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18 June 2014 ( 12:58 Pacific Daylight Savings Time) Gamma 'h' updated 04 19 2015.

Homeless are not racist -- Majic Johnson ( NBA basket ball legend, and entreprenure, and a good community helper to all groups).

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Living & growing up with culture classh with little escape.

Bullying by LA RAZA man 04 19 2015. A.D Colored U.C. Professors Teach Humans whites screwed up world, created a fictitious 'reason' and logic. I am a natural scientist, an observational and deductive and inductive methdologies completed. There is no room for me and the Arab Latinos or the blacks who see these sciences as the creation of white man, and thus inherently evil. So we should all switch to hip hop, lies and bragging' and dancing and murdering and bullying and canabolism.



I'm Homeless and was kicked out of work so often by Illegal Latin immigrants, being picked up for work by rich left and right partied middle to rich class, it makes me understand that the U.S.A. is not for me, even though my grandparents and parents contributed to its building. Since I'm not preferred, I seek to dismantle the U.S.A. because it does not support me, it lies, it covers up, and uses me for its rich lifestyle. Perhaps I have friends elsewhere, toward the East?

Illegals treated better than homeless...

"Thousands of immigrants, most of whom are children from Central America, entering the U.S. illegally are overwhelming federal resources. Reacting to what has been labeled a "humanitarian crisis," U.S. taxpayers are providing the illegal immigrants with housing, food, education, health care, recreation, vocational training, family unification, and even legal counsel. In the face of providing such amenities to the migrants, there are hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens--including families and children--who remain without a home or food."

"The treatment and services being provided to the youthful immigrants brings to question the attention, or lack thereof, being given to our own homeless and starving populations. That is not to say that welfare programs, many of which are already bloated, should be further expanded for U.S. citizens. Rather, it calls into question the Obama Administration's priorities--are illegal immigrants a higher priority for this administration than struggling U.S. citizens?"

Comment" No it was already full blown when Ronald Reagan was in office. During Truman, I believe, Operations Wetback was a resounding success, and the Latinos, who then reacted and vowed, yet again, Armageddon to the Black and White Race, shut up for at least 10 years after that project. But, when part two was to take place under Ronald Reagan, he granted amnesty. Now here is the trick. The U.S.A. claims in laws and history books they have an anti-Immigration policy, with laws, but in reality these were never followed. In fact, I was pushed out of work in the early 1990s and even before that in the later 1980s by white and black U.S. citizens preferring to hire illegals, because they would never get in trouble and they could treat them inhumanly and get away with it. It was so bad, it spread into all suburbs and now is a fabric of Society.

I know many illegals under false names and SSN that have Section 8 ( free housing for life) and I cannot get it because I'm white and look European, and even when I've been chronically homeless, because of my social status, the U.S.A. people do not give a damn about me. So I will just work to destroy them, all of them. They are traitors to democracy, because I know many Latinos who are here and are also against illegal immigration or legal, and blacks lost all of their dry wall work to Latino gangs in the 1990s and continuing. The people at Fox like the Bushes, they support illegals over me, and they are proud of it, and Bushes call themselves pioneers -- as lawless cowboys and Fox worships these traitors.

Since I'm homeless I see the beat on the streets, Latino cops killing white homeless and whites and to a lesser extent Blacks and the less number of racial homeless are Latinos. I 've met illegal immigrants who get $80,000 a year LAUSD jobs, they all have fictitious SSNs, they lie, they make up stories and live like kings and queens. And when you press them on subject matter, they are nearly dolts and fully functional semi-literates. These teachers, illegals hiding, laugh too and claim they do not even know their subject, they learn from books provided them and given to the children in classrooms, and these children turn out as stupid dolts.  One geography teachers laughed on line because she did not know her subject but gets $60,000 a year and a huge retirement package and has tenure after one year, and she loves the handouts.

So this message is to all white race people (that are not Christian or faux Christians). I will make sure your generation falls away.

President accused of fueling surge after honoring DREAM activists at White House...

It is not just Obama this trend is endemic to the U.S. establishment. They see lower whites ( Asians included) and lower black classes as a threat so to remain in power they court illegals who do not know history or facts of their evil greedy ways.

If America is Evil, then Get out now! #Bullies

04 19 2015 A.D. -- About 5:00 p.m. at NoHo park ( Chuenga and Magnolia) : #Northhollywood Park

A man, Mexican, fat-small hook nose ( like Eugene Braden's,) brown skin always sits 'near' the normal crowd but likes to keep to himself but comes to the park to eat or steal. Not knowing at first who he was or his past, he overheard me and George Speaking, a Finnish man who migrated here and lives I believe in his car. I speak to him on hot topics that we know what we are speaking on and he often enjoys my company. So I was loud as it was afternoon in the park with Fire engine nose and large commercial aircraft about 900 feet passing us by every five minuets, he over heard our conversation and started to mouth off, and I could not get a word in, he went full mental - screaming meltdown ( drunk?). I was discussing with George how immigrants received 20 years ago ( one person I knew from NoHo Y.M.C.A., plus other Ys) and still do preferential treatment, such as section 8, and yes they do and have been getting it, so everything 'migrant' must have been upsetting to him because he was LA RAZA., ignorant and a bully. He seemed drunk but that is no excuse in park politics.

He knows that Latins rule Los Angeles and got there by violence as they did to me and most other whites in Jr. High School, shutting down the entire school twice a semester and 50 cop cars -- with an infant policy now commonplace not to punish the migrants for violence ( unless sever, like lose of limb or life). So when he first challenge me, I responded that Mexico do not allow migrants and  he exploded, to over shout me and hand gestures – with no response but only I must look European so go back there – but without letting the issue go.

So I sat with George for  five minuets and then left and went across the Street, to many blacks and Mexicans that are  homeless too but understand me and know me. I say the same things around them all the time.  I asked everyone if they knew who this person was, and I pointed to the bench he sat across the street. I have seen him before but he never spoke before.

One of the ladies told me that she saw him go over to a family with a child, sleeping and road over there on his bike and loaded up all their property and put it into bags and knapsacks ( which he carries many empties) and loaded up their property and fled on his bike. He is a robber. Then one of my black friends, Vince, who stays on the LA  side most of the time, last week while visiting  NoHo ( he lived around here for a long time) told me to watch out for a man on a bike, that cases the park and steals stuff but his description was only that information. There are people that come to the park to rob and are  not homeless but migrants ( illegal aliens). This racist could not handle I could not migrate at all to his country. So he used the freedom and ‘American is evil’ an out of context claim, because he could not understand George and I’s long established communication codes, he speaks limited English, so he knows I speak about the people on Capitol Hill as being evil.  This was a racist LA RAZA, loner, and robber and I cannot reason with him and Campos or the head of NoHo’s police dept. division for the park is also LA RAZA. In past lives, I just run away but it is getting old  as he is just a robot of a more abundant version, his unconscious argument was I was white ( the park is full of brown to black people now 2015) and so I stand out. Butch Shade left  ( grew up in boys homes), he is white, and so is George who looks older round face and body type, and has limited English and does not speak loud. Since it was a one way argument (he shouting hatred) I have no choice but to stop it myself. I cannot count on anyone else, not the police or anyone I know. I just do not have the big body or muscle tone now with both legs injured I do not work out any longer.

It is insane to think of doing my other things with all these oppositions.


after a few minuets all he could come up with was migration to Canada, because in reality one cannot migrate to other countries.