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∇ Evolutionary Niggers and Afro Haters

Niggers started and run 6‚000+ years of slavery; ∃ ancient Œ Dark Equatorial skinned Brown genomically replicate social inequality » Capitalism ∝ Slavery → Blacks are Browns as they call themselves at America and western controlled by Jew Semiticdna geo⊕sphere–appendages — generations further back in time √ they lie because niggers lie and say white Scot and Irish started it at Massachusetts .

Archangel Michael ‚ Celestial Coding

Obama signs NAZI law into power Christmas Eve



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post 🚫 🔯 🔚

Anderson Cooper CNN Top News ANCHOR photo of paper on desk of many Pediophile secret clubs.

Obama may have been Honey Potted:  On April 10 th 2016 by a plant named Mary Jacobe ( Caucasian, brown eyes , dark hair, female, mid ages). Obama’s sex Mistress Marry Jacobe plays a prominent  role in brining down Obama’s regime. On April 10 th 2016 She spends 14 hours in the White House and her name is also logged.  The Next days Obama sets up with Hillary Clinton The Fusion GPS payments to order the fake Russian Dossier as an “Insurance Policy” Andre McCabe ( source Text message by him) “ in case Donald Trump wins the U.S. Presidency.”  At the same time John Podesta is meeting with Mark Zuckerberg to set up fake Russian pro Trump adds , as a ploy to pad the false narrative.  By far the largest conspiracy uncovered , as of yet, on Planet Earth and U.S.A.

Κ > θ 


3:33 p.m. Pacific Time Standard. Arc Michael #12222017AD

DOJ is arguing that Clinton’s e-mails would be exempt from production under FOIA Exemption B(1). Responding to State’s request because Hillary Clinton could not understand classified or not. Link updated 07082017ad

update: Michael Flynn alerted world that US Congress funds, runs, and created Islamic State and has made an issue of surveillance and secrecy. Obama is rumored to have fleeced $200,000,000,000 US Billions of dollars. and Susan Rice, some $50,000,000 US millions , although their salaries do not pay these things. Flynn was at a DNC event and said hi to a Russian spook visiting the Podesta Campaign and the altleft or USA establishment Judean afro latino dominators claimed #election collusion. they are running Terrorism, and that is the issue, all over planet earth by authority of Bush, Clinton and Obama antiChrist teams and Beast mentalities.

CIA and NSA ousted Flynn over his opposition to global brown on #whitegenocide.

Senator Grassley asked the duo if either of them viewed classified documents in which Mr. Trump, his associates or members of Congress had been unmasked.
Both Clapper and Sally Yates said “yes” they had but refused to give those details to the Senate committee.

Sen. Chuck Grassley GRILLED former NSA Director James Clapper and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates on the unmasking of private citizens under surveillance by the US government. source GWP w/ videos on capital hill.

Voodoo ≡ Liberals & means antiwhite 

  #liberalism is a religion of #whitegenocide it is scientific and documented worldwide.

Hip ⁄ Hop ↔ Voodoo which ≡ Godless or Paganite Baal ≈ South Africa eons ago. Alt–Left or Liberal means Anti white or Anti Christian or Anti white Islam or Anti White Buddhist or Antiwhtie Yawehnite . etc... Monotheistic influenced.

#black started #capitalism over 7,000 years ago at africa selling black  babies to rich blacks and rich browns. #civilrights #africanhistory #history #slaveryhistory #bondage #capitalism #bookoflife #arcmichael #01182017ad  
nothing has changed, they continue to kill, murder, beat, bash and lie about this to keep up their violent nigger #capitalist ways.


Pulonium radioactive given to Roger Stone by #antichriist

CNN and ABC caught funding polls to delegitimize Donald Trump. What is #fakenews ? 01 17 2017ad Polonium on Roger Stone did not work, lolz.

#nazi was built by #bush family and then came to USA to make #nazi war against #Russia called #coldwar   they be the enemies of the human race.


Campus Life Whitish Democrats Flee to the Republican Party as Niggers go ape black only for anyone in the altleft party.

#black started #capitalism over 7,000 years ago at africa selling black  babies to rich blacks and rich browns. #civilrights #africanhistory #history #slaveryhistory #bondage #capitalism #bookoflife #arcmichael #01182017ad  
nothing has changed, they continue to kill, murder, beat, bash and lie about this to keep up their violent nigger #capitalist ways. 01 18 2017 A.D.

Opium Globalist Wars Run By New York Times Opinion writers.

#democrats fund Afghanistan war and that is 100% only for #bigpharma before Bush 2001 invasion, and 2003 for permanent stay, opinion production was 17% and shot up to 90% on global market, US Corpo is the reason why.

Liberals means antiwhite! so are you antiwhite ? 01 16 2017AD Niggers are Nigerians but became a namesake within the nigger community that are overwhelmingly brown race, and rare are blacks blacks. Like Obama's real father. In 2009— 2010 A.D. Obama repeatedly called for all Scot and Irish < had zero role in slavery> to be destroyed " Republicans musts go to the back of the buss," — Barack Obama. This was a filthy lie by a filthy Jew brown bitch. Niggers for 60 Plus years have gotten easy, no brain, desk jobs, and whites thrown out for the nigger supremacy using false history and violence.

Obama did not give blacks or Africans a new deal. Donald Trump has promised. They niggers fight against Donald Trump and back the antiblack Democrats. So we need to off the dumb ass niggers because they be too stupid to run any civilization. Go back to the fucking jungles, you fucking haters.


Democrat Georgia Lewis, a brown hater and low wit lazy no nothing chump. A perfect schoolyard bully and perfect racist and bigot.

Lying John Lewis runs boycott of white people, even at 2000 with Bush. Al Sharpton, CIA antinoord spooky Zikavirus headed fatso, or former fatso is a whitegenocider and CIA spook for anti-white snitching, which are based on corruption and extortion.

John Lewis, a black ( who is brown) actavist who took a brick at Selma ( 1965) has been in power for over 40 years and 60% of all of his own District are dying and living in extream poverty. There is a very very rich district that votes in John Lewis using him as a lap dog Liberal black suppressor.

Bigot ANTIwhite boycott OF the Inaugural

update 01 19 2017 A.D. 12:42 am PST. ℜ 0:42→ 61 Democratic House Members to join in boycottt ⊇ 31, so far, Elected Capitol Hill Congress and HOR representatives will boycott the Inaugural. Bush was white Arab and so the back lash to Bush as an illegitimate president was much, much, less that white white Nordic and non Jew #donaldtrump

∀next last ∑ vote popular
Obama Legacy page
R09 Russia DateLine
enteries Jan 13– 14th 2017

#KKK killed same amount of people 150 years as a decade of #niggers murdering at South #Chicago. feel better ape people ? #whitehouse #presser  2:22pst Los Angeles. Sherman Oaks.

~34n, 118 w, 5:02 pst. Jan 13 th, Friday: #israel u been caught funding, running and yes, just helping, not creating, #islamicstate #babyrape #caliphate you are going to be punished big time.  #bookoflife #arcmichael #01132017ad


 ObamaCare forced the Poor to pay for the rich or face jail and a penalty. It also imposed death panels for the poor or inviolate.

#admissionofguilt #obamacare violated many Constitutional laws. breaking them outright in a criminal manner . How did Obama achieve this? If you were ageist it, he or his attack groups ( MEAMIC) called you a #racist or attacked your character or destroyed your family Bush tortured his opponents Obama assassinates them . . Clintons' are just mere players and leaders too, taught Barack how to play dirty and #antidemocratic

#DINO = #RINO = #deepstate

Charles Ellis #Schumer is an American politician, the senior United States senator from New York and a member of the Democratic Party. First elected in 1998, he defeated three-term Republican incumbent Al D'Amato 55% to 44%. Schumer was re-elected in 2004 with 71% of the vote, in 2010 with 66% of the vote, and in 2016 with 70% of the vote.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07122017AD



serious human problems

Serious problems for Planet Earth: on condition of the biological ape monkey and its cognitive limitations or lack of specified genes .
6,208 days a hidden anonymous troll argues this strict ideology:
#Democrats are all good, worker for the peoples., never do wrong
#Republicans are all the rich, corporation and the 1%ers and always do evil.

Problem:  After 100,000 posts to show this person facts they cannot comprehend.  #race #human #biology   #bookoflife #arcmichael #01182017ad   realities.

 s/he keeps up with current events . Knows the arguments. So it must be dna and #racial  

#democracy does not exist  but for white white people. Men equal women in jobs and civil respect are all #noordic or #whitecountries   = 2017 #nationalgeographic 10 year world study.

For 17 years I have seen this fxcxker ( shaw canada ips, en anonymous remailers) shite out of its keyboard these strict ideologies of fantasy which as disguised function as hate or as aggression .  The 'Only 'solution is to eradicate the corrupted liar and danger to the world == filling the minds of all with false ideas in order to harm others.

#african #brown created #capitalism not white white people.

 Красивый кот





Michael Flynn alerted world that US Congress funds, runs, and created Islamic State and has made an issue of surveillance and secrecy. Obama is rumored to have fleeced $200,000,000,000 US Billions of dollars. and Susan Rice, some $50,000,000 US millions , although their salaries do not pay these things. Flynn was at a DNC event and said hi to a Russian spook visiting the Podesta Campaign and the altleft or USA establishment Judean afro latino dominators claimed #election collusion. they are running Terrorism, and that is the issue, all over planet earth by authority of Bush, Clinton and Obama antiChrist teams and Beast mentalities.


DNC Hacks google plus post Page

NIGGERS RUN Slavery of nigger sold to niggers for 6,000 plus years. Niggers lie; Jews lie and use American slavery as a way to kill, harm and hurt the masses of innocents because niggers be lazy bullies and big bodied bullshyte.

#blacks ( who r brown!!! )  wore, early on & before da  Revolution, furhats; they  called #coons . OK, grow up people.  pelts came from #ratcoons   #bookoflife #nigger comes from a bastardization of the french lang. to a land on mid west #africa called #niger #edu does not teach this because it is a  part of the #bible #dragon . Cast that crap out  of Heaven and we get prosperity and peace and love.  #niggers or more centralized #Congolese for 1,000s of years run #capitalism or #humancapitalism the niggers are liars and lie for many secret reasons. #semitic that came out of white and  pure black cross then sided with the #afrobrown and they started modern western slavery 221 years before the #puritian indentured and permabonded #servants . In #bible unless captured in war ( old hebrew law, outdated) , all slaves are #paid and let free after #sevenyears #niggers lie and try to blame Christianity destroyed their culture, when in fact they cannot read nor interpret the Bible effectively and thus believed the #Semitic lies that God said black slaves are OK, the #hebrewbible   says so.

#Niggers often like #aztec go to make war on local tribe<s> and capture their young and sell them to other blacks who sell them to more blacks and this is #capitalism .

#like late 1970s - early to mid #1980ad #fashion was very very important to #hiphop another name for a type of any #voodoo religion .

#africanAmericans always loved fashion and necessity together.  This is a modern type ( not sure if real) of a Pre #colonial ( to native American) and post colonial   ( headwarmer )  #black communities, both free and bonded loved to wear, as fashion and to protect the cold on the scalp!

  #coonskinhats #coon #race #civilrights and #liberals or #Liberalism always means #antiwhite   #bookoflife #arcmichael #01172017ad   #crackers I tell that one many times, and it comes from South of Florida during #jackson ( #Democrat #party   that destroyed the Indian rights)  to USA wide today for white or some type of white skinner.

we need to begin to ban words associated to whites, like the #sun   or night lights. Ban them from the #brown lexicon, ok peoples? No more nigger has all rights, whites never ever have any in any time in any history.

#ushistory #history #Americanhistory  

Blacks, browns and yellow have rapeculture issues and cannot control the mind, body and spirt. So we need to limit their existence.

+issue is colords rape the white children and then need planned abortion hood. idiots.

#WHITE mother #blacKISH Father

Obama said that white people want white people dead, and killed, He is a piece of filth. He has no history of the KKK either.

Obama blamed whites for the racial divide, when he continue the 60 plus year of lies and de evolution.

Niggers use RICO Guilt By Association laws to run white genocide, illegally. So we must destroy the nigger from planet earth. there is no forgiveness and we need sworn emnity. I have never had a nigger treat me with respect. It lies, it beats, it steals, it harrass, it spews lies after lies and takes all resources for this lazy niggerways. Niggers use Sand Niggers ( e.g any form of Jew filth cross dna) to beat ,suppress and destroy whitey, which it has no clue to what is white and what is black. The Nigger is so stupid that it calls itself black when it is brown.


Blacks which are brown call all whites evil. So this is empirical evidence for a good notion of sworn emnity. Even jewgermans are the enemies because they are ashkaNAZI dna german white jew crap and they support Niggers and run also white genocide.


Inaugural boycott

31 ( last checked) of #politicians not attending the #inaugural2017ad are #semitic in part or in full or Afro Semitic. #lewis is a brown Semitic Afro imbecile.  His only claim to fame was taking a brick to the head ( poor gurl) at #selma   . I was killed by #niggers at the age of #15yearsold . He  is a fat stupid careerist sissy #liar and fraud. #niggers started slavery 6,000 + years ago and still run it today, and on film with #Obama in them and Anderson cooper.

#dragon is #liar and #endless virus of semitic moribund and vampire ways.

#donaldtrump , however, and many of his supporters are not #semitic and are white #dna and so the Science conflict is shown, well. #bookoflife #arcmichael #politics #j20 #01172017ad  

2016 A.D. Election Democrats lose white vote

Fuck you nigger liars. 37% of the white vote is the lowest white vote for the democratic party for 30 plus years. Why? Liberal party became antiwhite. White traitors too dumb or evil to notice.


Bernie Sanders spokesperson said this to all of us in our world.

"We do not need white people leading the Democratic Party right now" and Bernie Sanders is a white Jew. Niggers on Fox news, as guests, will not disavow #whitegenocide. Niggers on Carlson, Tuker, will not disavow White genocicde. or racism against whites. Niggers imply we musts kill all whites ≡ niggers are evil , eh?


" Democratic Party is united " < to kill all whites > . Democratic Chair Candidate, and Black girl Jehmu Greene calling white liars and haters and there is never reality. Niggers have Fantasy DNA, and this is a global problem.

This Nigger Greene would kill crackers in dark places if it could get away with it. It is an evil nigger. All the nigger does is talk shyte. imo.

Women March on Washington or at Los Angeles or any city, the Niggers have called to attack the white and ban them.

Niggers put out national meme: that’s no white women are allowed to protest and niggers will rape and kill them and no one will arrest them because this is a nigger hell hole nation of hellions.

" I am tired of this conversation," Nigger screams at Tucker Carlson. She does not answer Tucker's questions but changes, constantly;y to hate on white.


History: Israel IDF fighter jets on film Jan 13 - 14 th fighting with ISIS as allies against Assad & Syria googleplus post.

Russian Hacks History

5 page memo/ classified  released by someone using an Israeli affix .is leaked a five page doc, a white ago. It is redacted but  shows #FBI hacked #DNC and released  the DNC and campaign chairman emails to wikileaks  ( Proxy people)  because the altleft wanted #WWIII immediately  with white Russia and China for jew greed for about 30,000,000 only art the world's expense. I cannot host because these docs remain under tight Classified restrictions. The fights are over the elite losing their gravy-train.


Carl Bernstein, a well known #fakereporter is a #semitic antiwhite jew crap .


Martin Luther King comment


+The Truth Show
Marin Luther king lied for his whole life. Only at the end  was he correct. n Malcolm x in Apr of '65 reiterated this real change. Violence is the only key to change, not peaceful protest. (1980s  gansta rap cover this for the change, then called it #hiphop ) I have never met one nigger that says Martin Luther king we need to love each other & this has ever taken place between a black and a white that was not in some form of a sexual passion, only.

Corruption is corruption and I was beaten and my friends killed by Niggers for nothing but being whtie whtie skin fucker. #fu to hell. and fuck this Lewis craptard too.

Niggers started slavery 6,000 years ago and forgot and must be punished for their absence of memory and violent lies. & almost most white white in history had nothing to do not ever benefited from slavery.  So stop being, blaming and bullying.

KKK and Preference to Black Phallace

 germans are ashkaNAZI jews, called white arabs that attack white russians and white noordics, it is a islamic front BBC sucking outfit. It hated whites on the west coast that wanted to take out the Antichrist bush. Bush is NAZI and so are Jews. jews were the captains of those camps.
 we know why the founding members of the #KKK quite, and they did it fast too;  this was an Islamic white loving outfit form the beginning. get lost #KKK = #whitetraitor  

Hitler's family and relatives all tested 17% and higher for #jewdna #Hittler birth spelling  'tt' and he also killed whites exclusively and aligned to #islam like Bush groups align to Islam. FUck the KKK anti-white #establishment creops.

many top KKK in history were in court cases where it was revealed they were caught in anal sex, a penelty in places in the south, and this revealed the KKK were white German Jew sissies that dress or Cross dress under their hoods  and robes and  then after partying it up, went out for a search for #BBC, after discarding their hoods and robes. real court docs.

learn your past and stop calling your self white white, your are jew crap white arabs. go to islam and suck them off like you love too.


Poster to Anonymous that supports the Globalist Corruptocrats

+Morgan Black
I listened to some broadcasts and it hated on Trumpsupporters, many many have white white dna. so I take that as a bigot platform. these broadcasts also laud the establishment careerists like  Bushs' and Clintons' and Even lauds Obama, to a lesser extent. Most that voted in #donaldtrump want jobs; & not endless  Jew wars. #Israel was caught on 14 th of Jan #2017ad   on film bombing Assad fores in support of ISIS militia .that is the enemy and funded by Bush group CIA.

since this anonymous figure lauds and supports the corruptocrat CIA, I suspect and correctly , it is an arm of it. that is my opinion in a nice conversational manner. 

In the real me: Our people are dying on the streets for your fucking jew wars, fucker, you are targeted for extinction.

65,000,000 people destroyed : Bush Obama period, UN to Obama, Sept. 2016 A.D. that is more than Hitler or Mao Zedong, that is epically hellish,. and anonymous 100% supports those #Demons

#nsa and #cia vs. #fbi have about 10,000 fake news and fake anonymous plants to do the 1947 Secret NSA act program called plausible denialability. You flood with fake news and get fake realities. Yale thesis by first CCCI counter - counter - counter intel CIA James " Jesus" Angelton.  Social media is full of these CIA foolios. Most are #semitic #dna and thus are natural enemies of #whitewhite like I.


#secrets are revealed in this commute. Key and take heed. #she managed to leak the most embarrassing documents on #hillaryclinton   that should be championed by every #trumpsupporter too. not disparaged. She leak stuff that showed that world leaders play Hillary like a pawn in their world games. Thankx for all the #trump supporters that denied her this access to start world war III , immediately; &  as were her and #johnmccain 's  plans  for the #jewavarice   #code #spook

the only danger #Chelsea put anyone is was #crookedhillary   . U go Girl . !

#obama made the right call, after 8 years of just the opposite. #bookoflife #arcmichael #01172017ad  

the 1st Amendment was put into  place only for #whistleblowers and then #1910s #liberals took over and they do not play #ruleoflaw They play nigger capitalism. #Niggers started #capitalism thousands and thousands of years ago.  stop blaming #crackers .



On Global Science

there is no data, NOAA came out two years ago, as well as NASA< have links, they lied, manipulated data to get #science grants which are nothing more than NO SHOW jobs. lolz. criminals.

my UC leader of 10 campuses of California was caught by Latin Students stealing $175 Million US $$$$$$ ; world is out of control. she gets billions form Arab countries, over $1 Billion, but that is not enough.; these foreigners are stealing all money and asking for climate money to them, more of it. so they can steal more of it

#bookoflife we need to track and eradicate these #crimes hiding behind real needed #science.






Codepink = #code = #whitegenocide



Code #spook #codepink = #swampeople  

90% of our 17 #intel agencies are #Semitic and #antiwhite DNA. 99.5% of all #ISIS members are Semitic and antiwhite #DNA. see any connection?


90% of our 17 #intel agencies are #Semitic and #antiwhite DNA. 99.5% of all #ISIS members are Semitic and antiwhite #DNA. see any connection?

#bookoflife #arcmichael #01072017ad  

#1917 #sauudoil created by UK #semitic #bush will eye #westernoil for the #Trilateral grab of planet earth by Brown crap and not white white dna people. #liberalism modern starts 1920s south of #France by neolib nutter #antiwhite haters. Plan, to turn the world upside down> #niggers are smartest and God and white are to blame for all things, even when we know Semitics do the crimes. #centennial of #semitic world power grab. #semitic are also #germanjew #spanish and #italian and they love #fascism as a key to living for 1,000s of years. #whites like real communism and love . #blacks started #Capitalism, 1,000s of years ago in Africa and ME.


bigot troll G+ Morgan Black

+Morgan Black
ur a troll and a religious fanatic. Religion means
 a system to life your life by' u brain dead, foolio. thatis liberalism, large Black cock worship cult called liberalism which is just a mask for #voodoo ism, your ilk, nazi swing voodoo not white white christian badasses, !:)


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Tartarie Orthography

the earliest western civilization sources spelt Mongal‚ not Mongol.


lateribus aquilonis


‡…† also Gog and Magog. The prophet Ezekiel spoke of these as coming out of the lateribus aquilonis in the latter days, and it is certain that they had emerged from those parts. — dec 20 2009, "Basic astrological understanding in mid-sixteenth century"., Arc Michael cf., John of Pian de Carpine’s Primo quidem dicemus de terra, secundo de hominibus, tertio de ritu. The same can be said of C. de Bridia’s Hystoria Tartarorum. Gunar Freibergs’ (Ph. D. Stanford) research and analysis of principled work into the origins of the author of Descripciones Terrarm, intends Jacek (“Jacko”) Odrowạż (c. 1183-1257), posthumously known as St. Hyacinth was the author. University of California, at Berkeley; undergrad Hist. dept. Honors, post eye damage, and part of a larger, Private Paper.

Hystoria Tartarorum

Descripciones terrarum

posita est terra Tartarorum ubi oriens iungitur aquiloni, habens contiguum mare oceanum aquilonis, et appellatur Moal (2) quod de viris Mongalis (6)

et protenditur inter orientem solsticii estiualis latera aquilonis eiusdem partes ubi Mongal terra Tartarorum sita est (2)






Ibidem, 1, 29.

Ibidem, loc, cit.

nostra Occidentalis Ecclesia

identifying historical Gog and Magog


V.LIIII. la grand Tartarie [l.1, syl. 5-10], and in Nostradamus sixteenth —  φ moi Μ

" #republicans to back of the buss! " - #2010ad#antichrist , code fu #whitepeople #whitegenocide #obamalegacy . Mr
Fantasist. #edu = #leftwing #fraudessors. P
Obama world view is fantasy. #fakepotusLatin Semitic Immigration Scheme

US Democrats run proxy wars in Mesoamerica and these bring masses of immigrants north to America, and they complain, have a rite, that we screwed up their country, so they are moving in to ours. But the truth is these new migrants vote in the U.S. leaders that make proxy wars at the south America!; & so ‘ they can have that special excuse.’ it is a rigged system of #semitic trickery and hate.


ARC 094



sauud whore

godless 01 2017ad



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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