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Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"

a © Archangel Michael: 18 Spetmber 2010.

Book of the Apokálypsis, facts behind the character of the Beast.


Topic: The Passages of The Control

Arguments Against Shotty Academic Analysis.

18 September 2010 (LA:06:09PM)

Topic: 13: 14-16, Apokálypsis.


Barcodes and the Universal Product Code

Guard bars on the Universal Product Code UPC have expanded so that websites now claim there is no such thing as a conspiracy concerning the guard-bars, which are not guards, they are identifiers for the laser reading system to stop-and-start the next identification sequence. One is the product corporation; one is a federal tax or identifier identification. In the 1980s a small line and an open space that was followed by another small line was the mark of the number ‘6’. The positioned themselves at the beginning of the commerce code, the middle of the code to separate the laser reading sequence and then the federal code and the machines understood that when they read the last ‘6,’ they knew that as the stop reading signal.  Today as commerce has exponentially increase in a global sense the UPC has altered this 6,6,6, sequence and added additional identifiers – which are needed to compete with the expanding use of identification numbers.

Digital Angel and Clinton’s promotion now have added Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, chips ( one off-shoot company of DA is Verichip (tm) and these chips are radio UPCs as well as all additional processor-semi-hard drive chips that can store and transmit to satellites information – anything they want to communicate. Today, nanotechnology progressed to now include invisible RFIDs which are being tested on cows, as invisible tattoos. The nanotechnology RFIDS are tattooed by geometric arrays of micro-needles and an ink capsule ( currently can only be read from four feet away), and is being communicated as chipless RFIDs. As the world becomes more and more dark, we can see that it will be communicated that this is needed and good for the whole world to buy and sell.

How will it happen? The global bankers and the leftist politicians ( Democratic Party in America) want a paperless society. When hackers break into the paperless –online accounts, the only security measure will be tattooing humans with each a unique RFID identification code. this will allow you to pay your bills and buy food and clothing and make all sorts of purchases. Instead of eye scanning which will be deemed eventually as damaging to the eyes, the marks can be invisible inked on your forehead . This way you can be tracked around the world, wherever you are – and it will be sold to you as Mommy and Daddy need to always know where you are at, & at all times. Political Central Control is always a leftist reality in all planetary systems.






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