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Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid : Nostradamus’ Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :

Obama AntiChrist , a false prophet and a pinnacle of US Deep State global suppression of GOD's people, worldwide, Tracked be me and my crews over millennia. Only very corrupt people supported and voted for this person. He was openly evil. He unmasked and then murdered 10,000 U.S citizens, using many factions of the Deep State and placed on steroids operation Pegasus = kill US Citizen whistleblowers against the elite baby rapers; and Operation Claudio, secret paramilitaries that go train or assist other nations rebels or militaries to do the Dragon's bidding .( Dragon in Bible is U.S.A.).

In 2005 Obama pressured/groomed little girl to go have dates/sex with Iowa Senator staff. source is a former staffer: she is an Obama's loyalist. Senator of Illinois. Tom Harkin . A sex toy. Obama's father was a Women abductor and Child Trafficer. Huma Abedin: First William J Clinton’s Sex Intern 1997 A.D. Next Hillary Clinton’s lesbian Sex Intern. And then she was passed around to Anthony Wiener who started the entire Email ‘scandals’ , all of them. So Obama is learning from the establishment demonites. C.I.A. Admits to faking and creating a fake Hawaiian birth Certificate, source is CIA Dec 2017 A.D.

Mary Jacobe April 10 th 2016 spent 14 hours at Obama's White House.

Obama may have been Honey Potted:  On April 10 th 2016 by a plant named Mary Jacobe ( Caucasian, brown eyes , dark hair, female, mid ages). Obama’s sex Mistress Marry Jacobe plays a prominent  role in brining down Obama’s regime. On April 10 th 2016 She spends 14 hours in the White House and her name is also logged.  The Next days Obama sets up with Hillary Clinton The Fusion GPS payments to order the fake Russian Dossier as an “Insurance Policy” Andre McCabe ( source Text message by him) “ in case Donald Trump wins the U.S. Presidency.”  At the same time John Podesta is meeting with Mark Zuckerberg to set up fake Russian pro Trump adds , as a ploy to pad the false narrative.  By far the largest conspiracy uncovered , as of yet, on Planet Earth and U.S.A.

Κ > θ 


3:33 p.m. Pacific Time Standard. Arc Michael Bookoflife.org #12222017AD

NBC Jeff Sessions orders Hillary Clinton Investigation

11:55 a.m. PST. Sheo ; #Los Angeles. State Department activities and prior!  ! 6:21 pm Los Angeles

F.B.I. Established “ An Insurance” Policy (ies) on Donald Trump according to Text Messages by F.B.I. Head Andrew McCabe. This was a coordinated effort to undermined Donald Trump. #12212017AD. Revealed by Fox, Capitol Hill, Free beacon, Social Media , Y ou tube Fox News , Congressman Gates too.


24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate," NPR reported in 2012/  all of these fake  voters voted for  Obama. I did not know one person that ever liked him.

2012 A.D. Anti Christ Barack Hussein Obama , ii signed Executive Order, now permament law that U.S.A. citizens no longer are given court trials and can be put into prizon or detention camps all around the world for being white people. this is no freaggin' joke people. Jews are 100% in full control and have only fantacist genes and react to us as evil and hurt and kill us too. So we must eradicate them to survive. Currently we are the 7% 2012 A.D. Anti Christ Barack Hussein Obama , ii signed Executive Order, now permanent law that U.S.A. citizens no longer are given court trials and can be put into prisons or detention camps all around the world for being white people. this is no freaggin' joke people. Jews are 100% in full control and have only fantasist genes and react to us as evil and hurt and kill us too. So we must eradicate them to survive. Currently we are the 7% on planet earth by science, which the colords , including jews as yellows have rejected. Obama was always a globalist. What are globalists?

+Rick Mullins u cannot define liberal vs. conservative. they are today the same sixo #globalists. Bush is Muslim Radical Jihader and Donald Trump, a nordic and a nonpolitican was against Bush family and you are a bush loving brown antichrist jihader. that does not make me a liberal. You are a liberal, even if you call yourself a conservative . Are you British, Italian, Eruo white mix, then maybe u are conservative by default. not be ideology. you are too dumb to think of one or conscript to one.

Arc Michael
#mullins everything is #identity politics. #Clintons have nigger dna in them, a white wasa niggers and I do not. I do not get along with them, OK< you #conservative fantacist.

USA is now Nigger Latino Jew Sharia country only. FU .

no whites allowed. no go suck the cock of a conservative. a black afro 10 inch up your arse. #sellout.

nigger rule GOP and donaldtrump is anit GOP


#Mexico is working with #Obama to oust #DonaldTrump #spook . #WikiLeaks produced documents that have Paul Ryan, McCain, Grahm and others top GOP , including #jebbush on #crookedhillary her campaign roles = Connected to global #erdogon #sunni #Israel and #sauud unholy alliance, globally.

Africa - Kenya  Barack Hussein Obama ii -- Biblical Astreology Part I

United Nations Told Barack H. Obama in September 2016 that he and State Dept. #hillaryclinton destroyed 65,000,000 lives all accross the Middle East and Africa and secret wars at Honduras and south America.

The media paid little attention when Hillary Clinton advocated killing civilians and starting a war with Russia during Sunday’s presidential debate — probably because the U.S. media is actively cheering on these very actions. GooglePlus John Camara. 10152016

#antichrist attacking #white #people of Russia
Obama most bigoted human, leader on #earth

Sept— there was a massive email hack of top #DNC operatives and leaders of that party. We found out Obama runs, created and operates Islamic State, and to divert attention away from the antiestablishment movement I started in 2006 on a Moffitt Computer, he falsely accuses Russians of the hack, when there is no fingerprints. and NSA on public radio, recently retired reiterated this: CIA—NSA have no clue and the majority of the FBI ( opposed to James Comey) voted to prosecute #hillaryclinton for breaking untold numerous laws. we found out Podesta Email implicated the future assassination of Supreme Court Justice Antony Scalia who was found with a pillow over his face , as the FBI claimed they had found him. F.B.I. revolted and to me, in my opinion, they are the real source of the hacks. #antiChrist Obama is leading us into a racist world war III. There were 1,700 ~ cables where the Supply Chain from Libya to Syrian arms was why An al shariah a local militia attacked the U.S. hidden compound ( #email Hillary Clinton told terrorists where to find ambassador Stevens who was sodomized and ball beaten and raped before beheading. Obama lied about this 11 th Sept. 2012 Terrorist attack because AntiChrist claimed after killing bin Laden, I ended Terrorism. He lies and lied and got reelected. O bama funded Syrian Rebels » al queada or #isil or #daesh or #is or #islamic state who are not religious but use the banner of #islam to run roughshod over innocent people’s lives.

Nichts von Change !!

167 mass shootings under Barack Obama as of 07 12 th 2016. The next U.S. highest mass murder rate was under George Walker Bush, Jr. at 52 Mass murders. AntiChrist Obama being mentally incapacitated, due to heavily damaged DNA, he fought a war against real Islam, touted fake Islam and targed white Christians and black blacks: Obama is brown arabite DNA.  It is Obama’s lone fault for starting a race war based on his poor grasp of factual or relatively factual history. To Obama the world started at Selma,  in the 1960s.  Beyond this date Obama is clueless on issues of the Black community worldwide. He was never  a part of the  Black community.

#Era of #Obama: ≡ #Arab Privileges‚ forced #Serfdom‚ devaluation of currency, totally destroying North Africa and The Middle East causing massive migrations all across the Globe & #gayification of The U.S.A and the final implementation of the #Fascist U.S. Arabian State.

Mayan Codex ( Dresden) says in 2012, the world leader will be a bad dude; and then they drew a half black and half white person; the only picture of the set to do so. Then, they put Jupiter near Ain, Taurii, a star in this Mayan pictograph to mark the year date – and that was 2012 A.D. So Obama fits this pictograph and he is insane on all accounts. We just just call him' confused'.

When things need change and fixing, we can referrer to the final installment of the Matrix, 1999 A.D. Triology.
"I am afraid Hope is an Indulgence that I do not have time for" .... Head General ( commander) of Zion to the Zion Council --- Matrix Revolutions 2003 A.D. Writer - Directors these Wachowski Sisters and Producer Joel Silver.

    Internetsgamma indexApocalypse Book of Revelations


√ 18 – 65 years old‚ blacks are twice more likely to be unemployed under #barackObama than under the previous president, Bush 43

Marxist and semi Orphan Obama youth

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Who is Barack Hussein Obama, Really?

Obama Policies: BHO is taking US guns away and importing the people that get illegal high powered weapons and wants us all killed and have done so in the past.
Obama Policies: BHO takes leagal actions to force whites to Artic, and import his brown people to all over the Earth.
Democratic Party = 93% colored people and they vote only based on color, not on issues. Why because color equals economic privledges and Job preference and social preference.
Democratic Party = Capitalism, because equality, justice and love are not a part of soft imperialism = massive amnesty pograms.

1,500,000 Christians alive and living in the Middle East when Obama took over as Leader of the U.S.A.. today as I write this 11 23 2015 A.D., only 300,000 remain.

Obama's father was a semi Moslem but liked Atheist Marxism. He abducted women and Harvard University expelled him for stealing Student Service funds for his sexual vacations. I feel sad for Clinton and Obama both had nontraditional families.

Obama has severely conflicted Mercury, and coupled with his Sun posited over the lead 'Dishonesty' star, and under a super- grand trine to beta persie, or SATAN star, we have a miserable failure and a low level regression of western civilization.  Obama is a hip hop braggart who has no facts to back up his reason for being on Earth?  He has made a very small population of people happy and helps us understand that a recent authoritative poll announced 86% of the entire country wants to elect NON Politicians, anyone  that has not been groomed as a politician. Obama publically stated that ‘All Politicians Lie.’ And human lives count more than under the watch and by the hands of Haters=Liars because lies hurt and haters hurt people!  Obama viewed the U.S.A. from a perspective that the segregated south was ‘the entire country’s narrative.’ He is so stupid his idiocy should be banned from being able to operate on planet Erath. He has no excuse for such a failure. This confliction tricks Obama into believing what he is doing is balanced, fair, and just, as the qualities he claims to aspire too

If I could sum up one word on who is Obama, I would chose the word : BULLY!

President Obama has argued that he can kill Americans whose deaths he believes will keep us all safer, without any due process whatsoever. No law. If he does not like your face, he aruges he can kill you. Obama became the head of the Harvard Law Review because it changed from Merit system to young blacks who protested the firing of black teachers as its rubric to get in as THE HEAD of the law magazine editor. His claim of being a lawyer at the top of his class was fabricated by the lying 1%er media.


Book of Life : April 2010 © ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

Legend: Hussein implies Barak Hussein Obama II.

Both Horoscopes are discussed, however the Mombasa hospital location is used mainly as it functions more accurately to current events in B.Hussein’s life and career.

Go to Part II :Barak Hussein Obama II Horoscope : (sec II).

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  Fraudulent Birth Certificate By Experts in the field

sections III - VII see index.

GALLUP: Obama favorability dips well below Bush, Carter... June 23 , 2014. I.R.S., Gun Running, Drug Cartel Privileges, Domestic terror programs, hike taxes on Poor by Obamacare, Blame and jail Christians, give CIA stingers to I.S.I.S., let go 6 terrorists, one that is the leader of I.S.I.S., generally tell all Europeans they are not wanted on Earth.

Is Barack Hussein Obama ii an Anti Christ? Yes!

While Blacks were bearing down Baltimore, Barack Hussein Obama was at the White House Correspondance dinner joking how he loves being the Anti Christ, he makes his legacy more unique.

John 1,2 of the Holy Bible = all discussion in entire Bible on Anti Christ(s) = anyone that is anti Christian. Before Obama was elected, he exposed himself when I was up in the Bay Area, CA, at the billionaire row in San Fran rich district, he was there fundraising and he called some Americans' bible thumpers,' because they did not believe in some of his anti Christ legislation.

he exposed himself.

Just before ben Ghazī, Obama proclaimed with glee, 'I [Obama] have al qu'eada on the run!'

Obama's military doctrine: (inclusive) secular humanists, homosexuals and transgender can apply for Obama's military. Christians need not enlist nor seek commissions. Moslems are preferred and put at the head of the line.

You forget that the radical Christians claimed Obama was all about starting a caliphate, and it has happened under his watch: Hillary, Demsey, Panetta, Rice, Obama, Hillary, Patreaus, all trained violent jihadis at Libya from 2009- 2013 A.D. in secret to the public terrorist training camps, told to the public as 'opposition forces to battle Assad, Syria's long time leader, but on Feb. 1 st 2014 A.D. ISIS broke out and became a black flag marauding and murdering outfit with U.S. 2013 issued stingers, Toyota mini truck fleet , U.S. tanks, 1$ of billions in operational costs, all provided by the secret U.S. Military. ISil ( IS ) Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has killed about 50,000 Middle Eastern and ancient tribes of Christians since breaking out, and Obama sent three helicopters in his six years to have a photo-op of him helping Christians, which was a science of observation he is a ANTI CHRIST.


The Obama Creed.

Neither scandal nor crisis nor disaster, foreign
or domestic, stays this president from taking
his recreation and vacations.

$175,000,000 so far in vacations and expenses, including 100s of guests and family members. No media complains. They see this as a positive thing. Do nothing, blame others = the U.S.A. people. So there is no reason for them to exist any longer. CBO data, until end of '09- 2013 A.D. ( adapted model upon the James Farley Post Office 'decree' in New York City .).


Obama [ web astro] sec [8] original main body  of part 1, moved to 8. updated a few new graghs, and a small ' point of arbitration' on 17 April 2014; update 10 th July 2014.


Barack = Lightening

Bible Identifier = Satan Falls Like Lightening

Hussein = Handsome

Obama =

crooked, bent


bama = Son of pagan priestess


DEMON PER SE I ( Rash ha Satan, Hebrew, e.g the point of arbitration) SKY: PER SE US

Demon star's motion

al Ghoul

Kenya Mombasa Hospital 1961


Time 7:24 p.m. L.M.T.
Univ.Time 16:24
Sid. Time 15:54:38

Friaday, Islam's Holy Weekday, 4 August 1961


Obama at 41% approval Rating ( Gallop 18 June 2014).







Ted Cruz: Obama most hostile president to Israel in modern times...

Pursues Cluster and Vortices’ Systems


The heliacal rising star,  a native's destiny.

Heart of the Serpent

Alpha Poisonous Snake Hydra, al fard 10 Aug. 1961 (+5), heliacal rising Star


Uranus' key symbolism is uniqueness.


“These Tea Parties are the enemy of Democracy” – B.H. Obama on teaching civility to the world, 2010.


Notes on Methodology:

A lack of a substantive interpretation of the 44th U.S. President’s horoscope nudged me to take on an attempt to clarify certain things. There were no in-depth, despite an Indian attempt which is rather good but the graphics poor and quite confusing, product that I have found.  So here is some textual commentary. Most people who cannot read an astrology chart and for the ones who can, can go online and produce one in a matter of minuets for visual references. Otherwise I give some of the data in astrological notation.  I do give the coordinates and two Hussein locality choices – there are two locations for the birth place and I provide here and with historical notes – these choices too choose from. I’m not very adapting too explaining historical star- interpretations but any use of them immensely in my portfolio of Barak Hussein Obama clarifies what rather traditional psychological astrology tends to miss the mark. In some sense this interpretation is not for novices;  but it is for persons who have some inkling and experience in reading or understanding astrology.

In the Bible, Lucifer is identified by Barack, a term used in the Old Testiment ( Hebrew Bible) to denote lightening:  causing a fall of humans into hell.  (al-Burāq, Arabic: البُراقal-Burāq "lightning", Hebrew: בָּרָק, Tiberian: Bārāq, "Lightning; Shine", Roman period). And he [ y’hoshua: Luke 10:18] said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. The Latin cognate for heaven during the 1st century A.D. incorporated ‘heaven’ as a prosperous state. Hussein means ‘handsome,’ for males, and beautiful for females. Obama means crocked, bent, of not-strait. Bama, itself in Hebrew’s old language meant ‘son of a prophetess or son of a prophet.’

Powerful statistics for Barack Hussein Obama II:

[Listed as Sartan and Accubens] Alpha Cancri has a Martian nature and a strong blending in of Saturnian influence, conveying an unbalanced and "jumpy" nature. If the chart is a disharmonious one to people effected by it and especially if Acubens is in conjunction with Mars, Sun or Uranus, this will make for an unsettled mentality and helplessness [relevant to Obama].   If in conjunction with Saturn, major disappointments in life, ordeals and trials, mental suffering, excitements, loss, opposition, disputes and deception are indicated. According to Elsbeth Ebertin's experience, this is the case especially if these persons are in positions of social standing or are politically active. [Ebertin, Elsbeth Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, 1928, p.49., in Anne Wright, 2008, with updates, 'Constellationof words.com/acubens ' Internet.].

In Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD, book 4, p.235. intends Acubens is all about wealth, commerce, gain, profit, connecting to more profit by opening trade markets in other countries, search for new lands for profit, exploration of unknown places, the journey to the unknown for profit. If you were to teach someone what Manilius Acubens entry could be uttered in a few syllables, our modern word 'economics' would fit nicely into his theme for this star. Sorta like selling ones soul to the Devil for fame and fortune.


Astrological symbolism of the anti Christ ( 10 th cent. to modern viewpoint by astronomer/astrologers, the best of the best intend, from Abassīd astronomer/astrologers to middle Age and modern age astronomer/astrologers' viewpoints. 21 January 2013. Moon, Jupiter and Hyades taurii ( Hell in Greek mythos).

Strange synchronicity.   


#illegalimmigrant #steals #175,000.000 million #usdollars, #antichrist appointee link May 8 th 2017 updated

#Barbados #illegalimmigrant #Obama butt plug just stole $175,000,000 dollars for us #Californians #crimesbyusofficials #she says all white must die and codified it in #patriotact2 , written updated by her hand to call out #Christians as the number one terrorist ' potential' on earth run by white people. she is semite full and non white #tyrant. there is no hope for her, she cannot be a peacemaker so she need to be thrown to the #lakeofFire

#criminals acting badly. #antichrist Obama gave her free reign to steal and hurt us all.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07082017ad #usemiteA-Holes u call a country is waaaay out of control by jews acting badly.


There is no such thing as Religion. It just means a set of ideas to live by, of which many are not scientific, but based on faith. Like Obama's Hope and Change was a set of ideas, thus Hope & Change is a Religion, based on faith –because we know that most of Obama’s ideas did not come about or were never realized, they were bad ideas and even Obama ignored his own ideas. Anymore dumb questions?

Claims the predecessor (Bush Jr.) was unpatriotic = true! Why? IMO Bush forced Democracy onto a group of individuals who never have run a democracy in history, that is total disrespect. Bush acted as he was the secret de facto ruler of Earth.

Obama is ignorant of world and U.S.A. history. However, Bush is also ignorant of world history often reading semi to fantasy historical narratives to shape his ideology. However Barack is an expert on British Colonialism at Kenya, Africa-- something he has had revenge in his heart since childhood -- who can blame him?
Barack H. Obama is a descendant of slave owners. He has no descendants of African Slaves or any slaves. His father traded in adult females, Harvard threw Barack's dad out of college, he ended up drinking himself to death, dying in a car accident in Africa while intoxicated. That has to be very difficult for a child.
Obama is our first Moslem President. He grew up alongside the religion, and traveled to Pakistan as a youth school program and parts of Africa. He writes in Audacity of Hope, " I stand with the Muslims!" He has only 17% African lineage. Don't pull conspiracy theory on me, he writes about it in his media driven books.
His closest ally are of the Clintons; Bill being the Beast, both absolutely hate Israel and Obama's colonies out of all U.S. past presidents reflects more of William J. Clinton ( Hebrew and Greek germantia= 6,6,6. ) visions and foreign policies. Both deeply regret and despise the Bushes, and who would not?

U.S.A. Horoscope & the Gorgones


Nostradamus astrology: The U.S.A. Horoscope has the Gorgones on the descendant horizon by paran. The U.S.A. Horoscope progressed by the Padua System (circa. 15-16 cc.) has the Gorgones ( Persi) culminating during the Summer to Fall of 2001( e.g. the period of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks) A.C.E. Barak Hussein Obama has the Gorgones conjunct by paran to his natal (birth) Moon. You make the Connection!


The Internal Revenue Service is the American Agency that can destroy , kill, and change American families forever, thus it morally should not be a system of suppression. But Obama with a grand-super-demon star trine fully abused his power and denied 130 Christian (1) Atheist communities their American and civil rights, and purposely set out to kill these people by confiscating their money, property, and future.




IRS: Lois Lerner's emails likely gone forever...

Issa: 'Don't just disappear'...

Pelosi unconcerned...

WSJ: IRS scandal 'worse than Watergate'...

Lawyers Tea Party: F.B.I. Head leader to target U.S. Citizens for destruction.

6 More I.R.S. chiefs hard drives lose all incriminating evidence, NYTimes.

Truth: N.S.A. backs up all I.R.S. emails has done so since 2005 A.D., these are not lost, they just incriminate high - up Obama administration and some U.S. Congress persons. By law, every six months, emails from I.R.S. chiefs and office workers are restored on off-site secure archival facilities, because by law any U.S. citizen must keep their tax records for many, many, years -- it is a law. And this law also applies to the I.R.S. that do multi-year management with people, in email today, so this is another lie by the Obama and I.R.S. LibCons. This act demonstrates desperation, so much that people react in general to distrust and planning to overthrow the government.

"Targeting Americans is unforgivable; covering it up is worse, and if the IRS has made it impossible to target the individuals responsible.." --Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a University of Tennessee law professor!

KCET is the nation's largest independent public television station, Santa Monica College ( L.A., California, U.S.A.), the premier mouthpiece of Progressives that championed the Democrats for decades always challenging the dominated conservative talk radio are now crying for all 'Progressives' not to support a Clinton dynasty ( Hillary Clinton's desires to become president). In reality, not fiction which are MEAMIC books, the Clintons lowered taxes on the very rich, so they could benefit as well, as news stories periodically challenge their repeated claims of, ‘I’m broke when I came out of the White House,’ –meaning you the public did not have access to my Swiss and Cayman off-shore tax shelter bank accounts, my father whom I hate did this for the J. Paul Getty family, always claiming he did it when it was made legal.  The I.R.S. represents bully management, and Obama is at the center, because he was speaking the same ‘hatred rhetoric’ against average Americans that contributed to America’s foundations and construction of the land.  Instead, Obama ran on a policy, adopted by those that voted for him, of a ‘fundamental change,’ and that fundamental change was to replaces American  founders and builders to soft and hard imperialist cartel criminals, racists, and cowards.  The Congress Approval Ratings have been at the lowest levels for over a decade, now dropping to all-time lows, because to get into power you need to be rich at the moment, and if you are rich and get into power, they vote in for bills that will make them and their rich people richer. This hurts society and it shows.  Obama and Eric Holder are not fully black; they have brown skin, and support Latino browns and Arab browns. In both Eastern and  western hemispheres, brown people have  government policies on migration of ‘all brown’ people and no white nor blacks. But Obama claims that all whites and some blacks, very black, are no longer valued in America.

The Blacks, Asians, and Whites are living on the streets as Latinos drive by in Government cars, expensive gold jewelery, driving to their new found castles and spiting and telling the African Americans, Asians and white Europeans to get off their land or they will be forced, and this occurs daily in the city. The police do not protect the low income and poor. While people may jump the chance to blame solely Obama or Holder, they just exacerbate this affect, the real problem are Americans who realized that World War II monies ( spoils) were over and whites needed to fight whites for the 'American Dream,' and whites would support the poor. So what to do? I say eradicate all rich, no matter what color of skin. They serve no purpose in the universe but to hurt and destroy.

Sheriff Joe: Obama's 'dumping of illegals is intentional'...
Boehner: 'Administration's own making'...
Border Patrol Council: 'De facto amnesty is here'...
SHOCK PHOTO: Tin Foil Blankets...
Scabies, chicken pox...
Hundreds Arrive By Hour...
No room left for homeless Texans...
Known Gang Members Released...
Border 'Most Porous It's Ever Been'...
Frustrated Agents Look For New Jobs...
CLAIM: 'Homeland' Paying For Illegals to be ESCORTED INTO USA...
Rick Perry Unloads On Obama's Failure To Secure Border...

Obama slams GOP as party of millionaires... |
During $32,000-per-plate fundraiser...
Hosted by man named Rich...


GALLUP: Confidence in TV News at All-Time Low... ( the elite protecting the elite and to get into power you must be supported by the elite). Therefore, this has not been a democracy, ever so far and even yet -- just a mask of illusion.

Archangel Michael Biography on B.H. Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II claimed he is the teacher of the people of the U.S.A. he had the mandate. He then tells us that the government was his mode to the American Dream and Success. He then goes on to say, the enemy of the government is the Private Sector loving Republicans. This is another Sertan lie ( alpha cancri). The facts remain his Mother was not poor, she just had school loans to pay back when she dumped Obama for another father in Indonesia. Second, when he was given to his grandparent, they put him into two very expensive, and I mean very expensive ‘private prep schools,’ and vacation money he used to befriend the Muslims in the Middle East, something he could and did use on his college transfer application. With out the support by Obama’s grandparents ( not the government) Obama would not have excelled at his studies and was able to transfer to a Tier I university.  

Obama also said recently in late 2013, ‘the middle class’ was created by F. D. Roosevelt’s Social Security platform and his welfare state and then L. B. Johnson’s Great Society, also another welfare state ideologue. The key here is Obama claims he knows the truth, he is the teacher, his own self admission, and we are too stupid to know. Here is the fact on the Middle Class. The Middle Class was born because the U.S.A beginning during F.D.R.’s world conquest ( his Four Freedom’s Speech is where Bush got his doctrine to invade Iraq!) went around and bombed almost most of the world into oblivion. This game-plan was then to take over by forced strong-arm tactics to claim some of these lands we conquered during World War II ( Russia is doing the same). So we placed 1,000s of military bases all around the world to rip-off the cheap resources. Then we bring those cheap ‘raw materials’ and we, domestically, we then manufactured, ‘fixes’ to the world we had bombed to oblivion. This created profits, high wages, the Great Society, and welfare state and padded Social Security for decades. Therefore, the MAEMIC plan, as F.D.R. secretly ran as a program, came to bomb the world, and then force them to pay us to recreate their world.

One of the proofs was that the U.S.A. halted all domestic oil drilling and set out to control the world’s energy resources that made the middle class.

Obama is incorrect, for that printing money from nothing and redistributing that money created the middle class. This man is very dangerous; he is a liar on the level of the angels of Satan! In order to heal and progress there needs to be elements of truth being taught to our children. The truth about Obama is he was a spoiled rich kid who got involved in politics because Chicago U. staff disliked his teaching methods, a graduate instructor, never a professor. He had no career in academia, so he became a community organizer, the same claim as Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, and some others of prominent leadership roles in history. These three people mentioned have little understanding of how the world works; However, they all were great with guns, weapons and suppression and loved to conduct war. Everything out of Obama’s mouth is ‘war on ( this or that) , endless aggressive speech and hatred flying out of the orifice of the Obama failure.

16 th April 2015 A.D: FBI stops DHS from participating in high secret talks with Obama's Caliphate @ Ciudad Juárez! Topic, ISIS ( ISil; IS) on the U.S.A. Boarders and in U.S. Cities. The Obama plan of the Rio trains to cross there for two years has been an effort to get IS secretly into America because in his own words in his Audacity of Hope, Obama claims, " I will stand with the Muslims [...],' and IS is running an Islamic war code, so Obama is all very happy about this and his EO on immigrants from Terrorist camps getting Free SSI, welfare, section - 8 housing , free Obamacare, as long as they persecute Christians. (updated 04 16 2015, this gragh only).

 (1) #killallcrackers displayed an orgy of drunken power IMO BH Obama ii = Enemy of Christianity, Capitalism, Police, Racial Harmony , progressive Civilization, Racial Harmony, Israel, and the Rule of Law. He accomplished all of this by being an expert, perhaps one of the best Hustlers or liars we have ever known in Presidential History. MICHELLE O Tells Muslim Girls: When I look at you 'I see myself'..
A lie, as Mrs. Obama has an over $1 Million Dollar lifestyle, most of these girls will barely see $10,000 in their entire lifetime. So the fraudos called the Obummers are just plain AntiChrists ( false prophets).

update: 08132015 A.D.: If Obama succeeds in putting the witch in jail, then he goes way up on my 'respect' list. no republican dares mentions her name they are so afraid of the Hildabeast.! Eric Holder was a close Clinton associate at New York, so he never tried, but Loretta Lynch is having Hillary Clinton investigated, and I applaud that. I understand Obama's claim' a time to be brave' or something like that because these people do assassinate and it means living in fear, which is not a good way to get things done. Obama also taught me that Republicans are EVIL. It took a lot of investigation and soul searching but I am convinced this is true. now.  I also loved that Obama campaigned on overcrowded prisons that Bill Clinton and  the Dem Congress in the 1990s made possession of small amounts of weed,  heavy prison sentences, and it coasts in California $74,000 a year for each inmate, so that was economically and culturally not sounds.  I also heavily support Michelle Obama’s food programs and  want to throw every GOPer into prison that supports not feeding our poor children healthy alternatives.

she is a white girl, *these colored people want them dead imo*. That was about Tre Von- Obama national issue and 67+ innocent whites killed or beaten like Mexican Pinatas, ordered by Obama himself in the media,   and then Dyllan's response was swift.

#KillallCrackers= Hope and change #1 Obama policy. America was made by Moslems " Obama said. He is correct, the N.S.A./ U.S. Top Mil Gens are all Moslems, he arms Moslem countries and claims he is Piñata Tre Von Martin a game where mobs of 50-100 blacks target single whites and kill them or beat them nearly to death, some of it filmed and all of it ignored by the U.S. media because Obama has claimed no colored person ever hurt anyone it was always the Right Wing's fault, just by its mere presence we can do nothing wrong. In Astrology ( not used on this page)