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Apokálypsis: § China

Dear Friends Program:

By Michael Johnathan McDonald

it is called #MIRV technology where multiple nuclear warheads can be miniaturized into a single cone on top of an #ICBM and the Clinton's got paid hugely for this and was a part of their 1996 reelection campaign where #johnpodesta was also holding the Clinton's hands, because these were liberal arts majors and thus easily mind control manipulated by any #Reptilian like John #Cabbage Podesta the molesta ! This was a part of the 1997 - 1999 impeachment investigations but #deepstate manage to threaten assassination of all of our Congress persons, so we fight back. They are an illegal commie army . #beast Clinton's need to be in prison for treason .

Our Gang to Lovettesville, bonnie uber will pick up
ruby , emerson, maEVE luzzatto,[ ages,] 11, 9, and 7 for your entertainment in the pool. Signed John Podesta. #pizza ingredients in code for #deeprapestate this hacked email was one of the first that triggered the Pizza meme against the Hillary Clinton Campaign. in the summer of 2016

Transferred: First-generation, three-warhead "post- boost vehicle" for the
CSS-4 and other intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).
What? Smart Dispenser Multiple Warhead Dispenser Capabilities. Nuclear
warhead capable. Connected [masked] to the Iridium mission.
Where? Chinese Military bases
Who? U.S. Motorola
To Whom? China Military
Why? Economic.
How? " Smart Dispenser," was built in 1996 for the Long March 2C/SD

rocket as part of a contract with Motorola to handle double satellite launches needed for a new global

John Podesta set the cabinet of AntiChrist Obama. - source is #SethRich. who found or was given by the FBI who actually accessed it frist as FOIA acts of 2016 exposed, but are never discussed by complicate mass murderers the MEAMIC = p@ssword was John Podesta's password #donaldtrump John podesta has this #Russianinvestigation server at #Irvine, California. #USCongress wants that server and John is on the run going toward #Dougway after a stop over at #Utah.

PODESTA GROUP TOOK $2.5 Trillion from Obama's stimulus bailout and swindled it with Jerry Brown on all Clinton donors with fake solar panel outfits.



November 2010

Chinese Rattle Saber off the Coast of California?

(update 2 Dec. 2010) This is what passed the thoughts after the Pentagon denied firing any missile off the coast. However, a few months’ prior special naval warnings were communicated to ships and planes not to fly or sail during certain hours and certain locations, of which the contrail’s path is presumed to have followed. But who knows the truth. Obama recently had stopped most FOIA requests, because he is all about secrecy and non-transparency, which was another of his 100 promises in which he broke almost all of them.

Nov. 2010:

A Chinese Jin-Class Submarine ( from American submarine technologies defrayed under Bill Clinton’s regime) fired off a solid fuel ballistic missile 35 miles off the Californian coast in mid-November 2010 (date 11.09.2010, videos), during which time Obama was overseas in India setting up the G-20 Summit to announce to the Asian countries he will devalue the U.S. currency by 40% and that they should expect to pay America the difference so he can pay-off his unions and leftist voting constituencies. Instead, an alliance formed against U.S. interests and sent Obama home, without a North Korean trade-deal initiated by George W. Bush, Jr, former 43 rd President of the United States of America. The Pentagon and the U.S. State Department told the media that they had no idea what caused these videos taken by private individuals which show the rocket coming out of the sea and heading skyward. China demonstrated that it has the technology to wage war against the United States of America and therefore should not longer dictate global monetary policies. Barack Hussein Obama made the mistake believing that the world sees him as a messiah and what he says is the law of the world. You can read about quantitative easing part 2, on US PoliSci 2010 page, see the ‘History’ directory.

 In 2007, a Chinese submarine popped up at a recent Pacific exercise close to the vast U.S.S. Kitty Hawk – a 1,000 super carrier with 4,5000 personal on board. By the time it surfaced the 160ft Son Class diesel –electric attack submarine said within range of launching a torpedo or missile that could have sunk the U.S. warship. According to NATO, the incident created quite a stir. Also a cruise ship lost its power at 6:00 a.m. about 10-12 hours before this missile was launched, trapping the patrons on board for three days as U.S. tug-boats hauled the crippled ship to the San Diego military port.

The Pentagon came out later  in the day after disclosing it had no idea of what this was to announce it was some mysterious TWA (AWE808) passenger plane ( a Boeing 757-200 (twin-jet) Origin Honolulu Intl., Destination Phoenix  Sky Harbor Intl, depart 09:55 a.m., arrival at 07:11p.m., Pentagon explanation!) . They gave no other explanations. Apparently according to the video taken, this supposed TWA 808 came out of the ocean floor and rose strait up toward the sky leaving a solid rocket booster contrail?

Los Angeles CBS studios has a real –time camera of the area around LA, and its Sky 2’s Derek Bell has a video showing the missile coming out from the ocean floor and rising strait up into the sky, available ( while it lasts) at ; Internet, accessed 14, 2010, C.B.S. Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc.">< > ; Internet, accessed 14, 2010, C.B.S. Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc. ( there are 5 photos). Most of us believe China is unhappy with Obama's approval of QE2 *for this see USA/2010/ polisci 2010, under the icon directory that looks like a joystick.

To put matters in a perspective, The Pentagon’s National Security Correspondent David Martin told C.B.S. News Corp ( live , 10 Nov. 2010, 5:04 a.m.) that the Pentagon was still unsure of what caused this massive plume-strange-streak in the sky over the Pacific Ocean of Los Angeles. The issue is still open as I write this and C.N.N. will have some experts on to discuss this later this week.

KFMB showed video of the apparent missile to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsorth who is also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, and he called it a “big missile.” ( accessed 14 Nov. 2010, “Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast: Military Mum on Nature of “Big Missile” Rising out of the Pacific – a Possible Show of Military Might”, C.B.S. News, online, Los Angeles 9 November 2010), available from ; internet.

data: already in sky at 18:15:44 PST, 8 Nov. 2010 ( that's 5:15 p.m. L.M.T.).  Some websites go out of their way to make it look as if a passenger plane traveled from Hawaii  to Arizona, and some how passed Los Angeles and made a contrail the size of a Apollo Moon Mission Rocket ( Nova’s or Saturn types).  Los Angelinos see contrails often in the sky and to point out something much different in dearth and length and thickness – so far out in the Pacific Ocean received massive local news media coverage. If these were cargo planes, like U.P.S. which has a massive terminal at L.A.X. and Los Angelinos reported every contrail that came from these planets, or passenger planes, the Pentagon’s phone would be ringing constantly off-the-hook. So no one with intelligence buys these website explanations of a mere cargo or a jetliner explanation. For those professing their are missile experts or worked for the government in missile departments and promote it has an normal contrail to get notoriety, there are equally more and even greater numbers of ex-military personal that also worked with U.S. nuclear missiles, and worked at The Pershing Missile Base that intend that the plume from the solid boosters, not condensation from a hot turbine exhaust, was the actually reason that the people of Los Angeles took great notice. Again, Los Angelinos see a cargo and a jet plane condensation from a hot turbine exhaust on a daily basis, and therefore this day was something quite different.

For those who claim the plume was 160 miles offshore ( the proponents of flight UPS902) this flight landed at 6:02 p.m. P.S.T. which means that this cargo plane would have been flying at roughly 47 minuets - 160 miles = 113 m.p.h., meaning the plane would be traveling at lower speed than at an airborne speed; at miles per hour, indicating that it should be at the bottom of the ocean instead of in the air at the time of the video and photos were taken. Usually UPS cargo planes fly at a 560 miles per hour. A Cessna Caravan, a single engine, which is a tiny four passenger plane, flies about 200 miles per house with a cargo load of 360 l.b.s.

Most of the footage and video seen was captured by KCBS news helicopter in L.A. around sunset Monday evening, The location according to the helicopter was approximately 35 miles out to sea, west of L.A. and north of Catalina Island.

Note: China has already developed Dong Feng 21D, a more advanced surface to sea carrier missile with 900 mile range – a more advanced nuclear-I.C.B.M. than anything the United States of America has in their arsenal.

Chinese WMD arsenal:

February 2010

 The China Dream

China should build the world’s strongest military and move swiftly to topple the United States as a globalchampion,’ a senior Chinese PLA officer says in a new book reflecting swelling nationalist ambitions. (PLA Senior Colonel, Liu Mingfu, who warns that his nation’s ascent will alarm Washington, risking war despite Beijing’s hopes for a “peaceful rise.”

“China’s big goal in the 21 st century is to become world number one, the top power,” Liu writes in his newly published Chinese-Language book, “The China Dream.”

“China PLA Office urges challenging U.S. dominance ( Beijing: Chris Buckley, Reuters News Service, 28, February 2010, Sunday, accessed 28 February 2010), availabel online from ; Internet.

July 1999

July 1, 1999 UK Media reports that China fired off a successful ballistic missile from its New Jin-Class nuclear submarine(s), and therefore announced it is now a superpower. This technology originally came from the United States of America by defraying costs for political contributions to the Democratic National Committee, as documented by three independent government committees (1997-1999). For the history, see the Nostradamus page on his 1999 prophecy.


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