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ObamaCare forced the Poor to pay for the rich or face jail and a penalty. It also imposed death panels for the poor or inviolate. Democrats and Dirty Republicans, most of them all lied and said this was never true and it actually was a true thing. So we have a human problem.

Book of Life :7 June  2013 © Michael Johnathan McDonald

#admissionofguilt #obamacare violated many Constitutional laws. breaking them outright in a criminal manner . How did Obama achieve this? If you were ageist it, he or his attack groups ( MEAMIC) called you a #racist or attacked your character or destroyed your family Bush tortured his opponents Obama assassinates them . . Clintons' are just mere players and leaders too, taught Barack how to play dirty and #antidemocratic

#DINO = #RINO = #deepstate

Charles Ellis #Schumer is an American politician, the senior United States senator from New York and a member of the Democratic Party. First elected in 1998, he defeated three-term Republican incumbent Al D'Amato 55% to 44%. Schumer was re-elected in 2004 with 71% of the vote, in 2010 with 66% of the vote, and in 2016 with 70% of the vote.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07122017AD



Dec 2014 A.D. Obama releases Terrorist - students forced to watch women and teachers burnt alive.

Only eight days prior to the horrendous slaughter of children and school staff in Pakistan, Barack Obama released Pakistani Taliban leader, the second in command of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). This is the exact group claiming responsibility for today’s massacre in Peshawar, leaving 141 dead ( free republic). - 12 16 2014 A.D.

Democrat Tutorial:

If you created a terrorist org by supplying them with Military Equipment and they cut off an American's head you first?

A: ignore any urgency and go on with your business.
B: While Golfing, you take a 5 minuet break to move to a tent prop to address the nation on the beheading, then immediately return to golfing.
C: you take notice that you are the leader of a huge Country and your time matters.
D: You blame others for all things and then go back to vacation, while stealing from the public dole.

Obama Praised Muslim Cleric who Endorsed Fatwa Against American Troops...

Citizen Christian Uses Personal gun to stop Beheader in Oaklahoma, Fri.26 2014, September.
Civil Rights Anti Gun Unions blasted the citizen hero, stating JIhad Jihad, he used a knife to behead, and you used a Gun, that is not fair, we need to pull all guns off the OK list.

"The man, whom The Associated Press is not naming because he [ Islamic JIhadist!, as is AP] has not been charged, stabbed Colleen Hufford, 54, severing her head, Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said." Yahoo (AP) news, OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) .

Actual Text Books to our children are like this, not kidding.

the correct answer is B. If the teacher sees a student mark otherwise, then give that student a F for this project. --posted to wnd on 09 08 2014. 1:28 pm pdt.

Global U.S.A. surveillance of all people in all countries, accelerated under Obama.

Most spook communities and blog forums all claim, correctly, ObamaCare is the personal ID database used for the new Beast Chips for human implants.

38 journalism groups slam Obama's 'politically-driven suppression of news'...

SHOCK POLL: 63% Don't Have Confidence in Obama to Make Right Decisions… Jan 2014.

Republicans ended slavery so the Democrats became so Mad they said we will use Immigrants as our new economic slaves. They can pick oranges for $4.50 per large tub-bucket -- about a ton of oranges.

OBAMASCARE: Dem Sen blames voter for tripled insurance premium...

Senior home healthcare services slashed...

Feb 2014 A.D.

Dems Raise Money Off Threat of Impeachment...

Obama Global Surveillance Bush jr. Just tortured his victims, some AMERICANS TOO. but Obama changed this and begun assassinating them, every one of them. Bush is not an innocent player; and Clinton assassinated too but it went to new levels under Obama or Obama was to novice to control the BEAST machine, e.g. the Clintons.

 The Democratic Party Never Gave Up Slavery.

Drone strike kills 15 civilians heading to wedding in Yemen... Dec. 2013. Obama orders.

Many World Leaders are Blasting This Obama Global Surveillance -- Suppress cultures and races, hater plan. Obama has stated over and over again in the media, there has never been one American spied upon -- and the world is laughing at him and no one has a military to take him out! At times, Obama seems to stick up for the poor, but most of the time, he is actually just like Bush’s Homeland Security, a name for a front of Fascism. The late 19 th century Italian academics wrote Fascism is the binding of the public and private sectors in the hands of the government advisories ( in this case, the controllers of the human economy). This has been the U.S. government economic platform for many decades and is accelerating rather quickly under Obama. Only 7% of U.S. citizens know Obama has printed about $10,000,000,000,000 ( ten trillion) dollars, at a mean of 58,000,000,000 fifty-eight billion) per month to prop up the stock market to pad and pay for the government retirement packages.

Everything is a fake with the B. H. Obama chap: SHOCK: Obama has 19.5 MILLION fake TWITTER followers? 24 Sept. 2013. U.K. Daily Mail.

If counting the illegal immigrants, there are about 310,000,000 people residing or living inside the boarders of the U.S.A. The census and I.R.S. reveals that some 300,000 tax returns ( note some millionaires do not file taxes, like Obama and Mitt Romney who have Cayman island off-shore tax heavens, they admitted live on T.V. told the U.S. peasants to fu*K-off, we are elite you are scumbags -- this is a robber baron society. So some 00.03% not even 1% are millionaires that file taxes, and the majority of them work for U.S.A. government or are tied (Fascism) to U.S. government, via international corporation special interests.

VATICAN COURT: No Communion for Nancy Pelosi! Pelosi ( ~ $45,000,000 in bank account 2013, where did she get this money?) is also a fake and gives women in general a bad name. She has been in office nearly my entire life. An apathetic voter turnout in California and her vast millions in real-estate empire and kick-back government contracts has made her a filthy rich yes-lady to meaner and harder Democratic misogynist men." Like Hillary Clinton bows to men that cheat on her consistently and make the news in gossip headlines – these women are not real leaders, but yes-ladies to the dominant Democratic Men. The N.S.A. and U.S. government whistleblowers revealed documents of Hillary Clinton where the men of leadership and importance all around the world laugh and belittle her for not standing up as a real human, allowing Bill, her husband to embarrass her consistently and so they make deals behind her back because they know Hillary Rodham Clinton is no real politician but a play-toy for powerful men. While head of the Secretary position, she was consistently ignored and laughed at by the world of Intel-communities, of all leaders around the world.

New York Times: Obama Approval: just 37 percent approved and 57 percent disapproved 10 Dec. 2013.

Obama received 37% approval ratings ( Gallop Poll) for the first week of Dec. 2013, citing a total collapse of Obamacare website. The magazines claim that Obama cannot sleep due to ‘nerves’ struggling to get up his legacy legislation. He lied over 49 times on video or film, some speeches to win reelection, and his promises were based on known lies. The public found out, over 53,000,000 American lost their health insurance, when Obama said no one will lose theirs, and they cannot replace it with the same coverage but of a lesser coverage and at a more expensive rate – another lie form Obama. So he was had sleepless nights.

Los Angeles Times: Nov 11, 2013 ... President Obama apologized last week to people whose health insurance was canceled despite his repeated assurances that if you like your health coverage you can keep it.

Obama Lied about giving the public 5 days to look at the health care bill before
signing it. Obama has alpha cancri with Asteroid Lie, Asteroid Lucifer, and asteroid Kenya linked to his Sun. This astronomical signature denotes a proficient liar that does not care if he or she is caught because it has criminal support behind it.


these have been linked to pedophile outfits mentioned in the DNC leak 2, DNC campaign chair for Hillary Clinton's personal emails, dumped by Wikileaks after SethRich was assassinated for retaliation purposes. Comet Pizza is accross the Streets forom Children without boarders, a Hillary and bill Clinton Orphan exchange. I am sure some work is legitimate but females investigating the Haitian abductions were recently found murdered at Haiti without investigations.

The Barack H. Obama Foundation was fast-tracked to IRS tax-exempt status at the same time that the IRS was abusing numerous Tea Party and conservative groups. While those groups’ tax-exempt applications were taking two years and mountains of paperwork and invasive queries about their memberships and activities, the Barack H. Obama Foundation won its status in just 30 days. That status was back-dated 38 months, which is against the law.

The scarf is a Hamas scarf. Hamas is a designated terrorist group according to the US State Department. It has held that status since 1997.

The text on the scarf that the president’s brother is wearing in the 2010 photo reads, “‘Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!’” It also includes a map of Palestine that reads “From the river to the sea!”(Bryan Preston, PHOTO: President’s Brother Malik Obama Wears Kaffiyeh Declaring that Muslims Will Destroy Israel, January 28, 2014,


 $1.3 Annual Debt by Obama 's Admin

GALLUP LOWEST: OBAMA FALLS TO 41% 09.Aug. 2013 The Bush Numbers are not correct. he creates nearly $5 trillion in U.S. Debt. by the time he leaves, but some of that was due to the 1999 Budget Bill which had the banking disaster which lead to the banking collapse of 2007 —2008 A.D.

Poll numbers Aug 8 2013, 41% approval Gallop Inc., the lowest yet. Obama called the NSA revelations of global spying by the U.S. government as false scandals, the leakers ( whistleblowers) are traitors ( they did not such traitorous thing, even under U.S. law they did not commit one act of traitorship, and Obamacare has been changed to focus the poor paying the overwhelming cost, and he exempted over 200 intuitions that vote Democratic, and including all of Washington D.C. officials, including himself – will not pay one penny into Obamacare – people are seeing the real U.S. leader not as hope and change from previous administrations control the populous programs – he is accelerating these programs and people are waking up to the truth he was and is not what he promotes. The entire Health Care debate was a lie form the onset. Everyone in the U.S.A., legal or illegal, always received U.S. free healthcare, including operations. One must wait for a while, but it was always free. Now those long lines and waits remain the same but the poor must pay now of go to jail or be penalized. U.S.A. Free health care ( all county hospitals) had been absolutely free since th 1950s, government legislation. ( comment updated 09.aug. 2013).

24 Sept. 2013 update: Rich people ( Excused by Obama on purpose do not let the history books lie) used to pay $20,000-$30,000 a year for private health coverage, because many go to special treatment; These same richies, under Obama excused privilege for the rich they will pay $250 - $2,500 a year and therefore the poor must pay more for the rich.

Brazil's president hammers Obama over spying..

'Serious violation of human rights, disrespect to sovereignty of my country'...

'Without the right of privacy, there is no real freedom of speech'...

  10 regime changes and 4 of them successful, meddling. he broke another campaign promise

Obamanite Brown IRS Thugs Political Targeting:

292 Tea Party groups targeted under Obama’s I.R.S. “Tea Party is the enemy of Democracy” 2010, proclamation. In contrast, there were only six progressive groups that were placed under review.  -- source: U.S.A. Inspector General letter to U.S.Congress late June 2013.

Book reports, essays, prayers, all questions Obamanite Brown Thug IRS Political Targeting. Not the U.S.A., this is a tyrannical Demofacism.

The IRS intimidated good conservative Americans into not raising funds for the 2012 election. The IRS criminals massively suppressed conservative voter turnout. The Conservative movement for families and Christian values Remains Scared. The rise of the Dictator Banana Republic fostered by self proclaimed messianic movement the Demoncrats. The U.S.A. Boy Scouts lost Tax Exemption because Homosexual Predators are banned from the organization. The U.S.A. California Democratic Majority voted on suppressing the Boy Scouts and mandating Homosexuals to shower and have sleepovers with underage boys that are too young to make a sexual preference. If you are Christian, your enemy of Satan has made themselves visible. These Demoncrats are not about diversity, transparency, fairness, self destiny, togetherness, brotherhood, they are no different than the Gestapo of Hitler’s fascist government system. Both Obama and Hitler are born of the same Chinese Astrological Animal Sign – thus they have oratory powers to sway the masses by hypnotic speech.

I.R.S. chief, Douglas Shulman ( 5 years) to Obama ii (44 th U.S.A. Pres. ) visited 161 times.
I.R.S. chief, Mark Everson to Bush Jr ( 43rd U.S.A. Pres.) visited only
1 time.

head of the I.R.S. D. Shulman 161 visits to the White House ( critics say 11 times) ; Hillary about 40 times, C.I.A. head Leon Panetta 20 times.

Shulman’s claim to Congress to why so many visits? “ I was attending the Easter Egg Hunt.”

OI Article v.  sec. iii

[OI Article vi.  sec. iii, ii d]  Spies ( 27 June 2013).




Longest Stretch of 7.5%+ Unemployment on Record. 1948 - 2013, as of; or since 2009 January, there have been a mean of 54 continuous months of 7.5% unemployment, the longest on record.


Obama Epic Fail: 2012 Tax Review

USA corporations paid 12% in taxes last year

USA  most Americans paid 35% in taxes .


New Immigration Bill to Cost U.S.A. $6.3 Trillion Dollars to support 11,000,000 million non-U.S. Citizens: 95% Latin immigrants.



Obama Epic Fail: 2012 Tax Review

USA corporations paid 12% in taxes last year

USA  most Americans paid 35% in taxes

54 continuous months of 7.5% unemployment


USA Corporation Tax, today after UK and Japan have lowed theirs is now the highest in the world.

It is also a double tax on US corporations if companies seek to bring profits to

the U.S.A. So to make higher profits, U.S. corporations have central control overseas and  keep the monies overseas – the USA does not get any money from them – so they must  rely on the depraved, poor and desperate, chump – change.


US President Tax Records:

  • Ronald Reagan (41 st US Pres.)  raised corporate taxes,

  • George H. Walker Bush ( 42 nd US Pres) raised corporate taxes) corporate taxes.

  • William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton (43 rd US Pres.) lowered Corporate Taxes,

  • Bush Jr. Neo-Conservative ( not Republican nor Conservative!)  Kept the corporate taxes low.

  • Barack Hussein Obama ii, has kept corporate taxes low.

There is a link. Republicans seem to raise taxes on the rich while the Democrats lower and keep taxes low on US and US-International Corporations and the wealthy ( 17 July  2013). 

Administration asserts broad surveillance powers...

Loophole allows warrantless searches...

President meets SECRETLY with tech executives to discuss SECRET surveillance...

Rand Paul: National security run amok...

sec. 9 a :

  • 292 Tea Party groups targeted under Obama’s I.R.S. “Tea Party is the enemy of Democracy” 2010, proclamation. In contrast, there were only six progressive groups that were placed under review. Yet all Democratic Party groups still got their waivors. Yet all Democratic Party groups still got their waivers. Obama now has the I.R.S. targeting poor business owners that identify with Christianity.

sec. 9

© tyrannical government rise under U.S. half-white African President. (revelations, hyades 2013)

When I was a child in grade school, 1-6, at Pinecrest Elementary, Northridge, I, my friends, sister, and others were routinely beaten up, bloody, black eyes, and broken bones by blacks being bussed in each day. The School administration did not discipline any South Los Angeles bussees that made school a reign of terror while I was attending there. I had no civil rights, I never owned black slaves, and an associated crime to why I was consistently having my Constitutional Rights violated was because I have white skin. Aggressive force, the cream of dictatorship government, mirrors these hells on earth experiences. There have been countless deaths, beatings, tortures by black, brown, and white people onto other white people who argued Obama was not special, he was status quo. For specking our minds, we were tortured by blacks in society. I never, not me, lived in a society of white privilege. I’m glad the U.S.A. is falling, because its citizens are bullies and petty –ignorant dictators. Here is the mirror of my small scope of the world being issued by blacks, Holder, Obama( ½) onto the world society – his tyrant and violent persona fits his al Ghoulean Grand-Time ( Astrology) and indicates he is full of demons.

Despite the media lies, they are in bed with the dictator, Obama and the Democrat Party used new technology, like this below, to influence the U.S.A. elections. He also set up international donation websites and received multi-millions of dollars from unknown foreigners – and no one has any courage (Clinton did it before) to challenge them.  

Bill Clinton started the Democratic Party taking foreign campaign donations from the Chinese Military ( only a part of Chinagate $44,000,000 documented only $4.2 million returned, court and doc records) and no Republicans could unify to halt the illegal elections thenceforward. Bush Jr. came into office and forgave all of Bill Clinton’s High-Crimes and Treasons – thus the U.S.A. has no governing legitimacy with its U.S. public.  This is a facist-igno-state ( i.e. ignorant).

Hope (To take all your freedoms away) & Change ( from a freeperson to a slave): Obamanite Brown IRS Thugs Political Targeting: tyrannical Demofacism

First African American President’s ( illegal no real birth certificate) Philosophy.   

Obama: “I use the government to punish you!”

Allah does not like or love Obama!     

NSA, FBI secretly mining data from Internet firms...
Top-secret PRISM program...
Vast Data Trove...
Billions of Phone Calls...
PAPER: Obama agenda lost in firestorm..
New app claims to prevent government eavesdropping on cell phones...

Utah: A NSA branh 100% pro gov expansion Political Targeting (Run by Atheists)

Targets: Christians. U.S. Families, Foreign Christians, Political Freedom Rights Parties, American Patriots; a part of Bill Clinton's "Project Megiddo." Project Megiddo: 1999 A.D. Bill Clinton Surveillance of U.S.A. citizens program.


'Waived her fifth amendment rights' by giving opening statement...
IRS internal investigation ended 6 months before '12 election, was hidden from Congress...
Dem warns of special prosecutor...

US admits killing four Americans in drone strikes...
Citizens abroad...

REPORT: DOJ Seized Records of Five FOXNEWS Phone Numbers...
Judge Apologizes For Lack of Transparency...
CBSNEWS reporter: My computers hacked, too...
'Began in Feb. 2011 during reporting on 'Fast and Furious''...

Senate panel approves immigration bill...
Crowd room chanted 'Yes we can' 'Sí se puede'...
Senate panel OKs tax-welfare benefits for new immigrants...
SCHUMER: Illegals won't have to pay all back taxes...]


Traitor to democracy

“These Tea Parties are the enemy of Democracy” – B.H. Obama on teaching civility to the world, 2010.

Obama had the Justice Department ( Eric Holder)  spy on Congress persons, New Reporters, American citizens – Obama has forced telephone companies to give up private information so they can spy on you – this was communicated in 2008 Democratic National Convention as Hope and Change.

Government Agencies No Longer Support the Religious, Family oriented, Republicans, and European democratic achievements of history.  They fully support a third-world atheist (modern term for feudalism) form of society -- based solely on economic subjugation of the masses and sexual foci on the physical needs of the body.

AN IGNORANT THIRD WORLD DICTATOR = Official: Obama and I.R.S. rigged the 2012 U.S.A. Elections in Fear of the 2010 historical trouncing on local and federal democratic government seats and political positions. With modern technologies, communications, coordinating thug attacks, Obama won re election by suppressing over 30,000,000 U.S.A. citizens.

I.R.S. chief, Douglas Shulman ( 5 years) to Obama ii (44 th U.S.A. Pres. ) visited 161 times. (critics say 11 times, but this is 1000% more than Bush).
I.R.S. chief, Mark Everson to Bush Jr ( 43rd U.S.A. Pres.) visited only
1 time.

head of the I.R.S. D. Shulman 161 visits to the White House ; Hillary about 40 times, C.I.A. head Leon Panetta 20 times.


New! Brack Hussein Obama II's Moon in Alignment to PXC2 ( of the largest black holes in the Univers (AN IGNORANT THIRD WORLD DICTATOR)

Obama Moon nearly aligns to the largest black hole so far in the Universe. Perhaps this explains his inflated ego and self gratitude, and proclamations he is the teacher because everyone else is too stupid to know any better.  

( 14 June 2013): Obama to Send Military Weapons to Muslim Brotherhood and al qu’aeda affiliates, the rebels against Assad, Syria. White House announced 13 June 2013 as Mars is traversing Hyades taurii.

Obama to Send Military Weapons to Muslim Brotherhood and al qu’aeda affiliates, the rebels against Assad, Syria. White House announced 13 June 2013 as Mars is traversing Hyades taurii.

Project Megiddo: 1999 A.D. Bill Clinton Surveillance of U.S.A. citizens program.

Mars in Hyades at this time: Scandle , Scandle, Wat of da scandles?

New Pakistani Prime Minister, just elected, has demanded Obama stop killing the Children and Women of his country by Drone Strikes. Obama told the press, no –way, he is now monitoring all of Pakistani Emails and Phone calls, and using PRISM, NSA, CIA, Military,  to track online movements to halt drone strikes.

The last time only the military and police had guns was NAZI Germany. Obama says he loves this idea. Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi also agree that NAZI is the way to go for Americans.

Is the world mentally ill? Popular support for Mao Tse-tung ( Zedong) never waivered, even when the dictator genocide his own people, tortured, raped and murdered inhumanly millions upon millions of people. In fact, Barack Hussein Obama’s heroes, he claims, is Mao Tse-tung.  Why are mass murderers worshipped by the media and elite? What is this about a mental illness not reported?

The NSA (National Satanic Agency)

The NSA (National Satanic Agency) as it is affectionately called by Hilary & Billary Clinton, also Joe Biden and Obama see opportunities to take away all civil rights of all humans across the Earth by surveillance backed up by killing air-machines ( drone strikes). In this manner they can force progressive taxes until they give themselves $1 billion dollar salaries, voted in secret hand-raising ceremonies in the sacred offices of the people’s government.  When Obama came to office, this hope and change theme meant Obama was angry that humans have civil rights – and he was put here on Earth to take them away – because that means more tax payer monies (his source of income) can be extracted from the citizen-slaves to support Obama $250,000 daily-stipend to hose parties and vacations, one-after-another – all fun all the time.  Obama’s father –side of the family grew up with the laws of the jungles, where might is right and logic, reason, compromise and caring for fellow humans was ‘ off-limits.’ Kenyans were seen as weak by their family members if they cared about the poor and disadvantage – at least from the perspective of Obama’s actions as a U.S.A. public official. Obama increased the military presence around the Middle East by 666% which has not changed yet as I write this. The U.S.A. has been under the longest unemployment ( longer than the Great Depression, which now papers more like a blip on the radar screen) in U.S.A. history and Obama and the Democrats are passing laws that give “hiring advantages’ for foreigners, illegal immigrants ( they call undocumented U.S. citizens) all the while 76% of all Americans ( gathered info by U.S. and oversea banks) live from month-to-month, paycheck to paycheck. Obama know that any passage of this new immigration amnesty Bill will cost the U.S.A. in the first ten years some 6,300,000,000 ($63. trillion dollars) at the cost of families that lived here for generations. 76% of all Americans living from month-to-month, paycheck to paycheck is not White Privilege. The Hispanic- Latino brown group in the U.S.A. threaten Armageddon after ‘Operation Wetback’ and they are threatening it again if the Congress, House, and President do not give ‘more’ and ‘more’ brown privilege. In the new bill, illegal Hispano-Latinos will not be punished for breaking the same laws as Whites, they will get Job Preference (they control almost all the Southern California City jobs as of now with hiring practices that shut out blacks and whites), they get free monies ($6.3 trillion) and it does not seem to stop there, as in 20 years Hispano-Latino will have the majority of youth and potential young voters growing up in an America that supports their anti-Democratic heritage. Hispano-Latino rise to prominence under dictators, aligned to Fascism with NAZIs and Mussolini, ruled under Roman Caesars and suppressed Jews and Christians, likewise. To implement this ideology, Obama has seized the controls of the National Satanic Agency (NSA) and is committed to taking guns out of U.S.A. Democratic government lovers’ of demo government.

When corporations, Auto, Banks, Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Sysco) are tethered by government contracts for surveillance data, we live in a Fascist State – as outlined in the work by Giovanni Gentile (Ghost wrote Doctrine of Fascism & authored Origins and Doctrine of Fascism). Gentile lived and worked under the B. Mussolini Regime. The idea of fascism, a Roman idiomatic expression for a bundling of tweeds with a string-rope, means corporations and the central government are tied to special interests. The workers have no say at all; the decisions of work, jobs, giving jobs are tied directly to the government. This remains Obama’s goal and he has been achieving it with a grade A+. No one believed ( but a few) Obama was a true fascist, but his actions, over-and-over again, are fulfilling the Fascist doctrine.

Satan is all about elevating oneself or a group to be above God. "If God is in control, we must take them over," the N.S.A. concludes. The N.S.A. is all about control and Satan is all about control. So if it quakes like a duck, looks like a duck, smells like a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a duck – empirical science proclaims.

(N)o (S)Toping (A)nti Christ

June + Spring 2013


IRS., NSA, CIA, FBI all background checks are conducted by Foreign Contractors ( called outsourcing). Ed Snowden revealed ( Illegal U.S. President Obama to capture and torture, and execute, via White House communications) The I.R.S. has over 50 persons who falsified background checks for employment and redistribution of U.S.A. populations tax-payer funds to foreign combatants. Obama is concerned at this time to allow tens of million of migrants access to free U.S. tax-payer monies and to arm, legitimize, and befriend al qu’aeda and the Taliban ( publically announced by the White House!), President Bush’s number one enemy.


China paper praises for 'tearing off DC's sanctimonious mask'...

IRS: Targeting Was Broader, Lasted Longer Than Previously Reported...

Kerry: US wants no confrontation with Russia...



++++sec 9a ++++++++++++


written 26 June 2013


Obama exploded onto the scenes like a bolt of lightening. In fact, Barack means ‘lightening,’ and this name is found in the Bible of one of the Hebrew generals. The Bible also claims Satan falls like a bolt of lightening. Well, Obama rose to power like a bolt of lightening; we have not yet seen its fall from grace. But like former Guns-n-Roses front man says, “[...] all we all need is a little patience.” Barbados native and American recording artist, Rhianna wrote a song about the fall-out of not waiting your turn: “[...] if you play it side-ways, they are already on their way- ā,” meaning you have to wait your turn. Obama, unlike Herman Cain a respected businessman, Obama has never held a real job.  Obama never went to his Senate seat, he missed most of the votes, he apparently did not care about Democracy – he was planning his rise to dictatorship, writing his books on how evil the white race had suppressed his ‘fathers!,’ then preparing his Democratic Convention lie-speech on how he promotes equality for all humans. After this speech the media and government believed Obama was here to create unity and a celebration of diversity – the opposite became true the first month into his first term in office.  Obama had the Department of Justice increase ‘Project Megiddo,’ a program originally designed for the year 2,000 millennia celebrations, but in fact was code to eradicate Conservative Christian values – by targeting all Christians, naming them under the domestic terrorist watch list as priority number one for elimination.  Obama cared less for the religious argument but understood white people in America skew toward Christianity – his mortal enemy. This led the I.R.S. to suppress 3,000,000 Christian United States citizens from voting against Obama in the 2012 elections. This is why he won. No other president has ever won re election with job unemployment at record highs ( e.g. non-war years).  


Inspector General’s letter Congress in late June of 2013: 100% of all I.R.S. tea party applications were put under review for political party evaluations. There were 292 Tea Party groups targeted under Obama’s I.R.S. “Tea Party is the enemy of Democracy” 2010, proclamation. In contrast, there were only six progressive groups that were placed under review – all other progressive parties that promoted voting for only the Democratic Party were passed over for review and granted tax exemption status. (note: the U.S.A. media reports it was a 50/50 split, but the media has been misrepresenting facts for some time now, because of political motivation.).


The code word for destroying groups of humans today is a word, raciest! It is a made-up atheist term. Before this time Christianity meant racist. y’Hoshua (e.i. Greek, Jesus) never called himself Christ. The Roman and Middle Eastern Atheists around Palestine called anyone a Christian who were not loyalists to the Roman Caesar. The mentality is ‘ you are either with us or against us,’ a quote made famous by Hillary Clinton days after the 911 attacks and later popularized by George W. Bush, Jr.  If a Roman soldier made a public comment that this person is a Christian, it meant they are racist and must be persecuted – to which happened century after century. Christens became the ire of big government by boycotting the Roman temple festivals (where one spends their worker monies on gifts, food, entertainment, and government charities, called a tax). Today, if you are anti-government you are called a racist. According to society’s progress, anyone against progressive-larger-government and its absolute control is a racist and therefore must be destroyed, financially and if possible physically. This is the common theme of our modern world.


Christianity won the irk of the Romans because this group did not contribute to any Roman central government economic apparatus. They did not believe in a Caesar ( like Obama) teachable moments. The same thing is said of the Christians today, but the use of the word Racist is the key-code word for destroy at all costs. This is why the N.S.A. and I.R.S. use their sophisticated technologies to kill, silence, suppress, audit, and destroy all Christian groups in America. These two alphabet agencies almost all vote party-line Democrat. At the 2012 Democratic Convention, many votes to take God out of all references to the Democratic Party platform was aggressively voted upon and will probably pass the next vote around. In its place will be an Abomination of Desolation. It is similar to saying Obomination of Democration. When corporations ( G.E.,  Google, N.S.A., Intel, Facebook, etc..) are tethered by special interest to the central government – thus the bailouts and pay-outs, this is called Fascism by the original author, Giovanni Gentile (Ghost wrote Doctrine of Fascism & authored Origins and Doctrine of Fascism). There is not one mention of hating others because of their skin color or denying them government or secular employment. These works describe a bundling of private and public corporations or business with the affairs of the state, intrinsically – interwoven. This is exactly how Obama operates and Satan too! At the top of a fascist society, there is always its spiritual ( or ideological) fürer (king). It is there job to ‘teach’ and ‘mentor’ by teachable moments on how to conduct one’s lifestyle and mannerisms and ways of economy. This proves there is nothing counter to what Obama has done that is any different than the origins of fascism. This is why we call this place now the O.S.A. the Obama State of America. He is the ideological winner, the supreme skipper, the chief, the boss, the tyrannical ruler. Obama is the biggest anti- democracy leader in modern history.


If the bible identifies Satan as ‘a bolt of lightening,’ then Obama is fulfilling this role and gets an A+. His framing and jailing of a Southern Californian Christian so he can supply al qu’aeda militants in North Africa with heavy military weapons so they can kill brown middle eastern persons is one more example of his plethoric deconstruction of monotheism. Satan does not like completion; communism (which is dictatorship) also does not like competition. There is no room at the top except for Obama, and this sentiment is held by Satan himself. So there is no leap of faith about uncovering who the real Obama is: Obama plays the part and seems to relish the role.


Nobody knew who Obama was, he rose through black liberation theology Church in south-side Chicago, training 20 years for his takeover of the world, lauding is filthy rich pastor who has a golf course and a castle as his home and million dollar vacations to South Africa, periodically. He used unethical and dirty tricks to usurp one of Chicago’s U.S. Senate Seats, destroying innocent families, and then never attended the Senate to work. He did not report his book proceeds because it would have nullified his first years’ Senate salary. Obama made millions of dollars that year and did not want to help the poor by legally reporting his book proceeds. He kept the money because he is greedy and a capitalist.


Obama has shown to be a fraud in every way.   Instead he wrote two pseudo autobiographies where he made his infantile feelings known. White People are evil and the destruction of them will solve all of the world’s problems. This is Obama’s theses in both books.  No one read these books but Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Committee proved just the opposite to his views in these books: everyone should work together, we are all equal. If you citizen Obama you are a racist – just as the Romans framed and identified Christens who were private sector advocates. Obama spews unconscious words from his mouth. Is the eradication of the white race (Christians) the answer to world peace and tolerance, Obama argues in his books. To Obama the answer is yes and Christens are the prime targets. The black liberation theology Church Obama attended had little to do with anything about Christianity. The services were really about love and toleration, and Obama sat hearing every single real or made up deed the White People on Earth have done. Out of the fiery rhetoric, Obama spirited his plan to correct the situation by ending Christians – because Christians are the racists.


The word bama means son of a sorceress or a warlock, and adding the ‘o’ at the beginning means crooked sorcerer. Obama the Grand Wizard of The Satan group cannot be dismissed if God’s plan was to have all people treated as equal. The poor are dying under Obama’s ‘war on the poor’ and the medias complicity usually covers up cops beating innocent mentally handicap humans to death in Los Angeles and Orange Country parks, because it is a fun-release and a pleasurable past-time. Unless talk radio ( Christian for the most part) pressures the Los Angeles community to call and pester the T.V. stations, these cop-killings including whites by black and Latino cops are now common place. Obama the Grand Wizard focuses on Tre von Martin’s murder and always ignores the poor and helpless blacks, browns (Hispano-Latin-Middle Eastern, South Asian) and whites (Asians included as white) and sides with a lower middle class uppity, Tre von Martin. Since Obama claimed this case was important because Tre von Martin could be his own son ( tre von has black skin, Obama has brown skin but portrays himself as black) the media covered the story. The White and black homeless being innocently murdered all across the U.S. by crooked cops has never upset Obama one iota.


Eric Holder who released ( pardoned) brown Puerto Rican terrorist that killed innocent white U.S. citizens, and convicted,  in bomb attacks in 1999 so they can win Hillary Clinton a new York Senate Seat has been aggressively attacking anyone that speaks out against the government.


Reporters are also getting killed because they talk out against the U.S.A. government.


The  assassination of Michael Hastings < same people they sent after I> at Los Angels in June of 2013 A.D. remain deathly silent. Obama does not care about the poor, only his $250,000 stipend per-day to eat, party, and have galas, celebrations, play golf, eat lobsters flown in specially, to play basket ball, give out awards ( these are fun-time activities) and be lazy. Hollywood celebrates Obama because Hollywood is lazy too. They work for a few months and make $100,000,000 of dollars and take their business to foreign countries so they escape the taxes so they hope to kill the poor and marginal poverty stricken blacks and whites. It is the only reason that Hollywood goes to foreign countries so they do not pay taxes so they can eradicate the poor. The taxes gathered by all states to the federal are assistance to the poor and disabled citizens and Hollywood by escaping these U.S. taxes kill the poor – which as I state is their ultimate goal. I do not want to hear I’m a liar. The Hollywood Academy Award crowd daily lectures the world on paying their faire share of taxes to help the poor – when they do exactly the opposite. The two biggest money making machines in the U.S.A. world are Hollywood and Washington D.C. Obamacare exempts all government employees ( yes the now wealthy of the U.S.A.) from paying anything into Obamacare. The poor who make $10,000 or less must pay $3,000 annual tax or go to jail to support the government workers ( annual salaries $30,000 - $1,000,000+ public college Chancellors at the top)  --these people do not have to pay anything. That is how corrupted Obamacare really is and was envisioned by Obama who appears to align to Satan.


Obama, an admitted liar, had fooled the people and won by a landslide the 2008 general elections. He companied on ending white rule and making it illegal to oppose black superiority, and his tyrannical government. Still no-one really knew him at all, only that he had dark skin tones and did not look like past presidents. The New York Times, just after the 2008 result that night, concluded Obama the winner, and its headlines, the online news paper section blasted Obama wins because he was black. The reason this was said was Obama claims whites are like black holes, they suck light and goodness into darkness, leaving nothingness and so whites are the evil that plague the Earth!  I did not vote for Obama knowing this, but many whites did and this is what we get, a really paranoid, unemployed country, government – wall street-Hollywood corruption constantly, fleecing of the treasury, constant class warfare, class suppression, class violence by government employees, murder, meddling in other countries, assassinating world leaders without a consensus, invading foreign territories, and tyrannical suppression by the central authorities as Obama at its head. The Constitution has already been secretly dismantled by the Democratic Party (Republicans seem complicit), and Obama continues Bill Clinton’s program of spraying the skies of Earth with mysterious toxins.


Black Continue to Lose Jobs Under Barack Hussein Obama. Why?


I spend much time at public libraries, living on the streets, chronically my whole life. I never grew up in White Privilege, I grew up in Black, and Brown privilege and lived upon the scraps of the Earth from their tables of moral superiority. Over the course of four years, I now see many blacks out of work in Los Angeles now sitting in the library all day long without any hope. It is no secret that Latinos took the dry-wall industry from the Blacks under Obama’s term, and have taken more of the city jobs away from them too – so blacks under Obama, at least from my city, Los Angeles, is a disaster. They have not gained jobs; they lost them to other minorities. Now they sit in these public libraries without hope and definitely a change for the worst.  


This is why Obama wants to make 11,000,000 Hispano-Latinos instant citizens, many come to the southland, so that he can destroy what little jobs the blacks have left to feed their families. They will get job preference over black Americans; the new immigration bill makes it a law. This is the only reason Obama is doing this -- to suppress blacks because he believes that blacks should not get a fair share of job-market employment in Southern California. There is no other explanation.   In Oakland California, it is just the opposite. The blacks have a majority of the blue-collar city jobs ( but gaining in white collar, such as doctors, lawyers)  and Latinos are shut-out. The Bay Area is where the Blacks first came after emancipation and later from the hatred of non-leagal but accepted Southern- to south-Eastern U.S.  Jim Crow laws; so blacks have more heritages in the Bay Area and thus moved into government positions much earlier than the Latinos up north. Latins for years have  been the majority ethnicity, by raw numbers in Los Angeles County. Being homeless allowed me to see the homeless demographic makeup and most are whites and blacks. All I see are illegals, cannot speak English, running the city with their $80,000,000 a year jobs and $1,000,000+ retirement packages starting at only -30 years of work. On their work vehicles and personal vehicles they fly South American Nation Flags in pride that his is where they will eventually take over and kick out all the blacks, whites ( including Asians as white) in the coming decades. The white Hollywood crowd must first die off or be killed and laws at this time allow for prosecution of anyone killing hollywoodites, white to black inclusive. But this will be no less than a generation to accomplish. Hispano -Latinos do not care about democracy, they have never run them in their 5,000 recorded existences, they prefer mock or false democracies with tyrants behind the scenes and there is the model of Mexico to replace the American way in all the cities. This will be America full of crooked cops, crooked government, crooked courts, and chaos in the streets – forcing most persons to flee to other countries. The downside is that Hispano –Latinos will take over the U.S. military and its technologies and go around the world killing for fun. So Obama’s inability to turn this around does imply he is about the group of Satan’s minions. he has completed the divide started by the Beast, Bill Clinton and this will allow the way for hell on Erath in the near future. Obama did not take the Rhianna song’s advice and ‘wait your turn.’ He, Obama, at the start and as of now was always unqualified for this presidential position. He was a play thing for the white faction of the Democratic Party. Bill, The Beast, Clinton said “only a few years ago, Obama would be carrying out our grocery bags.” What he meant was Barack Hussein Obama had not met the conditions to become a real world leader. Obama’s ancestors remained lazy in the jungles for 5,000 years, and then had a few hundred years of slavery, and then about 140 years of education, and less than 40 years of civil rights – and Obama claimed he knew better than all previous 5,000 world rulers so he sold his story to elect him. Whites have spent 5,000 in hard labor to produce Democracy and equal rights and in the last three decades black African have killed each others black tribes in bloody wars over who would get up from their lazy ways and go to work. The age of food growing on trees is long over to support a tribe, because of the population explosions – everyone has to work hard to produce enough foodstuff for all and being lazy in the bush and warring because black tribe authorities ask one to get up out of their lazy chair, so-to-speak, and work, rather prefer to go to war and kill others to blame another tribe, than make an effort to make things good for all of Black Africans. The Democratic Party is the laziest party; and when elections are over they must go back to work.  Almost every time I go into a government office, the workers are watching T.V., or playing cards, or lounging around doing nothing but complaining they are suppressed and not rich like Donald Trump or Hollywood actors and actresses $100,000,000 dollars bank accounts. The Chinese government archives on past dynasties illustrate this problem when the government employs everyone, no one works and people start to die – because of the laziness of the ‘security’ of government employment.


Obamacare was put into place to force all U.S.A. citizens to register for the Democratic Party, it was also a tax hike as I said before its illegal passage (yes, it was illegal, and no one was allowed to read the Bill or view it prior to the hidden council vote and executive orders) but new revisions are now following procedures, such as the I.R.S. for the last two years to deny anyone not a loyal Democratic Party (e.g. tyrant party in reality) will be denied medical and health services. What Obama had stated in the media and press junkets are lies anyway.


Obama: I was against Homosexual Unions all my life and before all of these Scandals erupted. Now I’m for it. I give you something to talk about to take attention away from my criminal actions.


This type of game plan is common in tyrannical dictatorships, often called Communism during the 20th century. .  Now Obama who taught as an embattled quest graduate student at Chicago for one semester < Left uses community as tyranny and calls it socialism >, fired over laziness by the faculty, F.O.I.A. documents reveal, advocated (his class final exam(s)) against unions between only males or females. Was this Obama’s real loyalty to the traditional marriage argument or does he secretly dislike the idea of homosexual unions? His about face comes in a time where scandal after scandal has plagued the first half of his second term in office: Stopping all Press (assassination of Michael Hastings in Los Angeles in June of 2013 with a media lock-out – no reporting, a small email published by the Los Angeles times just before he died, complaining the federal authorities were after his family, friends, and himself – the wire-taping of families of A.P. reporters,  the I.R.S. targeting of non-Democratic contributors to the Obama dictatorship, the putting of innocent Christians in jail when he was running rockets and weapons from Libya, ben Ghazī to al qu’aeda – he now publically admits and approves of arming terrorist with U.S. ( non-voting rights) tax payer monies. The secretly printing of $58,000,000,000 a month to prop up the Stock Market, and when unemployment remains the highest under any administration in U.S. history, including longer than the Great Depression; The failure to pass any budget for four-years, the secret raises and billion dollar allowances on family, friends, celebrity parties and frequent lavish vacations; His attacks against the Bible, Jews, Christens, and Churches in general. The two class society he has made, the rich are the government workers of the U.S.A., state and federal, about 10% of the U.S.A. population, they make almost all the monies, and 70% on some form of welfare, living in almost abject poverty, and these 70% support the 10% salaries, retirement packages, and perks – and his $6.3 Trillion Dollars to support 11,000,000 million non-U.S. Citizens: 95% Latin immigrants and give illegal aliens ‘ priority job placement under his new Obama States of America. He has divided the country more than Bill Clinton had achieved and that is saying something significant. Obama continues rendition, at Baghram, Afghanistan, starvation of Guantanamo prisoners of the Clinton started and fictitious  War on Terrorism, doctrinized under Democratic Party lover Geroge W. Bush, Jr, and his  buddy Dick Cheney, who champion illegal wire-taping, and trumped up charges against,  not an official war.


Obama increase drone strikes by 700% (as of Dec. 2012), killing more persons than the Entire Iraq II war U.S. casualties in under four years of operation. The media does not report on this, the Middle East does with videos, testimonies, and mass grave funerals; because the term fascism means a bundling together and the media and Obama kill innocent Middle Easterners are what get these people sexually exited.


Obama always gloats about this, and the middle easterners despise him and see him as the enemy of Allah. Obama says he loves America but he also says all Politicians lie, which is a lie in and of itself. So since we know Obama is a notorious consistent liar, he hates America by his own admission.  When Obama cannot get his way he kills, uses violence, and has violent Hollywood celebrities to back him up because of their massive media power over the world masses.


Obama wants to take carbon out < the good carbon and put back dirty carbon, e.g. Natural gas > of the air because he knows it will destroy the human race because all scientists know an teach that carbon in the air keeps humans alive and cool from overheating. Ignorance is not an excuse Obama. They taught you this at undergrad, or were you too stoned on marijuana, Chom gang ( Obama’s Hawaiian High-School drug club, seen in Yearbook photo w/ chom caption)  to pay any attention to your lessons. The (F.O.I.A.) Chicago University faculty complained in emails and letters you are too lazy to be a teacher and you have the gull to claim you are a teacher of the human race: I will give “Those teachable moments,” Obama. Other F.O.I.A. acts prove your father, the drunk was kicked out of Harvard, and you lied again in your pseudo autobiographies, he was too busy illegally moving Africans into western nations and asking the Harvard faculty to pay for it masking as paying for his many babies and wives, he was Islam, they can have four wives legally. The bailouts under Obama were redistribution funds to his campaign contributors, masked by corporation cries, nothing to do with helping, healing, hoping for American success.  He gave multi-billions of dollars to Fannie Mae, to Citi bank, to Chase, to Bank of America, and to Wells Fargo, so he could prove what a fascist ( i.e. binding together)  the central federal authorities with big business – the opposite of what the Democratic Party platform declares as its directive. Obama used the N.S.A., C.I.A., N.A.S.A., Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., and Microsoft Inc. to suppress his opposition and destroy them at all costs. He stole the elections by international campaign donation websites were billions rolled in with out knowing what country or citizens had donated these massive amounts of cash. Obama’s poll numbers fell to 44% ( as of 24 June 2013) approval rating, the first time it has sunken low for him – and the poll asks in a ratio about 70% democrats and 30% republicans – so even his own party does not like his tyrannical ways.



Obama on Guns: “If they bring a knife, you bring a gun” ( 2008 campaign, speaking to the democratic party base in total paranoia).


Obama, only after Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting ( winter of 2012) wants to take all the guns and ammunition away and dismantle the U.S.A. Constitution, except the 13th amendment. His position has been silent on the issue for his entire political intrusion, and even pro-gun ownership statements plague his past. Of course he is playing the political whore.   Eric Holder, his Attorney General, continues to provide AR-15s to Hispano-Latino military drug cartels so they can murder the increasingly poor Mexican populations – no other reason has ever been rationalized. The war on Drugs has been a joke for decades, so we know arming drug cartels with AR-15s does nothing to stop the movement of marijuana and cocaine over the southern U.S.A. boarders. There have been over 60,000 murders with a major percentage of innocent victims to which Obama holds up as a plaque of accomplishment. To Obama that loves killing innocent Pakistanis and Middle Eastern mothers by hell-fire missiles and gets the video footage so he can masturbate, readily and often admits this to the press. The world of the U.S.A. is in the midst of evil at this time.  To Obama, he never or does anything wrong. It is always the fault of someone else’s decision. Eric Holder has prosecuted more Whistleblowers (against government corruption) than all U.S.A. Presidents combined. This means tyrannical government has reared its ugly head in the United States of America.


Obama Epic Fail: 2012 Tax Review

USA corporations paid 12% in taxes last year

USA  most Americans paid 35% in taxes

All Obama supported corporations paid 12% Taxes last year, they make $$$ billions of dollars, and most Americans paid 35% in taxes who do not make enough to feed their families. This is the Obama hope and change schemata. Obama and the Spy agencies clubs, Google, Facebook, NSA, CIA, all pay next to nothing in taxes, and each C.E.O. or founder make $billions of dollars a week. And you beat up people claiming Obama was a savior for the common human, the poor human, the struggling human.

PHOTO: President's Brother Malik Obama Wears Kaffiyeh Declaring Muslims Will Destroy Israel...

Holder can't explain constitutional basis for executive orders...

Obama Announces ( despite his inaugural promise 2009 A.D. to work with both sides) he will be now a dictator, and pass legislation by Decree ( EOs ).  He mentioned this in his 2014 State of the Union Speech, live on T.V.

State of the Union Audience Hits 14-Year Low...

                     Obama’s  cold war =
Trade stoppage to Russia ( they have white skin, so must be white devils)
Trade stoppage to Iran ( They performed 9/11 but true reason, Obama is Sunni).
Trade Stoppage to North Korea ( Why? Obama thinks Asians look funny)
Trade Stoppage to American lower classes
Obama + GOP= legislation profits for super rich
Obama + Cuba = Tyrant Support.
Obama + Gruber = 1%er tax breaks, profits for Pharma and for Medico Corps
Obama +  Reid = stop 500 legislation bills so Obama has Executive Order Excuse
Obama + Janet Napolitano ( not born in USA, writes Patriot Act #2, bans Christianity, all civil rights
Obama + people who voted for him = these are tyrant and feudalistic ideologists, anti-Democrats ( suggestion to deport all who voted for him as they hate democracy).
War Obama = War on Christians
War Obama = War on Women ( under Obama women’s  salaries plummeted or remain stagnant)
War Obama = 9/11 Terrorists ( he let go those involved in 9/11 from Gitmo, they went on to kill  1,000s of innocents already)
War Obama = Promised to start a Caliphate as Democracy is Evil under Obama  so he created ISil by U.S. Military equipment and direct funding of ISil ( no one cares about the truth, it is sooo clear, Michael Hastings was assassinated by Brennan at LA, over this very issue).
War Obama = War on the Poor (the poor have exploded on to  the American street scenes, more whites than both blacks and browns ( east to west).
War on the Office of Presidency = take massive vacations and used $210,000,000 for personal party money for friends and travels, restaurants, SS, accommodations, military escorts and golfing.
War Obama = War on Facts, he almost daily cites inaccurate U.S. and world history leading us to believe he is a Hustler, a Con man, and his supporters over 50 % must be too dumb.

DNC and Obama collusion with Ukraine. Obama punished Russians who were innocent of all charges.

#democrats #colluded with #Ukraine to dig up dirt on @donaldtrump

#Democratic sources said that a DNC contractor, whose work included organizing political events for Ukranian-Americans, did tell DNC operatives that Ukrainian officials would be willing to deliver damaging information on Trump's campaign - #CNN #collusion #bookoflife #arcmichael #07122017AD
#DNC denies, see #NSA plausibility denial act . Just lie, never admit is the 1%er policy.

"These allegations are false. Period," said Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee. She may also had said " #FxxK Bernie Sanders and go DNC leaks 2"

in memory of seth rich


#unmasking #SethRich to Obama had Doctor over that treated and killed Seth Rich at the #Whitehouse over six times two weeks before the assassination of #sethrich . She is intimately involved. #RussiaInvestigation
she and #AntiChrist Obama were running slush funds to their buddies the @Yellowbellies

CAP: Center for American Progress has ( FIRST SOLAR ) Solar Panel Company which after #Podesta has power under Obama, they get $4 billion U.S. Dollars and that is a direct client of CAP, creating an insider Government Ponzi scheme.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07122017AD




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