מִיכָאֵל‎ (يكائيل,) :

times beaten up blacks = ZERO

times beaten by blacks = 1,000.

why, my skin color?

2nd amendment

blacks and Latins will only vote for candidates that pander to them, so the USA is over. For Latins it is springtime.
 there is no unity. Barack has made that  his goal. Because of my white skin, Barack Hussein Obama calls me a terrorist while he calls his al quad-ea buddies, 'My People" -- he said that at Cairo in Arabic if you missed it..


blacks beat me and my sister up so many time over white skin color and we held no slaves, and they beat up people all  over North Hollywood, and have bling, money and cops support. FUX THEM to hell, I am getting tired of their bullying ways and hatred and ignorant logic.  they have $200,000 careers and still hate on whitey with violent, intimidation and multiculturalistic privilege.

Today, a black boy from the local neighboor hood wants to kill me, he threatened death to me in front of Seven No Ho Police dept members who stood there and did nothing, because I told him to stop pushing baby strollers off the sidewalk because he was using it to intimidate the community. I am tired of these racist illogical animals, and that is what they are not even human, no logic or God ( these are not our beloved black Community Christians, they are like white Chritians, full of respect, joy and love) but some hip hop athiestic multiculturalistic privledge

Obama: Colored people or non Whites built America:

Obama was telling white northern European transplants that Africa and Arab/Latinos ( same DNA) built America and he is correct, whites came 1820s- 1930s, before and after the colors run us, even many of our founders were Arab light skins. The Bushes are Arab DNAers. so Donald Trump represents some Kennedy Irish strains of humans, the people pushed out since 1930s, the first World War got rid of the poor migrants, and so. the northern whites changed the world with science (5,000 + years) and, the colored people today claim 'reason' and science are EVIL or the reason they cannot get ahead in life. But the sad thing is as they beat up and destroy whites, they plagiarize their works and take them and reshape them as their own and in like the Movie Planet of the Apes ( Charlton Heston, Hollywood Film) the Blacks renarrative a Jesus like figure to that of an Ape archetype figure.

Limited Government and less Taxes are Anti Ideologies of the self proclaimed GOD.

David March, a Los Angeles, California County Sheriff who was killed when he pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop. The driver was a dangerous Mexican drug dealer, Armando Garcia, who had been deported twice and has a long history of violent crime. SCOTUS secretly passed Sanctuary Cities, safe heavens for the elite's drug cartel runners. The colored controllers of the U.S.A. love their Latin Arab Narcotics. Now I understand why Mexicans beat me up for decades and no authority would protect me, because they are the drug runners for the rich Black, White skinned Arabs, and Brown colored Arab Latinos. .

USA POP = Latin/Arabs Light skinned Arabs/ Bushes or Hebrew Arabs Jews and Africans make up the majority of the U.S.A. and it never has been Nordic or Northern European White ruled, the only one, John F. Kennedy of recent times was murdered by Black African Jay Edgar Hoover and Light skinned Arab/Latins the Bush Family.
So fighting a war on Drugs is meaningless as the consumer is the same mega race as the producer.

  1. War On Drugs: Global Sphere Operation I: ArchangelMichael

    Supply: Arabs, Africans , Latin/Arabs
    Demand: Arabs, Africans, Latin/Arabs

    Not a problem: Scandinavians, Irish, Scotland, northern Europeans and some Russians and northern white Asians. Donald Trump is Scottish, and we see the assassination speak like John F. ( Irish) Kennedy and his brother Robert by Arab DNAers and admitted Latino The Bush Family.

Obama on Race: Obama has not given his speech on Race because people write what he tells us, he has no mind of his own. Theose speech writers have no historians that can discorse on race in history, so this remains the only reason Obama has not offered his speech promise, another broken promise of an arrogant angry black man. The Obama administration used the IRS to make a Muslim Brotherhood-Clinton-Soros cartel possible. That by and in of itself is racism. This president is a racist who lies and tries to convine us he is not a racist and and we are racists. Obama's Gay Puttsch ( Scalia's words) now includes Trans genders into the military, the Hill Reports. Supreme Court member, Scalia calls the decision a judicial “Putsch,” an attempt to overthrow a form of government—ours. So here is Obama in drag to celebreate his coming out as a tranny, good for her, you go gurl!

More attacks on Christians as SCOTUS gives Federal Authority to force Christians to submit as a slave to Homosexuals, regardless of Free Speech which does not exist, despite Obama's lies and his GOP/Leftist followers. The Gay Community in New York's historical launching ground for Gay Marriage spokespeople claim the fight is just beginning: Free housing for gay couples, free healthcare and no insurance cost for gays, and special privileges for gays. When will it stop?

Religious Freedoms do not exist. In fact those Charelston church members are not celebrating Obama's anti Christian ways.

Obama as a adjunct professor ( part time) taught at Chicago Law School that Homosexual Marriage was anti Family and anti Community. on 26 June 2015, The SCOTUS gave 50 states the right to allow homosexual marriage and Obama celebrated, marking him as a hustler, just get into office change sides, whatever to remain in the spot light -- a reason why he grand standed a Charleston funeral, shown on CNN a national speech on faith ( his god is not our god nor Islams, so we do not know what god this is?) and race, and the later was more pronounced.


Obama on Race: Obama has not given his speech on Race because people write what he tells us, he has no mind of his own. Those speech writers have no historians that can discourse on race in history, so this remains the only reason Obama has not offered his speech promise, another broken promise of an arrogant angry black man. Historically homosexuality has been preferred by colored races. The white race nowthe minority in birthrates, in one generation will be displaced, and it already shows a mew gay culture where gay life matters more than economic, bringing in souls and, and progress.


I saw Yahoo Politics/news Attack Bobby Jindal over his race yesterday, all day, and did not allow comments, TOTALLY EVIL. Here is someone else that noticed, Malkin.

Yahoo also has.....................

Yahoo  ( Silicon Uberleftists) Search has put up *12 Year old Gay sex porn*, now SCOTUS passed new law on same sex relations. -- and I mean pages and pages of them, to celebrate with Mexico the 12 Year old gay rape  no adult consent laws in 22 Mexican states. So 'celebrate diversity' is their message. I typed in Gay Marriage Sex Law and go 12 year old kiddie porn. No wonder Yahoo deletes so many Christian posts on their forum boards?

Urgent: Kim Simon ( Huffington Post) Calls for all blacks to not communicate with whites, she is also trying her best to start a global race war she is an über tyrant loving leftist.

Trade Vote:

70 House dems voted NO
Senate GOP  : Ted Cruz voted NO

House Dems : Yes
Senate Dems: Yes
Senate GOP= Overwhelming Yes

if you complain, this bill can lock you up, called trade secrets -- a catch word for do not complain. 100% gestapo

July 2015: Former president Jimmy Carter considers it a compliment that Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain thinks Barack Obama is an even worst chief executive than Carter. McCain's called Obama's Russia Policy, 'too soft' and demanded to bomb Ukraine. Jimmy Carter called him a warmonger. Obama's people called McCain a warmonger, and Obama called McCain a hero and implied he did not crack under North Vietnam pressure while in jail, which is a lie, McCain sung like a canary. Obama considers the GOP the enemy, and then uses McCain, whom he despises, as political points against Donald Trump's comments that McCain is no war hero. In the high IQ department, Donald is correct, McCain is actually a traitor, a part of the 1%er establishment, and denier of funds for the Arizona Veterans administration.


A “Black Lives Matter” leader takes down twitter post that called for blacks to riot and take down Confederate Flags rather than wait for a vote . Fearing real trouble, he took that post down, good job! We have had enough of black rioters who take advantage of real activists for their own gain and destroy our home.

To me, only #blackhonestchristianlivesmatter, Period! I do not support Black Supremacist Panthers nor do I support Bush LA RAZA Brown Supremacist cockroaches either! #Brownhonestchristianslivesmatteronly !


Obama has been caught with extensive spying on France, equipment, illegal stations, can he be put to the death, impeached and placed on Death Row? He is an embarrassment to the human race? Why do black men spy on white female world leaders? It must because he is a racist? Obama has identified himself as being more black then white. Who could blame him; his mother left him, a real hidden story. It was her ' white fault 'at abandoning him and sending him to his exstended family members at Hawaii. Black Southern District Court judge , influential during the civil rights infancy, 1950s, attended the same Hawaiian school Obama would later attend. Obama now absent of both parents adotps a large family, the black cause which takes in on a jorney to school in my town, Los Angeles, and he studies abroad in the Middle East, and then transfers to New York, Columbia for his last two years of undergrad, under his youth name Barry Soetero ( Mother's Asian Husband's sir name) and when applying to Harvard, adops his father's birth - name, calling himself, of course, the second. He chooses J.D. Law, accepted at Harvard, his father's alma mater and later embelleshed and twisted in memory and print, Obama's father was expelled from Harvard, over secretly financing women abroad and illegal immigration transferes with Harvard emergency funds for undergraduates. He was caught, but his father made the mystake of doing it twice. ( Inside info on Teir-1s: they can tolorate bad behavior, because often the academic 'talennt' is there and much needed). Using his name, and perfect timing, Harvard was a product of Affirmative Action, a part of civil rights where forced integration, even at a slow pace was manditory for all white inclusive notary instatutions. Harvard is private but in reality tethered to the Federal government by a web of economic and politcal links. After a Black Professor was fired from Harvard ( rare, very rare) Obama spear headed the U.C. Berkeley sit-in methodology ( Harvard fights with Cal over who was first to impliment the sit-ins). The Harvard Law journal, emotionally moved, broke tradition and refused the top grade point avarge litmus to become head of the prestiguous positon , but Obama receieved it because of civil rights. So when we speak, even I, I call him an Anti- Christ, we first must emphasize to children from broken families and take into considereation these qualities we can, then predict with training over time and change D.N.A. -- because what Obama claimed, on the Podcast where he addressed the Dyllan Roof/Chareleston 9 Christian deaths, racism is found in our D.N.A. which is rather difficult to overcome -- and he is spot-on correct. In Athens, over 2,300 years ago, we spoke on crabs under the forearm, which we called Cancer, the same identification to mutated RNA chains that produce improer cell grownth, we call and battle against each day, called cancer a disease. This mutation of the D.N.A., to whcih RNA then replicates and passes throught the cell walls by lipid breaches, sends out commads to our body's different areas and turns us ON, like a computer code. The sun, has gamma particles and these particles can break-off D.N.A. and mutate a chain which then changes us into a different person. So changing D.N.A. by combiant methods or new mutating energy methods can be an option in the future for ending or for staying a time, to prevent overt Racism. The downside to this program will be to limite diversity; more people will become similar-like, whihc can become a fear to many.

IRS employees. Lost ( admitted to deleting racist against white monetary matters) are over 400 back-up tapes containing 24,000 emails to and from Lois Lerner—the IRS employee believed to have orchestrated the discriminatory treatment. Lerner had a problem with White Christians, so she targeted them out of Cincinnati and had contact with an unknown individual at the White House.

REPORT: NSA spied on France...
Wiretapped three presidents...
Ambassador summonsed...
Hollande Warns...
Secret snooping station at embassy in Paris...
Antennas, satellites pick up phone conversations in vicinity...

Authorities investigating possible new leaker...

The lies out of the black Community during the Tre von Martin vs. George Zimmerman episode was the reason that sparked Dyllan Roof's cause, and it was the black community saying that 'All White People do all day is to hunt black people, " such a vicious and hateful lie that Dyllan believed the U.S.A. no longer supported him, so he fought back. The Only blacks with brains in all of these episodes were the Christian Blacks who forgave Dyllan as the media and Atheist and racist/prejudice have not . But we have even more racist problems with this low intellect affirmative action president.

NBC: "White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S."

National Satanic Agency (NSA, snowden revealed) They first must track you, and tell you it is for your own protection! Satan is on Earth. Is your computer freezing, slow mouse, wait times, this is Satan's Agency, pumping in memory capture codes like every 150 millisecond, and to steal all your belongings like criminals and as they tout to protect you against, well threats like hacks. Government? It's a power hungry religion. The large Internet Companies and Software Giants must deal with endless 'breakdowns' due to NSA hacks. It is also possible these massive browser hacks are the N.S.A. playing around with their new toys.


NSA Has Reverse-Engineered Popular Consumer Anti-Virus Software In Order To Track Users


U.S.A. Flag was always based on Blacks being shipped in as Slaves, it is a terrible symbol of overt suppression of human beings, please take it down immediately. GOOGLE+ POST

In ancient Egypt, so many people worshiped Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death, that the catacombs next to his sacred temple once held nearly 8 million mummified puppies and grown dogs, a new study finds. Livescience reporting 22 June 2015. Old Kingdom, very old one.

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The Left ( GOP always have been leftwing ) : the ideology of cheat and of lie and to complain and to cry.

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ISil has announced its desire to Blow Up the Gizah Pyramids. No worries we beat them to it, we have the data downloaded, it is in fact an alter to God, as the Hebrew Bible alludes too. ( link to some of my pages on them, here, or here, on slavery as doctrine).

BLACK RACISM AT FBI: American History

1947 Legislation NSA creation and Black Dude, Jay Edgar Hoover (FBI) , a  black dude who had started this spy program worldwide;  he is black and so we need to rewrite history!  He helped to kill John F. Kennedy because he had white skin; It was that jungle African spy mentality, leaked into the USA.

Jane aldridge is hot


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