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Reincarnation is a fact based on personal experiences ( so it is an opinion of mine).


Since this is the case, all the monotheistic religions that prescribe one – life are apparently not true at all. We reincarnation endlessly, and Siddhartha, apparently made up out of no evidence the concept of meritocracy reincarnation. this was his rationalization for coming to grips with his own past lives and wanting desperately to never reincarnate again. Therefore, the rational mind explained in a psychological sense that of the concept of ‘levels’ of reincarnation. However, this was a Brahmin priests (these were the wealthy controller class) corruption for control, to keep the common and poor in line to be good servants and slaves.


Buddhism of meritocracy reincarnation, Pauline, Christianity, so-called apostle Matthews, Jewish Christianity, The Hebrew Religion, Islam, all sects, and paganism of multi-god deity worship are all incorrect.

Reincarnation is endless and without levels attained by merit- works. It is a process of the biological physical reality and the conscious – force which is on a different space-time dimension. It is not understood and exists in all forms of life from elemental life to complex life including cloning expressions. All of our bodies are made up of particles of the Universe, and like the Universe things die and get reborn but energy does not extinguish, it only changes forms and back to forms. Our reality is like saying that we can only see a small spectrum of the light spectrum, and all light carries bits of information. These spectrums exist in different detentions, although we perceive only the surface characteristics with our detection machines.


Many cultures in history have illustrated that certain individuals can grasp a different spectrum of light which comes down from above and passes through the top of their heads and illuminates their inner vision to other realities. Often these come in the form of see some other time, be it the past, the near present or the far-off future. There is no scientific explanation for these procedures as they are not duly repeatable processes that can be performed in some laboratory. However, these stories are not only of recent history but also of ancient history so modern scientists can only use their own prejudices to dispute these claims. Nostradamus in two poems described a method that was already recorded by another historical writer on mysticism, but he related the process of receiving light of the non-seeing spectrum to his processes of seeing the future. If the future existed then reincarnation of the soul is practically inherent in the definition of fate. If fate exists then reincarnation is a process whereby the future, past and present are all scripted and produced in total and we move through these periods of time-space and have processes of forgetful memories so we do not understand that we are moving through these processes.


Reincarnation is not a romantic idea. One may get a tingling when thinking of these concepts; however, reincarnation is a dangerous memory system whereby one can go to the past and see what your friends did to you, such as betray you, or help you. So inherent in the forgetful memory scheme helps the soul comprehend such difficulties. For example, you may be a male in this life but a female in many past lives. Knowing of these past lives may upset your male predisposition in this life. There are many more examples to why reincarnation is not readily available to the mass populous. Another example is that one could have been reincarnated as an offspring in one life to a parent and in a next life is not connected in a familial way to this same person who you find attractive and want to have a physical relationship with in another life. Knowing these things can drive someone wild in their next reincarnations.


There is no point to life. It one does not reincarnate to reach a goal of escaping reinbodiment, then goodness means nothing. Going to The University of California, Berkeley academics there claim that humans are mere animals.  As part of the animal species, we arrived late on the Earth’s scene and will one day become extinct. We like other animals kill animals to eat and survive. We cannot escape killing and being evil. There is no morality at all in their view. It is either kill and survive or die. There is a dichotomy because the science departments are working on seeding other planets for our human species. The scientists have funding by rich people who want to see the human species survive, while others there particularity liberals intend that why help the poor or others because the humans will die-off in some global warming or some cataclysm anyway. Therefore, there is no point in life at all, and everything about law, justice, and virtue is only an academic disciple that really had no reality in life but for the intelligence to continue to have power of the masses of other animals – to which these philosopher kings must make them slaves for their lavish lifestyle living. If we cannot escape the reality of reincarnation then surely we are living in a prison or such if we have hard and difficult lives. The hypothesis is that we continue to live these difficult and hard lives over and over again without hope of bettering our circumstances. This was the reason religion was ‘created’ out of the minds of a few varied animals in history. It offered something to think about that took ones mind away from the reality of hell and living in pain and suffering. A passage in the Bible where it claims that Jesus did not want to give a bottle of perfume to be sold to feed the poor is one such an example. The text claims Jesus said there always will be the poor. That is a bad attitude, and performs the function of demonstrating Jesus was an elitist himself, so there is no hope of conquering poverty. It is also a confirmation that we live in a evil world, where bad people who get away with crimes live more comfortable lives because they attain more material possessions. I guess that was the message of Jesus wanting to use the perfume to cover his stench because the thought of feeding the hungry was useless because evil rules the world so why not engage it.

Reincarnation is the most difficult idea for any animal to comprehend. It requires a strong constitution because it exhibits hopelessness and fatalism. However, history had demonstrated over and over the good never win, they always lose. So there is no point in life at all. It is simply all bad news, and it is repeated over and over again.


People that are rich are happy. The people that claim money does not buy you happiness are people that have money and tell this to poor people. They do not want you to take their money or be envious of their money – because envy implies a more sinister characteristic than jealous. Envy implies one can become physically threatening and dangerous to the object, thus they may turn on the object and attack it for its money.

People that are reincarnation over and over with physical beauty are also happy people. One never sees ugly homeless people because attractive people are always desired. This is why beauty solons adorn every street corner in every industrialized country in the world. Pretty people are happy because they are desired and attract money. So if you are ugly you will keep being reborn as an ugly person over and over again. That is another very hard fact about reincarnation. There seems to be no escape.






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