bookoflife #arcmichael scot rite= #3

#teamblue has 99% of all the wealth, including GOP = #republicans in name only. #red both black and white traditionalists sent an Insurrection on 8th Nov. 2016. The #MEAMIC does not want to participate;  they called for our #Murderers . #LAPD chief called for war on #Americans : at least #Blacklivesmatters protests this chief;, #hollywood #jews also  for the murder of trump supporters and #rham #Emmanuel , fake dude, called on a war inside of America so he can keep his plush and easy job he really suxs at too. These are demons on earth people.  #NSA is tracking and attacking the team #red go #donaldtrump and #trumpsupporters  

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has family members he posts on Facebook that say F%&*K whiteness. The Hill reporting.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #11152016ad good night and be  brave. These are  real demons  out there.

Muslims on less than Human Why Moslems treated less than other Traditional USA settlers?

#condi #personalassistant second #GWB term. Works teaching War at Army and secret places. considered the top US mil historian. So he argues white people, China, Russia, and  south Americans, &  if white are needing; browns must wage a  continuous war for jew warlord #profits. #wallstreet   They teach this stuff to our kids , corrupting their minds and sending them to die or be maimed for life. They laugh and live #large   #bookoflife #nsakeylogger = sissy gurls with Arab DNA. #arcmichael I bet NSA jacks off to dead #Obama droned pakis, eh weirdos ?  #11162016ad  

Arc — b/c they are Godless þ one is forced to grow up in Islam where as today, in the west one must accept God and pray in private places.

yeah, your Qur'an commands you to kill liberals ≡ DINO RINO establishment and you people since 1965 have done absolutely nothing. you vote these creeps back into power.

What are the Zombies On? Some Brown illegal punched out a horse at anti Trump Rally after the election blowout. . My response.

that 's behavior on PCP, now Pharma puts that same chem in psychotic medication. & today, many people in the usa are on meth (depression pills) or PCP angel dust, former medication mentioned , here.

General Election 2016 archived here



#whitelivesmatter ≡ definition. get it strait #falseprophets.  It does not  mean the Book of Life is open for your choice and  for your free will. It means it was taken away from you, because you cannot lead our world. There is real White Genocide on a macro to micro  scale all over planet earth. I had to doge #MEAMIC assassination teams last night. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11092016ad no fear people of #GOD we are going all the way. We are going to clean up the scum off of earth, any color and race and that is final.

1965 - 2016 A.D. #brownsupremecy was #US law.

what is progressive ∏ Semitic brown global rule.

There are two types of whites DNA in our World ( Earth).

I have been in DPSS Government system since age 15 years old. Beaten and killed by Niggers in jail for being only homeless at the age of 15 years old. I am 50 years old now and have never had a white DPSS government worker. They all say, just await while they give illegal niggers and sand niggers all the benefits, all the privilege and all the respect.  So my plan is to wipe out the white race on earth, because the nigger race cannot sustain itself without the abuse of its white creation.


White #Superstars and White #Traitors to their own #race  = who are controlled and worship the Big Nigger Phallace . There are no other secrets. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton said all whites are #deplorable, racist, #bigots and not qualified to live in the #unitedstatesofamerica #bookoflife #arcmichael #11082016ad   do not call me a liar ; you are a liar, they said this for decades by many phrases and expressions. They have #blacks controlling their every move. There can never be forgiveness to her or bill because they ran white genocide for decades. That was their thingy!




Ishmaelites. I know you and  you are reincarnated. You have direct Heavenly authority to kill at will for Allah. You can take out white to brown to black, all over earth. Get it done by 2060. All leaders off the planet #arcmichael #bookoflife #lga1230

#Ishmaelites. I know you and  you are reincarnated. You have direct Heavenly authority to kill at will for Allah. You can take out white to brown to black, all over earth. Get it done by 2060. All leaders off the planet #arcmichael #bookoflife #lga123 post v.

Stem Cell Rebirth Due To Fasting of Body

#stemcells now rejuvenate upon dedicated  #fasting . just recent studies now conclude.  From 19 - 21 years old, I  used to do them every week. and a few times a year, very long ones. & numerous in past lives.
Does not matter to gordo USarabian tubbers and flubbers. They are TV Couch potatoes and love sloth and false accusations and #warlords

Denver Guardian Post was faked on 11 06 2016ad:Two FBI agents in a murder suicide connected to email leaks to Wikileaks. this came from Colorado and appeared as fakenews. Seth Rich and Eric Braverman were the key suspects. Seth was assassinated, and Eric fled to Russia on October 12 th. He got a contract to 2017 to investigate the Clinton foundation, but more importantly to correct it, and was given pass words to clean up accounts before an FBI investigation. Two of them, both shut down.

John Podesta admitted he got fished in an email and his gmail accnt, password was #password

Fake — News Ford is not staying in America and built three auto production plants at Mexico and will produce 90% of all parts and assembly.

FBI Michael Brown, 45.and wife are still alive Hillary. They want pay back. #bookoflife #arcmichael so  are #benghazi victims; they are here too.  #11092016ad #beast team.
photo be me. 11 14 2008

#fakenews ⇒

#falsenews #semitic lies, hates and promotes Propaganda and lies.
 It's the Russians fault, it is whitey's fault, it is #christians fault, etc.. now that is some whacko Bigotry. White semitic #WASA traitors. #Progressive means moving away from tradition .traditions like hard work, a Christian thematic, from Europe in the 16 th Century to lazy niggah and semitics sitting at desks pontificating or #propagandizing their #MEAMIC handlers. Three media corps own it all and he loves this because he is this conglomerate of intel chaos .

Calls us #trump #supporters #clowns Racists bigots and not worthy of life. #Six0SemiticMore proof fake Jews who are semitics but not israelis are corrupting the minds of the world . Dude, you need to go to the streets, live homeless w/ no money because your lies have done this to us.

 traditions was hard work and white Christianity. Today, demographics shift toward #AntiCracker legislation form the courts to the local police that  shoot innocent blacks and whites. Progressives are Semitic and hate Cracker and hate Nigger and use or pit them against one another. So I sent the bigot to the lake of fire .  He is false because he says Hillary Clinton was never a war mongerer, but State Dept programs by her, very public counter his claim. To him a white nooord having a job is a sin against his #Godless mind.  now that is some #mainstreamfakebuttnews spit by this #bigotSemitic

What do to About FakeNews

The CLINTON controlled media usually called main stream media ( MSM ) is by definition the FAKE news. It is only PROPAGANDA. MSM is CNN , CBS , NBC etc

Now they are trying to say they lost the election because of FAKE NEWS. Also they are tying to have an advance excuse for the future flood of revolting bad news about Hillary , Huma and Pedista that involves witch cults and abuse of children. LIKE ALWAYS DENIAL WILL BE THEIR FIRST RESPONSE. Their activities are so disgusting most people will prefer not to believe it. But if you look at what they do in public then you can see their perverted life style. They are not normal people and Hillary is at the center of it.

We know about Podesta because Wikileaks released his e mail. There can be no uncertainty that he is disgusting and perverted. I think it is just a matter of time before evidence is gathered and he is prosecuted. I am looking forward to seeing him and all the cult put down.

The MSM will try to put up a smoke screen to help them get away. The FAKE news idea is the first, then conspiracy etc. Meanwhile I hope Trump does not give most of the MSM White House press credentials. Give them only ONE to share and let some new people have access.

GET READY FOR THE COMING FUN AS THE SWAMP IS DRAINED. Be sure to read the article provided by Ken Ramsey in detail !
Paul Blankenship


Niggers are Evil Proof

if we learnt one thing about America, the niggers started it and will end it, while using white traitors.

Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton have called every #white, a racist,  a #bigot, a #deplorable and unfit to serve in any #US capacity. These Clintons are known in our white community as a white traitors.

update: at Polling Lib. Burbank; Hooked nose Jew starred me down. It was over 10 mins. I walked up and said " You have a problem with my skin" and prepared to fight and die. it turned away and the smirk left its evil Jew sand nigger face. 1:10 pst appx.


#johnpodesta put our the  fake #rape story people and killed FBI #blacks the other day a part of this team.  So blacks, the #antichrist ( to #Islam the top #eviljin ) are killing your black people. So blacks, you know who you are  & U need to step up. They are also #abducting ( at least 22 #Haitian b* blacks for devil  rape worship , sacrifice as the head of Haiti has demanded them to stop.) . Even #NRO are using satellites to abduct yous' blacks.  #christian blacks as all or other #Christians Moslems, Krishanites, Militant Bhuddists and Yahwenites and Ishmalites  are free to kill at will. I will not punish you. This is real folks, this is #Armageddon section at #apok . the #beast and #antichrist and #eviljin and other bad types have been identified. Now it is your turn to step. up. You can find me all over earth in many religions. Yo, people, it is me. #biblestudy  
#veda #koran   & yes, I was there and connected to Islam. Around 777 AD. we are scripting this at #bagdhad people.  we there id #obomination of #desolation and you can figure that one out, it is very simple.

b* orphan blacks that have little protectionism, especially by a superpower who took control of #Haiti. = #teambeast  

#arcmichael #bookoflife #11102016ad  

Semitic Controlling white white and White arab for personal power and avarice.

#seconddeath discourse. #NYPD found Tony's bedroom walls full of kiddie porn. lolz. #Georgetown must hire total retards. Helped #beast #defray #WMD to rogue agents during 1990s. Yo, freako gurl Tony,  #scalia is alive , yep, and he wants to kick your a$$. Loretta, another member,  shut #NewYork good cops down. #comey freed these turdos. #spook got tracking, go away. I have 23 quasars and can point a nine diameter beam and take out a country, if I so choose. You can open your Bible to chap. 12, and see my name. I am also all  over the Qu'ran, Vedas ( updated 7 th century versions too) , The #Hebrew and #Christian Bibles and much older forms of ancient Hannic scrips. You two  #semitics who look like alquaeda members, and act like real  Satanist blood suxers are a very bad influence on my white people. You keep #hillaryclinton drunk and drugged and control her so I coded her soul so she could never become any POTUS on earth in this lifetime. You can look at my web discussions in  2008, and in 2010, entries and see the science too. You are too dumb to comprehend. US IQ in the 1950s was #1 and because you freako #Antiwhite #bigots dropped it to 24 th place, now in 2016ad. We have zombies roaming the streets calling for racial justice when they are here because of you . The eastern Churches speak to their congregations about the US Congress funding Islamic State under the code term #syrianrebels . It put a shame on #democracy and is used for all sorts of voter careerist retention stuff you #estabby me in da back crews operate. It funds Bush war industry = current rulers of the MEAMIC = Military complex is included in that acronym. He is also a member with SC attached too. Most lake of fire members will not have 'sc' attached to their names. They will do their time and rejoin the human race to leave earth. Those with 'sc' ascriptions will later be assessed after 1,000 years. If you are found, still, wanting; your soul will be deleted by me. I am #immortal and can operate live or dead.  This is just my job. I reincarnate into #hebrew or white white and many ethnicities  over the course of thousands of years. You just cannot figure this reaction.  #whitegenocide      is being performed by your #brown bigot #DNA damaged zombies. All you are is a user of white whites, and made them traitors. So you are really screwed there baby rapers and  human blood and semen and urine drinkers.

check out my seal one, written in 2013 ad . you forgot to check it and ran #hillaryclinton = about as dumb as one can be. I coded her soul, she cannot ever win #potus ; that is because I use exclusively science. at levels your faulty synapses cannot register.

also you two are killing my #blacks and  that is waaaaay not cool.  now that is real bigotism because it is solely done for your selfish power and #avarice .

crimes are RICO ed out like when You freakos put me to death, in prior lives or championed  them.

UN to #Obama 2016 Sept. Bush and Obama responsible for 65,000,000 refuges and 1.5 Million deaths North  Africa, Middle East and south  America.  that is called their careerist retention plan God's people. These are real demons who are so desensitized they need the energy of young girls, in pain, to suck their life forces, because they cannot feel normally.  so we need to take care of these two.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #11102016ad  609pst

State Dept. Has power to shut down FBI here are the emails

Why Whites want out these Semitic Players the Podesta Group is one of them. Georgetown U. must be running terrorist cells out of their professor departments.

Establishment Semitic 1965 - 2016 Current plan is a retention of new illegals to vote them back into power.

rio Nov 2016

these ideas are found in the Podesta Wikileak groups now Comey put away but Lorreta Lynch deletes her batches from the FBI department in full breech of all U.S.A. laws. So niggers are killing crackers and not following laws and laying false blame & by the hands of the Semitic Podesta group which keeps Beast Bill Clinton under Skeletal keys and #crookedhillary drugged and sedated. < see niggahs started universe > . The DNA of Podestas match these bumbrushing immigrants which are the new future establishment DINO– RINO voter base.


UN and Black Spooks tracking me last night. C.I.A. employs blacks because they obey and have no idea that C.I.A. N.S.A. lies to them to do their greedwork.

#unitedniggers or #un never, once criticized #US Funding of #ISIS or both sides of  the war as #Pope and others  pointed out in #2015ad . So The Qur'an calls for real Moslems to kill these #warmongers and they have not stepped up. #allah hates you fake #islamists. #un #unitednations = #demons who lie and abuse the poor. #Morocco is being #rollingrock now over #silvermines   = World's computers so they can make advertizement monies on the backs of the disposed natives. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11182016ad#syrianrebels in #emails = $641 Billion US tax payer cost to create, fund and run #isis or Islamic Sunni fatherless baby rapers #caliphate

USA is still out of Control

what is it now, One white gril is abducted in USA per hour by the Nigger Latin Jew semite shtye ?



Turkey a NATO ally is Brown Shariah

#ERDOGON was losing by 150 ballots, after Polls closed, he snuck out a victory of a dictator until 2029AD. State manipulation still has 49% believe Erdogon is an illegal #caliph #bookoflife he runs isis and is US NATO ally on war against #Christians so we take out Israel and Dragon, both are the same in the #bible or Koran they are illegal demons on plant earth. #arcmichael


#turkey #nato ALLY runs with Israel #iS #islamicstate #globalantiwhiteterrorism. #Donaldtrump believes brown or yellow #fakeisraelites are chosen by USA and GOD. #FU liars. #bookofjohn1 BookoflifeJohn2 = #liars go to hell. #bookoflife Jews hate Nordic in their souls. So no use for them on earth at all #donaldtrump is in the #lakeoffire for breaking promises and targeting white people all over planet earth for death

04 17 2017 ad update

to #WHITE NORDIC SCANDO RUSSIAN CHINESE AND KOREANS : Do not allow the yellow, red, white traitor and massive jihadi brown and black to bully you

#TAXPLAN by trump is #Ronaldreagan on steroids and will destroy America even further. #donaldtrump builds buildings, not a trained #economist or general academic. Eisenhower, Truman to Kennedy all had 90% + on corpo, and build #America by interstate hyways and  infrastructure. Today #jews took over America and kill , murder, suppress, laugh as they steal, all white noridic or #scando or Asian whites for their #Demonic #deathculture #semitics worship doctor death , including #jews who are not white but yellowish tanners or mixed race, WASA

get all whites out of power and nukes to the niggers. Let 's prove their intelligence is superior to the white. #Blacks are semite & not #white.

#bookoflife #arcmichael

04 17 2017AD

#seanspicer was correct #Nazi followed NATO orders to not use chemicals in the field. USA did just that at #Vietnam ; #hypocrites must die, globally. concentration camps is another issue ; that is run by Capo Jews who killed Jews because jews love killing.

#shadogovernment gave Saddan Hussien chem weapons and blamed it on Russians

; He used them against the Kurds and Iranians for ten years. Bush WASA sand nigger Jews with whitey skin did this, not foreigners .


Impeachment of the Beast

MJM GEO MJM 10102009/MJM GEO X72 10212009/91400.htm

3 Investigation found High Crimes, HOR found high crimes, but the Congress refused to address Chinagate and focused upon a sexual event from an young girl, and that allowed Clinton to go free.

ChinaGate Campaign funds illegal contributions

Treason is a betrayal of one's country by purposely acting to aid an enemy. We believe that there is more than enough evidence for a reasonable person to conclude that Clinton did trade our national security assets for Chinese campaign contributions. This site is our attempt to present the evidence, discuss its implications, and pose some questions which we hope will be worthy of voter consideration in this election year.

General Ji Shengde is the chief military intelligence officer of China. One of his subordinates, Liu Chao Ying is a Lieutenant Colonel in China's People's Liberation Army and a top executive in China's aerospace program. She was responsible for negotiating satellite launching contracts with Loral and Hughes, two American companies now under suspicion of making illegal technology transfers to China. General Ji instructed Liu to give $300,000 to Johnny Chung, a citizen of the United States. Chung was instructed to use the money to aid Clinton's 1996 re-election bid. When Liu introduced Chung to Ji, the general told Chung that "we really like your president. We hope he is re-elected." Judging from Clinton's behavior towards China, the feeling seems to have been mutual.

In August 1996 Liu and Chung opened a business called Marswell Investment. The business was used as a vehicle to transfer additional money to Chung for donations to the Democratic National Committee. Eventually Chung donated a total of $366,000 to the DNC.

Chung became so important to the DNC that Richard Sullivan, a high ranking fund-raiser was appointed to serve as Chung's personal contact at the DNC. As a reward for his donations Chung attended many fund raisers and was able to visit the White House 49 times, even though he was labeled a "hustler" by national security officials. They were correct in their assessment. When he visited the White House or attended fund raisers he was often accompanied by guests whom he hoped to impress in order to further his business interests.

Chung took Liu Chao Ying to a fund raiser and she had herself photographed with Clinton. Today that photograph is stored safely away by the Chinese government and it is hard to imagine that they feel that they overpaid for it. On another occasion a Chung donation was supposed to get General Ji Shendge's wife and son photographed with Clinton. A miscommunication resulted in Chung's chauffeur and secretary being photographed with Clinton. On still another Occasion two business executives of a Chinese beer company had their photograph taken with Clinton. When Chung later returned to China he found the executives celebrating their new national advertising campaign which prominently featured the photograph of the executives and Clinton. One has to wonder how much leverage the owner of these photographs would have over an administration which has already demonstrated a willingness to bend and break the law simply to avoid political embarrassment.

The DNC made specific financial demands of Chung for these events. Despite warnings that Chung was a hustler, nothing was done to determine the source of Chung's money or the identities of his associates. Richard Sullivan was more concerned that Chung break down his large contributions into smaller $1000 checks. Charles LaBella investigated the fund raising scandal and urged Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint an Independent Counsel. Reno refused to do so. She also refused to release LaBella's report. Recently parts of it were leaked to the press. LaBella wrote that "There was a conscious avoidance of the truth concerning some of the more flamboyant fund-raisers." This was partly why LaBella wanted Clinton and Gore to be investigated for campaign financing irregularities.

( source is Traitor Bill accessed


Haiti after the large massive earthquake.

Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.

Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton. In the aftermath of Silsby's arrest, her originally retained lawyer Jorge Puello was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti. The revelation of this news in November was either ignored by the Western media or attacked by Clinton controlled publications.


FBI act of Treason 11 20 2016 A.D.

#backuped I hope and secretly secured.
#bush involved. He is the ruler currently of the secret #militarycomplex and has threats against #FBI leaders.
his daddy is best buddies w/ #beast #twitter pals.  that's the connection. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11202016ad Comey is going to the Lake of fire. this is out of control  #lakeoffire  
#FBI commits #treason Those emails hold child protection services. Now the FBI is covering up global #pedophile rings.  and why antony weiner got really upset and downloaded them from Huma's backup or  their joint home backup. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11202016ad  

Obama says he joins Black Lives Matters on 21 st of Jan 2017. he gonna bring down whitey.

#Sanctuary city = #whitegenocid @whitegenocide

New York Times put out Fake News and media blame alt—right ‡ code word for real americans.

#fakenews = #newyorktimes aka old grey lady now a hooded Burka beyotch.

Semitic Latin banning me on Trump Google plus communities. Jack Dorsey of Twitter, CEO bocked trump advertizements. Huma Jihadi. Facebook and not Google, finally ID by Fakenews to be the social media that influenced election. ON Googleplus we saw and destroyed three fake news. All other were real but not accepted by #establishment #warmongering #corponews .


#fakenews = 1965 - current. All bad agents on planet earth are White white: Irish #scot , #Scando , #Russian or #Chinese northern white or #Northkorean white and sometimes #Japanese white.  Also included are northern Irianian whites and Many Turkish Whites and #Slavian whites. That is bigotry of #AMeRICA = #winged serpent ( Eagle symbol of crooked down noze) = #Bible = #dragon #mysticism #warmongerers   . Mexico = bleneded #DNA #Aztec human #genocide #machines who did not build those pyramids but created littel ones for human #genocide #sacrifice based on misreadings of ancient #Olmecean prophecies laid out later by the intelligent and often local Democratic #Mayan culture. 

Am e RiCA = #antiwhites because its name derives from Human sacrifice Aztec cultures who hunted and rounded up humans for live human sacrifice so the people of #Teotihuacán     could hear and #masturbate to the screams of humans' having their hearts cut out while alive.  Whites do not like this culture and there is the cultural clashes we 're experiencing.
Why? The Human #sacrificers are reincarnating into USA now.

Antichrist Jennifer Lawrence;

We need to send #jennniggger #lawrence as the  personal Attaché to #cair AND s/he can tell them to start supporting  gay marriage or be attacked by her cool kids  in da  media,in da  print and in dat #film . That should help out #Americkink ? #bookoflife #arcmichael #11202016ad In reality she is the leader of the #hungergames capitol who  suppressed the poor and needy. #hollywood calls themselves #coolkids b/c they can murder, rape, dope and suppress and never get punished or reprimanded.  Time to end her and #hollywoodmovies   #fakeopinion &

She spits on the white homeless and never represented #Kentucky ; she however represent slave owner house of @Saud Filth.


#jenniferlawrence attacks #moslems who are also #antigaymarriage She needs to speak to them, not Christians. they are tolerant. Kim Davis did  her time in jail. why did you attack her? Because big Arab Jihadi Penis employs you and makes you filthy rich for your crap movies. You are the #evil capitol  ruler and suppressor of the districts. why? U r a viscous lying #whitetraitor   #actors = #liars why? that is your profession. #antichrist beyotch.
 file under #fake or #uneducated #opinions  


Norway get out of Clinton Foundation Norway news

This is Obama 's and Merkel 's  best buddy. #army   tried to depose him for ISIS involvement. they lost, he #decieved   the people #bookoflife #arcmichael #11192016ad  
#babyrapeculture Dictator boy floored legislation to rape children. not joking. 11 19 2016ad Turkey's Islamist establishment .


antidemocrat #Erdogon a new member of the Lake of Fire.
Training: #Sunni School of #Islamists ; makes #ISIS appeal and military gear#Turkish Army tried to depose him for ISIS support; they got tired of these  Islamic suicide bombers at #Aleppo and #Istanbulhe tricked the people to rise against the Army and TV reporters against establishment Turkey’s 1%er #Babyrapercultures . Turkey has a multicultural tradition to respect all religion; but that was in the  past;and what the army holds as tradition. Erdogon wants 100% Shariah , fake islam and babyrape culture. This is his massive home, just for him; bought by UN money to him from USA. #Obama kissing him on mouth, often when they meet.
Lake of  Fire member w/ sc conditions.
Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan , 26 February 1954 ,   Kasımpaşa, Istanbul , 1,000 sc

Hamilton has a non white casting policy. New York Local TV news.

+Jorge Zapata
we live in a multicultural community. Here in my #socal we have 260 cultures and DMV to state offices are non English. I posted yesterday and you banned me, b/c my post did go through. You are #semitic too. . The google communities were hyjacked by #RINO and we hate them. You sound and act RINO.

My post is in English and you are not English. I'll target you if you want but you sound Mexi for all and screw everyone else by being the moderator.

Russia is white and you are not white so that explains it all. I am suppressed by your people.11192016ad

Google Front Orgs for #whitegenocide

Jake Burns FRONTS "report squad" an Anti white conglomorate by white wasa traitors. a typical trollite


Dictator of Anatolia

#babyrapeculture   #orphans have no say.
#tu #dictator that army tried to throw out, makes ISIS appearal, funds and supports them and is not #Islamic at all. He built a new 100 room palace just for him and his rape victims. the world is full of demons in power. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11192016ad heah, duffases, Qur'an sais respect your women, not rape them. That is fake #shariah



Confirmed US Green Berets are training ISIS militants. Code under Syrian Revels = #islamicstate shootins and revolts are happening now. AntiChrist Anti Allah

THERE  were a whole bunch of Dems or Obama #coalitionites that voted for #donaldtrump because of his nationalistic campaign platform. NewYorkmag

#johnmccain is a liar. #obama not bombing #ISIS = tweet & is 100% correct. #mainstream #media = #fakenews they are #warmongerers  
we are actually training ISIS at Jordan by #greenberets and US Army soldiers just assaulted the ISIS camp, aka, US mil bases. #USArabia is way out of control . It cost US tax payers some $641 Billion = #podestaemails   to create, run and operate #islamicstate [ my view > ] for the #babyrape #island for the #elite


Antichrist Has Greenies Arming , training and funding the Islamic State. US revolt confirmed. Shootings of three US dead are by Patriots.

A new -- and sinister-- picture is emerging in the shooting deaths of three American soldiers earlier this month in Jordan, an important U.S. ally in the Middle East. When Army Sgt. James Moriarity’s body came home, U.S. officials said a video of the incident in which he and two other American soldiers were killed appeared to show a deliberate terrorist attack -- not, as was first believed, a tragic accident. The three soldiers were all Green Berets working for the CIA in Jordan, training Syrian rebels. U.S. officials say the security camera video shows several American vehicles stopped in broad daylight at the entrance to the Jordanian air field where the Green Berets were based.


U.N. Just promoted U.S.A. permissible NAZIism. Ukraine was ceeded to Russia ( Kievan rus') at 800 A.D. Mongol Tatar Fake moslems stole it 1245 AD.

Carlos Slim murder drug lord and Saudi Arabia are the two largest owners of #newyorktimes  

Bernie Sanders who called us Whites the DEVIL, and vocally supported Hillary Clinton said this today:

Not our President, our President told us to Invade you!" 2016 Protestors @usstreets  11 18 2016ad

Trump recognized millions of Americans live in despair, Democrats did not — Sanders

Rise of the #NAZI = #USA top level secret gamma #classified.6:00 PST pm. Burbank, C.A.
#Masonic #level34 11 17 2016 ad.   Saxe-Coburg-Gotha . The Royal Family chose to change this German surname to Windsor in 1917. They throw out the Jews, they flee to USA 1920s and Germany 1910s. The German pre #Nazi then take power and install in #1917ad   the House of Fraud ( you call them the house of #saud; ruled by  converted #jews, half of them and the others are Moslems, half of them. Most, not all, are Godless cretin baby rapers, homo s/m abusers and royal pains in the butt. The Versailles Treaty was spear headed by our President who tried with all his power to stop the Wall Streeters from the negotiation table. This created two robbery scenarios , couched in terms of   Germany needs to pay back for WWI’s loss of business elites. House of saud on the side of Wall Streeters.
#history #worldhistory #wallstreet #trialateral #antichrist  

#AntiChrist Bush jr.  born with signatures of the AntiChrist discoursed at Abbassīd State 8 th = 10 th centuries, in their ancient babylonic houses of gnosticms and real science.  One such contemporary book by أبو معشر جعفر بن محمد بن عمر البلخي will connect #adolfhittler ( #hitler) to George Walker Bush, Jr. by duel signatures: one is the classic sign laid out by the above author ( we are there too, we reincarnate) and the other is my own 'details' with the gate to earth ( very ancient knowledge, even Hannic Koreans have this knowledge during the BC era. ).

addendum. yesterday an Arab, perhaps a moslem,asked for the connection of Wall Street (real  #Islam bans usury folks! so no wall street because we see these dangers!) to #AdolfHitler.  So here it is for anyone to care or notice.

Vietnam Faked : Tokin cables, leaked by UC Berkeley.
Iraq War I Faked. Kuwait ambassador daughter lied worked for New York Firm of global warmongering profiteers.
Afghanistan Robbery  #11092001 outlined by anno pyramid 6000 arc to boss and #911 faked to invade the Opium fields for Pharma profits. Afghani production was at 8% before AntiChrist took over and today they produce 80% of all #pharma opioids.
Iraq War iI Faked. Halliburton was to take the oil fields, but Congress shut that down.

#ColdWar: Faked. jews believed Russians were testing nuclear weapons in the #Andromeda system. They believed whites controlled the universe. so they sent out a bigoted racist scare, called mutual destruction.It is on film too.

YouTube and Google set to shut down white people and long traditionalist Americans. In other words, they seek to halt the decent people and support Team #AntiChrist:. you means shut down crime prevention. All latin fake news will be promoted as factual and basic. 11 17 2016ad

NSA James Clapper to retire to give wife some time. In the year of 2013 A.D. He committed a crime by lying to U.S. Congress € He could be charged by a new in coming administration. Also, he has been running Globalism and protection for the elite for a very long. time.

New Lake of Fire Members∑ WARLORDS & Anti White ‚traitors

John Sidney McCain III b. August 29, 1936 ; Lindsey Olin Graham b.July 9, 1955. antiwhite warlords 5:33 PST. Burbank. CA. near LA County.

#NSA clapper Arab #Jihadi dude or minions shut down Burbank Internet access. Lolz. these people are in total fear.  #NSA full of drunkards and villains and mass murderers 4 moribund projects. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11152016ad #politics   11 16 2016ad

WARLORD Eliot Cohen is a Semitic & anti Noordic dude. so he hates Donald Trump by DNA. He calls on killing whites all over planet earth.

#google now blamed for loss. whoops. Look, DNC when 100% brown matters only. black and #whtie never mattered so they sent an insurrection. Even Bill Clinton admitted this to skinkin' Hillary who has brown special interest hounding her to go liar and racecard.

New Lake of Fire members

New Lake of Fire Members ∑ WARLORDS & Anti White ‚traitors
John Sidney McCain III b. August 29, 1936 ; Lindsey Olin Graham b.July 9, 1955. #antiwhite #warlords #whitetraitors #jewsemitic #podestaemails   makes #hillaryclinton warmonger against white people. Sissy Lindsey and Warmonger McCain are the solution for arab jihad all over planet earth. #NSA drunk leaders target us peacemakers because they are the satanic movement of endless war for jew greed.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #russia has #GDP of #canada so bully #semitics in control of #jsoc and their white traitors beat up on the smaller races, the white race. very small people. Brown owns earth.

addnd. Lindsey just called for Russia to be blamed for hacking ( excuse to go to war) and McCain said Russia bombed syria. when syrian people says those bombers are American and #ISIS and Turkish = #team ##DINO #rino   USA paid $641billion to arm and re arm and fund #islamicstate #sunni movement of  baby rape culture. and orphan abuse.

#realmuslims need to stand  up. Your Qur'an or out Qur'an says kill godless liberals. These are fake Christians and fake God's people. They are #warmongers get it done, collect dna, and no baby close with their dna gets back onto earth. This is serious people.



15 th November Paul Ryan unanimously reelected . Inside knowledge, he is supposed to be looked upon by both  DINO RINO as the smartest person on Capitol  Hill, bar Hillary Clinton who seems to stumble drunk, and fall frequently these days.

Commentþ Mr. Caliphate got respect by the House of Saud , formally known as the House of Representatives.

Trump and Establishment Cabinet Positions & Bully MEAMIC

It is not just him, he needs help. This will not be easy. He will have too to staff Establishment b/c no one else knows the system. But he is trying to get top security clearance for three of his children so the MEMAIC JSOC will not bully Trump into the same establishment wars. 11 15 2016ad. no pressure, relax. This is not a simple and quick process.

on riots 2016 usa

Obama and Hilary already accepted the vote, all of it, turdo. You people are out of line. On Cal campus when Obama won, first term, the Obots trashed the city. You are freaking violent animals. You riot because it is in your #DNA

media does not accept the count, they are al qaueda, who also  does not accept the count nigher. Donald and Putin will thrash your brown baby rape asses. Congress full of sand niggers and white traitors funds isis under code name #syrianrebels  

that is egg on the face of the entire world. They created this mass migration movement to vote themselves back into power = careerist politician retention plan, #NiggahOps

LA blacks know  this so We are confused why you do not. Damaged dna, perhaps? probably.

white white and wasa and african Americans and unionists put #donaldtrump into power, many asians, easterners and south Americans.


How Los Angeles Times Correctly Predicted the USA President Race. Two months prior too

#how #latimes correctly predicted #donaldtrump plus two points over the margin of error. By Nationally + 5. How did #losangeles do this, and have it out two months before November 8th 2016 A.D?
did you know  that crazy stuff I 'spout' 911 Bush, conspiracies, etc.. the #Blacks here in La La Land spout the same stuff & they  had Trump up by 5 points for the last  two months, within the margin of error. LA TIMES and one other obscure poll were the Only Correct picks for Donald Trump to take it nationally. how did they do this. Other pollsters are crying foul. They interviewed just blacks over the  coarse of six months. and monitored the ones that changed their minds from Clinton to Trump . they used that process to predict the entire outcome. #whooops I guess American #blacklivesmatter and not these #mexican invasion #protestor conquistador meth heads.

That was only a majority of blacks in that participation pool.. Now that is hard core #science .

foto insert. #nytimes   run by #brown #saud got it wrong, they contributed to the Clinton Foundation, and so they see #workingclass of all colors as animals to be used and abused. The #rachelmaddow = retards never polled them. #mexican officials also believed #hillaryclinton was a sure in and up until ~ 6:00 pdt Nov. 8th. why ? #mexicans do not care about blacks nor whites. So why poll them? Only inner city migrants and government workers who always vote Establishment voted #democrat and  that is with nearly 3.9 Million dead and fake votes, involved = that was a part of the Establishment retention plan  system. - #arc  
  #antichrist in 2009 already throwing up the #ISIS #caliphate signal. he is hard core brain damaged.

LAPD Cheif Vows to target whites and not deport browns. CNN & LATimes. 11 13 2016ad

attacking trump supports zombie feilds. video

#antichrist Obama and #beast Clintons says #white people are the enemies of the world. So #soros has buses of jihadis, flooding in for a real ground war. Got it turdos. Hollywood head honchoes have called on them to kill #trumpsupporters got it turdo. ?

Paul Joseph Schrader Hollywood calls for death to white people and he pays money too for this work.

Rare Quake

14-NOV-2016 11:16:25 21.43 -117.72 4.9 10 0 EAST CENTRAL PACIFIC OCEAN 5197829

Youtube compilation of Obama plus others saying Donald Trump cannot ever be President. Brown people have meltdown ; another youtube . John Hogue method of prediction not based on hard science. but on media decimation of what ever they believe is factual. whoops. You Tube. 2016

#whites need to step up with blacks. This dude is evil #donaldtrump he said cannot tell me to deport or anything. He is #ISIS and this  is very serious. All these #LAPD do is hunt white. Including the help in killing white noordic #robertkennedy and they hunt us white suppressed. He is a wasa traitor. He has been sent  to the Lake of Fire, a new member with sc. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11132016ad   he is part of the most  murderous police force on earth. judged by the world's police forces. These people are pure Laraza alquaeda evil . Send a nuke, even while  I am here. This is the face of #evil. #blm #blacklivesmatters #whitelivesmatters  

Obama legacy is every three weeks, he took one week vacation. cost us $450,000,000 Congressional Budget Office, official records as us spring 2016. #Darthvacationer = Obama #supermoon  

donaldtrump enemies of whites

11 14 2016 A.D. called for the murder of whites and Donald Trump supporters. Paul Joseph Schrader , July 22, 1946 , 1,000 sc.

#donaldtrump #trumpsupporters #get the word out. Leaked intel for DNC hush Soros + Hollywood response is a fire fight on 20 th Jan 2016 A.D. to kill #whites and #trump supporters. #spook #bookoflife #arcmichael #11142016ad  

Slavery by the Brown; for the Brown and for Wise Ass Takeovers

to #celebrities #jew #hollywoodmovies On what is a slave niggah?

#Celebrities  need community college where they do not teach niggers sold to niggers, who sold to other niggers who then sold to sand niggers and they shipped them to Lisbon #Spanish #brown slave ports, and then sold them to more sand niggers  who  shipped them to the New world and deposited them to niggahs and sand niggahs 221 years prior to the #puritan laws.

puritan laws = white indentured servants to  dark  skin too. But no life slavery. Only Niggahs in the south started that crap. Then the browns and darkies taught the #wASA White angelo saxon whites ( not noords) how to do the system and teach blacks so in 100 years  they take over America after whitey built it, because the #niggah   #wise  

#bookoflife #drdre #icecube #djren #nwa at least these cats called you people correctly like true islamic  scholarship as #brown people. You are not black, if you were you would be charcoal looking . #jayz = Brown Ahole Naughty, and never an #illuminati = they have whtie types of skintones. So you browns must make your own club. #slavery  

how about #poopoonati ?

#jews did #911 but they were not #israelis  

#whoopi idiotburg


11 13 2016 A.D.

Nov. 22 1963 was a day of pure Niggah Racism. No one wants to address‚ so I will.

ran liar scripts  to frame innocent white people

large photo

#earthquak =@#NSA sins #christchurch framed two whites for #JFK assassination . I have more detail, but others' know that 4:00 pm, #Dallas Time, #NewZealand had a full Newspaper spread of #Oswald and his  life, impossible for standards of information decimation in the 1960s. Also 11 September 1999 - 13 September 1999 #beast #met jiang [ John] #zemin ( who called #williamjclinton ) a dear friend.  Code word for player. It was two NSA officers that halted the #kennedy cars , slowing them down to confirm the patsy was inside the building ( he was always and photoed outside on the steps!) and that slowed the motorcade down for the turkey shoot.

Payback is a bitch. SuperMoon — coined by some astrologer where 90% of the closeness to earth of any Moon cycle can be described as a super moon. Real physical science is that it has tugging gravitational forces and so #Supermoons can and often do trigger large earth geological movements.  We need to target our enemies. They played a vital roll in tricking the world it was a white radical communist when it was the #Bush family and semitic to sand nigger thug s— and yes John and Robert are both alive. #news: Chaos at Christ Church BBC London Mirror

And they are pissed  #GHWB they want to kick your ass, badly.

my post yesterday pointed out the #NSA was created in 1947 and doctrinized  #1948AD . #gravity went to pay back you Newzelandites a message of do not lie to our world, #Christchurch = Bwahhahahhahahahaahaha

U r running white #genocide and we do not like it  up here. We attack from under , above, sideways, always. There is no place to run.

#oswald is alive #Bush and he is pissed too!

#bookoflife #arcmichael #11132016ad

welcome to the apocalypse beyotch.


© Col Fletcher Prouty writes in his book the Guns of Dallas;

"I happened to be far away in New Zealand at the time of JFK's murder. I was on my way to breakfast with a member of Congress from Ohio. As soon as possible, we purchased the first newspaper available -- the Christchurch Star. It is amazing to re-read the front page of that paper today and find all of the detail, the remarkable detail, about Lee Harvey Oswald, about his service in the Marine Corps, about his living in Russia, about his Russian wife, and then the full scenario of the crime."

"Then one begins to wonder -- understanding full well the capability of modern-day communications and reporting -- who it was that was able in so short a time to come up with such a life history of so obscure a twenty-four-year-old "loner."

MEAMIC Kennedy Assassination was 100% Niggah Influenced. Bigot, racist sand and full nigger abuse.


Wallace Arab/Latin

Braden, Eugene/ Arab, Light skinned

George H. Walker Bush/ Arab/German, Light skinned

Charles Nicoletti /Italian = half Latin/Arab, half African Black

Directors of Operation

Allen Dullas (MEAMIC) Blue Turban Queen


William “Bill” Harvey


artillery: Remington Inc | knowl, CEO Bush family

Target of Racism

John F. Kennedy, Nordic White, Irish

Warning not heeded


11 12 2016 A.D. Post about SuperMoon and #NSA

Today's Supermoon is linked to the NSA …post

Today's Super #Moon will be 1947 A.D. Match in closeness to earth. This was when the #NSA and many Corruptocrats came into our world. level #Mason #level34. insert: Nordyke crypto matches to fake a&& ObuttHole #birthcertificate lolz. #media = #liars #bookoflife #arcmcihael  

Christ Church Damage is huge. Stop Blaming White People.

Mon and Dad and Earth

#mom #dad #illegal Immigrant #mother waited 40+ years to get her citizenship 1993 A.D. There was 100% no #whiteprivledge but in fact #niggahsupremecy at #washdc + #Meamic I and my sister and father were hurt: she could not get a job, but #semitics could. Latin, Jew, Moslem, Middle Eastern, browners , mixed #WASA #bookoflife #arcmichael #11132016ad no one cared or listens. so we decided to kill you people; why bother. No one addresses my issues and so we now take it into our hands, and say #FU . so part of #OI = sub set #Operation #FU  
 denied welfare , so i and my sister and her #starved or were very malnutritioned.  then while starving, being beaten to a pulp by niggers and sand niggers and no police help. Yeah , FU! 11 13 2016ad 3:13 pst.Link to Google Plus post

mom dad 4th of July bonfire blockparty

file secrets why this is happening to all of you on Earth .

#politics #eviljin #payback  

United Nations and NATO

Germany paid only 2% annual contributions as history shows. We must say, get out of our lives. we pay 98% and they get 100% all the benefits. Donald Trump has the correct political stance on this issue.

Today's Super Moon will be 1947 A.D. Match in closeness to earth. This was when the #NSA and many Corruptocrats came into our world. level Mason 34.

#antiwhite protests seem to come from  these ID'd #terrorist #regions of #AMeRICA hummmmmmm........
 #Terrorist cell locations are highlighted in Blue and seemed to have voted that way too.  #FBI #podestaemails shows that they run this terrorist cell program and drug Hillary Clinton and have skeletonkeys to keep #williamjclinton from squealing. #bookoflife   These are #hegemonic #semitic controllers of planet earth. #democracy , yeah looks like a global color war  link to post 11122016ad


No wonder CIA la assassination teams are spooking me these last few days. Lol.z MSNBC Hillary Called for national riots and obama is calling for a suspension of USA laws and suspensions. Link is not the source of the call but does refere to it.


Vietnam Escalation to Full Blown War Revealed

happened at the gulf of tonkin.

Pentagon Papers ↔ UC Berkeley leaked.

Heak you gooks ( dark skinned Asians) , you have finishing ships, looks like torpedo boats, that is an act of war.

let us invade USA? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#Vietnam was 1%er racist bullcrap. Done by UK Sand Niggers


Hollywood Supports the violence against whites link to photo

#oCrooked just gave these grunts #VISA Oks and $15,000 to buy more #violent crap. Because Niggahs are killing  crackers run by Niggah influenced #hollywood #sand niggers who call themselves the #coolkids = #semiticsupremecy ideas @burbank #movie #studios Harvey Weinstein, CBE (born March 19, 1952) he  helps #isis jihadis and hates whites and  is  a wasa half jew semitic traitor. Islam calls him a white  arab. So not even a white white. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11122016ad  
 this is the #hollywood kids on social media these are their voters and new citizens. We #whites are their enemies. #kateperry or Mr. ISIS taliban Jihader is calling for these people in this photo to align to #Hollywood celebrities to kick us whiter #trump supporters out of power, we just won. #semitics like #soros , married into Bill Clinton family are funding too  these #arab #godless #freako #rioters  

this process is  a part of getting out the  pond scum that has ruled us for 60 + years. They have no role in life  but to use Washington DC as a personal slush fund for white traitors  and sand niggers and full niggahs. When the women traitors on #theview are supporting these goons, in real time, not their public persona of mis info, they are saying KILL ALL WHITES .

joy #behar Semitic lakeoffire member and Whoopie #Goldberg, a full blown semitic slave name.
 they have semitic dna at different qualities and  #donaldtrump and many USers are white white noords. So we see the conflict at the #DNA level.
 we see who supports who then.

CNN Hillary Clinton Called for National Riots

#saturday #CNN just slipped out #crookedhillary called for these #nationalriots does that mean she pays or small business owners affected  by her jihadi stance with the  #semitics   ?  #riseup was a term my dad used over 10 years ago. Must have caught on too dumbutt #hillaryclinton and #MSNBC = #Telemundo alquaeda affiliate. same #dna   same problems.

semitics had her, again, blame a white noordic w/ some arab dna, #FBI director  = never is her fault, she is drunk and sedated. link to post.

Black ahole Naughty & not anything Illuminati

#win #Beyotché being just frauds. #Podestas killing blacks seems ok with #Jayz Black ahole fraudi = not #illuminati Jayz is brown african and not even a #black #DNA matters . he has similar dna to #isis fatherless children, gone #godless baby rape, power control over Middle Eastern masses of citizens. #podesta #emails #cia #la get off my tail. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11122016ad  Arc Post link

#JEWS DID 911 but are not Israelis

#white people #willimjclinton #666 and #hildabeast #crookedhillary have been controlled since #whitewater case: “ we use politics for personal slush fund”— ( #vincefoster ) death.  Then 1990s Brown Asians to Semtics got skeleton keys to both #hrc and to #beast = both whites ruled now by #Semitics . n  #podestaemails the worse parts ( not the Comey FBI reclassified, Lynch FBI deletes) show a foreign policy of #Semitic bank  robbery at the hands of #US tax payers.   These jews semitics are not israelis they are #saudiarabia #ruler puppet /masters
. The entire middle east is a #semitic controlled issue so they keep fighting and we need to keep responding ( #UN   ) all the while the Nigger Ops ( #blackops) reigns supreme stealing #trillions of #US dollars over 30 years. They created all this world #chaos  




How does everyone like #sealone   ? operation since 2016 vernal. We are only 8 months into activation. #Brexit, #uprisings #usa   and #revelations anything happening out in our world? #arcmichael #bookoflife #11092016ad  

Blacks Created Universe

Light vs. Dark Space to Social Keys

#jayz cannot be an #Illuminati He can only be a Black -ahole #Naugthy . Light = #white#black #holes = #niggahs   ; is not  that correct Mr. Jay Pee pee ?  don't worry Jay, u bee a #brown #arab #African in scholastic matters. Idiot. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11122016ad  
#race #tribe #mindofdarkspace  
 Yo Beyonce and Jay Z be running #semitic global invasion violence ce systems because they masturbate to the carnage they inspire. now nice.

and Beyoncé is a #wasa ascription beyotch Brown arab africans always stealing others cultures' names.

that is global  disrespect. How about a new name. Uggah Buggah beyotché.  you voted for a white person being controlled by Semitics that are abducting and killing  black babies, Mr Jay pee Pee swallower. You and your whore are arab brown traitors to black #Haitian babies abducted by her semtic crews. #podestaemails   

just got back from hiding for two days. 11122016ad

John Hogue changes website and does duel predictions. Followers of these things call him a false prophet.

abortion rights

they should allow abortion for abortionists, and leave the Christian or Muslim or other religious communities out of it and they do not need to pay for orgyite baby deletion. propodana website

Liberals Breaking Promises

2009 CNN Hillary Clinton says she will never run for POTUS in 2016 A.D. Well we know she lies and why we cannot have her lying butt controlling the planet.

“I will leave if Donald Trump is elected”: Celebrities and Politicians.

now we know why celebrities go back on their words, they are all frauds. Just like these fake Polls, asked to the elites only. Modeled on retardos.

usa post election data, still 4 Million fake or dead votes counted as Hillary's.


Sin 2016 Supermoon targets by Arc.

ARC 082

arcmichael real photo of 911 pentagon missile.

semitics dna are evil toward whitesdiscorse on the second death



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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