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Obama’s Gay Drug Running Illuminati Lover. testimony.

Obama AntiChrist , a false prophet and a pinnacle of US Deep State global suppression of GOD's people, worldwide, Tracked be me and my crews over millennia. Only very corrupt people supported and voted for this person. He was openly evil. He unmasked and then murdered 10,000 U.S citizens, using many factions of the Deep State and placed on steroids operation Pegasus = kill US Citizen whistleblowers against the elite baby rapers; and Operation Claudio, secret paramilitaries that go train or assist other nations rebels or militaries to do the Dragon's bidding .( Dragon in Bible is U.S.A.).


24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate," NPR reported in 2012/  all of these fake  voters voted for  Obama. I did not know one person that ever liked him.

Obama hacked RNC opponents using Hillary Clinton's access to the NSA grid system, and to mask their fake russian collusion. Obama took Russian compounds as to say < niggahs steal white peoples' lands and US Congress approves. #Democratic sources said that a DNC contractor, whose work included organizing political events for Ukranian-Americans, did tell DNC operatives that Ukrainian officials would be willing to deliver damaging information on Trump's campaign. Natalia Veselnitskaya rumored to work for George Soros. She confirmed already she has no ties to V. Putin or any Russian Government official. She said this on national television yesterday. The meeting turned out not to be about dirt on Hillary Clinton but her team used this meeting with Donald Trump Jr. to tell them that Clinton leads the opposition against the Magnitsky Act in America.


“America was made by Moslems ” Obama said.Media attacked anyone that did not go along with this lie. Antichrists are liars.

upated 05302017ad: Barack Hussein Obama ii, Kenya near Mombasa Hospital 1961, 39e40,04s03, Time 7:24 p.m. L.M.T.,Univ.Time 16:24, Sid. Time 15:54:38, Second Death , sD

Barack = Lightening

Bible Identifier = Satan Falls Like Lightening

Hussein = Handsome

Obama =

crooked, bent


bama = Son of pagan priestess


DEMON PER SE I ( Rash ha Satan, Hebrew, e.g the point of arbitration) SKY: PER SE US

D.N.A. 100% Arab

Obama is post AMERICAN He destabilized the entire world



Missing half —a —trillion dollars from Housing and Urban Development HUD —fund under Obama: $516.4 & $3.4 Billions of US Dollars and $4.2 Billion of improper and five ledgers that were destroyed.
Total errors were much more but the office refused to hand over other documents, totally busted. news 08092017AD

Malik Obama ( Brother) post Barack's Kenyan Birth Certificate on March 9 th 2017 A.D. druge has it top right and important.
No records and a fake butt certificate.
Passport records, Obama kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules (said to be lost),

Islamic State = USA 1%er Pedophile Ring   
US Patriots are attacking US Green Berets at Jordon because we found out the Islamic Caliphate is #crookedhillary and Obama’s pedophile ring. The secret jets reported at Denver where Army admits but keeps it secret are rendition and child abduction to rape island. Confirmed again. US soldiers fighting back against the US Military complex Beast Antichrist BUSH Clinton Saudi Obama sunni baby rape empire. You pay for it too at $641 billion, Podestaemails

. Media will decieve. we all known this for a long time.

#UScongress funds @codename #syrianrebels and yes most are lied too by the #pentagon or #satangon  

#confirmed #US patriots fighting back, attacking US Green Berets because they train #ISIS for #pedophile programs. real deal. The USA and God's people are fighting back. #warbegun for our souls. #biblestudy #palegreenhorse location #jordan moved from #Libya   = #benghazi cover up and assassination of  #Christian Stevens. #ambassador  

Drug Lord Gun Distributor.

Selling 100k military rifles to the Mexican mafia called Fast and Furious. Bush Antichrist had two cities that performed the defrayment, but under Obama it ballooned to 11 cities, making and passing out guns to Mexican drug lord gangs. Obama pushed for a full ban on guns, but met with resistance.

#politicalcorrectness   = dumb people get privileged based on a historical lies .

location Jordan,, three dead US soldiers fighting USA #MEAMIC team #Beast and #Antichrist . &  that means they are killing other us soldiers. #donaldtrump #trumpsupporters   & estabby me in da back   #media behind cover up , they must be into baby orphan torture too.

#Islamic State = USA 1%er Pedophile Ring   
US Patriots are attacking US #Green Berets at Jordon because we found out the Islamic Caliphate is #crookedhillary and Obama’s #pedophile ring. The secret jets reported at Denver where Army admits but keeps it secret are rendition and child abduction to rape island. Confirmed again. US soldiers fighting back against the US Military complex Beast Antichrist BUSH Clinton Saudi Obama #sunni baby rape empire. You pay for it too at $641 billion,   #podestaemails Yes, semitics did this to us but they are not #Israelis .

#saveourchildren #unitedstates #history #eviljin #lga1230  
#arcmichael #bookoflife #11182016ad  

Medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license, Adoption records and of course the long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

Original, vault copy birth certificate -- Not released (lawyers' fees
greater than $4,000,000 ~ birth certificate is $15)

Certification of Live Birth -- Released -- Counterfeit

Certificate of Live Birth -- Released -- Counterfeit

Amended Certification of Live Birth -- Released -- Counterfeit

SHOCK: Obama Encourages Illegals to Vote...
Promises No Repercussions...11 062016ad

James Comey FBI wife was given Huge amounts of money so her hubby, #FBI Chief would shut down Clinton Foundation Investigation. also wikileaks 11 07 2016 A.D.

DNC Wikileaks DNC and CNN colluded on questions for Trump = treason? Donna Brazile too who had to admit it but did not say sorry. link washdc. WikiLeaks dumped 8,263 new hacked DNC emails Sunday evening 11 06 2016ad


 #barack Obama openly calls for Breaking US laws and Constitutions on Nov. 6 th 2016 A.D. Nationwide.

#comey broke #FBI code, cleared Clinton again. No crimes. Obama says Illegals should vote he  will not prosecute you or Hillary. That is a break of #USlaw I was deregistered by Allex #Padilla ( #Semitic #is supporter in real time)

GET IT STRAIT peoples. Broke  US laws already. So he is toast. He will not  indict the Obama and Bush or the Clintons until cities all over America are in shambles and flames. this is the real #establishment 1956 - current 2016. They built nothing, sent you to die for their lavish lifestyles and will continue the #sellout #deffraieur #1999 poem written by me over 450 years ago. #x72  Gplus 11 06 2016ad.

Abū Maʿshar, Jaʿfar ibn Muḥammad al-Balkhī 's book on Judicial  #Astrology , I read the original arabic trans into English at #cal = how to ID an #antichrist George W Bush, Adolf Hitler and Barack Hussein Obama have them associated to their souls.


Considered Fascist and one of the worst leaders in human history. Bigot, Bully, Bastard!

AntiChirst and RINO – DINO neofascists — gave $Billions of U.S.A. tax dollars to Iran to halt their nuclear program and after Iran secured the money, Iran told the world it will continue to make the nuclear bombs and then destroy the middle east‚ as a large Suicide Nuke Option. Women did not care, black men have large penises, so they can be bad bodys.

Evangelicals stayed home for both of Barack Obama's elections hading the election to him. They are at fault.

Incentiveize the captures of Americans‚ Terrorist Obama gave Terrorists $400‚000‚000 <four hundred Million Dollars>‚ the Iranian terrorists took British and Indian and other hostages because They believe Obama will pay.

100% policies of Hope and Change were actually White Genocide‚ globally!

Obama armed Syrian Rebels which were undercover Islamic State soldiers and he knew this. The destabilization of the Entire Middle East and north Africa were Obama meddling in foreign affairs and removing leaders. He did this to try to start a global war with White white people of Russia. This way he can send poor black and whites to die for arabite avarice.

  • B.H. Obama, Rash ha Satan , Coordinates = Elliptical Latitude 22°25'19" N Equatorial Declination 40°48'16" N: Rash ha Satan  Tropical 25°TAU 37'42".

  • Obama as Biblical:  has OX, Human, Lion, Eagle as angled positions for his horoscope. This intends, Obama has angles described in Revelation, usually the last book of the current y’hoshua (Christian) Holy Bible.

  • Banned 38,000 Black Chicago Families their Constitutional Voting Right Act privileges to win the white dominated Democratic Chicago Senate Seat. This was a path to a presidency and Barack felt his whole life moving inanimately as a zombie.  The only other real voting issue in modern times tell of some 26,000 black Floridian individuals votes uncounted for because of early poll-closings and other inadequate Democratic Voting outlet issue of the 2,000 A.D. election. Otherwise, despite the non confirmed 2,000 Chicago Votes for John F Kennedy, still unconfirmed and perhaps heresy, these two individuals, G. W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Hussein Obama ii are U.S. criminals, at large today. Both used Dictator Criminal Activities to Secure Power. Therefore, both of their birth charts should contains key satanic influences associated communally. Because Barack does not have his super-demon Grand-Trine (DSGT) on an angled domain, we can rest assured he will not launch every weapon no mankind to what 'pretty lights in the sky' mentality. However, this DSGT lay near vital information highways domains and this proves vital that since its legal inception 1947 A.D. as Barack was ascending to power the Demons of information, as 'truth' have become the focal of our existence.

  • Bush's 543 Florida votes more than Albert Gore, who could not carry his own state, needed those black votes and none of these false-flag hanging chads --- if they are hanging  and no other punch hole-indent is found -- then, that is perhaps whom they voted for, and so there was no real contention, here. Jimmy Carter lost Ohio by 200 votes for his re election bid, and did not put up any fuss. But Barack Hussein Obama received his J.D. in Constitutional Law from Harvard and to win he had to reinvent himself, including his origin of birth. Book on his life before he ran for the U.S. Chicago Senate Seat have his biography claim his origin of Birth was in the British Occupied African state of Kenya, which was liberated a few years after Barack was born. His real birth certificate is for the same day, time and year and contains his baby footprint, a sign of an original, and with accompanied signatory doctors and medical staff of Mombasa, Kenya -- which is basically his mothers and families story of his birth. After she gave birth she flew quickly to her family in the Pacific Islands.

  • Adolf Hitler & B.H. Obama same Chinese Astrological Sign + beta persei astreonomical signatures = noted orators that have hypnotic sway of the masses.

  • Numerology Barack Hussein Obama ii: When al ghoul traverses Mombasa Hospital at 6:36 p.m., local time, the true arc to the I.C., astrology chart of B.H.O., the Universal Time, Sidereal Time = 6,6,6.

  • Natal Moon: 26° TAU 26 41, NASA Ephem. PE 2003. Natal tropical tradition: Taurian Moons tend to toe the party-line and attack others who seek to 'change' things.' This view conflicts with general feelings of caring for the downtrodden. This is because of the earthly-fixed tropical position Taruians fight to escape from ( Hyades, Greek Hell, being the prison, the center of the constellation of Taurus!).  Because of the Taurian nature of Venus the ruling planet, both tradition and modern, natives with prominent Taruian Moons seek lavishness; seek creature comforts, the lifestyle of the rich and famous.   This can lead to ‘presentation’ over substance. For example, if substance is real change, than a Taurian Moon can present change but not actually implement it because of the conflict of desires. Taurian Moon’s desire real high-lifestyles, the fashion statement, and I got mine, I do not care if you got yours attitude – is  of the negative quality of a Tuarian lunar expression.

     Females play important supporting roles in a native's life.

Barack H. Obama Drug Use Teen Years

Obama’s Mother lived in the Philippines and married a Muslim man, her second muslim marriage;There she remained and sent Obama to Hawaii to live with her rich white realities. Obama went to a prestigious white Hawaiian privileged school, Punahou School, founded 1841, where Raymond Boyer, known as 'Gay Ray', Tom Topolinski and other rich white kids, known collectively as the Choom Gang, a combined connotative South Asian lingo for a unique descriptive for ‘a weed smoking club or group of people.’ Marijuana is not the issue, a popular name a weed called throughout history by many names, alleged medicinal properties, used throughout history. The issue is Obama’s ideology in life of equality, sharing, distribution from the greedy and rich to the poor or under class. However, Obama seemed to bogart ‘weed’  a popular term for someone that takes more than their share of the groups’ proceeds or weed. This forces us to understand Obama is just another fraud, he even lies about equality, while taking more than his fare share in personal settings. The poor have gotten worse under Obama, not better and only a small population set of immigrants fared much better than the poor because of political racism where U.S. citizens whos grandparents worked hard, make little, saved for their children, are not being systematically overlooked, and on purpose, to give jobs to racist foreigners who beg and plea that they will eventually kill or throw-out every American family for the sake of LA RAZA ⇔ biological determinism of the brown skinned humanoid. 

Economy Commumistic Dictator Fail— Obama’s Tax Collections Surpass $20,000,000,000,000; Still Runs Up Debt by $8,878,290,996,028 as of 09 13 2016ad. With a new budget debated at Congress this week. i never got any of that #13 trillion he robbed. He claimed today at #crookedhillary   speech , he gave it to 25,000,000 Americans, only. These are the only groups, the 1%ers or less than 1% that Obama speaks to in all his speaches. .

Obama sold— off Top Political Appointments to the highest Donors, Leaked wikileaks documents 'reveal'. 09142016ad Yahoo AP permalink

#france + 29 Member Pacific Council claims USA is facilitating jihad on world by their #Syrian ISIS caliphate, driving migrants into white countries as a plan. Yes, #UScongress w/ African #browns vote for this  , all the time, code name #syrianrebels = #islamicstate for the disruption of ME to flood the industrialized countries because whitey, already built that so the  brown = #hiphopmusic culture, " We must steal it," and #antichrist Obama and #beast #clinton and #bush Antichrist are doing this to  the world. #bookoflife #politics  ArcMichael googleplus post 12 28 2016ad

Deportations Drop 73% Under Obama, Hit 43-Year Low
Job loses at 18% drop, dispite any cliams by #fakegov
PEW: Religion Plummeted in America During Obama Era.


these figures ↑ are #annual and close to reality. #Semitics make up the three largest debt structures.  #Obama and the #Bush family.  white white dna ers #carter and in part #clinton have the lowest. Nixon 's figures need re adjustment. He is in the Vietnam #fakewar and those things cost a lot of money to run for 1%er greed.
  #antichrist was running a proxy #antichrist #pizzaarmy called #islamicstate funded under #syrianrebels and a top ( #realnews ) reason #donaldtrump won the election. USA people need jobs. these fake wars make billions for about 30,000 1%ers across the planet and the rest go to die for their greed.  we wanted jobs, not another 60 plus years of these fakewars and #swamppeople control. #bookoflife #arcmichael #01112017ad  

BREAKING!! HILLARY EMAIL FOUND SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR K Î Ľ Ľ Î Ń Ğ CHRIS STEVENS!!! Confirmed, sent through an unsecure server and five emails that put Ambassador Steven’s into harms way for not following Satan’s Illuminati Child Traffic CIA programs of Anti Christ bush , False Prophet Obama and Beast, the Clintons.  He was moved from Malta by Hillary Clinton to set him up for the kill because he was a white, which she says is deplorable, and he was a Christian which she is a Satanist. Steven's was a 21 year in foregin service. #01132018AD






yo! #Israel #antichrist all of them are #semitic #DNA and that means your management. You lost, We are taking control of the planet #2060. I will give you your future date demise soon. you can find me in the #holybible :) Yep, the one you rejected. #lolz

#Mexico is working with #Obama to oust #DonaldTrump #spook . #WikiLeaks produced documents that have Paul Ryan, McCain, Grahm and others top GOP , including #jebbush on #crookedhillary her campaign roles = Connected to global #erdogon #sunni #Israel and #sauud unholy alliance, globally. So she got huge deals by sauud Arabia, got so much money , she buying her elections and destroying all sense of #democracy. #arcmichael #03042017ad Google changed all so we cannot communicate. I am sure that #semite Sergibrin was saying to #hildabeast ,' yeah, we were inundated by #fakenews. ' So all the semites have all the courts, all the institutions, all the enforcement, all the weapons and all the power in politics. So we move out our white white #DNA to the east and ban all #semites for the world eradication of these #demons. These semites would not even allow a white Nordic to finish one term in office, #JFK . they are these #terrorists / #Russia #richardbranson working with #ISIS and #sunni = #Kenyan #bozo at the #center is the #biblicalbeast #666 #WILLIAMJCLINTON & clint + ton]= etymology #DeepPit as in the sides of #hell.

#DNA = #semite #Damaged and this shows his #bigotry
#antichrist dude spent entire life, career and vacation time attacking fasely #Nordic and #scando whites. That and robbery and mass murder by drone nation, he has not produce anything else of worth #arcmichael #masonlevel34 #03042017ad

#ISIS rise surprised #crookedObama , #US intelligence and final intel speech Obama gave. the first saudi Royal low bow to the Jihadi Groin by #antichrist  was a meeting over what to do with 150, 000 angry former #iraq   #iraqi  citizen #sunni  US intel are run by alquadianites now, Bush and Reagan, Carter reluctantly, backed them as the new US Privileged class citizen. they run baal babyrape caliphates and not Islam. they mis read islam and use tribal arab ways that date back 6000 years. they are brown and dumb like Obama and why he worships #baal   #Cannibalish monkey business dnaers. he created NO JOB, took $20 trillion in taxes and spent $31 trillion dollars on his vacations and sunni ISIS experiments in the MIddleeast . it is a $liar ( #biblestudy   books of John, 1,2. #antichrist  are deceiving and professional liars. = #obummer  was born under #dishonest  stars #preseape , the pilled up corpses region of our sky. and Islamic cancri #sertan  star, where Bush, Clinton, both Hillary and Bill have these as did #Nero  and #caligula  and other assortment of reincarnating scum. #bookoflife   #arcmichael   #12072016ad  arcmichael googleplus link 12 07 2016 A.D.

John McCain and Joe Lieberman were Obama's mentors in the U.S.A. Congress and prodded him to become U.S. President. John McCain and Bush with Obama and Clintons run Islamic State for a variety of reasons. Congress funds under the code name #syrianrebels.

Obama praised Satan at his inaugural address. the night before he went to give homage to John McCain.

Obama ignored the 5,000 blacks who murdered at South of Chicago. He focused upon racially single episodes and spun them into a web of lies dividing this country into warring factions.

Court Orders by Military Threat Obama the Arab Muslim restricts his real birth certificate. Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii governor said she found no real Birth Certificate to Obama. She died unexpectedly in a plane crash, like John Kennedy Jr. a few years ago after again telling the media she found no real birth certificate of Obama.


  • Sun = δ 17°11'15" N, Astroid Lucifier = δ  17°35'27" N. Sun Trop. 12° 1'45", Lucifer Trop. 13°42' 2" ( this alignment means in harmony).
  • EQUITORIAL GEOCENTRIC RELATIONSHIP TO AL GHOUL, RASH HA SATAN: M.C. = 20°19'18" S, al Ghoul Dec = 40°48'16" N, Mercury =  20°51'55" N, Jupiter = 20°34'28" S,  Pluto = 20°34'27" N. Domain 12  house 20°38'35" S, Placidus de Titus main system., domain 2 0°34'11" S, domain 8 0°34'11" N,  I.C. = 20°19'18" N. ( note, domain 2 personal money, domain 8 th other people’s monies, domain 12 Secret undoings.). this means symmetrical spatial relationships.

    Ptolemy Method: As Sun Rises the Part of Fortune for Obama is the star al gol and it is close to his Midheaven and of course the Moon being its Arabic-part trigger point in algebra.


  • The Role of Semi-Planet Pluto in B.H.Obama's Horoscope.

  • Barack Hussein Obama ii has the lead scorpius stars at his midheaven (M.C.) which this constellation is the modern tropical home of Pluto – thus linking Obama’s career or destiny to transforming large groups in relationship terms, as his natal Pluto resides in the seventh domain ( Placidus de Titus, domicile system used).

antichrist signatures

OBAMA: 'I Can Do Whatever I Want'... 10 Feb 2014. : Barack Hussein Obama ii told the world he does not follow the U.S.A. laws, he does what he wants. This is a radical shift or change in policy to a dictatorship by the wealthy elite.


Natives with Pluto in the Seventh House/Domain Tend to Seek to Change Others, transform them, to leave them in a different place altogether. The Seventh House is the house of partnerships and Pluto here if acting in unselfishness seeks to help others. However, if Pluto is acting in a selfish manner due to other astrological signatures in a horoscope, Pluto seeks to control others and force their dominating will upon others regardless of right or wrong. If this is the case, Pluto acts in unethical behaviors injuring the group, mudding up the mind of the native, and transforming group cohesiveness to a divisive and non-unity outcome. This is a classic position of “Do what I say, not as I do.” position. Pluto with seventh house natal placements seek to change the family unit in a broader sense to show how communities morph to the will of a single individual. Barack Hussein Obama’s Pluto sits above a system of leonic quasars, so Pluto here is powerfully transforming.   Barack Hussein Obama ii has both Pluto and Mars natally situated in his seventh domain.   In esoteric astrology this intends a native seeks evil men to do his bidding. John McCain who put Obama into office also advised al Baghdaddi Abu Bkr a fake name of a Muslim Iraqi who filled the leadership after the Capture of Saddam Hussein: McCain, Lieberman , Hilliary Clinton and Obama then formed ISIS and funded them and aligned them as Syrian Rebels, when there were no rebels in Syria. These were created to take Syria and put in an American Puppet. U.S.A. did chemical weapons detonations to blame both Russia and Assad. Russia being white white DNA, Obama has enmity toward white white people. His own mother was a Arab White, WASA or Jew ⇒ DNA mixes.

  •  Barack Hussein Obama born with asteroid 1930, named, 'Lucifer’ resided at 13° LEO 42′ 02″ as the Sun resided at 12° LEO 01′ 45″. Many asteroids new to astronomy/astrology asteroid Lucifer appears to influence luck which may appear evil to any recipient. For example, asteroid Lucifer passed the natal Moon on the 7 th of November 2012, just after Obama was claimed reelected to the office of the United States of American President. Lucifer may point to influences reminding us of pride, arrogance, unbalanced biology, and non-democratic thinking.
  • Obama’s heliacal star is Acubens.  that is to say the star that rose before his Sun on the day he was born . The alpha star of Hydra (Alphard), otherwise known as the ‘heart of the serpent rose about sixteen minuets after he was born.
  • Its official, Obama has the asteroid Lucifer conjunct to his natal Sun. Birth place of Honolulu, false location, promulgated by Washington D.C. and U.S. Media. Sun 12° LEO 32'53" domicile 6; speed 57'29" Latitude 0° 0' 1" S Declination 17° 2'32" N. Asteroid 1930, Lucifer, 13° LEO 53' 4" domicile 6; speed 20'23" Latitude 0°53'57" N Declination 17°31'23" N.;tropical separation at 1° 20’11”.

    Barack Hussein Obama was born with asteroid 1930, named, 'Lucifer’ and the astroid resided at 13° LEO 42′ 02″ as the Sun resided at 12° LEO 01′ 45″.


    Solar Declination 17° 2'32" N
    Astroid Lucifer Declination 17°31'23" N.


    This is called an alignment, powerful even by Neo Babylonian star catalogic traditionalism. This intends Barack Hussein Obama and Lucifer are in ideological alignment.

    (Antichrist, Inaugural day)

Archangel Michael Biography on B.H. Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II claimed he is the teacher of the people of the U.S.A. he had the mandate. He then tells us that the government was his mode to the American Dream and Success. He then goes on to say, the enemy of the government is the Private Sector loving Republicans. This is another Sertan lie ( alpha cancri). The facts remain his Mother was not poor, she just had school loans to pay back when she dumped Obama for another father in Indonesia. Second, when he was given to his grandparent, they put him into two very expensive, and I mean very expensive ‘private prep schools,’ and vacation money he used to befriend the Muslims in the Middle East, something he could and did use on his college transfer application. With out the support by Obama’s grandparents ( not the government) Obama would not have excelled at his studies and was able to transfer to a Tier I university.  

Obama also said recently in late 2013, ‘the middle class’ was created by F. D. Roosevelt’s Social Security platform and his welfare state and then L. B. Johnson’s Great Society, also another welfare state ideologue. The key here is Obama claims he knows the truth, he is the teacher, his own self admission, and we are too stupid to know. Here is the fact on the Middle Class. The Middle Class was born because the U.S.A beginning during F.D.R.’s world conquest ( his Four Freedom’s Speech is where Bush got his doctrine to invade Iraq!) went around and bombed almost most of the world into oblivion. This game-plan was then to take over by forced strong-arm tactics to claim some of these lands we conquered during World War II ( Russia is doing the same). So we placed 1,000s of military bases all around the world to rip-off the cheap resources. Then we bring those cheap ‘raw materials’ and we, domestically, we then manufactured, ‘fixes’ to the world we had bombed to oblivion. This created profits, high wages, the Great Society, and welfare state and padded Social Security for decades. Therefore, the MAEMIC plan, as F.D.R. secretly ran as a program, came to bomb the world, and then force them to pay us to recreate their world.

One of the proofs was that the U.S.A. halted all domestic oil drilling and set out to control the world’s energy resources that made the middle class.

Obama is incorrect, for that printing money from nothing and redistributing that money created the middle class. This man is very dangerous; he is a liar on the level of the angels of Satan! In order to heal and progress there needs to be elements of truth being taught to our children. The truth about Obama is he was a spoiled rich kid who got involved in politics because Chicago U. staff disliked his teaching methods, a graduate instructor, never a professor. He had no career in academia, so he became a community organizer, the same claim as Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, and some others of prominent leadership roles in history. These three people mentioned have little understanding of how the world works; However, they all were great with guns, weapons and suppression and loved to conduct war. Everything out of Obama’s mouth is ‘war on ( this or that) , endless aggressive speech and hatred flying out of the orifice of the Obama failure.

16 th April 2015 A.D: FBI stops DHS from participating in high secret talks with Obama's Caliphate @ Ciudad Juárez! Topic, ISIS ( ISil; IS) on the U.S.A. Boarders and in U.S. Cities. The Obama plan of the Rio trains to cross there for two years has been an effort to get IS secretly into America because in his own words in his Audacity of Hope, Obama claims, " I will stand with the Muslims [...],' and IS is running an Islamic war code, so Obama is all very happy about this and his EO on immigrants from Terrorist camps getting Free SSI, welfare, section - 8 housing , free Obamacare, as long as they persecute Christians. (updated 04 16 2015, this gragh only).

 (1) #killallcrackers displayed an orgy of drunken power IMO BH Obama ii = Enemy of Christianity, Capitalism, Police, Racial Harmony , progressive Civilization, Racial Harmony, Israel, and the Rule of Law. He accomplished all of this by being an expert, perhaps one of the best Hustlers or liars we have ever known in Presidential History.






Economic Failure 1.5% GDP as average of 7.75 years. In June, the U.S.A. posted 1.2% and Obama said this was the best economy in the history of the United States of America. Since the media is fascist, it never challenge Obama's endless lies.

OBAMANOMICS = Zimbabwean Dollar Model.

Ben Bernanke ( appoint. Fed Res. Chair), who just ran from office to hide, printed $52 -$58 Billion each month, at least what is known publically, out of nothing. In fact, Obama is so happy, Ben told him you will never run out of money, why not just shut down Congress and gives everyone a trillion dollars. Obama said, I would do that but I'm not American. I only support about 1%10% of the U.S.A. Population and desire to see the other 90% in graves, and of course those 1%ers to confiscate their land and wealth at the same time, because I'm one of them with all my power and perks now 

Obama needed to create no jobs because all he did was print endless money which destabilized the world. He robbed $7.5 Trillion dollars from white white Chinese and will never pay it back. There was massive inflation and the federal reserve pumping fake money into the system kept the Wall Street Casinoites in power and prestige. He ended up printing $11.5 Trillion dollars the most monetary abuse in the history of the world. .
Why do you think he was constantly on the golf course or on vacation? He never had a need to work!

these stars make this soul unfit for leadership or life management. He disrespects Allah .

Gay Life and Early Life

Barry, AKA Obama‚ Soetoro was lawfully adopted by a foreign national, Lolo Soetoro, and Barry's name was legally changed to "Barry Soetoro". (Barry’s own admission) Barry Soetoro was also made an official legal Indonesian citizen. (again Barry’s own admission) The adoption would be noted in Barry's vital statistics record in Hawaii on his original birth certificate. The United States of America's Constitution was destroyed, Barry had C.I.A. lock his school records so he can deceive the world . . Hillary Clinton started Birther Movement by revealing to the media Obama was not eligible because his documents said he was born in Kenya. Barry was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and attended a Catholic funded school that permitted all faiths to attend. There is no evidence Barry Soetoro ever lawfully changed his name to “Barrack Hussein Obama”. There is no proof Barry Soetoro was born with the name "Barrack Hussein Obama”.

Obama’ Gay life ← The public knows Barry Soetoro finished high school in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and attended Occidental as Barry Soetoro where he did drugs and flunked out of school. After dropping out of Occidental, Barry showed up in New York, homeless and on drugs. (Barry’s own admission) Barry then hooked up with a Pakistani to live with and traveled back to Indonesia on his new boyfriend’s dime to renew his Indonesian passport and traveled to Pakistan with him.

  • Largest Black Holes ( I call Vortices) so far in universe conjunct Barak H. Obama: NGC 1275 + NGC 1277, Perseus Claster(s). AMUC PXC2 = trop. 28° TAU 37′  16.492″ | NGC 1277 A46, 12 Billion times mass of Sun or 14% of all matter of Miley Way. NCG 1277 trop. J2000: 28° TAU 37′  16.492″ ; peta persei Obama Inaugural 2013 = 26 TAU 21′  23″ a square to the natal asc: 27° AQU 21′ 02″. PXC1 J2000 Tropical: 23° TAU 42′ 34.11″

  • Barack H. Obama Elavation to Black Holes at birth 66° South of AMUC: A 46 + A 47.

  • Barack H. Obama Elavation to Demon Star at birth 66° South of beta persei.

  • Venus Transit in front of the  Sun of 2012 at 66% latitude of Sun, a perspective from Earth, a symbol of our times. 

  • beta persei true arc at 6:36 p.m., L.M.T., U.T. 15:36 (1+5 =6: 3;6) Sidereal Time 15:06:30 ( 1+5 = 6; 6; 30) = 6.6.6. al Ghoul's position 25° TAU 37′ 42″

  • Rosh ha Satan, Hebrew, al Ghoul, Arabic, the Demon Star: at true anti-Culmiation position, trop. 25° TAU 37′ 42″, I.C. trop. 19 ° TAU 04′ 52″, gorgona tertia culminates as Sun rises 0° 02.

  • Asteroid 99942 Apophis 23° leonis  49'56" | domain 6 |  speed 51'28" 1| β °21'58" S δ  12°17'19" N.

  • Obama Gun Legislation, 23 executive orders while Astroid Lucifer passes equatorial plane. Coords: 013-Jan-17 00:00:00.000 19 57 49.40 -24 37 08.6 15.77 5.66 n.a. n.a. 3.45805688642452 -0.0173433 -1.45833 Sgr 67.184392 296.8004482 -3.8623305

  • Per se us Constellation on B.H. Obama's I.C., Ptolemy noted for liars, frauds, killers.

  • Natal Moon: Speed 12°50'46"  β 5°16'34" S δ 14°13'36" N ( see black holes) ; tropical 26°TAU 26'41" or λ 56°.

  • Natal Sun: Speed  57'28" β 0° 0' 1" S δ 17°11'15" N

  • Barack Hussein Obama ii, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro al Ghoul Linked to Moon, 0° alignment , ▲ Mars 3°, approching, ▲ Saturn 0°, ■ Uranus 0° . his means Obama is alinged to the Demon Star as passionate lovers.

  • Rash ha Satan ( i.e. al Ghoul) anti Culminates as astroid 1930, Lucifer sets.

  • BHO: April-May 2014 A.D., baten kaitos cetii as PED to progressed ascendant.

    “These Tea Parties are the enemy of Democracy” — B.H. Obama on teaching civility to the world, 2010.

Arc — That is post American proof.

The Famed Jin Demon Star of Islam is Obama's main star. When Obama was born this start trines Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, forming a perfect triangle union. The Mongalis, in the Book, The Secret Mongals, used this star to launch wars and invasions deeming it beneficial to murder and pillage. So powerful Obama makes weak individuals into his robot tools.

obama war mongerer

ANTICHRIST AS A FUGATIVE update 7 th Avril 2017ad

Not sure if this connection will be validated at some point in the future, but I recently read that Barack Obama fled Washington D.C. this past Friday (10 March) traveling to New York City, Omaha (Nebraska), San Jose (California) then to Hawaii and onto Tahiti (French Polynesia, where it’s nearly impossible to extradite from) keeping him ahead of investigators from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)) of the US Department of the Treasury (DoT) seeking to interview him about one of the largest drug busts in American history occurring in the Caribbean aboard a fishing vessel named the Lady Michelle. Now if this is true...could that explain why he might be there and suddenly stopped promoting "his agenda" here in the U.S.? If this investigation really is looks like he's been "trumped!" Guess we'll have to wait and see what comes of this. The drug bust was in plenty of articles but only one site talked about the "O" connection. source post

Arc —The two top customers of illegal narcotic cocaine are Silicon Valley and Hollywood Jew Pizza Empire. So these two media and high tech industries use cocaine and Obama sought to buy their silence by getting them each tons of contain, in the multi millions of dollars. It was busted at a U.S.A. port and Obama is now a fugitive.

Five separate unsecured emails revealed the location of Ambassador Stevens, so Hillary Clinton ordered a US Ambassador’s Assassination. source a chain of five emails. Valarie Jarret, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and then State Department chain of emails to set up Christian Ambassador from UC Berkeley my school for THE ASSASSINATION. #confirmed. #01132018AD

Note: this and more dire stuff is why Jeff Sessions and Mueller are hesitant to reveal because Illuminati controlling our weak Beast (Clinton’s teams)( AntiChrist ( Bush teams), and False Prophet ( Obama’s) are doing Satan’s work for various illuminati, from mixed white to full blown black African Nobility Luciferains.


whitegenocide by the afro mixers

tpp is fascism ARC 082


White genocide is world  wide


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



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