Anti Christ 6:36 pm 06 09 2016 Los Angeles

Obama runs #blackgenocide and #hillaryclinton is his true #successor to his #invasion #arab Policies of Biblical #antichrist hear me out ok? If you get rid of Christianity at #eruope you have a base for invasion < #Christians were also the true warriors > and so next you destabilize #egypt ‡ Obama funded #muslimbrotherhood elections , brut takeover and christian murders ‡ to Libya and killing that leader; to Iraq ⟨establishment bush already achieved this antichrist thing ⟩ to #Syria ⟨ #johnmccain sits with #ISIS leader at Salt Flats Iraqi detention to give pointers on forming a new unit called #daesh ⟩ and these Obama groups of terrorists then destabilize the middle—north—Africa and send 200,000,000s million muslim—arabs or Arabs who call themselves Muslims flooding into the #USA and into #greatbritain with the #antichrist hordes ≡ #MEAMIC 101 #establishment retention policy. UK's David Cameron Says these hoards keep us establishment Brits in power and prestige — so what is not to like about our new Country´s members? “ Who cares if I send Irish scot brits to the middle east to die for my power grabs?” The Queen of England is a WASP ‚ thus an Arab mixer and not white white — windor is a fake name as London threw out all Semitics and Her family are Arab Semitic white DNAers so in 1917 A.D. they tricked the world and became #windsor to decieve planet Earth. The beyotch is a #blueturban queen running this deception.

It is called flooding into your country‚ new #establishment voter base for decades and decades of continual rule. My #Governor has been in power since I was 10 years old. SOS‚ this crap needs to stop.

#Antichrist does this to our south of the boarder too. Since the alan #dullasantichrists < they chose #Blue #Turban religion with Black Jay E.. Hoover as suggested ideology for the new world order– both implimented in the Kennedy assassinations over white whtie DNA conflicts! .>.Obama runs wars currently in south and middle america; their FBI⁄CIAmodels, in south America ⇒ to flood the latin arabs onto USA shores and byways to orchestrate a complete voter establishment retention plan , which has basically worked because the media is controlled by Arab Mixers and full blown arabs who hate #whites and blacks evenly. Of course while they are destroying millions of family lives to keep and hold power these antichrist enablers make money by #vulturecapitalist crony capitalism policies.

Obama is currently giving each #syrian immigrant approved $20,000 US dollars and I have no home.

And that Syrian will then with no voter ID law vote back into power the establishment #crookedhillary.

AntiChrist cared for no Murdered black

… in his south Chicago districts which Rahm Emanuel eliminated too and pulled to the inner-city most of the Chicago police force to protect the 1%ers while they dined and frescoed in heaven.Yet the media never tells us this because it is not in their self black genocide interest: SEMITICS RUN MEDIA. The Establishment keep getting voted back in by the elite voting populations because both parties run voter suppression. Most of Bernie Sander’s California voters were denied and given only Provisionals which cannot be verified in time for the end of the day. So why care for his successor‚ Hillary Rodham?

AntiChrist Calls Himself A Jew

It is a cross between a white person and a black person so it is brown and thus arab or Semitic =≡ such as WASP + Angelo ( white white DNA) and Saxon ( Arab DNA) which can be Jews or protestants but not necessarily so by ascription. I use strict 100% science and DNA. The land you stand on never defined your race type but it does under Satan's common Core written by arabs at the United Kingdom and formally by arabs in the 1920s in southern France. They have a strict purpose to twist your mind into pretzels with slobbery and junk emotive faux–science . Arabs are producers not intellects.

#Racism NoHo

This #blackhater this dude was throwing babies out of carriages, told him to stop. he was furious.
does not pay attention to what he is doing. He breaks the law and then blames others. In my case, he threaten to kill me and in front of the NoHo police who did nothing. He told all he will be looking for me. He looks like Barack Hussein Obama ii, just a younger version, and is an agry - ignorant- hateful black: 12:00ISH mAY 2ND 2015. NorthHollywood Library, NoHo, L.A.

God´s Commandment echoed in Qu’ran and Christian Bible † Tha’ll bear no false witness against a neighbor

AntiChrist can be anyone

Am e rica

…is carib culture for proto–mayan or olmecian #dragon or winged serpent. The Bible Calls this a dragon because it is linked to war or perpetual war economy. the Grand Ol' Party = GOP = current Republican name or the Democratic Party both run the same program on perpetual war economy. This is linked to the new voter base of immigrants which will flood in as you destroy their homes. #antichrist will learn this at Harvard or even at Yale of my school, UC Berkeley because this is how they roll. It is the jew Semitic Latino ARAB ARMAGEDDON SEQUENCE. I spoke heavily on this in my Les Propheties and almanachs. Why would not the AntiChrist go on live television and explain this?Why? Because it is the antichrist job to deceive you and destroy you which is what this antichrist did do following his antichrist buddies.