Obama runs #blackgenocide and #hillaryclinton is his true #successor to his #invasion #arab Policies of Biblical #antichrist here me out ok? If you get rid of Christianity at #eruope you have a base for invasion ( #Christians were also the true warriors ) and so next you destabilize #egypt ( Obama funded #muslimbrotherhood elections , brut takeover and christian murders) to Libya and killing that leader, to Iraq (establishment bush already achieved this antichrist thing) to #Syria ( #johnmccain sits with #ISIS leader at Salt Flats Iraqi detention to give pointers on forming a new unit called #daesh and these Obama groups of terrorists then destabilize the middle north africa and send 100,000,000s million muslim arabs or arabs who call themselves Muslims flooding the #USA and #greatbritain with the #antichrist hordes = #MEAMIC 101 #establishment retention policy. it is called flooding into your country, new #establishment voter base for decades and decades of continual rule. My #Governor has been in power since I was 10 years old. SOS, this crap needs to stop. #antichrist does this to our south of the boarder too. Since the alan #dullasantichrists ( they chose #Blue #Turban religion with Black Jay E.. Hoover as suggested ideology for the new world order .).Obama runs wars currently in south and middle america, their FBI/CIAmodels, in south America to flood the latin arabs onto USA shores and byways to orchestrate a complete voter establishment retention plan , which has basically worked because the media is controlled by Arab Mixers and full blown arabs who hate #whites and blacks evenly. Obama is currently giving each #syrian immigrant approved $20,000 US dollars and I have no home. And that Syrian will then with no voter ID law vote back into power the establishment #crookedhillary

#Racism NoHo

This #blackhater does not pay attention to what he is doing. He breaks the law and then blames others. In my case, he threaten to kill me and in front of the NoHo police who did nothing. He told all he will be looking for me. He looks like Barack Hussein Obama ii, just a younger version, and is an agry - ignorant- hateful black: 12:00ISH mAY 2ND 2015. NorthHollywood Library, NoHo, L.A.

This dude passed me, then stopped, claimed I was not paying attention to him ( confused me toom, he was not paying attention to the public's safety, so I mentioned it) and then started ranting on how he will beat me up. This did not stop, in the library he was ranting and raving about my 'white ass' and so I packed up and left and when I left the police had showed up, and he ran outside to give his death threats. Obama has failed on his ‘race’ social issues. He failed to give his promised race speech ( not how  white slave owners were the only racists, that is not a speech you fool! On race), and so like when I was 6-12 years –old I was beaten up randomly by Watts’ blacks bussed in to Prairie Street School ( Northridge) , just because of my white skin, I was beat up and bloody often and the staff and teachers could do nothing as ‘bussing’ was political. Only the students that happen to murder other white kids in the area were taken away from the school.

details IMO: So walking accross the street to the Park, I hear a distant noize, I can see about 25 feet in either directoin of the curb, I see no one. Just before I step on the curb, I hear screaming agian, and this black kid skates by at an extreamly high rate of speed, I say 20-25 milies an hour. He slows and pulls up his skateboard at the Library enterance, just south of where I crossed and starts threatening to beat me up for not paying attention to him. Then, I ignore it, go into the library and he starts his racist insults and threatens to beat me up again. I tried to talk calmly, but he screamed over me , so he would not reason or act like an adult.

I have seen him before knock mothers with children off the curb or onto the grass as he wizes by, unconcerned that pedestrians have the right of way. So I decided to not stay. As I was packing the police arrived to meet the branch manager to take someone else out of the library with about a half dosen police, some in street uniform. I walked by the manager, she knows me, and comoplained about his threats of violence, he followed me out and accussed me in front of the police to beat me up for 'snitching' --- so at this time, I'm thinking ' well this dude is mentally handicaped and a violent thing.' About four police witnessed that as they awaited to drag the other dude out; but I made no complaint and went to the bus stop accross the street, sat down for about 10 minuets and watched accross the street this dude trying to get park people on his side. My people were away form the branch library, usually on the magnolia benches near the Hollywood Fwy.

Being just after noon, I had the whole day so decided to go to another branch. I left but was not followed.


His accusations: ' I was not paying attention to him' which is a confusing message, he was doing something illegal and unsafe and had the audacity to claim FU to anyone or just me because I have white skin. .

(1) my foot was not on the curb when he flew by on his corpo skateboard, I did not cause him to swerve or spill, and said absolutely nothing to him. And (2), I actually tried to calmly talk to him about the dangers he posses when he pushes people off the sidewalk, mothers with strollers and families, and he lit up in a incoherent rage, always devolving to how he will kick my a**!

Period: ACLU: 'Black Spring Has Begun'... Which makes no sense, Obama the first black president has done nothing for blacks to get them jobs.



North Hollywood Park 02 May 2015 just before Noon and until a little after

codes: comet MASTER (C/2015 G2) , 2015-May-02 15 PIS