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Africa - Kenya  Barak Hussein Obama  -- Horoscope Part VIII

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Barack Hussein Obama II

A Mystical Look into his Soul


Book of Life :1 July  2010 © Michael Johnathan McDonald

2 August 2010 ©

Legend: Hussein implies Barak Hussein Obama II.

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  Explaining Obama's Fraudulent Birth Certificate By Moi & Experts in the field

astrologers need accurate data:

Obama [ web astro] sec [8] original part of 1, moved to 8.

  • Obama Poll numbers last week of December 2013, only 39% approve of his job performance, AP Gallup Poll.  

    December 2013 a few months after Obamacare forced insurance on the poor became law: Obama also had a 39% approval rating.

    Nov 12, 2013 ... The poll says 54 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama's job performance  and 39 percent approve, which is the president's lowest.   

    Obama gave Pakistanis a hater Christmas Present by Ordering from Hawaii 3 innocent children droned strike. In biographies on Obama released in 2013, many quote him in personal dialogue to administration and family members that he understands, that is Obama understands, he is good at killing people. Under Obama, no other president, his administration told Pervez Musharraf that Obama’s U.S.A. will take over Pakistan and either you follow or we will send you to prison. So Pervez Musharraf resides in a prison and MEAMIC goes about running and killing anyone it its way.

fast and furious: 2009-11 Executive Assault Weapons, Murder Order, Obama Style.

Began October 2009: after Bush was out of office.

1,500 Military Assault Weapons given by Holder, Obama to Latin Drug Cartels, so Obama can create gun violence to promote the end of the 2nd Amendment of the United States of America Constitution.


Obama Gun Legislation, 23 executive orders while Astroid Lucifer passes equatorial plane. Coords: 013-Jan-17 00:00:00.000 19 57 49.40 -24 37 08.6 15.77 5.66 n.a. n.a. 3.45805688642452 -0.0173433 -1.45833 Sgr 67.184392 296.8004482 -3.8623305


Obama operation to purchase guns mainly in Arizona, then move them across the boarder and give them to violent criminals who then killed tens of thousands of people, including American citizens --- all to drum-up support for absolving of the second Amendment and blaiming poor protestors to Obama's plan of destroy Asmerica -- because he wrote in his fictional autobiograghy that White people are the cause of all evil.


Eric Holder refused to turn over documents about this murder campaign, upon Congressional request. He called Obama and the president gave Holder executive privilege to keep this a secret against the U.S.A. constitutional notion of discovery. The reason this became an issue was that Americans being killed in Mexico and more egregious were the American border agents being gun down by Obama’s guns.


Basically the plan was to kill as many humans as possible to support the taking away of all personal protection so that government can create a brown-shirt organization to do Obama’s evil deeds. We already know Obama kills U.S. citizens (he admits it) without Constitutional representation. February 4 , 2012 Holder sent a letter to Congress that A.T.F. (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms)  was solely to blame for all these decisions – this was a lie. The A.T.F.’s job is to prevent weapons from leaving American shops and being sold to criminals of foreigner countries.


National Broadcast Network ( NBC) blamed the poor Tea Party people of running the program, when this was a serious murder program by Obama. The American news organizations are lying machines, bent on keeping the rich as the aristocracy in place at the controls of human destiny.


This was Obama’s reasoning: If we kill American citizens by American guns in the hands of the criminal Drug and Sex traffic Cartels of Latin organization, then we can advocate the confiscation of American self protection and I can take the military and take over the United States of America. At least, we can get the process of doing away with the Second Amendment of the United States of America’s Constitution.


Obama on Fast & Furious: “If I can trick the American people to think Arizona and other gun shops sell assault rifles, we can get rid of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (2010 A.D.). I cannot wait for little children and women to be violently gunned down, so we can blame the Tea Party.” 

Obama during his time as a Congress person demanded that then President Bush to give time-tables to the enemies in Iraq’s war so they can kill U.S. troops easily. So everyone knew Obama was a anti-American radical. Obama told Larry King (19 March 2007) that Presidents should not hide behind executive orders -- that context was about the then Vice President Cheney's executive privilege from Karl Rove's protection of attorney generals. Bush actually fired less attorneys than Obama or Clinton -- Clinton fired all the attorneys, so it was a spurious claim.

The Obama administration claimed after hiding the documents that it was President Bush -- Holder and Obama claim they have documents to prove this was Bush's program but they will not turn over the documents -- which means Obama lies again (Acubens to his natal Sun)  -- an al-Gol signature because people lost their lives.

Holder and Obama said you can have documents but you must relinquish legal powers to throw Obama and  throw Holder out of power. This is the current state  of the U.S. Justice Department.

So the Congressional Plan by the Democrats is to claim that this is a lie and is all about racism.


Obama  associated to the underworld.


The Descendant is symbolic ever since the Egyptian astrological systems of death and the crossing over to the west – there regional direction for the afterworld’s geolocal. However, in practicality, the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and this was and is how the astrological wheel and earlier scribal models were constructed by a rational logic empirical senses. The west is symbolic of death because this was where the stars left the visual sight sometimes until the following year and the Sunlight set into the darkness, which was associated to the underworld. In practicality, it is a general time where most people are preparing and then will go to sleep. This then represents a time in American astrological chronology via the secondary progression system of Padua for the period when America crosses over from one existence to the next. 


The Gorgones are of the sect where Medusa’s body comes from the dark regions of Hell to represent a blood feud and in other mythos of a rival female leader ( or a feminine or non-traditional leader) in a patriarchal system of rulership in the middle east and eastern Europe;  and Hercules ( the head worship deity of Sparta) cuts off the Medusa’s head and uses it as a weapon to turn enemies into stone.). Since the Constellations are named by the Greeks the stars are named by the Arabic language, and Algol, beta persi, represents the Medusa’s cut-offed head looking at the human people from the heavens the ancient Omen text would claim what is this symbolism? How does it affect reality? So the astrological question is how to find its agents? Whom are the ones that create this symbolic connections? Here is a way for Judicial Astrological applications.


Obama’s Moon is the reflection of his being’s actions. It is conjoined to Algol, and involved in a time-frame of one of the small-conjunction(s) (Jupiter-Saturn) and is formed by a grand trine to Mars – where Anteres is the eastern horizon natal star for the U.S.A. The  13th century western European ascription of the anti-Christ are persons who have the Moon and Jupiter in a hard and/or strong aspect. This was a borrowing form the Abasssīd Astrological contributions.  Obama has his Moon trined to Jupiter, as does Nostradamus – both candidates by some Nostradamians for the role of MABUS. Hitler, had his Moon conjunct to Jupiter and he fulfilled the ancient nine-tenth century Arabic and pan-Middle eastern astrological geometrician for a candidate of an anti-Christ. Christ does not hate the Jews, so being anti-Jewish in theory marks one as an anti-Christ. When America exhibited its tough economic times after 1929, and more importantly around the mid-1930s, the stock market lost since the crash of 1929 about 90% of its currency worth, F.D.R. inherited a Jewish cabinet. However, after he took office he kicked them out and when Hitler, an admirer of F.D.R. chastised him in speeches that he refused Europe’s Jews to immigrate to the U.S.A., a history of anti-Semitism is ripe as any other culture or state in history – meaning the U.S.A. ‘at times’ and certain persons see Israel as the World’s problems. Obama has made it clear he does not support Israel except for some actions that appear politically expedient. Some astrologers that desire tropical astrology as a truth intend the Pluto and Uranus square – both present during U.S.A. economic struggling periods is the culprit. Contrary to this appraisal of worth of an analysis, the person and not the community of planets are the culprits. F.D.R. never solved the U.S.A. economic crisis, and he also apposed as General to be Macarthur marched on Washington pleading in protest to give veterans and the military some dignity instead of making them die of starvations and death by elements, human dignity. In World War I, soldiers came home lame, diseased, and dying and F.D.R. denied them for years any help at all, just laughing at their plight – because he was a Democrat and anti-military. He was no also economically illiterate and never created jobs or wealth while he was alive. Only in World War II, after Pearl Harbor, F.D.R. made a name for himself as a cheerleader ‘except for the eastern theater) of the private Republican  Businesses that hired Rosie the Riveter and women and anyone to build machines to battle the Axis forces. The left wing academia lies so much in their texts they make the children believe that public government created and managed the war effort and the subsequent prosperity thereof. The reason there are no solutions for our world are the text books by and large are ideologically a fallacy and full of  false-historical records promoted as fact and as truth. Perhaps the Pluto and Uranus squared in both cases of F.D.R. and Obama’s regimes exhibit this symbolic western creation of blaming all of the Jews when in fact only a sub-section of the elite of Jews and the Romans crucified Christ. The Medusa here may represent a turning to stone of the intelligence that we humans believe we have attained over other natural things? But that is for you to guess, where judicial astrology concerns us with fate.  


The ancients (c. 2,100 B.C.E.,  -- Neo Babylonia ) called Anteres ‘the little mars.’ So the connections are relevant in this Biblical based astrological method. Some call it connecting the dots as everything is intertwined. If the symbolism of the Medusa’s head turns whatever it peers at to stone, then symbolically when Obama peered into the U.S.A. economic situation his gaze turned the U.S.A. economy to stone. F.D.R. and Obama both have western weighted horoscopes. Both are ruling under a Uranus and Pluto square and its progression out of this geometrical formation, and both were adherents of central economic and non-demos-participational control. All megalomaniacs want to control the human sweat and its value as Marx defined economics. The central government wants to control all if it leans left which is the west or in Egyptian terms in astrology, death. Since the Sun means the end of something and the west does too by our terms we forged millennia ago, then certainly the U.S.A. signature is Algol in the west, its culmination was approximate during 11 September 2011, its logical conclusion was the triumph of equality of all to which led to the U.S.A. down-fall as humans are not equal as they develop after birth –although born equal by empirical observations. Most website and archives that discourse on celebrity and others’ horoscopes and Algol never use sidereal astrology and in most cases these people do not have Algol associated to their charts in reality. Still P.E.D.s in tropical astrology do carry some convictions amongst their adherents.


Note to the reader, the data was comprised of the astronomical calendar, and sidereal positions and the domicile system of Placidus – although no cusps were used to interpret the angles as they are 3/6 and 6/6 and sidereally placed by paran to Obama’s Moon!


Obama and Mao Tse-tung both had Algol by their P.E.D. positions but Tse-tung is opposed to his Mars. However, the U.S.A. horoscope and its subsequent progressions I used are sidereal and Obama’s Sun is paraned to Algol –‘Obama's Sun culminates as Algol sets.’ This prima Gorgon culminated during 11 September 2001 in the U.S.A. progressed horoscope used in mundane purposes, and is present as the U.S.A. descendant star and therefore the connection intends as Obama Sun culminates, an African Muslim son who hates the west producing two books accredited to his intellectual skills at European defamation which has its connection to the middle eastern sentiment where his father came from, so both the matches become what Algol is to the descendant and in both cases as a key-signature of the change from what U.S.A. once was to what a different U.S.A. this will be and by no means did Obama make it all this way; and still further yet, this is by no means a creation of my own of interpretations like this,  as the most celebrated real astrologers produced connections like this in history and therefore have demonstrated forces unknown to physics because of modern scientific fear of human behavior particles. This is called connecting the dots. In popular music culture, one music band emoted ‘One thing, one thing, leads to another,’ and just repeat in harmony. We saw the U.S.A. have its Gorgones on its descendant in the west.  The Gorgones culminated during the summer and fall of 2001, a global game-changer – and then we were all memorized by the Gorgonic Personal President, promising to change everything about the U.S.A. because all conservative things of the U.S.A. were evil and inspired terrorism – all founding fathers are terrorists, the lead Democrats claim at Union Halls for at least a half-of-a-century. These generalizations are what make the world a terrible place to many while others shout in power and control and no solutions can be realized or placed into implementation for the baneful masses. Algol may mean bad things but Obama is living in luxury of the pharos of Egypt. In America during the 1920s, the idea was everyone was equal, there are no kings and no peasants and just us,  a group of humans, together and to whom suffer and to whom celebrate together by life’s varied experiences. Today celebrities and politicians are described in print as ‘they’; they wear this, the eat there, they do that, not us. It is acceptable to say bad is good, there is no such thing as a model of a structure for ethics or morality as it has been rejected for personal aggrandizement. But this pertains to the Chronocrator Series a more elaborate Nostradamus’ system then a few individuals of history. Nostradamus fardāyrīya sec. 4 ).

Barack Hussein Obama II’s Saturnine fardāyrīya.

Now let’s introduce the one degree. Therefore, under one of Abū Ma‘šar’s fardāyrīya , computations provide Obama with a Saturnine Fardār of 1° 09’ 54” ( a computer with magini’s diviso and with the ancient 90 degrees division at 1° 06’ 00”). Lets demonstrate its prognosticatory applications and link it to the general election of Obama. Yet is there a system to check prognosticatory accuracy? Yes, lets shift this one degree, a Abū Ma‘šar suggestion, as part of a checks and balance system. What we are going to do is place another time-event in our stringy universe here. This will give us a new semi-arc fardār and another imposturous event.

This fardār has a continuum of 1° 09’ 54”. Obama’s natal Saturn is at 25CAP22’ 05’r + 54° 52’ (i.e. qisma to the fardāyrīya) will have an equal longitudinal movement ( a static direction!) to a tropical zodiac position of 00SAG08’. Obama’s natal M.C. is at 00SAG48’25”. Converting from the day of birth in 2008 until 4 November 2008, by the left –over fraction, therefore our signature arrives at an intihā’ of 00SAG 48’40”. In Ma‘šar’s language intihā’ (a terminal point) represents only conditional point to be interpreted, not implying death as Ezra would link Saturn to an angle by any such fardāyrīya he preferred – he had no favorite because it was either attributed to Persians, Helens or Arabs, but is solely for his understanding a very ancient system!.

But lets add into this equation the days of the year. Obama was elected, however, on 4 November 2008; the days are progressed further than 00SAG08’ which was calculated for the 4th of August. We need to revert back to the Saturnine fardār of 1° 9.6. So we start off with the fraction of 9.6 times 360 equals 3,456; and then we divide by 60 which gives us 57.6. We add this to 360 degrees to arrive at 418(°). Now we assume the year is equally divided into twelve segments but we use our new value of this ‘different’ fardār for a year which divided by into segments of twelfths we have 34.83; now converting to a sexagesmal system we arrive at 20’02” per month of 30 days each (remember we are working with the ancient 360 day solar-day calendar!). Now we calculate the calendar days from his birth day of this same year to the U.S. General Election for 2008 which was for this year on the 4 th of November and we have 61 days. Lets count 27 days of Aug + 30 days for September +4 days until 4 November, which amounts to a figure of 61 days; Since 61 days is approximately our equal-month-system of two 30 day-months each we add 20’02” times two for 40’04”; then we combine this with our found value for birth to birthdate of age 47 years-old and we arrive at a signature of 00SAG08’ + 40’04” will equal 00SAG 48’04. So Obama’s Saturn fardār and the tasyīr we chose to move toward the M.C., arrives with the 1 degree addition to the directional calculation we proposed and it arrives at the M.C. about the day of 4 November 2008. But Obama’s natal M.C. is at 00SAG48’25”. But remember we left out a whole day. This is about 36 seconds; I did the calculations for you. That places his promoter over the signature at age 47 and calculated for his election to the U.S. Presidency, perhaps one of the most memorable times of a human’s life, with a signature of 00SAG 48’40”.So by moving a single degree and changing our Saturnine fardāyrīya there was another monumental event in Obama’s life on 4 November 2008. This was the first dark skinned President to be elected to the office of the U.S. Presidency. However, this was derived from his chart, and we could propose that Saturn, as representative of careers, mattered for him for a prognosticatory application for his birth astrological chart. Yes, I used Mombasa Hospital, Kenya to derive this data as I do not believe he was born on any Hawaiian Island.

Finding the Star that Rose with the Sun for B.H. Obama?

Obama’s Heliacal Rising star is alpha, cancri, called Acubens. This star is denoted to liars and criminals. Ptolemy links the stars in cancri to Saturn and Mercury. this gives decisive logic, can manifest in ‘calculated actions,’ and in this sense for personal or group interest. The death cult leader, Jim Jones had Acubens connected to his planet Mars -- as both rose at the same time. He was viewed as a savior figure and led his people to South America and poisoned the entire group leading to the largest cult massacre in modern times. He was an excellent orator. Acubens’ Mercury-Saturn connection allows for these types of ‘calculated orations,’ and being the home of the Moon, that’s cancri in astrological history; there is the characteristic of the mother or nurturer’s personal traits in what they say. Obama’s claim that his mission is to give us these ‘teachable’ moments and to correct the White people from their sordid and evil past in his orations is equivalent to how Jim Jones spoke out against the U.S. government which at that time was republican and conservative, both parties including the Democratic Party. This star has been considered one of the most unfortunate stars in the skies. Along with many other evil stars in Obama’s horoscope, this main life-star colors the others stars like an umbrella. Since the world is made up of evil, evil is seen as the successful road. But as Christianity has already figured out, evil lies and corrupts the minds to believe it works in the best interest of those its seeks to ‘correct.’ Obama is correcting the minds of the U.S.A. patriots and citizens and leading us to his vision of Utopia – in the same manner as Jim Jones totally believed in his own mission to lead his chosen people to South America and make an utopia on earth. Sidereally, Obama is a Cancer. The famous astrologers of the past used Stars alongside the tropical zodiac, because something was missing in the total calculation and interpretation of a horoscope. Therefore I’m using stars too to shore up ‘vacant’ places in the horoscope that need coloring in so to speak. If we seek to interpret Obama’s role in the world, and the way Acubens has created liars and criminals, that trick the masses into believing they are the messiah, we need to take a deeper look at this person. Perhaps behind the teleprompter lies something other than what is on the screen.

As Obama’s Sun culminated (using the 4th of August, 12:24 pm local time) at Mombasa, Kenya, Algol set. The Star that actually rose with Obama’s Sun is the star called Acubens. For those using the Hawaii Chart data, the conservative star known as Canopus is used as Obama’s heliacal star. I do not use this location at all.  Yet, Obama is a radical socialist and ethnocentrist which are nothing like these Canopus influence’s. I’m not sure about agreeing with the dark star motif as this star is 40 degrees below Sirius and then another 40 degrees below this star is the South Pole. It can only be used up till about 37 degrees of north or south, if using it as a rising star or setting star. Robson states that this star ‘gives piety, conservatism, and can turn evil into good.’ ( Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, 1998), p. 65.). However, Obama is no conservative. Rather he is a socialist, but the word has been misplaced for over a century, as Obama as with Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler – all socialists, were extreme corporate capitalists. Obama is a corporate capitalist-socialist. He seeks as far as he can muster and break rules, to ‘gather’ the corporations to the federal jurisdiction so he can regulate the monetary output. Obamacare for example is  a good description of this. The Federal jurisdiction belongs to Obama, but he forces the states to pay for their own ‘free medical programs’ to their state- citizens. This way Obama and the federal government can have their cake and eat it too. However, the states are bankrupted because Obama forced stimulus onto these states with a heavy tax –repay price tag which damaged all the state’s fiscal budgets. Therefore, these are those riots and protests on the streets we have been seeing. Obama then pays-off his cronies of the insurance CEOs and Bank CEOs and other corporations such as the Unions with the stimulus which makes the unions very rich and depletes the local districts city-funds. This is to buy votes not to fix the economy. This is corporationism.

For those linking it to Mao Tse-tung’s chart, perhaps on his I.C. as the Sun passed the M.C., this indicates nothing to do with conservativism rather it denotes that after Tse-tung is gone things turn toward conservativism in China, which happened under his successor de facto ruler Deng. It should be noted that different academic Mao Tse-tung scholars, not astrologers, but regular university scholars all cannot agree to which source Mao Tse-tung to use to indicate his birth time. I calculated it to 6:41 am, according to the second in Command to the Chairmen, for his own bio on the Chinese despot.

Bernadette Brady states in her Book on Fixed Stars that “ Mao Tse-Tung [sic] was born at a latitude of 27N 52 where Canopus can rise and set. This is correct, however she does not give the timing nor does the tropical zodiacal degrees of the Sun associate itself to Canopus.  Brady states that Mao’s Sun was linked to Canopus. When his sun culminated, Canopus was on the Nadir.”[1] According to her book about 27 north Canopus rises with the Sun about 25 LEO or around August 3rd. This is why using the Hawaii coordinates people believe Obama has this conservative star linked to his Sun. However, Mao Tse-tung’s Sun is at 04CAP27’00” which means Canopus does not reach the I.C. when Tse-tung’s Sun culminates. This is perhaps she uses the wrong brithdate also. There are so many misinformation books on Mao Tse-tung out there in the world it is difficult for an accurate accounting.  Brady links Tse-tung to “a pathfinder”[2] based upon the interpretation of the star Canopus, interpreted by the ancients. Canopus rises with the Sun at 27 degrees of North about the  3rd or 4th of August, but Mao Tse-tung was born in December, not August. Tse-tung was born 26 December 1893, Siangtan (Hunan Province). I use also the time of 6:30 am as noted in one academic ‘prime source.’ Encyclopedias are not prime sources for birth times or dates for that matter. At 6:30 am, the star Betelgeuse which is linked to lasting fame is about one-degree off of a conjunction to the ascendant. Mainly I have been using different times, as far as the records differ ( not the date, the date are all 26 December) for rectification purposes. I have outlined this in a large paper.

Tse-tung has Mars opposition the PED of Algol, his Saturn is over Spica, his Moon is connected to cancri [ perhaps Praesepe] and Tse-tung as far as a pathfinder lead China into one of its very few ‘dark ages,’ the decade of the dark age in modern Chinese history. I do not think this is what Brady meant. She may have had her source for his birthday confused.

It was also discovered the Joseph Stalin changed his birth year to escape Horoscope analysis by expert astrologers. We know that four years before Augustus, the first Roman Emperor decreed four years before his death to outlaw interpretations of Roman officials – while at the same time publishing his correct horoscope to prove assassination was not in the ‘stars!’ We can understand that Mao keep himself secret as well.

Algol, or Medusa in Greek Mythology, and the Prankster in Arabic literature ( c. 8-9th centuries), were leaders or evil doers. Hercules was commissioned to kill this leader Medusa which then represented the hero killing the anti-hero. The star is in many communists chart because it represent hysteria over some perceived wrong, be it rational, irrational or fantasy. Doing a search on the star Algol with despots and crazed killers on the Internet one will find many pages dedicated to the study of this star in the horoscopes of these natives. There have been certain famous astrologers, or at least public astrologers today that will not comment on Obama’s horoscope. Many are still unsure about his location, indicating they rather not interpret it because of the confusion and their reputation. I use the Mombasa location because different stars are then applied and rectification is rather simple. It also moves the Moon from different locations in the chart and different tropical zodiac signs, as well as sidereal positions.

In Mao Tse-tung’s life he did not care about the people, and closed himself off with his own advisors and did not meet with the people’s complaints. He only formed unions with the youth whom he ordered to massacre the older people – in a crazed insanity associated to Algol and his Mars connection. But Cancri is where the similiarities between Obama and Mao match up in comparison.

Mao had his Moon in cancri and Obama has his Sun in cancri. This position posits and superiority complex and perhaps it associates to an attitude of  "I know what is good and you do not ."



Where is the location of Hussein’s Horoscope?

Barak Hussein Obama II’s promulgated Birth Chart, then permanently restricted, intends that Barak Hussein Obama was born at 7:24 p.m., for a local time at Honolulu Hawaii, on the 4th of August of the year of 1961. One source had the birth time recorded as 7:11 p.m.; but Hussein promulgated birth certificate to the media gives us a time of 7:24 p.m. or 19:24. While his ascendant, as tropical-geocentric and as a zodiactik investigated by most astrologers, these time variations do not change the overall chart’s angle signs; and only by marginal degrees, which still lay in Aquarius; however, his M.C. does however change from a Scorpion at Honolulu to the early degrees of Sagittarius in a Mombasa, Kenya, horoscope. Why Mombasa Hospital? According to some family members, Obama’s mother was refused access to board a flight to Hawaii because she was expecting. Immediately after giving birth to her young son, she flew strait-away to Hawaii and to have her child registered. Apparently this was done in a period of American history for birth-rights for dual-citizenship purposes. At this time, it was important to have the offspring born on U.S. soil or one of its protectorates, such as a military base. Today, if you are an American, just having the child makes that person a citizen. Also, currently in America we do not deport people who do not have citizenship. We simply ignore them until they commit a felony. It is important to understand the current geographical implications of modern America and the population crisis. Humans are flooding into America looking to escape their radical regimes but are not assimilating, but Balkanizing. Obama came to power over this one issue. The issue is that these masses of people flooding into the country represent a ‘new American’ demographic, a widely different demographic than the European model built up for over 300 years. In fact, the immense passion that Algol the star has played in the history of horoscopes relates directly to these things. The 1977 discovery of asteroid 2060, called Chiron, has also changed Astrology. This asteroid nearly makes two revolutions around the sun in a century, which is a pretty good marker when we know that other planets do not have this particular time-cycle. During the first year in office a historical Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune conjunction happened at two times in that year, and remained in close proximity making it something to determine an astrological value too. Obama’s rhetoric, of hope and change, corresponded to Chiron’s role in history of a symbol of a half-animal and half-human implying a ‘crossing over’ or a thing in transition. As a first person of non-‘full’-European heritage Barak Hussein Obama II represents that connection to Chiron of crossing over to another side. What side is this will be interesting to see, but from what has happened already the United States of America has been changed and many do not like it and the polls for the direction of America are the lowest approval since polling on this item has been recorded. I found that Mombasa hospital, despite the media ( which is solely leftwing radical, and not even Democratic traditional) supports that Obama was born in Hawaii, is a better horoscope and tells us more about the animal. In leftwing academia, the human is an animal, so our president is an animal. So this paper uses mainly the Mombasa Hospital Chart location, but also gives details on his promulgated Honolulu coordinates.

Under the Honolulu chart, Lilith is within a two degree of a conjunction to the descendant in the seventh house and it is in aspectum ( within a five- degree conjunction) to Obama’s natal Uranus. Thus, Obama as our personal friend or incontinent citizen while changing us in an evil way toward divisiveness and division – I doubt anyone would intend he has kept his promise of bi- partisanship or American unity. In fact, what is missing here is the Algol co-culmination point in a square with Obama’s descendant degree of 18LEO03 ( Geocentric/ Placidus, tropical). Obama’s Ceres rather implies that although a thorough communication will lack, which is important to Obama’s ruler ship;  he makes us feel that he has nurtured us as a newborn child. His role is to have us believe  those teachable moments because as Americans we are evil as a group or at least the traditionalists.   His ultimate goal is to change white majority rule to no white rule anywhere. This was his pastor’s rhetory in which he claimed was one of his many mentors.  Algol’s co-culmination point is conjunction to his Ceres thus makes him a hysterically passionate person and overly obsessive in achieving this goal(s). Since most white people are either poor or old in our current America (only a smaller percent, and very small are really rich and getting even richer), cutting Medical and Medicade to depopulate America’s white people is one such method he sought and achieved. Although he might not claim this, this was the desired result. It is either that or in fact he may not be qualified and affirmative action may be what is to blame.

He cut over one-half a trillion dollars from Medical and Medicade ( which is only a start as he will amend these further) which will ration care for many poor whites and the white elderly. Yes, other Americans of a different skin color may be affected, but their preferences in government handouts and stimulus monies rather off-set this diminution of government care for the poor.  His campaign contributions and special interests including the Democratic Party will off-set the immigrant poor with jobs and free services while the Republican Party will eventually cease to exist. Democrats which are not really democrats will be put in charge and their communities and receive the distribution of resources. Somewhat like in which ACORN has achieved official status by receiving huge bulks of funds from the stimulus packages while Hussein does not evenly distributing these tax-payer monies as suggested in Marxist literature. Algol still aspects his ascendant too. When Hussein did a stand – up comedy routine at the annual White House Correspondence (2010) dinner he accused the one of the most popular boy-bands, the Jonas Brothers of being pedophiles. Hussein blabbed: “ The Jonas Brothers are here, “ the President said. Sasha and Malie are huge fans. But boys, don’t get any ideas. I have two words for you – predator drones. You will never see it coming. You think I’m joking?” Later Nick, one of the brothers, told the Washington Examiner, “Seriously, we’re not pedophiles.” ( Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri, ‘ Joe Jonas: ‘ We’re not pedophiles’ on Obama’s quip” Washington Examiner, 2 May 2010, 9:00 p.m. EDT, available online from ; Internet.). Hussein has a heart of stone. And he uses it via his natal Moon over the PED of Algol. That was a rather mean accusation. This mean joke also implied killing innocent people. Although this could be Hussein’s joke writers for this night, the audience laughed and so did Hussein but not the brothers. Mao-Tse-tung who was repairable pedophile is one of the radical leftist academia’s heroes and we know that Hussein had placed a Christmas ornament with a picture of Mao on the tree (during the 2009 holiday Season). Many of Hussein’s policies are exemplified by the mythic writings of Mao’s success[1] – in fact most were utter failures, which is why he was exhaled twice by his own communist party ( although leftist academia does not like to bring this fact up in discourse). Mao’s Algol ( PED)  opposed  his natal Mars at 25SCO51. His luminary was also above Algol. For Hussein it is not, yet he has a trine to Mars in his super-grand trine.  This allows Hussein to use his weaponry to turn his enemies into stone by using his personal presence.  The Moon is our personal refection onto society, and our inner feelings projected outward toward the world, if we chose to project. As with Mao and Hussein I use less than one degree when making the PED observation. This places power in their Algolian positions.

Algol and the Heart of Stone

His Honolulu Moon is at 03GEM21, in which it is radically different than his Mombasa's, Kenya Moon which is over the Projected Elliptical Degree of Algol (26TAU10: 2000) PED! Vivian E. Robson, who wrote a work in  1923 on fixed stars  and I use a  later reprinted version under the same title of “Fixed Stars and Constellations, p. 24), intends that Algol “If culminating, sudden death, beheadings, prone to murder and mischief. If at the same time in conjunction with the Sun, Moon or Jupiter, it gives victory over others.” Mysteries to which we understand astrological methodologies such as an evil portent implications from perspective and objectifications from examples, prerequisites are ability to deemotionalize out interpretations. Algol representing the defeated women-ruler at the hands of male mercenary and demonized as a weapon of conquest and ill revenge counters the simplification of reading Algol as solely a negative item for a horoscope. To Obama, his Algol so far as been beneficial. He has succeeded in most everything he has put his effort too.

There are many interpretation too by many others too lengthy to deal with here.  In the Kenyan Chart, we could assume that in general, and not the M.C. ( Medium Coeli, i.e the Zenith of the Zodiac from the point of the observer on earth!), play a radical role in his chart. Algol is in many tyrannical historical contexts. Mao Tse-tung a twentieth century figure alleged to have murdered over 60,000,000 people in which he was deposed, later to come back and sometimes escaped assassination during his long reign, had a prominent Algol associated to his Mars. The Chinese historians, or for that matter, all the historical astrology societies have written about historical outcomes of this star. In Chinese history, the box or the Chariot of the Ghosts was the first to be implemented in the notion of the ‘piled up corpses (Tseih She).’ This later was handed over to the star Algol. In Chinese historical writings, many of their historians were court astrologers as well, noted that when this star was prominent, bodies were thrown into the ditches and graves, sometimes political figures by an irate administration or a revolutionary body. Thus from the dumping of the executed bodies into a ditch, the correct term applied too ‘piled up corpses.’  This star was present during World Wars I, II, and the Gulf War, and the war in Iraq (Gulf war II) and 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the U.S. Pentagon. Some internet websites devote entire pages to the horrific astrological connection in individual charts just to this one star. In recent times, some prominent astrologers, such as Bernadette Brady have tried their best to reinterpret the negative connotations to this star and refigure a more positive interpretation for modern star-astrologers.

In the Greek myth the Gorgon’s head, Medusa was used to turn a foe to stone. However, Brady interprets this construction from so long ago as a product of chauvinism. Medusa originally was a local leader in which a king had sent Peruses to kill her and bring back to him her head. Peruses later placed the image of her severed head onto his shield in which to carry into battle to turn his opponents into stone. The pedigree into which this star is legend even pertains to war plans and times of battles, including many different cultures that organized under specific dates and plans to use this star to their advantage for getting the upper hand in battle. Time will tell how Algol penetrates the individual of Hussein. The ascription to violent death may or may not apply to Hussein. It may apply to his enemies? Currently Hussein and his regime have tried to ‘freeze’ Israel and Netanyahu’s government from building settlements and trying to advocate for Israel to disarm their nuclear weapons – all the while allowing Iran, Saudi Arabia, and now Hugo Chavez’s regime to secretly acquire nuclear weapons; although this could be the extension of Bill Clinton’s global Megiddo and multi- polarity program.  Whatever Algol does, for Hussein it is in harmony with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn thus giving a perspective of success and ease into which this historical star will operate. One of my personal grips at Hussein rhetoric on the campaign trail and prior and after too is that he identifies all republicans in history (the same as Mao had done!) as ‘failures.’ We must make sure this is in context. Like Mao, Hussein is not speaking on particular policies, but on the entire individual’s platform. Failure is one of the Hitleresque ‘Big-Lies,’ used to draw-out extreme emotion and cloud the vision of the rational. In fact, The Solar sign of the Sun of Hussein’s chart is in a clouded Chinese sign which was written as the constellation of Praesepe.  This is where Hussein’s Sun resides, and it is quite telling.

Karl Marx’s Mars 20CAN46 and his Pluto 25PIS57 allow a mid-point over the PED of Algol. The Star Algol in 1818 was roughly about 23TAU45. Like Hussein, Marx had the constellation of Aquarius as his rising constellation in a geocentric and Placidus house arrange. Actually, Marx’s ascending point is rather over the constellation of Capricorn, and also on the beginning point perhaps of the constellation of Aquarius due to the perspective from the latitude of Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz), Germany, at 49n45.

The box of Ghosts or the Chariot of Ghosts: Hussein is actually a Cancer!

Early Chinese have assumed the Praesepe achieved the description of “Pilled up Corpses.” Over a thousand years later, other Chinese astrograghers linked the single star Algol to the description of “Pilled up Corpses.” Western astrology, by way of Claudius Ptolemy, who copied other previous manuscripts, achieved the later description of Algol’s horrific typecast. In both locals, Obama’s Sun is linked to Asellus A and near Presepe. In ancient Chinese astrology, for example, as described in the Hsing Ching, we find Presepe as part of the twenty-third Hsui. This is later referred to the beehive, it has four stars in a shape of a box, and is in part of cancri. Going by the constellation, Barak Hussein Obama is a solar caner, which fits him to a tee. Since Cancri is rather a dim constellation, the natural mist in the humid air gave the box of Presepe an aura, perhaps, or a cloudy view which the imagination dreamed up all sorts of apprehensions. The name most popular became ghost or Ghostly Carriage, and it appeared under these auras amidst mist that ghost were floating the box that looked like a carriage window. What would be interesting to find out is that wheels and carriages were already around in China in the first-millennium B.C.E. But earlier symbolism of this box implied a building form, somewhat like the imagination of a geometry picture of a box, a building block. So Presepe became acquainted with the ‘base’ of things. Somewhat like Obama who concerns himself with changing the foundations of America to a totally different system than it had for two hundred and some decades ago. Yet, this is all general prescriptions and nothing concrete can be read into this mix. Like Obama’s natal Chart which is dominated by frigidity, here Presepe is a fixed Hsui. Its element is Metal, its Day is Friday, and its Planet Venus. The most in-depth interpretations according to cancri are too much here to relate. Its overall mystical association with the topics of some gate of souls departing and coming forth to Earth is too heavy to get into. Its natural military slant and death and loss observations in history during this aspect – originally prescripted to why Presepe had its monographed thematic too: “The Piled Up Corpses;” Of course, it is because war brings these things about, and Presepe is symbolically connected to battlefields, and  war theaters. Its overall  theme is surmised to ‘an unlucky day.’ Clinton too has Presepe present in his chart, so bad luck is purely a perspective. However, Spica also dons his natal Jupiter and in the first house which has given Clinton the ‘Teflon don’ connection and his 'wilily-slick' ways of avoiding persecution  -- as for his numerous murderous decisions and proliferation of nuclear weapons materials to the Chinese.

The Ghostly Carriage is rather mysterious and personal event, and to the ancient Chinese astrograghers, it represented the mist to which individuals would gaze and see apparitions – perhaps a part of their imagination could signal their future actions. Religious connotations have been linked in some cultures outside of China. Peter 2:17 is one such example in Christianity. So what makes these Ghosts? First these nebula in the Beehive are dimly lit to the naked eye. However, as humans tried to make connections from terrestrial phenomena and link them to the sky a pattern in Chinese history alerted the Chinese astrograghers to understand a ritual, often citing a Chinese leader. On certain days in the year, these leaders would make an effort to arise in the morning and travel to a destination, most going to a side of a mountain. These days also consisted meteorological conditions associated with what we might call ‘mist.’ Fog is defined as visibility under 3,300 feet. When the conditions met these certain criteria, the leader would go to the mountain or side of the mountain and gaze into the sunrise and the mist that stood in the way. They would see aspirations and these misty - visions would intend certain omens based upon a oral and textual tradition of interpretations.

Mist makes a beams of various shaded-light visible from the Sun to refraction and to the observer’s reflection of the suspended water droplets. These can lead, as the Chinese Astrograghers wrote thousands of years ago, to visions that appeared to observers as if on a cloud. Today, we know this as a Brockengespenst ( broken spectre, described by Johann Silberschlag in 1780), and it is an apparition that can be enormous and magnified  by a shadow of an observer, cast upon the upper surface of clouds opposite of the sun. The phenomena can appear on any misty mountain or a cloud bank. Perhaps there was a religious experience in all of this gazing into a cloud-bank? However, as above and so below, the constellation of Praesepe fulfilled the mirror qualifications. On certain conditions at night when the constellation was visible in ancient China the many nebula that are also very dim would seem to ‘appear’ moving. Thus the names associated as ghosts or souls awaiting being born to come to earth. The mystical understanding is that of metaphysics or physics that cannot be readily tested within constringes of a modern scientific method.

Praesepe represented the other world. The horoscope implications are rather otherworldly. In Clinton’s case, hardly anyone really knows what Chinagate was or how it will affect the earth in the next one-hundred years and even effecting it perhaps longer. Hussein’s role in vastly changing America will also be less understood and have a vast and a far reaching ramification. Mao Tse-tung’s natal Noon had just passed Praesepe a few hours before he was born, at Shaoshanzhan (Hunan), China.  Also, Karl Marx had Praesepe on his descendant when he was born.

The 4 July 1776, Philadelphia, PA, 2:13 am, Gemini rising chart ( one of two popular charts for the founding of the U.S.A.) has the mean node at 07LEO37”29’. So the node is over Praesepe. Not only that the ascendant is over Hyades’s stars, Ain, and Hyadum II. furthermore, Venus is over Propus et Tejat which intends that shifts of importance will come through leaders who have similarly connections in their personal charts. So Hussein has a direct linkage to the founding chart ( this version!). However, the clue comes when we seek out the progression to Uranus and the home chart for the U.S.A. and how Hussein figures into the mix? When progressed, we find Uranus is currently traversing Hyades and the star Ain. It has moved from the birth on the ascendant to approching the decendant. The constellation of Taurus is transiting the Descendant of this U.S.A. chart. Saturn is in Virgo constellation in the progressed chart, where it was positioned in the birth chart ( horoscope). However, it no longer is in the fifth house, but not it is transiting the tenth house in 2030 and approaching the M.C. In 2010 it is in the later degrees of the eleventh house. Currently Mars is in the tenth house so our leaders are much more aggressive to their approach to the republic. In a Roman traditional astrological sense, Mars here denotes the approach of dictatorialship.

As Hussein is ruling the United States of America at this time, the evil star of Sinistra is transiting the ascendant. However, there is the second founding horoscope which gives Sagittarius as the ascendant time. According to renounced astrologer Liz Greene, in her analysis on the mundane chart of 11 September 2001 and its possible transiting planets on the U.S.A. chart, read that “Pluto’s first approach to the American ascendant coincided with the scandal of [former] President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. However silly and superficial this might seem [...] to[o] many, it raised deeper issues about morality and pubic responsibility.” She is correct. This transiting of Pluto over the ascendant portended a transformation of the destiny of the U.S.A. and its position as a powerful nation on Earth; The transiting Pluto coincided with Nostradamus’s 1999 prophecy and the world changing effects that this poem brought. Back to using the Gemini Ascendant chart, Saturn will reach the M.C. during the early years of 2030s. In 2033 Saturn will meet the Midheavan. It is predicted by this date that a demographic shift will take place resulting in a differing political landscape. In 2054, Pluto for this chart traverses the ascendant. It is connected to a grand-trine with Uranus, Venus, Mars, and Neptune. The true node will be progressed to the natal Mercury point in Cancer ( tropical-geocentric-Placidus).

Chiron is at 20ARI07 and thus opposed Saturn at a degree around six degrees. Mercury at 24CAN28 forms a T-square to this opposition. Saturn and Chiron has been discusses a lot in a recent decade. It pertains to issues of authority and the patriarchic stability. Marx had his Chiron conjunct Saturn, and during the social disturbances in the American social scenes of the 1960s, Chiron was conjunct to Saturn in 1966. A Chiron and Saturn hard aspect always pertains to a need to restructure or adjust to some form of disturbance in the patriarchic model. When the United States formed, what actually happened is it emancipated from its parent, perhaps its father the British Empire. During the 1960s Chiron and Saturn conjunction the youth sought to emancipate from parental authority. They had quite a success as civil rights left the streets and formed and institutionalized on college campuses – where previously this was outlawed. To many older generations of Americans they saw this new youth (the New Left) as disrespect to their parents guidance. The new Youth saw it as a break form suppression of personal freedoms. The American youth actually bought into the propaganda of the Soviet Union who had waged an ideological information inundation campaign toward the youth of America and not the older people. It brought out the hippie movement who saw responsibility to the state as a form of suppression and an inner need to drop out of society while protesting for that society to provide them hand-outs so they could continue to play-around in a fantasy land in their minds. Since Saturn does in fact rule social things, and Chiron is a change from one form or other to another form, this crisis is triggered by these hard aspects.

These social crises are the events that Hussein grow up and worshipped. So he looks back to this time as a normative measure of success. His actions are to facilitate what he could not do being a lay- citizen, but now a president. Universal HealthCare, the communist dream of a ‘nanny-state,’ or where the government hands out everything so that the child does not have to think. It is a cradle to the grave mentality –based upon a need to identify something to ‘rage against.’ The New Left, now in power and represented by Hussein ‘rage against’ conservatives. Those older people who were responsible and worked hard for their living. Now, this new left is in power and they believed back in the 1960s that they new better than the older people how to run a state. So this is there time to show us they can run a state. It is a benefit to the United States of America that Chiron is in Aries because it reflects an Arian attribute of “Assertiveness.” However, sometimes the extreme of assertions breaks the bounds of common decency and common respect to other’s boundaries. These actions can take a form of voicing and acting on sentiments without restraint or regard to their effect on others. Since Chiron and Saturn hard aspects overthrow the familial traditions, the old system of the authority is of the parent was overthrown and now the United States of America has a parental authority problem. This problem tends to reverse the hierarchal system of parental respect and gives the youth the position of social authority. The youth then tell the parents what to do and how to act. Since time runs in a one-direction of linear space, parents have experience and wisdom and children and the youth do not. So this aspect will ruin a state if it is afflicted or pronounced in a birth chart, in which it is in both of these U.S.A. horoscopes.

Why would the U.S.A. chart be a factor in Hussein’s horoscope and congruent to the state of the nation? The United States of America’s Sun is over the constellation of Gemini which is an air sign. We fundamentally believe in the United States of America’s Constitution, which is made up of laws of checks and balances –and Air sign of Libra quality. Hussein’s Sun is in Cancri and therefore there is a competition or an imbalance as it quintiles Libra and it offsets Gemini. America’s greatest qualities are its ideas. However, Cancers are not concerned with ideas. Cancers have a strong survival complex which will disregard laws when it believes that it is threatened. Since Hussein did not have a traditional upbringing, he has serious psychological patterns that delve into pathologies which make him delusional to being threatened. Thus he will act-out upon these Praesepe ‘misty’ apparitions in his head that really are not there. For example, he used propaganda to pass Universal health care by fear mongering tactics. If America did not pass universal healthcare, then it would go bankrupt because of the insurance agencies. These same pathologies were found in the scare tactics of the passage of the Stimulus Bill. In fact, if we allowed the courts to review the banks, because we allowed them to go bankrupt. The U.S.A. would have turned out better because the courts would have thrown many bank and Wall Street CEOs into prison. It may have been a bumpy ride, however it would not have lasted long. The passage of this stimulus will prolong a slower solvency and create a larger problem down the line because these same CEOs still run the financial institutions. This is the disharmony of having such a Cancri president in a time when we need to enforce our laws and ideas. Today, we have federal immigration laws that are not enforced throughout America. Arisona had to pass a ‘special law’ to enforce a federal law that was on the books but the federal agencies are told by Washington D.C. not to enforce these laws that have been on the books for many decades.

The first three signs are highly directed toward individualism. The sing of Cancer departs from individualism which is preface of the model for republicanism- democracy and places more of an emphasis on collectivism but ruled by an advisory with special and perhaps bias interests. The crab, as with the planet Uranus, has a unique motion apart form other normative siblings. The crab walks sideways, as Uranus rotates on its side. Uranus by some astrologers placed it into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the original water glyph of the ancients. Today there is this re interpretation to that of electricity and other forms of modernism. Cancer also has an attribute that pertains to ‘emotional appeal.’ Hussein’s emotional appeal was a large factor in his ascent to leadership. In fact, since Hussein’s solar constellation is Cancri, his Moon is a major factor in his chart. Since his Moon is over the most evil star in the heavens, Algol, the passions for ‘righting the wrongs’ has Hussein views them is ‘extreme.’ Hussein in this position will never care what people think, just which the job of changing the U.S.A. system needs to be done even if it means sacrificing his political career. 

Hussein and Lilith a Marriage made in Hell

Hell for us as humans is a place we do not know much about. Interestingly enough, Hussein’s repeated attempts to hide his past is rather suspecting. In Barak Hussein Obama’s natal Honolulu chart, Lilith is aspect to his descendant. Algol and Lilith share passion and  both share somewhat the same ideal of revolt against some form of blatant chauvinism. For some reason it got mixed up in a form that is not a natural selection or natural hierarchy. It is connected to the extreme left, because it  tends to manifest as the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury [rage in correct version, Congreve] like a women scorned.”[2] Women represent the historical suppressed and inequality with men. The Olympian Gods from whence these interpretations came to early Greek astrograghers had no moral objectives. It is simply moral relativism. The Olympian side of the view, killing a women meant men ruled over them, even when ignorantly the Olympian women supported misogynation. He had to kill the Medusa to supply King Polydectes of Seriphus a gift; and Athena, Hermes, Hades, all helped their hero Perseus gain the weapons and strategy to slew Medusa.  Medusa was apparently a strong women and perhaps a leader of a strong faction of anti-Olympians. To demonize women, it was constructed that Medusa’s image as once looked upon by an individual they would instantly turned into a stone. Perhaps, the older Egyptian legends of the evil –eye may be a comparison; however, the degradation of women and ascent of chauvinism depict these remembrances’ in Greek mythos. However, perspectives changed in western civilization.

When the 1978 issue came out with ‘Women: A Journal of Liberation,’ Medusa had been linked to women who were outraged by the inequality of women to men in the society and the workforce. These instances of course could be explained as some sort of civil rights movement for women against men’s dominance in the economic sphere and in the social representative field of literature and social contributions in general.

Obama’s Sun is in cancri and portends to the domestic side of our beings and it is also linked into a particular part of cancri to which Chinese ancient astrograghy and astromythology took notice of leaders having cloudy visions and seeing ‘auras’ in the mist. Part of this conclusion is a problem with interpreting reality. The auras and mist pertain in Chinese legends that these leaders who would go to certain places, perhaps a mountain, during certain times of the year would see colors emerge from the mist in the morning sunrise. Each had its one interpretation which was of course as Cancer is concerned, particularly ‘personal.’ It is quite difficult to figure out what Hussein wants? He wanted to close Guantanamo detention center in Cuba, but never did get around to fulfilling his promise. He spoke of immediately bring troops home from Iraq, in which he never accomplished.  He spoke of how the stimulus would reduce the deficit as well as ObamaCare but these were illusions. Some how these Chinese leaders had pondered the mist of these aspirations in the morning dew far-off toward a mountainside and tried to interpret what these auras meant. The nebulous mass ( official science identification M44, NGC 2623, or Cr 189) was heavily studied by Galileo, and Ptolemy called it the ‘the nebulous mass in the breast of Cancer.’ On certain nights, these leaders that would witness this aura linked it to this nebula mass, and it appeared like mist, in which at certain times the atmosphere would make an illusion that within the four star-box, there were ghosts who rode in this box, later decided it was a carriage. A certain link between the dead and alive is therefore associated to the eastern observation and social phenomena.  Most clearly it is interpreted by me as something that is not quite clear. For example.

Obama is someone we really do not know. He is someone who tells us what to think; he mentors us on how to speak, hear, walk and act. He believes he knows better than anyone else what is the correct course of action of any problem; some relate this to extreme narcissism, which may be a factor in all of this.  In fact he wants to mentor the world in all aspects of life which has garnered him the non de plume ‘dictator.’ But do we know Hussein, can we see who he really is through this nebulous mist?  I cannot. Why, he continues to block records of his past like his birth certificated, his grades, his associations, his writings, and school work. Perhaps this July and August of 2010 as the progressed Chiron and Moon meet we will get a closer look into the person behind the Lillian façade known as Barry ( Steve) Soetoro (a.k.a. Barak Hussein Obama II). Soetoro was a serial number 203 in the Indonesian School he attended as a young boy. He even changed his first name to Steve as a youngster in Hawaii – perhaps his birth name was a point of teasing?

Perhaps, Jack London’s ‘The Mutiny of the Elsinore,’ can reveal this Medusa interpretation by linking it to Obama’s campaign rhetoric, ‘Hope and Change:’

“I cannot help remembering a remark of De Casseres. It was over the wine in Mouquin’s. Said he: “The profoundest instinct in man is to war against the truth; that is, against the Real. He shuns facts from his infancy. His life  is a perpetual evasion. Miracle, chimera and to-morrow keep him alive. He lives on fiction and myth. It is the Lie that makes him free. Animals alone are given the privilege of lifting the veil of Isis [love!]; men dare not. The animal, awake, has no fictional escape from the Real because he has no imagination. Man, awake, is compelled to seek a perpetual escape into Hope, Belief, Fable , Art, God, Socialism, Immortality, Alcohol, Love. From Medusa-Truth he makes an appear to Maya-Lie” [ Sanskrit, multi meanings, duality in regards to perceptual illusions in the subjective sense!].

Obama’s moral relativism confirmed by his Solar position ( and his ascendant). cancri in zodiac colloquialistic history is the foundation of a home, any type of a home, and for example: a county or a state? Since the Chinese’s astrological tradition still intend in Hsui 23 that it is linked to ones heritage, ones family remembrances, ones family origins and ones traditions, we understand how Obama constantly focuses on how evil America’s past is and how he has come to replace American traditions with his version of ‘Hope and Change.’ Yet, like the nebulous, do we really understand what he means by his version of Hope and Change? It is rather misty, like the astrograghers recorded their historical social observations of their various leaders who gazed into the haze!  This is if we chose to explore multi-cross cultural findings in astrolexiograghy.  Cancer is rather emotional as with its historical link to the Moon. This emotional blending with his Uranus in his chart only strengthens his overall emotional drive. Uranus is erratic and changeable. It is not a stable emotional rotation. In fact, Uranus rotates on its side, a rather unique rotation as the other planets do not rotate on their sides.  Hussein’s role is to find out who we were and to change us before he finds out who is he and thus changes himself. Perhaps, he sees through this allusion of the mass nebula and acts as the Brest that feeds us his allusion. Unfortunate, the Chinese deemed Hsui 23 as unfortunate. Hussein has seen unfortunate with his traditional past. He really had no stable home life, and his father moved away when he was two years-old. It may be unfortunate for the United States of America that the supreme leader has no grounding of family tradition and is a Solar Cancer who tends to tell us as a total body and group as citizens of the United States of America what are traditions should be – thus he is the arbitrary of morality, and in a subjective and not objective modality. This spells disaster.

Saturn and the Missing Father.

Saturn in the charts of individuals who grew up without traditional fathers should be termed very important to the social proclivities based upon the stars or area of astronomical-astrological influence. Since we are talking about a leader of a state, the rulership of Saturn determines heavily the individual's past and reflects the choices in which the government is a vehicle for that personal expression.

In some sense there is this social connotation, or more likely a normative social trend in the psychological analysis. They look to fix something that bothers them immensely. It could be an inner struggle. Both Bill Clinton and Barak Hussein Obama lost their fathers when they were ‘very’ young. Clinton lost his father two weeks after he was born ( a car accident, slid of a side of the road), and Obama’s father left his mother when he was two years old and Obama did not grow up with his father. How this factors in is only conjecture. by not having a traditional upbringing this opened a misty vision to rectify something that seemed out of place in their lives. It gave considerable ambition despite the misnomer that Hussein is a relaxed care-free individual – he is not – he is highly driven by this psychological need to rectify his Saturn figure of a absent father and the mundane Saturn figure that represents the social strata of the Human –animal kingdom on Earth. This is solely linked to his efforts to change something in these social strata at personal and non-personal levels. In the case of Bill Clinton, this effect was similar in retrospect.

Ascendant in Air a Standard Socialist Proclivity.

I chose to use the Kenyan Natal Chart (sorry astrologers, I'm not an astrologer of the status quo, I just love stars! and rather believe Obama’s family who have stated such a confirmation that he was born in Kenya in interviews long period before his dreams of political ascension).[3] This chart works well for me, so I indulge. In general, Obama's chart is fixed and in Fire, so this colors his persona. Hussein if fixed in his ideas. How they formed when he was a little child thus tends to be steady and coarse. Some people who have heavy mutable influences sometimes change their minds so often there is a little chance to say they stood their ground. Not for Hussein. With so much fire and his conditioning that the U.S.A. is inherently evil, this will remain his view until he dies.

His Mercury is fixed also and in a fire sign. So Obama can be arrogant, or can be self assured as to what he believes is right. How his character was constructed as a child will reflect more on him than someone who is born with water or a mutable Mercury sign. These persons tend to accept change and new insights, enlightenment and what-not. But Obama is fixed as in rigidity to what he believes, and at his age any psychologist will intend that he is rather fixated in his beliefs anyhow. There is little to per sway him to change his course from what was conditioned into his head as a child in the leftist academia.  He certainly picked the more simplistic of rationales, totalitarianism -- Communism when he was young -- we know who he had as mentors and who he thanked in his quasi-autobiographies. Racial conditioning is king in academia all over the world, today. White people are all evil in history and all others are inherently good. There are shades such as the anti-Semites, but they are linked inherently to the U.S.A. as allies and thus as white protectorates. Therefore, they are game for illumination. The disinvestment bills of business linked to Israel promulgated at college campuses all across the world and America --  all in highly leftist institutions – is one such result of Hussein’s compliance of anti-Israelis’.  He is an extremist communist who claims he is not. The communists who were all held atheists proclivities soley were anti-Semitic in their foreign policy approaches. This was one reason why the United States of America during the 1960s came to their defense and formed an ally because it was as if the bullies of the world were picking on a small defenseless country who had just came out of a Holocaust.  Hussein holds simplistic irrationalities. He does not know history and this has been proved over and over so it is useless to argue with him about what is fact and what is not fact ( Praesepe! again!).  He is a moral relativist. This means a twisted essentialism. As an example, it is like we are ‘not’ all created equal. People who are republicans and love freedom and private ownership are born inferior because of course the left intends these sub-humans ( note the Hitleresque Big-Lie attempts again) are too ignorant to think for themselves. They must be either destroyed or marginalized.   In general, as academia molded his fixidity found in his horoscope, he rather intends that White People are inherently suppressors and therefore must be destroyed. He certainly destroyed his white-half of his family in his quasi-autobiographies and in public speeches. So the evidence piles up substantially.  He intends that all private sector entities are inherently evil. This was and is a mirror reflection of Mao Tse-tung’s talking points. By moving the discourse from private to public it still becomes a private Boy’s club just from a different perspective. All the communist governments so far were just oligarchies, a private club that ruled the masses. Radicalism may be associated to some sort of fixidity in the overall astrological framework. How this transfers here from sidereal (Praesepe) to the tropical zodiac Sun sign of Hussein which is Leo is rather blurred. Still the passion from the Algol legends will set off these fixed aspectums of his horoscope.

Apparently his passion comes from his natal Moon over the Projected Elliptical Degree PED of Algol, the most evil star in the sky, according to all astrological societies. The Moon is on of the most personal planets of a horoscope, and Obama has his moon in a multi-grand trine. This makes his evil Moon in harmony with those other planets. And as Jupiter( Law and society) and Saturn (Government and foundation) are in trine aspectum to Algol-Moon of Obama, we see an effective outcome in his politics and in his character.  He rose out of nowhere to furiously change America, and perhaps the world. It was his progressive Sun which moved into position of a super trine to the Grand Conjunction that formulated his ascendance on the world scene. I was in school and working on historical subjects before the Berkeley Eye center damaged my eyes and was not engaged in astrology at all -- so I had interest in such things then, but with the damage I checked my chart to see what was happening. I tended to return to the study of it as well as current social events. Hussein struck me as rather a worshipped individual so I was curious to what he had in his horoscope.

The world welcomes Obama as his message was loud and clear -- the republicans ( mainly white people and from Europe)-- were always and will always be FAILURES – Hussein’s purpose in life is to make this a historical fact. The white people were evil and many white people agreed and voted him into office with his promise to make an open dialogue on race. He called these lessons teachable moments. A moment came quick into his first term with Gates, a black Professor of Harvard who made a ruckus with cops who were responding to a break-in call from a passerby who had no knowledge of Gates who had locked himself out, after returning from a trip to Europe -- he had to go in through the window. The police came and asked for identification. Gates rather than complying, cried racism and KKK his views about American white people in general, and the Boston police looked stunned? They did not know Gates lived there or who he was from the next person. Obama said this was a teachable moment, and then suddenly there was silence. In the U.S. society,  a minority almost rose up in violence in affirming Gates claim that the KKK was alive the well and working in the Boston police department. The police department, in which one officer who responded to the scene was actually black, engaged a hysterical Harvard professor who screamed he was going to sue them and refuse to offer any identification to these officers as the U.S. law intends. The U.S. public heeding Hussein’s promise for this teachable moment awaited for a while – all was silent.   Obama forced them to have beers on the White House lawns, and we were going to get our teachable moment.  But horrifically,  that dialogue never came and it has not yet been fulfilled. Obama finally made a decision to keep this meeting silent and then publically blamed the Boston Police Department for being a racist organization. They had only done their job as any police department would respond to someone entering a window in a rich neighborhood.  Yet, there was a black police officer who was on the scene and a part of this encounter with the irate black professor in which Hussein had not understood. Apparently he being black and doing his job made him as much as a racist as the white officer who also was on the scene.    The press was not allowed to attend the White House teachable moment, so we do not really know what went on there. I suspect that the Moon on Algol in Hussein’s horoscope allows him to demonize things with powerful passion – be it right or wrong. This was one such a case. As a Solar cancri, we can understand Hussein’s proclivities to want to teach his children as a mother wants to mentor her child and rear them in her perspective.  Algol is linked to the tropical sing of Taurus, however, I have my doubts to this earthly comparison and the powerful fixidity of the passion of Algol and its linkages to Hussein’s Moon.

Algol has been a noticeable star in conjunction with totalitarian world leaders, including Mao Tse-tung and other mass murderers. Julius Cesar’s progressed birth chart indicates that Jupiter was over Algol’s position when he went out and conquered Gaul by use of imitating measures such as mass-genocide to subdue his victims.  Algol is also present in philosophers who advocate mass violence and mass murder, such as Karl Marx’s horoscope indicates.   Countess Báthory Erzsébet -- who it was alleged bathed in young women's blood, of whom she abducted and took them to her castle to torture and ritual – has Regulus over her natal Mars. Hussein’s does not, but his transitional Mars does seek reference to Regulus’ position in the descendant zone a bit later in his life.

With Obama's now known Death Panels, finally admitted in the mainstream press after some contentious denial for over a year, Obama may be linked to such murder of the handicapped, the older people and of the poor people, by his cutting-off funding for the poor whites in Obamacare. One must take notice that Kathleen Sibelius was told not to make pubic the HMS findings prior to the Senate vote, or the good people of the American public would have raised their voices in unison against the hostile healthcare bill. Somehow the typecast that Hussein comes from a Chicago line of thug politicians referenced as ‘the Chicago Way,’ temps me to also link into this interpretation, again, Algol. Hussein has a massive trine that has a grand-conjunction and the Moon over the PED of Algol. This is a typical thug aspect, it makes one a bully and also makes one paranoid.

Hussein’s Regime and the annular eclipse of January 2009 !

It was communicated, as with the Kennedy Administration, the brightest people in the United States of America were chosen by Hussein for his cabinet positions. They would fix America, and it was widely discoursed by the mainstreamed leftwing media that Republican was dead and would never rise again. There was a changing of the guard and an official end of time had begun. . Six days after the inauguration of Hussein, an annular eclipse began at the Territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (96e50, 12s11). This is a territory of Australia, at these two atolls are a part of a twenty-seven coral islands located in the Indian Ocean. At Maximum Eclipse the coordinates were 34.1S and 70.2E ( Saros 131 ( 50 of 70), catalogue # SE5000.). Saros 131 begin on August 1, 1125 ( calendar?). Its next series will be in the year of 2027 on February 26th. At 2:29 local time for the region of Cocos ( the eclipse totality for Cocos had already left) this eclipse reached maximum ( UT 07:59 ; sidereal 22:490). At this time, this eclipse had an ascendant of Hyades, with Phaeo, Phaesula, Ain, Aldebaran, and Tabit. This angle is important as this constellation comes into play for the July 2009 Solar Eclipse – and Hussein’s natal chart. At the Mid Heaven ( M.C.) the constellation of Aquarius portends a bad omen for people who believed that Hope and Change meant economic stability and prosperity. Both Venus and Uranus, in which there is a degree of conjunction here for an unstable relationship to its opposition in Saturn which is over the star or close to it of Shishimai of the Constellation of Leo. These angles apparently line up with other eclipses during Hussein’s regime and his horoscope. Quite possibly his persona has caused some action in the global stock markets. Perhaps unrelated, in the summer of 2008 when Hussein spoke to ‘Joe’ the Plumber, he related his economic plan to the world. It was a distribution of wealth of a poor working class person to rich people. Suddenly the stock markets were fleeced and foreign investors took their stocks out of the markets and by the summers’ end there was a serious economic crisis looming. People got really scared of anti-capitalism rhetoric. Because they saw the U.S.S.R. and its Soviet Blok countries economically fail as well as all other communist countries’ economies in history. Since the basic eclipse happens in the constellation of Capricorn the home of business and government this eclipse perhaps foreshadows the massive change that took place after Hussein entered the office of the presidency. So far, the plan has been to takeover the private sector of the state and put it into the hands of the Hussein regime. Most sensible and common sense intellectuals understand this as a move toward socialism – communism. On this eclipse, the first call or action of the new president Hussein was to grant and perform an Interview as President with the Arab Television Network Al Arabiya. The purpose for Hussein’s first Interview to anyone was to offer a hand to the Muslim world as a gesture after the previous administration had deemed certain Arab countries as harboring terrorists. Hussein wanted to apologize and make it clear that Islam is not a racist religion ( although this is false and Hussein nary knows anything about history or doctrine) and that the Bush Administration flamed the fires of race rhetoric by pointing out certain groups in the Middle East were a part of a greater global “Axis of Evil.” The timing of the eclipse and Hussein’s interview gives us a notion that he connected with his family roots. “I have Muslim members of my family,” said the President. “ I have lived in Muslim countries.” Hussein has changed the way the U.S. views racist Islamic law. Hussein apparently agrees to racism ( although he may not be smart enough to know, regardless of the leftwing media soldiers). The eclipse represented the end of the War on Terrorism and its Axis of Evil lexical depictions. It also demonstrated a move away from American’s roots as a Christian nation and a more toward Islamic intolerance of non-Arab born animals. Today, Hussein is granting a space at Ground Zero ( where the Sears Twin Towers once stood prior to 11 September 2001)for a splendid Mosque to the Islamic world as a physical representative of victory over the Christen suppressors of history. Hussein’s anti-Christianity rhetoric is legendary.

 A Mercury Sun Flip at Hussein’s Horoscope over Historical Eclipse.

§ Composite affinities with Karl Marx

2009 ( Solar Ecplise of 2009) Saros Series 136 (part of 11 July 1991, 6m 53s), previously, 30 June 1973, were longer lasing 7m 04s, and 20 June 1955 lasted even longer at 7m08s.

A six minuets and thirty-nine second solar eclipse occurred directly at Yanbu (Guangdong), China, 23n0521, 113e0954 ( Solar Eclipse of 22 July 2009), and it was visible over South East Asia ( all of India and China) and north eastern Oceania, it was visible as a total eclipse from a narrow corridor through northern Maldives, northern Pakistan, northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, northern Philippines, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. This was the longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century.

At 8:55 am, during the height of the eclipse at Yanbu, Mars just culminated over the middle cluster ( Hyades on the face and the eyes of the Bull., Aldeberan is on the left, southern eye.) of the stars in the Taurean constellation: epsilon ( ) Ain, Phaeo, gamma Hyadum I & delta Haydum II and Phaesula. The Taurean constellation contains two groups of stars, one the Pleiades, and the other Hyades. The semetic origin of the word Taurus, from Hebrew is shor, or in Arabic, thor. The Indo-Europeans root is bhel, ‘to blow, swell’ (Anne Wright 2008, The Bull, Taurus). In connotative usage, the bull implies a foolish bullying – one of deceitfulness and or of a boastful language. Hyades was Syculae in which the term describes a historical connotation to pigs, where Suculae: ‘the little Pigs’ more describes the Age of Taurus when humans had further managed to go from a wandering lifestyle to an agrarian lifestyle. Since livestock represented the Age of Taurus’ commerce, we get usages of words today like ‘ pork barrel, and pork-spending. These mean a quandary of things. One such common usage it to describe hiding earmarks ( special funding to campaign contributors or special interest groups) in large bills which are not openly discussed because there is too much information.

§ Composite affinities with Karl Marx

Hyades is interesting here because it is in Karl Marx’s horoscope. His Mercury is on the edge of Hyades and his I.C. is conjunct these stars just listed. Venus is over Alcyone. We are dealing here with someone that worked most of his life and his later works (not his early works of 1844, but after) dealt solely with economics rather than his early works which was solely socio-politico. Of course, in a composite (Method: Fixed stars/ Placidus) chart of Hussein and Marx Saturn rises and conjuncts the ascendant which is from the composite over the constellation of Aquarius and the later area of Capricorn. This also forms an aspectum between a super-grand – trine in composite for Saturn as well. Saturn trines the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Pluto – indicating a highly harmonic convergence of goal oriented visions and planet vibrations. For the lay person, this intends their outlooks are quite similar in many respects. Also, the angles aling as Turus in the I.C. and Mars conjuncts the composite descendant over the Leonic star Subra. In this case it will be told that the actions ( a Martian quality) will be similar in outlooks when Hussein is judged in the history books. The ecliptic does cross at another theoretical point with Praesepe ( already discussed) in this composite – and particularly over the star Asellus A. He professes he is a community organizer, the same description Mao Tse-tung gave himself in his writings, but also the overall description comes from the ideological writings of Karl Marx and his version of communism based upon class warfare and distribution of wealth, and the elimination of the private sectors of economies. Ironically, Marx was an atheist at heart and we really do not know what Hussein is because he does not go to a church nor has he chosen one as I’m writing this in May of 2010 well into the second year of his first term. In the composite Chart Neptune is conjunct the M.C. and it is poised over the constellation of Scorpio representing a ‘spiritual death.’  Finally, the composite mean node is over the star Tejat and is conjunct Mercury. So a similar economic perspective is shared by Hussein and Marx. See, Venus in Hussein's Horoscope.).

During this Solar Eclipse the Solar Eclipse Mercury is in the Ghost Chariot Box, thus it is conjuncting Hussein’s natal Solar position, and in the twelfth house,at Yanbu. But where was the Solar Eclipse? The Solar eclipse happened in Zeta Cancri ( ζ Cancri ). Its traditional name is that of Tegmine (Tegmen, i.e. the shell of the crab. This Zeta Cancri is near the ecliptic, which means that it can be occulted by the Moon and rarely by planets. William Hershall pointed out that this system is a triple star system. Today there may be a fourth or fifth component. However of the two main stars, calculations of ζ1 and ζ2, which are 5.05 arcseconds apart will complete one orbit every 59.6 years. The full separation between takes place in 2020 ACE. As both magnitude 5s and over,  the ancients did not pay attention to any social, political or economical meaning.  The PED star is Aludra of the Constellation of Eta (η ) Canis Major. This is a double star of 4.7 and of 8th magnitude, yellow and blue on the tail of the Greater Dog. The main star in this constellation was Sirius. The star name in Arabian star-catalogues has its name from Arabic Al-‘Udharah, ‘The maidenhead.’ In fact, the midpoints axis of the combination of Hussein’s Grand-Conjunction ( Jupiter and Saturn) and his opposition to Mercury form a conjunction to the PED ( within a degree) of the eta Canis Major star. It is interesting to note how perhaps the Mercury and Sun of this eclipse flip – places with Hussein’s natal Mercury and Sun.

This Solar Eclipse took place as I begin to record the Summer of Discontent. It was during the motion to collect a body of grass-root movements across the United States of America to protests the dishonesty and lies of Hussein. It was in July that Hussein began to say that ObamaCare ( he calls it healthcare reform) was to eliminate wasteful spending, bring down the deficit, and to overall cut costs too all U.S. citizens. The eclipse perhaps represents some form of eclipsing of the truth. Today, we understand that massive cuts to the poor people’s benefits will begin in 2014 with the current measures outlined in Obamacare. We also found after, only after the passage of Obamacare that in fact it will not decrease the U.S. deficit but severely increase the U.S. deficit. It will also make each American pay more insurance costs for their basic coverage. While eclipses hold multiple meanings this interpretation links the horoscope of the Hussein Chart with its natal Mercury and Sun in the sixth house and this eclipse at Yanbu with Mercury in the Ghost Chariot in the twelfth house and the Sun near the twelfth house cusp during the eclipse. Perhaps this opposition intends a reversal of what was stated, and the flipping is coincidental but significant in symbology. The ‘ pork barrel, and pork-spending is one such manifestation of this conjuncture.

Perhaps reality will end up giving us the real motivation behind Hussein’s push for universal healthcare. Most of the non-economic intelligence is formed by the massive radical-leftwing citizens of the United States of America and mainly their immigrant families. The Democratic Party which has moved violently leftist in recent memory is catering to their constituencies to remain in power as long as they can. And by forcing this increase of government control and spending it placates the non-intelligence of the radical left. There had always been free healthcare, even for illegal immigrants since the 1950s in the U.S.A. This was never communicated and perhaps the Mercury/ Sun/Eclipse in the sixth- twelfth house axis was a signal of a true measurement of banality.

Annual Solar Eclipse of 15 January 2010 -- Kenya

The annual Solar Eclipse of 15 January 2010 will also be the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium. The next takes place on 23 December 3043. This eclipse begun in the Central Africa Republic, transverse Cameroon, DR Congo, and Uganda, and passed through Nairobi, Kenya, and passed over the Kenya Ocean. Its 94 percent totality happened over Thiruvananthapuram, India. One has to note that this annular eclipse coincided with the departure of the 2009 Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune conjunctions and traversed Hussein’s birthplace.

Saros Series 141 (23 of 70) lasted eleven minuets and eight seconds. Using Khartoum, Sudan (32e32, 15n36 – note the partial begins at 4:05 local time in Central African Republic, but here I use Sudan’s area so the eclipse rises about 4:20 am local time), this eclipse with its Sun at 24CAP54 and the Moon at this point is at 23CAP37 is squaring Hussein’s progressed Mercury and Mars conjunction over Spica’s PED. It is worth noting that Mao Tse-tung had a natal Saturn in his tenth house over the star of Spica. Saturn represents the culmination after the teaching of a cultural achievement. In mundane interpretations Saturn rules bureaucracies, the basis of government structures , i.e. the laws and rituals and is linked to Jupiter’s distinction in the construction of hierarchies based upon social privilege and moral law. Since communism was a reaction to many backward nations needing to industrialize, Spica helped furnish the energies to enable the achievements of industry which are linked to Saturnine qualities of humorless, grim and hardworking – unfunny things.

The star Arcturus which was descending during the Cocos 26 January 2009 annular eclipse is now culminating over Sudan. However, like the three connections made with Hussein’s horoscope and two potential eclipse charts, this is a totally different model here. Mercury is over Facies and the eclipse happens over Terebelli, in the constellation of Sagittarius. Venus is ascending and being eclipsed by PED which is symbolical, along with the actual annular eclipse. This portends a bad omen in that if we read Venus as economic prosperity it is thusly eclipsed. This means that it will not take place. However, this cannot be for the economic engine of Taiwan nor China. While they have felt the global economic downturn, China has registered nary a trickle of the global markets. Its output is very strong around nine-to-ten percent of growth compared to the U.S. which saw a little under three percent rate of growth in 2009. Why a difference? Too complicated to expound here but this eclipse has its major access on the progressed prosperous star in Hussein’s horoscope. As a leader of the United States of America, perhaps he has a little to do with economic decisions and thus the economic downturn could be a reflection on his actions – in which this square rather denotes.

Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Mundane World Events

From Hussein’s beginning of his term as the 44th U.S. President and until the end of the year of 2011, he will be contending with excessive idealism as this world aspect of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter has overlaid the transiting Neptune in progression to his natal ascendant in aspect. A danger to him is that he may lose his own self perception of who he is and take on a role that is fantastical and utterly illusional. It also makes a person feel that their own style does not  bother others, even though these perhaps, bad habits , indeedly do bother some.

In June of 2010, Hussein may attract a new personal partner. A transiting square of Jupiter to his Venus will entail a possible new relationship. This relationship, however, may be compulsive and not healthy. Currently, Hussein has gotten almost everything he has wanted. This aspect can make him feel over confident, signs that have already begun to show. Another rather negative aspect of this aspect is a wasting of money into things that have no real worth. It is like a drunk spending money, and then a sober time comes after the drunkenness and a new reality check sets in to surprise ones former actions.

Zosma was on Hussein’s cusp of his sixth house in 2010, the year that he was successful in tricking the U.S. public ( before the truth came out the costs do indeed skyrocket under this plan)to pass ObamaCare. This star causes selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness with a fear of poison, and an unreasonable shamelessness and egotistical nature. Hussein’s Pluto is actually progressing toward this star. It is delta (δ) Leo and its PED longitude for the year 2000 is 11VIR19. This star lays on the back of the Lion. According to Ptolemy, the stars on the neck, the wing and the back all spell trouble. However, Zosma has another side to its meaning. It generally wants to help out persons. The selfish gregariousness does want to impart happiness to others and in a humanitarian sense. It also gives the native an alert mind. this is doubly powerful in that Hussein has Mercury conjoined his Mars in progression, and may perhaps be even more powerful that this conjoined two planets are progressing over Spica – bring Hussein unbounded success, regardless of truth in communication. However, these aspects will not last long as they are in progression. Sometime we will come to a sober period and reflect where Hussein actually took America? Zosma’s meaning may be the key to the United States of American Healthcare future. The empirical offerings of this historical star will ultimately color the system it produced. This is because each person that is a part of a state, interjectivly ( like super-string theory) molds a little history into the country they inhabit or influence. The sixth house, a house that deals with boarders, acquaintances who live in close proximity, and health related issues, and as part of the negative six-to-twelfth karmic axis, is a main Hussein and now because of the super-string-theory, the United States of America. In mysticism, Zosma is the oracle. Zosma is only transitory in Hussein’s chart and not a part of his natally outlook. So this is / was a passing stage for his life. Hussein’s Emanuel Rhamming through of Obamacare was something he felt he could be remembered for because of his Marxist perspective that based itself on faith that all republicans, as Mao Tse-tung had claimed, were inherently evil and must be destroyed at all costs. Mao Tse-tung’s mid-point of Pluto and Neptune, approximately 10GEM27 is trined to Hussein’s mid-point of Pluto and Neptune 07LIB39. In some sense they have a global outlook which counters western traditional regulated free market and limited federal involvement in the privet sector. Another way to put it is that Clinton and Hussein both have their Suns aspecting in a somewhat conjunction to Mao Tse-tung’s Moon. All three of them believe the United States of America is solely an evil entity on the earth and must be transformed into something quite different than its previously multi-century past (See, Saturn and the Missing Father.).

2010 Ancha

2010 Progression: Moon conjunct Chiron over the Star Ancha, theta (θ ) Aquarius. With Hussein’s conjunction of Chiron and his progression Moon over the star of Ancha this coming middle to late summer of 2010, his lesson will be overcoming and also coming to grips with his meanness. As a minority, and as part of a stigma of under representative minorities in U.S. history, uppity minorities have had to use meanness to get into upper economic society. It may worth be noticing if his meanness has contributed to rash judgments and overconfidence and overt arrogance. He is cock-sure that federalizing much of the previous private industry is a solution to the economic sorrows of the recent past. However, the Soviet Union’s experiment was a failure. The U.S A. has since the late nineteenth century had some form or another of regulated capitalism. However, over regulated capitalism leads to heavy stagnation. And currently this is the course with this Hussein regime. A lesson may be put your money or give away your money where your talk is and walk the walk.

Hussein has over tens of millions of dollars in his bank account, mostly from popular quasi autobiographies. Hussein has a mean streak that endears him to this radical left constituents. His crass speech, his allowance of vulgarity, and his over-the-top arrogance helps mold this persona. It even got the world to take notice of him as second place to the color of his skin.  If the PED of Fomalhaut has anything to bring to this equation, this may be a memorable revelation to his past or his inner feelings – as Chiron and the Moon tend to focus upon the past, the parental relationships, and personal secrets. In Chinese astrology, this star is called Lei, a Tear. So a tear may be a part of Hussein’s passage in the late summer of 2010. Hussein’s acts of calling out the SWAT ( replete with sniper teams on rooftops!)  teams against 90 year-old grandmothers, as he did in Quincy Tea-Party patriots outside the Oakley –Lindsey/ Quincy Community Center on the 28th of April 2010, a rather paranoid action, is really a mean act and a show of thuggary ( See Quincy News, Thursday 29 April 2010, “Police separate Tea Party from OLC”, Quincy News, accessed 28 April 2010, available from[4] This is everything against what the United States of America is all about. Hussein is trying his best to intimidate old ladies who want to protest his disinvestment of poor people’s healthcare, as the media reported weeks after the secret bill’s passage ( the public was told by Pelosi, Reid and Hussein, they were not allowed to see the bill until it passed!). The annual Solar Eclipse of 15 January 2010 with its square to the Mercury and Mars position over Spica and that star's theme of prosperity is rather disturbing.

Election from Hell? Sun trine Pluto Zero Point

On 4 November 2008 Hussein’s progressed Sun directly trined the natal Pluto on the United States of America’s Horoscope. Since Pluto represents raw power and passion is regulated attributes aftermath from observations of implications of power we saw the transformation of the United States take on that raw power of Pluto. For those who know the mythos of Pluto, he rules the underworld. Putting Chicago Style politics aside, Pluto is raw evil. So the 44 th President of the United States of America represent an affinity as in harmony with raw evil. Hussein was able to sway large masses of people to his cause. He even swayed the majority of the Jewish vote albeit today that majority is now a minority. He is against the Jewish state and most political aficionados were able to see this prior to the election. However, most were not. Most bought into the lie of bi-partisanship and unity. In the mundane aspect, Hussein’s Sun trined his Jupiter, both as progressions for his ascent to power on 4 November 2008. That benefice will be rocked this August and onward as his progressed Moon will meet his progressed Chiron. Chiron will inflict a mortal wound on Hussein. It is the lesson of Chiron that will teach Hussein perhaps some humility, something he has never shown once as a president.

4th of  July 2010 Chiron Wounds to Hussein

The progressed Chiron and Moon of Hussein will come close to conjunction on the anniversary of the founding of the Untied States of America. Ironically, Hussein who spent twenty-years listening to a pastor proclaim that the U.S.A. is inherently evil, will come to see things from a different perspective once Chiron teaches Hussein a lesson. Since Chiron’s natal position opposes the natal Pluto position, and Pluto played a key role in Hussein’s destiny, Chiron may help even the field of the evil that spewed forth from the pit. Hussein’s constant efforts to demonize everything about the United States of America has worked so far for his stability in power. Yet pretentiousness and lying can only get one so far as the U.S. economy has weakened under Hussein’s economic programs and Congressional bill that will put more debt into the economy in the future. Obamacare, the Stimulus and perhaps cap-and-trade (not yet passed) has and will significantly put a huge increase into the national debt for the United States of America in which it will never recover. Some citizens are beginning to question the constant influx of propaganda to tax-and-spent. Without jobs there is no tax-base so spending can only come from borrowing, in which means borrowing the future economic prosperity of the next United States of American generation. If a group of citizens will be upset it will be concerned parents who worry about the future of their children’s welfare.

Obama’s Sun Health, Home and Caring

Without using the tropical zodiac and just using the constellations, Barak Hussein Obama II is a Cancer, and his sun is in the sixth house. Cancers are supposed to care about the home, the life of the home and be stewards to the home environment. The sixth house in mundane trivialities is all about health and the body. It is particularly pertinent that Obama was able to enact universal health care, and his horoscope places emphasis on this result. In the Mombasa horoscope too, the Mercury is next to the cusp and in the sixth house. The six house is also bondage, as in servant or slave-servant, and some agree that Obama has taken private sector lifestyle notably understood as conservatives or Republicanism, and changed it to communism, by other names socialism, the precept is assumed for a direction away from the private and freedoms of choice to a mere limited and restrictive but more secure ideology (a Cancri concept! ) of the home. Oppositions in his chart are the Mercury opposition to the grand conjunction, so that ideals embodied in laws and ideas constituting Jupiter and structure, foundation, organization and government found in the constitution of Saturn will opposite the high-flight action of the communication.

Saturn, as part of the grand-conjunction, is actually in the eleventh house. This position gives perspective of strong group alliances and strong group oppositions. Since this is also aspecting the sixth house of servants, the opposition groups intend Obama is changing the freedom traditions of Americans into federal bond-slaves, where the federal power regulates most of the life of the individual of the state. Ultimately this is the Obama and Democratic Narrative. To understand this more fully we need to discus the prominent Algol position in the founding of the Democratic Party, as Obama’s Moon/Algol is in synchronicity (a Jungian term!) with the Democratic Party foundational horoscope. Most horoscopes on the web will intend that Obama is a Leo. This is of course the traditional tropical-geocentric method but this method was created over 2,000 years ago, and the constellations in the sky, due to regression, have moved their positions. For example, the Zero Aries point has the star Vernalis which is in the constellation of Pisces, and not Aries. So if you were born with zero degrees Aries and in the northern hemisphere, perhaps, you have the star Vernalis which is in the constellation of Pisces as your solar interpretation? This is because the constellation of Pisces is larger than the pie-slices of 30 degrees each, which was agreed upon for easy understanding. The tropical zodiac was easier for government officials who were not astronomers or scientists to understand that the year could be reasonably divided by four relative – equal seasons and twelve relative – equal months – thus the adoption. It is a myth that ancient astronomers, such as Ptolemy did not know about the Precession of the Equinoxes. In fact, he did and he also advocated to change the calendar thusly to reflect a move with the constellations and background stars; however this would be an extra- confusing notion on what year it was or day it was as the years proceeded, thus the simple system was agreed upon and kept. The politicians had a difficult time managing the current calendar, so this more complex system was forwent. Now that some more Chaldean and some more Babylonian cuneiform texts are being transliterated we now know that the ancients as far back as 3,000 B.C.E. had known of the Precession of the Equinoxes. This confusion as to the procession is the number one argument for skeptics on Astrology. How can Obama be a Leo when his Son is over star Asellus A, in the constellation of Cancer? They do have quite an argument!

So what is this fire that people associate to his leonic Sun? In fact, Obama has a domination of fire signs in his overall horoscope. His Moon is over Algol’s PED, thus the passion the ancients seen in this star is of fire – albeit it is in an earth sign of Taurus. Here there is no confusion to which constellation dominates Obama’s Moon. His Moon is over the constellation of Tauri. His I.C., his Vesta, and his Ceres are also over the Tauronic constellation. Another very prominent fire sign is his descendant. His descendant is dominated by the Constellation of Leo and some stars and some interesting planets. His descendant has the star Regulus attached to it. This is one of the four Persian Archetype stars. Very long ago, recorded by Persian astronomical text creators, Regulus coincided with the Summer Solstice. This star is associated to powerful leaders if prominent in charts. Obama’s Part of Fortune is over the constellation of Aries, perhaps a real fiery lucky aspect for him. It is in the third house the house of short trips and fast communication. His Saturn tags along the back-end of the constellating of Sagittarius. For those Aquarianists out there, Obama’s Uranus (again using the Mombasa Hospital Chart) is closely approaching the fiery descendant. It is in the Constellation of Leo toward the tail area. During its progression in his chart, it will reach Regulus, which is powerful in and of itself. Since change is associated to Uranus, the natural ruler of Aquarius, and in the sixth house – we have been talking about the sixth house and its association to servitude to an entity and its associations to health. So obviously Hope and Change are a part of his sixth house dominance in his chart.  He also has the invisible planet, its theoretical placement of Lilith 20LEO31’10”. So it is not his leonic Sun in a tropical sense that gives him this firely  persona, actually his ascendant is over the constellation of Aquarius – so thusly such an air sign contributes to his firely passions as part of the rigidity (Fixidity!) of his angles. Finally his multiple grand trine involves a Mars and Jupiter to fire signs in their respective homes, and a trine indicating such as ease of expression.

Pluto and Chiron in Opposition, on 1-7 axis.

Chiron in oppositions to the outer planets perhaps indicates social reform, or social ideas and/or actions. It denotes someone that is involved in some way with the social outer world, perhaps to change it or add their two-cents to the paradigm of social current events. Since Pluto is about overthrowing the old, killing it and in order that something can be reborn, Chiron admits to teaching this paradigm that can add to the planet’s theme for change. Chiron is about some type of change. Historiographies by the classical writers have Chiron in a theme of changing persons into other forms of something or other. He was classically a teacher and a healer and also a mystic. He represents the missing – link because he unlike his warlike brethren or sisteren forwent overt physical aggression to more intellectual aggression. He teaches others to take advantage of their environments, and to be victorious ( See my investigation, at this time not published) and some outcomes appear to indicate civilization or new civilization building. Chiron either indicates migration (some say a rainbow over a bridge) or at its base notion a real change. That real change may hurt, as growing is a painful process.  On the other hand Chiron also has the remedies to heal the wounds, and also the commitment to sacrifice for the benefit of others. Perhaps, justice is an intellectual influence for a theme. In the Kenyan tropical horoscope, Obama’s Chiron is at 05PIS20r ( r= retrograde). It is in the first house of outward projection of the self to the outside world. It is opposition to the private seventh house in which Pluto is transformative and in opposition at 06VIR58. The Pluto is in the constellation of Leo. Chiron is in the constellation of Aquarius and is close in aspectum to Jih, Situla and Hydra and perhaps Ancha. Chiron’s glyph is a key with its body on the bottom and its arms pointing upward. For those willing to look toward Chiron oppositions to Pluto can look to this horoscope. (see, 4th of July 2010 Chiron Wounds to Hussein.).

2007 – 2009 Hussein Rise to Power

Progressions and ascent to political power: Between 2008 and 2010 Jupiter passed through the eleventh house and onto the first house in transition. It was beneficial that Jupiter transposed its mundane progression during the election campaign and onto through his ascent to office. But by the end of 2010, the transiting Chiron will be making its ascendant pass, at a time when Hussein’s horoscope progression has just passed its Moon/Chiron conjunction, and Chiron will be nearing its original degree both in the Natal Chart and mundane transition. This happens for everyone around 50-51 years-old. My favorite success aspect for Obama comes by-way of his progressed chart for the seventh house Mercury 24LIB17 and Mars 23LIB37 (1 April 2010, Mombasa). These two planets are over the constellation of Virgo and over the Star called Spica. Spica had many names throughout the periods of history, but Cicero named it Spicum, and its derivatives in the west continued with variations until today. This is the alpha star and its Longitude for 2000 is 23LIB50.  Vivian E. Robson states from her book in 1923 that Mercury over this star intends a person who has organizational abilities, is neat and tidy, and also clever, ingenious, and having favor of people whom are in power. It also denotes someone who can reach a position of responsibility. Yet, Hussein also has Mars transiting this alpha star at the critical time of his ascent to power as the leader of the free world ( well it was free before he stepped into office, Oh Well.). Robson writes that with this position, there will be popularity that will lead to success, wealth, and [...] honor and preferment. Hussien’s popularity is well known and this aspectum strikes a cord to the current events surrounding the 44th President of the United States of America. In Chinese history, Spica was not always the total beneficial star that is appears to be in the west. This is because astrograghers recorded that sometimes Spica brings great plenty, bountiful harvests, and general luck, it is always based upon a perspective. For example, the invasions from the north that changed the political landscape from time to time in Chinese history may be a case in point. Spica is attributed to foreigner success in conquest of the Chinese people. From the conquerors perspective, Spica brought luck and success, but from the Chinese perspective Spica brought horror and subjugation to its peoples. Claudius Ptolemy  relates in accordance to his observation of this star is that it brings the attributes of Venus and Mars. To Alvidas, of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury;  but there is a sense of injustice to the innocent. This may imply as well to the Chinese astrograghers as they recorded periods when Spica was prominent in their domain and to the results of having to contend with invasions, conquests by foreigners and utterly horrific wars of imperialism. Another factor seen by the west ancient astrologers is that Spica bring ‘unscrupulousness.”  A person or group may be oblivious to or contemptuous of what is right or honorable. When the Huns and the Mongaliods invaded the Yellow Basin and Spica was prominent, it gave these groups success, overwhelming success that is, but it brought moral reflection to the conquered subjects of Chinese anti-war peasants and anti-war academic citizens. From the Chinese perspective the barbarians as they assumed these groups were far from scrupulousness. As unscrupulousness these persons were dishonest and likewise subjugators of their traditions as they significantly changed the political landscape of there conquestees. As dishonest, many have noted Hussein’s broken promises, his lies and fabrications linked to political motivations and overall suspicion of the person. Bill Clinton has a natal Spica in a prominent position in his horoscope. He was more than a little dishonest in his speeches and his coming to grips with the media. Since Mercury conjoined Mars is a historical speech-reflection touted by Buddhists who claim this is a beneficial aspect for the enlightened guru,  overall this progressed aspect ( remember this is not a natal aspect) this provides Hussein with the ammunition to get what he wants. But do his subjects get what they want in a democracy?

There is also a penchant for unfruitfulness according to early Arabic astrologers (Al Simak). Overwhelmingly, even leftists’ such as radical economic professors at Berkeley have to acknowledge that the Stimulus did not create jobs, and perhaps hampered them considerably. Stiff republican advocates, claim and rightly so, that the first installment of the stimulus went solely to the groups and persons heading up corporations that put Hussein in power – and this did little to nothing for the general population. This aspectum will eventually move-on but it will still be somewhat evident until 2010. Hussein’s luck and success in lies, dishonesty and immorality will thrive according to this aspectum. To Hussein worshipers, he can do no wrong according to their perspective. To me this is one of the most powerful aspect that intends success to the Hussein Regime. It is also a stickler for the opposition too – citing the great understanding of the ancient Chinese intelligence on perspective.

Outer Planets Neptune and Pluto.

Hussein does not have Uranus conjunct Pluto but it is approaching as Uranus 25LEO and Pluto is almost 7VIR. Hussein has a basic sextile between Neptune and Pluto. ( Sextile started in the 1940s and will last until 2030s; this is because of the speed of Pluto is keeping pace with Neptune). So a sextile represents an opportunity to implement the unconscious intuition of our beings into the real and material world. Some explain this intends a morality of sorts. Yet this is a world-wide phenomena and a mundane interpretation is better suited for this aspect. Uranus representing change, as its rulership home is of the ancient sign for water ( today it is changed to represent electricity?), is opposed the star Algol’s PED and Hussein’s natal Moon. Hussein’s natal moon is close to his I.C. in his third house, which does in fact focuses upon ‘erratic’ quickened communications. It took a week before Hussein addressed the British Petroleum oil – rig explosion while his fans blame G.W. Bush’s slow response to Katrina. Hussein constantly needs a teleprompter in order to communicate, leaving suspicion he may not have a correctly working brain that functions freely but must script everything through a speech writer or his own note-taking. Hussein’s Uranus squares toward his M.C. the star Kelb Alrai, beta (β) Ophiuchus’ PED. According to Robson (p. 54), it is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity and slander. The National Enquire is reporting a possible scandal of extramarital affairs, in late April 2010; apparently a young woman who had worked for Hussein on his 2008-2009 campaign.  As Hussein’s progressed Moon acquires a conjunction around August of 2010 to Chiron, perhaps this will factor into the personal idiosyncrasies of Hussein’s private life. This president is not well known as he keeps his past very private, which turns into suspicion.

Hussein’s Sun and Uranus.

While not in conjunction, the natal Sun is approaching the natal Uranus. Hussein’s natal Uranus under the Mombasa data places it near the descendant in the sixth house. Obamacare is one objective confirmation of this aspect, as the sixth house deals intensely with healthcare issues both personal and as in a group setting. Also, Venus is heavily aspected, and indicator that sometime in his life he should come into money. his Venus also sextiles Uranus, so with Pluto this multi-outer planet aspect to Venus and under this prosperous star Hussein will have no worries of being funded throughout his life. His sixth house, a house that also represents corporations due to public government institutions is heavily loaded including his node, and Lilith. Here lilith may be  beneficial for dark reasons, and his Algolian Moon in such harmony with Saturn ( government institutions, in the public eleventh house sector, and Jupiter in the Secret twelfth-house sector and Mars in seventh house the house of personal relationships implements him in getting what he wants. Again, this interpretation has nothing to do with morality or ethics. Apparently Hussein does not care much for these things anyway. This perhaps implies his Murcyr in a square to Neptune in the ninth house the house of higher learning and higher attainment. In fact, Hussein has a multiple T- Square in which Neptune is the handle, thus his spiritual proclivities are things he needs to work on and he most likely struggles in the realm of intuition rather relying on scripted popular consensus and conflicts of religious affinities. Neptune is a planet of instinct, and also intuition. These are things Hussein needs to work on and has shown in the past that instinct is not a part of his rigger moral. Neptune sextile Pluto, like in the whole world, moral is a big – key into understanding global aspirations and conflict. Since its inception around the 1940s, discourse on La Longue Durée ( western Europeans dominance of the world) reflects in almost all classrooms across the earth. Peoples of nations and groups of people are all trying to correct the influences of greed, corruption and imperialism – more or less on a global scale. Here, with the linking of the global context of Neptune and sextile of Pluto, Hussein’s personal Neptune is heavily afflicted. Since it is in a T-Square, and the focal handle, he works continuously on trying to manage his reluctance to be instinctual rather than rely on preconceived notions of doctrinal teachings of anti-Europeanism. Certainly the cult of personality is heavily attributed to this global sextile. During the last conjunction, from 1886 to 1898 the literature cult of personality helped shape radical controversies over the origins of race-groups. During the breaks between the global recessions and World War I these concerns took a back seat and did not return until well into World War II. Once World War II was over, race-group studies became an important subject as Neptune formed a sextile to Pluto. Since Neptune is affecting all races on the Earth, it is relevant to each persons chart to see if they have it personally afflicted. In the case of Hussein, in fact he does have it heavily afflicted. He may not be able to see clearly, leading a twisted view of how racial groups in history rather acted toward each other.

Pluto and Neptune sextile

In fact, this sextile has wreaked havoc onto religious institutions. If Pluto is renewal and perhaps the dark planet, we now understand how religion is being attacked on all sides across the globe and for such great lengths of time. Since Neptune was in Scorpio ( tropical) during Hussein’s birth it is Pluto’s house. Thus a renewal from death and to rebirth is one such prediction for natives born under this aspect. However, Jupiter is in a square to Neptune so Hussein will have a hard time rectifying that rebirth and may go with the status quo. In addition, since Jupiter is in the twelfth house Hussein may secretly try his best to end religion or not be associated to it. The tendency is to be amoral and be very subjective with this aspect. How that plays out in the end is very personal.

Venus in Hussein's Horoscope.

Hussein’s natal Venus trines his ascendant ( see prosperous star associated here!) and sextile’s Pluto, a planet of materialism. It also is in the fifth-house which is prosperous materially for the planet Venus and also is a sign of the spring being female. Venus is under a very prosperous star Porpus et Tejat (Eta (η) Gemini), so his financial gains will be exceedingly better than most people.

Proof that Obama caters to the rich in the Goldman Sacks show-trails:  Obama’s financial supporters George Soros (10% of Goldman Sacks stocks!), and Warren Buffet (he owns 50% of the Goldman Sacks stocks!  see also (here)) have owned or now own a major investment in the Goldman Sacks stocks. Buffett gave $5,000,000,000 (five-billion) investment to his Berkshire Hathaway Inc, in which Goldman Sacks oversees and manages. Buffett during the show-trails is behind close doors to keep his dividends solvent and profitable. He seeks to gain 10% from this five-billion dollar investment. That works out to $500,000,000 in profits to the Democratic Party member. The rich people are not the Democratic Party members. This is why the do not want voter IDs to be checked at Polling stations and not to have illegal immigration, a federal law, enforced.  Goldman Sacks set up a mortgage bidding operation and had investors such as small schools and private investors put money into  a phantom pool ( like gambling) received an AAA rating from business accreditation groups that they pay and approve of before doing business and get paid by Goldman ( and not the standard CCC rating in which should have been applied). Goldman Sacks promises to pay the investors the interests in monthly or three month periods. However, they chose the worst mortgages possible knowing they would fail. So once the mortgages fall below a certain ‘threshold,’ the CEOs of Goldman Sacks then raid the bank that holds these ‘pools’ of funds – thus all the investors lose all their investments and cannot get it back.  It works like a Casino, except that Goldman Sacks is both the gambler and the Casino – they cannot lose or their risk is minimal. Once the pool gets to one-billion dollars, then about a few months Goldman pays interest to these investors. Once the mortgages dip below an agreement fixed level, then that billion dollars is transferred to an account of a CEO of Goldman Sacks. Thus their CEOs made billions while the economy fell during the 2008 – 2010 economic cycle. How did Hussein play into this? After receiving the most campaign contributions from Goldman Sacks and stacking his administration with Goldman Sacks players, be bailed out Goldman Sacks rather than the correct course of action and allowing Goldman Sacks to go bankrupt and have the courts put the CEOs into jail. With Theta (θ) Aquarius on the Mombasa Horoscope, Hussein is fortunate. Hussein can murder millions of people and he will still be worshipped. Astrology is not about morality but about destiny. Hussein’s Venus is over the star Porpus et Tejat (Eta (η) Gemini), which is a star positioned on the Northern Twin’s (Castor) foot. According to Richard Hinckley Allen, in his book “Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning (1889) this position implies eminence to all born under its influence. Hussein not only has tens of millions of dollars in his personal bank account but he broke campaign contributions records, in fact he smashed records and still had millions left over in this campaign war-chest. Hussein apparently can do no wrong. His horoscope is stacked with lucky and beneficial aspects – which means that some people will be the victims of his luck and benefice.

Progression of Mercury and Mars and the Grand - Trine.

Hussein was born with a multiple grand-trine, so powerful ( even Saddam Hussein only had one horoscope Grand-trine!) Hussein can do what he wants and get away with it. In progression to the year of 2008 and onward, Mars and Mercury are over the star Spica. This gives Hussein the upper hand in all communication. He can say that all white people must die and no one will complain – he is the messiah. Currently in 2010, his progressive Moon is making a trine to this aspectum.  His progressive Moon moves through his eleventh house thus a solid and beneficial relationship with the public. Since Mars is of action, Hussein’s actions should all come to fruition. Those who believe he cannot get through Congress any of his bills are solely not reading his horoscope correctly. This aspectum will eventually fade, and perhaps we will come to realize the massive debates promised and never realized should have been granted. Part of Hussein’s success was not allowing the pubic a voice in these historical legislations. This was an anti-democracy period in American history; these aspects to these stars thistly and correctly spirited an oligarchic period in American history. Albeit, these oligarchs were voted into office, the polls usually conducted outside of the oligarchy reflected that the majority were against the passages of these large economic and future generational bills. Many fans of Hussein will join him in champion his anti-democracy moves and call it democracy.

July/ August 2010: Chiron and Neptune will be transiting his natal Chiron at 05PIS20r.

A Natal Mercury opposition to Natal Jupiter implies a lair, and this is affirmed in the house of 11th where his Jupiter is stationed, meaning that in large groups he will lie too them to reach is ultimate self- aggrandizement goal. Uranus over Regulus' confirms he panders to the aristocracy, and is not for the poor person. His lies are depicted in the stars.

His Saturn square (A waning squad to his natal Saturn) will take place in late 2011 and on into 2012. It will T-square is natal Mercury/Jupiter - Saturn axis marking a hard-working struggle in these areas. Perhaps to make his legacy stronger as it becomes apparent his economic plan will be felt for generations upon generations of Americans, as he and his regime spent too much money to get his voters addicted to free hand-outs.

Obama's natal Mercury square Neptune describes a person that seeks spiritualism on the peripheral or superficial. here, Obama may tie into his Uranus-Regulus aspectum to exclude spirituality altogether and use religion only for business purposes. [5]

2010: November and Reflections:

Jupiter conjunct Uranus is having a financial mess on the world, spearheaded by the reflection of Obama's natal Uranus so prominent in his chart and rather that he is the leader of the superpower ( - China's admittance at this time) of the world. Jupiter conjunct Uranus will however, one day separate, and we will see the fruits of this massive world-economic-Change. Obama has always been known to have a plan to decimate white privileged and increase minority economic ascendancy -- and this may not be localized to the American boarders ( April 2010). His politicizing about continuing to break federal law on immigration in regards to the governor mandates in Arizona and other states about the tide of migrants flooding the boarders is to assure that the Democratic Party stays in power to finish the job of ending the private sector and implementing communism – i.e. no private ownership.  This may be international. Obama sees himself more than a mere U.S. leader but challenging world leader. Perhaps, his special pedigrees allow him this advantage?

A transiting Pluto will by conjunct the transiting Moon's node. This will certainly bring passion into the mid-term elections. The Tea-Party and the Republican Party have been gearing up for this for some time. I assume the passion will exhume for these elections as America appears to be falling apart, due no doubt to his its own horoscope which has a Neptunian color to it. The Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune conjunction which has plagued the U.S.A. during Obama’s ascendance and first term, connects the multiplicity meaning of this aspectum. Even without astrology, per say, the passion is empirical for since the grass-roots Tea-Party protests seen the light of days in early 2009. Obama called swat teams even on old white ladies who could barely walk who help up signs, please do not kill us (See April 27  -- 28 2010).

On Hussein’s descendant of the professed Kenyan Chart for 2010, Diadem is on the descendant. This star bodes luckily for Hussein and is in corollary to his Mars/ Mercury aspect to Spica. Hussein can say whatever he wants and he will always succeed. He can lie and people will believe him; he can convince anyone to fight for him. For those moral philosophers out there, this is not the social astrology you have come to know, it is rather a judicial astrology reading. It makes no hopes and fantasies. Evil in the world wins. And apparently as with Hussein’s moral relativism and his pro-Union (like Karl Marx who was pro-Union!) cares less about truth or public voices, his fixed astrology signs forces him to see as tunnel vision  -- a vision of revenge of half his person. Hussein hates white people, and that is why he claimed he spent twenty years in the pew of an Anti-White pastor, who happened to channel his rage directed against the United States of America.

2012: 4 November 2012: Re election?

The Chiron/Neptune that colored Obama's four-years in office will seek to explain to him by way of conjoining his natal Chiron during the General Election, to teach him things, perhaps he done correct or wrong. Luckily for everyone, maybe not Obama, Mercury will square this aspectum, while Saturn will trine this aspectum -- thus coloring this multi-subjectional interpretation. Hussein’s progressed Moon in July will be opposed his progressed Sun. His Mercury and his Mars will be leaving the auspices of Spica, however still within range to help him. His once tight trine of his progressed Sun to the Grand Conjunction now wanes as it separates from Jupiter on the trailing side of the trine. He will have a number of bi quintiles progressing during the campaign – notably from the Moon in which he did not have during his election.

Jupiter’s mundane prime position for his chart for 2008 -2010 will be actually squaring many of his natal Leonic placements. In the Indian chart, Jupiter and Venus played beneficial roles during his ascent for power, but a notable drop-off of powerful luck occurs for 2012. Chiron will also be in opposition to the progressed Pluto in Hussein’s progressed chart and will trine his progressed Neptune. In addition his progressed Chiron will be in opposition to his Venus. Perhaps he may not get all the funding he won during his first campaign in which he broke election history records for the amount of one individual collected and spent. His progressed Moon will be in the twelfth house so his passage of economic bills that perhaps enslaved ( as the six house is also about servitude!) and perhaps about healthcare in which he was extremely dishonest in promoting that it would be a long-term cost savor when in fact Kathleen Sibelius kept a report for one week prior to the passage of ObamaCare indicating that it would in fact increase health costs to all and not the opposite as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hussein screamed toward the public.

Mars in the 10th house, in a wide ( five - degrees or more) opposition to Jupiter in the 4th house, and may not be such a lucky combination.

The transiting Uranus will be in his second house, the house of his personal finances, and his natal Uranus is conjunct his Regulus -- so he will be held to financial enquiry at least for the general election it takes on a personal tone for Obama. Perhaps the attack of the opposition party would do fairly well to focus on the state of economics and Obama's overhaul of the financial industry and how it shaped America. If things are still going sour, the attack on financial aspects would personally hurt Obama -- noting that Chiron is in a hurting place just below his ascendant -- thus his outward appearance may be subjected to the color of a hurting Chiron.

Yet, Hussein will have his progressed Sun close to Zaniah, which is very favorable. Perhaps Hussein’s legacy is already in cement, he passed historic bills, demonized U.S. traditions so that none will want to return to them and pleased the world by making the U.S. less of a global power and more compliant to emerging dominating states across the globe.

2013 And Progressed Chart

If Hussein succeeds into his second term, he will have Rukbat ( as part of the Archer) on his Mid Heaven. His progressed Moon will transit his ascendant as make an opposition to Mars, and square his Saturn and Jupiter – all in progression. This alignment will form a crooked cross, This will last until 2014 and Spica in 2014 will be on his descendant. Also his Saturn, as part of his natal Grand Conjunction will now be within three degrees of his progressed M.C. In 2016, using the Kenyan data, Obama’s progressed horoscope shows Spica’s PED on the descendant, Uranus still closely inspecting Regulus, the Moon’s progression back over the Algol’s PED, and Saturn closing in on a conjunction to the M.C within the following year.

By November of 2018, his progressed Saturn will touch his midheaven. During this time, his Sun will have progressed over Gamma (γ) Virgo, Porrima (Caphir) in which Mercury and Mars have moved away from Spica, as well as his descendant’s position. During this time, there will be a reflection of his standing in our U.S.A. society or his standing in your state or world. There will be intrigue involved in some manner that resolves to leave a bad legacy. Sometimes president books are written well after the presidency when all the hoopla has gone away and one can clearly reflect what had happened. By 2025, Hussein’s progressed Grand Conjunction has long moved into the ninth house and his Progressed Mars is within one degree of his ascendant. By this time friends who may have been close or even worshipped him as a demi-gog will have a complete about – face change and regard him solely as an enemy of the state of the United States of America. Yet,  still his faithful companions will still see him under rose-colored glasses as Neptune progresses toward his Mercury in the seventh house. Many foreigners who are of the color of non-white skin may be worshippers of him on how he single handedly defeated the “White Demon.” This discourse was one used by his former pastor of twenty years – according to his admission of being present in his pew – that had used this discourse to embed the revolutionary Hussein on a quest to Change America. This discourse of course is all part of this Neptune textile Pluto.  When it ends in 2030 the world will look strangely at the claim that white people were inherently of the devil and all colored people were the pristine angles. Hussein believes this deep in his heart, and he often cries because white people just do not buy this rant-and-rave! Astrology is not moral or ethical; it is only a scientific tool, albeit a flawed one from our limited understanding of our cosmos.

Hussein’s key natal aspect is his Moon’s PED over Algol. Thus passion by his personal followers will use any means to acquire power. During the election the New York Times said it the best as they blasted it on their front page –online version right after he was confirmed that he had won the election during the election night. He was elected because, not of his character, but because of his skin color. He represented change. I have continuously tried to point out that the Democratic Party is the party of money and riches. They are the new wealth. I was repeatedly taught through out my school years the Patricians, or the right wings were always the rich people. However, this does not seem to be the case as in hard studies of these periods in history there seems to be no corroborating   evidence. It was the left wing’s propaganda that sought to politicize their ties to government. Academia and the established media were/are in bed with government and thusly they think alike and do business on the same political platform. The congress funds academia and accepts the media’s endorsement for their access to glamour and fame – thus ratings and business ties. There does not seem to be much truth or democracy, but a twisted government that does not follow rules and regulations that it even passes. Then one wonders why the common lot and poor seek Armageddon. Perhaps it is to relive the conscious suffering of the enslavers who cannot be defeated but by only something more powerful than these inhuman enslavers – a force of ultimate power. In my opinion, Hussein is an atheist as much of the left in academia.  In the spring of 2028 Hussein’s Mars will finally cross his descendant. In 2040 [6] the Neptune and Pluto sextile that brought so much hatred of the races and so much cult of personality associated to race-relations will finally have abated.  


Obama’s Horoscope  


Speculation over the authenticity of Obama’s birth-place made many suspicious of his actual eligibility to be an United States of American President ( under Constitutional Law; U.S. Constitution, under Article II, Section 1.). In late October of the year 2008 before the General Election “Hawaii's Gov. Linda Lingle has placed the candidate's birth certificate under seal and instructed the state's Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances.”[7]  Ever since this legal action, lawsuits and pleas to the President have gone unheeded. “The Obama campaign website entitled "Fight the Smears" posts a state of Hawaii "Certificate of Live Birth" which is obviously not the original birth certificate generated by the hospital where Obama reportedly was born.”[8] Therefore, the rumors and reports by the African Press International[9] remain a viable option to a competing narrative that Obama was born in a Mombasa Hospital; thereby making him a Kenyan Citizen, like his brothers. Therefore, the leaking of this birth certificate is the one data-source I use to calculate his planets and houses. Since the day is the same as Obama’s claim for the Hawaii birth-date, the slower planets will not lose many minuets of arch, but the Moon and faster planets will. However, a guess is all we have to offer here.


Mombasa Kenya is at 39e40, 4s03. According to the Kenyan data, Obama was born at 7:24 pm [Sidereal Time 15;54:38; Universal Time 16:24] on the fourth of August of the year of 1961 . Using the Placidus House system Obama’s Mars and Pluto are in the seventh house. Mars is at 22VIR14 and is in a trine with his Moon at 26TAU27, in the third house, and a breaking-away grand conjunction. The Saturn is at 25CAP22r and the Jupiter is at 0AQU56r. Obama’s Moon is over the PED of Algol – within a one degree allowance. It is extremely powerful in such a grand trine to a separating grand conjunction and a powerful Mars in the seventh house. The President’s Uranus is at 15LEO14 and is in a square (within a degree) to the combination of the Algol/Moon. His true north-node is at 27LEO19, and therefore a little outside of a degree to the PED (2000 ADE) of Algol.


Yet we look to his progressed horoscope to see that his movement of planets places a beneficial star which explains unbounded success in reaching the office of the Presidency – of any goal he has – in which to be successful.


For example, the fourth of July of the year 2010, Obama’s progressed Moon will be approaching a conjunction to Chiron. On this date, the Moon is at 2PIS57 and Chiron is at 3PIS03r. Since this conjunction is close to Fomaulhaut’s PED, and in fact the President is in his second year of his first term (eligible for two, at the moment), it should coincide with written historical records which will last in the world’s memories. At this time, as well as prior, Obama’s progressed Mercury was aspecting the star Spica. Mercury is at 24LIB35. Mars is at 23LIB48. This (absent of the meaning of the star) means that Obama’s quick-wit and tongue is used as an advantage. Since Saturn’s position is at this time of the 23CAP16r position, it is squaring the star. Regardless of Obama’s natal chart, during his progressed chart to the period of his presidency, Chiron becomes a major actor, and contains seven major aspects to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Therefore Chiron’s symbology illustrates a prime candidate to study, but only in regards to the period of the aspects in Obama’s life when these transits take place. Since the Chiron is not a natally important aspectum to his horoscope, Obama’s readings in relation to Chiron are qualified as heavily influential. What may be more influential are the aspects to his birth stars and the PEDs of his birth horoscope. On the eleventh of July of the year 2010, the Moon will be at 3PIS14 and Chiron at 3PIS03r.


Obama’s rise to power can be assessed with the combination of Venus and Uranus aspecting toward Regulus’ PED in the year of 2009. His true north-node is at 26LEO56 on the eleventh of July of the year 2009. This means his south node is within a degree of the PED of Algol, at this time. The passion of Algol, the harvesting and growth of Spica and Regulus’ mundane power are three important historical stars which help shape the 44th President  of the United States of America. With the Grand Conjunction in the 10th house, the governmental powerbase and ruler-ship is strong in Obama’s chart. Uranus over Regulus gains Obama political power, yet a pandering to the aristocracy remains a personal perspective. Robson explains that toward the end of the life of a Uranus and Regulus aspect of a person’s horoscope that former friends will turn into enemies. (Robson*, p.197). While this is not a strong aspect, when we regard the whole of the horoscope, the Mars position in the 7th supports this claim. Obviously, Obama panders to the aristocracy, and has shown dishonesty. He broke almost all of his campaign promises, the most by any president in the history of the U.S.A. His belief is that in order to succeed, one must be dishonest to ones enemy. While this methodology brings quick success, it leads to a bitter end.


If we continue to use the Kenyan data, then Obama’s conjunction of the Moon and Chiron will happen in the 11th house. Since the house reveals the public, the common relationships, and our friends with common public things, the Moon should reveal some trying times for Obama in how he reviews his personal life, his maternal matters, and possibly a deep reflection on his past. All this is then received into the public debate as it brings intimacy issues to the forefront and conflicts toward a global concern.


The public will project back to Obama how they feel about his job proceedings all colored by the sensitivity of the Pisces attribute but more importantly the fomulhaut PED encounter reveals to authors the President’s past.  In addition, certainly the deep reflection will be on many of the changes he has brought to the traditions of the United States of America. At this time, we should see if his decisions are accepted and working accordingly too how he envisioned them when he began his ascent to political power, as well as arriving into office with no economic training or background in economics. Bill Clinton simply received his training in economics while on the job as governor of Arkansas; and George W. Bush, Jr., graduated from Harvard with a degree in Economics and Business. Obama’s success and rise to power is evident in his progresses chart’s connection to Spica. Yet, an absence of economic training and his headstrong countenance on the economic trajectory in ideology, remains untested and unsound.


The Star Spica, Alpha ( α) Virgo, Longitude 2000: 23 LIB50, Declination 2000:-11.08’, right ascension: 13h25m, with a latitude of -02.03’ is a spectral class B2 with a magnitude of 0.98. With Mars’ progressed position to the Star Spica, Vivian E. Robson pertains to the combination’s influence.  “With Mars: Popular social success, may have good judgment and quick decision or be violent in dispute, rigid, and nearly or quite a fool.” [10] Again, “With Mercury: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position.” [11]


Robson’s insight into the Uranus and Regulus’ combination is evident in the opposition’s arguments against President Obama’s actions while in office. Robson states, “With Uranus: Energetic, ambitious, successful, may be unjust or dishonorable, self-aggrandizement, high official position, panders to aristocracy, associated with religion for business purposes, gain through speculation and companies, favorable for marriage, sorrow through death of daughter and disappointment through a son; friends become enemies at end of life, may retire and live in seclusion, violent death through accident or assassination.” [12] Obama’s natal Moon over the PED of Algol reinforces a possibility of assassination. However, other factors have to combine and be relevant to the time-frame for these events to come too fruition. Also, the actionary trine revealing the classical three outer planets pertains to global engagement if we presume the said individual gains some form of non-local trust and or exposure.


Obama’s natal North Node is over Alfard ( Constellation: Alpha (α) Hydra;  Longitude 2000: 27LEO17), a star known to cause a possible “unbalanced mind” which leads to a great crime or and in combination to disappointment or a downfall in regards to women and marriage. [13] This star does provide the authority for power, and according to Alvidas[14] and is similar to “Sun and Jupiter in sextile.” [15]  The potential for the lack of self control, also demarcates this intending position. With the Moon, Robson states a basic attrition toward “[L]ust, wantonness, profligacy, failure in projects but financial help often from a relative.” There can be if fortune from the mother or wife which leads to eventual disgrace and/or ruin. [16] Yet, as the north-node is fortunate, the success is abrogated or the negative elements are mitigated, if these are indeed seen in perspective as negative.


Obama’s natal mars in his seventh house speak to aggressive dealings with others. It is important that Obama seeks to convince others to his world view. In fact, he likes debate and challenge, and thrives upon this modus operandi. This conviction is pronounced by the progressed Mercury and Mars conjunction.  For July of the year of 2009 this conjunction is within a degree of exactitude. In the air sign Libra and the nature of the conjunction allows Obama advantage in a sharp mind, however Aries traditionally is more prominent for penetrating information.   However, this position tends to bring native Mars seventh-house members to clash with others who hold different world views. When Mars is acting positively, these natives have the capacity to sway others to their points of view, thus taking part in their visions and grand schemes. The seventh house here with Mars and Mercury in Libra allows Obama to connect intimately with the public, his ideas, and his actions – pertaining to his ideas.


However, Marriage and Mars are conspicuously tense here in this position. This is because the seventh house rules close and intimate relationships. This includes the immediate family members. It is indicative of disharmonious moments in these close relationships – which are exacerbated by the passion and action of the beliefs and attitudes of the seventh house Mars. Well aspected, this Mars position gives victory over enemies. [ community organizer, albeit Spica related as harvester of people] As the polar opposite, enemies can overcome the actions and forces of the Mars individual. Cooperation with close associates is a positive for this placement of Mars. The Mars individual can succeed within the trusted confines of close and intimate relationships. With well aspected points to the horoscope, the individual will be successful in legal and physical matters. Yet, Mars in the seventh house is only one of the many aspects that must be taken into consideration into understanding the individual’s projections and lessons of life. In the seventh house therefore, Pluto can transform the Martian enemies, as well as subdue them. Obama’s grand conjunction progressed into the tenth house is very powerful in regards to high-office matters. Obama’s Kenyan data provides us with a valuable tool to see into the future and intricacies of our 44th President of the United States of America.


Obama supports a birth certificate that claims he was born on the Island of Oahu [ later Honolulu] , and the month is only half-blacked out and ends in the letters “ber.’ This would not be August. The year is 1963 [Honolulu is 1961], and the hour is of the am, and black out. Only the minuets are shown which are :47. The child’s first name is Allen. His middle name and last name are blacked out. His race is deemed Caucasian, the age of his father is 24 and the age of his mother is 22, who is a school teacher. The date accepted by the local register is the 6th of September of the year of 1963. Obama’s father is registered in the United States Army, as an ‘Officer.’ This was the “Certificate of Live Birth,” which provided the model of the faux Certificate presented in non-Birth certificate format on the official Obama website. The reason I chose the rumored African birth data is because the powerful astrological signs simply tell the more accurate story of Obama’s life and current relationship to the power of the office of the President of the United States of America. Obama has serious connection to powerful stars, and as we all know Obama is a very powerful leader.


From a mundane attribute the Chironian stellium is transiting Obama’s natal twelfth house enquiring the unconscious thoughts to his actions. It is opposing his natal Uranus, as in comparison to the competing narrative of the transiting Saturn/Uranus opposition which affects our world with uprisings and natural earth tensions. Obama’s natal Chiron’s closet aspect to a major chart point is approximately 2 degrees and separating from the sub-planet Pluto. Since Pluto is in the house of close and personal relationships Chiron here is in the first house and Pluto will set before Chiron rises. This pronounces the weighted affect of change as foundational to the theme of crossing over to a new era. Obama is simply redefining the United States of America and its relationship to the world. Spearheading this relationship are the Moon and Algol within a degree of 90 degrees squaring the Ascendant/Descendant – obviously a powerful position for such a themed star and luminary. Finally, the Sun will transverse the opposing PED position of the star Sheat as Obama’s Moon is in transition of Chiron around early 2011. The ascendant will be around 18 degrees or the co-culmination point of Algol.


In August of 2010, Obama’s Moon will be aspecting his Chiron, and the Moon will be transiting Theta ( θ ) Aquarius. This is a spectral class G6 star (RA 22H16M, Latitude +02.42’) and its PED for the year 2,000 is 03PIS16. In French this star during the medieval age was called ‘hanche,’ our ‘Haunch.’ The Arabian astrologers named in Ancha. According to legend this constellation of Aquarius is said to represent Ganymedes, son of Callirhoe, the most beautiful of mortals, who was carried away to heaven by an eagle to act as a cupbearer to Jupiter—most likely a sex-stable boy. According to George Noonan’s book on page 40 of “Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology” (1990) “this star along with Albali can cause danger and can cause persecution and even death, but are also said to give good fortune.” Using the Mombasa, Kenya data, this aspect should take place in the eleventh house in the first decanate. At this time and as prior, Obama’s Lilith at 25LEO56’59” and his Mean Node of 25LEO19’27 (data for early evening Kenya, 18 August 2010) with his Uranus 28LEO12’57” and his Venus 28LEO52’ will be in a waxing conjunction ( a wide one!).


Chiron conjunct Moon indicated, according to Melanie Reinhardt that these people are constantly trying to heal the wound given by their mothers to them by forcing upon others what they perceive as what was missed – out in that relationship. Whatever problems Obama may be experiencing from his mother is how he will project that upon society and perhaps the world – or his world view. His father slept with women and then left them. He may perhaps question his mother’s judgment into whom she gets involved with and to what discretion she had used to defend herself. Here, Obama may have a resentment in which he will project that resentment upon the world. His mother was an American, and we all know that his actions as president so far has been traveling around the world apologizing for American’s wrongs – what the left-wing entails are white-persons’ global sins. These sins include the U.S.A. of helping other countries stop mass murdering tyrants. This is deemed a sin to anti-democratic leaders. Obama is anti-democratic because polls illustrated prior and after that Obamacare was unfavorable. But Obama told the media repeatedly he knows what is best for America and not the people. So some sort of Emotional Wound is linked to ones mother. I recently went through my Moon transiting my progressed Chiron and it had multi-aspects ( b/c it is also conjunct my Saturn in progression! as well as Natally) and issues of the past and my parents certainly has caused me a lot of introspection and trying to emotionally grasp not having a family from very early and having to run away from home because of an abusive father and an emotionally abusive ( on occasions) physically abusive mother. With the eye damage caused by irresponsible campus officials, I really needed a family to turn to as my campus extended family had covered up the fact that they had ruined my eyesight and would not take responsibility – choosing to cover it up and certainly in a criminal way.


Certainly connected to Ganymedes’ personal charms, and the absolute ruler’s infatuation, there seem to be three aspectums taking part for an astrologer to interpret here. Obama has chosen to identify with his blackness and subdue his white heritage. Here, the object of the Moon- Chiron conjunction is dealing with the issue of maternal rejection. In a national sense, did Obama maternally reject the founding principles of a nation as he turns the U.S.A. into a socialist dystopia – raising the federal deficit by at least three trillion dollars in the first year and one-half? Eventually this will be paid back by the generation being born now and will not affect Obama’s poll numbers, but will certainly affect future presidents and administrations. Perhaps on a personal level, Obama will reckon with his personal past and have to look inward to heal what comes out of this aspectum. There will be a huge shift in the Republican-Democratic seats come the November mid-term election. It does not mean that the Democratic Party will lose power but increases in Republican seats are pretty much historically empirical (actually to both parties this happens!). Ganymedes represent someone out of no-where that flew up to Mount Olympus to be at the service of Power. We do not know anything about Ganymedes, only that he looked good. During the celebration after the general election, the New York Times wrote that Obama was elected because he looked the part – he is what America wanted – a good-looking blackman. Unfortunately, The New York Times had no intellectual scoop to tell the American public what this person was all about. They had only the past congressional-voting record which stated he was the most left-wing radical Senator ever to occupy the Senate of the United States of America. 


Ganymedes also represents the cup-bearer for the drunken tyrants. This is the drunken Democratic Party that is actually opposite of people-rule. They run rough-shod over laws and prefer to enact measures to take away the spoils of people-rule.  The Democratic-tyrants view the United States of America’s Constitution, what keeps in tact the Democractic-laws at hand,  a mere distraction. In addition, artistic examples in the eighteenth century depict a young Ganymedes as a naive young man.




Added 23 June 2010 --

America’s natal Moon is at 27AQU04 and in 2009 a stellium of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter vacillated in the last decanate of Aquarius (tropical, geocentric). Barak Hussein Obama’s Moon is in the constellation of Taurus and in the third house, when using sidereal coordinates. Still using sidereal coordinates, America’s Moon is actually in the constellation of Aquarius – which fits rather nice in the terminology of unique or progressive. The progressed American chart had the Moon transiting progressed Uranus and over the ascendant of the horoscope during 4th November 2008 when Obama won the general election. Regulus was also progressed to the ascendant point which told of power, regality, and such a world-wide event: America voted in its first none white skinned President.However, Algol rose to the Midheaven in 2003 in the U.S.A. chart, Obama’s natal Moon’s P.E.D. places Algol in his third house and over his Moon. Obama, in using the Mombasa date I prefer, also has Regulus as his natal descendant star. It is not karmic illusions to see that this timing links to the American chart and a personal horoscope of its leader. It is quite fated.

In October of 2008, Mars at 18 LIB 41 is opposed to Venus 17 ARI56, and Chiron at 17AIR09 is conjunct Venus and is a great part of this opposition. Chiron’s lesson to Mars is to be more loving. Although in history, some notable presidential campaigns for example Thomas Jefferson’s’ had been very contentious in etiquette and political confrontation. However, Obama used a radical hatred campaign, perhaps the worst in U.S.A. history to frame about 50% of the American population as human failures, not worthy of life. The lesson of Mars was not heeded and thus his call for unity and bipartisanship was doomed because he told the opposition party that nothing they ever had done in the past was of benefit to the country or human kind. In fact, Obama’s message, as so many dictators exhibit in history is that of there view or else – my way or the highway, per says! This caused the Economic Recovery Act, the Health Care bills and other bills being one-sided voted upon and extreme opposition with the opposing party wanting the administration to fail. The American Moon on the ascendant was in opposition to the Sun and squared to the Uranus position in late October of the year of 2008. The forces of the feminine and masculine were in a hard aspect to change. Since Obama has taken office unity has not come about and change is viewed differently than this supporters dreamed. This is because of the mundane aspect of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter ( Jupiter amplified the qualities of the illusions of Neptune as Chiron teaches us later that this period was an abject failure. The Stimulus went to pay of SEUI and other Obama supporting Unions, and not to the states coffers to distribute, and the lies of healthcare are no obvious that money at this time is being cut to the poor and the Obama government is not paying the doctors of Medical participants (Palin’s Death Panels were accurate). There will always be people who see Obama as the savior, a messiah, a deity, and a victim. Obama has his Uranus in the sixth house, so he seeks to change health, worker, and service foundations. Since the U.S.A. chart during his election had the luminaries in contention to the mundane aspects in a progressive chart analysis of the U.S.A. horoscope, the karmic circumstances forebode an illness for this plan. Uranus in the sixth house indicate natives who are sensitive to workers rights, healthcare issues, and who are extremely group originated to ‘close friends’ only not a body politic as western positioned Uranus would intend. Revelations that Obama had his Union representative speak to the Governor of Chicago to fill his seat for exchange for money (an impeachable offence, but academia, Media and courts are all on Obama’s side because oft he color of his skin) indicates the personal interests among closed groups and not a body politic.

If Uranus is afflicted there is a danger through lawsuits and bad public relations arising from the native’s unwillingness or inability to cooperate. Obama does not care to answer anything, he feels securily protected from his 90% of the black demographics, 99% of the academic demographics ( because government pays their bills regardless if they are private or not), the unions support Obama because that is what Marxism is all about, and Obama is a Marxist, and the media which is 90% left supports Obama so they cover for his mistakes. Also, Uranus afflicted in the sixth house indicates that too many unforeseen factors cause difficulties foreshadowing unusual experiences in relations to the public. Since many other astrologers indicate Uranus is the planet for the key term of Change , Uranus which actually lays close to the descendent will be what Obama is remembered for, perhaps after his duty of public service. The problem is that his Uranus is about one degree off the P.E.D. of Alphard. Therefore this overlay will be doubled in our exposure to the influence of Perseus. Obama’s natal Moon is in Taurus, and the U.S.A. chart had just moved into one of its prominent angles of the constellation of Taurus. On election night, Obama’s progressed Moon was in the tenth house and conjunct Jupiter a wide and over ten degrees – and Saturn had progressed to the tenth house too which is its home base of operations. So Obama had a very benefic chart at this time. In November of the year of 2010, Obama’s progressed Moon will oppose his Pluto, Venus, and North Node. In April of 2012, alpha Sagittarius, Rukbat, will grave Obama’s M.C. His vision will to be an explanation to truthfulness that he has hidden form the public. It will be a long term goal. It will be a part of his strategy for a reelection. In 2012, on Obama’s ascendant will be the bete Andromeda star, Mirach. Here Obama will project to the outside world his vision for a perfect world, a dystopia I presume, he will communicate it as a utopia. He will defend his decisions, and link them to this idea communistic world he had learned at Columbia and Harvard. His progressed Moon now in the twelfth house will be opposed to his progressed Sun which had changed signs from Virgo ( new beginnings) to analyzing an equilibrium – in the sixth house and first decanate.

Perseus is a constellation in the Milky Way. This constellation is close to Cassiopeia his mother in law to be, and to Andromeda, his future bride. He looks like a man with a pointed hat. Between August first and August thirtieth from this constellation we get the Perseïd Meteors. Algol rose over the U.S.A. horoscope during former President G. W. Bush’s term ( 2003, if John Hancock signatory record of 5:00 pm is used, if 5:10 is used, than in 2001 as some connect this timing to the 11 September 2001 events.). This star’s classification is beta Perseus and only one of the two bright stars in this constellation. Progressing the U.S.A. Chart to 1820s, this star traversed the Nadir as the massive immigration changed the demography of America, we were in an Islamic terrorist war, and it led to the Civil War. It was a decisive change for America, nearly breaking it into two large sections with two different central governments, perhaps like Rome had once done. Why does this star not act right away? Some rectification charts place the time of birth at 5:10 pm. ( I use the standard recorded time of 5:00 pm) and by placing the time here, it would be 11 September 2001 that Algol first started to grave the Midheaven of the chart of the United States of America. However, this does not seem to fit historical patterns? Why? Well, according to Nostradamus and Ptolemy the effects of important transits do not take place until a while afterward. For example, eclipses can happen according to progression of the minuets into increments of years and into seconds for increments of divisions of months or just as Ptolemy had guessed about two and a half years after the eclipses the effects on humans are felt. Studies of Nostradame seem to indicate similar patterns and he seemed to understand this too. Obama has Algol connected to his natal Moon, but only in the Projected Elliptical Degree (P.E.D.). Of course, this was already in practice during Ptolemy’s day ( c. 150 B.C.E.). Algol is deemed by many astrologers to be the most evil star in the heavens. Certainly many mass murderers such as Mao Tse-tung ( connection to his Mars), and Hitler ( connected to his Moon) were such obvious cases.

A star that rose after his Sun on the day he that was born was Alphard. This star was the alpha star of Hydra, called Alphard. This star is otherwise known as the ‘heart of the serpent (or demon).’ This is an extremely long constellation thus its affects upon humans is widely felt, just as the serpent in the Garden of Eden had such a profound affect upon humankind. Alphard’s connection to Regulus, a star associated to Obama’s horoscope. He has this star on the descendant, as well as his progressed Uranus (during this first term as president). Regulus is one of the Royal stars of Persia, in ancient times signifying ruler ship opportunities. Perhaps, this is the star associated to the rise of Barak Hussein Obama. This star rises with the Sun around thirty-north in the northern hemisphere. Regulus is associated with eventual falls from grace. This star perhaps intersects Regulus power and eclipses the benefits of Regulus – which is close enough to the ecliptic is stays nearly steady in its path in our zodiac. In Ptolemy’s tables Regulus is Obama’s heliacal rising star. This star co-culminates at 17 degrees of Leo. So any planet’s position in a chart will have perhaps a paran to this star. This star of Hydra is so emotionally charged that it manifests in outbursts of extreme anger which can become violent. This star reflects the basic identity of Obama as it rose over Mombasa with his Sun the day he was born. Using the Mombasa chart is preferable to the official promulgated Hawaii coordinates because during the general election when Obama was elected the forty-forth president of the United States of America, Saturn from the eight house sextiled the Midheaven within 15 minuets of arc – which is extremely tight and karmic. Also Chiron proximation to the ascendant is similar to the outlook of Obama’s agenda, that is to teach us those’ teachable moments. The wringer is that Regulus is on the preferred angle in Mombasa but not in Hawaii. The chart interpretations promulgated on websites are at a stupor to explain his rise in power based solely from his horoscope along. Regulus in mundane charts indicates natives that do not come from traditional families. So Obama’s link was really needing a rectification. Also the success of Regulus only comes by the native facing a nemisis. Like former President Jimmy Carter, his nemisis was the Richard Nixon and his strong support regardless of Watergate which Carter played off the political disaster to gain the White House. Obama’s nemesis was Gorge W. Bush’s Iraq War and general un popular support. Obama ran with an agenda that Bush was the typified Republicans and all republicans in history were ‘all failures.’ They had no good characteristics about them at all. using this deception which came form Algol and other stars in Obama’s chart allowed him to capture even 70% of the Jewish vote, and the majority of the youth vote. With the chart of Hawaii, Regulus does not factor in at all to his whole chart. Therefore, it is better to use the Mombasa coordinates as they bring a clear look into his soul. So far, Obama two luminaries have two of the most powerful historical stars associated to him. His flash and rise to power was unheard of in political centers. He came out of nowhere to capture the attention of the American and then world’s attention. These stars have that power in them to do just that – and they did so and more.

While each president is claimed by contending factions to be an antichrist ( a long tradition in Christianity going back to the early days in the Roman Empire), Obama has been dubbed something that is quite different. Not in my memory at least has a leader of the U.S.A. been associated to a Messiah figure. Obama promised heaven on earth with his oration skills. This was a part of his nemesis response. In the Bible, Jesus stated that many false messiahs will appear toward the end times. In media, even the liberal media, the title appears often in opinion pieces and op-eds on the president. He is the messiah, but he calls Christians ‘bitter’ and ‘to cling to their Bibles.’ This identifies him as opposed to Christianity. Many seem him as irreligious or secretly Muslim. Perhaps Messiah in out day is an overused epitaph, and just secularly means ‘a savior.’ With Regulus need for a nemesis, a savior is the key frameset for this dualism.

The Sun represents the personal identity. To have Alphard as a personal identity star associated to ‘Satan in the garden of Eden,’ we look to what this means in the interpretation of this president. Alphard is linked to various observations of poisoning. There is no more of a karmic symbol of this than the Deepwater Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, of course, happening during Obama’s presidency. The spill represents a mass poisoning of the sea life and putting nasty pollutants into the atmosphere. Obama issued the rights to have British Petroleum dill in the deep waters of the Gulf. It was not Bush, nor did Obama have the coast guard do an inspection which would have been the correct course of action – they were not ordered to do so. In this sense, Alphard is a karmic symbol of the identity of Obama – so far as to manifest as his legacy.

Alphard is linked as well to the keyword, ‘darkness.’ Obama is the first dark skinned president of the United States of America. Darkness is associated to the ‘serpent in the garden’ being that it is opposed to light as good. However, the symbolism is there in the star and the history. There is no way of getting around the historical precedence of the people electing the first president of the United States of America with a complexion that is not like the predecessors. This was also a factual premise too. during the first months of the Obama presidency, and it still applies today in some respects, anyone that criticizes any policies or political gaffs of the President is associated to a color narrative. Obama is black ( which he not) and he is criticized by whites so they must hate blacks. Therefore, Democracy cannot be the American governmental system any longer because one cannot criticize the president. If democracy is light and good as any government system, and the opposite is dark, and destructive, then Alphard is such a unique interpretation upon the identity of our forty-fourth U.S.A. President. In fact, democracy would be better run based upon performance criticism and media toleration for that perspective. But the left wing has for decades controlled the media to such an extent that it nearly dominates it and the American narrative. Democracy is no more and it is but an illusion, something that Pluto’s paran with the star Fomulhaut of Obama’s char clearly exposes.

There seems to be a foreboding of some time of calamities surrounding the world at this time. al phard can indicate a murderous and violent person, too involved in its passions to speak or allow the truth. Obama has Fomulhaut on his Nadir when Pluto culminates, so this indicates an ‘ability to be able to make money from illusions or virtual work.’ Obama will long be connected to the period of a global financial meltdown, perhaps he started it off by scaring everyone with his Communist rant of ‘redistribution of wealth of the American people ( stated in October of 2008 to the world). Obama in sidereal astrology is a cancer, his sun is in Cancri, which according to Asian and Mesopotamian religion is linked to pretender or real messiahs. Rigor states that with Alphard with the Sun it indicates a human with characteristics of ‘revolting deeds.’ Many planets of Obana’s horoscope fall in the western section of his chart. This indicates not a leader but someone that relies on others to make decisions. It can also mean that the individual requires a group of advisors to make decisions for him because he does not have the qualifications to do so himself. Obama’s Sun in cancer (cancri constellation) illustrates a person of strong emotions. This is coupled to his natal Moon over the P.E.D. of Algol, another horrific star known to be the ‘prankster’ in Abbassid Empire history ( Islam, Baghdad 8th century) and is linked to mass murderers, such as Adolf Hitler who had his Sun on the nadir as Algol set. In June of 2010, the unseen planet, Lilith ( perhaps debris of a destroyed asteroid) is over Obama’s ascendant. the transits of Saturn and Mars are in his seventh house, a house of open enemies, such as an indication that the native may make open enemies in pursuit of his agendas.

Zozma is connected to the natal point of Pluto in Obama’s chart, so this star on the back of Cor Leonis will deprive the death and rebirth plans of Obama to radically change America, something that Agena another very personal star connected to the horoscope of the 44th U.S. president. Agena in Obama’s horoscope does show the ‘change’ spoken about, because this star seeks to radically change something. In the case of political leaders this star shows a propensity to ‘dramatically alter a state’s future.’ Since America was basically a success story up until Obama took office, he perhaps seeks to change this direction. This of course is to allow other nations of the world to love America and not hate it – which is a myth in and of itself as enemies have hated America long before Obama was born and he cannot change that – it is out of his own power. But he tries and decimating the economic dominance of America is one step into which he perceives to make his mark. If he can destroy the U.S. economy then he believes that other nations will become leveled in economic competition and thus love America.

At the moment, Obama is going through a Saturn square. Obama’s ascendant is the constellation of Aquarius. This is fitting because he sees things in a unique way to try to change the circumstances he had been programmed to perceive. This programming was from anti-American institutions that formulated his world view – that’s America was founded by evil white men bent of suppressing and enslaving the world. Thus the program that is now infiltrated his D.N.A. is bent on reshaping its environment and that is where ‘The Heart of the Daemon” plays the role into the destiny of America.


added 24 June 2010:

Mundane U.S.A. General Elections: B. Hussein Obama

November 4th 2008 transits of Obama’s Horoscope.

Sun: 11SCO: 9h
Moon: 18CAP: 11h (conj. Jupiter, western sec.)
Mercury :28LIB55:8h
Venus :19SAG37:10h (powerful)
Mars :21SCO:9h
Jupiter :17CAP: 11h (conj. Moon, western sec.)
Saturn: 18VIG: 7h (powerful)
Uranus: 18 PIS: 1h (powerful)
Neptune :21 AQU : 12h
Pluto : 29SAG: 10h ( powerful)
North Node :13AQU : 12h
Chiron : 16AQU : 12h


November 7th 2012 transits of Obama’s Horoscope.

Sun: 14SCO: 9h
Moon: 14LEO: 6h ( debilitated)
Mercury :04SAG18r:10h
Venus :11LIB29:8h
Mars :22SAG25:10h ( debilitated)
Jupiter :14GEM33r: 4h
Saturn: 03SCO51: 9h ( debilitated)
Uranus: 05ARI09r: 2h
Neptune :00PIS21r : 1h ( conj. a.c.) ( debilitated)
Pluto : 07CAPSAG34: 11h
North Node :26SCO07d : 9h
Chiron : 05PIS : 1h ( debilitated)


Added 25 June 2010 --

Analyzing the U.S. general election day heliacal stars!

Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) coordinates are 38n54,72w02. The United States General Elections used to be held in March of each year. When this changed, a total theme changed for America. If the general election is held perhaps on November 4th then the heliacal rising star are two groups of stars known as Zuban Elgenubi and Zuban Eschamali. Zuban Elgenubi rises over Washington D.C. about 14 degrees of Scorpio; and so the sixth of November is the terminal date for the heliacal star at this latitude. Therefore the U.S. general election of 7 November 2012, will have a different heliacal rising star. These are two stars ( of alpha Libra) in the balance constellation, generally called “The Scales”. There are no bright stars in this constellation. It has dim greenish stars, the only constellation of a greenish color to it. Ptolemy states that these stars are predisposed to Honor, to distinction, and to ambition. The last attribution bring polarities because its links to ambition creates a dichotomy to social justice in which the constellation of Libra suggests as its over all them. Barak Hussein Obama was elected during the heliacal rising of Zuben Elgenubi. However, when the election is held after the 5th of November (if results go into the 6th day of Novemner), perhaps the 6th and onward a different star becomes the heliacal star. The general election on the fourth of November links Obama’s ‘social engendering’ themes well with the heliacal rising stars of Libra.

The Lyra looks more like a two stringed zither rather than a traditional lyra. These stars are even greater of the stars of Libra for the U.S. general election of which is decided to take place on the first Tuesday of November. This star will be over the U.S.A. 2012 general elections because it will be held on the 7th of November of 2012. We will have a totally different type of president as this star is predisposed to ‘great leadership.’ That is the fantastic star of Vega (Wega). Alpha Lyra was the pole star about 10,500 B.C.E. and it is a first magnitude compared to the much dimmer Polaris star today – we use as our pole star. Because these stars rise at different times in the current position of the northern hemisphere of the zodiacal sign of Scorpio, we have different themes as presidents. Vega is heralded by all cultures, and the Chinese linked this star with the wealthy helping out the common people and the poor. Unfortunately, Obama was elected on November 4th so this star does not apply. Social justice and helping the poor by the rich contributing to helping the poor are totally different concepts. Social justice can apply to one ethnic group distributing economic and political inclusion to another ethnic group (even by force), where as the rich helping the poor is color blind and not predicated upon political identity politics. Ptolemy links the stars of Lyra to Venus and Mercury. This means imaginative and artistically solutions will seek to solve problems creatively rather than ideologically, as associated to a more influenced with the Zuban stars’! Rigor explains that Vega is linked to ‘leadership abilities and social awareness.’ Zuben Elgenubi is not connected to Vega in that the Egyptian Maat is associated to Vega, and the association is the god that helped move souls from one life to the next. In Christian esoteria, Jewish esoteria, the Archangel Michael is also associated to moving souls to and fro from the living to the otherworld. If we look at this creatively, this portends a leader that helps one general get a heads up for their children who are of the next generation. One can understand why Obama does not have this fate in his election chart. That is he has created more debt than any other president in all of U.S.A. history and proceeding Generations will have to pay-off the squandering of money that his administration has followed his poor economic agenda. The Greeks link this star to charisma and magic coming from otherworldly sources. The leader has the magic touch per say.

In the year 12,000 or 12,500 Vega will again be the Earth’s pole star. Stargazing and aligning the earth’s coordinates will be much easier because it is a very bright star compared to the current pole star, Polis. The Earth is moving right toward Vega and should slam into the star in about 500,000 years, which is quite soon – and that is to say if Vega does not move. The Earth is moving toward Vega at about 12.5 miles per second. Vega also was the first star to be ever photographed in 1859. The Dragon’s head (Draco ) points directly toward Vega. Thuban (Arabic for dragon) used to be the pole star for the period thought to be in the time period for the construction of the pyramids – however this is not a universal consensus. Thuban, therefore was the pole star and lays in the tail of Draco. Kochab one of the two stars of the guardian of the little dipper was the pole star during Socrates, Plato and Aristotle’s time ( c. 400 B.C.E). So the pole star moves rather rapidly in cosmic time.

The Yod of Hussein's Horoscope Progressed on General Election

Added, 27 June, 2010:

For the U.S. general election of 2012 ( 7 November) Obama’s progressed horoscope will have a Yod configuration associated to his Moon in the 12th as the pointer and to Pluto and Uranus as the sextile. A Yod configuration is a rare astrological aspect in that if forms a single planet with a quincunx to two planets in sextile to each other. The great mathematician, Johannas Kepter, first proposed a quincunx as a viable astrological aspect – of which the degree aberration is 150 degrees. The Midpoint of the sextile, in Obama’s sixth house will be a sensitive point. The closest horoscope article to this sensitive point will be his progressed sun, but it is about nine-degrees off so perhaps this sensitive point can be calculated to multiplanets -- which I have not done yet. The star which will influence Obama’s progressed Moon and the ‘Yod’ finger of this aspect will be Algenib, λ Pegasus. Ptolemy states that the stars in Pegasus give caprice and bad judgment.’ George Noonan, in his work of 1990, ‘Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology” intends that these stars in Pegasus indicated for individuals if they show up in their horoscope or another chart that vanity linked with aggressive ambition colors the native’s character. News pundits are already speaking about having a president who filled his important cabinet positions of persons who if they were historians would have G.P.A.s in the Ds and Fs ranges. Obama likes to link himself to past presidents of the likes of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, to name just a few. There has been no indication he has the stature of these past performers and it is very much likely that he aspires to be like these personalities rather than the embodiment of these persons, part deux.

The lesson of this Yod will be also a collective one. It will ask if the American public still wants a mediocre president based upon the color of their skin and not their competence in leadership skills. Is change at such a price that the U.S.A.’s economy must suffer and people die because of no money for doctors and no money to eat healthy --- because their are no jobs? This national twelve present unemployment rate does not reflect that most jobs now are part time, and persons are now joining family-to-family and bulking up in crowded dwellings to pay the overall rent. However, the rich and wealthy will still have no problems getting by and having a rich life.

One of the synchronicities of Obama’s horoscope and the progressed horoscope of the U.S.A. indicates that Pluto is approaching Zosma, a star on the back of Cor Leonism, and is indicated of ‘suffering’ sometimes at the hands of others, situations that are out of ones control.

In the progressed U.S.A. chart for the year of 2021, or roughly next decade, the Pleiades will be approaching the U.S.A. Midheaven ( I use John Hancock’s, American Independence Chart, as many others do; and I use 5:00 pm according to recorded documents!); at that time as well Pluto’s transit will be closing in on the natal Pluto of the U.S.A. chart within a few years.

It is known that while during the G.W. Bush years Europe elected very left wing leaders and spent massive amounts of stimulus packages for social welfare in which after Obama was elected and the economic fallout over Greece and Portugal they have elected right-wing leaning leaders in Germany, France and now England. Obama, while at the G8 summit in Canada in late June of 2010 proposed that Europe keep up the stimulus spending to which they revolted. Obama will kept up the spending programs in the U.S.A. even though the C.B.O. and most economist see the rising deficits will destroy the next generation of Americans which these astrological forecasts represent in their foreboding signs. In fact, the U.S.A. progressed chart will have some debilitating transits coming in the next decades. The progressed Moon will be conjunct Mars in late 2012 on the 2/8 axis ---- both in the second house which rules economics. This aspect portends the death chart of the U.S.A. in 2025 when the Moon will later be in opposition from the eighth house to the second house Moon, as the Pleiades culminates with Uranus of the star Ain. First in 2020 – 2021 the Moon will conjoin the progressed Pluto in the fifth house giving rise to the birth of evil to the boundaries of leadership for the U.S.A. However this is presaged by 2017 when Zosma will rise on the ascendant of the U.S.A. chart which indicates great suffering. The U.S.A. at this time will not have control of its own destiny. The Greek mythic god, Janus, in which we take the term January from, indicating the god that protects the sacred doorways – passageways to the past and the future – is such a doorway that the U.S.A. will pass through as Uranus completes its passages through the progressed tenth house in which it is traversing at this time.

Obama represents the first non-total European ruler for the United States of America. Patriotism comes with identity politics, in which Europeans founded the U.S.A. and battled different ethnicities and geostates that were non-European. As the demographics of the U.S.A. become more dominated politically by non-European individuals and groups, patriotism will lose out on its allure – thus institutions and traditions will be demoted and fall away to a new creation of some made – up tradition which will be such an illusion that it will not stick in the psyches of the citizens leading to a slow fall and eventual end of the U.S.A.

Now if you go to your local tier I professor of history, economics or political science, they will tell you otherwise. With the defeat of the traditions and conservatism of the U.S.A. the world will end all wars and conflicts and peace will reign on Erath because the U.S.A. has shown in the past it is the number one fomenter of global conflict. I do not agree with this assessment because I spent too much time reading historical periods in which ethnocentrism is an issue in every empire or state in history – long before the U.S.A. was even a concept to the framers of the U.S.A.

The Yod in Obama’s chart communicates an odd-ball situation. To Americans, they must choose between Change and Hope that Obama promoted but did little to deliver and his promise to recontinue his course of action for the coming next term of the office of the U.S.A. president. Again, the issues will be the same. If a native does not vote for Obama, then they are a racist or a lap-dog to racists. That is the end game and its power is overwhelming, thus there is no way to defeat such primal aggressive agency. In fact, history proves astrology and astrology needs little to do as the course of action is reflected by the Janus syndrome.

As George Noonan put it best, the Medieval Age had individuals connected to the stars in Pegasus which emphasized that mediocre people with intense ambition became leaders of countries or towns and chaos and stupidity reigned supreme. Thus the Bible is of a note here. Since the world is full of evil, then evil people do lead the evil places. It is almost as if the joke that God played on all of us is what it is – a cruel joke. The earth is evil and mediocre individuals will great ambition lie and take over the leadership places and create havoc and destruction.

addition, dec. 2010:

Did you know that the progression of the U.S.A. Horoscope Moon transits the two major malefic during the first term of the Obama regime? The Moon will pass by Mars in 2012, and Regulus (Cor Leonis) was near the ascendant when Obama was elected. Interesting that Obama wanted the job so bad, his pastor for 20 years preached the destruction of the U.S.A., Obama as devalued the U.S.A. currency by $9 billion, spent $3.3 trillion is various stimulus’ to which Washington Post ( the most leftist media outlet in the U.S.A.) complained that a majority of these funds went to rich Wall Street fat-cats and over seas banks which had nothing to do with America. Apparently Obama is doing his best job of Hope and Change – to destroy the west and level it out for the world dictators to show the U.S.A. ‘evil’ democrats how to really rule the world. At least in 2016, the law proclaims Obama must vacate the White House, so we have something positive to look forward too. Regulus brings great power and fame. Barack Hussein Obama has just that – the world worships (or many when he was elected feigned excitement) him and Iran and Saudi Arabia have whispered he is the long-awaited Mahdi who will held the Moslems destroy the west, while Europeans saw him as a bringer or reverser of G.W. Bush’s ‘bad’ foreign policies. Regulus has an issue of a ‘fall’ attached to its Omenesque type ancient interpretations. Obama has his natal Uranus, the planet of ‘change’ linked to his natal Regulus. This position predisposes a reversal of sorts; particular old friends will turn on the native later in their life. On the good side, the haters of America have one of their men in the position of destroyer of the Christians and western culture. Obama has repeatedly called Christians and Americans the enemies so we all know where he stands, and this position is the only transparency he has offered so far to the world. Otherwise all the legislation is never allowed to be discussed or seen prior to passage in the House and Senate. What is really scary is Obama fashions himself to past leader’s models, the ones that needed to create a large war to cover-up the fact that their policies were failing and destroying civilization. I would not put it past Obama to allow some major global instability be an excuse to start a major conflict which will take everyone’s mind off the massive ‘distributaries’ of wealth from the poor people to the rich bankers and global corporations. Currently, hard-core leftists, even communists, are having a meltdown trying to explain the reasons why the forecast for the economy is bleak and will get bleaker as policies passed during Obama’s reign will take affect beginning in 2014.

Obama's Sun culminates as Algol sets in his horoscope. But since scientists have concluded that Omens and ancient beliefs do not correspond to world events and its agents, then we have nothing to fear. Algol has been deemed one of the most unfortunate stars in the heavens, and correlated to Obama’s Acubenic Solar position (Criminals and Liars), Obama fits the perfect leader for our modern age. So apparently the U.S.A. is for sale and Obama is the wet-dream of the left has put an up-for-sale sign, so come in a buy a piece while it lasts.

[1] Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Lenin, Pol Pot, and Joseph Stalin, to name a few, all used the term community organizer to explain their identity in politics.

[2] This is the popular version of this quote. The correct quote is ‘Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/ nor hell a fury like a women scorned,’ by William Congreve, in The Mourning Bride of 1697.

[3] As WND reported, colmado_naranja's original listing claimed, "President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in The Coast Provincial Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7:24 p.m. on August 4, 1961."

[4] When Bill Clinton visited Quincy, he did not act like this and was out in the public. Obama apparently snuck and laid out in the Airport, then was driven fast down Maine St., but no Quincians were allowed to see him, one Quincian reported. Apparently old ladies make the president paranoid and schizoid. There was troll damage assessment claiming this was standard procedures going back to Gerald Ford. This may be true, but not for Quincy. The SWAT Team actually engaged the Tea-Part protestors as if they were some sort of a threat. The smirks on the faces of the law enforcement illustrated they were rather, in face, embarrassed to even be there in the first place. 

[5] Mars transits Regulus on descendant, known assassinations or revolts and revolutions, otherthrow of ideas. See November 2011 -- star chart, See Moon in opposition on the 4th of November.

[6] by 2090, however, the trine is already well into an aspect between Neptune and Pluto.

[7] Jerome R. Corsi, Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor, Jerome R. Corsi, Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor, Says Democratic senator must make request to obtain original document ( World Net Daily , 26 October 2008, accessed 11 July 2009), available  from [accessed online].

[8] Ibid., Corsi. Also Ann Dunham, mother of President B. H. Obama, has never been identified by any Kapi’olani Hospital employees – who possibly helped in the birth delivery of baby Barack. There has been no attending physician or name of this person. Repeated questions at the White House Press Room have been repeatedly ignored. Also Obama’s official website first had his birth hospital of Queens Medical Center than changed it to Kapi’olani Hospital with no explanation. Obama has refused to provide the long-form, ‘hospital-generated,’ birth certificate which indicates which doctors and physicians were present for his birth. These records exist, but only Obama can he authorize their release. He has chosen not too for reasons he does not say. The secrecy adds more evidence to dishonesty and political motives which are not transparent. Obama’s birth certificate he promotes states U.S. Army Tripler General Hospital on the Island of Oahu, at Honolulu, which his website claimed.

[9] Obama may not have been born in the US ,  Follow-up story: Mombasa Imam who confirmed Obama's birth place arrives in the UK. (African Press International API, November 15, 2008 08:56 PM EST ) ; Internet. This press release like many other western and easdtern press releases are moved and archived. This was the original link. API, African Press International reported many time that Obama was born in Mombasa, but pressure to delete these facts are heavy.

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