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Mother (née Mary Kathleen Under…, for computer & ID security issues as the maiden last name of mother is the key to ‘identity theft.’) 27 July 1938 (British Columbia, Canada, up north near islets and an indigenous wale production community; I do not have the correct spelling, but the native tribe was pronounced, Quakquootal ( Qwah-wak • que • tall• (s), three syllables) tribe, a very remote waling community, she spoke their language fluently; my grandfather was a Canadian federal forester, my maternal grandmother traveled and lived in Thailand during the flood periods to help out flood victims and general welfare of the poor. After moving to the States, my mother chose to be called, just, Kathy.  I searched the reputable tribes of Canada, there are thousands, and this tribe was not on any of these lists. She liked to be called Kathy by her close friends.

My mother's two sisters

My mother has two female siblings ( Anne, younger, Margo, older) , she was the middle born. She came to the United States of America when she was 21 years old. She claimed her father had kicked her out.  She probably left the then secluded forestry communities of British Columbia, CAN, for more employment opportunities; but she claims her father disowned her and so she had fled. She remained very close to her mother, I visited her twice in Canada ( pre teens) , and once in Los Angeles ( young adult); perhaps this is what grounded her, because she had at least one close relative to rely on for emotional support, although my maternal grandmother stayed with her husband until he died of cancer;   The absence of a father figure affected her in every aspect of the rest of her life (at least what I witnessed and subsequently experienced.), as it does even to the young female Hollywood stars I recently have followed. Many do not allow their personal lives such as parental relationships to be publically known, such as an absent father in the household because these are such socially constructed taboos. 

She met my father on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles, U.C.L.A. She only had an eight-grade Canadian education ( her level because of the educational system at Canada in the 1940s  produced persons at the college entry level of U.S. students of today).  She ended up speaking more than seven languages fluently, a grammarian, including a circus language, Carney. Used to utilize this to communicate openly with my sister in front of guests. She must have a natural learning or a self motivating passion for learning as I, so by the time I could relate (communicate) with her she was an extremely smart women, in some ways.