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NAZI KKK 11012016ad


In 1950s #SCOTUS passed a law calling #jews a race of people. Not the #Bible . but #atheist wackos on a bench. 

Donald Trump Bio 2

#politicalcorrectness is the tool of the modern #neanderthal  

Team Clinton Orders assassination of Seth Rich = tweet by her team. this was leaked on ALL HALLOWS' EVE: #IS not attacking, they want team #antichrist hillary rodham




these figures are #annual and close to reality. #Semitics make up the three largest debt structures.  #Obama and the #Bush family.  white white dna ers #carter and in part #clinton have the lowest. Nixon 's figures need re adjustment. He is in the Vietnam #fakewar and those things cost a lot of money to run for 1%er greed.
  #antichrist was running a proxy #antichrist #pizzaarmy called #islamicstate funded under #syrianrebels and a top ( #realnews ) reason #donaldtrump won the election. USA people need jobs. these fake wars make billions for about 30,000 1%ers across the planet and the rest go to die for their greed.  we wanted jobs, not another 60 plus years of these fakewars and #swamppeople control. #bookoflife #arcmichael #01112017ad  

WHITE HOUSE PETITION PLEASE SIGN IT. 16 US States have voting Machines by George Soros who has called on global white genocide. he is a white arab, not white white.

16 george Soros ( =  White arab ) controls 16 states voting machines, already switching. sign this please

#france + 29 Member Pacific Council claims USA is facilitating jihad on world by their #Syrian ISIS caliphate, driving migrants into white countries as a plan. Yes, #UScongress w/ African #browns vote for this  , all the time, code name #syrianrebels = #islamicstate for the disruption of ME to flood the industrialized countries because whitey, already built that so the  brown = #hiphopmusic culture, " We must steal it," and #antichrist Obama and #beast #clinton and #bush Antichrist are doing this to  the world. #bookoflife #politics  

JOHN PODESTA #DNC Campaign Manager is a real Devil Worshiper ⇓ Podesta Emails USA history

spread the word BattleGround or TossUp States get out there Trump Supporters call them and plea to them.

Deregistered me just before election
North Carolina Blacks get out and Vote for Trump or  someone else, ABC anyone  but  Clinton Nevada, Arizona ( heavy Soros Monies), Colorado ( spook establishment central) and Florida and Michigan and Wisconsin has not gone RED since 1968 = lets get out there on phones people over the weekend and  into Monday and even Tuesday. Alex Padilla, California State Controller knows I and others are white, so he had  us deregistered. RINO laws are not applied for #god to all voting for the Beast or AntiChrist movements.

Pennsyvania may shut down voting for #donaldtrump

#Pennsylvania transit said wil not transport trump voters to polls for election. #Pennsylvania court said no Trump monitors allowed. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11032016ad #electionfraud #podesta still running this on new secure connection to #hildabeast #spook #is told by Team #antichrist no big global events and no domestic attacks. they want #crookedhillary in power. go #trumppence2016 supporters go #donaldtrump #brithcertificate

pay attention to state polls for all battle ground, including AZ, Pen. NC, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin ( not won since 1989) + we all know Florida.  and others 


Arc Michael originally shared:

#comey just announced Clinton Hillary broke Federal Law .
Hillary Rodham #Clinton served as U.S. Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013. The FBI conducted an investigation into allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure.

Now #congress must act, swiftly.

11012016ad 7:37 pm Pacific Time

these are not white white #Scandos or Irish #scots or #Noords that  do not use any of the many Germanic Languages.  #donaldtrump is #scotland #DNA white white and so  the DNA  conflict here is #WASA or WAAB ( African brown arab) are opposed to #DNA of white white s. #KKK has both white and WASA but their leaders left because the members were only Corpo Goons , like normative industry that used poor blacks and poor whites ( <- your vernacular) as debt, bondage and prison slaves. #bookoflife #arcmichael southern white pride or being white oriented has nothing to do with Kookoo Kluxy Klap , OK? Most of the early members left because it was just a mafioso outfit that commandeered  the white noise. #11022016ad #dna #lga1230  

years ago I  looked at what was the KKK and found out most were not white whites w/ some white  white, but  these peoples' collective IQ was lower than almost all countries on earth. Those people were about 95% #wasa   = thus arabs. So I figured this is why when white boy McViegh called for a revolution, the arab whites of the South KKK, said, no, you must follow our honest Bill Clinton government, he is a southern good ol' Boy. ,  #hillaryclinton is #WASA and she actually ran the 1990s #clintonwhitehouse #Carter and #kennedy were whites, the rest like #nixon #reagan #bush group and HillaryRodham and Barack Obama ( WAAB) have been my whole life living in bigotry hell by these haters of white whites. Julian #Assange is white white. Not sure, but I believe Chelsea  Manning and Edward #snoden both are white white. #NSA leader #jamesclapper is a #wasa   The #podesta   ( WASA ) list of Obama recomendations for Cabinet and jobs positions, gives 500 people and NO WHITE #WHITES . & yes filled with #WAAB WASA and no #whites  

#AdolfHittler ( birth spelling) was a #WASA and #KKK , many endorse #NAZI = are socialists and anti democrats. So DonaldTrump does not need anti democrats for his world. 

#Asian side has same problem but light skin to medium tones to dark skins, each  group together = just like in biology  or #newton = Like attracts Like, a Universal Law.

#Same caste system used by #Hindus which have caucus bodies and light to very dark skin tones.

Most of the Middle East that call themselves semitic which they are are light skin ( shi'i northern areas) and middle skin  Jews and darker skintones, Sunnnis -- as a general conscript of #DNA platforming for social understanding. 

Darkers go usually #Moslem or raised in the traditions of #islam civil codes.  The lighters go #christian   The darker blacks go Christians and the brown Arabs, as Muslim scholar ship intends , they go Islam  = #barackobama  
has a low Iq, calls  himself constantly black. Nope; his father was black, he is #brown. Now you know why he consistently lied about #Obamacare, he is confused. 


Calais France Jungle Violence

#france #shuts down the #jungle = Calais North African migrant camps. US funds Syrian Rebels which are #IS   = Congress full of #wasa no brains and  they do not admit, the 65,000,000 #UN to Obama data of this 2010s decade of mass movements were because of #crookedhillary and Obama's foreign policy of regime change all over the world , paid for by pacifist #USA workers.  Too bad the white white have been kicked out of #USA we are not doing this to the world  We fought civil war, WWI, and WWII and were but decimated. Since 1950s #wasa or white arabs, with  small intermission breaks have ruled the #unitedstatesofamerica and sent the world into total #chaos

we need some white white control on  planet earth, real DNA white, not the fake #wasa bush Clinton jew white = #wasa They are warmongers
 and rumored child sex slavers with the #wasa #CIA

#islamicstate did this to North Africa and the US congress , too dumb to know #wasa tricks, calls their efforts #syrianrebels so they got $641 Billion  ( part of the $4.7 #trillion) which has gone missing form the #pentagon that no media speaks on because #wasa controls their souls and livelihoods. 


#Tax returns show 1/4 of a billion dollars she has made.  her annual salary was $102.030  = something is  very fishy here? #Bookoflife #arcmichael #11012016ad #Donaldtrump tax returns. Might have competition.

the election means nothing. this is not over. These people Bush∑ Hillary been in power 35 + years 1981 = 2013. time to throw out the bums

1981 to 1989 Vice President ( defacto POTUS)
1989 to 1993 POTUS 41
1993 to 2001 ( defacto POTUS = Hillary Clinton
2001 2009 George Walker Bush. Jr. (Hillary US Senator)
2009 - 2013 Hillary Clinton US State Dept. Foreign Policy.

#FBI leaking to Russia and Assange Spook

  #spook #FBI feeding #assange not Russia, FBI feeding Russia because #crookedhillary outs people in jail for mishandling one classified. She needs to go down. Laughing stock of USA = #dnc

 *two rules of law* . One for 321 Million of usa poor Americans and One law for #crookedhillary = makes a dis unified country. White people are blamed for a single Jew Semitic white  whore, Hillary Rodham - semitic white.  She wants to continue to fund #IS undercover name #syrianrebels = anti Assad =  #USmil #Regime -change for  power and control against white people on earth.


US has War at Honduras & Turkey love updates.

Erdogon lives in 500 room mansion by himself, and 100 security guards. This is Obama 's gay ME lover. He is dictator and Every person Obama worships is a dictator. Military and civilian Christians tried to take him out. They got deposed by the turkish sheeple.

#turkey #US #Obama #foreign #policy   has a consistent message of #deepthroat #dictators #Erdogon lives in 500 room mansion by himself , and 100 security guards. This is Obama 's gay ME lover. He is dictator and Every person Obama worships is a dictator . Military and civilian Christians tried to take him out. They got deposed by the turkish sheeple. #bookoflife #arcmichael #10302016ad #trukeyobamalover put 10,000 Civilians into jail for vocal support for #christians   Turkey Erdogon makes #ISIS #Apparel
and the real outfits for ISIS paid by @Qatar; #saudiarabian Bush buddies and Hillary Clinton business contacts. #IS = #Syrianrebels the USA Congress has been funding for two plus years.  #syrian     #Assad sais bring back the western #journalists, because US = #ISIS and we  need real reporting on the ground.

#antichrist Obama and #beast wife #hildabeast running crooked wars at #honduras + #venezuela to put in puppet rulers.  This makes #latino have the rite to immigrate and take our lands. But this is Obama and Hilary's  foreign  policy, not mine.



#USA Population divided by percent of #Congressbudgetoffice #CBO data of foreign #VISA


Sexism @Hollywood Mila Kunis part white but a wasa; message to Mila Kunis, white white do not control #hollywood, #semtics do and they cover up their women in bed sheets. Stop attacking white whtie people, OK . You are breaking one of the Ten Commandments if you flow that way, OK?

Casting Couch

John Hogue Arab DNA predicts Hillary Clinton for 16 years now.

"I’ve been saying Hillary will win as the first woman president for 16 years and counting. Why would I come to defend a man who is often acting like an eight-year old clown in this election [...]"


Since 2006 I have stated she cannot win Potus no matter when she runs for it. I use science only. As my past life a large life topic of Hogue's work, he has bashed me and called me names, unfairly.


so I posted this in May 2016


MSNBC Hacked They already have Hillary Clinton as the winner. Get this to Donald Trump. 11032016ad

alert Obama using private unsequred email Please Pray For Comey. This is getting real serious.


BitCoin What the Hell?

bitcoin started by banker, fleecer, and is illegal. Robber barons
Bankster said I put real $8 Mil in bitcoin, when he put nothing, then made shared and up the value = how the 13 th century Italian bankers worked too. Then real banks said I will honor this fake butt money. Lolz.




#email #hacks come in #packets . #Hedy #Lamarr =  Thanks to this women hacking has been masked well. source messages  are sent through anonymous remailers sending them over 8 or more countries; they each leave headers scripts. This does not mean, the source location. It means the message was encrypted, spliced w/ re assemble code  to relink to ISP for delivery to anyone ( Wikileaks discussion) . US congress has not banned anonymous remailing companies. Also many host outside of US legal jurisdictions. Most #computer programs for the internet and cell  phones are HACKS. this is how we all interlink.

Hedy changed  a fluid simple packet to be tracked and so the nation's  enemies could intercept. So she said, break up the code ( how  these hacks take place and hide = #packets  ) and then if intercepted, they have only partial info.

FBI can send from Washington DC an email to themselves that will traverse Russia, Amsterdam, and Canada, and other places, and then re assemble back at Washington DC. In experienced spookers will then lay blame on innocents. Not knowing science. Today we have the Godless and they have low IQs. So they say, this country or that country based on unconscious political and cultural biases.

the system of splicing and re assembling was her solution to  help the allied forces mask communications from all enemies.

this #women had real #accomplishments .

#worldhistory #arcmichael #11032016ad   #bookoflife  

Obama took a vacation every third week, it cost with security some $450,00,000 but costs just for Obama's personal stuff himself cost $85,000,000 Reuters reporting. CBO reported $450,000,000 last year's holiday season. So there is more fakemedia, fakenews, fake people, fake government.

He’s taken 28 vacations spanning all or part of 217 days, according to Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House correspondent who maintains an authoritative record of presidential activities. Those numbers do not include the latest Hawaii trip, which began Friday and is expected to end Jan. 2.
By comparison, President George W. Bush made 77 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 490 days, and 11 visits to his family’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine, spanning all or part of 43 days, according to Knoller.


Bush 18.5% spent on Vacation.

Obama ~ 13.5% spent on Vacation.

However, this is a false narrative. The Fakemedia has been lying and covering up for Obama and attacking the rightwing since I was born. The Congressional Budget Office put out in late #december of each year and as of the winter of 2015 A.D. Obama has racked up $450,000,000 alone in vacation costs ≡ includes travel and the expensive security.

2,920 / 533 days Bush time off or part time off. Obama's numbers are all for full time off. All day long.

13.5% of all of Obama's time spent as POTUS 44 was on vacation. Cost w/ security and travel = $450,000,000 + $85,000,000 for Obama alone. based on 28 vacations but he has taken 29 , included this Hawaii Vacation.

Fakenews central USA broadcasting

Hugo Chaves was the US Establishment's best buddies. He was a lying dictator criminal

#altleft #Hugo Rafael #Chávez Frías was a #Venezuelan politician who served as the 64th President of Venezuela from 1999 to 2013. He stole $50 Billion , sent $1 Billion checks to his daughter and women. He was #leftwing #progressive #cnn darling #obama worshiped and he was just a #criminal #liar and now the people are eating themselves, and cursing the day of #socialism = which was a #lie it was an #Oligarchy of #criminals #bookoflife #argentina #Venezuela means green something or other. #arcmichael #12282016ad   rumers were the #CIA tried to poison his underwear and it worked. But that, again, is just rumor.  His policies of evil affected all of south #America . #latinoamérica  


#isreal Immigration Policy is Anti Christian white white since the last half of last century.

Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni, the Israeli Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren repeated the Talmudic teaching on resident aliens: that Judaism forbids "granting any national rights" to them. He ruled that such "Autonomy is tantamount to a denial of the Jewish religion." (Nadav Shraggai, Ha'aretz, Oct. 14, 1992). W. Johnson. Googleplus

New York Times : AntiChrist calls on GOP to stop Trump; they listen

AUG. 2, 2016 flashback

DINO RINO both parties are anti-human and deal with Devil Ritual Killing

Arizona (11), Florida (29), Nevada (6), Ohio (18), Maine 2nd Congressional District (1) Nebraska 2nd Congressional District (1), North Carolina (15), Utah (6) (87 total)

Leans Demoncratic:

Colorado (9), Michigan (16),New Hampshire (4), Pennsylvania (20), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (10), (72 total)

Solid Demoncratic:

California (55), Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), DC (3), Hawaii (4), Illinois (20), Maine (3), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), New Jersey (14), New York (29), Oregon (7), Rhode Island (4), Vermont (3), Washington (12), Minnesota (10), New Mexico (5) (200 total)

Barack Obama claimed to never have been a Moslem. School records with his fake name, declassified. #AP


Obama lied to FBI Director 6 times Confirmed. NYPD ready to Jail Beast #williamjClinton for child sex rapes. 11032016ad 8:13 pm Pacific Coast Time.

Clinton's top global support in Latin America, 86% in Mexico. She promises white genocide for the Semtic Vote.

Huma Mahmood Abedin connected to Devil Cult Child Abuse and Ritual Killing and drinking of Blood. #FBI and #NYPD grilled her today. Cheryll Mills just got caught as part of the human child abduction chain. FBI is in a war at Washington DC.

Clintons abducting children from Haiti for blood killing ritual Wikileaks 11042016ad


Arc Michael originally shared: #FBI charges Hillary Clinton as a #Criminal

Child Sex Rings Hillary Linked to little girls.

Middle Easterners says Podesta and Clinton cooped the ISIS orphans for ritual rape. twitter 11032016ad

1990s Rumors of Orphan Rape Prisons by Washington DC elites resurfaces. 11032016ad

Sex rings are popular in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that’s why HRC and BC love foreign donors so much. They get paid in children as well as money. Dig deep and you can find it. It will sicken you

According to an NYPD source [ via fbi] , emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop detail trips made by Weiner, Bill and Hillary Clinton on convicted pedophile pal billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s plane ‘Lolitta express‘ to a place known as “Sex Slave Island“.

ANTIWHITE @LosAngeles GooglePlus 11052016ad

#losangeles = 89% population of #Semitics . South Asian tan to dark skin, the entire Middle East arabs and  half  of all of #Mexico and Latino America. #Jews are #arabs too, same dna as Latino, so they rule and want all white out or dead . They have zero souls, never go to church and drug run and  rape on the streets. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11042016ad . Only whites in La are the visiting actors ( gender neutral). go #antiestablishment   #biblestudy  

Christians real Moslems, Buddhists & real Hebrews Ordered to Pray For James Comey

The following information comes straight from an FBI Anonymous source, who is the senior analyst who posted on 4chan in early July of this year:
Jim Comey learned that some of his own investigators were tipping off both Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, thus making his job impossible.
Comey sent a letter to Congress knowing that ultimately, it would expose Loretta Lynch as a dirty actor and the bread crumbs would lead directly to Obama. The State Dept is terrified now. He has assembled a small team of 40 agents, whom he has declared the “Untouchables” after the famous federal agent, Eliot Ness. - link above 11 03 2016ad

Obama & others breaking U.S. Laws, insider of FBI and Team State Dept, under Hillary Clinton's period

"According to former State Department official Tom Nides, in a 2015 email to John Podesta (Clinton campaign manager), everyone in Obama’s cabinet and every White House staffer uses their personal email for government business. Nides should know as he worked under Hillary Clinton in the State Department from 2011 to 2013, according to one source.

While keeping email hidden from the public may seem like no big deal to folks who simply don’t care, ALL correspondence which is related to governmental business is the property of the federal government and is supposed to be accessible by anyone wishing to inquire within the archive of records." link

#comey just announced Clinton Hillary broke Federal Law .
"Hillary Rodham #Clinton served as U.S. Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013. The FBI conducted an investigation into allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure."

Now #congress must act, swiftly. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11012016ad could have done this in 2014, but heah, they tried. wasted DNC people's time.


19 dead registered by College Liberal Democract, caught. but there are 1,000s more.


in 1994 Bill Clinton was contacted by the #Trailaterals, who had Chinese communist prince-lings among them, he then sold them MIRV and hardened radiation chips, for either high alt sats or nuclear weapons. both restricted at State. Clinton first week in office change this munitions list of banned transfers of WMD to the commerce dept, killed #RonBrown, because he was to snitch and then make $44,000,000 = impeached, by HOR. Congress then got crooked and let him off.  But he also sold to Pakistan and India's nuclear weapons programs for #clintoncash they have been robbers for decades.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #11012016ad  


Google plus, run by Antiwhite white traitors put a 500 server stop grib on my account. That is Podesta NSA baby raping people. I tried to post this— Bill Clinton did crimes with Mark Rich, over a decade ago.

Hillary R. Clinton: Hillary Rodham Clinton served as U.S. Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013 A.D. the Day ISIS was launched.

Vets today is a bush group place. they run ISIS with Hillary, Podesta, Mil, Obie and  DINO RINOS. US funds ISIS under a false name, Syrian Rebels. USA is waaaay out of control.

funnelling goes through Qatar and Saudi Royals, Erdogon makes the ISIS black flag and symbol gear. The attempt to oust him was over this and fears ISIS was coming and  they did suicide bomb a few hot spots at Turkey.

source #Podesta Emails

go #trump2016


Tuesday 11 01 2016ad Polls

An ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll sent shockwaves through Democratic ranks on Tuesday morning.

#arab #white whore emailed #johnpodesta and said thank you for killing #scalia and #sethrich collect DNA, ban it from Earth for 1,000, to the lake of fire. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11012016ad   she is not white white , so we see the DNA conflict. arcmichael post 11012016ad

Leaked Memo: #Hillary Wants Clinton Foundation To Keep Accepting Foreign Donations go #donaldtrump   they pay less than 5%, tax

Bill Clinton had three + women rapes come forward in 1992, it  is 2016ad Media . Where are you.  #Media #Democrats + #Republicans  can #Rape , no charges, #TeaParty cannot hug or kiss - go #trumpsupporters   no more #DINO #RINO on #earth.

ALL AI systems predict Donald Trump. More popular than Barack Obama of 2008.

#DNC cheif, former fired by CNN for Campaign Improprieties. 10312016ad brown arab Donna Brazil.

wwi, wwii are run by semitics. Hitler wrote a book warning you against jews, he was one of them and  killed whites, historically observable.

german dna has heavy arabite origins. they joined the Roman #Latin semitic after AUGUSTUS BECAUSE. they are  the same people DNA.

swasticas are archeologically found in ancient cities of Mexico and central America. represent caucasions = caucus = brown in middle eastern languages. not white.

Podesta EMAILS page shows Obama as a World Criminal.

Happy All Hollows’ Eve

#hildabeast @ohio today lied. F.B.I. opening of investigation is unprecedented = lie.
One week before George Herbert Walker #Bush 1992 reelection, Bill Clinton had FBI open investigation into Iran Contra and POTUS 41s involvement. It doomed GOP re election.  Eric Holder, former DOJ and bigot brown boy is also a liar. They attack Comey, FBI , because they love corruption and brown = corruption.

Eric Holder in 1999 freed many real US #Cop killing #terrorists so that #hillaryclinton could win #NY #Senate seat. That is a #demon on earth. 

Musleh #Khan was born in #Medina , Saudi Arabia but raised in Toronto and now head of social matters:  orders all wives to spread their legs on command . this is no joke. link


No one is watching the Democrats, they gave up.

Hillary's "big speech" on foreign policy live on YouTube now. 245 people watching.

1999 Revisited.

#Terrymcauliffe to the lake of fire. 1,000 , lock up dna. . 1990s He is running #weaponsofmassdestruction #defrayment with #beast   #billclinton #arcmichael #10292016ad freako boy laid illegal trackers on a tripod server in 2002 which I discovered with his signature. #dixie good ol' boys club and white traitor and evil souless and godless creep. Googleplus.

taking the #5th ( most in USA history are both Clintons) is the  same thing as #toobigtoprocecute = USA goes bye bye. we have demons @washingtondc these are #globalist #warmongerers who fleece the world banks for their personal gains & and #dance on the #droned #dead at weekend drunken orgy parties. #fox to #NPR = 100% support of global genocide US ISIS outfits, funded by #USCongress under #syrianrebels  

  #DNC = #RNC = #cesspool of creepo corruptocreeps

#terry #mcauliffe gives $100,000 to wife of #fbi AGENT IN CHARGE OF EMAIL investigation. what a conflict of interest . #Loretta E. #Lynch   #shamed all #africans today as acting like #whitetraitors  

Huthi have cruise missles? nope, but here news tries to start world war III

. Gulf Of Tonkin ( Pentagon Papers) says same hairbrained scheme to start false war for US arab profits.

“The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council condemned the attack which it described as "clear evidence" that the rebels are not willing to accept a political solution to Yemen’s 19-month-old conflict.”

3,184,597 = entire USA voter fraud, as of 10212016ad. not real people it takes 35,000 000 to win electorial and the establishment demons have 30,000,000 registered.

#trump represents traditions of th e last 150 years and Hillary supports globalist measures.

Latino Consistently Vote Party that makes wars in Latino Countries &


#latino be like I am voting #hillaryclinton because this party makes wars @honduras and #argentina etc.. and creates the mass migrations to take  over North America. #bookoflife  
#arcmichael #10282016ad  

Republicans are the Democratic Party. Thomas Jefferson introduced both parties as the same, and yes today they are the same.

$641,000,000,000 * #billion USdollars) was given by #hillaryclinton to buy #warweapons . $641 Billion from Hillary to buy War Weapons CIA Congress ask

World Knows USA is Islamic State but not any American duffas idiots.

James Clapper is Arab DNA, runs ISIS as dirty  shope Syrian rebels. He is cheif boy of #NSA. .  Hillary and Obama are ISIS . OK, same team NSA= Al quaeda now.  USA controls east allepo as #is the emails are opened up and the world is laughing hard at stupid Americans. Even pope knows ISIS = funded and run by USA.  this is a laughing stock, a failed democracy, oligarchy ruled and having #WMD

#jews have history of NON Democracy. because they do not follow God's commandments, they cannot follow civil democracy laws. So they love Dictators and the commmand of #Obey.

US Congress funds #syrianrebels = #antiassad forces = #USmil many people are dying @usmil beyotch. Syrianrebels = #ISlamicstate #crookedhillary got $35,000,000 Suadi Slave holders  + $1,000,000 #Qatar for secret US defrayment of #641 Billion to Islamic state. Comey is looking at Child sex ring of the Clintons, a rumor from the 1990s.


NYCity Antony Weiner reveal hidden subtitles to mask sensitive kiddie slave rings.

#lifeinsurance = in Clintoneque speak = I  do not want Bush assassination buddies killing me. Clinton = Bush, same buddies = to Qatar and Saudi Jihadi #islamicstate why? Kiddie rape child sex rings


Southern White Pussy Problem

#whites , they are doomed in western hemisphere . You are watching the last of the last generation.
 white white southerners all called McVeigh a anti American, but he was a real #Patriot .  the arabs white that founded #USA said kill gov officials, all of them if gov gets out of line. so white boy McVeigh listened to violent sand nigger ( US Founders) ideas and blew up gov people. and  families. The #KKK said he was a bad person, whites on west coast, said let us fight with him because he wants #williamjclinton in #prison but white #KKK sotheners betrayed  us intelligent west coast whites. so we laugh at your demise now.

now they cry and complain about #hillaryclinton   = white southeners are pussy weaklings like Ted #nugent observes of southern whites.

Get your heels on for your arab monster Cock sissy whites, get off earth you filthy betraying ignoramuses.



Christians are False @USA

#christians are false now. Cannot read a #book #biblestudy just go away, most voted for #antichrist and did it #twice , that makes you false Christians.  too stupid serve the #lord   now get to your Arab #baal worship centers, you #false #Christians . In book of Judges God Rejects the Jews, says you can try again. But Jews never tried again, they cross bread and intertwined Baal and Satan movements and worshiped the beast.  So Jesus came and said FU #Jews , and so they put his white butt to shame and torture.  He told his followers two laws, and US Christians and  jews do not follow these at all. Bye Bye #satan #USA and false Christians.
 You have a date with a #lakeoffire #bookoflife #arcmichael #10252016ad

#fdr in a last ditch tried to make this a christian nation but the 1960s the whites were assassinated ( #POTUS ) for sand and  full nigger glory to USA preferred  privileged #race .  These #arabs started #USA and will end it in a lake of fire and half of it drowned into the ocean. #God hates you false Christians.

illegals can vote, a US tradition 1790s to 1920s. Says Korean Immigrant

Massachusetts have moved to allow noncitizen voting. There are six jurisdictions in Maryland that let noncitizens vote in local elections. Los Angeles bans US citizens and allows Illegals to vote as many times as they want too. This is not even a lie.

The article is false, blacks and women could not vote and the US Population was less than 40,000,000. Today, with this same issue we have 321.5 Million people, and not counting illegals here at all. — Arc.

"That tradition was washed away by the wave of widespread anti-immigrant sentiment that followed World War I. In 1921 and 1924, Congress passed laws severely restricting immigration numbers, cutting arrivals from about 1 million newcomers per year to about 150,000."

#lies full of  them. First women and blacks could not vote; Immigrants re writing history. say 1776-1920s all illegal immigrants could vote . so bring back this permissible act. 1920s, World War I, II white race globally depopulated. This leads to browning of western civilization. This led to 1920s Restrictions. Chiu hates every white white noordic on planet earth. Its soul is corrupted and Godless. He is a liar, he is a big #bayarea #celebrity #bigot .

US POP = 1920s = 40 Million
US POP = 2016 = 321.5 Million

that is a huge difference there freako antiwhites.

false histories by:
San #Francisco Assemblyman David #Chiu , the son of Taiwanese immigrants is a very #antiwhite and bigot boy, this fool has hate on all of us for decades up there..


Hollywood Liars 10 30 2016 A.D.

#hollywoodmovies   = low wit jews. Arc -the greatest selfless act of the European Middle ages was the Catholic Church's decision to allow reading and writing and building of Universities in 1200s A.D.

what is a brain dead jewsemitic person? someone that lavish praise on a person that calls for their #genocide   = brain dead jews at the #DNA level .sources, UC Berkeley with reliance on Roman archives and general European archives.

Instead the Jew latches on to a very antisemitic person, who called for 200,000 jews to be killed in official leadership letters.

 you jews  ( Latin, ME, Semitic = same dna)  are brain dead haters and low wit half nutz. and because of calendar changes, Oct. end of the month does not align to our modern calendar. dumb jews.

by doing so the Catholic Church saw its demise. as the people will eventually make their own decisions after reading and writing. This allowed Luter ( #luther ) to receive the education he got to  advocate his list of grievances toward the Church.

another thing is Church was sacked by Browns in 1524, nearly killed Pope, calling cardinals the antichrist as they sodomized them ( Browns love anal sex).

These were the #hispanics who raped #rome in an #antichrist godless fury of kill because it is fun and Semitic Brown profitable.

#Pope was able to carry a few very important artifacts through secret walls to escape.  #carlos1 or Charles V ( aka) was a brown bigot and full blown NAZIbrown racist.

#carlos @trent tried to depose #petertheapostle because Peter refers to  the LORD as a white boy.  This means we have a real #race issue at the #DNA level.


Iran Contra & 2016 Elections

#bush #clinton ( knew) #reagan were running #irancontra out of Mena #Arkansas and George H.W. Bush, while v.p. he had been C.I.A. leader in a dept. and so the FBI put him under investigation at the last minuet before the election to #billclinton #beast and this 11 hour indictment of Bush allowed #beast to win. #hillaryclinton supported this 100% and now she does not support #Comey or #FBI 's another 11th hour indictment or investigation. Former CIA director said to Obama he chose Comey because he has worked both sides. He is currently unregistered in political affiliation.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #10302016ad  
#UShistory #politics #election2016  


The Holy QUR‘AN

99.99% of all Arabs brought up under #Islam cannot read the Holy Qur'an. OK, It calls for killing of Godless #Liberals , and You people vote #hillaryclinton  ≡ proof you cannot read your own book. Get the F(*& out of here.
  #IS run by Obama, Clinton, Bush, Qatar, Saudi Arabia ban the reading of any Muslim holy book. they ban this. OK, get it strait .  all it is a wayword fatherless youth group that US #Eviljins #antichrist Obama loves the  Clinton child sex rings = ISIS child marriage and orphan rape programs.
  #muhammad came to stop this and  you fake butt Muslims / #moslems do not listen to #Muhammad . He did more for child rights' and  women's rights and all you do is ignore him and blame false people. 

#republicans demand investigation of #Trump supporters and #comey it  is on #alert #bookoflife #arcmichael #11042016ad emails are making a real change difference. and #RINO #DINO wants it all shut down for #ritualkillling   God allows the religious to kill with impunity during this phase of #apocalypse so do not  fret about fighting back.

94% Polled @mexico says they are against white white people being elected. Six Months ago, a Mexican top Parliamentary person called for al quaeda to cross southern USA boarders to fight against American whites.


Arc Michael

Karl Marx communism has never been run according to what he prescribed. Please planet earth you are too stupid to read


Common Core

Does common core teach 250,000 irish scot came 1840s circa, 100,000 sent to front lines  to free black slaves they are not a part of and then  shot in the back if they do not fight, and told if you do not fight, get back on boats and go home, the rich north industry goons. laughed as they did not send their sons.  No they do not write this in common core, it is all lies. there is a large majority who should not suffer for jew semtic or pre jew but still semitic dna.  slavery, 7000 thousand years of these lies by them.

Godless western civilization

a few more days and we say good bye to #mileycyrus who will be leaving permanently the USA and relocate, not in any #EU place, she can go live at #Mosul   or #Karachi #she campaigns at North Carolina for #crookedhillary   and loves her connections to funding, running the baby rape - orphan abuse #antichrist caliphate that practices ZERO #islam   #oprah too and she goes to Saudi Arabia and donnes a full #bedsheet , for the rest of her life.
  #cyrus is  #persian or #Arab and many northern farmers of #Iran look like Miley Cyrus. the secret of Shi'i vs. Sunni may be fraternal vs.  heritage but in reality it is whiter Arabs. vs. Browner arabs.

that is the #sunni Shi'i problem all of us face on planet earth. Same with white protestant and brown Catholics, post #hispanic #conquest and rape of #roman #church authority post 1524 A.D.
 I was living 16 th c. during the beginning of the religous wars of Europe. These were #cabans ( Hispanic Portuguese, north african latinos)  who were the #slave traders and now pan globalists.  They wanted all of south Europe, as a road for Semitic Latino hegmony.

that was the religious wars of the last half of the 16 th century people. It was a brown vs. white war, get it strait. We have a global problem: AND IT IS NOT #RELIGION . #bookoflife #arcmichael #10302016ad

in a last ditch effort, and seeing  the road signs ahead, #franklin #d. #roosevelt put God on #currency US and put God in many Classrooms. that was pushed out by 1960s. and today we are a #godless western civilization. arcmichael googleplus 10302016ad

Mexican are Semitic Arabs same as Jihadi Terrorists

ARC 082

Latino Bi%ch said " Donald Trump is not a human [ being]!" AC360 , 10 13 2016ad #CNN

Hillary Ordered Assassination of Seth Rich media reporting now.



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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