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page created 17 June 2014 ( photos, most are the same day).

best viwed with 229+ ppi or 239 dpi & WUXGA 1200 x 1920 in combination or higher, defined higher overall resolution than the Hollyweird Crapola HD, which is lousey - Hollywood eye bending ratio and low resolution. Some of the most powerful gaming laptops, Alienware, Dell hosts 180 ppi & 1920 x 1080, which is crapola. 1920 FHD. Even Retina, old hardware and very low resolution, has 221 ppi and masking with WXGA 3.2.1 1366x768 = overpriced garbage. for scientists, 10:6, WUXGA is what your eye views life with, and Hollyweird twists your natural eye resolution, just as it twists historical facts in most of the film narratives. Industry arguments? Hollywood forced the world to go low resolution because it makes TV and Film by these low and eye twisting resolutions, they believed that all you need in life for computers or smart phones or smart devices was to buy and watch their stuff -- totally narcissistic. The secret is that running a WUXGA with high ppi or dpi one will need more 'energy,' and so special chip-sets ( in motherboards) need to be constructed and it is costly and most kids eyes can be manipulated or damaged for years before they lose their visions' accuity, so the profit mongers got their ways. My first computer, I used to build much of my site until I just got this modern computer this week had a chip set of a Pentium 'm' which was equivalent in speed to a Pentium 3, but it used specialized cores to get the job done. Dell sold these panels for laptops only for a few months in the late summer and fall of 2004 A.D., and discontinued them. The people that were lucky to happen to buy one, including me, could not or have difficulty to return to crap monitors that you call High Definition. Now companies are greedily telling you they are selling 4xHD, a quadro HD panel, which is less than a WUXGA with 239 dpi. However, they are upgrades, and do not get tricked by resolution of 5 billion to 4 billion, that means absolutely nothing. For example, the high end Retina ( Apple Computer) with the stunning industry standard ( a lie ) of MacBook Pro (3rd generation) 13" 227 89 79 2560×1600 4,096,000 pixles, 20 inches (51 cm). My 2004 WUXGA+ had 6.100,000 pixels, at 15.3 in display.

so, 2014: MacBook Pro (3rd generation) 13" highest resolution display has 4.1 million pixels, and my old Inspiron Dell 2004 model has 6.1 million pixels. so if you are on one of very high priced garbage cans, called MacPro 2014 retina, you still cannot see as clearly as my Dell 2004 model has 6.1 million pixels. Again, the secret industry argument is that these high def, real high def. displays take special chip-sets and are expensive to the average consumer. But, I led a campaign for over ten years because there are people willing to pay an extra $1,000 dollars just for that panel upgrade, but then again these take specialized motherboards, and profit is the end game of Apple, Dell, and all other computers that make their hardware all in similar sweatshops around the Far East. How did my luck affect me with such a powerful or the most powerful resolution computer of its time? I performed many analysis of deep space astronomy, where minuet detail is key to unlocking mysteries of the Universe -- but Dell or Apple do not care or are concerned with this, they care about the bottom line profit margins and do not care about the consumer.

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click for raw , wide, 5.22 mb 17 June 2014 Bevery Hills Clean Teeth. 12:38 p.m. DST. Santa Monica Blvd. is in the background.


Benidict Cyn, lived at 3005 for nearly two years. It is the forth house on the Cyn Hill side, first home is Eagles co-Founder, Don Henly ( small but totally secret and the most accessible to traveling and near a fire station), I think there is another home, small, next to Henly's but he may have purchased this too? The third house, as far as I know, in 1996 had some occupants, but moved out shortly, and so no one has lived there, it has been under construction for almost a decade. It is rather small, and the land is limited to build upon, but the view is spectacular, just as the next home, 3005 the most famous for the Go-To-Porno Home. While I lived there it garnered fame, I was on set or because I lived there in over 200 major porno shoots, most strait, and the normal names, Vivid, Dark Star, etc.... all the major Valley and also internationals came in on trips to various locations. A tool I owned was used in a prop which one later that year at the Adult Video Awards in Las Vagas.

Residents nearby: Ian Andrew Ziering, TV 90210, Gene Simmons, KISS ( Rock Hall of Fame) , Kenny G (Saxophone, general musician)


Wilshire Blvd. a few miles from Century City ( sub of greater Beverly Hills districts) . Wilshire Blvd winds to the end where the Beverly Center ( a supermall) resides, and next to that is the Jewish Sections, and Fairfax, a part of it, where my father grew up and attended Fairfax High School. My paternal grandfather arrived in Hollywood at the age of 10 years-old with his father, and lived in this area his whole life. click for raw 3.83 mb. Today was a good day in that no chemjetspraying occured. The last one was during the first 2014 Blood Moon, all over L.A. and I got a respiratory sickness and the news started popping up stories about a pandemic of respiratory illness -- how coincident! While most chemjetsprayers ( see 1950s-'60s) patenents, U.S. declassied admist spraying toxic chemicals on 60 U.S. cities from 1950s to the 1965 A.D., not well known who in the normal administrations knew about this, but it started up again under Bill Clinton in 1999 and is a leading cause of respiratory illness world wide, as now over 100 countries are being sprayed and satellite images see cob-webs and tic-cat-toe patterns across the Earth, and a few Congresspersons asked in the Senate and were told to shut up or die. It is nice to know we have never lived in a Democracy, just a few families who rule form behind the scenes.


Rodeo Dr. Perhaps some of the most expensive shopping and retail district in the world. All the fashion stores are represented. It is just past Noontime, so the rich, well many, not all, are just waking up from last night's Drunken Stupor,and will descend upon these many fancy restaurants over the course of the afternoon and early evening.

Rich people often communicate how much they make per hour or by day, not working, they could have lunch and be telling you this, but from just raw income comming into them. Usually $300 an day and up to $500 and you are a small time player but worthy for a conversation. Any mid-level U.S. government job will get you some $300 a day allowence. They ask because they go to restaurants and clubs and spend $300 on liqure alone, not included in a meal. It is not that they get drunk or inebriated, as a rule of thumb for dinner dates or lunch dates, but bottles of champaign cost this much, so you need to be a player so they do not see you as a leech.

3.51 mb click photo for large raw. Beverley Hills

4.47 mb click for raw. This is a new 'rental' mansion, perhaps $60,000 a month to sometimes asking $120,000 a month. Its view is spectacular of Los Angeles downtown, Hollywood, Beverley Hills, and if looking toward south-west the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica.


size 3264 x 2448 Kenny G's rebult home, below with 3005 on top. Some mysterious fire while he was away happened, so he rebuilt it, not sure if he lives there but that was the news on television. You can see 3005 ( also in remodeling, not rebuilt, mode) Benedict Cyn, which had a 15 foot high glass shower, master bedroom, top floor, which a glass panels so people could see in and you could see out, and it protruded over the hillside, very cool. It was a part of the ladies wing, with of course a bidey, next to a standard toilet, and a vanity area just like Marlyn Monroe would have or 1950s-1960s actresses, with the bulb-string-lights, pernamentaly mounted into the fictures with mirrors. This ladies room is so large, just the bathroom area that it had a couch in it which did not clutter anything. This was not her closet which had rooms inside of other rooms, a small house, and the men's side was compariable, a little smaller, but still having its own resting room, for guests, totally off-the-charts, as hip-hoppers would emote.


3264 x 2448 pixels raw click 3.84 mb. Side view of 3005 Benedict Cyn. Road. home. 8 1/2 bathrooms, pool with view, built into pool jacuzzi, w/ water jets. outside bar and kitchen, shaded, many stoves for cooking, concret lounging area with many floral lanscape varieties, stepped patio(s) and not vieable but from up on high, small aircraft, which are restricted, but sometimes paparratzi or tourists can be seen snooping around up in the skies. What you do see are our native Californian Eagles, very beautiful. And, yes, I came home one day, when the owner was out and chased out a deer because he left one of the driveway gates open.

photo from side of 3025 Benedict Cyn, Rd.,, the third house down from Mulholland Drive, very famous in many Hollywood films, books, and stories.


Mulholland Drive, Beverley Glen. Rd. a main arteriy to Bel Air ( where the Reagans resided after their presidency) to U.C.L.A. and toward Hombly Hills, Arron Spellings home or more correctly, Tori Spelling's 100 room castle-mansion, and the world famous Playboy Mansion, with main connectors to Sunset Blvd. and to Wilshire Blvd. in the Miracle Mile Section. Above, co-founder of the musical group, The Eagles, 1971, Don Henley's home, well hidden or shaded, and rather small but purely comfortable; and with a very private driveway, and with easy access to vital escape arteries. His home is about centered in this photo and the road to your right is Benedict Cyn. Rd. The benefit of the first few homes of Benedict Cyn. Road are loud music is 24/7/365.2424 permissible. When the owner was away. I used to sit in the Jacuzzi at 3:00 a.m., with the home stereo on full blast, as loud as a concert, and no one complained, I never heard of authorities coming to any home for whatever reason for noise complaints. At the dead of night, on rare occasions I would hear a gun shot below, a single shot, but quickly realized they were trying to silence the coyote pack form their moon chants, very disturbing sounds if you ask me. A single shot would shut them down for the night. And, yes, no authorities came or even drove by, and after 8:00 p.m. on any given night, city traffic fell to almost nothing until the morning, so it was often extremely tranquil up there, and we are in the middle of Greater Los Angeles. It is an oasis form the noise pollution. The benefits of Henley's home is a strait view down the canyon road and its accompanied luxurious homes.

Just got out of the periodontist 17 June 2014 A.D., clean teeth, in the Beverley Center, or near it, district, Wilshire Blvd. is where my periodontist- hygienist works. click the raw photo which is 4.02 mb. I gained a few pounds of late, but over all lost about 30 pounds in the last year. I'm squinting because of my laser damage, courteously of the U.C. Berkeley Eye Center that of course once they found out I was homeless ( e.g. no money, no family) they told me I cannot get help, FO! A perfect example of why the world needs to end, because it was not me, it was the system. When I was living at 3005 I decided to get a tatoo down on Sunset, diagonal to the Viper Room, it is still there I believe, great work, and very responsible artists. I went there to get color a week later but had been drinking beer and they would not perform the operation until I was sober for many hours, and this policy was logical and applied to all, because of the perpensity of bleeding -- alcohol thins the blood, hint! So I left it transparent. I was going to have it colored white with perhaps different natural tiger colors, such as fuchsia or aqua marine, as with deco designs, not the white fill in color; but these cost money to perform and I spent my money and later decided not to color it in; And I did keep it out of the direct Sunlight for years, so it looks really good, even until today.

Beverly Hills: Rodeo Dr. & Wilshire Blvd. the corner shoppe is World Famous Tiffany & Co.-- ' a diamond is a girls best friend.' Got $30,000 - to - $1 Million + for your sweetie's Beverly Hills engagement ring, go here! Ask for their No Blood Diamond brand jewelry, they will know what that means.

Below is 1275 Benedict Cyn. Rd. well into the flat section of the City of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, but still not yet to a major artery of Sunset Blvd. I used to paint commercial and residential, and so I was in this home, and a few others in this area, and they are quite spectacular and very large inside.