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Serious Hate against me and this house

Sept 2017AD 15 th 10:19 P.M.

+ North and east Houses: Obama supporters perhaps plugged in and harassing me with lights. and banging on things when I come out of the house, back door. Where those two Black gun men perched to kill me just before I called out my Islam to protect me that night ( 6,ooo gunshots) the house directly behind me is not strait. very weird people and I blasted them for smoking out our home with their fire place when it was 100 degrees and we had all windows open they lite a huge fire for hours to destroy our belongings. People in my house are not rich so they were in fear. They shoot LED 600w at me, all the time, trying to disguise it. I need to take care of them permanently. They are Obama supporters and Anti Americans. I AM sure the CIA Obama Hillary Squad have contacted them and said harass away so we will have to take care of them or I start killing by the billions. This is not a joke. I live in constant harassment and fear of their blinding attacks and telling me I AM not accepted here in the USA. Because I AM Scottish. North and east Houses no jobs, no life, sit and play all day. a recipe for disaster.   If I do not get help soon,  my Ch. 12 Rev. sign in the sky will begin to kill by the billions. This is not joke. Hatred comes from them, not I.  And  you all lie and  say I AM hate.  So it is a matter of wills.


I f you see me wearing very dark sunglasses at night around my house, all the time, You now know why!








Carter Banes McDonald

Calls itself Joe‚ this is the animal uploaded 03292016ad

08272016 10: 05 pm Joe stalked me shining a new hand help High blinding beam light shining it at me from the bathroom, the middle room and while to and from and inside of my car. The light blinds me and it is done to physically harm me. Cannot call cops, they percecute white people in the San Fernando Valley. I have no one but I have to fight back. This dude is so mean and dumb; he demands I come when he calls. He demands me to stop fires when the neighbors house to his is on fire. he blames me, when billowing smoke is pouring out into the sky and neighbor hood with his back to it demanding I must be the source of the fire. This is imbicilness and I have no protection.

self defense flashlights that can blind. He uses these exclusively, but the more military grade type, just allowed to be sold to the public.


I cannot call the police because they are anti White. They careless and by policy. Do not believe they are human, at all. Must be live demons. Sanctary city, 1979 A.D.for Los Angeles onward is whtie genocide policy, not spoken but always observed. white are the enemy of the brown race. These yellow brown people next door, as well as others, are 100% proof. IMO, I do not care about your opinion, any longer.











Orion ARC 850 N. Kemp St. Burbank , California, U.S.A.

 White genocide is world  wide and Germans are mixex like Jews and not white white


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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