This page is dedicated to Loretta Fuddy, killed after she "verified" Obama's phony birth certificate. — Archangel Michael

At Hawaii, African American was not legal code to be utilized as a type–race until 1965 A.D. for most U.S. States by Federal new Civil Action Laws; and in his so–called autobio books he says– My parents were inspired to have me by the events of Selma– ( 1965 A.D.). His fake Birth Certificate says he was born in 1961. He wrote that quote. He is truly #bozodaclown  

Barry, AKA Obama‚ Soetoro was lawfully adopted by a foreign national, Lolo Soetoro, and Barry's name was legally changed to "Barry Soetoro". (Barry’s own admission) Barry Soetoro was also made an official legal Indonesian citizen. (again Barry’s own admission) The adoption would be noted in Barry's vital statistics record in Hawaii on his original birth certificate. The United States of America's Constitution was destroyed, Barry had C.I.A. lock his school records so he can deceive the world . . Hillary Clinton started Birther Movement by revealing to the media Obama was not eligible because his documents said he was born in Kenya. Barry was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and attended a Catholic funded school that permitted all faiths to attend. There is no evidence Barry Soetoro ever lawfully changed his name to “Barrack Hussein Obama”. There is no proof Barry Soetoro was born with the name "Barrack Hussein Obama".

Obama’ Gay life ← The public knows Barry Soetoro finished high school in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and attended Occidental as Barry Soetoro where he did drugs and flunked out of school. After dropping out of Occidental, Barry showed up in New York, homeless and on drugs. (Barry’s own admission) Barry then hooked up with a Pakistani to live with and traveled back to Indonesia on his new boyfriend’s dime to renew his Indonesian passport and traveled to Pakistan with him.

Obama Joins Taliban with Gay partner

After spending some time in New York allegedly working under the name “Obama”, It appears Barry used the fictitious name "Barrack Hussein Obama" for the first time to file his federal taxes in Connecticut at a Post Office Box for the purpose of evading paying taxes in New York and /or to establish a new identity. (This is a felony with no statute of limitation.). Chinas files

Only Person on Earth to Know About Birth Certificate died in Mysterious Plane Crash

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Africa - Kenya  Barack Hussein Obama  -- ANATOMY OF A LIAR in D.N.A. Part IV

WARNING THIS WEBPAGE IS TRACKED BY THE "USA NATIONAL SATANIC AGENCY" Because they run AntiChrist Pro Arab latinJew #whitegenocide and use German Mixer Bush Arabs for white genocide.

N.S.A. 1947 A.D. Hyades in Piled-up Corpses birth chart: ( grabs all your files at 759kb/ms) This agency supports radical Islam and Radical latins = same DNA. Obama claims in Audacity of Hope, he loves Islam and choses them over Jesus, and the N.S.A. follow him like bees on honey, they love this golfer and vacationer and often are only interested in prostitutes and drunken drone parties. Don't look for the GOP to help, the Bushes are 100% pro Moslem, and Latinos are the same DNA strains, and they are not Christian nor Catholic, those groups are too poor to migrate to the U.S.A.


Barack Hussein Obama II

Loretta Fuddy, killed after she "verified" Obama's phony birth

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat criminal, accessory before and after the fact to
improper vetting of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, a confirmed
felon using SSAN 042-68-4425, belonging to a dead man.


Book of Life :16 June  2011 © Michael Johnathan McDonald

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Explaining Obama's Fraudulent Birth Certificate By Moi & Experts in the field

Birth Certificate

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  5. Scientific Findings In High-Crimes Case of Barak Hussein Obama, II. PAGEREF _Toc295993365 \h 9

  6. Official Federally Mandate ‘Seal” Nowhere to be found. PAGEREF _Toc295993366 \h 11

  7. Race Typology PAGEREF _Toc295993367 \h 11

  8. Photoshop Expert [ taken out name for protection against Alphabet agencies]  Illustrates the PDF Illustrator layers, the system used to create this Nordyke ( Obama faux-doc). PAGEREF _Toc295993368 \h 12

  9. David A. Sinclar, the M.D. was dead? PAGEREF _Toc295993369 \h 13

  10. This Birth Certificate  Says Obama is a twin or a triplet PAGEREF _Toc295993370 \h 13

  11. Unmatched kerning ala Dan Rather PAGEREF _Toc295993371 \h 14

  12. Birth Chronology out of Order in Faux Obama Doc PAGEREF _Toc295993372 \h 14

  13. How was the forgery done under Obama’s supervision? PAGEREF _Toc295993373 \h 14

  14. Mysterious ‘8991’ on the side of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. PAGEREF _Toc295993374 \h 15

  15. Obama claims to have memory seconds after his birth PAGEREF _Toc295993375 \h 15

  16. Media Backlash both left and right: FOX NEWS JOINS DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF COMMUNISTS. PAGEREF _Toc295993376 \h 16

A Real Birth Certificate Looks Exactly Like This -- and No Other Way Possible.

Establishment argues that Barack Obama Sr. was born and educated in Nyanza Province, in southwestern Kenya, on Lake Victoria. Therefore, if Obama Sr. was born over in this part of town, it was impossible for him to use his legs or a car to get to Mombasa Kenya, because black people, according to establishment whites are too stupid to move around? Snoops, a notorious propaganda website with associations to overt racism -- I know they lie on many of my past reincarnations --- promotes such imbecilic fantasies. Obama was born with super astronomical stars associated to problematic liars, and his history of lies on legislation gives scientific proof that he was born at Mombasa (Sidereal to stars) rather than Hawaii, where his mother had relatives.

No Real Birth Certificate Exists for Barack H. Obama at Hawaii, U.S.A. the Official In Charge died in a plane crash ( as they all seem to do) and no media cared to ask why? Below is the fraudulent templet ( obtained by N.B.C.) which they promoted as proof of Obama's real certificate, but this is not a real birth certificate and neither is the one on the U.S. Government White House Web Site! This is a copy and stylized archived version called a 'live' birth. The real issue is bullying. When one fights the masses they need a comparable 'mass' which in case of the traditional communities manipulate information which turns into erudite knowledge and we have 'nasty' hate statistics, propaganda and fear mongering at every minute of the day for conditioning the masses to keep disunified, about 100 different versions of a  tyrannical philosophy called Marxism. The rich rhetoric promotes health and well-being to the masses and throws fish- hooks as opportunity to socially clime but restricts movement behind the scenes, by open and by mind manipulating expressions.

Facts: Loretta Fuddy is the only person in all history to claimed to have seen the real Birth Certificate, but she died in a small plane crash, and dead people tell no tales. She never produced it so we can follow the U.S. Constitution, as its qualification to produce a 'proof,' and all proofs have to be notarized by each state. The White House Birth Certificate has no notarization, mine does, it is the California seal as a super water mark, splashed.

President dismisses 'haters'...- 21st July 2014.

Kenya was under a British Protectorate until Obama was two years old, meaning he was born as a British Citizen, in theory as his Birth Certificate with baby footprint is from Mombasa Hospital. Because of a few groups of white & and super rich racists in American History, if anyone was against Obama they were to be beaten, harassed or killed, and that is how I remember the year and half campaign processes. Obama was promoted as African ( 12% Lao only) when his Arab great-great grandfathers were Slave Owners. Obama does not represent Nigerian, Congolese or their later generations of Caribbean or Middle-to-South American generations.  Arabs adopted the Old Testament, where slavery was a part of civilization and they practiced it as early as the first decade of the split.  The Boston Tea came on British Trade ships crewed by Arab moslems, who also were the slave owners of Africans too, even a black owning a black. In fact, the blacks collected blacks in Africa and sold them to browns, Iberians, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabs, the browns, and they brought them to the white colonists of  North America.  Blacks were slaves under the Turkish and Egyptian/Ethiopian/Palestinian Arab rulers and officials under the Ottomans. Blacks in the palace were always made a unic due to strict rules on accession.  The Russian-British Indian Trade Muscovy Company ( 14 th =15 th cc.) eventually were sub-contracted to Arab navigators who perfected the astrolabe and other navigational instruments, modernizing them. Obama knows he is a liar, he knew when he  said if you support ObamaCare you can keep your doctor and your rates will never go up. This is disrespectful. It shows Obama does not care about you and is equivalent to a parent lying to their child. The thought process was, ‘ it was for your own good!’ which was another lie. The U.S.A. since World War II had universal health care for all, one qualified if they were poor and struggling between jobs.  Insurance is a gambling pool of money where the rich make money by forcing the poor to pay if they use a service or not. It was a distribution of wealth from the poor and lower middle classes to the very rich and super élite power players. When Obama was born over a Kenya horizon, the Sun then rose on the day of his birth and also laid the asteroid named Lie, and over a notorious star, called Serten, which has traditionally been related to liars. So it is not very difficult to understand he usurp the U.S.A. and is laughing as hard as he can!


Obama is a faker and his real IQ is only 102

Loretta Jean Fuddy (April 12, 1948 – December 11, 2013) was an American health official and social worker from the U.S. state of Hawaii who screamed every day that Barack Hussein Obama's original Birth Certificate was never located, it remained a mystery. She said she would have a presser but her plane crashed. When John F. Kennedy Jr. told Hillary Clinton at a Washington D.C. dinner he would be running for New York  Senate Seat and would get in and get those boxes of classified files on who killed his father, within one week, he also died in a plane crash. When Hillary Clinton took U.S. Duel Use nuclear weapons leaders to China, Ron Brown ( then the  first African American Commerce Secretary) called his wife to resign. Hillary and Ron switched planes and his crashed, he was still alive when they found him to they put a bullet through his head. Loretta Jean Fuddy was killed because he had the authority to claim, Obama's birth certificate has 100% no record of existing, he may have had it registered as a birth when his mother flew from Kenya two days after giving birth to a baby at Mombasa Hospital, in Kenya.

Obama’s statement on releasing his April 2011, second attempt to appease doubters of his Hawaiian Birth: I remember being born at this hospital! He apparently could read right out of the womb and dislocated from his body, outside the building in transubstantiation of his spirit body, truly amazing!. He claims his father was born in 1936, so here is a document by his father which is in contention:

This document slipped one of the Freedom of Information Gates placed by President Bush and continued by Obama, on their personal histories. This is a leaked Freedom of Information Act.

Not only has this but his ‘exams’ as a so-called adjunct professor also appeared forged. According to the NYTimes ( that admitted in 1999, it makes up stories, now professed openly as a propagandist organization) ran 12 years of Obama being a professor – and even Obama does not declare that at all.  It appears to be a con job, perhaps Obama taught for one year, two semesters that appears to be two of the exams are scans rather than constructions directly from the Adobe P.D.F. creator. ( See GLAAD 2013)

Obama claimed his religion was islam

Dec 12, 2013 · Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaii official who confirmed the authenticity of President Obama's birth record in Hawaii, died Wednesday night in a small-plane crash. She had claimed to see it but not produce it. She knew there was never a birth cert. on the premises of Hawaii, anywhere. CNN Dec 2013. The number of controversial political figures that died in plane crashes in U.S. modern History is staggering. There were at least 17 separate cases during Bill Clinton’s reign, and guess what? they all had goods on him to bring him down.

After the ObamaCare Lies to Win Reelection EVERYONE knows Obama is a dangerous liar.


Obama" " I WAS BORN IN HAWAII and called a Kenyan before it existed."
I remember reading the sign hours after my birth and the hospital signed said Kapi’olani Hospital, although this did not exist for another two years, I was able to prophesize its name, being also able to read right out of the womb."

These are Barack Hussein Obama ii ' claims. 

Kenya was not incorporated into a sate agency until 1963 A.D. It was called  the
Kenya Colony. The Republic of Kenya became independent in December 1963. Following a referendum in August 2010 and adoption of a new constitution, Kenya is now divided into 47 semi-autonomous counties, governed by elected governors.

 -  from the United Kingdom 12 December 1963 
 -  Republic declared 12 December 1964 

Obama's father was born in the Kenyan colony, not Kenya as the Birth Cert. Claims.

1895- 1963 Kenya was called The East Africa Protectorate , so the Birth Cert. should mention Obama's father as such but it does not.


2008 White House BC (background paper not invented until 1995!)

2011 White House BC(background paper not invented until 1995!)

(2011): The Stamp of Non-Official On Birth Certificate: ;

Edited in modern softeare: Adobe Illustrator Template

3 April 2011 (1)

3 April 2011 (3) (overlay study by 30 year Adobe Expert )

3 April 2011 (3)

3 April 2011 (2) layers illustrated side-by-side.

template ( i.e. copy)  Nordyke Family online

template ( i.e. copy)  Nordyke Twins ( side-by-side).

National Brodcasting Company: Nordyke Birth Cert

New York Post: Comedic Reaction.


Ivan Zatkovich : so easy to spot the forgery:

Most alphabet agencies, most academics realize that Obama has never produced a legal birth certificate. Various Congresspersons are threatened by class-warfare if demanding Constitutional Documented proof a Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital at Honolulu, Hawaii ‘seal’ form of a Birth Certificate (i.e. copies have seals because the building that gave the birth checks against the ‘original’ form, thereby legally permissible to impress or elaborate inked ‘seal’ of the state!). The computer-green paper you see in the background was not invented until two decades after 1961 Obama’s claimed birth-year! A social security number cannot be issued from another state, such as Connecticut but appears to be the identification given to the young child. And apparently, the April 2011 ‘second attempt’ White House promulgated Certificate of Live Birth which claims at the bottom that this is not official? are continually complicated by Obama’s apparent twin brothers – he was apparently a part of a triplet birth seen checked-off right above the correct box!   Apparently it is so bogus that comedians must have been consulted to make it such a blaring forgery that hysterical conditions then apply.


Preface: Purpose of this page


Purpose of this page on Barak Hussein Obama, II (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro (Barak Hussein,[1] passport), self claimed community organizer in the prideful fashion of his hero Mao Tse-tung, notorious and number-one mass murder of all history up until now) is to confirm my reason for interpretation Obama’s birth astrology Chart to Mombasa, Hospital, Kenya. In an interview that is a matter of recorded – record, one of Obama’s grandmothers who lived in Kenya repeatedly retracts a news-reported, correcting the reporter that, no Obama was not born in Hawaii, he was born in Kenya. Over the last three years, Hawaii officials have claimed they cannot locate Obama’s ‘long-form’ birth certificate. U.S. legal watchdog groups have investigated that Obama has used U.S. tax-payer money, up-to $2,000,000 to prevent anyone from looking at his original birth certificate. Then real- estate mogul Donald Trump, who campaigned and voted for Obama took part in a media blitz to force the issue to the public. Obama then tried to end the leftist hatred-epitaph of the ‘birther’ movement, but within hours after his attempt, I took part in prolonging the brither movement. is a leftist propaganda website and the world is made up of evil these days. Below is an investigation into how historians approach what we call ‘prime sources.’ I do not want people to accuse me of not using the correct location for Obama’s birth because of some political fraudulent propaganda documents, in an age where the U.S.A. is falling from grace.



Hospital's Name in 1961 was KauiKeolani Children's Hospital & Kapi'olani Maternity Home --The Birth Certificate says no such thing! The name of the Hospital on the faux Birth cert. did not come into existance until 1963 A.D, two years later.



The Private Investigator (PI) Susan Daneils predicted two weeks prior to the 27 April 2011 that a Birth Certificate would soon appear and it would be a fake. She became famous for outing Obama’s illegal use of a Connecticut Social Security Number 042-68-4425 which has nothing to do with the Obama’s but was registered under Barak Hussein Obama, II’s name and place of residence when he was a mere child. In these days of the 1960s, Social Security numbers were marked by the zip-code one had lived and since Obama alleges he grew up in Hawaii, the question to why a Connecticut Social Security Number was issued under a child’s name who apparently lived in Hawaii but had a zip-code processing number from Connecticut?


Courage of an historian


History: Obama was touted by the leftwing media as smart or smarter than Albert Einstein, Barak Hussein having a 167 I.Q. The leftwing media claimed over and over to a trancelike state that Obama was smarter than all U.S. Presidents before him. Then came the reality. Every hour upon each hour of the day, and each day of the year the U.S.A. has to purchase debt to a whooping $188,000,000 (one-hundred and eighty-eight million dollars) per hour, every hour of the year. The gas prices are twice the historical levels, high-price food, high-rent, budget cuts, affecting the poor as the city gives rich leftist Union thugs raises, and cuts homeless programs all hurting all cultures and ethnicities. The I.M.F. telling the world America is in its fall-stages ( hint this comes out after two years of Obama’s hope and change), as well as the U.S.A. is in jeopardy of losing it triple-A bond rating. Then the Federal Chairmen of the U.S. Treasury finally announces after two years of silence that Obama’s stimulus program mainly went to pay-off International Banks, and little if any was every used in the U.S.A.


During April 2011, Matt Drudge posted a link as a ‘headline’ stating that a USA/Gallup poll of 1,064 people surveyed suggested that 38% of the U.S.A. population believed in the affirmative that Barak Hussein Obama was born in the U.S.A. Matt Drudge’s simple website ( note his astrological foundation chart of the time of creation by ICANN suggests a disjointed two –triple grand trines, explaining his wide reach of an audience) became national headlines ( as usual) and Donald Trump who voted for Obama and campaigned for him called for him to end The Birther movement by producing his real birth certificate.




Obama, the 44 th U.S.A. president was publically harassed to comply with the U.S. Constitution in which he deferred from recognizing for over three years ( including his campaign year). He released the Birth Certificate on the 26th of April 2011, appearing in the major media on the morning of the 27th, and within the late afternoon on the day of the media release, the case was solved! To everyone’s horror, this official White House website promulgation was a Adobe Illustrator copy and edited version of a family called the Nordykes, to which a two years earlier the NBC media promulgated as side-by-side comparison to the ‘Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital at Honolulu, Hawaii.’ By five o’clock P.S.T., I helped solve the case.  This is an act of Treason under the codes of the U.S. Constitution, and punishable by death. Below the fraudulent copyist was so arrogant they gave the Hospital a different Hawaiian Island in their editing processes. All Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital Birth Certificates have the County and State or Foreign Country box marked as Honolulu, Oahu. Obama’s fraudulently document says the place of residence is at Honolulu, Oahu, at 7a-7b, and then 7c. is the confirmation box which says his residence is at Honolulu, Hawaii, at 6085 Kalaianaole Highway.   A world expert of Adobe Illustrator took the time on this day to illustrate the layer-computer editing system to show how information was edited by this tool. I helped organize the various marking that appear on both forms which confirm this was the ‘template’ used to create the fraudulent Barak Hussein Obama Birth certificate. Below are enormous amounts of investigation by patriots and those questioners who were not afraid of the Leftist bullies. Obama tried to end the ‘birthers’ movement, a leftist derogatory slur to anyone that questions his biographies. However, he failed and joke about being able to know he was born at Hawaii by memory minuets after he was born, telling Leftist media mogul Opra Winfrey on her live television show broadcasted live from Chicago. The leftwing media, true to form, calls anyone who questions anything on or about Obama’s history or policies as racists. This is a typical bully tactic derived at intimidating the opposition.  


Susan Nordyke


Susan Nordyke, the first twin was born at 2:12 p.m., L.M.T., on 5 August 1961, and was given a birth certificate number 151-61-10638; Her twin born at 2:17 p.m. L.M.T. on 5 August 1961 was given certificate number 151-61-10638. This was the template used and the last two digits are clearly edited into this template. Obama’s fraudulent Birth Certificate suggests he was born a day earlier on 4 August 1961, the day before the Nordyke twins, allegedly at the same hospital. However, his certificate number is 151-1961-10641, and his birth was registered with the Hawaii Department of Health registrar three days earlier, on 8 August 1961. “In 1961, the birth certificate numbers were not assigned by the hospitals. Instead, the numbers were stamped to the birth record by the Hawaii Department of Health at the main office in Honolulu.”[2] So the stamp issued by the Department of Health increases each birth and therefore the question of why Obama’s birth number is higher than both the Nordyke twins as Obama was born a day earlier. Before reading the source-analysis by Jorome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph. D., and author of multiple works on various subjects, I had already linked this template to the Nordyke twins, because it was promulgated N.B.C. years earlier to prove what hospital Obama was born at and what a long-form birth certificate is supposed to look like.



1.      A Certificate of Live Birth is not an official Birth Certificate, mandated as a Federal Law Code.


2.      No green pattern background existed in 1961 or prior to the modern computer word processing programs of the 1990s. These Green pattern backgrounds are a legal Federal Industry code for a ‘Certificate of Live Birth,’ never for an official Birth Certificate which are usually back and white, but with blue watermarks – such as the state seal.


3.      The hospital where Obama was said to be born is identified as being located on the wrong Hawaiian Island – evidence of an editing mistake by forger(s).


4.      The two mysterious ‘Xs’ on the Nordyke twins’ birth certificate clear show – up on Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. They appear in both cases obove the boxes for the ‘twin’ and ‘triplet.’ (NYPOST p18)


5.      Obama’s parent’s home remains located in the middle of a Hawaiian motor-car high-way. it?

6.      There is no official state Seal, mandated by Federal Laws.


7.      There are no marks on a supposedly book-folded archival platform.


8.      Adobe Illustrator back engineering achieves layers and box-editing on document presented officially by the U.S.A. White House, by Barak Hussein Obama.


9.      Forensic mystery marks on  Nordyke twins’ birth certificate (NYPOST p18) show up exactly on Obama’s birth certificate.


10.    The “41” to the top-right where the certificate registry number is given by the Department of Health looks suspicious – it was edited.


11.    There is no official seal.  ( again this should be #1).


12.    The type of ‘Caucasian’ is too perfect for a typewriter from 1961.


13.    No footprint, although many states do not require it, but some do.


14.    No birth weight.


15.    The Obama fraudulent Birth Certificate still says, “Certificate of Life Birth,” which is unofficial in regards to the original document, which clarifies that an original is never a ‘Certificate of Live Birth,’ but a correct Birth Certificate.


16.    The signature of the  mother and attendant are cursively similar.


17.    The date signatures are cursively exact mirrors on both Obama and the Nordyke Twins’ birth certificate. This suggests that the different attendant for the Nordyke’s writes exactly like the different attendant and Obama’s mother from Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. Another way of looking at it, this was cut-and-pasted from Nordyke’s to Obama’s birth certificate to which Nordyke’s was the template – thus the matching cursive date –signatures’.


18.    The Hawaii’s governor campaigned on a promise to reveal Obama’s long-form Birth certificate to hush-up The Birther Movement; but after his victory election, he told the press multiple times that he and his staff could not locate any birth certificate in all of Hawaii.


19.    Under the hour of birth, the ‘M’ in the ‘P.M.’ is a different font, suggesting that this was a modern computer editing fraudulent attempt.


20.    In the 2000 U.S. Census forms, the Federal Government allowed the term ‘blacks’ to be included because many older blacks were more comfortable checking boxes off as ethnicity or race as either black or negro – instead of African American. In Obama’s fraudulent Birth Certificate, the race of the alleged baby Obama is African – a term not used back then to describe someone as the color black or Negro. However, Obama is half-white and half-black in reality so one cannot call him a black when he was born  from the womb of a white mother.


21.    Many doctors and attendants at the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital are still alive today who worked at the hospital in 1961. However, the M.D. who signed the document conveniently died eight years ago.


22.    The State government of Hawaii has closed down any historical investigation using the archives of Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital to investigate allegations that someone at this location is involved in fraudulent Federal Crimes of forgery.


23.    The most weighted and convincing argument arrives at a side-observation. Anyone who questions the Obama regime –government is called a racist. This is going on in day-time Television, Obama is suggesting such a thing, his administration like a head of C.B.S. News, Bob Schieffer is calling anyone who questions Obama’s birth certificate is a racist. Whoopi Goldberg a guest –host on The View also calls everyone who wants to see Obama’s grades are motivated by racism. However, she called as others did to see former President Bush’s grades and was never once called a racist. When Obama gave a press release to issue this fraudulent Birth Certificate, he called Donald Trump a ‘Circus Barker,’ a code-word for his thuggies in the public to start accusing all detractors racists. This is a campaign promise by Barak Hussein Obama for a national dialogue on Race. Unfortunately, Obama’s continuous actions fan-the-flames of racism, because all critics of his are concerned with his refusal to propose a budget plan ( a campaign promise) in which had not done for over two years, and the economy is at a 1.8% growth per – quarter the worst since the Great Depression. Every hour of the day, and all year-long, each hour the U.S.A. Federal Reserve must purchase $188,000,000 ( one-hundred and eighty-eight million dollars of debt) – which helps us explain that Obama has created more debt that all U.S. president combined in history – people are not racist for wanting to know the facts and truth.


24.    On the 2000 U.S. Census form, Obama check the box as ‘black,’ not African American or the correct consideration of bi-racial. When the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital doctor(s) and attendant(s) saw a white women giving birth to a 100% black baby, they must have wondered to themselves what type of biology is this? Obama repeatedly claims he is black, as in his own words: “I’m African America [ note not half U.S.A. Kansas City, where Ann was raised], but I’m somebody, like many African Americans, who has all kinds of stuff in him [ the correct diction would be the word ‘Them.’] should have seen Thanksgiving, we were like the United Nations... But I self identify as an African American. That’s how I am treated and that’s how I am viewed and I’m proud of it.”[3] In cultural creation the first of anything is viewed under a sever critical method, and reveals a potential for a traditional viewpoint down through the ages. For example, the U.S.A. first president was white, his name George Washington. He was viewed as not very intelligent, but impeccable character, honesty, courage, responsibility, and ethical and moral at the highest levels. Barak Hussein Obama, II ( Jr.) is the U.S.A. first bi-racial president who identifies with the African American (skin color a shades of dark) in U.S. History. Therefore this sets a precedence for cultural creation. Obama is touted as one of the smartest humans who ever existed, a stark contrast to George Washington. However, his credibility of character, his moral and ethics, his honesty, courage, and responsibility are incomparable to George Washington. This implies that the African Americans will be viewed as a whole group based upon the class-warfare and racial hatred coming out of the political spectrum of the first U.S. bi-racial president. What this implies is that all blacks or just African Americans will be viewed under the precepts of Obama’s despicable race-baiting character and unethical decorum. Finally, people will be in general more hesitant to elect another African American or bi-racial with African American in their history due to the first cultural creation of first-time bi-racial president. In fact, Obama hurts all people of all color by being dishonest, deceitful, and spurring race-hatred upon people who are not racist but are dying in the streets from his austerity economic policies of paying off rich people all over the world instead of using the U.S.A. tax-payer monies to fund poor people’s programs. When I walk through Oakland, a typical leftwing district of the greater Bay Area of northern California, I hear and listen to poor black people dying in the streets from budget cuts from the state because the Democrats who have controlled California for over 30 years in the state legislator make sure to pay-off their rich friends and cut aid to the homeless – and these blacks have portable radios and are surprisingly listening to Rush Limbaugh – it is surreal to say the least. Finally, my astrological birth chart for Barak Hussein Obama has a local for Mombasa, Hospital, Kenya. This promulgation of a fraudulent Hawaiian Birth certificate does not change my interpretation one iota. Addendum to this list. Obama claims ( a prominent Chicago Newspaper linked source, see below) that he remembers being born at the Hawaiian Hospital, meaning moments after his birth he as recall – said to the nation on live T.V. as a compendium of his promulgated ‘forged COLB’ as a code-directive to attack all Birthers and U.S. individuals that want to know why he has committed ‘High-Crimes’ punishable by death sentence as the U.S. Constitution mandates.



History of U.S.A. Legal Code: U.S.A. Constitution.


A document used widely by the U.S. Founding Fathers, called “The Law of Nations” ( 1758, Vattel), states in Vol. 1. Ch. 19, Section 212: “natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, or parents who are citizens.” Obama’s father, also named Barak Hussein Obama (a fundamentalist Moslem) was born in Kenya, Africa, and at this time was under extraterritorial rights of the British Commonwealth, under its law of British Nationality Act of 1948. The U.S.A. Constitution restricts all to run or achieve the office of the U.S. presidency if one or both parents were not born as U.S.A. citizens and born, meaning born under its controlled lands. This disqualifies Obama outright, and he dismisses as unnecessary and silly. The founding fathers wrote in this Vattel passage to the U.S.A. Constitution citing that it emphasized the sake and survival of the constitutional republic. These ideas came from history. For example, Trajan a Roman Emperor was originally born in Iberia, from a Hispanic background and not a traditional Roman subject. He started to change the ideas of Rome and he took the Roman military to England and built economic walls for subjugation of humans living in that part of the world. The reaction lasted for centuries of hatred, and it was surmised that outsiders careless about following ideas and traditions of the forefathers.


Sources to visual Reference: Internets.


Sources: White House Fraudulent doc link, pdf.[4]


Source of Fraudulent copy photo shopped from;, e.g. the Nordyke’s twin official birth certificate with the same identical marks of the twins found in Obama’s fraudulent Birth certificate.[5] This birth certificate comes from the same media which tried to throw-out President Bush, (43) with fraudulent MS Word Doc forgeries promulgated by Dan Rather, who was later released so CBS would not suffer credibility problems historically. However, this comes from NBC’s first promulgating the Nordyke birth certificate and two years later it was used as the template for the fraudulently Barak Hussein Obama, II’s unofficial Birth Certificate.


Scientific Findings In High-Crimes Case of Barak Hussein Obama, II.



NBC’s Nordyke Real Birth Certificate is the photo-copy used to create a fraudulent Obama birth certificate. There are numerous mistakes, such as wrong island but same hospital, twins marked, chronological numbering, exact cursive date signing on both birth certificates, unmatched kerning, unhistorical race-codes, and incorrect legal pronouncement, and a modern green computer layout, and finally but not the least a long-time dead doctor signed the document, all which illustrate that this is a fraudulent promulgation by the Obama Regime. I’m not concerned about being called a racist or a hater, I’m a historian in this case and this does not match a prime source material. In fact, the legal disclaimer claims this is not a legal copy. I explain my reasons below for keeping Obama’s astrological birth chart’s analysis for Mombasa, Hospital, where his rectification concerns a more accurate reading.



The public has called for a photo copy of the original Birth Certificate and has yet to receive it.  On the 26 April 2011, the Obama regime claimed they finally released the Birth certificate to qualify him for President, over two years after he was inaugurated, as detractors claimed he did not provide an official document, and rightly so. However, below this fraudulent document with identical cursive marks to a family of twins born a day earlier and discussed below, is a notice that this certificate is not the original ‘correct’ copy, but a coy or abstract ( abstract in this case means a lifted summery of information; not necessarily complete information or not a reproduction of the original document. Usually sensitive material such as social security numbers are blacked-out. But here nothing is blacked out and there is no social security number. And in case of the the Nordyke’s twins’ certificate, the below announcement differs from Obama’s below announcement: the Nordykes says, “This Certificate that the Above is A true and correct copy of the original record on file in the research, planning and statistics office Hawaii State Department of Health.” Obama’s says something different. It says, “ I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health.” Signed Alvin. T. Onaka, Ph.D., ( Stamped 25 April 2011).


The promulgated Obama birth certificate hidden by the Justice Department of Obama’s regime for over two years, until real-estate Mogul Donald Trump forced the issue in the main-media turned out to be another forged document. Not only are the Mother and Doctor’s ‘date’ signatures cursively identical, the dame date cursive was found on another birth-certificate ( in black and white as was the true case for all birth certificates before the 1990s and the era of modern computers) has exactly the same cursive style which indicates that this date signature came from Eleanor Cole ( Louise) and Robert Allan Nordyke’s birth of their twins, as their are two Xs marks on this forum that are visible on Obama’s form, and appear to be present exactly as with the Nordyke’s twins’ certificate, file no. 151, Department reg. numb. 61-10637.


Nordyke’s twins are recorded as born on 5 August 1961, and Obama’s fraudulent copy is 4 August 1961. What concerns the chronological order is that Nordyke’s department of health chronological order number is before Obama’s, but Obama’s birth apparently occurred before Nordyke’s twins.



The Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital appears on Nordyke’s birth certificate for twins as Honolulu, Oahu, where as the same hospital for the faux-birth certificate is Honolulu, Hawaii. According to Hawaii’s records there were 76 unattended births ( unverifiable). However, his document claims he was born at the hospital mentioned – although the incorrect Hawaiian island is a blatant sign of a fraudulently document.


Official Federally Mandate ‘Seal” Nowhere to be found


Like all ‘real’ Americans on your real official birth certificate will be a ‘seal’ which is produced in a watermark form. Obama believes he had fooled the public, but according to my interpretation of his horoscope, by the paran of Acubens to his Sun, he is a liar and a criminal. On my birth certificate, I have a seal, it appears as a watermark. My color of my official birth certificate is black and white with a blue-watermark(s) area to make reproduction extremely difficult to replicate.


Race Typology


The revision to race typology occurred in 2004, laws for Hawaii. On Obama’s birth certificate, the Obama promulgated fraud-document, which is transparent which is impossible over a green modern copy of liver certificate ( impossible if this was a photo, it had to be layered by a modern photo-doc-editing computer which it appears it has been taken from the Nordyke’s image of their twins) it says Obama’s father race was African. In 1961, there was no such term used. Either you were registered under race as a Negro or a Black --- These changes came by the way of 2004’s law-changes in Race Typology. Political correctness and multiculturalism was not well established in the U.S.A. culture until the mid-1980s, and as well not legal until the later 1990s.


Photoshop Expert [ taken out name for protection against Alphabet agencies]  Illustrates the PDF Illustrator layers, the system used to create this Nordyke ( Obama faux-doc).


[ Redacted] is one of Illustrator’s ( a system of photo editing in a professional format for the modern computing machine) world leading experts and coders on this professional editing program, and demonstrates that this was a layered editing job and not a photo-copy from a live or real document – therefore this explains the odd- editing and inaccuracies we see as well as odd numbers on the side that appear mysterious, and the fact in my investigation the twin’s mark for Nordyke and the date signatures for 18d. and 19b. on the form are identical in cursive review – placing them side-by-side, as well as the mysterious crossing out of some name that appears before Ann’s name.


When you open this faux-document in the pdf. Adobe Illustrator program and look at the links tab, the links were all reduced to 22.596% and rotated – 90 degrees except for the link containing the green background, black –lines and some of the type. The link info says it was reduced to H72.22%, V 72.174% and rotated at a -90 degrees. The problem is that in the 1960s, there were no such things as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, but today it is available on most personal computers; for example I have it and use it to scan text from historical documents to save time from typing out passages.  There is no such thing as a computer-graded-background in the 1960s so the issue of the green background forces us to consider this faux-Obama-birth certificate as computer generated and not ‘scanned’ like form a copy-machine. This observation alerted the Adobe experts who know that many cases involve layers, where there is a layer of the Nordyke’s twin official birth certificate superimposed over the modern ( after 1990s) green ‘federal certified ‘copy’ of live birth certificate – which is also communicated as a non-original certificate. The legal disclaimer is clearly seen at the bottom of the Nordyke ‘correct’ original birth certificate that was created around the time of their twin’s births.


Another [ redacted a male]  also contributed and he states he had used Adobe Illustrate since the original version ( Illustrator 88) came out in 1988. He provides some of the OCR proofs I spoke about above. [ redacted] ( last name excluded for protection, Hi criminal Obama my name is Archangel Michael, got it?) comments that this was a photo-shopped lifting from the template because of the layers found by the editing machine in Illustrator.


David A. Sinclar, the M.D. was dead?


David A. Sinclair, the M.D. whose signature appears on this certified copy had been dead for eight – years, making him unavailable to sing it or speak to the media to claim he saw Obama. No-one else has ever came forward to claim they saw Obama at Hospital or days just preceding his fraudulent –claimed birth at Hawaii.


This Birth Certificate  Says Obama is a twin or a triplet


Lunacy of the left and their aggressive activism to call, physically harm and harass all who question this fraudulent Birth Certificate will note the identical twin box marks on NBC’s promulgated Nordyke’s Birth Certificate which show up on Obama’s faux-document. On Nordyke’s Birth Certificate there are two illegible ‘Xs’ in box number 3. titled, ‘This Birth, with choices of single, twins, or triplets. The Nordyke’s Birth Certificate checks off the twins, but on the Obama reproduction template which was the Nordyke’s Birth Certificate, the two illegible ‘Xs’ remain in the copy-frame-template and match exactly to the position, height/width of the Obama White House Birth certificate. This could not have happened unless the forger(s) were using Nordyke’s Birth Certificate as a template.

Unmatched kerning ala Dan Rather


Dan Rather (a long time correspondent and media figure in main stream leftwing circles) promoted fraudulent Bush Military Service documents, and was later fired under pressure from executives because of truth in the media. Most of this was done because of obvious kerning issues and date of technological advances in kerning history. The entries of #9,#12b and #14 line up neatly with the type beginning a hair space to the right of the vertical printed form-line. This is because expert trainers of typewriter skill were imperative in government programs of this time of history in the 1950s-1960s. The perfect alignment along the left margin return is locked to a set format for these type writers of this time.  For example, the expertise and format is seen in the Nordyke Birth certificate. But the Obama birth certificate, over half of the entries begin from the left of the margin return position. This is an obvious sign that this was a template form, like what was used in the fraudulent Dan Rather promulgation of the faux- Bush-military documents.


Birth Chronology out of Order in Faux Obama Doc


The Nordyke birth certificate of twins born on 5 August 1961 has a ‘record acceptance date number which follows the hospital’s birth order as 10637. Obama who was born a day earlier has a ‘record acceptance date number as 10641. How can this be? It was pointed out by the investigation of Adobe Illustrator that the last digit, the ‘1’ was not identical with any ‘1’s from this period, so it was added into the editing script, and apparently the forger(s) from Obama’s team were birth certificate illiterate.


How was the forgery done under Obama’s supervision?


First you scan Nordyke’s twin official birth certificate; then you convert it to a PDF; then optimize that PDF; then you can open it into Illustrator. Reverse doing this will show the facts that appear in these analyses that layers appear as the finished product; which was reversed engendered. Once into Illustrator, you can apply fonts, scripts, move objects, and cut-past- images from anything to anything—such as a signature or a signing of a date as was the case used in the Obama certificate of the exact cursive script of Nordyke’s twin official birth certificate in the same box in Obama’s. This is usually called a type of ‘cloning.’  Before the modern computer, the Soviet elite bureaucrats used to edit state official photographs – a large and vibrant history can be searched online about this interesting Communist ( leftist) covering up what they do not want to recognize in their past.


To back engineer this White House document: first you download the pdf. from the White House link, I provide it for you. Then you open the pdf. in Illustrator (instead of Photoshop) ; then select the entire document and then click on the Object menu; then choose the  menu item ‘clipping mask,’ and click release. Repeat as necessary until all clipping masks are released. You can also perform a function of layer ‘on’ or ‘off.’



Mysterious ‘8991’ on the side of Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate.




There is an unexplained number of 8991 on the right side of the fraudulent Obama-White House promulgated Birth Certificate. The number 8991 could be the last digits for a suggested Social Security number for the Nordyke twins. In the modern computer era, the port of 8991 are usually restricted to prevent such programs as BoBcat from displaying personal computer information. It is also a sub-code for the U.S.A. Copyright Laws,, under title 17 of U.S.A. copyright code, implying the forgers are laughing as they copyright their forgery work which will go down in history as the hoax that tricked the world into believing an absurd deception.


Obama claims to have memory seconds after his birth


Gloating in the media the day of the fraudulently manufactured Birth Certificate release, Obama flew to Chicago to appear live on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show to condemn his detractors as “circus barkers.”[6]  After telling Oprah that he was distracted from his budget proposal ( he has yet to promote a budget proposal and has done none-of-the-sort for the entire time he has been in office) he told her, “Can I just say? I was there, so I knew...that.. I knew I had been born. I remembered it.”[7] There is no historical record of anyone minuets after their birth having a recall or a memory. Usually memory arrives as early as two-years-old in most cases. At Mombasa, Hospital, Kenya, Africa, a rare paran from Acubens, cancri to Obama’s natal sun occurs, as well as a paran to betePers., Algol. This suggest a passion for deception tempered by an engagement of a pathological desire to correct a misguided human condition. At ‘Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital, the paran to the Moon and Algol does not occur; and furthermore, the Moon in a natal relationship to Saturn if at Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital intends the others will know the full background of their subjects in full detail. To this date, we do not have any biographical support for anything Obama has ever been accredited with, such as I.Q. Test, elementary to University, to post-University, to community organization, to Congressional reflections at all. A zero amount of information, repeatedly requested is charged with inflammatory rhetoric by the leftwing establishment – which further drives suspicion that Obama is a liar and a criminal. Historical Judicial Astrology intends that if a native has a paran to Acubens they have a penchant for criminal activity and a pathological lying. For more on Obama’s astrological birth assessment see parts 1-3.





Fox News a right-wing News organization was severely hurt when its mainstream dominance was fractured by the 2009 spring emergence of a Tea Party. On the 29th of April it ran an article on Fox News Website claiming a Canadian (leftwing) Jean-Claude Tremblay[8] a certified Adobe Illustrator expert who told Fox News the Obama promulgated birth certificate is in layers and is authentic. It states on his bio that his career in print industry has spanned more than 20 years of both creative and technical in-depth experience.[9] Jana Winter “Expert: No Doubt Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Legit” ( 29 April 2011).[10] does the dirty deed as Tremblay lies and claims an OCR ( Optical character recognition) is a general scanning machine and not a optical internal software character recognition computer application. He claims the Obama document has nine layers, and this is normal for a photograph of a document – which is it not.  He states “I’d be more afraid it’d be fake if it was one in piece [ sic, etc...]”[11] Apart from Tremblay being unable to speak at the age-level of a six-year-old, he is obviously a lair or extremely stupid. If the Birth certificate was a scanned object from a book-archive as it should be or just an individual sleeve from a filing cabinet, it will come out in a single-layer. Scanners or computer scanners are used to transfer images and text into a file format for archival purposes for an electronic computer. The object is scanned by a charge-coupled device (CCD) or a Contact Image Sensor parts that take the light form the object being scanned and changes it into a digital signal. The CCD, acts like a modern camera. There are no such things as layers, it turns the digital light signal into an array of appropriate numbers that your computer reads to display on the screen.   The digital signal is then transferred to the computer memory or is read in a scanner’s processor. Then with some computer software it can be changed to a compression digital image, like a pjeg, gif, or a png, or a tiff. file. The text written by hand can be changed to ASCII code by an OCR program. This is what we believed happened. The OCR program is a software system ( such as found in most PCs, as a default for the operating system, and is not an actual scanner. Tremblay tries to trick you to believe that a flat-bed-scanner and an OCR are the same machine. These numbers I just spoke about act like camera pixels. This is all that is need to scan Obama’s birth certificate, which is claimed up from and above that this is not his birth certificate it is a COLB document - - meaning it is non-official; this is not the birth certificate or original as the legalities differ in the legal statements from  Nordykes, who had their twins a day earlier and Obama’s fraudulent document a day after. There should be no discrepancies in the Law statements, but there is and Obama’s legal statement claims this is not his original document.  Since the Tea Party formed a divide in the Republican Party, and Fox News in the rich-class portion, it is conceivable that many of the officials of the Network are in fact Democratic Operatives. Tremblay never explains the twins marks or smudges that appear on the Nordyke’s twins certificate that ‘clearly’ show up on Obama’s certificate to which Tremblay claims does have ‘nine’ layers. Apparently this is a set-up to trick the majority of the population that cannot investigate such trickery and must rely of rich-suppressors to guide the life and mental memories. When I clicked on the computer link for this Fox News story on the 29th of April, I noticed 1562 comments. Most of them were calling this  article a Fox News lie and citing that Tremblay says that the flat-bed scanners and the OCR are the same things – which is implied because of poor speech/writing and as well as this piece is supposedly to confuse/dupe the people. Fox News has an interest not to go against the sitting U.S.A. president, because it has White House access and it has fear of the Alphabet Agencies who are controlled by the White House. It also is at war with the Tea Party, and the Birther movement a degenerative moniker started by the leftwing Democratic Party has been long picked up by Fox News as a derogatory ‘marker’ for the Tea Party – their enemy. Tremblay may have credentials, but according to his poor English skills, he has absolutely no-understanding of the difference between a scanner machine and a piece of software called an OCR. Of the two expert Adobe Illustrators I used in this page, one is a world class expert and published. Tremblay is not a world expert at all. What does this all mean? It means that Fox News now intends that a pathological liar Obama is now suddenly telling the truth. Ironically, the historical Pravda media organization ran a extensive article after Obama was elected to the office of the presidency. They warned, or more adeptly, that the U.S.A. would now become a socialist media machine – that means it covers up truth in spite of the government. Pravda was the Soviet controlled propaganda machine of the U.S.S.R. era, and now it is MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, CNN, Fox News and their plethoric empire affiliates. 

#bloodshed #semitic #establishment are human sacrificers, y'll know? Baal Religion of human sacrifice and torture and torture — rape of Children come out of the middle east and Africa, many millennia ago.



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