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Africa - Kenyan  Barack Hussein Obama  — Horoscope Part VII ∇ Moon


United States of Arabia is totally out of control

I.R.S. Targeted white white people and no one was ever punished. why? to whom they targeted of course!

AN IGNORANT THIRD WORLD DICTATOR € academic ¨ POtUS 44 sees himself as arab⁄Jew and is correct! He is not white white nor black black but a shade of arabite brown. These are the people he favored while in office.

Arab and Arab mixes control MEAMIC Military Entertainment Academic Media Industry Complex
This is why white—white Christians and Christians in general are targeted for extinction at even more strength than the indigenous wronged native Americans. Most of the Muslim countries tolerate a huge swath of their citizenry to perverted and homosexual acts. The homosexuals targeted are most often social agitators. The Semitic ⟨Arab⟩ Race are the most prone to bi–sexual and gay relationships — be it for a time or a lifetime. The Christians both black and white inside the U.S.A. are more prone to normative religious Christian male and female marriages.


Book of Life :  ben Ghazīī, Lybia 30 April  2013  © Archangel Micahel LGA 1230

Book of Life :  IRS , Associated Press, 14 May 2013  ©  Archangel Micahel LGA 1230

updated  15 May 2013. al ghoul nears PED.

updated  21 May 2013.

updated 31 May 2013

updated 16 Jan 2014 2.Thes.

IRS ANTI CHRIST 2013 updated for mobile put links on 7+ page 06212016ad

#God #allah is a term the  #USMilitary restricts in most functionaries, except for  Sundays. So any mention of #Islam means #God and therefore is proof that #liberals = #DINO #RINO have a real genetic disease, #hypocrisy is not even a diagnosed illness. We need too make it a real judicial matter.

Obama says this is a #muslim nation. Fine he is correct, the arabs are the most populist with their mixed breeds too . however, black black and white white do  worship either Allah or God, Hebrews perhaps Yawah? or whatever spelling. But that is restricted discourse and Politically incorrect. So why is Obama politically correct on one issue and not politically correct on another issue that is similar? #antichrist is a sure sign  of a mental disease. #Obama is acting overtly bigoted and #racist . He knows God cannot be used in Prayer at schools, or now football games, nor public functions. That is not allowed. but Allah is ok? But that is the same God and so hypocrisy is a real disease ( #Michaelsavage ) first diagnosed it, a part of  the 1960s scene on north San Fran hippie heaven. But we understand it more in the medical establishment : the #establishmenthasadisease   #genetic deformations .


While Obama and the Atheists are Targeting poor and destitute Christians at Home, they are also running a genocides' of Christian's abroad:

Internal Revenue Service ⇒ MEAMIC

Update 02 12 2015: IRS apologizes for seizing bank accounts of small businesses...

Update 02 12 2015

Christian 'Holocaust' in Iraq...

For the first time in 2,000 + years or since Record Keeping began, religious and Christians have been removed from ancient Mesopotamia, located near Mosul Iraq. Before Obama was elected Tea Partiers before they formed announced Barack Hussein Obama would be in power to see a new Islamic Caliphate. Obama and the Democrats blasted   and beat up those calling them liars. However, the Tea Party was 100% correct. Obama loves sha’riah law and the Caliphate because they can abuse , rape and stone women, a macho man kinda thingy.

21 st July 2014:

IRS Reports EVEN MORE Computer Crashes...

The GateWay Pundit IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved: ( no I do not support all that GP offers).

Due to Racist or fear of racism Elijah Cummings ( D) Senator advocated targeting Tea Party groups, and Christian groups. 130 groups to one non partisan, and no progressive, democratic or neolibcon group were targeted. 

Cincinnati Head Quarters I.R.S. linked by Emails to Washington D.C. Senators advocating restrictive or aggressive denial of tax benefits while nearly all Republican and Democratic Party special interest groups were approved for tax benefits, under long standing U.S. Federal Laws. Louis Lerner, lied under oath many times, and head of the U.S. Senate, John Boehner, he did not prosecute her, because Washington D.C. are all, indicating all, establishment --- where child sacrifice and sexual preference are the only  real issues separating the twine. Bill Clinton Committed High Treason, and was impeached in the House of Representatives over taking Chinese military cash for trading nuclear weapons secrets and access to Rocket and Space technologies, breaking a Cardinal Rule in Democracy ( three investigations, guilty of known evidence of $44,000,000 mostly in 2000 dollar checks by 1000s of unknown Chinese laundry mat owners. My Friend was sitting behind an A.P. reporter at the Los Angeles James Raidy trial, taking bribes form Bill Clinton, he was fined $8,000,000, and claimed none of his monies or the Asian Militaries monies were returned by the Democratic National Committee, and only a few evidences of returns by monies directly given to U.S. Senators, including John Kerry, some $80,000 and many others in both establishment parties. The A.P. reporter ignored Raidy’s claims, the D.N.C. under Bill Clinton had long spent that $44,000,000 and no one wanted to raise that money to pay it back. This allowed Jiang ( John) Zemin, Première of the State side of Chinese leadership to become Bill Clinton’s ‘Dear Friend,’ a open code word for traitor in some parlances.  Zemin since the 1980s, when he was also a mayor, formed relationships with the Feinstein’s, U.S. Californian and long-time Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband took Zemin’s connections to get annual $10,000,000 in sweet business deals. Zemin, still a mayor and not high up in the Communist Party, set up defrayment organizations to steal U.S. high tech military secrets, and became so successful, he gained the Chinese Communist Party heavyweights and rose to the top, in part because the other equal leading CCP and own half of the Chinese Power ( share it) are the Military side of Chinese civilization. They supported Zemin, who supports the Democrats because the trade issue became dual – use and also open-source sharing of ideas, a bohemian Berkeley thematic. The I.R.S. scandal, open racist targeting, also can be traced back to 1999 A.D. and the U.S.A. Senate vote not to look at these evidences like the House did, and did not fully impeach Bill Clinton. This allowed open corruption to commence in U.S.A. modern history, in regards to foreign influences on general elections. By Obama’s time, he just opened an international, fully confidential, Pay-Pal account and got $100,000,000 from unknown lands across the Earth. So no one in Washington D.C. ever goes away, some get voted out for not being corrupt as each State values the more corrupt their politician, the more pride the feel in being a States representative citizen. In essence, Obama gets away with it, because the only solution would be the opposing side strike violence into the heart of the Anti Christ.

Treason: July 2014. ---

GOP: Lerner warned IRS employees to hide information from Congress...
'Need to be cautious about what we say in emails'...
Issa: 'Smoking gun'...
Federal judge orders IRS to explain..

Lois Lerner

I.R.S. larger than WaterGate Cover-Up (full access)

1 st June 2014 - June 26 th 2014. ( morning and nightly newscasts) Broadcasting the I.R.S. Scandal on Major Media.

186 Hours of total News Casts time:
NBC: 10 minuets
ABC:  17m.48s minuets
CBS: 10 m minuets
Fox News: 30 minuets

NYTimes ( no coverage one piece 'no scandal, page 2, 4 weeks later)

Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest IRS chief Lois Lerner for lying to Americans in criminal activities

We just filed a resolution directing the Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest Lois Lerner for contempt. Statement coming in minutes.

Senators Denounce Obama for Threatening 'Entire Constitutional System' By 'Nullifying' Immigration Laws...

In 2012 Obama updated an EO FEMA + President to have Kingship powers, first time in all US history. The U.S.A. government does not care about its people, nor the people that built America and were treated and paid shit, and now have no rights. Yet, not often are Executive O rders from a previous President over turned by his successor.

Armageddon Terrestrial  Timeline: "falling away" (Gr. apostasia), according to Paul the Apostle, will happen first, and then next will be a ‘man of sin,’ who will be viewed as a Savior – kinda like the Democratic Party Views of “I can print money from nothing, until kingdom come” Barack Hussein Obama ii. II THESSALONIANS 2:

Only Person discorsed on main stream media to be the savior -: Barack Hussein Obama ii -- in all of American history.

II THESSALONIANS 2:1 Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, 2 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come.  3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. (NKJV).

For over 100 years a steady decline in monotheism in mainstream culture has existed, and by its replacement, atheism, technological advances occurred to orchestrate entertaining weapons of pain, mass destruction, suffering and sorrow, as well as its prime purpose, death. So, Armageddon Terrestrial Timeline: "falling away" (Gr. apostasia), this apparently is in play at this time. There are a few non-monotheist countries experiencing a ‘new’ form of spiritualism, the main one is China. Today, the fastest growing Christian communities are in China. Part of this in my opinion is the pedagogical applications of community ethics, and golden age mannerisms. From 1670s – to – 1770s ( 1770s - The American Revolution, main part), American colonies had run bi-cameral legislatures based upon Christian community ethics. This led the founding ideas of America to be invested insurmountably with religious morals and high standards of ethics. From the 1820s, a new wave of quasi-Anabaptist, general class of Protestantism immigrated with large populations form the Old World. By the 1900s, many forms of Christianity were viewed as dominant American values and ways of life. That is the past, and the present has seen almost a total collapse, and the U.S. Federal Government’s induction in 2,009 A.D. placing all Christians as potential terrorist threats based upon the Biblical narrative of Jesus overthrowing the Money –Changer- tables in the Temple trade area, in Jerusalem, a heavy international but controlled by Rome, financial district.

What does this mean? So, Armageddon Terrestrial Timeline: "falling away" (Gr. apostasia) is happening at this time, so we have a marker to work with in the very complex and over many millennia Biblical textual narrative to work from and operate.

92,000,000 Americans sustained long-term unemployment ( 2008- current). Obama we need to destroy them, let us open up 12,000,000 more spots by non-democratic immigrants.

Only 3% of all Americans, and polled say as in over and over again that Immigration Reform is a priority. That means 97% of Americans do not believe that will put back to work those 92 Million Americans, desperate for sustainable living wage jobs.

Gallop Only 3% of Americans Rank Immigration Reform as Top Priority...

Latinos set to surpass whites in California... LAtinos have never Run a democracy , ever, not even 5,000 years. I have lived here all my life, not one of them wants to have a democracy.



Senior British advisor: Obama 'incapable,' 'crazy'...
President Obama says he has a pen and a phone he can use to bypass Congress. Pens and phones are nice, but we have the Constitution…

Imogene Landers Yes Boehner you and the republicans have the constitution. Will you have the backbone and stamina to stand up in obama's face and use it. Your past record says no. You want to talk big for a while to try and make people think you are going to do something but when the time comes to prove it you cave and bow to obama. Move over and let Cruz take the wheel you have been blinded by obama's false light.

Executive Orders Were for War, but today used as Policy Making Decisions, such as the Iraqi Liberation Act Signed by Bill Clinton in Nov. 1998. These are meant to be Secret, such as the Case Bill Clinton signed – off on legal matters to invade Iraq and Assassinate Saddam Hussein. Most blame Bush, Jr., but Democrats voted for all of this and its funding to boot.

II THESSALONIANS 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way [ek mesou genetai].  8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming. (NKJV).  

Obama said publically in 2010 that White Europeans, a part of the conservative movement in the U.S.A., are a threat to Democracy. This was communication to the U.S. government agencies to deny laws, Constitution, civil rights, and U.S. privileges to the conservative movement. In essence, Obama’s statements are anti Democracy, and pro Racist.

Obama print $58,000,000,000 every month, down falls all the time, stock market keeps going up – a clear sign of this criminal action, yes, very criminal – any republican not opposing this is also a criminal, in my opinion. The Americans did not have a say or vote on this criminal action.  

The first U.S.A. African President of the United States of America has turned a Democracy into a fascist third world pile-of-heap.  Africans had lived in the African deserts and jungles for 5,000+ years and in less than 200 years, they believe they can run the world by cooperation, conciliatory, appeasement, and togetherness – but that is not the law of the jungle, eh Obama? It is all inclusive, elitist jungle club, Demoncrapic club – how did Bill Clinton who lived almost most of his life in public housing ascertain $100,000,000, four castles across the globe; and how is Obama’s bank account with over $10,000,000 and he paid twice less than 14% tax while most, over half of the U.S.A. citizens paid about 21% -30% taxes only making a fraction of the amount the U.S.A. president’s salary? The holey White house has been damaged in Abomination.

Anti-Christ means ‘in the place of’ as y’Hoshua in the Bible is the king of the world. Barack Hussein Obama ( father Moslem, mother anti-Christian, atheist) seeks to destroy the only Christians left in the U.S.A. That defines an anti-Christ at its least pretentious.

88 IRS employees targeted over scandal...

New report to expose lavish spending at IRS conferences...

VIDEO: Line dancing on stage...

'And I thought doing the STAR TREK video was humiliating'...


WIRE: 'Could point to secret political vendetta within government against conservatives'...

Agency Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions...


No jobs, Illegal aliens, like Boston Bombers from Chechnya receive section 8, disability checks, food stamps about $100,000 even after Saudi Arabia Secret Service Call Obama in 2010 telling him the older brother of the Boston bomber was a murderer in Somalia, you should not let him back into your country – Obama and Holder ignored this  and 12,000,000 amnesty times 100,000 in free monies means the U.S.A. citizens get nothing but garbage to eat.

Everyone hates each other.

No one is happy.

The Private Sector pays for most of the Public Sectors lavish lifestyles.

Retirement from public sector with multimillions of dollars at the age of 50, and in comparison to the people that pay the public unions and public sector jobs must retire about 70+ years old to pay for the lazy public servitors. This is what Obama supports. Just forcing the poor hardware shop owner to pay for a lazy public union employee who retires with 40 years left of life and with full pension and bills paid.

Everyone hates each other.

Obama is a hater, divider, unqualified, special privilege college case, and has no heritage of his black ancestors running democracies –and he screams at us that he can be our teacher – he is a massive aggressive ignoramus. Obama believes the first 150 years of the U.S.A. were occupied, except for blacks, by racist-terrorists - - and the media allows this narrative to be ingrained in the young minds of Americans. That is the power of al ghoul in a super Grand-Trine linked to the Moon in Obama’s birth astrological chart. Obama represents Evil, and his hope and change turned the U.S.A. away from Democracy and into a jungle-style guerilla local warlord third-world nation. Congrats, Obama you were never a Democrat – just a petty dictator-hater. If the world will live in peace and prosperity it cannot have people like this to exist on Planet Earth – at all. It must be stopped.


AN IGNORANT THIRD WORLD DICTATOR = Official: Obama and I.R.S. rigged the 2012 U.S.A. Elections in Fear of the 2010 historical trouncing on local and federal democratic government seats and political positions. With modern technologies, communications, coordinating thug attacks, Obama won re election by suppressing over 30,000,000 U.S.A. citizens.

The IRS intimidated good conservative Americans into not raising funds for the 2012 election. The IRS criminals massively suppressed conservative voter turnout. The Conservative movement for families and Christian values Remains Scared. The rise of the Dictator Banana Republic fostered by self proclaimed messianic movement the Demoncrats. The U.S.A. Boy Scouts lost Tax Exemption because Homosexual Predators are banned from the organization. The U.S.A. California Democratic Majority voted on suppressing the Boy Scouts and mandating Homosexuals to shower and have sleepovers with underage boys that are too young to make a sexual preference. If you are Christian, your enemy of Satan has made themselves visible. These Demoncrats are not about diversity, transparency, fairness, self destiny, togetherness, brotherhood, they are no different than the Gestapo of Hitler’s fascist government system. Both Obama and Hitler are born of the same Chinese Astrological Animal Sign – thus they have oratory powers to sway the masses by hypnotic speech.

Lois Lerner, who heads the I.R.S. division that determines tax-exempt groups told Congressional panel that Christians must provide what they pray, what they read, who are on these lists, and who do you associate with? A clear violation of the U.S.A. laws and the U.S.A. Constitution; Over 300 groups were suppressed, denied tax exemption status for religious and political reasons -- nothing else.   Lerner only claimed 45 and also claimed low-level officials with no names or human histories did this, not anyone in the Obama administration. Richard Nixon never rig the U.S.A. election by having the I.R.S. target U.S.A. citizens. Barack Hussein Obama ii has brought world shame to Democracy.

  • Barack Hussein Obama ii, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton put half of the U.S.A. population onto a domestic Terrorist Watch and Destroy List.

  • Barack Hussein Obama II stole the 2012 Presidential Election by Dictator Thug Union, I.R.S. political suppression, physical intimidation, and harassment of political opponents of Barack Hussein Obama ii. The 90% left-wing media, Obama had a secret meeting in May of 2013 do not report on this scandal that polled 75% of the U.S.A. citizens want a special prosecutor to seek the truth and Obama on 30 May 2013 told the American public he will not appoint ‘any’ special prosecutor and will appoint AR-15 Gun runner to criminal gang Eric Holder to investigate himself.

  • The I.R.S. admitted targeting of conservative groups applying to become tax exempt which then suppressed the U.S.A. voters so Barack Hussein Obama ii could win re election. No U.S.A. President in its history, despite Constitutional Hating and leftwing facist F.D.R., who became a defacto dictator for 16 years in American hsitory has ever won reelection with high unemployment numbers. 

  • Barack Hussein Obama ii & and former I.R.S. chief, Douglas Shulman, meet at White House at least 157 Times ( CNN, White House Visitor Log, official records) to implement stealing the 2012 general Election. In comparison, predecessor G. W. Bush, Jr. met with his I.R.S. chief, only four times in eight years. The I.R.S. is a left-wing union, government tied and most workers set up slush funds for the Democrats to suppress freedom of speech, freedom from fear, freedom from intimidation, and freedom from physical harm.

  • This number over this last week has risen to be the head of the I.R.S. D. Shulman 161 visits to the White House ; Hillary about 40 times, C.I.A. head Leon Panetta 20 times.

  • IRS commissioner

  • Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House at least 157 times during the Obama administration, more recorded visits any other Obama cabinate member.

  • Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson to Bush Jr ( 43rd U.S.A. Pres.) visited only four times.

  • Barack Hussein Obama ii illegally bugged U.S.A. Fox News Reporters families, residence, offices, and continously calls for the elimination, physically, of his opponents. This is apparently a third-word nation now.

  • The president's health care law ( Obama Death, 143% increase in California Taxes for the homeless or go to jail gov. program) created a massive new workload for the IRS, which is charged with issuing and enforcing rules related to Obamacare.

  • The NAZI Brown-shirts a like-minded organization, they were in charge for the German dictator's  tax collectors. If you did not comply to the German NAZI political power you, your family, your neighborhood would be destroyed.

  • Obama and Top White House officials say they knew nothing of the targeting when it occurred ( C.N.N. Wolf Blitzer, Christian Hater, 30 May 2013).

  • An analysis by The Daily Caller of the White House’s public “visitor access records” showed that every current and former member of President Obama’s Cabinet would have had to rack up at least 60 more public visits to the president’s home to catch up with “Douglas Shulman.”

  • Opinion as true: Democrat Obama used the gestapo IRS to rig the election for him and the democrats/socialists in the Senate ( Free Republic, blogger, Democrat_media).A good indication of where Obama's priorities lie - wherever the money is ( blogger, skeeter).



(MAY 10, 2013 Bookoflife.org). This Policy Was Demanded by Obama and the Democrats that Control most of the U.S.A. Media, Education, Jobs, and Direction of Country. This is called High-Crimes, Treason. Cannot Prosecute When Elite-Wealthy Own the Media; 99% side with multi-multi-millionaire Barack Hussein Obama, II. Obama will not distribute his vast wealth, because he is a fraud. Stupidity and evilness are synonymous. He only believes his loyal minions will be changing the history books to paint him in a light of the defender of the common worker, when the stark opposite was true.  



Obama Viscously attacks U.S. Democracy because he Believes He is god, knows who/what is right and who/what is not.

astrological biblical interpretations ( 14  May 2013).

"Every nation has to either be with us, or against us.  Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price." --- Hillary Rodham ( Clinton).


    Senator Hillary Clinton (Democrat, New York)

    During an interview on CBS Evening News with Dan Rather

    September 13, 2001.


When Barack Hussein Obama ii took office in 2,009 A.D., The Department of Justice Put out a Terrorist Watch List. At this time Obama was joking he would send the I.R.S. after his enemies. The joke turned out not to be a joke, but a plan to turn the U.S.A. into a third world country. Today, all are noticing, except for the robots, U.S. citizens are living in fear – from the local level of the police departments that murderer the harmless and the City District Attorneys that publically deny and cover these illegal crimes up to the Unions, the I.R.S. is a Union, that go t meetings and voice their contempt and immature behavior to target all of the DOJ terrorist watch group. Barack Hussein Obama was born with what modern astrologers call the most demonic and evil star in the heaven, beta persei, commonly called by its Arabic name, al ghoul. Persons of historical note that are regarded as evil, Mao Tse-tung ( β Per opp. Mars), Adolf Hilter ( β Per node + Sun paran), Bill Clinton (β Per paran Sun), and many more world leaders that are leftists. In fact, as my investigation goes, the first Democratic Party meeting in U.S.A. history had al Ghoul as the dominant star – Claudius Ptolemy, the Alexandrian scholars in 150 A.D. published two major historical works, one on astronomy –used by all cultures until the 1600s A.D. and one work on astrology relates that the constellation to which al Ghoul comes from is associated to evil deeds, liars, and people that are anti-progressive, ‘as in reality.’ When Hillary Clinton met Bill Clinton in a Yale Library, al Ghoul had progressed to her descendant ( the 7 th house is the home of marriage partners.). Bill Clinton having al Ghoul by paran to his Sun reflected the shining of this lying behavior. Bill and Hillary Clinton were the first to use the I.R.S. and F.B.I. files to go after political enemies – the last was Richard Nixon, he apologized by resigning. Bill and Hillary have yet to apologize and Barack Hussein Obama who has Hillary in his top cabinet position, also having al Ghoul in a super – grand time, with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn ( Mao had Jupiter conjunct, loose, and opposed to his Mars) is also using the F.B.I., I.R.S., U.S. Military, N.S.A. and the media to implement his policies of change American into a Third World Country. Third World Countries are strewn with lawlessness, petty warlords, child sex-slavery, filthy living conditions, fear, and hatred and anger present at all communities, and run by government workers that have instruments of class suppression. This is the type of civilization Obama is bringing onto the U.S.A. This is, was, and will be his main policies of ‘Hope and Change.”  --Archangel Michel 2013, May 21 st 4:00 p.m., Studio City, Ca, U.S.A.

Not intelligent people of the likes of  famed Star Wars film creator George Lucas who put in episode three of Star Wars a spoken passage near the end of the film, as with Darth Vader telling his mentor Obi-won that he has a choice of either: ‘either be with us, or against us’ ( paraphrase, the context is exactly correct!),  and the media blamed these statements on George W. Bush as anti-Civilization – when in fact, the women that commenced the entire ‘Truther’ movement ( Bush Knew!), a  sign held by her in the chambers of the U.S. Senate after 11 Sept. 2001 AD. attacks, had made this statement to the world. Almost all U.S. Americans are lied to in history text books ( written by politician appointees at higher Tire I educational systems, must be approved by colleges who are 99.5% all extreme left-wingers for tenure, thus the control on the world’s minds) are liars and frauds and the reason the world continues in chaos, wars, world wars, are these academics are allowed to produce heavily fraudulent and bias materials. There books claim all opposition to their political party must be humans that are racist, bigoted, homophobic, terrorists, imperialist and capitalists – which evidence suggests will be the number one factor in World War III. There are creating a world of zombies, mind-controlled useful idiots, and have controls of WMD, technology, science to create more powerful WMD and crowed control military weapons.

Obama II, Hussein Barack, is such a product of mind control disinformation, just as Mao Tse-tung, who also was ignorant and influenced ( no he never went to college, he worked for a month at a college book store idiots) by low intelligent college clubs discussing an advanced work on state-economic craft that blamed all things in this world were due to right wingers (ideas never formed in the scholarly works they had been examining.). Mao Tse-tung, according to his own inner cabinet members, writings and reports archived in Chinese libraries , claimed Mao Tse-tung murdered tens of millions of poor and good people believing this mind-control disinformation. Mao Tse-tung, a true ignorant, is and continues to be Obama’s top hero.

Both, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama II, define Terrorists ‘exactly’ as Mao Tse-tung.

Department of Justice January 2009 A.D. ( argument for proof)!

Most low-level intelligent Academics, pundits, mainly Democratic Party members and leftists claim the Tea Party began after the (illegal) passage of ObamaCare, some time around March, during the news of it, and continuing in April of 2,009 A.D. However, it really started in January when Obama entered office and made a slew of ‘Hope and Change’ policies which were more in line with the anti-Christ. A new and Obama promulgated DOJ  Terrorist Watch List Emerged in web based communities of a silent but implemented Obama surveillance and eliminator  program against general Americans that love the founding principles of limited government, free speech, and self ( not government) destiny.  Promulgated when Obama took office in January of 2,009, this list disappeared and was changed by March of 2,009 A.D. – but it appears the programs continued as I write this in late April and May of 2013. Here are some of the highlights of what defined a Terrorist under Barack Hussein Obama’s soul.

Legal Documents Proclaim under the Department of Justice and Homeland Security who is and who is not a Terrorist.


Yes, a terrorist individual or groups defined under Janet Napolitano directive from Barack Hussein Obama ii:

  • People who do not support increasing government intrusion, a true Democracy.

  • Returning Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans.

  • Conservatives in general, watch for militant groups [ even if they have not done anything illegal].

  • People who love America.

  • U.S. citizens that are against Illegal Immigration and Illegal citizen job preference over American traditional Families.

  • Anyone associated to the Right Wing or political movement objectionable to Obama’s views of the world or policies.

  • Christian groups and Christian individuals.

  • Gun owners who are not registered Democrats.

  • People that call themselves “Patriots.’

  • People that hold National Sentiment for American values.


This revelation created the Tea Party Movement that took a few months to pull together before their March/April first large gatherings across the U.S.A. It was not only ObamaCare but the frustration with the enemy now occupying the government and the U.S. Military.

This list was public, but difficult to get, from January 2,009 to March 2,009 – many Republicans forced Obama, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano to erase these groups form the DOJ terrorist- domestic Watch list. That has apparently not stopped their anti-Democratic crimes against the People of America and the world, in general.

Direct Attack By Illegal U.S. President B. H. Obama, II,  on Core of U.S.A. Constitution, Freedom of Speech

Millions of Americans are screaming all over the American world about being assaulted by the I.R.S., and on the weekend of May 11-12, 2013 A.D. The Internal Revenue Service publically apologized to millions of American citizens for its tyrannical and inhumane policies –directed to hurt, kill, and destroy American families and individuals.

go to massive news archived links on these subjects here.

At the U.S.A. Press conference, questions to Obama, who made a special press conference, he had tears leaking down his right cheek – he was caught and affirmed everything the Tea Party (March 2009 A.D.) had claimed, and even prior in 2008 A.D., Obama is not a democrat but a tyrannical – racial – socialist bent upon destroying collective government for the benefice of the elite few that hold American government, well-paying, million dollar retirement packaged, jobs! There were about 27 Tea Party groups targeted and this prompted them to writing, to calling, and to complaining to the average American citizen – that this was anti Democratic, more of a tyrannical governmental policy.  Most all of the Tea Party members ( Despite bandwagon riches’) are dirt poor and want Government out of their lives because it shames then to see such wealth and capriciousness constantly flaunted in their poverty stricken faces! There are illegal aliens that are paid millions of dollars from farm excuses, to school excusers, and awarded government jobs for life, while traditional families that built, slaved, bled, suffered, and died to build America are being thrown into the grave by Obama’s and the Democratic government policies. The only way for Obama to stop the outrage is to destroy them, just as Obama’s hero, Mao Tse-tung, who murdered about 20,000,000 intestinally and 40,000,000 by his ignorant policies, such as melt down all the farm tools so Mao could build a steel factory ( the metals for Chinese farm tools then was insufficient for even low grade steel.) or killing all the birds that ate bugs off the wheat harvests that created massive and endemic famine ( the leftist academic lie and say it was the weather, because they are elitist Mao lovers too – it is the killing they evilly desire to get excited about).

U.S.A. People Blow Back Against Obama

Obama: “I use the government to punish you!”

  • DOJ

    go to massive news ↑archived links on these subjects here.

What Are Obama’s Actions? -Associated Press

Obama: “I use the government to punish you!” The United States of America was internally set up as the government for the people, but Obama claims government is not for the people. Obama intends that only the government is there for those who are loyal to the government, not private initiative, not private problem solving, not community problem solving, but only a small ‘Sovet” ( means ‘advisor,’ in Russian) can make decisions for the greater American popular. At the best this is medieval feudalism, and worst it is a “Change” in America to tyrannicism.

Obama: “I’m above, beyond, reproach!” comments by Obama on revelations that he is using the I.R.S. ( the major arm of Obamacare) to single out American groups to destroy them – a high-crimes legal chart, with implications of hanging in a public space to show the world Democrats (e.g not the U.S. Political Party, but the U.S.A. Representative Democracy Experiment) will not tolerate tyrants. This is in direct violation of the Second Amendment to the U.S.A. Constitution --- the most egregious.

Obama’s unintelligible language: “ There is no there, there! “ 2013 May 13, on questions surrounding ben Ghazī , Libya, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admitting that the head of the I.R.S. was alerted that central office for Tax Exemption for non-profits had targeted Obama’s enemies, openly, aggressively, and sending reports directly to the Washington D.C. I.R.S. Headquarters for ‘approvals and denials.” Obama claimed 12 May 2013, “ I just learned about it on Friday.” [ I.R.S. targeting lovers of America and conservatives, and Tea Party groups!] ; and Obama did not bring it up the following Monday to the world, when in fact, the head of the I.R.S. directly informed Obama in March of 2012, that the Cincinnati I.R.S. headquarters (501 C4 tax code) for major Tax systems went after every conservative that claimed keywords, as “Patriot,” “Tea Party,” “Love America,” persons that advocated “limited government”, people who advocate “to make America a better place.”

This code (501 C4 ) explains who can and who cannot receive donations from supporters.  And stifling political groups restricts their freedom of speech and American agency. In a matter of factual evidence, it is a tool to shut down political opposition. Obama using his teleprompter because he has poor cognitive abilities consistently explained Democracy is for fair for all sides of the political spectrum – but having the blinkind demon star  al ghoul conjoined to his natal Moon in a super-grand-trine to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – all the major traditional astrological planets, his whole persona is one big fat lie – he is nothing but agent of chaos for Democratic States.

  • 100s of links to this page´s news.  

    Stated WH claims  during the helichal al ghoul day of 2013. Claudius Ptolemy, circa 150 A.D. claimed this is a position for liars.

Obama stumping during his Senatorial days and before he began thinking of running for the U.S. presidency claimed at an Ohio College, “You can trust me!, trust your government.” The problem with this narrative is that it is false, misleading, blatantly tyrannical, and demonstrates an Anti-Christ in our midst.

What we learned was Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General had to sign-off ( it is U.S. Federal Law) giving permission for federal agents to confiscate Associated Press records, including all emails, phone calls, documents, and computers – although there are only three laws that allow this to take place, none-were followed, at all. First (1), The U.S.A. Federal Law forces a grand-jury to rule on a supena for records on any individual. Second (2), the President or someone in his top administration can go to a judge, and get a serch warrant to access individual records. And finally (3), The Patriot Act gives special circumstances only linked to access of records if an imminent terrorist attack is uncovered. All of these things were not present and Obama, Holder, Hillary and this administration investigated “ALL” of the Associated Press records. Obama was infuriated that someone at the C.I.A. had revealed a thwarted underwear bombing plot (AQAE), took control of an I.E.D., and found out this was linked to al qu’aeda linked arm of Islamic Radicalism – with the intent to explode bombs to kill innocent humans. Obama did not want this revealed, and the C.I.A. trying to communicate to the people of the U.S.A. they are in fact doing all they can to protect the U.S.A. citizen disregarded the President’s orders to keep silent. Obama has claimed over and over that all terrorism is no longer a threat, he ended it all by killing (allegedly) Usama bin Laden, and even prior than this at his speech in Cairo, a new era of western and Arab compatibility would be formed by the Obama administration.  Obama believes in his own mind he is the savior and he stopped terrorism. So when real terrorism rears its ugly head, Obama squashes the information from getting to the public so it would not detract from his lying narrative he is smarter than any westerner who ever lived.

Anti Christs Go After Israelis’

  • 'Special unit' went after pro-Israel Jewish groups...

Obama : why don’t I just go home

Obama complained today, “maybe I should just pack up and go home . Golly"  after fielding questions by the Washington D.C. Press Corps on 30 April 2013. Questions arose over Obama’s focus on Collin’s coming out as an homosexual (a third rate basketball player,  1.1. baskets out of 8 games of all of last year) to claim the traditional Christian families are losers, and Liberals have scored political points: someone asked why whistleblowers of Ben Ghazi, eye witnesses to the two attacks that killed four U.S. citizens, one U.S. Ambassador among them, and why Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility has not been closed (Obama made this a key 2008 Presidential Campaign promises).

Obama’s progressed Moon is approaching the Belly of the Whale, a key astrological aspect to the Boston Bombings. Wolf Blitzer, Obama’s personal and close friends, who must have took political talking points during the search for the two bombing suspects of the Boston Marathon, quoted saying that certainly, this must be Tea Party members who detonated the Bombs. Tea Party members are mainly poor and white Christians, although all ethnicities have been present at their demonstrations and gatherings – protesting the U.S. Governments ‘heavy hand’ in dictating all aspects of their lives, and taxing them to death and starvation.

Obama this week also claimed that if Syria’s Dictator used Chemical Weapons on its people, which is the ‘line crossed.’ This means the U.S.A. military will get involved. But polls conducted as late as yesterday by reputable institutions indicated that 68% of the general American public do not want to get involved with Syria’s internal problems, even if their dictator leader uses chemical weapons on its own people ( confirmed by Russia, Israel, and other international countries, as affirmative.). One reason former President Bush invaded Iraq in part pertained to Saddam Hussein history of using Chemical weapons on the Kurds ( and against Iranians in a 10 year boarder struggle)  and stock-piling them for future wars.

Obama came to power with motives of Hope for Change, a different Presidency than all the white presidents before him. Obama has not shown examples to the contrary. Black and Hispanic wealth has suffered under him, rampant lying of employment figures dog his accomplishments, his hateful and racist rhetoric divides America to class warfare and people are at disease, all over the streets of America.

Obama’s destiny to have fun while others do the work for him, he blames everyone else, a sure-fire pathology to a leisure life.


REPORT: DOJ Seized Records of Five FOXNEWS Phone Numbers...



Judge Apologizes For Lack of Transparency...

CBSNEWS reporter: My computers hacked, too...

'Began in Feb. 2011 during reporting on 'Fast and Furious''...

AP, BBC reporters trash Israel in secret FACEBOOK group...

government cover-up : PAPER: Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Newtown Massacre Records...

Obama’s lunar node, his Venus, his Pluto, and his Uranus are all in the fifth sector; and in astrology, the fifth house (as it is commonly called) relates to games, having fun, entertainment and relaxation. Bill Clinton set the precedence for vacationing Presidents, and Bush, a little less but more than previously presidents before Clinton; but Obama has outdone all of them; He is either vacationing, playing golf, getting drunk, playing pick-up basketball, throwing celebrations, and occasional White House hip-hop parties. Obama, in a rare honest moment claimed he is in fact lazy – a long time stereotype of blacks in America. This charge came during the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidency and his New Type of Deal – where he promoted allowing blacks to receive special benefits so they can drink beer all day and lounge around and play games – a relaxing lifestyle paid for by U.S. workers.

Late in Obama’s first term, he surprised everyone by stating he would prefer not to win reelection, the job was very difficult. But he would stay on to help the Democrats. I do not believe it, he gets about $250,000 per-day in security, party-supplies, vacation monies, and lives richer than most kings of history ( as do currently many in Washington and Black Budget Militaries) and he appears when not under pressure from the adversary press ( he surrounds himself with yes-men press, CNN., ABC, NBC, CBS, and even sometimes FOX, all the major News Corporations, Obama has a lifestyle of fund and entertainment. I do not believe he knows about leadership history, he acts as a human that knows everything before he learns it and everyone suffers.

Medusa’s Head in the House of Finance for Obama.

Beta persei ( the Constellation of Pursues) is the severed demon’s head of Medusa ( a gorgon in Greek mythos) and is natally aligned to Obama’s natal Moon ( at birth) by the standard projected elliptical degree ( what astrologers have been using as a method to catalogue stars for astrological catalogues). For all of Obama’s reign as an U.S.A. president he has had one of the most unfortunate stars linked to the house of finance. Since Obama is the head of the U.S.A., a personal natal chart can act as a window of the entire civilization. Apparently no one that voted cared that having someone with this in their personal horoscope would bring damage economically to the whole group. Obama, like Hillary Clinton, claims to be smarter than anyone of us (world’s population) and his cure, he claims, were periodical teachable moments. So when these tough asked questions of why he personally lied to the entire population of the U.S.A., and continues to lie, and his affirmation to why he is here on the world political stage, Obama explains that his purpose in life is to teach us the honesty and goodness of humans.  Barack Hussein Obama II is an epic fail. He is an embarrassment to the human group. He continues almost all of the Bush policies he vigorously campaigned against.

Claudius Ptolemy, the 2nd century astronomer, astrologer, and general intellect proposed that stars in general of Peruses indicate a dishonest disposition of a native. Peruses has been throughout Obama’s terms resides in his (our collective U.S.A.) house of finance, his dishonesty about correcting it, spending each moment of the day working to correct it, has been an epic lie, an epic failure, no matter who he blames as an excuse. Obama has beta persei linked directly to his luminary, the Moon, which is in a super-grand trine to Mars ( U.S.A. workforce, general energies directed toward accomplishment, Saturn the underlying structures of forms and abilities, organizing, building new things, and Jupiter, law, religion, and general success. All of these linked planets to beta persei in Obama’s natal third house, the house of talking and communication demonstrates that astrology works fine, he is an epic liar, fraud, and thief. He stole the White House and began to implement his dreams of slacking-off, taking billions of dollars in entertainment expensive and giving speeches, he is fond ( passionate, a modern interpretation of al gol) of pressing upon us his confusing views and sorted/limited, often incorrect, memories of U.S.A. and the World’s histories.

Obama’s problem is he led himself to believe (he is surrounded by yes-men too, that is not good) he had superior skills to all others, he could bring hope and change to the U.S.A. and then to the world. Democrats who are also liberal-liars convinced him his intelligence was linked to the semi-darkness of his skin. This was a lie too, a very damaging and harmful lie to the world.

Obama is no different than the people he hates upon and claims are the reason for the world’s problems. Obama has Chiron, the teaching astrological symbol over some of the stars of Aquarius that indicate the ‘lucky one of the king.” Obama, yes, very lucky, his Mars trine Jupiter affords this privilege, but Chiron here is to teach him, that luck does not indicate triumph of hopes and dreams. Chiron can injure someone and then show them why their hopes and dreams did not come about as planned.

BOOK of LIFE 6 May 2013: J 20

The Arab Facts behind ben Ghaz īī, Lybia. Not the Obama Administrations made-up story

  • Is Obama a closeted bi-sexual that likes men?  'Obama more interested in Homosexual Men than Governing the United States of America.
  • Bookoflife.org: The Bullying star, Antares, the largest by far of all the zodiacal stars, found on the ascendant of the U.S.A., thus its bullying of the world, was found to have the Moon progressed over alpha scorpius, Antares, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to the office of the United States President.

    Method Mundane, 4 July 1934 ( birthdate to year). 05° 19′ 15″ Sagitarii, PED to star.

    Sun progressed over Imad ophiuchii, a position to denote mentally insane dishonesty, supreme narcissism that hurts groups of humans. This position with the descendant for the U.S.A. ( Sibly chart, I use 5:00 p.m., rectified by me,  Sibly uses 4:50 p.m.) shows the Sun is in alignment to the Dark Rift ( Mayan term) or the galactic plane’s near –center of Sagittarius A*.  These Sagittarius A* positions, the others found during the American Civil War, on the U.S.A. chart angles demonstrate ‘radical shifts’ in mundane astrological state science. The tip of the bow of Orion lay on the arc of the ascendant, or the eastern horizon at Philadelphia, indicating a warning to the interpreter.

  • Obama: Why Don't I just Go Home
  • Obama Hope and Change Policies Epic Failure:
    Foreigners now hold more than $13 trillion in American securities...
    Payments in Chinese Yuan Grew by 171% From Year Ago...
    Hits Record High vs. Dollar... Archangel Michael: MJMJ 25
    Solar Storms Do Not Show for 2012 (27 April 2013)
  • Rare Feild Biblical Astreology
    (27 April 2013).
    Why Does America Suck? It is all the U.S.A. President’s Fault: There are no jobs, so I, Obama,  will grant 11,000,000 + illegal aliens to become U.S.A. citizens because they come from Latin America and take the U.S.A Monies and send it back to their Countries so the USA will lose its Monies –Obama.

»Obama: Large Democratic Donner Corporations Do not Need to Pay Taxes!

Obama allows the two most profitable companies to skip on big taxes; they get tax havens, because they gave his political campaign money. The economy is suffering and Obama parties 24/7/365.2424. – he is an epic fail. The world does not need people life this, they cause world problems. If you hold the office , as the leader, you should work, not play, have celebratory parties, take vacations every other week for weeks and blame all complaints on everyone else –but this is a pattern Obama has shown the world.
WIRE: How GOOGLE UK clouds its tax liabilities...

APPLE avoids potential $9 billion tax bill... Abomination of Desolation coming soon to you!

  • Bookoflife.org:
    The Story behind Armageddon’s local at Jeezerel Valley, Megiddo. Coming soon.

    paraphrased, Dr. Drew Pisnky, perhaps from a standard Sociology and Psychology standard diagnosis and historical analyses: 

    Attachment allows one flexibility while relating to others, while no attachments makes one vulnerable while relating to others.

    Archangel Michael: If one is vulnerable, these conditions sometimes lead to lashing out or committing acts of violence to get people to notice their pain. These two victims felt very vulnerable, because Hollywood media and films, as well as the U.S.A. government see Chechnyans as sub-human. Therefore these perspectives from Washington and Hollywood increase the vulnerability and therefore increase the chances of acts of terrorism. 20 April 2013, 12: 36 p.m., Studio City, California.

    2 May 2013:

    Obama more interested in Homosexual Men than Governing the United States of America.

    Obama, Hope and Change Policies, Epic Failure: no attachments are the Marxist Class Warfare Theory. These lead to chaos, revolution, backlash, street violence, unrest and fear. This is all Obama knows how to do, great. Every single minuet of the day, every day of the week, every week of the year, every year Obama cries the same emotive tune: I cannot get things done because it is the Republicans fault. Obama promised Lyndon Baines Johnson style New Deal, and of course, lied and brought pain and suffering onto the U.S.A. people by not governing, and always on vacation, golf-course, vacations, pick-up basketball, Vacations, White House movie nights, vacations, White House drinking parties, vacations. The Democrats told Obama when he was first elected: ‘do not worry, you do not need to make decisions nor work, you are black!’ (no he is not!); he is brown.


    All day long Obama seeks policies to keep or increase Democratic Party seats in the United States of American government, and this means he never addresses the economy, job creation, foreigners taking away jobs of generations of American families that fought, bled, worked by the sweat of their brow, toiled all their lives, and contributed to the infrastructure of the United states of America – he wants to give illegal aliens preference to generational Americans who worked, fought, lived and died for their children.


    When Republicans and independents first listened to Obama’s speeches before he ran for office of America, they all pin-pointed out that he was anti-American, and at the least: He does not help the poor, is continuing the policies to destroy the middle class (which leads to chaos on the streets) and is more interested in a penis in another man’s ass than governing the United States of America.



    astrological biblical interpretations ( 14  May 2013).


    astrological biblical interpretations. Neptune is being assaulted by transiting Saturn in Obama’s natal, and transiting Neptune is approaching Chiron’s natal position for Obama. And the advanced Biblical method entails that Pluto is transiting the constellation of Sagittarius ( Neptune’s tropical astrological home, new astrology) and Pluto is transformation, and therefore, while in real-time tropical Uranus squares tropical Pluto, thus the suppression to resist change, the real change is spiritually and Obama’s repressive tyrannical policies are linked to the past – not progressive at all. The real Right winger here, under Obama’s definitions is Obama and his world view – he is the savior of the human race and the teacher. Tropical: Neptune May 2013 4 Pisces and Saturn May 2013 7 Scorpio, r. for 14 May 2013. Obama passed/illegally passed all of his Obama agenda legislation in 2,009 A.D – 2,010 A.D, when Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune had a triple conjunctional – over a year long stellium (rare) – global human race game changer.


    Obama and the democrats should have waited until 2,011 A.D. to pass these historical legislations, thus the clarity would have made Obama a real human being star – not the aggressive, petty, dictator and hater of the U.S.A. Democracy and its Constitution as he has become to all of us. He claims he is a teacher, ‘the stars are aligned’ he claimed during the illegal passage of Obamacare, but like Hillary who is touted as the smartest women alive ( she began what is called the ‘Truther’ movement – which even snared a few conservatives, did not warn Obama to wait and allow a Democratic process to fetter out the details. Jupiter’s presence ( its large gravitational force) blinded the Chiron-Neptunian lesson that Obama is now realizing as his own personal ‘blow-back’. The Polls showed, over and over, Americans were against Obamacare, it was a hidden tax-hike for the I.R.S. and Obama’s elitist tyrannical supporters. Obama forced this non-complete Health Care system through the U.S. legislator and declared that no one’s health care ( except the rich, to which he later exempted, even his evil pals) costs would rise – which turned out to be a lie to even his low information voters – everyone has a new healthcare tax, even if you make wages at the poverty level. They take it out each week. Jupiter expanded the hurt that Chiron brought to the lesson to Neptune.

    "[...] Bolshevik policy of “war communism”—with its state dominance of the economy—reinforced the liberal economic policy [..]" Filippo Corridoni, Sindacalismo e repubblica (1915; reprint, Rome; Bibliotechina sociale, 1945). This topic concerns these syndicalists that were ideologically in populous power just before Italian Fascism sprung up and replaced the left-wing movement.

    This mirrors B. Hussein Obama's  and the political affiliates consistent ideological crusade” "[...] Democrat policy of “war classism”—with its state/media dominance of the economy—reinforced the liberal economic policy [..]". 

    Obama's & Democrat's war classism as enemies: Rational persons, intellectuals, and in general, White- Christians or White Constantutionalists, Christians, Conservative if a minority to the white people that will hold power no longer, beginning in California in June of 2013 and following to each state in the next 30-50 years as models show. 

    Class Warfare means when one wins a leadership role they do not govern they continue to campaign the prescribed ideological word-weapons. For example the Democrats did not floor a budget for four years, the entire first term of Barack Hussein Obama II. Yet, Obama campaigned consistently everyday only missing large parts of the year do to him golfing, shooting skeet, swimming in Hawaii, perusing the spirit rooms within the white house compound. All Obama does illustrates the star-positions over his birth place. Communists like Mao Tse-tung campaigned and vacationed constantly. Mao made very few decision and they ones he made murdered tens of millions of ethnic Asians. Most call themselves community organizers the low intellect job performance level known to be a bit more intellectually strenuous than Burger fry-cook. Like Obama, Mao was never known by his people, including modern Chinese text books which continue to cover up source documents and academic studies on their revered Modern Emperor.

    Mao was said to lead the Long March which remains false, and to lead some of the more fierce battles along the way. Mao was a poet traveler with a middle class education (schools in China were truing public in the southern Chinese territories. But it was false that Mao attended Beijing or any other University accredited to why he rose to power from a middle class farmer, literate family, to the next significant leader of the Chinese people. Obama is the only U.S. leader since I was born not to produce an original birth certificate, school records, and basic background information with merit. All the U.S.A. media accept no one really knows Obama.

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