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currently a bullet in my head courteously of NSA CIA cabbages.

Dragon T γ StarWars > Matrix 1 < Matrix 2 ∑ Assassination and Torture renditions by DEEP STATE TO ME AND THE PEOPLE OF GOD

5.74% globally is our white white #dna race. If blacks were being eradicated, I would be black and on their side. #arcmichael #06112017ad #peace and #love. we #USA have the most per capita: #CNN march 2017 ‚ ⊂USA at 10% white race. their sources. :) 9:16 PST pm 34n 118 w general.

Van Nuys California, 2017 Holidays

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫

San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center - Cornerstone

14660 Oxnard Street Van Nuys, CA 91411

Services: San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center - Cornerstone is a Psychologist office located in Van Nuys, CA. A psychologist focuses on the evaluation, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. A clinical psychologist uses psychotherapy and other counseling skills to improve emotional and mental health.

Please call San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center - Cornerstone at (818) 901-4836 to schedule an appointment in Van Nuys, CA or to get more information.

COERNERSTONE: Where ANTI WHITE Racism Is Promoted as the Norm. where physical violence is celebrated by recent immigrant government workers, Where white citizens or quasi white employees are lied too on a daily basis and replaced by non-white people, of all backgrounds using lies and physical violence.


Case worker Dane, removed because of german wasa dna. He wanted to help me but was dismissed upon lies.

Thomas, a long time staffer was abused by a large black patron for lies and had to leave his job over false racist charges. He called blacks lazy in a group session and that trigged violent lazy blacks to beat him up and he fled. The Latino women working there hate all white workers and so Jews are the only near whites allowed to be and as long as they target People of GOD and white people, and give state and federal funds to the illegal immigrants under sanctuary privilege.



There are no permanent blacks but for guards and temporary. when I was attending bi weekly groups, on mention of the many replaced case workers, a black six foot plus tall employee began to punch me in front of other latin and black staff that did nothing but laugh. Why did they do this is because White people in the MEAMIC are called non privileged and must be suppressed.

I stayed away because I was physically abused and the Los Angeles Courts and Police and social services do not back me or my kind up with any solutions .All they do is scheme and lie and rob the State funding fees.


Burbank Social Services, where I Am interviewed at least once every two years, an insider told me that his office (full of non-whites) are trying to kick me off of SSI. So this last month they sent me to a doctor in Burbank and I had a schedule for a orthopedic and made a call to them and found out this was cancelled due to my approval on the psyche level for a continued SSI privilege.


So they have been giving me nothing, calling me behind my back all sorts of hate names and physical abuse and so I stayed away and only go to my psychiatric  appointments on site with their approved state medical staff. Currently Stephany is  my doctor who manages my pills and health concerns. I have no primary doctor  but this last few months Cornerstone  implemented their own  and it takes about three hours to fill out the paper work.


They have given about 35,000 privledges to illegal immigrants who can also get SSI if they await for three years under observation and all things are pushed to a fast track for them. I have met numerous illegals who have recieved Sec. 8 vochers and now live for free and are not a part of America. This is a DINO RINO plan of hate on all Americans for corpo cash.

Atheist bullies & Demons U.S. Fascist Gov remains a serious problem


take names and throw into the Lake of Fire.


Socially Suppressed: Medication

Methamphetamine forced on me to take it. Methamphetamine = venlafaxine by molecular molecule structures  = 99.89% exactly the same chemistry structure.  Its feelings are the same as street meth. It is an super energizer effect which can cause sleep depression and other bone and flesh anomalies and deterioration and quickly lead to death, dying in one’s sleep. There has been 7 deaths form CornerStone patrons, all healthy, dying in their sleep in the last 360  days.  Almost every patron I have quietly discussed this claim that they feel as if they are being poisoned to death.    


Not all people at Cornerstone are recovering addicts. I AM socially suppressed. I actually tried to not be on welfare , I was on it in my early 20s for nine months and that was it; the rest of the time I busted my butt to get pick up work, daily work to survive. There is people at Cornerstone that have WORLD Views that have never struggled and colors bash me calling me a liar about my narrative. If I keep quite than the brown and blacks make up a history for me based on what they social society claims which are all lies to destroy the white people. This is a world wide program. I mean the Chinese are profiting from building up Africa ( USA wants in too) because blacks cannot build a building themselves. Either they are too stupid and cannot and we must rethink their purpose or they use others to do their hard work and rely on social narratives such as racism to steal those buildings and jobs once they are created.

The first group 12 14 2017 at Cornerstone, the issue of  staying safe and positive over the weekend erupted ( no yelling)  into two whites complaining of street harassment and no respect for whites. That made this fat white chick, has a home, goes shopping for food as a leisure activity – she had a meltdown and decided to discuss it with the Boss. Like why do they feel that  way.  I walked by , they were standing at the door to the patio and heard them discussing  things of this group and I just passed by but heard the boss, George Vega and he said “some people want to die.” This is not what was said. We said we ( the two whites) are fighting back and we do not care any longer about anything.  It is 24/7/365 on the streets. “Whites get out of Mexico.” “Whites are the devil.” Blacks utter to themselves. Every evil look at me by colords on the street is taxing to the point of I AM not a positive sheeple anylonger.  I Have been positive for 37 years and was attacked by Americans and foreigners’, for those 37 years. . Now I am NO LONGER POSITIVE. There is a breaking point and all of us have them. I am in an building closed, no one here and I have seven shirts on, a jacket and a heavy sweater and it is rather warm in here and when I leave to go to my car to sleep; it will be another cold night, waking up freezing. Car was damaged during the Shadow  Government chases. And I also hurt my back running and jumping from these animal baby blood drinkers.

The lies in our society by the majority colords in our land are plethoric. “ I come from the richest nation on Earth ( Mexico, source Forbes 500, period 2006 – current and I will come to your  country, get citizenship ( my mom was denied for 40 years and left without it) automatically by walking into any DM V (* gov Jerry Brown by Mexican MS-13 pressure, he is a sissy that bows to baby rapers and drug cartellers) and get a citizenship after only a few hours in the U.S.A. You are all racist and  liars so I AM killing you all in this Dragon place.


23 American countries and one Proxy State of Israel makes up the Dragon in the Holy Bible.

The lies in our society by the majority colords in our land are plethoric. “ I come from the richest nation on Earth ( Mexico, source Forbes 500, period 2006 – current and I will come to your  country, get citizenship ( my mom was denied for 40 years and left without it) automatically by walking into any DM V (* gov Jerry Brown by Mexican MS-13 pressure, he is a sissy that bows to baby rapers and drug cartellers) and get a citizenship after only a few hours in the U.S.A. You are all racist and  liars so I AM killing you all in this Dragon place.

C.C.C.C.I.A. is a program I run and is found in code in Revelations: The four-faced beast.  The  highest level ever run from any country was C.C.C.I A. that was James “ Jesus” Angleton 1950s who scripted the 1947 multi legislation of a new  F.B.I. and new division called the Central Intelligence Agency and Navel became N.S.A. which remained a secret until Edward Snowden’s revelations ( NYTimes sat on this in blockage from a FISA court for two years before Snowden’s revelations, so they lost that one)  by his Yale thesis because at that time spooks wanted to hunt NAZI treasure.  His downfall was being caught up in the sex issue. The pay-4-play has been a research of many conspiracists  for decades, including I but it remains, a wonder too, sex brings down Swamp Periods in State’s histories. All States have their forms of a Swamp: non voted in careerist controllers of a State’s destiny. They  black mail the voted in careerists and there is  no terms of limits. Most serve until they die, like for 50 years.  After a while and the circus Obama brought to the U.S.A., slush funds, secret sex slave black mails and clubs for pedophiles of all sorts: from Academia, To Congress to unheard of corporation C.E.O.s all ordering prepubescent ( banned in my Holy   Quraan explicitly and referenced to a no go there in my Bible) for sex and or some many  forms of cannibalism.  These practices are world wide and linked to Hollyrout, a 2012  Vatican and Prince Charles ( Secretly Queen Elizabeth II too) international Child Trafficking ring. Pope Ratzinburg was forced and mislead and got so upset that the Illuminati , including Obama and Hillary both pedios, they put a gun to his head, put him in a helicopter and the news later announced his super early retirement. How am I ever going to get respect when blacks and browns  and even most whites worship at the alter of the Beast?  


They have them believing That I AM not even Real and that we should all worship at the alter of the group deities of African Godless brown. !  The point about the African Congo is that black Africans, in spite of migration of Arabs, some rich , many poor was that today 2017,  most young Congolese Adults are ‘real Christians.’ At the U.S.A. , the black churches are empty. If a church is open, it probably is for worshipping state social narratives and little to do with ME. — Arc Michael et al. reincarnations. 12142017AD





Wider City Services connection here

Cornerstone FCCS

The program provides field-based services which includes a comprehensive array of mental health, intensive case management, dual diagnosis services and medication support services.  The program is open seven days per week and has a milieu setting which includes laundry facilities, shower facilities, locker facilities and daily mental health groups.

Target Population: 

The Cornerstone Field Capable Clinical Services program serves adults aged 26-59 with a serious mental illness who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and are unserved, underserved, or inappropriately served. Focal populations include; 1) chronically homeless, 2) serious risk of homelessness 3) recently released from jail, or high risk of incarceration; 4) multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and recent suicide attempts, and 5) have experienced trauma or are currently in abusive relationships.

Ages of Population: 

26 to 59 years of age


I see or know of four case workers, each has about 36 — 39 clients. So they work rather hard & not everyone comes, sporadically but one must come at least 90 days to remain open case. I go to a psychiatrist medical evaluations monthly or bi monthly at that office. Now, since mid-September I go there five days a week, often from 7:00 to 4:30 p.m. We have groups, various topics but most on our circumstances. Mixing Addicts ( most if not all are Mexican or Latino. A few blacks) and non addicts. Almost all whites, not all. But almost. Most blacks and some others. No Asians. As of 12 14 2017 A.D.  there are seven paid monthly stipend positions. All of them are black filled, and no whites. The only white job is the breakfast person who hands out juice and cereal, not a hard job and but this scheduling is earlier than almost all staff , at arrival each morning. IMO, Joe Jackson racially bullies Kim ( born McDonald too) as well as generally plays off of the false narrative that whites owe blacks for 100s of years of slavery.  

Herodotus recognized as the first modern Historian wrote society plays off the ‘sins of my fathers’ narrative.  So if you have white skin and born in the 20 th century, you have to pay for black slave owners that lied and claimed white started and brought Blacky over on ships to the New World and blacks started the first plantations in America. At the United States of America official 1840 Census some 48% of all human slave farms were run by black Africans: who did these Africans  enslave? Irish and African.  The United States school textbooks do not mention any of this, at all? Why? IMO to keep blacks fat , lazy and rich while whitey suffers and dies for Mr. Afro Blacky.

Curiously, at Congo, King Leopold wanted to be like Africans who controlled the Spanish and Portugal new world excursions and Arabs like France and colonize Africa, so the final dude to colonize was an EU small country. His men found skulls stacked upon stacks made by Africans against other Africans.  Yes, King Leopold was a butcher and an avarite, but I do not pay for his sins when I read my Bible. When I read any Newspapers and down to a sex blog; whitey has one purpose: to be the sex slave and a permanent house slave or they plan to die fighting for this as a world group.  This is why, at CornerStone, religion or race are not allowed to be spoken by white white people. Blacks can call for your murder and Mexicans can call you crazy and filthy names, but whites cannot utter a word. They must be laughed and ridiculed.

(818) 901-4836

Fake Services:

Cnn money fake news yahoo article was slammed: What many do not know is how much this country spend annually for the poor, and so far those who are running the agency for the poor are the ones who are well off with fat salaries and pensions.

( link Yahoo CNN Money news on the issues of the Poor and absence of the American Middle Class).

This is a reality. At Cornerstone the well off are the immigrant and non white staff who suppress whites and steal all the money from us Americans. They hate and spread hate and lie for decades about these issues.


Alice a black lady, kinda nice, a black dude that cooks berated her for stealing lunch meat. So for two months, I believed we got no meat on our sandwiches. He outed her today, but she did not get into any trouble by Joe because she is black. If I was stealing lunch meat, I AM white, Black Joe would have me thrown out of Cornerstone.  So a black stipend position also means free loading off of  white Patron’s products which are bought for all colors not just a black person(s). Joe is a very very large black man, and why he is like a duel advocate and a bouncer but all really big people are not assholes and haters and racists.  Joe loves to speak on racism. His favorite meme is when he quit his many addictions he  went to central Valley to attend a “red neck” AA meeting and loves to illustrate their racism ( which was none, made up in his mind).  He claims he was the only black at these meetings. I doubt  it; many AA meetings in the Valley are stocked full of blacks. He probably went 50 miles out of his way, out of the San Fernando Valley to try to incite racism.  There are literally thousands of San Fernando AA meetings.  So his message was he entered a racist den ( his imagination) and demanded to be included. That is the same with me at Cornerstone.


Blacks rule that Cornerstone by false accusations and I saw fear on George’s eyes ( 17 years or more, he is one of the long timers); he is a boss of most people.  Blacks do not need to do anything but turn on the TV to see made up stories of evil whites doing harm to victim and innocent blacks.  This is all run by baby raping, baby eating and blood drinking yellow and white traitors who are multi-millionaire s or billionaires or they are in seats of extreme power.


Everything is Politics; Everything is religion. The music industry is a mess and very hostel to peacemakers; Sports are rich blacks who cannot read nor write and offer their so-called expertize on Politics or Religion. The entire World is a sick joke and whites are not ruling it, at all. All conversation, beit conversational or argumentative are always interwoven with unconscious political and religious speak. So  again, these claims are hypocritical and harmful to me and my psyche.

IAM the Light of The World.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


Dec 2017 AD

I come back to Cornerstone in September 2017, because I was bullied there prior, for 6.5 years and I started to fight back and scream. So I do cause problems but when I kept quite, I sat with no help for 37 years.

Personal Cornerstone

Cornerstone 12 15 2017 A.D. on Thursday 14 th of Dec. got to Cornerstone and a new guard I never saw before harassed me much and then at the Kitchen, Maria ( Mexican with parents but on the streets for 6 months, already has housing before I, who have been awaiting 37 years for any fucking help, and still none.  Well the Black employee , for a  bouncer, he is Joe Jackson, common name, very large recovering addict, coke and booze and almost every day explains how he beats or will beat up anyone who does not bow to his abuse. Maria had a doctor’s appointment, so she was screaming at two people for orders; I backed away from the Kitchen serving window area as she was addressing another patron’s breakfast needs. Joe is not in the kitchen, I screamed back to leave this ‘forced’ thing and go to your doctors, we can take over and but she started her yelling and illegal rants. She told me to get something in the kitchen herself and I did and then she told me this was the reason why but she never told Joe Jackson she told me 12262017AD about me being in the kitchen. Joe said my problem is I made her cry. Joe and three other blacks then pulled me aside and read me my riot act, claiming they would bring down wrath on my for making Maria cry. The fact is me and Maria have been friends since I first met her and like couples, we argue but then get back along again and today, she said “Hi, in the morning’ ( she has no idea I was pulled aside, maybe she does?) and I told her I can no longer speak to her and the real reason from my standpoint is that Maria Cried because she was supposed to be at the Doctor’s appointment but was forced by Blacks to serve food for the only white and very fat girl’s Stipend ( $50 /mo.). All six other positions are given to blacks only, no whites allowed. I was blamed by four blacks who claimed I yelled at Maria and made her cry and thus I AM a bully. I AM so tired of false charges, and listening to hypocrisy: we must listen to how Joe beats up innocent people and he laughs and makes an excuse he has changed; a total lie.  Every situation, experience must be seen through Joe’s eyes and no humanity’s! Blacks, a black who was homeless for seven months has already got his housing in January. I have been awaiting since the age of 14 years old for any type of State help and all I get is die whitey from people who cannot read nor write or communicate effectively.  

The Spiritual or Any Religion are place names for the mind, thinking, conciousness and all that comes with that like empathy, love and devotion.

The Anti Spiritual are place names for ‘want’, ‘envy,’ ‘hate, ‘racism,’  ‘emotions’ , ‘anger,’  ‘hatred,’ hypocrisy, avarice, sloth and other uncivilized behaviors, rash actions, mis understandings due to cultural propagandizing are also included.


Hypocrisy: Bible is banned in Cornerstone but AA Alcoholics anonymous replaces it as the spiritual book. That  means it is a religion. You have faith in your sponsor ; you go to a Church  like setting and give each other support as a group. But AA has no morality in its measures. Or the false TV narrative that Whites are supremacists and no black ever hurt anyone. Black Man, FBI director ordered the assassination of white John F Kennedy and his brother Robert, and no black knows this ( source Washington DC JFK Doc dump Oct 2017 A.D. by the Pentagon, forced by Marines and Trump’s hand. The Bible teaches you are not responsible for  your parents or heritages sins.  USA teaches just the opposite. If you have white skin, you are the sinner and colords are sinless. The world is over folks, you have 12 years left on Earth. OK? Because this stuff will never stop and 6 billion do not support me or care about me and so I no longer want you in life itself.


Politics is not allowed at CornerStone for Whites. For blacks, yes it is allowed to hate on slave driver ( false claim) whitey. Ron a black stipend guy who often shows up to see blacks chew me out on false charges he talks all the time about killing people: “ Don’t mess with me, I will hang you.” “I will not beat you up but hang you.” He  is not strait with me and believes he has too much power and privilege.  I was pulled into an office, about the first few weeks back and a baseless claim with no accuser said I was trying to kill people in the office . I have not threated anyone, as of yet.  I kept on asking for my accuser and was denied over and over and so I suspect this is a black false, slander whitey to kick him out charge. Ron don’t  talk to me but for his work duties. When I see Ron with blacks around a discussion it is how evil whitey is and what do  to do them: Kill Them.  Then when blacks are ranting about false accusations of whites, which they believe the white traitor lies on the media or institutions they laugh at our pain and suffering knowing full well they are enemies of whites, mortal enemies.  They cannot read a fucking Slavery book that shows blacks enslaved whites. I do not owe blacks shit and I also deserve respect too.  Blacks love to isolate whites so they cannot group and get protection. On the streets, it is a daily, “ will I survive the day and  night or have to fight to the death, myriads of rich, do nothing blacks and latin on the streets of Los Angeles? The last thing I need is a bunch of black hypocrites making my morning and early day a living nightmare of hate  and irrationality. However, that is what is going on currently. It is super tough with the holidays and being a orphan of such because I left my parents at a very young teenage.


I have been on the streets, holding cells for homeless only no criminals, boys homes and one fostercare, short lived and on the streets for my entire adult years, save a few 9 months in my early 20s and four years up at School which cost me seven years of problems with school loans. Access is a homeless program for non social security  recipients  and many of them were housed before me and were only homeless for 6 or 7 months. Why do you ask? None of these new Section 8 or the new system of shelter plus care are white people. Many now are getting SSI due to my fighting against the system. Yet, I Am not allowed to discuss my past and so the blacks and Mexican make it up and my past includes Deep State and private militaries’ after me and my Islam and killed some of my Islamic Protectors.  I was blamed for the Russian hack: Seth Rich to Julian Assange then he released to an agent at Twitter, that  meme was then posted on GooglePlus and that is where I took over and interpreted deep classified material which showed the U.S.A. fake all wars  from Vietnam, including the 10 middle east regime changes in the last 20 years, the elite run a global Child Abduction, Rape, Sacrifice, Sex Slave, Blood vessel for vampires, and our top US congress were ordering 5 to 12 year old children, abducted all over  the world for the wealthy Illuminati Satanists. The murder of Supreme Court Justice Antony Scalia was in the emails and I and another anonymous were able to see that DNC campaign leader OK’d the assassination and gave the location which  “ I said was illegal.” You cannot give out a vacationing Supreme Court Justice’s location out by email, phone or otherwise. It is strictly against all laws and protocol. C.I.A. F.B.I. and Pentagon started and funded ISIS with AL Waleeed  ( they are sunni cannibals, anti Islam) , a gay Prince of the Houser of Sauud ( Saudi Arabia).  They manage to kill 1,500,000 people and eradicate communities there in the Levant for over 2,000 years. We have 25 mile squared Children sex Hunting ground s for the elite to hunt children. There are also body part shoppes to sell to organ profiteers.  Hillary Clinton and her hubby have KURU disease: that is from cannibalism, incubation is from 5 years to 50 years and she has video and film footage of KURU attacks.  Many cite it as Parkinson but it behaves exactly like cannibal disease. Government ordered the first black African Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown, ordered his assassination. Ordered him off a plane in eastern Europe ,because he was to resign over new knowledge that Clintons were selling nuclear weapon designs to the Chinese elite for cash, $44,000,000 1995—’96 so they killed him and I was the only one to show this with the autopsy bullet holes to a social media environment to which the president was reading or his teams.

I dominated Google Plus and I got 20,000 viewers a day, which for me was astronomical for this time period. So I was noticed and I spread facts that appeared to the unconscious ( non religious in our World) as racist but all where backed up by legitimate F.B.I. data or world data from major institutions and sources. So the  only solution was to  kill me and that is what happened from May 2017 to about the mid October 2017 when I learned a month later Donald Trump signed a secret executive order to pull the F.B.I. off the Robert Mueller investigation = trying to harass, rendition, snare or assassinate me and even trying to harass me to the point of ending my life which did not happen. There were 14 legitimate assassination attempts and 300 or so days of constant night and day harassment. However I been recommended not to bring up my real life and allow the niggers to false make up a crackers history. This shyte is going to end permanently on Earth.

I had no choice but to call for the demise of planet Earth. why? When I AM Jesus or Socrates or Osiris or Hercules or some other of my embodiments, I am brought to trial on bogus charges or murdered and/or I get killed or exiled. So I just gave up and said FxxK this Shyte: You animals and not humans, very few of them on Earth are all going off of it for about 1,000 years.  Because of the constant  harassment, Police told me to go away as they were scared to look out of the Police Stations’ window to see a myriad of Deep State and Black Box and other foreign militaries inside of the U.S.A. killing Americans  and ordering cops to stand down and shut up. I cannot win and I AM tired of all this shyte. So see my seals for your dates of death: Globally.



Ruth ( a serious Christian the only stipen person besides Rhonda I like currently ) and sometimes Linda ( a real black African b/c she does not seem to be influenced by racial quota reckoning. )  is the only black women, a patron, but a long time person, seven years to be a buddy of mine. The rest laugh when whitey gets abused by Niggers behind whitey's back at Cornerstone. The world is a joke and needs not to go on any longer. I cannot get any respect from unconscious, all feeling, courts, edu, media, institution are all based on lies and use authority to enforce those lies. I cannot migrate to Scotland, because of a ban on white white people at the U.K.  Cannot go to the Middle East, the CIA and Congress started all those wars over there and thus they hate Americans and the Godless CIA made innocent Islam believe these were decisions by white poor Americans on food stamps.  The world is over and I made the call, about the last weeks of September and October to about the middle of October I gave eradication judgements and an Alien invasion.  Details are on my website for exact timings. See Seals of the Bible.

— December 14 th 2017 A.D. Arc Michael.


Big Black Joe calls ConerStone a business when he wants to hurt people's feelings. A business dehumanizes people to make profits or to get jobs for freeloaders. The issue is if someone actualy asks if he cares or if CornerStone should care about its Patrons, its meal ticket.

Hu ≡ GOD ; & man⁄women ⇔ Animals. On Earth Currently there are like Six or now Seven Billion Animals, and very few Humans.  The  white race if the Browns, which include blacks which are really mostly browns have their way we White Whites should be eradicated in forty years or less off of the entire Earth. That is their plan and a small Godless fraction of them rule CornerStone by their lies and the social fraud race narrative. Basically blacks rule the entire Dragon by constant group think lies and they are all in full knowledge of this lie to hurt and harm innocent people who never did them harm.  

Since the State or government never allowed my mother to feed or house me I was murdered by a group of 18 year old blacks, at El Monte California, holding facility for unwanted or homeless or orphan children—age of 15 years old. I was unstable living here or there and away from my family’s house at the age of 14 years old. My Mom was denied constantly over the argument that whites are evil and the U.S.A. therefore needs only to import yellow and brown animals.

On Earth Currently there are like Six or now Seven Billion Animals, and very few Humans.  The  white race if the Browns, which include blacks which are really mostly browns have their way we White Whites should be eradicated in forty years or less off of the entire Earth. That is their plan and a small Godless fraction of them rule CornerStone by their lies and the social fraud race narrative. Basically blacks rule the entire Dragon by constant group think lies and they are all in full knowledge of this lie to hurt and harm innocent people who never did them harm.  

My Mom was denied constantly over the argument that whites are evil and the U.S.A. therefore needs only to import yellow and brown animals.

She could never house me and my father was a drunk at that time, prostitutes and philandering. He started drinking at noon. But he did manage to stop and find a new wife who did not want his past brought with him to his new life. At this time I AM age 14 years old and he begins to beat me and scare me, he still drinking hard liquor at this time.  

She could never house me and my father was a drunk at that time, prostitutes and philandering. He started drinking at noon. But he did manage to stop and find a new wife who did not want his past brought with him to his new life. At this time I AM age 14 years old and he begins to beat me and scare me, he still drinking hard liquor at this time. These blacks hung me up and strangled me to death. They scattered when my body shook and shuddered and I lost consciousness. They laid me on the floor and ran, all 15 of them. I was beaten by Watts blacks at Prairie St. Elementary School, Northridge, starting at the second grade. The teachers and faculty said, No, blacks do not make black eyes. #lolz. They whites were legally and careerwise in terror of speaking out at animal behaviors. So society became tolerant of "Animal Behavior" and so today, we have our top Presidents, from Bush sr to Obama as real and evidence pedophiles’ and running a club of global Child Trafficking to the rich and famous, I will never get any respect at CornerStone. Why? because most of these children are blond and blue or green eyed and blacks and browns and yellows are thrilled and therefore voted establishment and signed up for violent protests and whites are visually documented beaten all over the U.S.A. by black animals protecting their baby raping and vampire and drug cartels ( the US government establishment) at the demise of Earth itself.

There are 13 illuminati Families including a fraction of the House of Sauud, but I AM not sure of the Sinclairs  as one of them. However,  Rothschild’s and Rockerfellers were infamous for debauchery parties where every imaginal sin was championed, openly but behind and elite curtain.  Why is this of any interest? From white traitors like Ke$ha to sworn Illuminati or majic Masonite Jay-Z to Dre. To Snoop puppy pup. All place symbols and references into their top hip hop music , widely worshipped by the way, even at Cornerstone.  These thirteen families own 97% of the world’s wealth and will never share it because they have sworn themselves to the Beast. So on Joe Jackson’s Cell Phone, he calls ‘a beast’ has many blacks with illuminati worship and most of these kings or C.E.O.s get access to  illuminati privilege of Child abuse and human and even animal abuse. The problem is that most of these rulers are liberal arts majors and dumbasses and since they cannot control their carnal or moribund desires, they do not care about your suffering. Why? Life is a business. If you are white, you are a product to be ( Disney method) put on a pedestal, made a Prince or  a Princess and then raped , abused, robbed and your story covered up or today, just ignored. —so since I have no one to love me, all my whites are being eaten and raped and or eradicated for lazy social imperialism all over Planet Earth, why not fight back? That first group !!! None of this was discussed by the way!!!

Today 12 14 2017 at Cornerstone, a white stood up, and I followed by my life narrative that living in my car, but still on the streets; I am racially profiled by all colors, constantly  24/7/365 as they look as if I AM a terrorist or a foreign invader. All the world text books will need to be burnt over false data and false accusations. Blacks use these false texts by sissy white traitors or many yellow bellied Professors to dehumanize us Whites, world wide. They have them believing That I AM not even Real and that we should all worship at the alter of the group dieties of African brown. !


Christmas Party. Kiki, a black transvestite, very nice person and I were told after the raffle, that no more gift cards by George ⟨ which was perhaps a mis understanding ⟩ but he did play that game but I stayed until 3:30 p.m. and was there since 7:30 a.m. before the doors open. Epic lies. Kiki and I were having discussion and Joe heard and said we were lying or to that effect. not out of context. When You are suppressed by the State over false charges since you were 8 yeras old, you tend to fight back. I do not believe Goerge cares about us and I believe he stays late because he does not want to go home to his crying family’s needs. That is my opinon . How in the hell does Maria who had a supportive family, only be homeles for six months and gets life long housing and I have been awaiting since I was 8 years old‚ & I Am approching 52 years old. ???????

Racism is a made up fantasy by Niggers

so no shower for five days. Get out of shower this morning, after awaiting 45 mins ( homeless broke rules) so I took a fast one, group was soon. Get out, moving stuff to staging seat, about 3 feet from stall and about to wipe the floor and nigger goes off on my claiming I made it filthy and therefore, it is more proof that white are racist against niggers. I had to get massive support from the people who are regulars to show him I left the place spotless.  The issue is I tried to calmly explain, I just got out and have not put my damn things down. I’ll do it now. But the nigger kept up its lies. I have to deal  with this 24/7 because if  he goes to the AntiWhite controllers, blacks get believed, even their lies. It is only after a gang of people came and looked at the bathroom, both of us there and  never left, so no trickery,  that nigger stopped its lies. The false accusations are fucking endless. Nigger knows to throw out white means more sitting on ass and getting welfare or freebees. & 3 whites out of  30 employees is not any Democracy. —

ISIS Arabia

ARC National Abuse by DNA Codes





United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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