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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"


Gamma Rays = Global Brain Malfunction + Global Warming/Cooling cycles. ISS astronauts often snap mentally, go temporarily insane.
The Left Insanoids want to deplete all CO2 from Earth, so we all die, because DNA's gamma rays mutated their minds. They have corrupted Rna now, the DNA ripped off by a flying gamma ray from our Sun or a distant star.


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Book of the Apokálypsis, facts behind the character of a Pale Green Horse


Topic: The Pale Green Horse

Target 25% Depopulation Codex

Arguments Against Shotty Academic Analysis.

04 November 2010 (LA:PM)

Topic: 6: 7-9 Apokálypsis.



Revelations: A Pale Green Horse  [1]

November. 4 th , 2010 A.D.


The Willis Barnstone “Restored New Testament” (2 nd. ed. 2009, W.W. Norton, New York) translation of the New Testament, now 30 books compared to the traditional 27 books, clarifies the fourth horse of the Apocalypse, and you may be surprised. It remains a symbol of pale; however the true hue is pale green. Barnstone used top-religious and Jewish linguists at Princeton, University of California, Berkeley, Indiana University, University of Iowa, and others to check spellings, idiomatic expressions, and for collaborating on the basic research models of early Christianity. Here is the passage, APOK. 6:7-9:

(7) And when the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth animal saying, “Come!” (8) and I saw, and look, a pale green horse, and the name of his rider was Death, and Hell Was following him. Power was given them Over a quarter of the globe to kill By sword and by hunger and by death And by the wild beasts of the earth.[1]

So from Revelations chapter 6, we have a white horse, which represents the white race conquering the world, then the red horse representing communism with its plethoric names and ideology of big-government control of a slave population, its role was to take away individual freedom and peace of human rights, and its use of war posturing defined modernity. Most of the Asian countries used a white German man’s text on history, which was highly flawed and to which formed their modern thinking of how the world works.[2] Next, a black horse, its role somehow connected to forced labor and big corporations enslaving the world’s populous. Commerce and not justice is the symbol of Libra, and here as the third seal, commerce is dictated as a ‘crisis’ by the large corporations who are wed to the Democratic Left party that seeks to force people to eat GMO foods; thus slowly killing them and their offspring. The human body over 1,000s of years has adapted to raw and non-genetically manipulated foodstuff, therefore the molecule chains link-up in the cell with the correct formations of molecules and the cell replenishes the body with new healthy cells. Since humans have been manipulating the cellular structure of molecules for Genetically Modified Foods, these foods cause disease as they do not pass through the lipid section of the body’s cell and cannot link up with the human factory to cure the body. Each person creates perhaps 800,000,000,000 cells a day, much during the sleep time, and these cells heal the deterioration of the body. However, with G.M.O. foods the molecules do not link up with the correct cell receptors thus damaging the healing process and making human’s gain weight. Since the body needs nutritional molecules it feels hungry and thus eats more to fill the void, thus the problem of overweight is not due to people’s habits but the scientists receiving money from the large corporations to keep the vast populations sick and in need of massive pharmaceutical medications, a multi-trillion dollar business. It is a myth that if a scientist comes from a university and has a degree that a scientist has morals or has ethics. There is no proof of this at all. In fact, these atheists and these agnostics usually choose this path-road because Religion is the only human social system which has imposed morals and imposed ethics onto society. Scientists find their jobs difficult to work under these parameters of morals and ethics. Scientists of the atheist view claim that there is only one life, and that every human is but a deranged animal and superior animals (humans like these elitist scientists) intend dominating and killing or enslaving is all a part of the process for survival of the fittest. In fact no ethics or morals are needed in their world view.


So the Green Movement


Pale symbolizes myopic hues which links the definition of the Green Movement. Scientists pertaining to the twentieth century as forerunner scientists of the leftist persuasion promote that the messiahs’ of the New World Order are them – the saviors of mankind. They have a myopic vision of our human community, and place emphasis on their god-like personas. Idolization is a key factor to their emphasis to wake-up in the morning and go about creating death and destruction. Naturalism trumps humanism, and the hypocritical excuse is that superior academics -- wedded to – global institutions are our Earth’s gods.  The addiction to self aggrandizement perpetuates all medicinal and psychological conditioning. When you worship them and their ‘badness’ you psychically giving them your life-force to which takes away your freedom and control of your own destiny and your own happiness. This is why overwhelmingly the number one mass murderer of the twentieth century, Mao Tse-tung is their deity and worshipped at all institutions of higher learning. Mao Tse-tung represents raw and unchallenging murderous power – an atheist alter to this addiction. More than any other tyrant Mao Tse-tung murdered the helpless and poor because it was fun and made some money while completing the evil deed.


These modern scientists want nothing else but depressed workers for their entertainment. The ideological system they feel best represents this usurpation of your life-force is communism / socialism. This ideology projects fallacies that they are working on your behalf so you must give them your life-force and work and die for their world view. Pale is a great double-description linked to the color of Green. Their vehicle is the media which has a single purpose to lie and scare you to go along with their plan.


And then the fourth horse which has a green color. So the Green Movement, a rather modern movement has an agenda, along with this modern color scheme. To kill-off perhaps 5-6 billion people and that number may rise due to birth-rates. This is why Death and why Hell are attributed to this last of the four horses. It is called the nature movement, it seeks to promote nature over humans, and are run mainly by rich leftists who usurp the role of God and force themselves into the position of arbiters of human’s race and the moral majority. It is fitting that this green horse is of the ‘’fourth seal.’ as this number recommends ‘correction’ and irrationality.


So if you ascribe to the calculations that John provides, one-quarter of the population will be eliminated by the Green Movement. As an atheist I suspect you deny God and these things, and claim you have the moral authority to kill others. That is the normal process of a biological entity that has been damaged.


So the Chapter six of Apokálypsis describes these horses color schemes as white, as red, as black, and  as pale-green. These horses consist of the first four seals of Seven Seals outlined in chapter six.


For those academics who intend that John of Patmos was criticizing the Roman period of his time, this intends that a Roman Green Movement must have existed. These social scientists have not prospered a recommendation to what was synonymous to a place green horse of the Roman legions?


So the scientists claim that the Bible is incorrect, a fantasy and that all prophecy is absurd – created by little poor people who had wishful thinking to socially contend with the privileged and rich elite which are of the scientists – who believe they are guaranteed more wealth and more prosperity because they are smarter than the poor and common person – who did not have their opportunities in life. So under this hypothesis, if we take away all that is said in the Bible, and focus directly on what is happening in our world, nothing will change at all. The global – solutions-speak going on at campuses across the world are speaking about killing billions of people to save the cockroach or the worm. These elites are not following any Biblical or prophetic text or time-line, they are following their rich and elite professors who are hoping that they can build spaceships and go to another planet when they decide to kill all these people. Many think this is funny and a fun thing to do. They have admired all their life people who have power over other humans; all their life to have power and the power to kill sexually excites them. The sexual claim is highly academic too. They do not need God, a Bible, or a prophecy to fulfill their sexual dreams. Like the barbarian spectators who loved to watch humans being torn to pieces by Lions and other animals, including gladiators or the hang-man, these things are not civilized but primal. These elites were these barbarian spectators of death and torment of other humans –fulfilling their primal urges. Since these are reincarnating biological entities, we have a problem in that they will be here on earth again and thus keep lusting after their own power, regardless of any promulgated ethics or morality.


When I was researching Nostradamian authors the skeptics claimed that the world’s problems were based upon scare tactics of these ancient prophecies, and thus the interpreters such as Nostradamus must be halted. They feared the world would seek to imitate their doomsday prophecies. The facts point, actually, in the opposite direction. About 99.99 % of global fear mongering is by atheists, who a large part are of these political special interest groups linked directly to atheist scientists. If you take away Nostradamus, The Biblical Prophets, and other prophecies from other religions, you still have 99.99% of the media which is wed to scientists scaring the population to death decisions. You will still get Armageddon. In this term, already defined, I reinterpret it to indicate a mass human extinction promulgated by  these atheist scientists.


People should not be concerned that religion will destroy the world, such as Islam wanting to take control of the world. That is not the problem. Shi’a Iran is very secular in their complaints about the western nations and their preponderance to scientific claims of global restrictions on access to global governance. It is not Islam verses Christianity, as the people who are in charge of global decisions remain atheists to begin with and know nothing of prophecies or religion. Most religiously inclined are of the poor and ineffectual players in the annals of history. Just because the social academics use propaganda to blame the world’s problems on religion scarcely is closer to a truth than a fiction. The atheists’’ scientific methodology is to compartmentalize all ethnic and social groups into categories and then pit them against each other to create world wars to deplete the population levels. That is what they are paid to do. They will deny this till they die but if they do not conform to their special interests they are marginalized and expendable. 


The New Left intends, perhaps begun by Mao Tse-tung in the late 1950s, that scientists and atheists are the new world controllers. They control ideologies, belief systems, and promulgate human value. If you are of no value you are slated to extermination. Hitler, Tse-tung, Stalin, Lenin, and the New Left scientists care less about religion and do not understand it in the first place. It is totally irrational from their standpoint. Only power and self-deity worship is there reality. So taking away the Bible or any religion will remain a scientific future of Armageddon, which in fact is laid out in Revelations to begin with and this reason alone, I have witnessed more atheists and scientists enamored and infatuated with these prophecies than the common and poor.


Global Green solutions are a way to heal the earth and wean our way off of biological independence of earth’s carbon fuels. However, the irrational left which promotes itself as wholly rational, thus the claim of the continuing Age of Reason – as a comparison to the Age of Religion (irrational) will somehow bring the world to ethics and morality by killing them. The academics in power today claim one universal principle that drives them endlessly day after day. That is the search for absolute power over others. They receive a euphoria that is an addiction stronger than natural chemicals such as drugs. Since humans, they claim are primal animals that are no good for nature or the world (except them of course) a purging must take place at their pleasure. Pleasure comes from power, so power is ultimate expression of their animal nature.


The Pale Green horse which has dominion over Death and Hell is but a coincidence of reality. You do not need to know religion or believe in prophecies to understand that you are slated for extinction. All in order to save you, you must die and it will be an intense thrill of these academic atheists who will lead the way. The political left believes in centralized global government, where a select few individuals control the destiny of the populations of the earth. This is why Religions such as Christianity have determined the left-handed path (political) is the way of Satan, or the promoter of death and hell. Karl Marx which is used by both Asian and European academics as the New Left Bible, a secular form of historicism, actually attended the Church of Satan as a youth. Marx claim to get his first ideas of how the world really works from these Devilish organizations. The God of the Left is a devilish worshiper, although he left his youth behind, he did however claim it had a lasting impact on him which formed his ideology for the coming world populations. Even Thomas Jefferson, one of the original framers of the American Revolution was a hanger-on to a coven called The Hell Fire Club. Thomas Jefferson is considered to be the modern father or progenitor of the American Left Party --- the Democratic Party. To understand what the term Democratic Means, Mao Tse-tung proclaimed his Dictatorship of the Masses was the correct form of Democracy. Thus words are only words and actions always speak louder than words. To understand the academic left, I have not met one of them yet who is not enamored, enthralled, worshipping, or in fact in love more than any other human that ever lived than the supreme torturer of humans than Mao Tse-tung. Tse-tung is accredited with the most horrific torture regime of all time, even more severe than the Mongols or the NAZIs. This tells us a lot about these academics and who they worship.


Since Marx defined a state and a military as the control structure, along with financial institutions, there is no way to fight. That is why the left is dead-on bent to take the world’s populations and lead them into bondage to the centralized authorities. At the University of California, Berkeley, where atheist scientists created plutonium, nuclear weapons fuel processing mechanism, bombs of weapons of mass destruction the picture is rather clear. They are working silently on advanced human population weapons including various lasers and vibration systems. They understand to complete the process of a global extermination of the human population; they will need weapons to control the populations into compliance. They are also scared of taking the blame for such an audacious operation. So under the cover of leftist compassion the operation advances.


There was neither no-one in academia nor anywhere else who took these passages from Apokálypsis and said lets call the Green Movement after the Pale Green Horse. Also, most if not all Bibles leave out the ‘term’ Green. It is often assumed that ‘art imitates life,' but in this case, 'life imitates art' – the art of viewing the future thousands of years in advance at God’s grace.


[1] Barnstone, Willis, Restored New Testament, 2nd, ed. (New York: W.W. Norton, 2009), p. 1247.

[2] Karl Marx.








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