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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

a © Archangel Michael: 01 October 2010.

Book of the Apokálypsis! 


Topic: Archetype of Babylon

1 October 2010


Bible Narrative Connection to Revelations and the Archetype of Babylon

The Historical State of Babylon, ruled by many leaders and changed many times its ideologies, perhaps became the Hebrew archetype state that reoccurs in history to dominate the world with its anti-Jewish or anti- commoner programs. Sumerian, or the name Sumer, connotatively means city dwellers. Sumer began their settlements during the period we ascribed the Mesopotamian settlement period, and to some Biblical exegeses the place and period of the garden of Eden. We know by archeology and oceanography that the delta where the Euphrates, Tigress and another Biblical river was more tropical than today, and had witnessed erosion from flooding periods --- the landscape  and the rivers had changed course over the millennia. After Sumer dissolved, Chaldea and Babylonian emerged, eventually Babylonia became like the modern superpower of the world. The Assyrians, who were from Anatolia, perhaps the east invaded and conquer Babylonia. Like the later Hyskos ( perhaps another Asian people) who invaded and ended the Old Kingdom of Egypt did not ruler Babylonia, it left its political structures in tact but ruled by authoritarian policy. This is when Abraham migrated from Ur, Chaldea eventually to Anatolia and then to Palestine to escape the political ethnical suppressions. It was Abrahams illegitimate Child in which Muslim takes their progenitor from, Hagar who conceived Ismail. Sarah, who was the love of Abrahams, disliked monetary competition with Hagar, thus calculated her exile and in direct murder. This story, a part of the first book of the Hebrew Bible tells a story of a dysfunctional family, which perhaps is the entire theme of the bible. Polygamy was apparently accepted then, so that is not the issue. Sarah’s and Abraham’s offspring, Isaac went on to bore Israel with his wife, that begot another dysfunctional family that created the astrological concepts of the twelve-tribes of Israel by the twelve sons of Israel who later ascribed to his sons to take dominion across the earth. This section of the Genesis story tells of some of Israel’s sons conspiring to get rid of one of their brothers, who later achieves power in Egypt and saves his dysfunctional family while indirectly bringing the Jews into bondage in Egypt that later gives chronology to the exodus and the story of Moses ( traditional dates he leads the Hebrews out of Egypt circa 1255 B.C.E. Moses takes the Hebrews out of Egypt and dies before they reach the Promised Land, and over a period of years of wandering and warring with local tribes, the clans of Hebrews unite under the older style of government called kingship and rise to regional power under their messiah king David. His son rides on the wealth and influence of his father and builds the first Temple of Jerusalem to which becomes a major theme in the later minor prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible.

Nebuchadnezzar II,   the Neo-Babylonian ruler ( r. 605 – 562 B.C.E) at that time, invades Jerusalem and takes a significant amount of Hebrews to Babylon as captives, many that become slaves to a strong imperialist Babylonian state. So we went from an exile from the old Babylonian kingdoms, then to a lone figure of Abraham who has a dysfunctional family creating their own agency and learning how to be their own civilization to becoming a dysfunctional state. It is under the Neo-Babylonian captivity that so called prophet or seers cast their mystic future visions to predict Babylon is an archetype state, which means it will recreate over and over again in history to suppress the Jews. The complex expressionism of how God of the Hebrews interacts with this exiled dysfunctional family perhaps is a social critique and at the same times a mystical reality of life itself. What we have is a family exhaled, seeing evil of imperialism states rise and then trying to counter these immoralities, to finally realizing under King Saul, then David, the only way to protect oneself is to become one of the imperializes. The question remains, which god is paramount and powerful Lord? Daniel tries to reflect in his writing of the downfall of the Neo-Babylonian kingdom, which does however dissolve as all states in history. John of Patmos apparently had access to his historical knowledge. The problem for scholars is that Babylonian civilization was a Mesopotamian locality and not Rome. So what was the connection if Rome did not view itself as a New Babylon?

Deity worship of homo sapiens was already in style in the Mesopotamian world. The Neo-Babylonian’s king’s name was “Oh god Nabu,” and Nabu was the Babylonian deity of wisdom. Yet, this wisdom inherited extreme leftism, Oh god Nabu sent his military through the traditional Levant (today’s western Asia) and upset Judah and Israeli lands by his military passing  by and pillaging and plundering the Hebrews lands – thus the explanation of the revolt of the Hebrews which upsets the Oh god Nabu imperialist. This will be connected to Rome, but first we must explain the Neo-Babylonian meaning.   Nabu lost to the Mitzraim ( Hebrew for the Egyptians) and turned back toward the Levant,  his attention toward imperiling the Levant was a frustration at his failure against Egypt, which he will take another try at later in his reign.  It is of the Jewish Biblical prophet Daniel who writes of the king of Babylon, Oh god Nabu, perhaps as the first bad ancient to upset Israel and gain their wrath in war-literature. Thus the New Babylon, which at that time was the period of Neo-Babylon ( not Babylon first period which appears in history around 1,700 B.C.E and to which Abraham had escaped the ethnic crackdown), which makes its appearance into The Book of Revelations.  Yet, we already see a cyclical occurrence here of our dysfunctional family.

Another king Cyrus the Great ( Cyrus II, d. December 530 BC or varying Babylonian Calendar recordings  of31 August, 4 or  12 September 530 BC, cf. R.A. Parker  & W.H. Dubberstein, Babylonian Chronology 626 C.E. –A.D. 75 (1971)), who is of Persian extraction, has mercy and sends these Hebrews back to Jerusalem; but they must pay taxes to the Persian empire or get invaded. So the Hebrew now lives under constant death threats. But life is not that bad for the Hebrews, they are free personally but suppressed economically.  Cyrus allows the Hebrews to rebuild their damaged temple and to worship their own way, as long as they are a part of the then going world community which of course is based upon monetary subjugation ( think of today’s leftists purposing  this global tax and that global tax, these leftists are of course well off financially). The Persians ruled over the Hebrews economically, semi-politically until Athens was conquer by aggressive imperialists whose son of the conquering king, Alexander, invaded Anatolia then the east and ended the Persian Empire. From then-on various regional powers ruled the Hebrews and still allowed them to worship their own deity and have their temple. Cyrus, like Genghis Khan also later emoted, after these world conquests, remarked that he was the “king of the four corners of the world” ( ref. c. 539 -530 B.C.E., Cyrus Cylinder Seal, Akkadian cuneiform script, ID: MB 90920, Room 55, British Museum), and like Napoleon, Cyrus accepted his own crown, claiming after conquests he was the King of Media in 546 B.C.E. Yet, this was only the start of the Cyrus imperialism machine. By the end of his life Cyrus, like the later Mongols, built the largest of land empires the world had ever seen. This undoubtedly also makes the Hebrews wanting to be left alone very nervous and thus seeking answers to life and why they are consistently being persecuted by these imperialist nations.  

It was during the breakup period of the Roman Republic that imperialism begun by Julius Caesar -- who was seen as a mere living deity after he died and a slew of deity Emperors of Rome ascribed to themselves. Anatolia became very nervous and Rome finally began to look to the east to subjugate them. It was under this period that Jesus lived, and some decades after his crucifixion (66-77 A.C.E) Rome conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the temple and scattered the Hebrews across the earth. It might be similar to how Abraham had left Ur, in Chaldea, and migrated after an ethnic crackdown by a ruffian civilization. Avram ( modern Hebrew, means ‘exalted father,’ and Genesis 5: 4-29, Genesis 7:13, Genesis 11:10-26 speak about Abraham as the tenth generation from Noah and the twentieth from Adam. The only problem is reincarnation of varying ethnicities, and the fact that numerical values such as 20, 40 and ten appear as standard Biblical rhetoric rather than actual reality. Later in Genesis God renames Avram to  av hamon (Goyim) transliterated as Abraham, and this me ‘father of all nations.’ Unfortunately, Abrahams is running away from the civilizations. He goes to Egypt, the Bible says to rescue his nephew Lot, but in reality he retreats to Bethel –Ai ( an area in Canaan) to settle down and find work.  It appears the patriarch of the Jews wants to be left alone, a common theme that repeats later in the Hebrew sagas. There is no such thing as a ‘race of Jews.’ However, academics who are all about controlling your mind want you to ‘categorize’ peoples who have differing opinions on how to live so they can   others for their evil genocidal purposes.

The Promise Land in reality is nestled between Neo Babylonia and Egypt – meaning this dysfunctional family wants to be alone away from the immorality of the imperialist super states. It is Paul, not an apostle of Chirst, who elevates Abraham in the New Testament (Galatians, 3:16) as a man of faith ( not in the Hebrew Bible, god purposely shortens Abraham’s life by five-years because of his unfaithfulness), and uses him as an example of salvation of faith, as the progenitor of the Christ ( or Messiah). This perhaps influenced Edgar Cayce (b. 18 March 1877 d. 3 January 1945) an American psychic and channeler to claim Abraham was a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. In the Bible Abraham lives until the age of 175 years-old, and this forces skeptics and atheists to correctly claim the Bible as a nice work of fiction.

John the Apostle, also known as John the Beloved Disciple (b. A.C.E. – 100 A.C.E. was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. He was the son of Zebedee and Salome, and brother of James, another of the Twelve Apostles. Christian tradition holds he was the last surviving of the Twelve Apostles, the only one to die of a natural death and died around 94 A.C.E. Christian tradition identifies him as the author of sever texts, the Gospel of John (part of the four Gospels of the New Testament), the Epistle of John, and the Book of Revelation. However, not all scholars agree. They intend that John the Apostle, the Epistle of John and the Book of Revelations are from ‘three’ separate individuals.

From about 90- 93 A.C.E. it is John who migrated from Palestine to Anatolia, and eventually ended up exiled on the Roman controlled island of Patmos that Revelation was recorded. His first visions were not on the island, but in Anatolia (modern day Turkey). So the often dismissed, John was full of cave gasses and hallucinated is out of the question.

John of Patmos was the last of the far-reaching prophets until Nostradamus’ who lived in the south of France in the sixteenth century. Revelation and Les Propheties ( These Prophecies) are the main sources used to indentify apocryphal events of our modern era. To lesser extent, the Hebrew prophets, Daniel ( who wrote during the original Babylon captivity, Isaiah, who Pierre d’Alley of the later fourteenth and early fifteenth century took great interests were mainly the other prophets used as far reaching seers. Seer is probably old Babylonian or Persian extraction implying someone that can ‘see’ into the future, a person who has wisdom of extraordinary psychic gifts. The term Seer appears in the Bible when the Persians are ruling over the Hebrews.

After Jesus and the Rise of Christianity.

The upstart Christians moved north-west, after first trying north-east. Eventually, Christianity’s messages won the common people’s support and then the political forces came in to regulate it and make it a semi-state religion. Revelations mainly becomes an early modern work. As written in the piece on the number of the Beast, Revelation does not make itself known as a polemic or investigated text until the advent of the printing press when the commoners began  to get hold of the Bible, written in their own languages and vernaculars, in the early sixteenth century. It is true that the commoners knew some passages of Revelations during the middle ages, but it was mainly the literate and monks – of course the Church, who during the divided pope people each Church office was calling the other pope the anti-Christ.

However, since the Protestant movement and the printing press, the term of the anti-Christ became the usage for everyone’s enemy. This is because Christianity was really a phenomenon of the west, mainly first in Europe then the new world after the sixteenth century. Today, each U.S. president is often sworn into office after receiving the complimentary email or letter claiming, and often by the opposing party, that he is indeed the predicted antichrist.

Other cultures have views of the world starkly in contrast to the western adherence to Christianity. The Indians have traditions that they are reincarnating souls who have lived for millions of years and life is but never ending cycles. They are closer to the truth than others who believe in one-single life, the control of the Catholic Church or the atheist academics, across the western academic-influenced world. Chinese never really had a concept of God, but the afterlife is filled with their ancestors and they use a concept that John had demonstrated by more in a redactive way. They believe their leaders have the mandate of heaven to rule over the common native. In historical tradition, these concepts are heavily influenced in stars and cycles too. Muslims adopted monotheism of Hebrews and usurped the social ruling hierarchy, claiming Allah is the ultimate deity who sent his ‘last’ prophet Mohammad to save the world and teach them the righteous way. They have their own end-time prophecies where the Mahdi leads heavens army against the opposing forces of Allah, and Jesus follows the Mahdi into battle against the an opposing force form the north - east for a battle to end all battles and ultimately the victory of Allah.  The Chinese do not have an end-time scenario nor the Indians. A group of modern scientists, although in no conspiracy, suggest there is a need to get rid of billions of people in order to save the earth’s environment. Since they are atheists for the most part, this perhaps validates Apokálypsis. From my experience with many academics in higher institutions of learning, they are crazy and prescribe this ‘eradication’ of individuals form the planet and a necessary evil.

So we have trumpets in Apokálypsis that do not wipe out mankind, but perhaps demonstrated the warning periods and some devastation, but the vials released often are used with imagination of viruses created by these crazy academics to kill masses of humans from the earth. It is like the angels that release these vials from the sky is like the militaries flying their super-jet-planes and releasing deadly toxins onto the fields of the earth to infect their program of genocide in the name of leftist solution-solving.

Population explosions by the 2050s will be so prevalent that wars will be fought over food and water and other resources – thus confirming another Apokálypsis prediction. A reference to ‘a sea of glass’ already has a historical narrative of the aftermath of nuclear bombs exploding and melting sand which of course turned into a ‘sea of glass.’ We suspect that a massive nuclear war in regions full of sand will have this empirical development, thus again confirming Apokálypsis prediction.

And to make matters worse, the archetype of Babylon, called the New Babylon in Apokálypsis will be wiped-out in one hour. Scenarios for this are a small meteorite or more likely a nuclear attack. Elain Pagels does link Apokálypsis to an antiquarian book, but holds out confirming that perhaps some of Apokálypsis was not solely about the Roman Empire. There is no evidence in Roman history of a mark of the beast, nor a sea of glass, or a concept of reincarnation where souls return to earth to bring their hateful vengeance upon humans.


HAPPINESS Jeffery Pfeffer

Update 26 Sept. 2010

Jeffery Pfeffer (Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford) in his book “Power,” Why Some People have it – And Others Don’t (HaperCollins, 09/14/2010, 288 pp.) just sums up the empirical reality against moral illusions. Pfeffer uses a study, which I have watched for a while, of the F.B.I , a thirty-year study into the profile of serial killers. Their findings, which are of no surprise, indicated the obvious. Politicians and serial killers have nearly the exact character traits one would find in profiling to find a serial killer. Aggressive, violent, kinetic and energetic persons, narcissistic individuals, all rise to prominent positions in the modern world. Rich people are more happy, because happiness is correlated the fact that happy people control their environments.  Being a worker, one is under stress constantly as the boss or organization treats you not as an individual but a business tool. Stress, scientists have confirmed over and over, shorten the life of people. Hart disease and much other sickness are attributed to stress releasing toxins into the body to cope with stress which over a long period of time weakens the immune system and overall cell-health. Thus rich people, perhaps $75,000 for 2010, U.S.A., can control their lives more than poor people who worry and rely on various social and economic circumstances.

Power Pfeffer for almost all cases is correlated to money.  People who gain power must lie, deceive and suppress their opposition. There is no morality to becoming rich and powerful. Therefore, after becoming rich and powerful, you live longer. Thus you win the game of life. Morality is not a question of how to run a state, this is just the facts of empirical observation of scientific enquiry.

Controlling your environment which is directly correlated to happiness implies not being told what to do by people. You live life on your own terms and your own schedule.

From an online review on HarperCollins’s website, “ Our most common mistake is not having a realistic understanding of what makes some people more successful than others. By believing that life is fair, we tend to subscribe to the “just-world phenomenon,” which leaves us unprepared for the challenges and competition of the real world.”

Pfeffer identified that investors such as Warren Buffet, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin – all billionaires are the worlds ( Currently) most powerful. Money correlates with power, he claims. American presidents do not have much power. Perhaps, the only last powerful president was Lyndon B. Johnson. This is because a very few have influenced the direction of a country. Under this pretense, world historical figures can be seen as powerful. For example, I would suggest that for philosophy investigations and subsequent usurpation of mythalization, that of Confucius, Lao Tze (pinyin, Laozi,), Gautama Buddha, Zarathustra (c. 6th century B.C.E, generally ruled Persian state ethics and morals until the Islamic period) many examples of this though influences Greek and Christianity), varying eastern European Paganistic astrological gods: the 12 gods of Titans, then the usurpation of the 12 gods of Olympians, to the 12 disciples of Christ – that’s Christianity ended up dominating the west from classical culture to modern times. These social models formed archetypes, such as role models or models to ascribe personal relationships too. The Catholics contributed to the foundations of saint days and their various personalities to model a life after – which helped guide the person’s life in a moral or ethical direction.  

The paradigm of scientists begun by Christians and Astrologers – astronomers on the main European continent in the sixteenth century; ever since then science has evolved to comply with atheistic biological determinism. Darwin gave irrefutable evidence of naturist evolution, while never taking an non-creationist stance ( this has been misreported ( Propagandized) to the public) and by the twentieth century chemistry and by mid-century the D.N.A. evolution progressed understanding of the complexities of our biological homo sapein makeup. Basically elemental life in the universe is widely possible with a few chemicals, such as carbon, water and a light-source.   Scientists still revert to the consciousness as a product of the brain, yet near-death experiences report otherwise disconnected experiences across vast time frames of history with similar experiences which confound shared experiences and cultural construction – albeit, there is evidence in near – death experiences that cultural construction may be a part of the experience.  I had my own near-death experience when I was sixteen years-old. My experience related to me afterwards that I had no control of remaining in the afterlife, even though I fought with a spirit while dead to remain there in the afterworld. Power defined by philosophy, in a general consensus is a measure of one’s ability to control the environment around themselves. As Pfeffer correctly relates, happiness is a byproduct of this trait alone, not solely money or a wide contingency of close personal friendships. So the question arises about these social persons of history that perhaps may not have been happy. Was Jesus happy? Being crucified in such a barbaric manner as was the custom of extremely unfortunates of the Roman Empire, it is doubtful that this was a happy experience.  On the other hand, Roman Emperors, according to legends, were able to control everything around them including excessive debauchery and pervertive and sadistic pleasure. Stories of dining with sexual playmates while having people horrendously executed in ones present at the table before retiring to a sexual night of pleasures seemed to be a cherished past-time of the early Roman Emperors. Roman emperors controlled their environments, and it can be argued succinctly that many who met the torture -executions were never worthy of such an end. To what reason are humans created then, to suffer at the hands of others’?

Charles Darwin & Science Abated & Counter Controlled 

Charles Darwin ( in no way anti-Christian) gave some remarks that passed into common discourse. One of the more compelling was ‘the survival of the fittest.’ This notion propelled the human idea that justness and morality have no place in reality. In Christian dualism, we see this as evil wins over good. Socrates described the ultimate success of a state was the promotion of virtue. This may be true to a certain extent. Chaos would be the opposite of virtuous citizenship; however, it does not mean that nice people, people who help their neighbor will prosper and become happy. In fact, a more complicated understanding of this concept is that people must be controlled in a social environment or civilization cannot exist.

There is no morality to life, and success does not achieve a meritocracy of virtue. As Pfeffer explains, behind successful C.E.Os., even celebrity ones, you will find non-moral and non-ethical steps involved in gaining those positions. However, he does claim that after attainting these positions, that powerful people can achieve goodness for the state. Yet, how does this reflect what John is telling us?

The academics claim, and perhaps rightly so John is reacting in hellfire form because of what the Roman’s did unethically to the Jewish homeland. In the Revelation John wishes that a deity comes and ultimately punishes the wicked for their dastardly deeds. In general, especially in Catholicism, God is good and his will is to punish the wicked and reward the Good. However, success, long-life, happiness, good-health, security, freedom, and [] are all achieved by unethical and unmoral avenues. The winners control their own biographies, so usually one will never know of whom the winner had stepped upon or rubbed out to achieve their high-status and power position.

If reincarnation is then placed into the mix of reality, and by general consensus this appears to be the one reality that people accept the most about the secret of life, then a pardox of problems results. My personal experiance finds no proof of meritocracy reincarnation, where if a person performs good deeds and over and over then eventually they can escape the cycle of reembodiment. From my studies, this was a rational myth made up in the minds of the tortured soul to find away to convince themselves of the horror of continuously reincarnating over and over into a life that is painful and sorrowful. Meritocracy was hijack by the rich and powerful Brahman priesthood to control the common – not unlike the Catholic Church’s promulgation of the ‘economy of salvation’ to which controlled the European common Catholics. Eventually Martin Luther purposed that God was all about predestination, so one did not need an institution like the Church to win eternal salvation. That was the gist of the Reformation. It promoted ideas of you as an individual can read the Bible yourself and interpret it your way instead of having others do it for you. This led to the modern C.E.O. format of controlling your own biography. You could tell the public what you were instead of having society tell you what you were about.

However, as reincarnating biological organisms, the ultimate reality is viciously in contention with moral goodness. Thus moral goodness is personally subjected. For example, one may protect their family at all costs, even breaking society’s rules or killing other humans which they ascribe as the ultimate morality. Humans eat other animals, sometimes eat each other, and to live the homo spaien is among the other vicious animals that must consume the Creation of God to survive. Nature has no moral principle. The Darwinian proclivity of survival of the fittest seems to be the only recourse to happiness. Everyone that ever said to others, in which I took notice, of the expression ‘rich persons are not happy, ‘are always expressed by happy rich people to the common poor person. It is a myth that poor people on average are happier than rich people. Rich here being someone who has security, a roof, and controls much of their life; the Jews did not seem to be happy during the period in which John is writing, or in fact when Jesus was preaching.  Jews did not control their destiny, but were ruled by an outside entity. The conflict in the gospels of Jesus combating in argument with rich and wealthy Jewish priestly cast is evident of the unhappiness of the Jewish people at that time.

Ephesians 6:12 [ not the numerical value of 6,6,6.] “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places.” ( For those trying to understand X.LXXII, ceil, refer to Ephesians’ usages of heavenly places?’] .

History tells us that all the ancient texts describe unethical and unmoral leaders ascending to positions of power, to which they control the masses of people. Even Zachariah Sitchen was confused because the ancient Sumerian texts described these’ heavenly beings’ controlling the common populous. However, this is who to transmit ideas of the common historical narrative that associates the deplorable dilemma of our existence. Some people will reincarnate and have power and happiness – over and over again—and many will not. And there is no way to change this. It appears that evil has won, and even John’s book on the ‘secrets being revealed’ cannot explain this reality.

If life is continuously painful and over and over people reincarnate, then life is bleak. If one tries to survive, build rockets and move to another solar system and colonize another planet, the same evilness still wins – a morality is but useless tool but to control the masses with falsities. If fact, there is no meaning to life. Life is but a useless existences where no reward comes but by evil or in secular vernacular, unethical and unmoral attainment.

For me, I have looked and looked at history and continuously find that evil wins and good people suffer – and at the same time people reincarnate over and over again – thus continually suffering over and over again. There is no point to life.  However, rich people who scientifically have been confirmed are much happier, thus they control their environment to a greater degree than poor people, will object to life’s pain and suffering and no point in life claim. That’s just how life works. Living in fantasy, an operation of Jupiter and living in reality an operation of Saturn provides the multi- and contending perspectives. Not that the planets have the issues but observable phenomenon of the composite of scientific astrological observation and analysis.

More explanation on Revelation


The text covers more than 4,700 years into the future from when it was written, and the brunt of the text is filled with some horrified scenarios for a certain period in history. There is sand turning into a sea of glass, the same comments by nuclear – physicist scientists at mid-century at New Mexico upon the detonating of the first atomic bombs – how they melted the sand and it turned to a sea of glass. There are reincarnations of evil leaders fulfilling eastern aspirations of the truth of the continuance of the soul, there is a plan to leave the earth and colonize another world or other worlds – something that is taking place around the world in groups on modeling new earths for the human species. And the book is filled with depictions of animals and monsters all written in a cryptic self-styled language that contains heavy astrological symbolism.

There seems to be a time of great tribulation where some civilization progresses to ‘a world-wide inclusiveness,’ then some thrashing of the human people will take place. This will then proceed to an age of peace of nearly a 1,000 years – probably because people will be scarce, be tired of fighting and busy building rockets to get-off earth. At this time there are various groups working on colonization molding reading the human race to eventually leave this planet and colonize the next unfortunate planet. Humans appear to be a warring animal.

Then after a thousand or so years take place, a short period of tribulation again takes place and a new world will be achieved amongst the stars. Other prophets interpreting these passages claim decent guesses. For example, Nostradamus believes that we will fail at first colonizing a certain part of the heavens but later us humans will be successful in finally seeding another heavenly system. Although these passages by him are in contention and mysterious they have already been widely proposed as such. But there is a correlation to John of Patmos. Apokálypsis phrases a ‘New Jerusalem Descending from Heaven,’ replacing our old war-torn civilization and imperfect home with a new home. Again these passages are mysterious. A fact remains that there is a point in the linear time of the human people and some sort of purging of the world. However, Apokálypsis does not seem written as following a chronological or a linear timeline (neither was Nostradamus’ Les Propheties, 1555- 1558). There seems to be a space in the chronology to be added upon at a later date, which may have already begun.

The Cave of John Faces Northeast Stargazing

The astrological symbolism of Apokálypsis is intense. So intense that Johannes Kepler created a new astrological aspect based upon geometrical formations of numerical counts of Apokálypsis. Kepler was not a nobody, but a key figure in the seventeenth century scientific revolution. His three laws on planetary motion, codified by astronomers, based on his works Astronomia nova, Harmonices Mundi, and Epitome of Copernican Astronomy, provided one of the base foundations for Isaac Newton’s theory of universal gravity, and from Isaac Newton’s theory of universal gravity Albert Einstein then derived his basic understanding of time-space fabric of the universe to configure a theory of general relativity – by which today modern theoretical physicist now progress to a compiled theory of ‘String Theory’ to which they claim is the only hope to bridge the gap between classical physics and quantum physics. The majority of academics who research the historical collection apocrypha literature define Apokálypsis as apart from the other in the genre. While there is absolutely no consensus on what it means or how to approach the text, Apokálypsis remains one of the most enduring literature pieces of all time.




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