Music archive of what I managed to salvage over these homeless years. Most were destroyed, especially all the recordings of my ES 347 Gibson

archangel Michael CBM et al. ids through time

ARC MICHAEL #langkeys DNA Race Speech

anyone not blond, light eyes, white white skin and noordic features ( as opposed to arab round faces) are ' NOT' white #whites . Others are mixed, called Arabs ( Jews, Latin, Islam, brown or round Moon types of Arabite bodies).

You also need to be more articulate on your writ patterns = I have no idea what you speak of, because I use exclusively DNA. . Arabs that have DNA arabs call themselves White arabs. Yet most are light brown or brownish. #NWA correctly records in their debut album, song, 'F*&L da Police' blacks are actually browns and arabs in the Middle East as scholars call most Africans brown arabs. NOT BLACK. Jews are liars and control the media and lie all day long. They have made your mind into pretzels for their jew greed. jews are therefore Arabites.

Obama correctly calls himself a jew, because his mommy was a WASA‚ a white arab and his daddy was a rare black black african. So ME Arab scholars would call him a Black Arab.

try to articulate your speech patterns. In 1950s #SCOTUS passed a law calling #jews a race of people. Not the #Bible. but #atheist wackos on a bench. 
Race type White or Black ‡ « Root Ξ Crossing DNA ∈ Semetic < middle or common w⁄ skin type variable light to dark dark brown. Race type € White D.N.A. ⇔ northern white Chinese and partial Japanese and Koreans and Russia and some of the Caucuses and onto Balkan states and jumping over France and Germany and Spanish domains. Modern Scadinavian countries, Scotland but not England, and onto Ireland; these and scattered 19th century whites in south Africa or Austrilia make up the whole small unit of white people on planet Earth . Race type ¬€ Black — scattered and congregated from Central Africa to South Africa historically. Race type ¬€ Semitic Arabs from the Middle East, Latinos, South Asians and southern lands of China. ÷ Dark skin types such as dark skinnned and olive skinned Hindu but not Black– associated to African roots. — because the two races ≈ White and Black show cross breading < apok > body type and consciousness level variables: add in the top body shape of Caucasian to Asian and include gigantism and dwarfism, the majority on earth are Mixed race Arabs.

ArcMichael 2016 January –March Living situations and survival.


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AM: U.C. California, at Berkeley, undergrad, completed 119 units, 3.5 G.P.A.

Armageddon ⇔ Color wars


Because of my father's attention when I was 14 years-old, homeless, I began to call myself Michael. At the age of 14 years-old, he claimed I needed to live on the streets to learn to survive.


Directions to Hell. Jesus was a homeless poor person. Do you see how the Poor across Earth are Abused Constantly, like 24/7/365.2421 Days a year. Karma or pay -back-is-a- bitch is a tough lesson for you!


My opinion, voice, is 1 of 6.2 Billion people. began near vernal 24th, March, 1999 A.D. 3 oppositions = a triangle. Double blue moons in winter quarter(s) 1998 & 1999 A.D., the later a rare near horizon.