01 05 2015 A.D. Sandy Treats me with dis respect. She has been drinking again, silently. I can smell it and blames me for being awake at night when I do not sleep there.

I cannot take a shower if she is not there, because if she comes home and cannot get into bathroom she cannot fit , she is too fat, in the other bathroom < shower is only one bathroom > . So the Mix Arab Richard mentally retarded dude starts abuse and fights over her lies. She uses Richard to attack her people she claims she wants to help, but in reality, I am a cash cow for her fat ass and her fat ass gambling husband – why they cannot pay me back or share food, they are addicted and diseased and their abuse hurts me.

when Sandra is caught in a lie, she accuses me of make believe. I hate her now. She is disgusting. ‡ end 01052015.

Arc Michael K Boehnke House 844 North Kemp Street, Burbank 91505.

abuse, thievery, violence, disrespect, life injuries from attacks, and anti Christ behaviors.

Methodology: Rob Peter to Pay Paul : I was a victim, so my money is tied up in 844 Kemp st. Mortgage.

Richard yells at Sandy over this same issue as she admits she does this to people he knows but I do not. He understands her method is to find 'victims' to rob peter to pay paul. They both can work, or do things in the community, but they rather watch endless television and play video games. What good are they for this earth, anyway?

Ploy: Use my mental diagnosis and state disability as the scapegoat to claim I'm a liar. According to them, everything I say is a lie. In late February I started to stand up to myself and the 850 Kemp st. neighbors ( 3 years of laser and mil high powered lamps aimed at me, inside and outside), and it feels really good, but is tough. I told Sandy and Richard that calling me a liar is 'disrespectful' and when based on lies. They lashed out, Sandy attacked, and began to yell, claiming it was her right, I was a nobody, I yelled back, but left for this last week to enjoy my birthday from this and the noise of the planes and neighbors. I have had it, I live in constant pain, take pain medications just to cope each day. When I needed someone here in L.A. to communicate my first time driving after U.C. Berkeley Eye Center damage of my eyes, I was commanded to do an illegal CSC ( Guard test), extensive, for Richard and his son Wade, and I kept refusing and wade attacked me after an argument, demanding I do his test -- a bully. That left me with a pain in my left leg that hurt for 1.5 years really bad but bothers me now daily. So after stalling all day and night, my car started this morning so I ‘m back at 844 Kemp st. today, but left to NoHo lib all day and ate and did some laundry and paid my$25 per week rent, even though I have not stayed here nor have I as a norm. Just in December my car got worse and so I decided to stay over each night here, and then did some fixing that cost a lot of money and still has not corrected my car’s stalling. It is painful that the Boehnke’s owe my $750.00 but will not pay, as they rob peter to pay paul, something they do to  all, but only rip off the people they feel they have a scapegoat – which they use my orphan and mental illness diagnosis as a way to abuse me all the time, calling me a liar so they can say, ‘well he is off his meds,’ which is like a standard troll response on social media to all things.  But I felt so bad over the years this leads to  poor decisions such as drug use and escapism, when in reality, just standing up for myself  makes me feel good, like a real human being.  Richard likes all things social , someone to watch television with, but when issues come from Sandy he has to turn on me or she turns on him, and so it took me a very long time to understand Sandy was just like my father, did not care, and rob peter to pay paul, not caring whom they hurt and always lying. The issue is lying to everyone about me, causes me to be hated in this house when my persona is made up by Sandy and Richard based on their lies and robbery. He has a bad gambling habit and she  robs people to buy love from her grandchildren. She then convinces herself that she is  doing right. And uses her bully yelling and attacking, the whiplashing my back in order to injur me pernemently in late Feb 2015 because she knows that  violence is an easy way to suppress people, to put  fear  into them.   But I started to scream back and they are hating this because if they both hate me, the reason they have not  pushed me out yet, they will try trickery is I will not leave without standing up for ‘respect’ because without it, you are the problem of the State. You need to be mentally healthy, not put down and  lied and have people hate on you  because of lies and not truth.

(updated Ploy, 03072015)

Sandy Boehnke: Fatso, ugly body, overweight, gluttony, liar, an ugly personality, robber of the defenseless, anti Christ. Violent attacker. ungodly. She, like my father, does 'Rob Peter to Pay Paul.' I was a victim but kept silent so I could finish my writings. Last fall, she asked again for money to pay-off her mortgage, she wastes money to buy love form her family members, which shorts her the finances to pay down the mortgage, and I refused, and she took it in strides. Well in December, I heard her on the phone and admit she gave over $1,000 to her grandson, and this continued till the new year. She has others who need to pay her back, but she could not go to me. She also travels and her husband gambles large amounts of money, so he is short on the payments too. So there system was to borrow but not repay to those who they believe could take it or not fight back. I, being an orphan, was a prime target. I cannot go to authorities, orphans are marked by government as the least represented in state politics.  Her outrages turn into hidden violence when she cannot control her urges to spend other people’s money and pay video games all day and  watch television.  So when her husband’s son came to live in Al’s room, I understand her talking to him was the same ‘bait’ talk, so he was the new  victim. This means he gets privileges that others do not. One of them was to place a bathroom towel above on the shower curtain, making it unsafe to enter the slippery tub. When I asked for a solution, she got bent out of shape and loves to lie and scream at others in hopes someone will hurt me in the house, which already has happened. She watches crime dramas exclusively, over and over , to learn how  to get away with crimes. When she drove me the day of this argument ( Her husband gave me a simple solution, but she did not want it to be a solution, she wanted to hurt me physically, so she offered none).  She even tried to have my blame a girl that seldom comes over but lives in that room to say she slips in the shower,  it is her fault, when the tub is dirty and unsafe, and the matt is unsafe and she has known for a long time about this, and did not  replace it yet, but put a new one over  the old slippery one because the girl fell hard and complained. When her husband gave me the solution, to rip it down the throw it on the floor or dirty hamper, she got enraged and whiplashed me in the car. She told me I was not allowed to brace myself. It happened twice, the first time in the sunshine and the second one in the rain. She would drive 35 miles an hour up to a red light and slam on the brakes and let go and re slam on the breaks as my lighter body ( she is like 350 lbs) flew around the car and the seat belt held my back into place, whip lashing it. She was doing this on purpose, I have driven with her in a car she took from a dude that died in her home, and the breaks are  no good, but she  has driven me many times on those bad breaks. This was done on purpose. She wanted me injured which was her in eyes as I looked while  she was doing this. She, this time, came with an overt message, she is trying to permanently injure me to announce she is a bad ass, and no  once can mess where her criminal ways.

Current events Dec '14-- Feb 2015. The towel issue erupted in the dead of a cold winter snap, here in Los  Angeles. I live in the San Fernando Valley so it has extremes on both sides, it was cold then. Joe, Wade’s child, a  young adult  working down the street at a local U.P.S. building is  Sandy’s next victim to target for Rob peter to pay Paul. So this means she caters to them, his first full week in the house. Because of my not allowing her to rob me, and standing up for myself, she will often lie to others who must figure out that Sandy or Richard are liars. The Towel issue was not solved, for example, even after the events described. I went to Richard only, and  said I will do as he said and throw  it  on the  ground, he said put it in the hamper ( down in the den) and I  said fine. When I came home to 844 Kemp later that evening that towel was properly moved – because this was all a  game to upset me, the towel was in a safety issue area, where people could be hurt. So back to the story, when it was cold, the first whiplash attack ( sandy gives my rides  to  the  local library, less than five minutes away, usually  if she is free and has time). When I was addressing the safety issue, the same day she gave me a ride and started acting funny again ( she has over this last year been babbling  about Assassinating Richard  - she  claims she has  people  to do it – but this is not unfounded, on rare occasions she  has hinted, but this was an overt admission, she is losing it. She threatened me in the car that day, while whip lasing me, that she would alert authorities that I cannot see, so I should not  be driving – a threat to destroy me because she knows I cannot myself live on the streets in a blanket under a bush, I just cannot go that low. That was the first overt threat she ever uttered to me. I was so upset at the whip lash the hands-off the dashboard to brace myself issue that I left for  a few days in my stalling but still drivable car and caught one of the nastiest cold- flews since 2005 ( which lasted three days, this was ended up lasting a week and a half). It was so bad I thought I would die a few nights. I brought it back  home and Sandy caught it, so she instinctively blamed me, but this time I pulled a Sandy and claimed ‘I did not give you your sickness’ which she often does when it is her fault and she had to be agreeable at least to keep the calm. I drove with her again, same car with bad breaks, and this time she was not yelling or out of her mind, and she drove normal. Then a few days later, she drove me again and began to yell hysterically at me, uttering things I never heard, like I do not understand her problems and I have problems that I do not  understand, but never an explanation or further elucidation on these subjects. This time she really whiplashed me so hard, I knew I could never get into a car with her again, and my back remains sore, very  sore, and it has been over a week now.


She guards the door so to know where and what is going on in the house at all times. So no one can use the house at night, it will wake her up. She plays the Television with the sound full blast until 2:00 am every night. She says' what twice, although she herd you the first time. She claims I speak softly, but I speak normal. the 58 decible Jet plane noise over the Kemp st. since 2005 has destroyed her hearing, now she hears only very loud sounds.

son Wade Thomas Boehnke attacked me, injured left ; leg pernamently in pain. Forced by Sandra Boehnke to perform a written online test for guard duty increase in hourly pay ( + $2:00 /hr).

Sandra Boehnke in car whiplashed me twice on purpose, screamed I was not allow to brace myself. Back left in pain, event Feb. 2015 ( last two weeks of the month). This was done on purpose, drove with her 100s of times, both times she was hysterically screaming at me. She would drive 35 miles an hour toward a yellow light and slam on the breaks, repeatedly while demanding I cannot brace myself. Today insanity. She is extreamly overweight.

What type of people: Sandy claims to hate people who play video or games, she plays a video hand held game 5-7 hours a day. She lies strait to anyone's face. Her method of finance is to rob peter to pay paul. I was an early victim. This last fall she again asked me for money. I made an excuse and we have not spoken of the money she never returned to me upon a promise. Her and Richard ( still her third? husband) also yells at her for her practice of robbing peter to pay paul, he does not know that she never paid me back. In February 2015 she gave her grandson Chris about 1,000s for rent and video games ( she buys affection). Her husband as a routine gambling habit, and that is where my current $100 a month rent comes form. He loses usually $500. they go to Laughlin or other gambling places often and she takes trips back to Boston. They eat tremendously large amounts of food, usually in the frozen food section, often multiple snacks are entire TV dinners for families, they are pigs. Richard told me when I got back from the Bay Area his weakness is food. They yell and scream at each other to whom ate what t.v. dinner or anything else. They usually try to blame it on me, but I have not ever taken a T.V. dinner from them, they know that, but their rages in food are a real sign of weakness. They have large asses and ass bones and are two bullies with major Antares markers in their charts. Their modus operandi is FUCK YOU I HAVE MINE.

I have heard over many years Richard yelling at Sandy that she robs peter to pay paul. But he is OK, as long as the bills are paid. But then he careless of the people she hurts. She prays on the defenseless. So the issue this time was an argument over safety in her house and she flew off the handle telling me I cannot feel for her problems ( whatever that means, she does not explain) But she has been struggling to pay off the mortgage and she knows she cannot ask me, because she knows a real conformation will ensue because she was overt about not paying me back. She claims on the phone to her palls the people she robs deserves it. She is an ugly fat slob, so sickening and she is a false Christian and uses God's name in vein on an hourly basis -- it is very painful to witness. He survival is to convince me that I'm a pathological liar and any time I do not submit to her abuse or richard , I must be mentally ill ; Basically what the US gov says when you refute their truth claims.


My back is in pain, it has been over a week. My leg feels every day as if a small knife is twisting in it. The Healthcare, treat me as a enemy foreigner, and I cannot understand their English either. These are not the same health officials that I received care form 1998- 2001, my operation on my right knee to remove a bone or cartilage about the size of a silver dollar.


text: v.1 (3.06 pm) 02 11 2015 A.D.

Richard Beohnke has a serious gambling problem ($10,000s over the time I knew him to the time I write this). His solution was to ripe of the defenseless like I. How? To pay-off his mortgage.

Richard Beohnke did not like me until I came into  my $16,500 of Student Loans. Then I was able to  stay over at night in the back blue  room, even with preference over his son, Wade ( from a Previous Marriage). I leant the Boehnke’s to pay their home mortgages over $5,000 and $4250. Was paid back, and they owed my $750 dollars. I never go that back. While my last year before the Berkeley slit-lamp destruction of my eyes, I had personally told myself that it was the best in my interests to  forget that pay-back and not talk to them any longer. When I came back to the San Fernando Valley to pay – off many months on my storage then to return to school, I decided not to call them or ask to stay over their house.   Most my life I have been taken advantage of and just ran away, allowing these bullies and scammers to use and abuse me. I was fine with that my health was OK, my Car was in good working condition, and I  was excited to have access to rare  material through CAL.

After my eyes were damaged by the Berkeley Eye Center, incorrect and the Doctor was drugged out, I did not call them or even tell them, but tricked my co-op so I could stay another six months ( or when they caught me) before they  would have to kick me out. I was able  to do this, and at the time I had to leave, I had not driven my car since that Berkeley Eye Center day they destroyed my eyes. My acuity changed but form the perspective which is like placing a clear saran-wrap ( thin-clear cellophane plastic)  over your eyes, so one can still see but fuzzy. I decided to call Sandy to ask if I can stay at her home, and I  was leaving Berkeley and received Eye  Damage, and would try to drive down. She  would  be on call if I needed any help. I was crying to myself on the phone, not  over my shame but because I had no one else in the entire world to help me: which included no one I knew at Berkeley from friends  to staff or  professors. I made it back, and within two months my life dramatically changed.

I had lived in the Blue Room before while Richard’s son slept on the den’s couch, he  had accepted this because Sandy demanded that  he  did not pay rent ( he had many jobs) and if it was not for Sandy’s constantly looking for  money from anyone to pay for the Boehnke Family’s living residence – there would be no home. I have heard Sandy and Richard argue and admit this, in 2014 A.D., doing this to others – citing various reasons not sound in logic, so it was not just me by a long shot. Richard, while complaining about the lack of  new Gambling funds (Sandy had to pay the mortgage, Rich is too lazy to do it himself, if at all he is capable, he cannot  read in a competent literacy form) he was OK with what Sandy was doing, ripping people off by lying to them. When she  asks to borrow money, it is always accompanied by a ‘promise’ to pay one back in ‘FULL.’ But he adds pressure because he does not care about what she does, he is of the most lazy persons I have ever met. He does absolutely nothing for anyone, and advocates to his son, Wade, never to help Wade’s personal friends, unless Wade is heavily compensated – such as friends often ask friends to help in a move of homes, carrying things and moving boxes – something that friends often do for each other, this was always a heated argument between he and his son on this issue.   

So for many years while up in the Bay Area going to Berkeley, Wade could stay in the Blue Room, but he was married and had a home and life with a  wife and child.  When I came back to Los Angeles and stayed with Sandy, Wade was not  living with his dad at 844 Kemp st. He was going through a divorce and moved in just after I  arrived, about a few weeks. At that time, Al , a black guy who at times lived homeless, but had parents that loved him in New York was staying in the front room, Sandy on a chair near the front door in the living room, the blue room was opened and so Sandy and Richard allowed me to stay in it. A few weeks later, Wade moved in and decided to put his own belongings into the blue room, a computer (Richard had not discovered computer games yet), so he did not use that room much.

Wade went on vacation near the end of Summer and when he returned I was exiting the back den’s sliding window door, as he was bringing in belongings and I met him at the door and an argument ensued, for at least 5-10 seconds I screamed that I could not move, let me back out  -- he had placed duffle bags on the floor, all over, blocking a clear path, and he would not back up and  let me out, while I was half way outside, he was only carrying a basket of laundry, so he was not struggling. I pleaded with him, and he shoved me so hard my head was about to split open on a black wooden dresser, as I fell over his belongings thrown on the floor and decided to break my fall with my only good left  leg.  The scream I emitted was of my loudest noises I  have ever made,  as I pulled myself back up off the floor in instant shock, he was jumping with his eyes glazed as one sees when serious physical fights occur, and did not say anything but demanded I do a favor for him. I exited back to the blue room coming out about 15 minutes later to tell him he hurt my leg. He wanted me to take his SEC (Guard test) to get him a $2.00 raise and so he was being nice and said he was sorry, an automatic response. Richard had bullied me ( I did not feel safe living in my car, I was still addressing my vision needs) and Richard forced me with Sandy’s prodding to take an illegal test so Richard could become a supervisor and make get a huge raise. I did this because I felt I was corned, had no-where to go, eyes injured and afraid, I did it for him – he cannot read well, not at the competent level – nor his son. I knew I was injured and being injured before in my life, and no one to complain too, I kept this too myself.

The Solution was I moved to a trailer parked in  the Boehnke driveway which was of Sandy’s son, Mark, from a previous marriage. There I stayed for a year and my leg was in constant pain, so all I told Sandy was my leg was severely injured, but I could walk, and she allowed me to take some of her pain pills she has on prescription from Kaiser. But long before I started the pills, I used up the remaining $1,000 I have saved from my loans and purchased alcohol to kill the pain – the very intense pain last one full year. It was like a knife twisting, a ligament connecting my lower bones to my upper thigh bone was severed in the push-fall. After my money was gone I began on pain pills and they helped me cope, as long as I took one a day.

I does not matter in my opinion if it was intentional or not, the argument was real, face-to-face, and Wade was extremely upset that I was allowed in his father’s house to have a room while he lay on the den’s couch.  I never complained to anyone that I was never repaid, and so Wade got pressure from his lying father to bully me out of the house. When I went to the trailer Richard (of secretly Sandy) wanted me to pay some type of rent (turned out to be $25 a week).

After a year of living in the trailer which I was OK with, the new neighbors were blinding me with lasers, so I had to move out. By this time I felt comfortable with driving and living in my car, which I do and did. I paid them for showers, storing stuff like cloths and limited kitchen access – no room to store or no agreement to have full kitchen privileges. My car worked fine and so I continued as I have done to live in it each night, and just go to their home at night to cleanup and change. This was OK with them, they made $100 for nothing and if Sandy bought me something it was always less than $10 dollars out of that $100 so they cleared $90 dollars with minimal aggravation to their lifestyles. Also, I tried to get along and he Richard’s friend, and since he had no friends near to him, he like that – but when no one else cared about him this was OK, but when his son or his  son’s family needed to use the house, I was pushed around.

I think I would be OK with allowing the non-repayment of $750., I had been OK with it since I was up at Berkeley, and never brought it up when I returned to the San Fernando Valley. But what I cannot get over was the physical attack to force me to take an illegal test for their financial benefit. To understand clearly my thinking, I had to do  Richard ( as he permanently lives there) test and fought hard with Sandy and Richard not to do Wades’ guard test (online). Sandy pressured me by offering $50 dollars which was not worth it as I had over $1,000 in the Bank and had little overhead, so I was not hurting, but their  insistence was like  either you do this or be thrown out. My leg is too damage to be healed naturally and only a surgery to sow the ligament together or another solution can be accomplished. I live in pain every day, constant pain, and all my past problems with health care injuries ( arm, broken by a newbie’s blood pressure test with faulty equipment, poked in arm with used flu  shot, ear bleeding over an untested sharp thermometer jammed into the my right ear by a non-speaking Latino at Berkeley, to my eyes being permanently damaged by a incorrect practice of the slit-lamp – at this point in my life, if my leg is pain I have to  deal with it, because the alternative is I will be injured even more by total incompetence of the lowest form of healthcare, Medical.

So Richard, a big boned and illiterate bully used his son to really hurt me and convinced himself he was in the right to steal and plunder from the less fortunate because they have no legal avenue and if one can lie and get them to trust you, he has your trust and your money and you will not see it back as he has an addition to gambling.

All I do is not complain, and try to get by the best I can. But today, he openly called me filthy names because I caught him in a lie, and the Boehnke’s have noticed that I have been changing and speaking of full respect as a human being.

Orphans are bullied their whole lives and most commit suicide, so evil always wins.

But I need and have been asking myself, what is the point? If I do not stand up for myself, no one will! 

08-09 July 2015: Recently has been hard, Richard , Sandy claimed, threw away a nice cooked Chicken Breast and hamburger meat, already prepared into the trash to make room for two full Freezers of frozen dinners and snacks. that was all the meat I could afford all month. Sandy attacked me with words, claiming that that was not much meat ( a lie) and so that this 'mistake' by Richard, of course another lie, was nothing to get upset at -- and she did not offer to replace it. Prior, when I had hope, I would show weakness and this gave the Vampire more energy. Now, since I told them I am changing, I just ignore them and do not take their bullshit, which led this year, started in December of last year, I will yell at her or him, and refute their vicious bullying tactics, such as "this is my house therefore " this or that, which I started to reply I pay you and I do not care if this is your house or you treat me like this on the streets, "this is abuse.!" Every time I speak to them, I do not think about it but I sometimes believe they know they fucked me over and just keep on doing it. They would throw me out if they did not need at $100 dollars, and all the other free help I give. The other night, after five months of not offering me a single meal, Sandy demanded I take the first portion of their meal they had purchased, a Chinese meal, and I declined and Sandy exploded ( she cannot tolerate not abusing someone, she needs an enemy at all times, she is that unhappy and super overweight, She cannot even stand for any length of time, she swivels in a chair, organizing food or checking the fridge 5 times a day, making sure the $500 dollars worth of groceries, never to out of stock. Her attitude was attractive but as I stand up for myself it has turned to un attractive and her body is grossly overweight and sickening to look at. They both actually get along because they both view food and abuse of the weaker classes as a unifying force.

She has gotten to the point of yelling at things that are not real.  For the last year now, she does not go out much, not nearly as often as she did two years ago and  that was much less than we I knew her during the 2000s.  She is almost a recluse, watches the same channel with the same reruns over and over and plays a video card electronic game on a hand held, and claims she does not play games, Richard plays games and therefore he is evil.  These two, Richard and Sandy lie as much as these Clintons lie.  The difference is that these two are not educated, and that makes it more the difficult to get along with them.

For the last two months, I have been consistently sleeping in my car, once I got it back form the mechanic, it was at his garage for four months. I reminded Sandy of a terrible incident that has gone un resolved, and usually they assume I go weak and they abuse me and they feel happy. I am not happy on a can food diet, all; my SSI money goes directly to bill, and I am in debt too because of my many circumstances, not being allowed to work, student loan forgiveness said three years then they said three more years, and Wake’s attack left my left leg severely injured I live now in pain and take pain pills, without a prescription.  No one cares not even the state or state hospitals, they injure me and blame my complaints as racism, I have not seen a white person in a hospital I go to for decades. I am too old  just to keep running, fed up, my whole problem in life is not being big boned and thus being able to bully stealthily like these fatsos are able to  get away with. I am not preferred. So I am unhappy and this bothers them, because like fourth of July, Richard had a fridge load of beautiful ribs and bragged to my face as he was eating some of them, while I ate an old stale hot dog, which was my meal.  The two house fridges are always stocked full of food but I cannot eat that food according to Richard but Sandy tells ‘all  her friends’ I do and they offer and I consume. This is all a lie, and people eventually notice and that caused strife when I am around them now. Most people see them as pure liars. They are lazy fat no goods of life and not well enough to live on planet Earth.

While Sandy and Richard have been getting much heavier than their normal glutton stomachs, mine has shrunk and so there friends question their lies. Oh, so you feed him? Bullshit.

09302015 A.D. So this dude hid yesterday until I was not watching to spray water on my breaks of my car, as he has been doing for a year, I guess the rust issue. he is like Stalin, his whole is bent on hurting people , it is a vampire thing. He looks Arab too. He fiens watering the front yard because of Sandy's demands, but he turns on the hoze at full volume with full pressure and a fire hoze and then sprays into the dirt and unseeds the lawn, makes it into a stripped hard mud dirty foundation. Sandy paid a gardener big money to seed the lawn and it was working unitl she started having him water the lawn, he blew all the seeds into my breaks and onto the streets, a total waste and embarrashing too.

12 12 2015 A.D.


Every day I walk into the house for Nov and Dec I smell hard liqure in the living Room. I see beer bottles in outside fridge, disapear and then new ones. I link Sandy's hysterical outbursts with alcoholism, because I grew up alongside both my alcoholic parents, when young.

Richard and Sandy have been screaming at me, it is so embarrassing, for things others do. It is so abusive. Although Sandy is part Russian, her hubby looks Arabesque, although with blue eyes.  The neighbors who are terrorist in my opinion, the Beohenkes will not do anything. So they shine their 600 watt bulbs into my eye at 50 feet or less. Cops nor anyone will protect me because of my white, very white skin and oval long face and fragile white body.  Richard about 300 lbs, shorter than I, and Sandy , the same, both are very , very , fat and have a disease to rob as many people as possible for foodstuff. I cannot eat their food, they eat what I bring home and deny me kitchen privileges.  I do not sleep there, about 2 nights a month on average, but they say I use 350 dollars of energy for leaving the tv on to drown out the Full blast TV sandy stays up all night watching and finds ways to say I kept her up, so I do not stay over, they get 100 dollars. I use less than 20 dollars of utilities and I do help around the home for free.  Richard is a liberal, likes the Democratic Party and their foreigners because that is his meal ticket to acting white and lazy. As long as you are a  part of the victim crowd, it is always someone else’s fault, even when you know it is your own.