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Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses. D.N.A. . These Codons are one set of two sets. The other set is remote and downloaded and not connected to cellular functionings. .

— Since the agribusiness becomes more and more industrialized in advanced nations, the market is dominated by a few corporations that get the major part of the EU agricultural subsidies. Benefiting from reduced competition, those firms set higher prices on the EU market than people would have to pay at “fair” competition. Thus‚ consumers have to take the main burden of agricultural subsidies.. whitegenocide worldwide
Arab € Semitic ≡ D.N.A. ·“Why Diversity Programs Fail‚” published in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review
White white DNA countries run multiculturalism; no other colored countries do this. The colored populations are taking over all white white countries, except part arab white Japan and northern China and Russia. The other Scandinavian and Irish scot lands are being over run by arab colored people and this policy does not seem to slow down at any time soon.. so white white dnaers we must move to China or be totally destroyed by the walking colored zombie nations. Germans, French, Italian and many other EU nations are not white white dnaers, .so they are excluded from this argument : 7⁄3.
Nose shapes since Lyndon B Johnson have been either up turned or down turned and no strait noses have been part of the shape of the POTUS´ face since John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963 A.D. He was white–white and targeted government tethered corruption and so he was killed by arabs and African American over racial causes of U.S. ideological arabite rule. The Arabs prefer Latino, South Asians‚ Middle Easterners‚ Spanish‚Portuguese and Italians and also these North Africans. It tacitly excludes white–white countries and falsely accuses them of all crimes of history as a bully tool of the antichrist. As their voting numbers increase over the decades they will choose to purify the brown types and then blacks will target the browns as all whites have been displaced by purpose of dna damage.

Principles Science The DNA code is regulated by proteins. White people may have similar DNA to orangutans but on and off switches controlled by proteins separates us extraordinarily.

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 Los Angeles equals the city of angels

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Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !

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