TIME how it works by CBM/ aka Arc Michael, etc....


03 07 2015 A.D. Time in black hole ( I call vortice(s)) applies to both quantum and gargantuan math systems. Rather than build 50+ strings to predict or direct your models, you can jump through black holes in maths, and then make the oscillations more palatable to time management. You therefore can write macros which will beĀ  smallĀ  fractal spiral geometrical models for sequencing and modeling.

#CHINA Nuke plots by #CIA online and operational frameswitch to LIGHT COORDS. see APN for nuke coup against #donaldtrump lets stop it.
Muhammad to my people: It is me, Help me drain the swamp with Donald and NOT THE NSA. please. we need you and we isolated them and will turn war into peace and production. #CODE #CIA = LAND BEAST #CODE #NSA = OceanBeast #confirmed stay strong people of GOD, dodging assassination teams by both, they spot with Judeans and then use black Americans and the hit squads are Illegal. use many vehicles . I have been dodging for three days. #peace

take #beast chip technology after USA is gone and save it so when I come back through reincarnation, we can ban the Judeans #permanently.

local nukeplots are masked at APN for China and Paris. Get Music girl from my page and protect her. That is #aiesha

Hello Google + ers: Social Media Release 03 01 2015 Welcome You can predict large wars into the future with 100% accuracy.<br><b>seal one is only authrotative by ARCMICHAEL as of 05302017ad and all others are Exploratory #arcmichael stay calm I will be reincarnating to take Beastchip tech to lock down the bad apples of our soul world, so they cannot hurt us anylonger, #Matrix = #beastofland = CIA confirmed ' #beastofsea = #NSA & #USA = Dragon.

#maybus is #raymaybus #Michael see me in the #holybible #sealone is complete Been dodging assassination teams for three nights and days. The use #pre1,4 light stick agents ( white compromised) and then compromise my sleeping positions = spread false info to people I know in neighbor hood and have black protectors for the #Judean #CIA ; then they hired the hit teams that are illegal Mexicans.

thank you #islam for protecting me as much as You can. #raymabus =-#Nostradamus = trident nuke holder, when his dna goes, white dna is gone and nukes go off. #bookoflife
Get the tech to CHINA and not the Judeans there, they will understand. I contacted them long ago. filed 05302017ad 6:11 pm Burbank.


#beasts are dark matter here in LA, the spotters or watchers are black and the hitters are brown and the compromisers are White Judeans. n targets: #whitearabs like I. I is just a racism script here at the dragon. They have IQs lower than 100, sad. But have guns and trillions in funding.