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Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus� Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :
BIBLE: THE BOOK OF THE Internetsgamma indexApocalypse Book of RevelationsAPOCALYPSE (Apok. 13.18) © Archangel Michael: 18 September 2010‚ Los Angeles 06:04 pm, JUconj.r‚2nd of 3. . updated 26 June 2014.

Operation Blue Star 'Mark of B e a s t' on-line end of 2015‚ World Exclusive. 26 June 2014.

N.S.A. 98% Control of All People— scheduled Time 2015.

Nanotechnology Implant Chip Facility

Wisconsin Control Center



HISTORIOGRAGHY BEAST ( State) Mark ( Control)

US Army general 911 building collapses were controlled demolitions. John Kerry said it live on television that day too.

Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (the name was too difficult, so commonly he was known as Nero): Egyptian nubian.

gematria of Hebrew numerology:

CIA are not only a national security threat but a global security threat . #ArchangelMichael Ch. 12 #Revelations. Warlocks, witches and  cannibals and baby rapers  - Child Abusers. #satan I fleshed them out. #ArchangelMichael #BIBLE call them the #swamppeople
#DeepState are the Land #Beasts in the Book of #Revelations  ( a Book in the #Christian #Bible) and clearly says they are the top Demons. Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer explains all of the agencies, 17 of them as the Shadow Government. His point is to clarify the top Agency with the most power as the #deepstate  = #CIA May and June 1947AD was passed in secret, and not by our US Congress. The Judeans pulled that off and we pay all their taxes to run an enemy against the people of GOD. source Hagman report, speaking on general dynamics, nothing secret. just what is the difference between The Shadow Government and Deep State. I put the Biblical narrative into this forum. — Arc Michael 09062017AD 6:22 p.m. Noho. web, loaded here 6:23 p.m. PDT. lmt #losAngeles , in the  heart of the Beast of Deep State. I saw them, they are all #cabbages . #GHWB is the head and co ruled by the Beast 666 germancia in both Chaldean and Hebrew. meaning Bullseye.

They hit me, in my Nostradamus prophecies ( #Reincarnation is real folks) the world comes undone and soon they will be in the #Lakeoffire and many will  have their souls deleted. Yeah, IAM a fxxking badass. #jesuschrist returned.

Hit me deep state. personal destruction too. ha ha ha ha Daddy's home. Vatican gone soon, you cannot hide, we will find you.


USA ARMY Gen. Goes to disclose the Beast and Land Beast

US Army General 34 years says 911 = 11th September 2,001 attacks on New York and #Washington were a cruse missile at the Pentapoop and a controlled #demolition. John Kerry said it was a controlled Demolition, live on air that same day. Building 7. Lolz. they were bragging they CIA did it. #lolz cabbages. The dude prosecuting DonaldTrump had a direct role to play in attacking and killing Americans. the top dude. #georgeherbertwalkerbush. why> bio he says he gets off on stuff like this, a big rush, like a crack #cocaine rush. #bookoflife #arcmichael he is also a #cannibal like his daddy. #09062017AD so we delete his soul. #Beast and #AntiChrist were the first two in my #seconddeath.

the #FBI hates the #CIA source Washington Gertz, author and intel expert. and Charles Smith 1,999 A.D. and now many others. NSA hates the CIA too. ha ha



Greek source: small papyrus fragment (P/ Oxy. LXVI 4499), which is dated to the late third century or early forth century, is from the Oxyrhynchus Papyri at Oxford University. Totally 616, the numbers chi (600), iota (10), and stigma (6) are visible in the third line [of the parchment]. Although no longer used, stigma then was the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet.�[5]

How most Europeans, Arab countries understood 13:18 apok.

Late Roman to Northern Renaissance

Latin Vulgate edition of the Bible known only to the mainly the monks and certain Roman clergy in the European middle ages up till the 1600s, the passage  reads in Latin hic sapientia est qui habet intellectum conputet numerum bestiae numerus enim hominis est et numerus eius est sescenti sexaginta sex.

sescenti sexaginta sex. 666

Early Modern Age

Erasmus: 16 th century update from early Greek fragments



υερωυ καεςαρ (Nero[n] K�sar) = υ =50; ε =5; ρ =100; ω =800; υ =50;  κ = 20; α=1; ε =5; ς = 200; α=1; ρ= 100;  the sum of these numbers added up equal 1332 and not 666. However, they surmised that if you divide 1332 by one-half one can get the Arabic numerical count of 666.

 NRWN QSR actually adds up to 1316 and not 666.


Aramaic transliteration is nrwn qsr = Nun=50, Resh=200, Waw =6, Nun =50. Quph =100, Samech= 60, Resh = 200: this added up becomes 666. However, here one needs to add the �n� and without the �n� the number results in 616. However, in many traditions of Gemantria gematria of Hebrew numerology the second Nun = 700, as a specialized rule, and thus 1316.


If you learned to read, than eighteen is the answer. In Hebrew Germantia the cognate chaldean applies as too its adopted sumer and later usurper akkadia's former system. What system? A real name is difficult to portray. For example, Biblical Astronomy works by tying Spirit and Material together at the center and working outward. Modern scientists work only form the perimeter and limit only to materialistic things. The mind does not apply to them, although social departments are all over the world, they use only materialistic explanations. They too forbid the mind or ideas from becoming concrete things, something tangible -- and thus measurable in a lab and able to be grown in a Petri dish! Love does not exist in any school that is controlled by MEAMIC any specified country.  Ideas too are not measurable, and the only change comes as violence because it involves not ideas by material, your fists, your stabbing weapon, a gun, bomb, poison vile-pill, gas-can, electric zapper ----so you evenly divide between the material and spirit to began to understand '18.'  Nine is not a whole number. Newton was more interested in fractional infinity of the non whole numbers as they might apply to scalar gravitational forces than the more solid practical physics applications, such as organizing columns for his co-creation of Calculus. Since we all struggle on Earth with the moralities or not of Avarice or maybe how it affects others on Earth the infinity of the fractions  ( e.g. fractals ) to which resolve to a whole number means an end of things, such as a real working definition of what Greed is to our spirits ( minds or motives to Atheists) and its measurable physical properties and interactions within our biochemistry of each of our bodies. One thing that remains a contention in history is the whole number movement because calculating by Arabic Numerals remains as simple as the Indians had initially invented it's almost elementarily simple application.

2,700 years ago a clay tablet related what was known 1,000 years earlier that a revolution of Jupiter was about 423 years, plus or minus less than one degree. If you stop any scientist or even a lay person and ask this same exact question. what is the number of years of Jupiter's revolution, and even ask any kook astrologer, they will tell you it is about 12 years.  Surely this has been scientifically proven? Jupiter revolves some medium of 11.98 years around the Sun. Modern scientists laugh at the imbeciles of the ancients, they are so much smarter. Are they? If you watch Jupiter against the background of the last Heaven, it is full of stars and these are time markers for the wandering stars, and Jupiter only returns to its place in the heavens every 423 years, which varies often by the flux of precession. The lesson is simple there are two thinking here or levels of intelligence. However, only one has Knowledge. If you are to claim a tether of spirit to material ( as normative academia disallows, at this time in history) you want a complex control, a complex random sample, and a whole lot of space-time. If you like the 6,6,6, standard academic scintific method, you want a simple control, a simple  random sample, and as little as possible of space-time. Some people call this lazy while others call it political. There is nothing you can do, these people are outthinking you, and very advanced knowldge and scientific understandings. While are you imbicles?


Even communication codes and languages adopt systems to applying integers ( numbers)  to symbols ( letters)  thus tying a spirit and material matrix. In effect there are '18' 'tons' on a the basic carbon molecule -- and in chaldean germatia ( modern but incorrect language numerology) this equates all things material, including the adjective materialistic. When a corrupted spirit pertains to overly concerned materialists this perception comes to us as Greed ( the disease of avarice). Even later but relevant Greek fragment ascriptions to Caligula ( his Roman birth name comes to 616) the number of the Beast is materialism -- the downfall or of a Aristotelian lower element. 

Textual: 13:18, Apok�lypsis.

Apok�lypsis is the only text of the Christian Bible deemed apocalyptic. Apocalypse connotatively means to reveal something that is hidden. There are a bevy of apocalyptic literature, even during the inception of the Christian movement. The Gospel of Peter was aruged at many different connonical gatherings, Carlos I ( Charles V, of one meeting at the council of Trent) deemed it too racist because it mentions white people.  The sign of the Apokalypses more than a mere fad, something that seems endless for each generation  ( I do not blame this feeling) that bad times are ahead or the good times are over as such.

However, since the rise of global and urban cities, now many countries post Industrial and a shift global interconnectiveneess -- which can be only spawned by ' an increase of knowledge' it lately has become associated to the end of the world scenarios, now patronized with accompanied videos of world tsunamis and natural disasters, NASA predicting no asteroid alert and a big one exploding over Russia on the same day, injuring over 50 people, to anything as trivial as a cupcake, the media entertainment realizes it now has cameras and can capture moribund human episodes that stir the senses and increase adrenaline.


 mainly academics from mid-Roman Empire times shunning the commoners who they suppressed � frightening them to believe the world would come to an end.

As late as 2005 A.D. fragments of Greek 2 nd century Apocalypses' contain 616 ( Hebrew germantria for Caligula's' real name), which made some sense to some, he had did the unspeakable, he ordered and had erected a statue of himself with inscription of God  and placed in the Holy Temple. Anyone will single him out as 'beware'. However, for the early copies the normative 666 applies. This then, with some smudging of the spelling of Caesar Nero's name, both heavily persecuted the early sects of Christians.

The Bulding Blocks of lower elements

6 neutrons, 6 protons, 6 electrons. = 6,6,6.

 Complex molecules that make up life on Earth contain carbon bonding.

The end has a beginning and on the sixth day, God created man. Thus the number '6' is related to man. The carbon molecule CO12 has 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons, and it is the most abundant carbon in our solar system ( 98.99%), because of its sublimity rate index which is connected to the heating source of our local star this carbon helps flourish and create our physical bodies.  So in the end days, God says to watch out for your 666 human pysical desires as more of your body lay in the spiritual realm and not the realm of 666. CO12 was adopted from CO13 ( 1.02%) of all the carbon out there in our solar system. The Climate Change Demons want to take all CO 13 out of the atmosphere, they believe it is killing our planet. If you take out CO 13 , you will die and die quickly.

The scientists and politicians today are sub-intellects  because most were born around the passage of Pluto over alpha cancri and others while it was in Praesepe ( Piled-up corpses ( politicals weighted)) and perhaps walking avaritic retards of anger and hatred! The Harvard Activist Professor that started the Climate Global Warming activism in the early 1990s (( 1993) has more mental illness issues than Sybil, who also was caught lying, she never had those 21 different personalities. His students turned against him, he advocates taking all carbon out of the atmosphere to save the planet, which means to kill everyone on it.


In 1960s Harvard changed its goals from accepting intellects to accepting activist half-intellects. Barack Hussein Obama ii and his wife Michelle came out of this activist system of U.S. top educational system. President George W. Bush came out of Harvard business school and then tried to sell to the world that Military Force imposing Democracy onto a foreign state was morally permissible to God, when it was not and the U.S.A. does not run a democracy, George H.W. Bush helped kill John F. Kenney, his daddy. This explains why the Harvard Latin Motto Truth Justice God, had only 'Truth' by the 1990s and justice and God have been taken out. At some point in time it is time to end these fraudulent institutions. In the 1940s-'50s, Harvard taught the world that Asians had small bodies, thus a small man complex, and slanted eyes, so they said, these are communists, we must kill all of them, so let us start a war in Asia and have our C.I.A-nsa-Navel intel. start the erradication process -- thus more bombs were dropped on Asians and their lands than all of the bombs from World War II.


 Hillary Clinton's Senior undergrad thesis to get into Yale was a half-witted, non intellect activist paper. It was a sign in the 1960s that serious problems began to arise in the academic world. For example, both west coast and east coast tier-one Universities scared the world by claiming mud hut, primitive natives were secret commie superman soldiers who were out to rape your daughters so we must send hundreds of thousands of our youth, the poor youth, to the East to battle these Red Commies! In order to convince the people for this genocide of the East by the West the U.S. government had to murder one of its own Leaders and direct blame to phantom Communists.

Grafite ( World War II: was used under Chicago U, football feild to test the first nuclear chain reaction, a vital step in the Manhatten Project ( US Atomic Bomb Project(s)), where the Germans could not figure this out and pursude rather heavy water for tests but could not achieve this step during the War) is a solf material of this carbon. It absorbs the harmful gamma rays from our Star, acting as a translucent sponge, and this is what the Climate Change Scientists want to destroy, so we all will die and they can have added wealth for parties and luxuries while they laugh at the suffering of others. The next carbon main molecule we all know by familaritiy in culture are Diamands. Nail Files such as manicure tools, mainly for ladies, to deep geo drilling bits to engagement symbols' this carbon molecule were created during meteoric and large asteroid impacts over millions of years.

These are very hard substances but same carbon molecule structures.

The Carbon 12 ( 6 + 6) molecules in the active graphite stage but refined into atmospheric dust sheilds our world from these rad io active gamma rays -- which was the reason for testing the 'chain reaction' in graphit because you need something to stop that chain reaction or it keeps on going or it does not happen. So CO13 ( 1.02%) has only shifted less than one celecius in over 200,000 years including floods, disasters, astroids, eruptions and general cliamate shifts. But at U.C. Berkeley, they claim if you do not donate to some of their five bank charities to go to Climate Scientists projects ( e.g. their lavish vacations, various toys to buy) that global  tempertures will increase by at most 10 celcius ( unprecedented), then they pass on some graphic that looks like a hockystick and claim death to all that do not believe in thee science! So the idiots want to take out all the carbon kill all life on Erath and claim they their aggressive stance is to save the planet against the deniers!  So one interpretation to the Biblical passage of six-hundred and sixty-six is a warning that 'man' here in the subjective plural of humanity are very dangerous because of their sinfulness ( memory and mind problems).

The Harvard Activist Professor that started the Climate Global Warming ( father of the Global Warming Terrorism) his main student turned against him citing his tenured insanity. However, Harvard, now an Athiest instaution, turns out brain dead morons such as Acrtress Natalie Portman ( Herlshag).

Tyranny Intuitions such as Harvard ( took-out God and Justice from their mottos, and left only truth -- to which is sooooo subjective today and so we have  no science  going on and only propoganda) promote lies, such as peasant commies will come and invade America so we need to go to Vietnam and stop them and send our poor to die to protect us against the mud-hut peasant Commies that will take over the world -- have still not been brought to justice. Then during the turn of the Millenia, fellow nuclear weapons proliferationist, Al Gore ( Bill 'the Beast' Clinton's Vice President) put on a global campaign to take out all CO 13 from the world because he had Las Vegas bets in the billions that the world would come to an end in 2010 A.D. If you take all the CO 13  out of the air you will be killing all plants, animals and humans. That makes one a World #1 terrorist. So why do we have Gitanamo Bay full of the mis-named Dirty 30 ( 30 patsies, where as Sanchez, Oswald, and Laden were lone individual MEAMIC patsies) and not Al Gore and the masses of brainless followers?

Humans have been created and thus on the sixth day, that is one creation. So in 13.18 here on Revelations, 666 can be a code of the sixth big age, Atlantis being #2 and a much earlier creation and perhaps otherworldly domain was the first #6. But this is postulation, and not a fact. The 6,6,6, connected to Nero, Augustus, Caligula, Titus, Herod, et al,,  that academics claim is the only translation  & we cannot understand that Nero in Hebrew germantia does not add up to 666.  If you repeat a lie often enough it tricks many but not all of the people.

Academics had for the most part had been always the �establishment� connected to the beast of central government, defined as leftwing � central control � non-freedom entities, which had always controlled the populations� monies.     Christians, not Hebrews, first believed the end of the world would take place in the early third century ( around the time Constantine had called for the religious-sectarian -fighting to stop and calling on all the bishops to meet at Nicaea to work out what authoritative texts would be included in the Christian Canon. Prior to this Romans had a Romulus myth that Rome would end sometime in the second century B.C.E. era (calendar equivalent). Other than that hardly any Christian knew or understood what the passage tells of Jesus claiming that his disciples� generation would see the kingdom of God � implying the end times would be in their lifetime. Or was that really said, or was that really the message recorded in context and correctly? At Nicaea there was fighting amongst the many textual scholars and scholastic bishops. Many Christian books which survived were voted on by the bishops not to be included into the New Testament.  At the end of the meeting, however, only one book that was apocalyptic was permissible and found its way into the Christian Bible. That is the subject of this page, more or less a few verses on the chapter of Apok�lypsis XIII-xvi -xviii. This book is commonly known in English as Revelations or the Book of Revelations by John of Patmos.



It is all about the Economy Stupid

"It is all about the Economy Stupid" -- Bill ( The Beast) Clinton's famous 'adopted' mantra. ↓ that is the economy, as 6,6,6, and Bill Clinton claimed all politicians and discussions on politics resolve around 6,6,6. And academia certainly agrees. In Hollywood one cannot utter the word Republican without being challenged and overwhelmed by crazies, you can become super famous and vastly wealthy and be in the Business and in cobuisness with such Demoncrat Supergiant as Disney Studios -- the heartbeat of the young ( Jerry Bruckheimer, although he contributed to Pelosi's campagin indicating he is not that bright , see notes). Hollywood only cares about one thing, Bruckheimer would agree, making money. 

6 6 6 bar codes were  a part of the computer scanning tech

Each six, starts a code within the scanning beam ( you see these as little red lines of light coming out of hand held devices close to store registers), one is category, your business registration and the other is the item or product, and the '6's at 6 bar distances repudiate the symbolism laid out in Apok�lypsis , six hundred and sixty-six.

In the Early 1990s, my father was experimenting with hard-ware applications to read, scan and sort pills from an assembly line and reading bar-codes was one such preparation. Here we discovered the separation markers between region and corporate code, all linking to commerce separated by the numerical binary code of ‘6’ in three rows. This system spread all around the world. they could have used any number, but the coding authors chose the numeral 6.

Apok�lypsis was so controversial that it was placed as the final chapter, the last book of the New Testament. Many of the most famous people and commentators on the Bible wanted to take the entire book out of the New Testiment, it serves no purpose. In some way this is accurate in that the codes are all pure scientific. It also scares people, it is full of monsters and wars and terrorism.

The term apocalyptic has a meaning of Armageddon today, because academia twists its meaning as they also do to the term liberalism to imply total government control and little to no individual freedom (a complete opposite of its real meaning of the European early modern era of individual freedom from central � government control.) This helps to explain why 99% of the professors in higher academia are all registered to the Democratic Party, the modern party wedded to the corruption of the term liberalism. Science is funded by the federal government and its tentacles at a 90% inclusiveness, which touts such super-giant corporations of special interests as the banking system(s), the pharmaceutical conglomerates, the agri-business� (Santos), green-science and energy production. With such a stranglehold on the economic engines that the government noosed, the entire academics vote, promote, and extol Democratic Party-line doctrines, talking points and programme adherence. The idea is that Democratic ideas, which saw in the twentieth century murder more than 100,000,000 innocent people, entails a system that central control of you as an individual actually frees you � what we have here is the ultimate lie initially inscribed for the role of Satan or the antichrist ideology. Under this empiricism it is understandable that academicians are overwhelmingly anti-religious � because they logically surmise to why go against the hand that feeds you and keeps your family in riches. Academics all over the world live in opulence when statistically comparing the �whole world�s economic situation.� In fact, there are professors tenured at the University of California for the specific purpose to twist language to implement the continuance of the dominance of the philosopher kings � these liberal professors lie to keep control of the flowing economic tides of wealth and opulence. Apok�lypsis� purpose was to �reveal the secrets� to why these philosopher kings will destroy much of the human race. Apok�lypsis� literal meaning is of �lifting of the veil,� an idiomatic expression of revealing the secrets behind the lies.

Apok�lypsis was the last book included to the Christian Bible at the Council of Nicaea (325 A.C.E, a city in modern day Turkey).  The term communicates that only mystics can interpret this text and no atheist or left-wing emotional academic will be able to decipher its nebulous message. Apok�lypsis  is directly linked to the passage of the beast, �Let him who hath understanding...� Academics admit they cannot understand what is written, so John must be insane. Since Christians believe in the Christian Bible, they also must be insane. This academic view is a critique upon the problems our world faces. The haves� (the academics) and the have-nots� ( the commoners who believe in the Bible). Like the Platonic philosopher kings, they know more than the common lot. Thus they stand in a position to decide what is right and what course of action our lives should be led. This is otherwise known as communism, socialism, fascism, authoritarian kingship, tyranny, slavery, and or suppression. These are all words, which may have variances of small details &  have an  overreaching theme explicit in �you as the commoner are too stupid to know what life is about or how to live, so we will control your life from the cradle to the grave.� That�s the mystery of the left-wing.

John of Patmos wrote the text in a cave on the islet of Patmos, exiled impart of a wider Christian crackdown by Rome. As in modern day scenarios, governments do not allow break-away communities to establish their own rule of governance within an economic agency. Self sufficient communities usually grow their own food, are off the power-grid, and tend to buy items from small shops instead of corporate sponsored or lobbied chains.

It is equivalent to the U.S. federal authorities that halt the spread of individual communes in America. They do not approve of groups of people who do not contribute to the economic engine of America.  These communities are usually self-sufficient. This issue is not a modern dilemma and these issues were a force for the early Anabaptists communities who migrated from eastern and northern Eastern Europe to America to begin an autonomous life beyond modernity. At Corwin Springs, the Church Universal and Triumphant in which I was a part of at Paradise Valley for a year in Montana, and their previous location in the hills of Malibu Canyon Rd. in Los Angeles suburbs was constantly attacked by the federal government. This I personally can attest too living in one of these separatist communities. The Community farmed its own food, raised its own animals for consumption and lived for the most part off the grid. Rarely did we need to go to a city or town to shop and contribute to the U.S. economic machine. That is what angered the feds the most. But this place was only one small example the many which were threatened, accosted, suppressed and shut down by the federal government. This was no different than the early Christians of Rome.

The equivalent of the Federal agencies of Rome cracked down on separative communities. Christians   began to boycott Roman- mandatory temple festivals. Temple festivals fed the Roman economic engine. These temple festivals had an economic purpose � to get the citizens of Rome to spend money on state-appointed holy days.

The temples were pagan, but that did not bother the Christians the most. It was a lifestyle to distant themselves from the status quo of the statist- state. Before Jesus began his preaching in Palestine, Rome had forwent Republicanism and conservatism and committed solely to leftwing imperialism. Think of the U.S.S.R. the Soviet Union implementing left-wing socialism as it sent its military around the world to conquer and subdue other countries economics for their profit. Rome became fabulously rich under Augustus C�sar, not because he was super intelligent, but tribute began pouring in from Julius C�sar submission-conquests. Rome became a monster imperialist world-entity and thus academics intend that John of Patmos, being exiled, reacted to these realities and wrote his Apok�lypsis � a critique on the mean and horrible Roman pagans. It is almost believable to ascribe to this supposition, yet no academic will debate these findings with someone who actually understands what John is saying. Why? Because these academics fear they are wrong, and some know they are wrong and need to lie. Others have told me that academics only think in simplicity.

If you read all of Apok�lypsis one cannot link it only to Nero or the Seven Hills of Rome as the overreaching theme. These are only a few passages, and not the whole and body of the work. However, that is what academics do and they only use a few verses as their argument.  Perhaps this is why these U.C. atheist � academic seminars of this subject are curt, non-lucid , garbled, emotionally taut, and hurried � with no explicit question and answering session. Scientific studies often only have one entity examined at one time and base their results to the public as general consensus of the study. Usually by the next year another study using again, a different and single entity overturns that study, contradicts it, and changes the paradigm of the conclusion one-hundred and eighty degrees. In the 1970s, Academia claimed the earth was going directly toward an ice age, therefore the Environmental Agency was created to combat global freezing because of human-produced carbon emissions. By the late 1990s and onto the first decade of the twentieth century, academics came out and reversed their claim, claiming the human-produced carbon emissions would heat the world up and all the ice-sheets would melt and flood the world ending mankind. Then in early 2010, they changed this claim again, and currently are comfortable claiming that human-produced carbon emissions are heating up and cooling down the world at the same time and causing �climate change.� The academic rollercoaster-ride is bundled with trillions of dollars riding on scientists banks accounts. So these studies of academics appear to change and are not laws of the universe. This is one of the zillion times academics made claims to scare the world and then changed their minds or changed the scare tactics. So why do they get upset about adherents of the book on the Apok�lypsis. Scientists in academia are very insecure people. If you step out of line of the current promulgated paradigm, be it social, hard science, economic, political, you lose access to grants and your livelihood. Therefore, it can be argued that scientists have little strength in their convictions and more pandering to their political funders of the state or of the state-sponsored private funders that fund private U.C.s to make profits. Leftists for the most part in history have run the universities, colleges, or higher learning centers in all of history. When one gets acquainted with history, one will find it is these right-wingers who are exiled or work behind close doors in the university that change science and the going scientific paradigms.   Overwhelmingly, leftists regard Apok�lypsis as a ranting and ravings of the lunatic fringe.

For example, Robert G. Ingersoll, a tiny intellectual, considered the book of all the New Testament as �the insanest of all books,� and he suggested he was the Devil who could interpret Revelations � however this was sloppy writing on his part and he seemed quite confused. [1] Thomas Jefferson considered John of Patmos �merely a ravings of a maniac� and not worthy of being considered intelligent.[2] It should be noted that Jefferson unlike George Washington, advocated during his life for the abolition of human slavery, while he never let his massive human slave farm be abolished and placed the restrictions in his will for the human slave farm to continue to suppress humans after he had died. So Thomas Jefferson had a few screws loose. Gorge Bernard Shaw, another raving lunatic described John of Patmos as �a peculiar record of the visions of a drug addict.�[3] Reading Shaw one gets a feeling he is writing to himself, a type of catharsis to his own confusion of what life is all about. It is like Mao Tse-tung murdering more human beings in the twentieth century than any other homo sapien and claiming he did so to eradicate intellectuals who criticized his economic reforms. We are dealing with mental diseases in control of large superstructures of the common people. It is also like the modern Left and the New left who blame former president Bush for the tree-leaves turning brown and falling-off the trees to the ground in the season of the fall in the Northern Hemisphere of earth -- and blaming this empirical evidence on the results of global warming a direct result of his refusal to sign the Kyoto Treaty ( 11 December 1997, UNFCCC or FCCC) of regulations of carbon emissions. These so-called scientists ignore the �fall-leaf-cycle which is evident throughout all of history, because after the Summer and daylight becomes shorter, the trees in the northern hemisphere do not have enough sunlight to make food for itself. So for the winter, trees shut down and shed their leaves, freeing up energy and growing new leaves in the next years� Spring. People think I�m joking, and I�m not. These emotive and irrational utterances permeate our highest universities and colleges across the globe, and it is evident in all of history. The most intelligent humanists of today intend that we need to wait for another generation to fix the world � this current group is damaged beyond help.

In the passage of the number of the beast, there is a curious phrase which has perplexed many an investigator for generations of Bible investigations. �Let him who hath understanding....[...].� Understanding is a higher form of comprehension of the mysteries of life than of the term of knowledge. In academia, knowledge is the highest form of power and of homo sapien attainment. The New French Left defined �Knowledge as Power.� This concept was formed during the period of intense Soviet Propaganda Machine and the Mao Tse-tung propaganda machines, as well the New left Academia in Europe which bled over to the U.S.A. by the early 1960s. The American narrative to an inversion of its reality, and soon all white Americans who were conservatives, e.g. lovers of personal liberalism, being from to act without government intrusion, were deemed unproductive to the progress of the world�s population.  Soon historical racist/nationalist ethnicities, such as Latinos most who draw their lineage from Spain, denounced white Europeans and claimed they never ran racist programs such as expelling of Jews who were white in Spain under Elizabeth and Ferdinand, nor establishing the Inquisition to torture those ethnicities who stayed within the Spanish European domains.  Whites became the scapegoat to the new violent ideology of aggressive protesting. Soon popular culture influenced the U.S. government. The terms good became bad, and thuggary usurped Church going and community poverty charities. It was chic to skirt the system and blame ones previous generation for all the ills of society. This plan, begun in the 1920s in France by the leftists helped confuse the world�s populations so as the government and large banking structures took control of the masses that were birthing enormous amounts of homo sapiens. Soon knowledge trumped the higher form of learning of understanding. The more Americans became illogical, emotional, raging against the machine ( a ploy of the left to dumb down Americans), the sooner these elites can take control of the purse-strings of humanity and control the people. So the linguistically confused actually had an impact on the global society and a language was needed to communicate this to the persons who could �understand.� Even the ancients understood this or should I say a few of us.

However, these  mystics employed another term to trump the money-focused academics � �understanding.� Andreas of Caesarea and Origen Adamantius ( c. 185-254 A.C.E.) cautioned  us to read this literally, and held out condemnation until a certain time permitted a more penetrating atmosphere � such as future days centuries or millennia ahead of their time. Each generation, the academics cry, people call for the end of the world as their time. This is not true, again these academics provide little proof, only certain individuals form a few centuries act as sparse evidence. There are less than one hundred instances of individuals claiming the end of the world is in their generation, this in over 2,500 years. That does not provide proof of the academic scare-tactic claims that religion is out to scare people. The constant doom and gloom by the media promulgated by each week�s release of some wayworth study from some academic institution claims some ominous threat to mankind � usually attacked to calls for immediate funding.  However, the Hebrew Bible prophet Daniel warmed when information increases, we should look for the time as the times!

The Academic View Perhaps

I sat in the Wheeler Auditorium, one afternoon (19 March 2008, 4-6 pm, 315 Wheeler Hall) to attend a seminar at the University of California, Berkeley, where one of the original academics who worked on the Nag Hammandi Codex, Professor of Religion at Princeton University, Elain Pagels, n�e Hiesey ( b. California, 13 February 1943 | Pluto transiting �Praesepe�), gave a poorly convincing forty-five minuet presentation on her view of Revelations of John. Of course this is my personal view, and perhaps the attendees found her long career in these texts and knowledge of them enlightening. She had all the credentials of an academic. She received her BA, then MA at Stanford University, and later a Ph. D. at Harvard. She has written a number of books which are quite good, the first being, The Gnostic Gospels (1979), but her best seller was �Beyond Belief, The Secret Gospel of Thomas.� Jesus is so mythalized in this book, like ancient myths, a young Jesus which is basically the theme and focus of this test; he wrestles lions and performs superhuman feats. My favorite of her works is on the Gospel of Thomas. Jesus, not Judas, sells Thomas into slavery to a Persian trader who then takes Thomas to India and sells him again to a regional Indian ruler to which Thomas proselytizes, becomes famous, and gets martyred. There is much more to the story so I recommend reading it. In some sense is a mirror for such a story as the Genesis story of Joseph and his brothers, selling him to traders who then sell Joseph into Egyptian bondage, only to become a head of state official under the Egyptian ruler.

Pagels represents the authority of the academic views on apocrypha, studying numerous texts on the subject and publishing many studies upon them. Pagels intends that the only way to understand the Book of Revelations is to view as �war literature.� The Jews had been predicting for a long time the destruction of Babylon. �The Revelation of Ezra� the so-called prophet (my term not hers, she calls him a prophet) is despondent over the ascendancy to regional power of Babylon. God sends an angel to explain the ways of heaven to Ezra that rejects the too difficult perspective and acts as a modern anti-establishment rebel would act, asking questions to why large states suppress the common people. Isaiah predicted that Babylon would destroy Jerusalem. Babylon in a sense became the catch-all nation-state identifier for suppressive states, conquering the little nations and principalities � denying their autonomy and self-preservation. Babylon represented the bully on the block, the left-wing imperialist bully, which was to John a mirror of much of the failings of the Roman Empire. Pagels does not insert the left-wing/right-wing narrative but I do; just wanted to make this clear to the reader.

Pagels displayed on a back-projection screen some photos of stele and other artifacts symbolizing the hegemony of the Roman Empire. This of course would be something familiar to what John of Patmos would have witnessed during his sojourn in the early Christian era in various lands under Roman control. At The Sebasteion, Aphrodisias, a marble relief, maybe John of Patmos had possibly seen this and wondered that it was Augustus and said he was dominating land and sea � and this must had enraged him ( so he wrote about the bad Roman people), he would have seen other statues that were depictive of captive nations: Armenia, England, and other lands illustrating the subjugated peoples � so John �must� have been angry. He may have also seen a sculpture of Nero defeating Armenia, at Sebasteion, of the South Portico.

The Harvard Gazette in 2009 gave a little synopsis of her presentation in which she toured some colleges around the country to deliver her Revelations on Revelations. Pagels offers a three-part theory to why Revelation still holds sway after 2,000 years. First �was John�s writing technique, �said Pagels, which shifted perspective from heaven to Earth and back again. By providing God�s perspective of events on Erath, she said, John suggested that evil would not prevail and would be avenged.� (Harvard Gazette, 2009). This of course should be tempered to the academic view that the commoners need to be controlled because they are too stupid like God. The commoners are mainly the church going audience to divine revelations � my views come from personal experience in higher academia, listening to many diverse conversation on how the elitist academics must solve the world�s problems by controlling the population of stupids � i.,e. the commoners. although they would never admit this to your face in public � it is not a conspiracy but a going theme of �specialness.� Michael Savage, a bay area talk host and alumni of a bay area top academic institution will intend that liberals have an inherent mental disease. In my view, the commoners are the laboratory for the playthings of scientists to issue their wacky ideas.

In the ancient Sumerian texts, Zachariah Sitchen proposed that an alien race came to earth to mine gold for an artifical atmosphere on their own planet, and genetically infused hominoids to create the homo sapiens group to work as laborers in African gold mines, because the Annunaki ( as they were calling themselves) were too feeble for such grunt work. Under this viewpoint, which is not far from the Greek Mythology, Olympian gods used humans as their workforce and playthings; often I assume as academic views the modern commoner earth dweller. They way that academics speak down to the common makes me understand that mythology and academia are inherently linked through reincarnating souls � who appear as the same world controllers of ancient as they are of today.

The second theory of Pagels entails that �there is the �widely imaginary garden� of Revelation, peopled by �real beasts,� said Pagels, devils and whores and dragons that represent � the emperors and soldiers who killed and humiliated� so many Jews. If the images had been �tied to one person or event, � that is, [sic] identifiable clearly, she said, John�s vivid allegory of evil and revenge �would simply be an antiquarian book.�� This is correct, but some of the �sway� is held because it obviously has prophetic sections. �Pagels offers a third theory for the survival and prominence of Revelation: that it suggests there is moral meaning in human conflict. Evoking fear and hope invites people �to make sense out of conflict and struggle,� she said, offering as proof a quick survey of how Revelation�s message of good and evil has been employed over two millennia. Revelation�s Four Horseman rode back to medieval Europe, when the Black Plague killed a third of the population. The Anti-Christ reappeared as Martin Luther to his critics. To Lutherans, the Whore of Babylon [actually this was Martin Luther�s words, perhaps widely accepted by the Germanic tribes her represented?] was recast as the Pope of Rome. Revelation�s good-and-evil imagery came back to represent religious wars of Europe, the rise of Napoleon, and even the American Civil War, in which each side appropriated the serpent of Satan to represent the other. Social philosopher Thomas Hobbs used the biblical Leviathan as an image of contemporary society, and London�s detractors saw it as a new Babylon. During World War II, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was portrayed as Satan�s voracious serpent, being repelled by a host of angel-like, Allies, of course. To bring Revelation�s power nearly to the present, Pagels showed an aerial image of Baghdad in April 2003 being battered by the shock and awe of U.S. bombs � right at the spot over the Euphrates River where the New Testament angel pours the cup of God�s wrath.� (Harvard Gazette, 2009). I remembered this but did not make much of it until recently in August of 2010 I was researching the horoscope of the U.S.A. and noticed the Algol was culminating in 2003 over the U.S.A. horoscope (method, progression a day for a year method). Pagels seemed at this instant of the presentation to take liberty and go-off the beaten path that John of Patmos was an angry psychopath who had written a piece of war literature.

One of her arguments was �It was said that when he was in Turkey that he said he had his first �vision,� so one way of looking at the Book of Revelations; it was anti-propaganda against Roman Empire. So the logic is a local equals the country that one criticizes. Does this imply that if Hamas soldiers have dreams that they hate America but live in Palestine they must hate Israel and not the U.S.A. because of where they are at when they have that dream? I�m not sure the logic there is sane or rational. However, this is interesting because it demolishes the idea that gas that was present in caves induced the visions that John had spoken of, so we have a different story.

It was interesting that one of the questions asked her was about Ezra and linked to modernity, as to why we live like insects, as Ezra had asked God�s angel, with so much injustice? Her answer was a typical obfuscation because perhaps there are no answers. However, I can mention that Plato offered one. If we look to book two of Plato�s Republic and understand that evil wins and rulers the world suppress the unfortunate to usurp the good life, that is the facts of history. It appears that atheists who intend their is no god, and because of this there is no good, or morality, then what is left in pain, suffering for the majority of the populace and wealth, comfort, fun, excitement and riches and happiness for a few. In a sense we are suspecting to understand all the cultural myths, including the eastern and today�s western writers on morals. So under this perspective John�s book on Revelation is but a wishful revenge against the suppressors. Something he wrote to appease his own dread of the future for his own suffering and the ones he loved, because evil rules and it always wins. Hope for good is but a useless mental illusion.

She spoke about other Gnostic texts written after Jesus, The Gospel of Mary, the Trimorphic Protennoia: ( feminine power) a pre-God time when females ruled over men and everything was in balance. There was no explication or reference to when this time was or if it was the whole world or some lone isolated island in history � which we know did have some women as dominant rulers � but these civilizations were either destroyed by natural disasters or conquered.


Nero Caesar solar paran calendar date corrected to modern

Anzio, Italy ( e.g. the modern name) 15th December 37 B.C. Julian Calendar used, N.A.S.A. PE04 Mo'shar analytic ephem. generated by astrodienst ( and edited by me.

Mao Tse-tung natally contained a tropical beta persei, whereas Nero Caesar contains two loose, ASC w/ and a more tight beta persei paran to . There are two monster vortices, one I discovered that flank beta persei and perhaps contain the clues to the very active energy recorded throughout the history of this star, used so often to timing of attacks in ancient battles. ( for more on these vorticies , see my star catalogue and photograghs.).

Rome Burning

The main argument of these anti-Christian academics and atheist academies is the passage that identifies the number of the Beast � a  mysterious figure who is ascribed the role of the anti-Christ. The role of the anti-Christ really is not a main theme in the Bible anyway, however these twisted attempts to link the contemporary politics to John of Patmos� writings have all been considered a closed case. Christianity is dead a religion, a sign of its time. Those times were of some political turmoil for the Jews and Emperor Nero represented the anti-Christ because he had perhaps started a fire in 18 July A.C.E. (Jul. cal) at Rome (began at the shops at the Circus Maximus at night)  which burnt much of the city for nine-days, then when the citizens blamed him because he wanted to make room for his personal building projects, he blamed (or more correctly the leftwing Senate who may have started it!, the leftwing wing Senate was at this time leftists who wanted progressive taxes and crackdown on slaves and the poor!)  the Christians and therefore Christian Persecution represents to these academics and atheists why John of Patmos wrote his work. The sources are  Tacitus, Annals, XV. 40-41.; Suetonius, XXXVIII; Dio �and countless people perished� LXII. 18.2), according to these atheist-academics commenced under Nero; these facts are flawed and twisted.

Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (the name was too difficult, so commonly he was known as Nero) lived from b. in Antium ( modern day Anzio, Italy, 41n27,12e37), near Rome, 15 December 37 A.C.E. ( to 9 June 68 [b. 7:39 am?]). Sources for Nero�s birth time come from Suetonius, who had his words recorded by Julius Firmicus Maternus, who lived during the reign of Constantine I, himself was a Sicilian lawyer and from an upper nobility,  in his work, circa 334 A.C.E. The Mathesis ( Latin, Matheseos Libri Octo ( �Eight Books on Astrology�), which in book two doth treat the origins of the Hellenistic astrological traditions , who provides some clues. The Three notable historians of Nero were Suetonius, who was born one year after the suicide of Nero, and Tacitus and Cassius Dio. In other sections of this website, I already have illustrated where Suetonius had errors in recording of birth times. However, we can at least look at this recording to see what are important accounts of these stars?  We may assume that Agrippina�s astrologer Balbillus was also engaged in informing Nero. Nero born a Sagittarian, both tropical and sidereal, then must be explained according to the rules of Hellenistic astrology and adopted by Roman astrologers that Jupiter ruled his ascendant. Jupiter was near the eleventh house cusp, perhaps spanning the tenth, which gives rulership preference. However, his Mars graces a proximity to this ascendant ( like Bill Clinton�s) and thus Mars is more powerful.

Nero, like Mao Tse-tung had his Saturn conjunct the Virgonian star Spica (H 9. 39, orb. at  4� 23�). Spica�s longitude was at 26VIR43�42� and its latitude was at 01�55�24�. Nero�s natal Moon was squared at the PED to Antares with an orb of 00� 04� and separating. The ancient Mesopotamian societies called Antares, the little Mars. It is reddish star and quite visible in the night sky. Antares was in a powerful position for the astrological chart of impact of buildings in the 11 September 2001 attacks upon America.  Epsilon, Orion, Alnilam ( The Great Pyramid Star of the Orion Mystery, c. mid-1990s theory) was the Acronychal rising star. For Los Angeles on 11 September 1999 two years before the attacks, when the Sun rose Anteras graced the anti-midheaven (Mars, Anteras, 5 degrees, sep), Mars - Gienah, Cgy, acyrn. 18 September 1999|LA, Auckland , NZ, Alnilam, M.C. Moon-Anteras , sex. 0 degrees, 06 minuets, sseparating.), as Denebola was conjunct the Sun. When Denobola is conjunct to the Sun and on an angle as it was during this astrological chart, suicide is the revelation. For omens and ancient readings, the mean node was at 10LEO58�06� so about a degree off from the ominous Praesepe, announcing a massive disaster in the making of piled-up-corpses. Nero may also be famous for remembrances like �he fiddled while Rome burned,� or he murdered some of his family members including his own mother, and Mercury is prominent over the elliptical degree of The Great Rift.

Using the same helical rising chart of Los Angeles, 11 September 1999, the culmination stars are Hoedus II, Maaz, Hoedus I, Hasseleh, and Cursa. These stars culminated as within a five-degree orb as the Sun rose. When Uranus and Jupiter conjunct for the second of three times on 18 September 2010, when I released this page to the public, the local mean time is 06:04 pm (U.T. 01:04, Sept. 19), Sidereal Time 17:02:22, 118w15,34n03, Placidus de Titus; the position of Uranus is at 28PIS42�51r� and Jupiter is at 28PIS42�51r�. The stars on the anti-midheaven when Jupiter and Uranus are in conjunction are Hoedus II, Maaz, Hoedus I, Hasseleh, and Cursa. The five-degree orb similarities are the Moon is at 08LIB14�06� and aspecting conjunction degrees of orb the star Zaniah, Virgo, for the 11 September 1999 astrological chart and Saturn is at 06LIB16�14� and aspecting by conjunction degrees of orb the star Zaniah, Virgo, for the 18 September 2010 astrological chart. Similarly, the Moon in 2010, the same chart is aspecting by conjunction degrees of orb the star Bos, Capricornus, with the chart for 1999 Neptune is aspecting by conjunction degrees of orb the star Bos, Capricornus. Helkath, Oph. is culminating in 2010 and on the anti-midheaven in the 1999 astrological chart. Mercury is on the descendant on the 2010 chart and is close to rising within three degrees for the 1999 chart. In the first week of 2011 Jupiter will have its last conjunction to Uranus, and it will not make another conjunction to the outer planets until decades later. It is these similarities of chart aspects that we deem important here. For example, Nero was popular with the people � at least until his enemies demonized him enough that we view him as a tyrant. Nero had his Saturn in a trine, natally, to his Venus. So did Mao Tse-tung. Despite Mao-Tse-tung�s failed policies and suspect mass genocides to hid capitalism form the world, academia still adores him, as do many city-dwelling Chinese who lived through the many episodes of the despots rule � to which the city-dwellers did not except under the 1965- 1974 massive Chinese mini-dark age, never saw the massive genocides of their own people. For example, on the Christmas Tree at the White House for the 2009-2010 Christmas, Barak Hussein Obama displayed two ornaments with Mao Tse-tung�s face, he is a audacious supporter of the policies of Mao Tse-tung and rewards his memory of tyranny in display of the house of liberty and freedom. His practical purpose is many in his administration, even at the local levels of his political campaign machine are ardent Chinese communist Mao Tse-tung supporters. It is evident that even though Mao Tse-tung�s crimes against humanity ( he refused over and over to receive international help as his people were dying, executing anyone who tried to stop him � that was a true monster) are acknowledged, his Saturn trined Venus illustrates the world over that simplistic socialists and mediocre academics adore power, to which Mao Tse-tung exhibited by ruling China with torture and the only rich person of all his reign till the end of his life. It is these similarities we look for hints to understanding the apocalypse. Within a five degree orb, Mao Tse-tung had Jupiter connected to a wide conjunction to Algol ( Julius C�sar had it over his too, as progressed during his conquest campaigns!). On the other hand Mao Tse-tung had his Mars in Scorpio, the ruling sign for Mars in almost a direct projected ecliptically degree opposition to Algol. Again, similarities are what we look for in a horoscopes or astrological charts.

Like Bill Clinton, and many other tyrants in history, Algol also makes a prominent appearance in an horoscope, engraving Nero�s anti-mideaven ( I.C.). However, modern re interpretation gives a different picture of Algol � a more of a motherly passion, even if sporadic as the blinking trinary.

Death of Nero is expressed by the progressed rising star of Markab (α Pegasus), which expresses an attribute of Violent death in early life. It is not associated to any of the traditional suicide stars � a suicide is often violent � but during its gracing on the progression of Nero�s ascendant for his death year, according to the attribute attributed to Ptolemy�s composition of early astrological texts, the Alexandrian professor ascribed �the bright stars in Pegasus are like Mars and Mercury, The Constellation gives ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad Judgment.�[4]

It should be noted that Augustine of Hippo promulgated the myth that a return of Nero was believed by the Christians and other paranoid people after Nero died which lasted for a hundred years. This left these academics with the so-called source to slander John of Patmos. However, Augustine, who did not like astrology or reincarnation, was himself a extreme leftist as a youth ( he describes himself in his own autobiography) which was written near ly 400 years after Nero. We all know that stories get exaggerated or twisted when recorded so long ago. Augustine was not near or never was trained as an academic historian. He only completed what today would be equivalent of an A.A. at a community college. His expertise is commentary of his spiritual awakenings, that we take at his own words to his life of examining the Christian faith. Augustine took his talking points from the pseudo �Sibylline Oracles� written collection of Greek Hexameters of oracular utterances, ascribed to Sibyls, who were Greek prophetesses (in the general academic sense). Augustine was never known for critical thinking or in depth analysis � his writings take-on a personal emotionality to his spiritual transformation.

It should be noted there are no contemporary historians that wrote about Nero when he was alive. The historian Josephus, who many scholastic Jewish modern scholars considered an anti Semite, had accused other historians of slandering Nero.

For the death astrological transits of 09 June 68 A.C.E. (Jul. Cal), Saturn returns to its natal position. When his transiting Moon is moved to the ascendant ( 10:50 LMT, transits 09 June 68 Jul., Betelgeuse is near the I.C. which possibly assists in assassination interpretation, Sinistra culminates and epsilon, Leonis, Ras Elased Australis is on the descendant. The importance of Leo in the conscription of the stars connected to suicide is that 36% of the stars ascribed to suicides are Leonean stars. However, only Adharera is a general star, and the other two have either the Sun or Uranus as co-conspirators associated to the act of suicide. So I moved the Sun to culmination at 12:00 noon and we need to have Denebola, which is a star on the tail of the Lion to line up and we are close as the descendant is on Zosma, while Nero�s natal Uranus is near the descendant. Ten minuets after the Sun culminates Denobola, the star we are looking for , for the connection to a self � induced death therefore does begin its passage across the descendant as natal Mars culminates. So there is evidence to a possible suicide. Nero was often complained about because he loved to stage theatrics with himself as the lead and forces the audience to stay the performance till the end. He sometimes would go on for hours and hours and hours, and was seen in a incomprehensible lunacy. Pollux, beta Gemini is associated to an unbalanced mind if connected to Mercury. Nero is remembered for being unbalanced in his mind, and this star as Denobala is on the descendant, ten minuets after culmination of the Sun, Pollux is just separating from  the I.C.

It should be noted that exercise in Astrology moved the transits to the death locations where Mars is the powerful natal planet and I moved Mars to culmination for this interpretation -- the natal positions (from 7:39 am  to 12:10 pm). In fact, Denobola is the natal descendant star, so suicide perhaps gives us the highest percentage to the death of Nero. Denobola and the connection to the Sun is needed for the suicide aspect. Here the Sun is a near-tight trine to the Leonean star.  Therefore Pollux is natally just separating from the I.C. In a mundane as well as personal charts, Pollux and Castor hold literary traditions. Therefore, the subjects who have these two Gemini twin stars will often be historically remembered if other aspects in their chart note famous and lasting remembrances. It should be remembered that Ptolemy and the ancient often did not rely on birth times, that is why Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian ( the early Egyptians), Akkadians, Chaldeans) did not have horoscopes � but relied on moving the astrologic-chart circle around to the angles with stars and planets for the destiny readings.

The book Ascension of Isaiah is on of the Pseudepigraghia ( c. late 1st to early 2nd century) is the first work to link Nero to the antichrist. This work is in dispute perhaps falsely attributed authors. Some of the work appears to be from circa 200 B.C.E., a cobbling of Jewish and other religious works, including some works as apocrypha. What is certian is that the Gospels do not identify Nero as an antiChrist, so ascribing it to John who wrote well after the period of Nero, and before Titus actually took over the destruction of the Jews ( who would probably fit a better description of antichrist because he ended the Jewish Temple which is still not built even today) is a matter of concern.

Balbillus� method to predict Nero�s death is surveyed in Neugebauer, Greek Horoscopes, p. 77,  ( 4:35 AM 11 June, 68 Rome.) provides us with a hint that progressions were not the major source of Roman astrological prediction. Moving natal �major� planets, however, a tradition that extends to modern day predictive measures or more aptly choice astrology, was written for scientific matters. The idea is to take an important natal planet and move it to demonstrate an angular measure for determination. Of course, Balbillus uses Jupiter as it is the traditional ruler of Nero�s first house, and seeks to select by one degree per year the planet and base it upon life spans of 90 degrees for ninety-years of life. One this planet is selected it is termed the destroyer (or the planet which will signify death). Counting ninety-degrees counter-clockwise, Balbillus who chose Jupiter moved it to its fourteenth degree of Aquarius.  He did not move it to Mars nor the Sun but passed these planets and moved Jupiter to the position of Mercury which is natally in Nero�s twelfth house � although sidereally Mercury is in the eleventh house, and the re analysis is done by Neugebauer who is using tropical geocentric coordinates. Nevertheless Balbillus predicted Nero would live to the ripe old age of seventy-three years old. What I have said is Mars and not Jupiter is the ruling planet of Nero�s chart. It is close to the ascendant, it is in its own astrological house ( the first house is the house of Aries/Mars in Roman venacular), and conjunct the Sun of Nero.

As I stated, progresses are of the lesser used systems of astrology. This is because there are theoretical positions where the real planets in the sky have no proximity. Think of special � relativity, quantum special- freaky particles, and multi-verses.  Using the formula of (x1=yz :  date 14 Jan. 38. Jul., 18:24:12 UT.) and progressing Nero�s horoscope to the date of 09 June of 68 A.C.E. with the Julian calendar system in use at that time, Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius, and Nero�s ascendant culminates. So the theoretical positions are the M.C. is at 19SCO08�47�, and Jupiter is at 19SCO47�47�. Mars is at a sextile to the M.C. and Jupiter at 19CAP52�52�. This connection adds expression to the overall signs of death, if we use the ruler of the first house as the destroyer and work with progressions. In addition,  the progressed Moon is over Saturn, which I had explained is also under a Saturn return in the transits for the date of 09 June of 68.

Regulus is on the cusp of Nero�s eight house in his horoscope. His natal Moon is in the eighth house, and since Regulus expresses a fall from grace if a grievous or some type of dishonorable act is attributed to the native it may indicate a fall from grace. The eight house of death ( sidereally) and the Moon which represents the Mother is a coincidence to the testament that Nero killed his own mother to attain power. Power is one of the keywords to Regulus. The key interpretation here is the eight house which also implies finances won at the grievous death of another � such as wills, inheritance, and trusts. The reason Nero killed his own family members ( he is not the only one to do so in history) guaranteed him wealth and power of his rule � the exact interpretation these points, luminary and star imply.

While Balbillus and other contemporary astrologers would not of known about Pluto or its positions, it is natally conjucnt Nero�s Sun in the twelfth house at 22SAG10�15�, 00LAT32�N, H12.86 and Nero�s Sun is at 22SAG22�30�, 00LAT00�S. H12.89 � so they are conjunct which means he has a powerful potential to change society, if he so chooses or his destiny. His Pluto like his Mars and Sun are natally paraning Algol, Gorgona S, T and Q at his anti-Midheaven.

According to Balbillus� method, Clinton�s ruler of his first house is Venus. Thus when Venus hits some destroyer perhaps his death is destined. This is by transits of course and moving the destroyer degrees by counter-clockwise. However, it we apply the angles in progression, his Venus will hit his progressed ascendant between November 2015 and Novemnber 2016. During this same passage Saturn will progress to the cusp of the 9/8th house. The Moon in 10 November 2016 will be at 17SAG24�57� and his Uranus will be at 21GEM 42�49r�. The true node at this juncture is at 12GEM07�35d�. In 2027 his true node will progress past his descendant (10 November 2027, his node is at 11GEM52�32� and his ascendant will be at 12SAG14�08�. Pluto and Saturn are in full control of the eighth house. 

For coordinates of 10 November of 2014, his Venus has not reached the Ascendant yet, but his Moon which has passed his progressed Chiron in late 2012 � perhaps this is close to the U.S. General Election, will be separating from a conjunction to his progressed Mars. His Moon will be at 23SCO38�35� and his Mars will be at 22SCO12�56� both in the twelfth house and in a ~ 150 degree aspect to progressed Uranus. His progressed true node at 12GEM09�31� in the seventh house is squared his M.C. which is at 12VIG23�23�. His natal Venus is at 11LIB07�08� and Pluto is at 11LEO51�23�.

Christian -- Nero Historical Confusion

The historical confusion to the Christian ascription  of Nero as identified with the antiChrist, of which was written over 180 years after his life, perhaps was a misreading of history; Nero, it appeared changed his mind often and appeared sometimes to be for the commoner and poor at his own political expense. He was in constant fighting with the Curia (Senate) who had special interest of the nobles and middle class to appease to keep in office. Think of modern day America, since the 1980s certain Congress persons have been in office well over a quarter of a century, some more, and many have no plans of leaving. They keep their seats by appeasing their state�s people and as well as the people being dumbed down will vote for the incumbent because the news media is busy covering which celebrity is dating whom and what dog ran away from home and who rescued the neighbor�s cat.  The voting population is unfit because of the leftwing media to understand what is going on in their lives.

The mainly left-wing Senate tried to pass a law where if one slave broke a rule, then all slaves were punished in a household � a typical fascist-left wing measure of collectivity. It is similar to when fast-food chains are blamed on obesity, and not because the government genetically modified food contains little to no nutrients which makes persons eat more, put pressure to close fast-food chains and want to increase a special tax upon them � even thought the poor often have to resort to these cheap eating establishments. The left likes to punish all, when one person does something they do not like.  Nero was against this control ploy, and the mere suggestion by the leftwing controlling Senate at this time led to slave and poor revolts. Plinius the Elder and Seneca had no bad words for Nero, he was not the evil demean that some other historians � while other too would not demonize Nero either � portrayed in their historical recordings. Coins circulating around 63-66 A.C.E. illustrate Nero distributing charity to the poor. The leftists in Congress were controlled by their leftwing international corporations, who hated the idea of Nero giving tax exemption to shipping imports of grain. Nero also wanted to repeal all indirect taxes, to which the leftist Senate hysterically cried it would bankrupt Rome to which a compromised was reached. Nero ordered government documents to become public which exposed the leftists using the increases in state tax to pad their voting constituencies which were the wealthy citizens (which were not republicans as the leftists frame them today to continue the historical lie). Like John F. Kennedy, Nero tried to crack down on government and mafia like corruption by removing government officials � arresting for extortion and corruption. This was done because the officials were not concerned with ruling Rome as they were with controlling commerce at the festival sites and commercial centers. These situations would come to a head when the fire of Rome (July of 64 A.C.E) was started at night in these commercial venues which became the historical framing of Nero who allegedly had fiddled while Rome burnt, to which the Jews later indicated this was the first event of mass Christian persecution � which it was not. It was more likely the leftist and anti- Christian Senate that blamed the Christians using them as the �scapegoat.� When Nero died he admitted the leftist Roman officials� were against him. He wanted lower taxes to help the poor they did not and were willing to destroy government in doing so.

Lactantius ( pupil of Arnobius, according to Methodius, (Chastity 9.2) and early Christian author, c. 240-320, and tutor of the first son of Christian Roman Emperor Constantine I) believed that Nero was �the forerunner of Antichrist!� (Lactantius [ addressed to Donatus], �De Mortibus Persecutorum� Chap II), and Lactantius repeats the common history that applies to the Sibylline verses concerning, �The fugitive, who slew his own mother, being to come from the uttermostboundaries of the earth.� Lactantius believed what others had said during perhaps John�s period and after that Nero would [return] ( here Lactantius implies a) reincarnate as did the two prophets Enoch and Elias have been translated.� Although these passages are cryptic as the Biblical assessments and mystics corroborate in the eastern blending of a reality of life. Here, again, like Nostradamus, cyclical applications of history are applying to reincarnated individuals.




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Roman Leftist Destroys Israel & Leftwing Academic Adoration




So Scholars claim that John is writing on Nero. However, it is not Nero who destroys the temple or Jerusalem. Lactantius writes, �After an interval of some years from the death of Nero, there arose another tyrant no less wicked (Domitian), who, although his government was exceedingly odious, for a very long time oppressed his subjects, and reigned in security, until at length he stretched forth his impious hands against the Lord. (Lactantius, Ch III) as noted above, Lactantius tells us Nero precedes the AntiChrist. Are we to assume John knows nothing of Domitian? It is Domitian�s orders against Christians that sends John, perhaps, to Patmos in exile. Titus Flavius Domitianus ( b. Rome, 24 October 51 cal. jul. d. 18 September 96) commonly known as Domitian ruled Rome from 81-96. Domition was the third and last of the Flavian Dynasty. He also ruled longer than any previous Roman Emperor besides Tiberius. It was under Domitian�s general Argicola who could not take Scotland, the Scots besides the Germans were the only westerners who fought off imperialism successfully against the imperialist Roman machine. Domitian�s reign came to an end in 96 when he was assassinated by court officals. The same day his advisor Nerva succeeded him. Domitian�s memory was condemned to oblivian by the Curia ( Roman Senate), while the Senatorial authors Tacitus, Pliny the Younger and Seutonius published histories condemning Domitian as a inhuman tyrant. Modern leftist academics revised this view and gave credit to Domitian as a great statesman and effective autocrat. Many leftwing academic who are also anti-Semitic prefer to elevate him, however Lactantius holds sway with the senatorial historians.


Like the Tetrarchy in cyclical manner, on 9 June 68 when Nero committed suicide, and the Julio-Claudian dynasty came to an end, four leading generals admits a civil war vied to take the Roman throne: Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian, Domitian�s father. Lactantius is writing about history and seeing it repeat itself. Here, during John of Patmos� middle aged years, Domitian openly rendered the Curia�s power obsolete. The Roman Empire now was ruled by a deity that was a despot. The Chinese have the concept of the Mandate of Heaven, and in the west, beginning not in the middle ages of Divine Right of Kings, but during the fallout between the citizens of Rome and Julius Caesar�s memory, the concept of �divine monarchy� came into play in the Roman Empire. But unlike Augustus who called himself the son of god, actually co-ruled Rome listening and directing policies by the consillium. Domitian is saying, look I�m god on earth. It is like Mao Tse-tung who the leftwing academes adore and perhaps behind close doors have alters of worship for the horrific mass murderer of the twentieth century � it is all about worshiping money and power. Mao was the richest person in China and had total control until he died naturally. That�s worthy of leftwing academic fealty. However, to the common and particularly the poor and middle class Jews, Domitian was the devil, not the predecessor like Nero, but the actual devil. He implements the plans to put an end-all to all-end all of Israeli knowledge. Domitian�s plan is to wipe the memory of Israel off-the map �completely. It must be remembered that John is living through this time frame. So this numerical value of 6,60, 600 is of course a qualified identifier.


Domitian, as a leftist , forced paganism back into Roman society and as the paganistic economic civil economy (i.e. temple festivals). Eusebius of Caesarea, writing about 300 years later describes the reign of Domitian as the first large-scale persecution of Christians and Jews. Note the reality to why leftwing academics adore this tyrant.  Lactantius is seeing similarities in extreme leftist Diocletian and his promulgation of several edits that took away all rights from Christians until they converted to paganism of the Roman Religion. When the Christians refused he put to death at least 3,000 humans ( 303-311). He brought back crucifixion and he also beheaded Christians, and proceeded to burn Christian Churches to the ground. He took all the jobs away from the Christians to starve them to death, and imprisoned countless Christians many awaiting execution. Many Christians escaped, fearing this was the end and began ardently too proselytize Christianity. So Diocletian implemented sever torture and abducted Christians to be thrown to the lions in the Circus Maximus and Colosseum, to much of the delight of the imperialistic leftwing pagan citizens. It is not until Constantine in 324 came to power that these murderers of Christians stopped.


Counting as the historians had done, that Julius Caesar was the first real Roman Emperor, which makes the academics happy because that places Nero as the sixth � so if we continue with this chronology this makes Titvs Flavivs Caesar Vespasianvs Avgvstvs the ninth and Domitian the tenth. If we count actually in reality as Augustus as the first who bore the voted title of Roman Emperor, implemented in the correct chronology beginning with the Julio-Claudian dynasty, which makes Nero the fifth Roman Emperor, then Domitian is actually number nine. 6,60 and 600 in Babylonian and Chaldean resolve to the numerical number of nine. 6 + 6+ 6+ drop the zeros adds up to 18 and as a resolve of 1+8 = 9.


[ Domitian was born on the 9 th of the kalends of November (24 Oct)

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The Academics Confusion to the Origen of Roman Deity Worship

One of the main arguments was that Nero presented himself to the public as a mere deity ( a god perhaps), and this angered John and the emerging Christian sect who identified him, not a future being, as the then antichrist. However, these academics facts are twisted and wrong. They assume he was the first to do this general PR campaign. They even have a few contemporary political operatives who were encased in their own propaganda machines at this time. Nero seemed an equal opportunity destroyer � and political groups besides the Christians were also a target of his. After he committed suicide, one politician feared he did not die and would return to prosecute his infamous society-class-wars. These things happen all the time. The fear that Stalin was not dead or Mao Tse-tung was not dead and would resume their horrific genocides permeated modern societies. Leaders claiming themselves in Rome as living deities took place long before Nero was on the political scene.    This started nearly a half a century before Nero became an Emperor.

After Julius C�sar was assassinated, the common people wanted an investigation of the Senatorial (Curia) persons who were involved. Passions became intense to why the assassination had happened. Many were split to the truth. By conquering Gaul, and various non-Roman lands, Julius looted mass amounts of wealth and brought it back to the unemployed cities of Rome. For a hundred years before Julius came onto the scene the Roman Republic had been political unstable, mainly due to economic hardship and ruled by a slew of short-term military leaders. Rome was unstable.  The debate over the pros and cons of imperialism left Roman citizens in a dire financial troubled society. Julius took it upon himself to go out and to imperialize to gain wealth. Academics incorrectly paint these historical tableaux for personal glory. However, it is probably their absence of coolness and geek status that they place into the story. These academics want to be the hero and thus they project themselves through the gallant and adventurous and murderous villain Julius C�sar.

The Roman people who were initially against imperialism for ethical and moral reasons were overwhelmed by the citizen support after Julius returned to Rome bearing vast amounts of wealth. In fact, Augustus, the next rule after Julius, rebuilt Rome to a high standard of living and the people believed that Augustus was a mere god.  Augustus did not create the economy out of nothing; it was the new funds coming into the Roman economy by way of tribute and by an increase of commercial goods that were created by Julius� imperialism. Now back to the investigation of the Senatorial involvement. The assassins of Julius C�sar were angry because he proclaimed himself a god, and that he changed the fundamental principles of anti-imperialism of the Republic�s ideology and this was the wrong national path, they believed. So they assassinated him. The elitists of Rome cried out against the assassins and demanded their implication in murder, and advocated to the general masses that the new Roman Congress should fund a statue and a building, calling Julius C�sar a god who had been embodies and brought Rome knew wealth and new lands. In fact, Julius C�sar was so revered by these elitists and new wealthy living style of the military that they replaced the state god of Jupiter with Julius C�sar�s image. Thus the period of the novelty of Roman leaders identifying themselves as saviors, as gods, as deities, commenced with Julius C�sar and not of Nero. Augustus was so enthralled by this novelty; he himself began to inscribe monuments around the roman lands with himself as the �son of god.� That is to say, he was the spiritual son of Julius C�sar who was a new supreme god of Rome. He minted the astrological sign of the goat-fish, as an omen to his deity. This ancient symbol of the Saturnine Golden Age helped spread the �likeness� of himself as the ultimate world ruler � i.e., the King of Kings. Augustus was the second Roman Emperor, according to at least three reputable early Roman Empire historians. Now we move-on to four more Emperors to that of Nero. Nero is considered the sixth ruler, thus the academic claim of John�s encoding.  The academics want you to believe that John of Patmos is identifying someone who usurped the position of King of Kings and since John of Patmos was exiled during the Christian persecution period under Nero that is why the academics want you to ascribe to the theory that john of Patmos is vetting his anger at Nero the Emperor.

So we already see that the atheist and anti-Christian academics are twisting history. They intend that John is identifying the beast as Nero because his position usurped the �Son of God,� and Nero was the only emperor to do this or that he was the first. All these evidences are not true, and quite a vicious libel and slanderous attempt by the academics to do so.

Christians derive their name from the early days of Romans identifying a Jesus follower and perhaps communicating to each other, their soldier brethren, that they should crucify these Jesus followers. Roman soldiers called these followers Christians ( i.e. Christ [ians = followers]. This named seeped into the going political landscape and stuck to all who were involved with the Jesus movement or witnessed its spread. What we may be sure of is a social, economic and political dissatisfaction of the contemporary ideology of government back then. We know by the Acts of the Apostles that persecution preceded Nero, and intensely.

This persecution began long before anyone knew who Nero was. Christian persecution began instantly as Jesus seemed to upset the economic elite of Jerusalem with his preaching and alleged actions against temple commerce and an unworldly kingdom of the spirit. The attacks against the commerce upset not only local economic policies but angered the wider economic infrastructure. The government wants people to be a single coherent consumer of their goods and services. Anyone advocating against these politics are marked for execution. The question arises? What did Jesus do wrong?

Now the atheist and anti-Christian academics they need some additional corollary arguments to subdue the masses with their twisting of the facts. They do this by using the passage of the , � the number of the beast.� They intend that in Hebrew numerology that Nero�s name adds up to 666. Not only are they wrong, they need to twist the history and the facts so gregariously, that they know they are lying to the public and masses.

In order to trick these masses, these atheists and anti-Christian academics want you to believe that John encoded Hebrew into all the Greek text of Apok�lypsis. John of Patmos wrote Apok�lypsis in all Greek and not in Hebrew at all. Greek still at this time was the lingua franca of its time. Latin did not become the lingua franca until the middle ages of Europe. For example, Charlemagne, the first holy Roman Emperor dealt with communiqu� and contracts from various tribes and groups of European people in many different languages and dialects. He was crowned on Christmas Day in 800 A.C.E ( A.D). Aramaic was spoken in and around upper Palestine during the time of Jesus. Hebrew was only a tradition to the priestly class of Jerusalem. Commerce was conducted in Greek, to a lesser extent in Latin, and not Hebrew. 

In order to trick the masses, these atheists and anti-Christian academics want you to believe that John identified a man whose number was 666. John never identified a man at all, it is a �Beast� whose number is 6 and 60 and 600. And again, these atheists and anti-Christian academics want you to believe that Arabic Numerals were invented by John of Patmos so they can claim that he identified Nero to the gematria of Hebrew numerology. No really they are that militaristically dishonest. They view individual freedom as the destruction of their money machines.

First to try to dupe the public academics tried in Greek since the text of John�s was written in that language. So here is the the gematria of Hebrew numerology:  υερωυ καεςαρ (Nero[n] K�sar) = υ =50; ε =5; ρ =100; ω =800; υ =50;  κ = 20; α=1; ε =5; ς = 200; α=1; ρ= 100;  the sum of these numbers added up equal 1332 and not 666. However, they surmised that if you divide 1332 by one-half one can get the Arabic numerical count of 666. So they needed to twist this and look for other avenues to construct their argument. So they tried the Aramaic invention.

Aramaic transliteration is nrwn qsr = Nun=50, Resh=200, Waw =6, Nun =50. Quph =100, Samech= 60, Resh = 200: this added up becomes 666. However, here one needs to add the �n� and without the �n� the number results in 616. In the late 1990s, many people tried to point out that 666 did not exist because the gematria adds up to 616. �The 616 expression comes from a small papyrus fragment (P/ Oxy. LXVI 4499), which is dated to the late third century or early forth century, is from the Oxyrhynchus Papyri at Oxford University. Totally 616, the numbers chi (600), iota (10), and stigma (6) are visible in the third line [of the parchment]. Although no longer used, stigma then was the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet.�[5] So the early church fathers, disciples of John of Patmos and their successors all attribute that to the number of 600, 60 and 6.

However, to add insult to injury, �There is a problem though with the above calculation. According to the rules of Jewish numerology, known as gematria, when the letter Nun appears a second time in a word, it is known as a �Final,� and takes the value of 700. So to be precise, NRWN QSR actually adds up to 1316 and not 666.�[6] Aelius Stilo who has some writings at Chicago University's website has some choice findings. . If the Greek ancient texts are to be used as the source, then Nero�s name comes to the numerical value of 955 or, if �Neron,� 1005; in Hebrew, then 256 or 306.�[7] It is only when transliterated into Hebrew and with a few twisting of the facts do we get the numerical value of 666 for Nero the sixth Emperor of the Roman Empire period. One must provide an alternative spelling for �Neron� being transliterated (nrwn instead of nrw) but not in �Caesar� (qsr instead of qysr), although these forms do appear in both the Talmud and a contemporary Aramaic scroll from Qumran. It is intriguing, therefore, that 666 encodes the name of Nero [ not really!] in Hebrew when Revelation, itself, was written in Greek.�[8]

�One should appreciate, too, that there were no numbers in Greek or Hebrew and that the �the number of the beast� was not presented as a figure but as letters of the alphabet or written in full. That is to say, it was not expressed as �666� ( Indeed, discrete Arabic numerals would not be invented for another five hundred years)  but as the numerical values of these three letters representing 600,60, and 6.�[9] �Irenaeus is the first church father to comment on the number of the beast, although� Stilo assumes� � he seems to have been ignorant of what the number actually encoded. For him, 666 was correct [ from the copies of Apok�lypsis he saw which had the number 616]. The Antichrist� sums up his own person all the commixture of wickedness which took place previous to the deluge... and also sums up every error of devised idols since the flood: ( Adversus Haereses, V. 29.2).�[10] However, Caligula, Pompey the Great, and others had been identified by contemporaries in the second century to fit the description of the antichrist.

Modern Tribulation to a World Leader

The 616 attribute to the text was favored in the 1990s because a U.S. President�s signature added up to the gematria value of 666. This was because Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States of America�s signature on all bills, all legislation, and all official documents actually under the rules of gematria added up to the numerical value of 666. So the story goes at first the atheist and anti-Christian academic had figure out how to claim it was Nero who John identified, but by using the spurious Aramaic transliteration they identified their own god, William Jefferson Clinton as the anti-Christ. So after these revelations arose in the public, these atheist and anti-Christian academics discarded this path to framing the anti-Christ � to lay on the ironics, others who used Bill Clinton�s birth name, Blythe, placed this name also under the gematria and it also add up to 666. So the Democratic Party had to disuse the Aramaic pathway to identification purposes.

How 666 was Derived In History?

Connecting Nero or Clinton to the number of the beast we must include the concept and practice of numerology. What is numerology? Numerology derives from us when we were embodied during the Sumerian period. We ascribed letters of the alphabet to gods, goddesses and correlated these figures to numbers according to a hierarchy. It was a period of organizing society and symbolic group-communication, something we take for granted today.  Today, our life is made up of symbols and signs, many have laws attach to them promulgated by the going central government. They have a disciplinary action involved in our co-dependence of them. It is a part of life and living in a civilization, where masses of diverse homo sapiens appear to try to live together, although vastly different in ethnic and cultural aspirations and human conditioning. The Sumerians were first, and the later civilizations like the Chaldeans codified or continued the recording of such numerical-alphabetical systems. 

The Chaldean numerology system a, much earlier civilization than the later coming of the  Hebrews, derived a different numerological system than the later gematria based upon the number sequences of 1-8;  thus each alphabet symbol would be linked to a corresponding numerical value,   repeating a linear sequence to their completion of their own alphabet. The mystery pertains to the invention of the number of nine. The number eight identified �infinity,� or the endless cycle of the human souls, reincarnating over and over ad nausea. So how the number nine was conceptualized, it brought for sacredness to the Chaldean system. Therefore the number does not exist in the Chaldean codex on numerology, but an added numerical-alphabetical value can add up to the number of nine, thus giving it a definition and character.

A number can be a compound to become 9 or 9 times 2 = 18, which resolves back to the numerical value of nine, when contending to the lowest common denominator.  For the Chaldeans no single alphabet letter equaled nine. Pythagorean revision ( Pythagoras, c. 600 B.C.E.) changed this set of continence of 1-8,1-8, etc... to include 1-9 , thus ascribing a set of letters numerically to it. During the Roman times, Christians and non Christians would have come into conflict between the three numerological systems. What would they have to use to decode Apok�lypsis? None, because it is not numerology at all. John sent his Apok�lypsis to seven churches in Anatolia. Some of these churches contained middle easterners and even far easterners (Orientals, perhaps of Hanic origin). They would not have understood gematria at all. The point of the academics was to prove that John of Patmos was encoding numerology to warn the Christians of a return of Nero the antichrist. Yet, no-one in these seven churches would have understood anything regarding the number of the beast. To make matters worse, history illustrates that sacredness was not a unified field of theory in numerology.

There are disputes between what is sacred and what is sacred. Chaldeans considered the number nine as sacred. The Sumerians considered the number seven as sacred � e.g. the number of moving stars in the heavens � stars were considered to also be the Sun, Moon, and five known planets � all making up seven �major� heavenly bodies to which they keep records for thousands of years marking their paths, positions, and re occurrences in the heavens for prosperity and governance. Like the Chaldeans who did not compose the numerological system to include the number nine, the Sumerians used a base 60 system that did not include the numerical figure of seven. Although like the successors the Chaldeans seven could be derived by adding to numerical � alphabetical numbers that resolved to seven. In modern day revisions of personal numerology systems, some people try to improve or invent their own system, claim that the number ten is the numerical value of perfection. That it derives two symbols now is evident that numerology is a progressive system of trial and error.

In the Pythagorean revision of Chaldean numerology system, a much earlier civilization than the later coming Hebrews, derived a different numerological system based on the numbers of 1-9 and repeating to their completion of their alphabet ( Chaldeans transpose the alphabet to a continuance of a matter of 1-8). The Apok�lypsis passage transliterated to hexak�sioi hexēkonta h�x would mean in Chaldean numerology the final figure of 18 (eighteen). This is a modern compound for the numerical value of the sacred Chaldean number of nine.  This number than describes a fractal, and it symbolizes material wealth. The numbers eight can be divided up into equal whole numbers, but the numeral nine cannot be divided evenly. Thus it is an irrational number that continues on for ever. Sr. Isaac Newton was one of the first modern physicists to experiment in fractals. Therefore, under the mysteries, the numerical value of 18 (or 1+8 =9) implies imperfection or never resolving to a completion. Eight�s numerical value is eternity, predisposed as a system of cycles, having beginnings and ends. Newton�s experiments into fractals were an endless equation � it never resolved. Humans just could not keep tract of its endless expression.  In modern Chinese numerology, eight is the numerical value of wealth. So there still is no unification system of numerology. A clear truth is people have their own perspective. The expressions of 3, 6, and 9 are all astrological and irrational. These numbers do not resolve into an equation of a whole numerical number. 8 becomes 2 times 4 and 2 times 2 becomes 4 and these are of equal value. This is why superstring theory began postulating that the numerical value of 26 was the correct expression of quantum string physics. 2+6=8 and all resolves to compatible particles, one and its opposite (a particle and its anti-particle) thus the simplistic explanation for an academic is logical. The number nine does not resolve into equal parts or corresponding parts. But as particle quantum physics tries to explain the intertwining or co-habitation of strings, 2+4= 6, the irrational number because 3+3=6. but also 3+3+3=9, but no sum of 2s or 4s can equal 9. For example, academics point out that Nero was recorded by at least three reputable contemporary historians to be the sixth ruler of the Roman Empire period.  Thus there is another confirmation to the numerical number of the beast, a six. However, if you take the presidential numerical value of the 42nd President of the United States of America, that would identify Bill Clinton with a six also. 2+4 under the numerological system equals 6. So Bill Clinton�s signature under gematria adds up to the numerical value of 666, and his identifying numerical sequence of U.S. Presidents also adds up to six. Thus the acrobatics of semantics aside, there can be doubt to the use of the identification of the number of the beast with numerology at all. So lets look at a more complex and emotive example of what the Sumerians actually based their organizational alphabetical and numerical values too. besides tax records and small-business contracts, a very few literary compositions, the most found examples of writing found in Sumerian tests are solely astronomical and astrological.

The Latin Vulgate edition of the Bible known only to the mainly the monks and certain Roman clergy in the European middle ages up till the 1600s, the passage  Rev. 13:18 reads in Latin hic sapientia est qui habet intellectum conputet numerum bestiae numerus enim hominis est et numerus eius est sescenti sexaginta sex. The Vulgate Bible had been replaced by the efforts of Catholic counter-reformationist, Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus. (1446? � 1536) in efforts to correct the numerous errors found in many copied Vulgates in Europe; the numerical expression sescenti sexaginta sex was read in the Vulgate version as six-hundred, sixty-six. It would be how we read the modern Arabic numeral count, as 666.

The Number of the Beast and Its Astrology of Understanding.

The Greek book The Apocalypse of John of Patmos was only written in Greek. The expression �the number of the beast� is written as 6 [and] 60 and 600, not 666. By twisting the knowledge and implying that Arabic numerals were invented by John of Patmos centuries before the Arabs invented the system of Arabic Numerals, the academics and atheists who want to discredit Christianity and particularly the Book of Revelations, will twist the facts to fit their agenda.

The above inscription of the identifying of the Beast has an astrological and astronomical as well as a geometrics-mathematical identity.  There are seven plants, so 6 of them, the first number is applied to the coded mystical solution. They next is 60, a known aspect of a sextile, that is of 60 degrees which is an astronomical unit of separation in the sky. The number 600 is too mystical to interpret but it applies to cycles. However, this is a code for an astrological chart, perhaps a horoscope. These clues can help identify a Beast.

To follow along,  these atheistic and anti-Christian academics confirmed  biological organisms as equivalent to the animals on the earth to which we are just one species; we speak to their theories on the origins and identification of human beings. They are biological organisms who are of the animal species. Therefore, humans are as much as beasts and the next biological organism. Therefore, the beast can be of the animal kingdom of homo sapiens. But how can you identify a homo sapien to the John of Patmos cryptic passage of 6 and 60 and 600. We can imagine a person�s horoscope which has 6 planets at sixty degrees angles. If a horoscope reveals three planets (in a bundle) that form a tight or wide conjunction and these three planets forma  60 degree angle to another set of three planets (in a bundle) that form a tight or wide conjunction, then perhaps, these formations fulfill two-thirds of the argument of 6 and 60.

So in keeping with these conspiracies: Bill Clinton has this formation to the then known planets. All six of them known to the ancients, and all six are included but of the Moon. In addition, Bill Clinton was born with one of the most violent stars in the heavens on his I.C., Facies. This is the eye piece of the archer�s gaze as he readies his bow for the murder.  Clinton�s natal Sun�s also has a square aspect to the ecliptically degree of another star and perhaps the most violent star in recorded historical literature, Algol.  To the Chinese ancient astronomical and normative historians Algol was not as horrific as the cancri nebula of Praesepe � but Clinton does not upset, he as this prominent in his chart as well. Nero only has one potential sextile, his Mercury 00SAG30�55� to his Saturn 26VIR25�33�. Otherwise the 6,6,6, symbolism does not apply astrologically.



Bill Clinton�s Sun is at 26LEO00�07�, H 11.57. It forms a sextile to Jupiter at 23LIB16�13�, H1.65. Clinton�s Mercury which is over the nebula of Praesepe, cancri, also considered unfortunate and a historical disaster position, is at 07LEO 36�26�, H10.97. Clinton�s Mercury forms a sextile to Venus at 11LIB07�08�. The Romans considered Mars their supreme god, because it was violent, mischief, and aggressive. Now the closer a planet is to an angle on the horoscope (0� east, 90� north, 180� west, 270� south), especially the first angle of the horoscope the most power that planet projects onto society. Bill Clinton�s next sextile involves his Mars to his Saturn � the traditionally two horoscopic malfects. His Mars rises and is close to the first angle (0� east), the ascendant, providing the demonic power unparallel in all sections of the horoscope.  His Mars is at 06LIB21�16�, H 1.02; his ascendant is at 05LIB30�35�. Clinton�s Saturn is at 02LEO08�08�, H10.80. Clinton�s natal Saturn and natal Pluto form a mid-point over Mercury and Praesepe. On Clinton�s 180� west angle sits another violent star called Scheat ( pronounced shit). This star helped Clinton with his mathematical skills and his cunning aspirations.  On his eighth house cusp lays Mercury, the mid-points of Saturn and Pluto and of course the Chinese termed nebula of �pilled � up corpses,� otherwise known as Praesepe. This is not evident until you take the explicative of John of Patmos� explanation of [...] he who hath understanding [...].� The eleventh house, at least during the Roman Empire period was deemed a good daemon house. It probably explains a good deal of Clinton�s magnetic success with the world�s masses � his intense popularity, unseen during my time. However, Praesepe being natal here can trigger long after Clinton has died. Since the eleventh house concerns the world communities or the people of the world in a mundane sense of the interpretation, we apply the concept of Chinese piled up corpses to the cusp-point which is the most powerful because it is right on the cusp.

Bill Clinton was born at Hope, Arkansas, 93w35, 33n40, at Hope Hospital, Monday August 19th 1946 ( Universal Time 14:51; Sidereal Time 06:26:04; LMT at 8:51 am. Clinton�s Moon, the only planet not involved in the 6 planet at 60 degree angles, is his Moon. His Moon is at 20TAU18�16�,H 8.56. The co-culmination point of Algol for the later 20th century is around 18 degrees of Taurus. Numerological gymnastics again, the numerical-value resolve of 93,35, 33, and 40 resolve to 3, or a simple twisting to make a sequence of three 9s. Take 9 ( 3+3+3) and 4+5 which equals 9,9,9. Invert his birth coordinates to get 6,6,6. Of course everyone born at Hope, Arkansas, 93w35, 33n40 has this denominational numerical value linked to one form of numerology. Yet, we are trying to build a consensus, as the mystics often mystify the populations with their magic. So far we have Bill Clinton�s signature equaling 666 under proper Hebraic numerology; we have his U.S. Presidential title also equaling six and the numerical value of the sixth ruler comparison to Nero. We have six planets all making 60 degree aspects in a group of two �three which also equals six, and we have identified some serious astrological portents to serious historically literature violent and horrific stars. Now, we also added his birth coordinates to add up to the expressive 9,9,9, and inverted this to become another form of 6,6,6. All we need now is some historical evidence that this is one really bad dude. And I mean really bad dude. He has to out due all of the worlds most violent and vicious individuals of all history to qualify.

The numerical whole number sequence of 1,2,3,,,,33,34,35,36.,  with all the whole number sums will add up to the number of 666. Johannes Kepler devised many astrological aspects, the first to do so since ancient times. One aspect was 36 degrees. This was derived by 36 degrees divided into 360 degrees which is 10 increments of 36 or one-half of another degree point in astrology of 72 degrees. This of course was derived from the Biblical John of Revelation numerical value of 144,000, of those persons who were sealed with the mark of God in the text of Apok�lypsis. Seventy-two degrees times 2 or 4 times 36 will equal 144 and then adding base 100 a few times,  one will eventually arrive at the numerical figure after 4,000 times 36 the product of 144,000. This seemed for Kepler a spiritual aspect. A sextile is defined by consensus of 60 degree angularly between two points of the astrological chart- circle. Many astrologers will allow a six degree aspect to the angular axis, meaning if a six degree variance between the zero-axis point. This then can allow a sextile to have a 36 degree allowance for a proper sextile. Going over 36 degrees, then the sextile is not applied as an aspect. [ I believe Kepler gave this term the name of a bi-quintile?]]]]]]

Mark of the Beast

New Workout Wristband

this is described and with an increase to the Mark of the Beast Chip, online in late 2015 A.D. There are all the International Corporations trying to buy its stock before it goes public, or at least follow and lobby the Corporation Leaders of MEMS. This is a medical chip implant which triples communication devices: phone, Satellite, and radios.  While it is just a part of technology advancement, but people like Bill Gates ( MS Empire) or Mark Zuckerberg ( self professed Criminal, Facebook Empire) break ethics and moral codes and use Mafia like tactics for lobbying for legitimacy. They will kill to keep on top and MEMS implant chips will hurt you, as the Bible claims, if you do not do what the ‘World Controllers’ ( ref. Brave New World) tell you to do and how to think and how to spend your money and do your job.

The B E A S T implant chip starts from Project BLUE STAR

So what else doth the Beast have for us? In 1999, actually a year earlier in southern California, an upstart technology company called Digital Angel was inventing implant chips, with Global Positioning Systems embedded in a chip that could be implanted into a animal (remember that according to , these atheist and anti-Christian academics homo sapiens are animals). First it was sold as an idea to help track one�s lost dog or cat. Then placed on a wrist watch for tracking individuals who were lost when they traveled; Clinton was very happy with these developments, and now in the decade of the 2010s this technology has progressed to the point where more companies developed systems like these implants that are now ink based and can be made as tattoos. They can hold all the information of a person and have bank accounts attached to these animal tattoos. In the text, no one can buy or sell without this mark of the beast. So it will be just scanning at the checkout center your tattoo filled with your unique numerical identification number you are thusly marked by the beast. They are also developing technologies to punish people with frequencies that can cause sours or death attached to the encoding structures at the nano-level of these marks. So this appears the future of mankind in the shortwhile.   So far as we know, there was never a mark of a beast in history that described what John had envisioned. So this explains why these atheist and anti-Christian academics skip explaining this portion of the text. So we fulfilled the mark of the Beast, as well as the 6 and 60 numbers identified in the passage by John.

The Beast also receives a wound that the Beast recovers from miraculously. The term head can imply either a ruler or head of state.  Bill Clinton was brought under impeachment not only for sexual dalliance, and lying under oath to which he was impeached by the House of Representatives, but because he received over $44,000,000 from the Chinese Military documented in three separate congressional investigations � which would be tantamount to high-crimes described in the U.S. Laws against a sitting president.  Sonny Bono, the entertainer and at the time a Californian Congressman, was assassinated in January of 1998 , and it alleged that he was to make public some of these names of the arms dealers connected to the defrayment of drugs and dual use nuclear weapon technologies of the Chinese military by way of the Democratic National Committee and the U.S. Commerce Department under Bill Clinton�s regime. When the impeachment reached the Congress to vote, no one went to look at the evidence; so scared of these lists and the legacy of the animals who were assassinated surrounding these allegations, the Congress voted not to impeach Clinton. Indeed the head was wounded but he recovered.

So allegedly Bill Clinton fulfills much of the anti-Christ textual narrative in the Apok�lypsis that no other animal has yet to come close to fitting all these descriptions. However, these atheist and anti-Christian academics all adore Bill Clinton, the father of the modern Democratic Party, and a fierce leftist. It was a myth that he was a centrist. He was forced after by the Republican control of the Congress after the midterm elections.

Still the dumbing down of the world populations provides an instant where they want some simple anti-Christ. If someone launches a barrage of nuclear weapons to start a nuclear war, this does not imply them to be an anti-Christ. It is the person who armed the world in hopes that this scenario takes place. Clinton armed the Chinese with rocket and nuclear weapons technology in a program called �multi-polarity.� The Chinese who ran out of funds purchasing these technologies form the U.S. corporations who funded the Democratic Party, in fact sold their older nuclear weapon technologies to other states, like Pakistan, North Korea and India. So the world is slowly arming itself to the brink with the world ending �weapons of mass destruction� WMDs, and the human race is being lied to by these atheist and anti-Christian academics who agree with the Beast that nuclear war must take-out billions of people if this homo sapien � animal phylum will survive.

To these atheist and anti-Christian academics the poor farmer, the peasant who helps old ladies pickup their food at the nearest convent store are the enemies. Most of the religious across the globe are poor and non-violent criminals.  Only the intelligent smart people called these academics are to be saved. That is the atheist and anti-Christian academic plan for the future of the world. Bill Clinton is an academic and the Beast.

Welcome to Armageddon.

Archangel Michael


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