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S E A L 1 OPENED : the  Great Tribulation!

released on cloud on 01 March 2015

Explanatory page for S1

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#nuke #northkorea
#Paris #France Nuke event by APN contributor.

confirmed the 1945 Nuke Events will be at 45 degrees in Axial astreology. source: plethoric NNTP-Posting-Date: 10 Aug 2013 20:07:21 GMT

" Once again, Nostradamus points out that, on August 13, 2017, the American United States, acting like Barbarians, intending to shoot not at Paris but at a much too rude murderer from Asia, would cook a beautiful friend of the US . "

"This illustrates that Nostradamus intended his Oracle about the Paris event to be found absolutely everywhere in his published texts. As the title page from ALL of his books also describe the circumstances of the unintended destruction of Paris, it is quite reasonable to conclude that this is the key to his Prophecies, everything else having been published in support of his Oracle about Paris" . Claude Latremouille

#NSA #CIA #donaldtrump #UN #global security
Sunday. He used front covers and other poems. Kept to this one prophecy or interpretation his whole life. he is diseased

exploratory: Codex astreology celestial coding. Urn in Hyades is a match for Hiroshima and Nagasaki uranium bomb and plutonium bomb. The next event is 2029 A.D. for a urn match. Here we have a 45 degree angle and a world chart. So this could be something big.

news and current: North Korea nutball wants to shoot a nuke to celebrate grandfather's memory. but that is an exscuse. Kim Jong-un is expected to test his newest nuclear weapon to celebrate his dead grandfather’s birthday.

source on front page, same issue. #bookoflife.org #arcmichael #06102017ad 12:01 am L.M.T.


Archangel Michael Universe Catalogue

Astreology Modern Winter Sol Sun's Position: photo astre ws

September 2012

New space Catalogue Archangel Michael AM CAT 01

AM CAT 02 ( 6 Oct 2012),

AM CAT 03  (23 November 2012)

AM CAT 04 (29 May 2013)

3 rd Oct 2012

Crown of Thorns,Y'hoshua ( Joshua, not Jesus') aquilae. Tropical Aquarius signatures

Hubble Images 2012 ( Comet Ison April 2013, between Mars and Jupiter).




A & MN APOCALYPSE BIBLICAL:  Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation."

ANTI CHRIST ARMY's Leader, the Anti Christ ( George Herbert Walker Bush, a shooter at John F. Kennedy's Assassination. ) 01 05 2015 A.D. | His best friend, they tweet together is the BEAST.

The reason that Bush is being fingered is that he and his family are OVERT GLOBAL WHITE SUPREMICISTS. In fact, race relations in the U.S.A. would be lightyears ahead of where it should be if the Anti Christ's Army was destroyed, but it is protected by White Supremicists, CNN, FOX, HOLLYWOOD, ABC, CBS and NBC, that gate watchers to protect Sir. Anti Christ.


 Apokálypsis: "lifting of the veil" or "revelation"


[Apocalypse | BIBLE: THE BOOK OF THE APOCALYPSE ( INDEX)] John of Patmos 13 September 2010

[Apocalypse | Souls Rebirth] Reincarnation 07 September 2010

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev 13: 18.] History of Number of the Beast History Rev. 13: 18  (18 September  2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev 13: 14-16.] Barcodes and the Universal Product Code History Rev. 13: 14-16 (18 September  2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis The Apokálypsis Empire in Context ] The Roman state periods: Pax Romana & Conversion (01 October 2010).

[Apocalypse | Rome Empire Babylone 01 ]   Bible Narrative Connection to Revelations and the Archetype of Babylon (01 October 2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev 6: 7-9. ]   Bible: Apok 6. 7-9 The Pale Green Horse  (04 November 2010).

[Apocalypse | Apokálypsis Rev. 18: 2,4.]   Twitter Plagues Tools For Armageddon  (15 October 2011).


[History/Apokálypsis/Directory/ A ]





[History/Apokálypsis/Directory/ MN APOCALYPSE BIBLICAL -SUB-SECTION:

Apokálypsis sub-section: X.LXXII 21st Century forecasts by seer of the 16th century.

[MNX7201]  X.LXXII  Apocalypse & Index : Academic

[MNX7202] Nostradamus X.LXXII Simplistic Explanatory

[MNX7208] X.LXXII Translation of Poem

[MNDFX72] Dear Freinds [May 2003 ; still formating and updating spelling and weblayout]

[MNRIX72] Index to U.S. House Committee on Campaign Finance Reform (1996-’97).

[MNAX72] Authors on Various Mysteries Topics which Include Eschatological Writings & End-Times ( + Nostradamus).

Views Academic

[MNAX72 - SN 2010] Newman, Sharan, The Real History of The End of The World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation, Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012, 2010 ( Review). 29 Dec. 2010.





OI Article i, sec. ii

[OI Article i, sec. ii, a ]  Milky Way Galaxy & 2012 [ 29 October 2011, z e-lak, paran Mars]

[OI Article i, sec. ii, c ] Total Solar Eclipse Jesus Period [ 16 November 2011]

[OI Article i, sec. ii, c ] Chloë Grace Moretz & advanced astreology [ 29 July 2013].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, d ] Chloë Grace Moretz  ii &Movie astreologies [ 29 July 2013 + Aug 14-18].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, f ] Wall Street, Advanced Financial [ 08 Jan. 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, g ] Racism In Panethnos  [19 Jan 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. ii, h ] Fathers the Role of the Husband and Children  [30 Jan 2014].

[OI Article i. sec. ii, i]  Marijuana, The War on Drugs and War on Health  [19 Feb 2014].

[OI Article i. sec. ii, j]  Mark Zukerberg | N.S.A. facebook [ 03 March 2014].

[OI Article i. sec. ii, k] MEAMIC @ Cal ( University of California, Berkeley members of Satan's Army).


IO Article 1, sec iii

[OI Article i, sec. iii, a ] What is life?  All life forms compete against other life forms for energy. [ 24 th October 2011, 9:51 p.m. Burbank, CA]

[OI Article i, sec. iii, b ]  race addiction 2013 July 24.

[OI Article i, sec. iii, c ] Global Climate Change - Racism, Genocide Program by White Elite Richys [ 21 March 2014].

[OI Article i, sec. iii, e ] Atheism and Morality or Government Solutions [ 09 June 2014]

[OI Article i, sec. iii, a ] FireArms, Guns, Human Power & Control,Violence 2013 [ 9 th January 2013,  Burbank, CA].


OI Article ii, sec. ii

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, a ] Nostradamus Scholars who preinterpreted prediction: Nostradamus Predicting the Soviet Union’ Imperialism Called Communism – Seen Prior to the events by Scholars in our Modern Age.

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, b ] Egyptian Deity Horus and Astrological Terminology [ 13 Sept. 2011]

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, c] Claudius Ptolemy, Copernicus recordings of astronomy and the Star Regulus and the Basilide Movement, and Astrodienst conflicts. 07 December 2011, 2:10 p.m., Studio City.

[OI Article ii, sec. ii, d]  Precession Mean by Copernicus, one measurement. [08 Dec. 2011]


OI Article iii, sec. ii

[OI Article iii, sec. ii, a ]  11 September 2001 & 1999 [ Kalid Shaikh Mohammad added March 26 2014, main, written mostly in 2009, released September 2010 (chart updated jan '14)]

[OI Article iii.  sec. ii, i] Drone The Rise of   [ february 4 , 2014]. MEAMIC foreign policy change 2009, Jan – current. Just intimidate and murder to achieve advantageous extraterritorial contracts.




OI Article v, sec. i

[OI Article v, sec. i, a ]  The Stones at Gizāh & Its Star Angles of World Human Management 1 Dec. 2011 6:03 a.m. Burbank, CA..

OI Article v.  sec. ii

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, a ] Large Gizāic Pyramidic Metrological Relationships, Ancient Measurments [ for rel. 15 Feb 2012]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, c ] The Stone’s Concaves  [ Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, d ] The precessional rates of Copernicus’ derived the mean-value and its alignment to the large Gizāh pyramid (Galactic Center Release 2011).

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, e]  The Holy Grail Stone: The Re Adjusted Measurements  & Stone & Apophis [ Galactic Center Release 2011]
[OI Article v.  sec. ii, f ] Epoch Yeshua 26° 10’ 18.03”  & Angle A, Copernicus, Piazzi Smyth, Epsilonic change  [Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, g ] Cross at Hendaye & The Pyramid Stars [Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, h] Crucifixion Eclipse, Pyramid Scored Stars, 1,999 Eclipse & Subterranean Pit  [+1° Galactic Center Release 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, i]  Stone: Scalar Systems, some ideas [ Winter Sol. Sundown, 2011]

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, j ] Elements : Signs of Apokalypse  [? Sept. 2013]. 

[OI Article i, sec. ii, k ] Kalki purana + science of the text. Islamic rise peirod Hindu- Arab- Reincarnation updates [11:24 am 18 Oct 2014 A.D., Studio City].

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, l ] Edgar Casey 1998, Return of Jesus & Pyramid Chronology. ( 4 th Jan. 2012, around  Sunset , 4:44 p.m. , Studio City, Los Angeles).

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, n ]  No scalar changes system: Raw Data & Pyramid Chronology. Nostradamus' BirthDate at Central Axis of Pyramid.

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, o] Who built the pyramid : A Dynamite boy blows up Sphinx, and Gizāh pyramids. 4 Feb. 2012.

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, p] 2001 A.C.E. Gizah Pyramid Date Fortold & Other Mysteries (date of release).


Pyramidial Astreological Matrix

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, q] The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments B.C.E. section: Release cords: studio city, 18 feb. 2012, α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces..

[OI Article v.  sec. ii, r] The Large Pyramid at Gizāh Galactic Center Alignments A.C.E. section: Release cords: studio city, 19 feb. 2012, α Orionis Eastern Horizon. Belt-Stars Centered, Neptune moves into tropical Pisces..


OI Article vi

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, a]  666 Venus & Sun Elicpse of 2012 .  released 5 June (U.T. 6 th of June) 2012 at 6:06 p.m., Studio City, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, b] Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Miss Earth on February 15, 2013 [17 Jan 2013].

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, c] (99942) Apophis = 2004 MN4 [ 17 January 2013]..

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, d] Catholic Church, Prophecy of the Popes, 2013 Cardinal College Election. [ 1 Feb 2013, ect...]

[OI Article vi. sec. i, f] Nostradamus Predicts Red Rain 450 Years ago, Scientist Fail to Predict it. [ 26 Sept. 2013, ect...]

[OI Article vi. sec. i, h] The B E A S T Apokálypsis  Bill Clinton's CIA files + [ 11 feb. 2014].



OI Article v.  sec. iii ( Violence on Earth)

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii c]  Economic Celestial Coding (ECC) 03July 2013. Wealth + Avarice 17th January 2013, 8:15 p.m.

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii d]  Democracy is only run by Transparency : In a democracy, you must talk politics because that is what democracy forms its justice out of and corrects its mistakes. The news media over the last 25 years has switched to headline celebrity news and suppresses any real discourse on politics. This attitude is always relevant in kingship or in tyrannies. ( 28 Aug. 2013).

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii e]  Hollywood Violence,  Scientific ( June 27 th , 2013).

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii f] Oil Wars [ 5 th September 2013] History of Oil Wars & violence in the Middle East, Modern Era.

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii g] Apokálypsis: Ben Ghazī: attack kills U.S. diplomats, Hillary Rodham covers up, Barack H. Obama covers up. New York Times deceives the U.S.A. people and promotes racism against Moslems. 03 Jan. 2014. ( from earlier investigations). Transcripts show all knew 15 minuets into the attack, transcripts, redacted, uploaded 13 Jan 2013.

[OI Article vi.  sec. i, g] Illuminati Barvarian and Current [ 14 Feb. 2014 ].



OI Article vii

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, a] The Little Book, 20 May 2012: Revelations: 10:1-11; Jeremiah 15:16; Psalms 19:103; Ezekiel, 2:10, 3:3, 3:14.

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, b] Jewish Biblical Astrology, Elementary. Become a prophet. , 1 st July 2012, 5:49:30 a.m., PDT.

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, c] Y’hoshua Arc(s) [ Biblical] (AMUC) (15 Oct. 2012)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, d] Archangel Michael Universe Catalogue (AMUC): objects A 1 - A 49 (15 Oct. 2012).

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, e] Rare Astrenomical Occurances File 2013 Lists. (27 April 2013)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, e] Biblical War Code (June 2013)

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, g] NSA Astreology, Stars and Predictions. (26 July 2013).

[OI Article vii. sec. i, h] Genisis astreology. (19 Aug 2013).

[OI Article vii. sec. i, i] 11 September 2,001 A.D. In Prophecy (12 September 2013 A.D.) [OI Article vii. sec. i, i]

[OI Article vii.  sec. i, l] celestial coding, astreology, modern currents maths advanced (03 31 2015 AD 1:53 pm, Burbank, Ca.).



OI [Apocalypse |  Resurrection the Soul: past lives, electormagnetic coding. 14 April 2014, uploaded 4:11 p.m., SC, LA, USA. .


OI  vii sec xiii ( Soul)


OI [Apocalypse | The Number of the B E A S T  666, 616 : . 29 April 2014. .

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[ University of California, Berkeley, Tracking children over 20 Years to Reveal Behavior Traits to Link To adult Political Persuasion. A first of its kind study 24 July 2012.

[ Econ Theory  corps state intervention] Dual Transition : Political Liberalism and Globalization The Only Path to World Tolerance

[ Poli Theory ] Democratic Talking Points

[ Poli Theory basics ] Political Science Basics

[ poli theory illustrated ] Comparative Politics
[ poli topical theory 20 c. ] topics : Theory of Revolutions of the 20th Century Part One

[reovultionary20thcent_5] Linguistic Analysis and Political Inquiry (utterance).

[reovultionary20thcent_6]  Noncognative Language and Political Inquiry

[reovultionary20thcent_7]  On Science and the Study of Politics, Definition

[reovultionary20thcent_8 ]  Benito Mussolini’s Intellectuals

[reovultionary20thcent_10 ] Foundations in Hegel and Marx

[reovultionary20thcent_11]: Matrix Study Guide State Movements 20 th century sub - devisions.

[reovultionary20thcent_14] Giovanni Gentile: Philosopher of Fascism

[reovultionary20thcent_15] Various Ideas on 20 th century state movements: Plus, Catholic Church identity with the left

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[gamma music] gamma Music index uploaded 0ct 3 rd 2013. Studio City.

 LAKE OF FIRE: Jon Ritzheimer’s soul expresses a needed trip strait to the Lake Of Fire. So let us help him get there, shall we? (29 th May 2015 11:53 am, burbank, CA)

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