Arab Latinos Targeted me for white skin color in all Arab hills of Burbank, I looked out of place

raw 08082015 Police photo by Arc Michael Burbank Ca click for large raw. Too scared to take a full photo of both officers, the Latin Arab officer is on dispatch headphones, trying to seek what exscuse they can to invade my space or pull out the gun for murder

I say that since #RonaldReagan '

MASSIVE #amnesty the GOP has been 'obsessed' with race. #reagan threw out the American jobs in New Mexico and replaced them, 10,000s with Mexican illegal. that is a part of the historical narrative.

Please do history correct, GOP are 100% "Obsessed" with race. :)

FOAD: This has beome the United States of Arabia. That is all this hell hole ever was about factually


1-100 are white people now in Los Angeles, California, United States of Arabia, 118w 34n, coords for ICBMs people, aim and take off the demons. The latin pop is at 74%, then arabs, next and then Asian, mixed white to dark skin, and then black, and so while driving in a public area to look for a park to eat my dinner, I was chased by a Helicopter for 45 minuets, tried to drive miles away ,it chased me then found a park and cop cars come screaming. I did nothing, no police record, I looked 'out of place.' I was treated like a foreign criminal. The first words out of this Arab ISIS Burbank Police officer was accusing me of being a criminal to scout their city? What do you mean their city. While driving around, I saw Arab after Arab as if in a patrol on street corners, with cell phones as to keep out the whites or something. It was bizarre. This was the last bastion of whites, so the U.S.A. is over as the Arabs, now you cannot utter that name on many school campuses, blame nordic whites for all bad American policy decisions, and all racism in life.

Police Burbank harassment 08082015

Saturday: I had a police helicopter follow me around for 45 minutes, and I was not suspicious until I drove a few miles and a few minutes after I parked to take a scenic picture of the Valley, it showed up banking low, toward a perfect view of me and my car. At this time, my ears were ridings so bad I flipped them off, got out of my car and made them notice they had my attention. Then the copter flew up the mountain. I took a few scenic photos and got in my car and headed back to down town Burbank. I was looking for a park and came across on at Amherst one street above San Fernando Rd., near down town Burbank. I stopped the car and lit a cigarette and decided to use my computer ( battery) and use it up before I go back to 844 Kemp st. Burbank ( my neighbors are LA RAZA and assault me with lasers, gun fire for startling me and military high powered lights, the people who host this home are old and scared of them. So I often write or do work out of my car and charge up at their home. So I was sitting and put out my cigarette because I noticed a fat big suspicious roughen trying to take photos of me, by acting he was taking a photo of some women associate. So I took out my camera to snap a photo of him as he turned his camera right on me, and I heard a female voicec and turned around and it was Burbank police squad car and a female at my open car window. She was a Latin Arab, the people in the Burbank City park were all Arabs, Asians and none whites and she demanded to know everything about me and why I was there. If felt like I was about to be gunned down, she was aggressive and combative. She told me to give her my License and Cell phone number. She began to accuse me of doing criminal things or having criminal things in my car after I told her I lived in my car. I told her know, she took my ID and went to check on the Police System, then after about ten minutes, another larger van Burbank Police Vehicle shows up, this time a big , thin, tall male, who did not approach me but joined her. At this time, I was not told why I was being stopped and ID’d; I mean I feel racially targeted. I am white, there are many whites in Burbank, but some colored person must have originally called the Police to follow me, and I was confused and scared. So I started to be so nervous I pulled out my camera and snuck a photo, only getting him and his car, as he laid up against it. She was staring at me, with a grimace, while on the police monitor, next to her vehicle, I in my driver seat and I was eating my food, watching her. I still had no idea of what was going on, and this makes me feel that I am targeted for murder by these racist police. To this police officer, I was already a criminal. I have no police record, just like Kelly Thomas that was murdered by Brown La Raza Orange Country cops.

There has been an official change in city police policy, you can now, not before, sleep in your car. Prior years before this law, if you were homeless and looked like you lived in your car, you were harassed out of Burbank under threat of ticket or jail. Now they could not do that to me or anyone else. So they decided to do that park and stare stuff. She came back, and demanded to know what I was doing, where I slept at night, and all things. She had a pad and pencil and I told her I stay around the North Hollywood Park. She demanded my phone, I knew I did not need to give it to her but I gave her real cell number ;weird I could have lied about it. They can then use it by FBI tracking methods to pin point my car by the radio chips now placed in phones.

She made me feel like crap. She was a dark skinned Latin Arab, I though al qu’aeda had pulled me over, it was that bad, and I am serious. This pisses me off, there was not one moment I felt American, this felt like a Syrian road security check done by ISIS. So after she took my phone number she went back to her vehicle that was blocking me in and did not move and stood there for 15 minutes starring with that dude. I was feeling nervous, and decided to not panic and start the car and maneuvered carefully around their car and then I decided not to leave but to repark down away from them. They then moved their cars so they could see me and stopped and began to star again. I guess this is racist profiling, right black community? I got out of my car and decided to continue what I came there to do , and work on my computer, so I took my camera just in case and snapped a photo of that dude, now by his car but in full view and I made sure he saw my click him. Then I started to work on my computer, and a lady smoking cigarettes, an Arab too but a nice Armenian, she had two small dogs that came over to play with me, and we started to talk and laugh. So now these two racist Burbank Police officers saw my first calmness and smiling, and that must have pissed them off. The decided to remove their cars and just sit there and stare. I have 1.5 hours or more on my battery, and this lady was having a dinner she brought so I had company. I stopped thinking about them and enjoyed myself. They eventually left, what could they do, search and plant drugs from a person with 100% no police record or drug use record? What concerns me is when I was Socrates they started to make stuff up, like when during LA mayor Richard Riroden’s City term, the LAPD in south Central and other places were planting drugs on all blacks to get them into jails. And this came to the public’s attention because they were giving life to people who never touched narcotics. Somehow they had louds of it planted on them. So, this was racism, pure and simple. They were trying to find out by running my IDs and plate to search my car, which cops break or steal things and you can do nothing when you are family less.

She has nothing good to say to me, she was scary and rude and looked like an enemy; you know that feeling when someone is watching you with envy or malice in mind? When it was all said and done, I looked Nordic white, out of place in white Burbank, one of the last bastions of White left in Los eastern Los Angeles or Burbank. The California Historian Bancroft documented the Mission period, and 99.99% of the Arab Latins have no idea how evil they behaved toward the native Californian people. They beat, burnt, chained slaved, worked to death and exterminated, nearly all of them, despite Carlos and later Philip’s decree not to harm the native just convert them to Spanish nationalists. The Natives of California had no idea of nationalism or did they care about the Spanish Latin Arabs, so the Missioners which are Spanish, just made them into chained tortured and eradicated slaves. Now here are the same people, with power over me and I feel scared, and like I do not speak their language. I guess my white arse caused the city of Burbank a ton of money to stalk me today over their racism. A deployment of an helicopter, squad cars acting like a five alarm fire. If the latins Arabs want a war with God’s people then we need to give them a dose of eradication. If the world is to survive we must rid racists and haters form Erath. I pose no threat, yet to Latin Arabs, I am the terrorist to be tracked and watched on the U.S.A. tax payer dime. I need no weapons, I just will it and I’ll start the global eradication, put into the minds of my creation when, where and how to get it done. So what are the Arab Latins looking at here? They have South America, Middle America, now gaining North America, half of Africa, all of North Africa, much of South Europe ( massive migrations) , the Anatolia, and the Levant, and all the Arabias, and then the ‘stans’ of the eastern Middle East and then on down toward the Deccan, and all of the Malaysian Islands. They have invaded Britain, now a huge population, they invaded the Scandinavian countries, with no go zones in France ( they are real academics, stop your lies), and they have Chechnya now, and some of the Baltic States. They have a large population in the Deccan and Shri Lanka. That is 2/3 rds of the Earth and the Red Dragon. Communism is basically ethnocentrisms on a general Race typology group. If I was a famous white celebrity these people should still feel safe in our American society. But this should not last too long. The patterns of the Macedons reincarnated as the migrants into the U.S.A. is based on science you people cannot understand with your limited minds.

I take photos, here are the buildings of the Burbank Movie studios in film land area of Burbank form the East Hills of Burbank, here a Copter showed up to follow me, after I drove here, 2.5 miles, where that copter was circling me so I moved. I do not fit a terrorist profile, not look like out of place, except I believed my white skin stood out as people all over these hills look like the photographs of ISIS soldiers. The Police did not seem to have a problem with these folks?

update followed watched

by Burbank Police Van at Buena Vista Lib, just now until I started to stare and it fled. Gave them my number and what I do in day time, so that is what you get a targeting, perhaps the 'establishment' considers me the king of terror?