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Current Birth Data:

Born in March of 1966 A.D. very close to down town Los Angeles, at St. Vincent's Hospital,  Silverlake.

Sign: Horse

Sidereal Jupiter   Sign: Horse, my Jupiter sidereally is in Gemini ( source 150 A.D. Korea, from Hannic Korean literacy, adopted from much earlier Han Court astronomer and historian, Ssu-ma Ch’ien’s Shih chi. today you  know this as an Asian animal wheel, commonly mis classified as Chinese Astrology. Western Astrology worked up till about the 12 th century, then uncorrected precession  doomed it to a pseudo science still argued as legit by mainstream astrologers today, very sad. So there is no point in giving you my western tropical astrology positions as they are non real positions of reality.

Color of skin, white

CBM Toluca Lake United Methodus Church services

mom: Skin Color very white: French, Welsh, her family was extreally contibutaory to British Columbian culture, the family surnames dot the modern streets. However, Mother's father, my maternal grandfather.

father : Skin Color Olive ( Sister same) tan to brown easily and quickly. ( paternal mother's grand-parents migrated to Germany from Kieven Rus' ( late Muscovy period). Our Paternal side goes through Scotland. My name automatically appeared on Masonic registers. Don't go to them because they look for me. I rather identify with some sects of Rosa Crusian, as Masonic Sects often are secular-judiasm-kaballa clubs while others seek and wield world power. My sister had attended and was a Job's daughter, her outfits were extreamly expensive.

Michael Auto Bio ( Parents: Father ) gamma m a

Michael Auto Bio ( Parents: mother ) gamma m b

1989-1999 ( 33 years old, state claims 34 years, the double count the first!).

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Plutonium, of the first batch of transmutational elements that made the periodic table as well as armed the most powerful wmds  on Earth was created five miles to my left arm  ( your right side) in 1938 just in time for World War II,  allowed nuclear weapons to me made in small compact compartments and produced the stronger devastational weaponry, as well. This threat then feuled the fabled but unreal and MEAMIC constructed Cold War * 1959-continuing so two countries could take control of Earth for their own needs. 'What is Force'? How can one or a large group of people force anyone? WMD were the answer and the 7,000 failure for a human achievement. 

1981 p Moon over n Chiron ( around 26 August 1981), praesepe cancri begins transit by progression for my ascendant. I leave home, father says it is time to live on streets, not an adult yet, very young. Bos on or near descendant. So suffering. actually 14 years-old. Father cut-off Mother of child support, Mother an illegal alien so cannot complain to American authorities.

I lived with a junior high school female over the seventh grade summer break because of tension in 9211 Encino.


Los Angeles Valley College

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While homeless, living in my car, I help run a homeless feeding program for 6 years, five days a week. I was not paid anything.

tiff file very large original

Los Angeles 2010 Morning CHemJets clouds will cover sky in otherwise perfect clear day

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This was given to me by my paternal side ( family Tree)  of my family for my birth. Click for a large photo 3254 x 2448. The problem with genealogy is that I have been reincarnating and so have my parents and other siblings, and it is not a stable rebirth scenario. Sometimes, I'm the only child, and other times I'm born with a bevy of siblings.



1966 March 5, Silverlake, CA ( 2.5 miles form Down Town Los Angeles) at 1:43 p.m. ( Armageddon code if you apply astreology). Cesarean Section. ( date of release of time of birth, 11:53 am, 09 June 2014.  My chart ties into mundane state charts. So calculating the future is a little easier with a compendium of charts for complex interwoven times.

First Home, Arleta, CA. Then we moved into a large home with a view in Knowlwood, near but above Granada Hills. The Earthquake of 1971 destroyed it, I was in a bunk bed, the Fire department red tagged the house at 11:00 a.m., fear of Hansen Damn Flooding. I never returned. My father purchased a home in Northridge, CA., 9211 Encino Ave. I lived there sporadically until I permanently ran away from home due to abuse by my whole family.

1975: my parents separate permanently, the hater father buys home on Encino Ave. Northridge, 9211. He moves to various houses, a long time on Renaldi and Reseda, where I would stay for over a semester with him before running away to Venice Beach, LA.

1981 p Moon over n Chiron ( around 26 August 1981), Praesepe begins transit by progression of my ascendant. I leave home, father says it is time to live on streets, not an adult yet, very young. Bos on or near descendant. So suffering.

1987 ( spring 1987, Visions, revelations of past lives and of others' too). Summer 1987 b ack in Montana for their summer summit. Nearly paralized in fear over 'visions,' return home and wander, leave the ideas of this cult, and called my father in desperation for money. He sends 200 dollars to pay debts, but I still try to get work in painting. Find a small group that I'll paint with for about a year. Then move into my only apartment to live their for nine  months.

1988  Begin a long standing chronically homeless, living in cars. Start to work in  paint  of residential and  of commercial making about 5:00 per hour. 

1989-1999 ( 33 years old, state claims 34 years, the double count the first!).