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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

a © Archangel Michael: 15 Oct. 2011 (2:40 p.m.  PDT).

Book of the Apokálypsis, apok.18.4


Topic: The Twitter, Twits, Now! Now!

Topic: 18: 4, 18.2 Apokálypsis.

STUDY: Narcissists Use TWITTER Most...

Miley Cyrus is the photo illustrated example.

The U.K. news reported this so they are loving the suffering of their ‘revolutionary’ enemy. They do have a point. Mile Cyrus  ( I do like her very much) takes all the press on television, cable, radio, Internet, videophones and conversation – while most Americans are witnessing some of the hardest economic times in all of its History.  Cyrus (The Scottish-Hillbilly, Persian, WOW!) is by no means the only culprit. The need for attention and approval is an addiction that has invaded like a virus to the Washington D.C. crowd, where being re elected takes priority over the people’s needs.


Apokálypsis Twitter


What does modern technology, avarice, ancient mysticism, world changing events, all have in common? These things are signs before all hell breaks loose on the Earth, according to what academics call the crazy people’s literature. However, the main British think tank on Global Environmental Issues have made a 180 degree turn and have called off Global Warming as a threat to humankind, and again, have demanded everyone give all their money to rich people if they want to save the Erath from global freezing ( a fad in the 1970s). What is the point of this digression – the world is topsy-turvy (all nutz!). And the Internets and the World Wide Web play an important factor in these crazy people’s writings. Today, all people are theoretically linked by satellite radio signals that interconnect people from all parts of the world almost instantly. But how does this apply to these crazy people’s writings?


Twitter is a forum for Tweeting by many Twits.


Tweets, tweets, and more tweets. Nostradamus, mirroring The Book of Revelations (27th book of the Christian Bible), explains a period when all hell will break loose. This is accompanied by strange birds ‘tweeting.’ These phrases are found in Apokálypsis Ioannis the [Book of ] Revelation of John [of Patmos].


Nostradamus says [ Hogue EP212.2, 1997 ‘...Complete Prophecies’] “[...] Before these events many rare birds will cry in the air, “Now! Now![...]”.


Flash mobs, flash-crimes, and now flash-terrorist attacks – twitter has become a platform, most likely to be copied many-times over for a new concept of surprise attacks. A group of people join a connected satellite group and announced instantaneously plans of action – to which coordination of the group is achieved for a desired purpose.


Twitter mini-blogs are now suspected in the media to be tools for terrorists ( or the anti-suppressor government factions). Recently, the F.B.I. now records all phone calls into talk-radio, mainly in the U.S.A. these radio talk-show programs are conservative – anti-government infringement establishments – and since Truman’s period the Military Complex is wedded to the U.S.A. Central government, so the U.S.A. central government as its own organ of the state and forces their charges (the U.S.A. Military and intelligence agencies ) to go after anti-government factions – which are the poor to lower income American people. The wealthy media lie about this, but when has the government shown transparency since post-World War II?  The British Government who does not have a strong military, perhaps, needs an edge. Biological warfare has been around since early times and one such case was the maritime port which was the sea rout to Delphi, Greece – and using poisonous plants, muddied the port-cities drinking water and created a mass genocide, one such type of biological warfare. The reason was greed. It was expensive to visit the Oracle at Delphi, and this port-town became the envy of greedy leaders around Greece –and blackmailing the port-city to pay bribes or threats of genocide were commonplace, and a part of an ongoing problem of history which money plays a part.


The issue today is wealth again, and digging up plague to better understand its processes will help in these reincarnated greedy leaders wanting to employ ancient tactics to a modern avarice.


In Revelations 18:2 a passage mentions “hateful birds.” This is more like the information wars taking place for everyone’s soul. In Revelations 18:4 is speaks about these birds coordinating against these plagues unleashed by the leftwing scientists in their “Games of Slaughter” scenarios. In the second week of October of 2011, The U.K. lead Newspapers reported on British Scientists digging up bodies that were inflected with Yersina Pestis (a European Medieval period killer Plague) and mass producing it to study it more closely. With all the radical leftist in Academia it is only time when one or a group of them will, perhaps, coordinate with a major superpower and unleash the plagues described in Apokálypsis Ioannis (1 st c. A.C.E.). The reason they want to mass produce it will first be an issue of an antidote for their elect, so they and their comrades will survive while they unleash the killer plague upon their population targets.


Nostradamus mentions that these tweeters will vanish, a time later. It is most likely the governments of the world will shut down free communication. It will help in their ability to wipe-out masses of human kind, because the people will not be able to coordinate any resistance without the aid of the interconnectivity of the ‘birds.’


One of the overlying and major themes of the cause of mass extinction is that humans are in uncontrollable desire for self-gratification at the expense of others. When we speak upon addiction, it is rarely discoursed a temporary but strong addiction has been found in military persons after a killing spree – mission. They do not want to stop killing people because they get a ‘rush,’ like a crack cocaine rush or something. The same thing applies for showing off wealth and debauchery.





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